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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we are learning more about why a man arrested for murdering a transgender woman of color from montgomery county may have pulled the trigger. and take two. why the secret service showed up to a vigil tonight to remember children who died from cancer. hello, i'm debra alfarone. new tonight. was it embarrassment that led a 20-year-old man to brutally gun down a transgender woman of
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color? police arrested 20-year-old ricoh leblond. they haven't ruled out charging him with a hate crime. the family is remembering the victim by the victim's legal name, deandre smith. >> reporter: only a year apart, thomas says she and her cousin were best friends. >> i just want to know why. why do you take such a beautiful and amazing soul? >> reporter: while she group pals with this, her mother said -- while she grapples with this, her mother said she believes she knows why. >> i do believe this was a hate crime. >> reporter: he was a transgender female. charging documents along the
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suspect in smith's murder, 20- year-old ricoh leblond, may have been angered and embarrassed that information on their relationship had become public. smith suffered gunshot wounds to the head and groin area, according to police. >> he was out on the street. >> reporter: that was thomas' reaction to learning leblond has a significant criminal history including theft and attempted murder charges which appear to be connected to the 2013 twinbrook metro stabbing. >> it's been really rough the last couple of days. >> reporter: could lanny thomas said they supported the victim as zella sigh ziona. >> reporter: in rockville, stefanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> and to learn more about what police say was the relationship between the victim and the
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suspect, we have the police charging documents on our wusa9 app. new information in a bizarre crash in prince george's county. we found out the driver of this car had been shot before crashing into an apartment building in district heights, maryland. now prince george's county police are looking for 29-year- old joseph poteet. they say he shot a 32-year-old last weekend in the 1900 block of rochelle avenue. she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. poteet is charged with murder and police want to hear from anyone with any information on his whereabouts. a candlelight vigil took place in lafayette park tonight to remember children who have died of cancer and to support those whose battle against that disease is ongoing. the event came four weeks after the original gathering was abruptly shut down by secret service so the president and his motorcade could travel to an event. an agree i can't mccarron
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attended the vigil. >> reporter: not only did secret service director joe clancy call the event's organizer to say he was sorry after last month's incident, he showed up in person tonight to apologize directly to the children and their families. >> it's a huge honor to be here. >> reporter: natasha gould is a spunky 11-year-old. >> some mornings i wake up not even knowing i have cancer. >> we have a love/hate relationship. >> reporter: but natasha learned in may she has inoperable brain cancer. >> she puts on a smile. there's low days where she has to drag herself out, but overall she approaches it in such a positive way. >> reporter: for their family and others, cancer has changed everything. >> you're thinking, how does this happen to our family? like, why us? why our family? but then you realize it can
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happen to anyone. and everyone needs to come together to stop it. >> reporter: the crowd was quick to forgive the secret service for abruptly canceling last month's vigil. in fact, many were thrilled by the international attention that it attracted, along with an apology from the secret service director ?ai. eel make a deal with you. if you keep me in your prayers and keep the secret service in your prayers, you'll certainly but in my prayers. >> reporter: even through her darkest days, natasha keeps smiling and urging the government to commit more money to the fight against childhood cancer. >> with dreams to, you know, have that first crush, or finally do good in math. >> reporter: that canceled vigil in september ended up beg a blessing indisguise. it launched more than 350 vigils in all 50 states and more than 20 countries around
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the world. at lafayette park, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> the group was so impressed with the apology from the secret service that they awarded director clancy with a secret service rocks award. they say the letters in rocks stand for respect, open hearted, care, kindness, and super. i actually broke out the gloves for the first time this season with the 40s in town and a few upper 30s. 37 in frederick. cold in the mountains. garrett county today, we're down to 46 at national airport. tonight we've got a frost advisory for the i-95 corridor and freeze warnings out west. that means temperatures could be cold enough to end the growing season, potentially in the upper 20s in a few spots. but those forecast lows 39 in
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town, 40 in southern maryland. but we're going to have some lower 30s so we have to watch out for. that we do have some warmer temperatures headed our way as we get into next week, but it could be even colder tomorrow night? i'll have the full seven-day forecast in a few minutes. deb bra. >> thanks, howard. the weather is changing and so are the sports seasons. basketball gearing up in the dmv. just in case you needed some proof let's take you out to college park. tonight the university of maryland held its maryland madness festivities. the annual event symbolizes the start of the basketball season, and it features entertainment and an intra squad scrimmage. expectations high in college park this season. the terps rank third. dave owens talks with some of the players in sports. did you know today was a school day? it's a new chapter for prince george's county. school on saturday. yes, it's here. students and parents celebrating, or in some cases
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be moaning classes on -- bemoaning classes on weekend. >> i was made to come here because i want to go to a magnet school. >> reporter: how excited are you to come to class on a saturday? >> very happy. >> reporter: the children have mixed feelings about class on saturday, but parents seem eager. >> i think it's important for him to attend saturday school, because he has expressed a love of mathematics, and i feel if they're going to go to school six days a week, they should be engaging in something that will keep them ahead of the curve. >> reporter: 200 prince george's county public schools students will attend the pilot program at high point high school in beltsville. two hours on saturdays for 20 weeks. it starts off with breakfast, followed by a healthy dose of math and other skills. >> the saturday pilot program is modeled after george b. thomas learning center in
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montgomery county. its founder, dr. george tom, knows a thing or two about a successful saturday class. he went from 21 students to 3,000 kids a year with 12 different sites in montgomery county. >> it's for students at every level, every academic level, any student who wants to achieve excellence. >> reporter: the county is hoping it will help improve test scores. >> generally we're pretty far behind. our graduation rate is one of the lowest in the state so this is one more opportunity for children to get some additional support on a weekend. >> in my other regular school they teach me, but i still can't understand. so i bet this may be good. and for me, i can understand math and other subjects i learn. >> you can still register for saturday school in prince george's county. just go to our wusa9 app for
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details. an elderly woman is rescued from a fire in her largo town  house. it all happened around 1:00 this morning in the 10,000 block of campus way south. prince george's county firefighters arrived at the fire to find the woman trapped on the second floor. she was taken to the hospital where tonight she is in stable condition. and tonight police in prince george's county want your help looking for the driver of a car that struck and killed a pedestrian and then took off. gabriel ruiz was trying to cross annapolis road late last night when he was struck and killed by a car. it may have been a late model ford with damage to the right front headlight and bumper. it anyone with information about the case should contact prince george's county police. in the mideast tonight at least four palestinians are killed after attempted knife attacks on israelis. for the first time in more than a decade israeli soldiers are being deployed to city centers.
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hebron is the latest flash point of violence. >> reporter: troops stepped up patrol after a wave of violent attacks in the west bank. attempted knife attacks on israeli civilians and police have left several palestinians dead. the latest point of unrest is the city of hebron where a few hundred jewish settlers live in close proximity to tens of thousands of palestinians. scenes like this are not uncommon but have flared up in recent weeks. we've seen a lot of palestinians throwing stones, but they are little match for the israeli army. the violence began more than a month ago and has been fueled by rumors that israel was planning to restrict palestinian access to the reveered mosque. meanwhile hundreds of pro- palestinian supporters protested outside the israeli embassy in london. in a sign of unity, jews and
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arabs marched through the streets calling for an end to the blood shed. funerals for the attackers have further incited the violence as israeli troops struggle to stop the attacks without inciting more anger. cbs news, hebron. >> secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to meet with benjamin netanyahu in germany next week. possibly some encouraging news tonight on lamar odom who has been fighting for his life. and an unusual sight
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local grammy winning musician john jennings has lost his battle with cancer. the potomac resident was a guitarist, producer, and singer/song writer who often performed with the mary chapin- carpenter band. last month we spoke with him. at the time he was undergoing
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treatment for kidney cancer. funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. and nba star lamar odom is said to be improving. the 35-year-old remains in guarded condition at the intensive care unit of a las vegas hospital. cnn reports that odom is conscious and was able to say hi to his estranged wife khloe kardashian friday. meanwhile odom's college basketball coach says' been in contact with kardashian who told him that odom is breathing on his own and is no longer on life support machines. odom was found unconscious tuesday in a nevada brothel. jim, one of our editors here, we like to take an evening walk. >> i know, sometimes you invite me. >> and sometimes we've gone out for a good 30 minutes. tonight was about a 10-minute walk night. need gloves now. >> temperatures down in the
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40s, we didn't quite make it as far as we thought. >> thanks for inviting me. >> you went out to whole foods on your own. >> i did. >> all right, you don't need to know everything we do. >> they want to know. >> they're keeping score at home. 34 to 39. frost advisories for d.c. and baltimore. upper montgomery, western howard, loudoun and fauquier west towards the shenandoah valley, freeze warnings in effect. so this could end the growing season if we get these temperatures like that. sensitive plants are likely to be damaged. you still have time to get them inside if you run out real quickly, because temperatures are getting closer and closer to freezing but still above it. it's 36 in winchester, that's one of our cold spots.
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mid-30s in culpeper, mid force in much of southern maryland. but look at gaithersburg. they're in the 30s. a cold night coming up, then a chilly day again on sunday. sunday night could actually be a little bit colder than tonight because i think the winds will be dead calm and we'll start a little colder tomorrow. isolated showers in the afternoon with maybe even some wet flakes mixing in. so if you're up toward areas in far northern maryland, maybe northeastern maryland, don't be surprised by that. still cool monday, a little warmer, but the real warm-up, that starts on tuesday. we've got this big upper storm in the at mows fear. you can see how the winds are coming out of the northwest. high pressure north of st. louis there, that's going to be building in. so the winds at least tomorrow probably not as strong as today but a little brisk at times. tomorrow night, though, as that high builds in -- by the way, first things first. in the afternoon, a little disturbance is going to come through. this is that chance of an
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isolated rain shower, maybe some wet flakes. so here's that high by monday morning. that will calm the winds, radiational cooling. that's why tomorrow night may be a little keeler than tonight. but winds on tuesday will turn more south and southwesterly. so we're going to have a nice warm-up. tuesday's temperatures well up into the 60s if not a few low 70s in the shenandoah valley. frost advisory for the i-95 corridor. north and west, now we're talking freeze warnings. tomorrow morning 30s and 40s, sunny, rather chilly. in the afternoon, a few more clouds, an isolated shower, a few wet flakes. three-day forecast. monday upper 50s, tuesday, a nice warm-up, good recovery, upper 60s. and then wednesday and thursday, a couple of sweet looking days, back in the 70s, and just a little bit of a cool- down to finish out the week. right now it looks pretty good. other than the isolated shower tomorrow, a dry seven-day forecast. >> i'm still looking for the
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gloves. >> you'll find them. >> excellent. >> an early christmas gift maybe. dozens of residents took advantage to celebrate their neighborhood. it was hillcrest community day. there were live music performances, arts and crafts, and wusa9 reporter delia goncalves helped plan that event. my favorite story of the night. it is not something you see every day in staten island of new york. a kangaroo hopping across the parking lot of an auto repair shop. that is bust tear kangaroo. he and his owner were visiting a home on staten island when buster decided to do a little sight seeing on his own. customers spotted buster, called police. he was located nearby. eventually reunited with his owner. we're told the two are very
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happy together and have thou headed home to their home in upstate new york. >> who knew you could own a kangaroo in new york state. >> exactly. how due transition from that to dave owens and sports? >> that kangaroo, he's got quite a vertical. and sports is hopping tonight. >> won't belong before we're tossing the basketball in the air. one local school talk big things. we're going to head to college park. they were hopping. look at
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why fios? ultimately, that's why. right now, get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. signs that basketball season is upon us. leaves begin to change, a chill in the air. nice and cool tonight. and the annual hoops hysteria that comes out of georgetown in maryland this time of year. hoyas held hoya madness last night. tonight, dance moves, hashtag weak. just joking. then they have the intra squad
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scrimmage. a lot of fun out there. robert carter is a transfer from georgia tech. he's one of the reasons why people are so excited about maryland. >> big kid. >> yeah. and this kid, diamond stone. and, of course, melo trimble, all everything. they think he's going to be a huge star, the players looking forward to this season. >> we got a chance to get up and down in front of the fans today. i just wanted to play hard and come out and show everybody that we're here to win. >> we know how good we are. we don't really care what other people are saying. preseason rankings to us don't mean anything. >> so the maryland basketball team with high aspirations. the football team looking to salvage what it can considering the coaching change the bye week could not have come at a better time. college football today, virginia, boy, they need a win
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bad. they're hosting syracuse, a couple of teams who wear orange. matt johns threading the needle. ten straight to force overtime. jordan ellis, push it, push it g. he keeps pushing the pile. 44-38. big win for them. virginia tech at miami. good ball game today. third quarter, have you driven a ford lately, deb? >> no, i haven't, actually. >> you should. isaiah ford, making the catch right there. but watch the toe tap in the corner. that is impressive stuff. baryshnikov would be proud. >> would he really? >> hewould. miami holding on 30-20. west virginia at number two baylor. the mounties getting off to a good start here. watch him cut on a dime and
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leave nine cents change. that's quick. >> see you later. >> did you speed up that video. >> i did, but, you know, bay loss, they can score. they score like howard bernstein does a weathercast. very quick, very efficiently, and always accurately. baylor rolls today, 62-3. >> did he pay you? >> he did. how about this finish, michigan- michigan state. why am i showing you this? we're not in michigan or michigan state. ha-ha. spartans up 10, but then 10 seconds to go -- >> what's the wort that could happen? >> the punter, blake o'neil, just has to kick it. he drops it. it michigan state picks it up and goes 38 yards. sparty wins on the last play of the game. >> look at that guy's face. >> that face says it all. even if you're not a huge hockey fan you know who alex ovechkin, a huge start. but people who follow hockey will tell you nikki backstrom
11:27 pm
is the guy that makes things go. >> the setup man. >> tonight, his debut. and oh nikki, he's so fine, he blows my mind, hey nikki. all caps tonight. john carlson from the point. he's leading the team in scoring. look at john carlson. whips it in there and scores. and what would a caps highlight be without alex ovechkin? how about carolina, turns it over, ovie cash in. they are 3-1. three points coming back tonight. he's so fine. >> ovie, big bumps fan. will it be warmer heading out in the
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weather-wise, cold tonight, frost advisories, tomorrow only in the low to mid-50s, then we'll start a warming trend, especially as we get up to tuesday, wednesday, thursday, but bundle up. it was cold out there. >> i don't think i'm going for a run outside tomorrow. what do you think? >> go for it. i went tonight. >> these guys are always getting out there. tune in tomorrow and don't forget yo
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ravens, 49ers, very familiar foes. both teams 1-4. both teams coming off tough losses now. it's a matter of who wants


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