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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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road. you can see not only the delays associated with that accident, but you're also seeing the wet conditions out there, the very thing we have been warning you about all morning long. again, give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. much more coming up shortly. for now, back to you. school closings and delays on the bottom of your screen. good morning, washington! >> right now at 6:00 a.m., we are tracking your commute. what you need to know before you go out the door. the first votes have been cast in the new hampshire primary. the latest poll numbers and the results from the state's smallest community. we want to make you $1,000 richer this morning. it's your chance to grab 20k in 20 days. >> wake up washington, the news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. good morning again. i'm andrea roane.
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welcome to wake up washington. >> glad you are with us. i'm mike hydeck. we are tracking the wintery weather if you're headed into the city. your ride could be a slow one. the roads are not as bad in the district, and things are different ever different throughout the viewing area. >> makia turner is out in howard county, and howard bernstein is out in storm tracker 9. first, let's check in with allyson rae. >> we are seeing the snow starting to fall, and we are seeing that transition, and we saw it a couple of hours saying. as we travel to the north, we are getting tweets for loudon county to leesburg, and even herman, we are seeing the delays on the grassy surfaces. it's a different story for the area in blue. it's moving to the north, getting out of the 270 area, but this area is going to melt right away, and we will see see
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the side roads start to stick and become a little bit of an issue for the morning commute. we want to be concerned about howard county, montgomery county, frederick, parts of loudon, and all the way up to i- 70. i will keep my eye on the heavier band of snow, coming up. >> reporter: howard bernstein has been in clarksville and urbana. where are you now? >> reporter: we are just in damascus, just left the downtown damascus area. they are out salting the roads, and i will tell you, i measured a couple of minutes ago, believe it or not, 2 inches of the fluffy, wet snow. it's beautiful snowfall, and while 270 or 27 from anywhere west they snow cover here.
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the folks in bethesda wondering why there's a delay, but we are in the northern part of the county. it's just a big county. this is why, the snow covered road here on 27th, north of damascus, going northbound, and this is why they went for the 2- hour delay. who knows if they will upgrade that or not. for the most at least in the northern part of montgomery county, light to moderate snow, and again, measuring 2-inches in damascus. you are going to need to give yourself extra time. live from storm tracker 9, i'm howard bernstein. back to you. >> makia turner is tracking conditions in howard county. sticking on the surfaces but not the roads yet, makia? >> reporter: you got it, andrea. since we first brought you the live shot an hour ago, the snow has not stopped falling. you can see the snow is already
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piling up on the grassy area here, next to the gas station, and i'm off route 216, and i have seen snowplows in the area. they are out here, getting the job done, and it was really rain earlier, and i imagine the salt didn't have much time to become effective, but they are out here, making things happen, and i'm not sure if you can see the suv across the parking lot. but you can see the snow accumulating on top of the windshield there, and the snow has been falling for some time. i spoke to people all morning and many of the rushing to work as expected, but check out what one guy had to say about the snow after we encountered blizzard 2016. >> i'm tired of it, yes, but what can we do? just bare with it. >> reporter: that's right, that's what a lot of people are hoping for with the next round
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of snow. reporting live from howard county, makia turner, wusa 9. >> you can get the extended forecast and 3-degree guarantee whenever you need them the most. at midnight the polls opened in new hampshire for the first in the nation's primary. dixville notch had bernie sanders winning. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton 61-35% in the latest cnn poll, and donald trump is atop of the gop field with 31%. we are following developing news out of prince george's county where a school volunteer admitted to sexual acts with the young children. >> parents have a growing
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outrage. delia, you think your kids are safe at school. >> reporter: yes, and you pray that the teacher there is have their best interest in mind, however, police say deonte carraway admit to the acts, taking advantage of the schools before he was a volunteer. he was a paid assistant from 2014 to september 2015. >> should be fired, jailed, and how does the director not know he has people doing that in the school? >> reporter: we don't know how deonte was able to get the children to engage in the vile sexual acts at the school during the day. the 22-year-old admitted to victimizing ten children between the ages of 9 and 13, and there could be more. >> detectives believe sex abuse and or child pornography videos were also produced another the
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teresa banks aquatic center and inside private homes. >> reporter: his background check came back clean, but they think more victims could be out there. parents, please talk to your children. i will tell you how he was finally caught at 6:30. live in glenarden. >> thank you. two trains have crashed headon in germany. and raising the alarm on the zika virus. what health officials are doing and the call from president obama to congress for help. and it's really coming down here in northwest dc, but it's very slushy. freezing in the northwest. we will not see it accumulate on the weather terrace. but howard, 27, different story. the blue color and the heavy snow does not have a chance to melt. their temperatures are right around freezing.
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we are tracking the issues this morning and the wet snow just melting as well. stay tuned for the first alert live doppler. live look showing how things are shaping up on 270, pretty much in the eye of where the weather is taking place. again, slick conditions traveling southbound to the capital beltway in bethesda. thankfully no major accidents
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all right, we are still tracking a lot on the first alert live doppler, and a lot of wet snow, heavy, wet snow is melting right away. we are seeing some accumulations on top of your car and your deck. some areas are melting right
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away. 37 in dc right now, and temperatures will be steady throughout the day. where we are seeing the concern, the areas in blue from frederick over to parts of damascus, down through gaithersburg and german town, and even leesburg. the snow is coming down so heavy it doesn't have a chance to melt. the temperatures are right about freezing, and there's slick spots out there. we will continue to track the slick spots and the issues coming up. >> here's larry miller. thank you. we had to downgrade the interstates because of volume and road conditions at this point. again, wet and slick on the beltway, and slow on 95, talking primarily on the maryland side as you make your way into college park because of an earlier accident causing delays. 66th, also seeing slow volume as well, and again, wet and slick on the vw parkway. everything is running on
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schedule in terms of trains, and buss are on regular service schedule today. say that three times fast. much more coming up. now over to you. still to come, we hear more about a 9-year-old's wild ride. why police say he was behind the wheel in the first place. >> turning the camera away from her and on to a new career. casey anthony gets a new job, and we
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welcome back. 6:15. and you're just waking up, we are tracking your commute this morning. snow is falling across parts of the region. storm tracker 9 live report from montgomery county coming up. i have the latest on the deadly train crash in germany where eight people are dead. all survivors have been rescued and are at the hospital for treatment. about 150 people are also hurt, and 50 seriously after two trains collided head on, and investigator say crews are still trying to remove one body from the wreckage. a spokesperson said the scene was so confusing. the operator of the two trains that crashed said both trains
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partially derailed, and they are wedged into each other. the stretch of the line where they crashed is squeezed between a river on one side and a forest on the other, making the rescue operations even more difficult. authorities are trying to figure out what went wrong. back to you. across america this morning, casey anthony has emerged to launch a new career. she has started a new photography business. no word what she will be taking pictures of. today the man who was featured in the popular tv series will be getting a day in court. he was convicted of killing his
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girlfriend. level 1 has been activated for the zika virus outbreak from the cdc. president obama is requesting $1.8 billion from congress in emergency funding. >> we are going to be putting up a legislative proposal to research vaccines and diagnostics. >> the virus has been re health defect. we are learning more about a 9-year-old's wild ride. a young wisconsin girl was in the driver seat with her intoxicated mother and her mother's boyfriend to her right, and an 11-month-old was behind her in a child seat. after calls to 911, deputies found the vehicle at a boat launch, in drive and rolling back ward towards the river. >> the deputy was able to jump into the vehicle and place it
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in park and secure the vehicle. >> the parents were arrested when they were asked why the child was driving. the child's mother said her daughter was practicing behind the wheel. >> some people say you should have to have licenses to be parents. >> you're not kidding. it's 6:18, here we are tracking a slick commute for some of you. >> howard bernstein is in storm tracker 9 with the latest. >> reporter: mike, andrea, good morning, everybody. this is damascus, maryland, and this is a parking lot from the damascus high school here. look at the fresh coating of snow. i was at 2 inches 15 minutes ago. this parking lot has not been touched. that's one of the reasons there's a 2 hour delay so far for the montgomery county schools. the sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots are kind of messy and kind of slick. we will be seeing this on the backgrounds, too. 270, i have come across the snow-covered areas, but for the
6:19 am
most part, they are passable, and that will mean there's extra time for you this morning, especially in the upcounty area, especially towards carroll as well. that's the situation at the moment from storm tracker 9. i'm howard bernstein. now to allyson. >> yeah in damascus, you're in the 2-4-inch band. this is the problem up through damascus, and parts of 70 and also carroll county has well. everywhere else, we are seeing a lot of snowfall, but it's melting, and it will be lighter later this afternoon. some areas will just go away with the spotty snow showers coming through this afternoon. most areas, just drive slow, and the roads are okay. i just looked in our parking lot, and it seems to be okay. we are dealing with the temperature band right there in
6:20 am
the center for frederick county to montgomery county to the north. this will be an issue for an hour or so. the futurecast, the areas south, to central virginia, no problem at all. temperatures well above freezing. temperatures will stay into the 30s for much of the day. the temperatures, the areas that are right about freezing, that's where we are seeing the problems. even through winchester through west virginia, getting above freezing this afternoon, and more snow will fall, and a lot of it will continue to melt. another band of showers this afternoon, and pushing off through prince george's county, and temperatures are above freezing, and the main roads, the treated roads should be fine. watch as the temperatures drop tonight for the back roads, and here we go midnight into the overnight hours, and there's slick spots once again, and this is something worth tracking, and it's very tricky, especially demending where you are in the region and what time the snow will come through your
6:21 am
area. 38 today and 28 for thursday. the winds do not let up. larry miller? over to you. we have an accident southbound 95 as you make your way to the capital beltway, and we have an accident causing some delays, and you're looking at a ash minute delay this morning, associated with the accident. traveling around the beltway, no major issues this morning. quiet and we are doing quite well. the traffic camera, headed over the wilson bridge between alexandri, and austin, things are going quite well. use caution. back to the maps, traveling eastbound on i-66, and you see the volume as you approach centerville, making your way to fairfax. there's traffic as far west as
6:22 am
manassas. again, that's the accident that is still causing problems, headed to the capital beltway, and there's slow downs on the southbound side of 270, coming from germantown, making your way into town. take it easy out there. the traffic is southbound on the vw parkway, and it makes your way into bakers street northeast, 18-minute commute, and delays approaching the 11th street bridge. now back to you. before 7:00 a.m., we will give away $1,000. your chance to win your share of 20k in 20 days. >> and really cute video. everyone needs a helping hand once
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people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. ♪[music] ♪ i recognize that song, i'm not as old as i thought. as we count down to the grammys, he is up for record of the year with that song. >> grammies are monday night -- the grammys are monday night, and you can see them right here. topping the news at 6:30, we are live across the region with the wintery mix causing problems for some of you for the morning commute. >> we have your chance to win
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your share for $20,000. the 20k word of the day is coming up. we will continue to track the snow melting, the snow sticking, and some areas seeing nothing. a lot going on for the morning commute. some areas are going to see 2-4 inches of snow especially on the grassy surfaces, and even in the parking lots. storm tracker 9 is seeing a trace to less than an inch for the metro spots. the commute is sloppy out there. more coming up. >> the sloppy conditions causing problems, especially traveling southbound on 95 on the maryland side, making your way to college park. you will need to watch for an accident. around the capital beltway, no issues at this point. just wet conditions tripping up drivers, and
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we start this half an hour with a check on weather and traffic. >> we do. larry miller has your traffic, but first, allyson rae. >> we have big flakes, and they are very wet, and temperatures are above freezing for most places. most places don't have too much of an issue. spotty snow showers throughout the day. central virginia, that's nothing. we are going to see the spotty snow showers continuing, and a lot of melting going on. accumulations on the grassy surfaces, and not the case. some areas, the shot spot here,
6:30 am
and parts of damascus, that's where we are seeing it start to stick. it came down heavy a few showers ago, and it's sticking to the side roads, in through the parking lots, and it's through your neighborhood streets, and the treated roads are okay for the most part. we will have the future cast coming up later. let's check the roads. it's sloppy out there. >> yeah, allyson, unfortunately, looking like the conditions are not working in our favor right now. take it easy, and you will be good to go. this is southbound on 95 between 212 and the beltway. you see what it's looking like this morning. there's also problems on the outer loop, and this is close to college park, and silver spring, running in that area as well. it looks like slow going on the topside of the beltway. on the bottom side, we are doing particularly well. it's slow on the vw parkway,
6:31 am
and that's just what we would normally see. we have much more coming up shortly, and for now, back to you. >> thank you, larry. right now, we are tracking wintery weather in the viewing area. depending where you live, you could see snow, a mix, or just plain rain. >> makia turner is among those tracking the conditions this morning. >> she is live in howard county. what's it like now, makia? >> reporter: well, the snowfall we have been keeping an eye on all morning, it's tapered off a bit. it's falling just a little lighter than earlier, but it's coming down, and i can tell you after an hour or so of this happening, we have noticed just a bit of slush accumulating on the surfaces, and we also showed you during the last live shot, you can see the grassy areas are now covered in some of the snow that has been falling, and you can also see, as you take a look around the gas station here, the shell off east 216, you can see where the
6:32 am
snow has already accumulated on the vehicles, and so it is still coming down here in howard county, and you do want to be extra careful out there on the roads. people are not just dealing with snow, but you are still dealing with the rain we saw earlier, and you can see some of the puddles like this one, the wet spots you will encounter as you head out the door. a heads up to get your day started. reporting live from howard county, makia turner. 6:32 now. we are following developing news out of prince george's county. an elementary school volunteer has been arrested for recording sexual acts with kids. a troubling story in deed, and police say it's even worse that these acts, these "vile
6:33 am
sexual acts" were taped inside judge sulvania school during the day. >> what kind of background checks do they do? >> reporter: his background check came back clean, but he admitted to making the porn with the 10 children. deonte carraway was caught on the app kik. >> we were notified by the uncle of a student they saw a nude photo on the child's phone on the application kik. >> that's how they were relaying the images back and forth. >> reporter: right now police say there's ten victims between the ages of 9 and 13, but parents, please talk to your children because defectives believe that there are more victims out there. live in glenarden, wus a 9. a police officer is accused of attacking another dc police
6:34 am
officer after a night at a northwest club. officer milton flores has been suspended with pay after being charged with assault. a montgomery county man who nearly killed two other young men has been sentenced. reginald cooper will spend up to 60 years behind bars, and he will not be eligible for parole for up to 50 years. jury selection in the ashley white trial will continue this morning. she's the mother of noah thompson who was found dead inside of a septic tank last year. the medical examiner says the boy drown and hypothermia also contributed to his death. her boyfriend is also facing charges. his trial will be next month. still ahead this morning, we are following the latest developments on the mystery
6:35 am
sheen floating on the river. the pavement seems just wet, but the flakes are really coming down now. you can track first alert live doppler, and an area in blue means heavy snow, and you could have some of your side roads that are know covered. most areas are doing okay. we will go to the futurecast straight ahead on wake up washington. slow traffic around town, and this is live look at the beltway, just east of new hampshire avenue, and you can see what the commuters are in for on the inner and outer loop. you need to take it easy this morning. other issues are going on
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oaks, we -- okay, we have been tracking a lot of wet snow. some areas are seeing the roads welcome slick and snow covered. if you are looking on your app and see the temperature is 32 degrees, that's when you want to be concerned the sidewalks and roadways will be snow- covered. the snow will continue for the areas northwest of dc and east of dc, and that's throughout the morning, and it's into the early afternoon, and notice through central virginia, southern maryland, not much going on there. we will see the showers mixed in with the snow, and the temperatures are still mid- to upper 30s, and we are not expecting too much to accumulate to the south, and the bigger problem is montgomery to frederick, and most areas are doing okay, even though there's a lot of snow out there, it's starting to melt. >> we are making sure the roads can keep up with the snow
6:40 am
headed on through. >> at 1:30 in the morning. another band of snow showers. light compared to right now, but the temperatures are below freezing. we will watch for slick spots tomorrow morning as well. over to you. >> thank you so much. 6:40 is your time right now. fast 5 volume and wet conditions working this morning. that includes the beltway, slow on 95, and it's as a result of the accident on the beltway. slow at 66th creeper into fairfax. wet and slick on 50, and we are going slow in the parkway for the most part. metro commuters, everything is on or close to schedule, and you may see a few delays on the buses associated with the road conditions. check with metro before you head out the door. a live look shows you how things are shaping up on
6:41 am
eastern avenue at kennelworth avenue, and this is southbound to the 11th street bridge, and you can see the bulk of the volume closer to town, and at least this stretch, for the most part is running well, given the conditions outside. much more coming up on the 9s. for now, over to you. it's day 2 of the big sweepstakes. we are giving away $1,000 for the next 20 days to the 9th caller who answers our word of the day. before we reveal today's word. we want to congratulate our first winner. danita walked away with a cool $1,000 yesterday. we gave her the yesterday yesterday. here's the word of the day. smithsonian. be the ninth person to call us, that number 202-895-5889. the word of the day, zit sewn january. the phones are ringing. michael jackson, how are things
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going? can you talk? >> hello, you're caller 3. please try back. >> hello, you're number 4, please try
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welcome back. we are about to give away $1,000 to the ninth caller who can answer our word of the day correctly. let's go to mike. okay, i was talking to rhonda gillcrest of washington, dc. she is our $1,000 winner in our 20k for 20 days. we appreciate her. she is very, very excited, and this sweepstakes far from over, andrea. >> there's 18 more chances to win a share of the $20,000. we have a lot more money to give away. watch tomorrow for the word of the day, and then like rhonda, be the ninth caller, and you can walk away with your share of the $1,000. now to our snapshot of the day. this one was the scene in roxville in 1978. a massive blizzard along the east coast.
6:46 am
it claimed lives and cost millions of dollars. now pet pic9 from the national zoo. our daily dose of cuteness. we all need a helping hand at least once in awhile. this video shows bei bei getting help from his mother trying to climb the tree. norah, i love your golden yellow you have on this morning. >> thank you. we are in new hampshire with the polling places that are opening for the primary. we will talk about the increasingly negative campaigns, and more of gayle's oval office interview with president obama. how his presidency changed him and what is causing him the most stress right now. what if we could detect cancer before the symptoms
6:47 am
appear? jim axelrod will be investigating the claims. and the creator for the big songs -- ♪ [music] ♪ -- that song had my kids on their feet during the super bowl. see you at 7. >> everyone was dancing at our house including the dog. we love that song and love bruno mars. >> us, too! i'm at the live desk with the latest on the developing story out of hong kong. riots are happening over food vendors. look at this video. 100 protesters are riding in the streets over the crackdown by the government on the illegal food sellers. the rioters are setting fires and throwing bricks in what they are calling a fish bowl riot. in the past they looked beyond the unlicensed vendors. so far 50 people have been arrested, and several officers and journalists were also hurt.
6:48 am
the food vendors were selling fish balls and the other local delicacies during the lunar new year holiday. continuing our coverage on the mystery sheen that has been found on potomic. it has been revealed it's oil. the cause has not been revealed. the city council last year voted to close dc general. the mayor will unveil a new site she has picked for short- term family housing. the jersey shore is dealing with more flooding, and rain and snow is in the forecast for the second day, and that's caused the water levels to rise in several communities. this was the scene off the coast in cape cod as the same
6:49 am
storm system that brought flood on friday to jersey led to 18 inches of snow. that's a blizzard. it also brought high winds and power outages. we do have snow here, but nothing like that. the neck aches are big, and a lot of them are melting on contact depending where you are. >> howard bernstein is in with the storm tracker 9 to find out which communities are being affected right now. hi, howard, where are you? >> reporter: we just turned off south 4th here, and i want to give you a look at what is going on with the back roads here in the parking lot, the school parking lot. montgomery county schools are on a 2 hour delay. you see a scene like this, and the administrators have a hard call to make. down county, not much going on, but up county it's a different situation up here. the snow-covered roads and sidewalks and parking lots. you need extra time here. i will say that route 27 and
6:50 am
route 10 the, that's for the county as well. we will have the back roads, snow covered and very slick. that's the situation from maryland. i'm howard bernstein. back to you. >> yeah, we are seeing a lot of localized areas, and that's the slick roads, the snow-covered roads, and much of the area is doing fine. we are seeing the snowfall, and it's mostly right away. temperatures are above freezing. if you notice your backyard temperature may be 322 degrees, we are seeing a delay on the side roads. anything untreated, we will see that. we have a lot to track. so much going on across the area. some areas are seeing rain, some slush, and some areas are seeing nothing, and some heavier snow. i was just on the weather terrace, and we had the big fat flakes, and i tweeted out a video of it, and we are seeing it on the elevated surfaces. we will see a trace to an inch
6:51 am
through the beltway. right through there, that's the hot spot. some areas in upper montgomery county, southern parts of frederick county, you just saw way too much snow at once, and they couldn't keep up with it. anything untreated will have accumulations more than on the cars. out here in our studio, the cars are seeing slush on top of it as well. both are doing okay. what happens the rest of the day? we will see the snow starting to fall for the areas in northern maryland, but temperatures will stay above freezing for the most part, and that means not much going on with the pretreatment. that could turn to snow as the temperature turns to fall after the sunsets. temperatures will not be below
6:52 am
freezing until after midnight. it's okay for the roads in the area, and however, as we get later in the night, another ban of snow showers coming through, and that could cause slick problems for tomorrow as well. that's a timing issue of when do we see the spotty snow showers coming through? what's the temperature at that specific time? it's tricky, and we have seen so many different things occur across the region. 38 for this afternoon, and some areas mid-30s. 38 for tomorrow. a few more flurries, and we are watching for the possible yellow alert first thing tomorrow morning, and then the cold air arrives, and i think saturday may be the most uncomfortable day we have had so far this season. larry? a frustrating commute on the wv parkway this is southbound headed to northeast, and now a 31-minute commute, and there's volume that is causing a bit of quality issues as you get into the beltway.
6:53 am
traveling northbound on 95, up from prince william's parkway to 395, 12-minute commute. you're getting closer to the springfield interchange, and you continue to i-395, and you will not find any major troubles approaching the 14th street bridge. traveling eastbound on 66th, we are doing a little better, and now the 22-minute commute this morning, and southbound on i- 270, and there you go. the traffic, southbound on 270 down to the capital beltway, and now a 19-minute commute. let's give you a live look at how things are shaping up. this is north of the american legion branch, and you can see the traffic there on the inner and outer loops, and you're also seeing wet roads. we want to encourage you to take it easy. we have had a few issues with the weather conditions. i want to let you know as well, things are doing better on the topside of the beltway.
6:54 am
we had earlier issues close to college park for the accident that is causing delays. back to the map to show you what we are talking about. there, along the beltway, on the outer loop, still in red, but doing better than what it was an accident on the southbound side approaching the beltway. that's clear. all lanes of traffic are now open. hopefully you have no issues making it to the beltway this volume delay here, it's an outdated volume, but traffic has all been flowing freely. this is the first in the nation primary today, and they will help pick who we have for our next president. >> tommy has a brand new poll before the polls in new hampshire. good morning, tommy. good morning, guys. the latest poll, hillary clinton is surging past bernie sanders, and trump is starting to slump in the new hampshire avenue poll. hillary clinton. >> probably bernie.
6:55 am
>> reporter: you're not feeling hillary? >> not so much. >> reporter: you're feeling the bern? >> yeah. >> my vote would be hillary clinton. >> donald trump. >> reporter: of course? >> yes. >> reporter: what did if we said peyton manning was a third party candidate? >> he would get my vote immediately. >> reporter: hillary clinton seems to be walking about for it. more people are voting for trump than not trump because they don't know who the other candidates are on new hampshire avenue, and i with have no information of peyton manning exploring the third party run. but you never know. >> he could have extra time on his hands. >> reporter: thank you for the cooperation with the poll this week. >> thank you, tommy. i'm makia turner reporting live this morning in howard county. there's just been a steady snowfall all morning long, and it started out with rain and then sleet, and now we are seeing the flakes. you can look at the grassy surfaces, and you may already
6:56 am
notice the accumulation on them. when it comes to the roadways, you have not really seen the snow sticking to them as much, and it's been raining for hours, and now the roads are very slick as you head out the door this morning. you want to be careful. we have seen the snowplows in the area. they are out here, getting salt down, and howard county public schools have a 2-hour delay, but school officials said they will closely watch the conditions. the county government rolling here. wusa 9. >> thank you. you can follow the first alert live doppler on the wus a 9 app. it's slushy and slippery out there. the side roads will be snow covered for the areas northwest of dc. along 270, upper montgomery county specifically, and everyone else is just seeing wet snow beginning to melt along the pavement. i want to bring your attention
6:57 am
to the weekend. it looks windy and cold. >> there it is. >> metro riders on the blue line, expect delays to largo because of an earlier rain malfunction. things are slow on the vw parkway approaching the 11th street bridge. no getting around it. you just have to be patient and wait it out unfortunately. >> cbs this morning is next. president obama talks about his worries for the future. more on the cruise ship that was tossed about all over the sea. don't miss it. we are back in 25 mi
6:58 am
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good morning. it is tuesday, february 9th 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." voting is under way in the inauguration's fefrt presidential primary. we're in new hampshire for its make-or-break republicans. a mavis storm in the northeast. huge waves flood the coast. and c ba company that claims to find symptoms before they appear. your world in 90 sdsecon.>> your wife is disgusted with you. she said i'm leaving. i don't give a damn.


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