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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 12, 2016 1:37am-2:08am EST

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tonight lamar odom walks. we have the exclusive first video. kloe kardashian's ex just months after a near fatal drug overdose. lamar moving gingerly through
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attends kanye west's fashion show. >> what motivated the nba star to board the plane. >> kris jenner gives us an update. >> are you at all concerned that this was too much too soon? >> a hot couple and even hotter gossip. breaking news from bieber's rumored girlfriend. are kate hudson and nick jonas taking it the to the next level? the four-hour candle lit d what with with know tonight. >> and our grey's anatomy's onset exclusive. since mcdreamy exited the show, could meredith be next? and "e.t" is invited to a bachelor wedding. >> placed a ring on tanner's finger. >> are where anything can happen. but is ben ready to say, i do? >> let's celebrate. now for february 11, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." lamar odom, four months after an overdose killed him and left him in a coma is
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walking. we have the exclusive video of his first steps caught on camera, kloe by her side. >> cameron mathison is in new york has la arides for kanye's new york fashion show with an exclusive sit down interview with kris jenner for what she's calling lamar's miracle. >> we have seen the photos of lamar getting on the plane to make the trip to come to kanye's show. that's huge. >> kanye invited him to come and this is a big deal for him. this is a milestone for him to even travel. you know, baby steps, but this is a big one. this is a huge step for him. >> reporter: the new images are amazing, only "e.t" has the footage of lamar back on his feet. that's him with kloe, opening the door for her as they arrive at their new york hotel this morning. chris told me lamar really wanted to support kanye today at his tags show and album debut. >> kanye was very instrumental in part of his recovery,
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would go to his hospital and play hem music. and that's what he really, really responded to. like he was amazing. lamar started you know rapping again before he could talk. >> lamar walked in with and remained seated during most of the show. we talked with kim and kloe. katelynn coasted th picture backstage. but all eyes were on lamar because it has been an incredible journey f on october 13, the grim news broke. >> odom had been partying for days. >> the ex-nba star was fou unconscious in a nevada brothel. >> yesterday it was touch and go for lamar. kloe kardashian was by his side as he
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her last vacation with oj and nicole. meanwhile there's major fashion events going on coast to coast. justin bieber was in l.a. are they just friends with benefits or is it love? or carly steele got the scoop straight from haley. >> he was on the cover of "gq" saying you're someone he really loves. what do you love about j >> he's just really sweet, he's a good kid with a good heart and i love him. >> does your dad like him? >> both of my parents like him a lot. >> justin calls her a friend he kisses, haley says they're not exclusive. that's what love is like in hollywood these days, the two 3,000 miles apart. >> i hope he comes up with something romantic for valentine's day. i just want food. >> as for the booeb
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was getting some-there were so many stars out last night. leo and deniro, ellen and portia. and check out the little freakout moment. when her stylist forgot to remove a clip from her hair from photos, she requested a red carpet redo with ryan. we loved the event even more because we got some good gossip. >> >> what are your valentine's day plans? >> probably stay in bed all day. >> does he hhve a favorite of the heidi klum international? >> i can't wait to dress him or her up, i'm very exc >> and how is nicky feeling? how is she doing? do you know when the baby is due yet? >> in a few months. >> and proving exes can stay friends,
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joined by lisa bonet and pam anderson with her two ridiculously handsome sons. the new face and shirtless body of the brand. >> how proud are you of them? >> i'm so proud of them both. well another star kicking off the show was kate hudson's ex, matt bell lammy getting out with the kids. and kate hudson was expected but didn't show, she was actually just a few miles away out with a younger man, nick generals that. we'll just call them hudnas. kate was casual in denim, nick was rocking dark jeans. italian, al fresco, we're told.
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staying power, seemingly going strong sense september with a date at disney. >> we're just trying to have fun. >> trying to have as much fun as possible. ♪ >> in january, kate hit the globe solo. >> hudnas on the scene amid rumors that jonas was dating kate hudson's daughter. he let kate take the lead getting into a chauffeured suv. coming up, we go inside a "bachelor" wetting wedding with some familiar faces. and the married bachelor who ditched his wife. plus meredith attacked on "grey's anatomy." we're behind the scenes with another tv doc. >> l.l. cool j. in the house with us tonight.
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down the grammys best new artist category. we're breaking down he jonas brothers and even the beetles. will this be meghan trainor's year for a grammy in here's why it's anybody's game. okay, so this is not meghan's first grammy nomination. "all about that base" scored her two nom naeination last year ju missed the deadline. how can she be best new artist? that's because her first full album missed last year's eligibility. >> i worked very hard. >> now if you love swooning over country guys like sam hunt like we do, he's all over the grammys, he's up for two awards and performing with carrie underwood. and there's a lot of buzz around courtney barnett and brit james bay, neither are main stream, but then again adele wasn't either when she went main stream back in 1979. and a lot has happened to tori spelling. >> i tug
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>> well, simon cowell's jab obviously didn't phase tori, six years later, she's repped by justin bieber's manager. dear tori kelly, your voice is unreal. from best new product, olay
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tomorrow on "e.t," our lionel ritchie exclusive. is he doing a duet with adele at e gr
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trauma series. lo at those monitors. >> meredith grey fighting for her life on the operating table. the most dramatic way to bring back "grey's anatomy
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on the abc soarries. >> what i can tell you is denzel washington is directing this episode, yes, i said denzel, the two-time oscar winner, so hold on to your caps, everybody. >> i need soelme hp in here now! >> there's a shot where it's looking down on you and the look in your eye when you're on that table, i was like -- it's good. >> i was so inspired by denzel, you have to bring your a-game for him. >> ellen posted his shots of denzel in action m. mean who wouldn't bring their a-game. >> they did tell me what was going to happen to meredith. and i said, i don't know if the fans can handle that. and then they hit me with, and denzel is going to direct it. i said, okay, i'm down, whatever you want to do, i'll do it. >> the dude's got a few statues on his shelf. >> a couple. >> yinou k
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>> of course denzel was a tv doc himself on st. elsewhere in the '80s. >> is it true that you actually told denzel to direct. >> he was at a place where he was so open and exploring and he said, my wife loves it. she knows every character. >> here's another grey's secret. jessica cap shaw is expecting her fourth child. props will be adjusting on the set to conceal that baby bump. has there been a lot of hiding behind -- >> i thought it was so petite. they're like, let's move this table over h i was like, that table is front of me? >> poor jessica. you know a lot has a changed since jessica had her first child. she used to hide behind those big medical charts, but now they
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use these teeny ti tablets, so bring in the tables, i guess they're going to have to. >> plus we're showing l.l cool j. his very first tv interview at home with his grandma. >> never forget where he came from. plus an oprah exclusive. inside her closet, dishing on her all-time favorite show moments. >> that wauls try a highlight in my life. and just before valentin day, we gobehind a bachelor dding. do these former contestants ever find love? >> are you dating? >> that's next.
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please wear this ring? >> i it as a symbol of my love for you. >> that is y first look right there at jade and tanner tying the north af falling in love on "bachelor paradise." th it could also be a look ahead at what is in store for ben if he finds his soul mate. >> you are more special to me today than yesterday. >> you will be more cherished tomorrow. >> we're on our wedding, this is a lot of love here, let's e. ebrat >> then getting down on dance floor and sharing some
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"bachelor" live lessons. >> the fact that you can date multiple people at one time. it's a possibility. >> it worked for these couples. chris and ryan were the first ones to say, i do. >> reporter: you guys are so the success story, the bar that's set for everyone else. >> i feel very maternal towards everyone because i was kind of there from the beginning. >> katelynn and sh engaged. what are the weddingla pns at point? what's the up date? >> i feel l the pressure is going to be on after today. >> and remember when bachelor jason had a shocking change of heart and left melissa for molly? >> my wife's at home with the baby. >> you think you can make out, have sex on tv and still find true love? sometimes, though. >> are you dating? what's your relationship status currently, sir? >> i'm single and i'm enjoying just sort of being normal. >> if you can with those sky
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place the rick on tanner's fingers and repeat after me. >> jade and tanner's wedding is n st i ftimealor ventine's day, a celebration of love airing sunday on abc. >> it's my third bachelor-bachelorette wedding to officiate which is near an and special to me. >> this is a big production, a televised wedding, what are perks? >> the food is free. i recommend everybody gets married on tv. >> i'm just hoping, praying and hoping to fall in love, there's that innocent, awkward, crazy moment and that will never change. >> there's nothing innocent about "the bachelor" it's crazy. right now we're joined by l.l. cool j. who's part of our family. and on monday, he is once again hosting the grammys. >> i love you. >> >> are you excited about the show? >> i'm very excited about the show. >> come on, give us a hint. i mean you have everything
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adele to lamar. rihanna, we're going to have the tribute to glen frye and we're going to have the remaining eagles. carrie underwood, we have a live streaming grammy cam that's going to be inside the grammy aw itself, so you' be able to see live, the perspective from the artist's point of view. it will literally be in your face, looking at it, seeing the perspective, backstage. >> you better be careful what you do. >> there's that. >> no doubt about that. this is a show that you want to see from the opening buzzer, so to speak. >> that's code for taylor swift. >> make sure you turn it on early, get
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whole fa gather around the tv, be ready. >> since we got you here know we love to flash back a little bit. and that vault of "e.t" is very valuable. so we thought we would have a little bit of fun with y you're first interview with "e.t" back in 1986, you were only 18 years >> i grew up on the streets, and my grandmother and my grandfather taught me pretty good >> we're proud of you, son. >> thank you, i'm proud that you're proud of me. >> remember always don't forget where you came from. >> love of ladies, level headed lita. looking for alittle. quick like lightning. a lo >> crazy. you know as you can see, the budding superstar right there. >> that was l.l. level headed. >> >> it's funny, my grandfather used to always tell me, be reasonableus
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the "gilligan's island" hat to hosting the grammys fife times, that's pretty special. >> thank you. >> and we're so excited about the theme of the grammys this year is to witness greatness and our coverage is going to live up to that. tuesday, witness gnereatss at the grammys with "e.t." >> the gra ammyserre vy close to my heart. >> >> taylor, gaga, bieber. >> music's biggest stars going for gold. >> i don't understand how you cannot g fanirl about that. >> and fashion goes bold. >> our style guru josie breaks down best and the worst looks on the red carpet. >> the best grammy coverage in the world. >> and we go from music's biggest night to music's biggest show, the voice. farrell who's one of the coaches on that show and also up for four grammys award. and sean "p. diddy" combs is
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mentor when "thevoice" returns to cbs on february 13. and tonight's "e.t" birthday, which "friends had a painting displayed at the new york museum of art? the answer is coming up next. and then it's an oprah flash back as she looks back at her all-time favorite moments from the oprah show.
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we introduce you to the digital stars taking over hollywood. that's all on welcome back to the show, everybody. and tonight's birthdays, and wh"friends" star had a pa at the metropolitan museum of art? that is jennifer anniston. she's 47 today
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oprah is cleaning house. she's also reminiscing about the 25 seasons o "the oprah show." favorite moments. >> oprah has picked her all-time favorite moments. so take it away, oprah. >> biggest shot i ever got of course while i was on the air, was the mary tyler moore surprise. after tom was on the sofa, people were asking me, did i know he was going to jump on the sofa. have you ever felt this way before? >> oprah sold her chicago studio where they shot her show and closet is being demolished and now you can bid on her hand me do on ebay. but what
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he wrote, there will alwaysing risks with olympic competition. officials with the rio games told cbs news all rooms in the olympic village will be air conditioned and venues inspected daily to remove standing water where mosquitos might breed. the main worry is the suspected link between the virus and microcephaly, an unusually small head at birth. that link has been strengthened within the past day by reports both in brazil and the united states. the virus has now been found in the mplacenta of mothers who miscarried. i spoke with an official from the rio organizing committee today and asked, are there any thoughts of canceling or postponing the olympics, or is it full steaah


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