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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a brazen blast of drive-by gunshots kills one, wounds three, and pierces a perfect day at a maryland park. hello, i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm debra alfarone. that gunfire in prince george's county left one person dead and another critically injured. >> tonight police are searching for a car and at least one shooter who rolled into the park and started firing around 2:30 this afternoon. >> garrett is live in
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springdale where we're getting a look at that deadly scene. garrett. >> reporter: deb, we get a really good look at the seen. police say that shooter pulled into the parking lot and sprayed this entire corner with gunfire. you can see where one bullet grazed the side of this suv here. the shooter hit four people. tonight one is dead, one is in critical condition, and police are on the hunt for the triggerman. the eruption of gunfire at ardmore park caught everyone by surprise. >> we were sitting there, facing the basketball court, watching them play horseshoes. all of a sudden i heard gunshots. >> reporter: shots sent a crowd scrambling for cover. some ran inside the park's community center where a crab feast was in full swing. >> this nine-year-old came in and said, someone's dead on the parking lot. >> reporter: as quickly as they
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came, the suspects fled, leaving four people shot. one would die shortly after. another police describe as gravely injured. friends and relatives gathered outside the park awaiting word on their loved ones. >> they told me one of my friends had got shot. that just is made me come up even more. >> reporter: but not content to wait on an ambulance, someone drove two wounded to this fire station a few blocks away. investigators scoured the scene for clues through the evening, marking bullet holes torn through porta-potties and parked cars. they reopened the park just before dark but tonight they are releasing no information on who might have committed this crime or y. >> i can tell you that we have smart, smart people working on this occasions and i'm sure they're looking at every angle. >> reporter: earlier today there had been some speculation that this shooting might be related to a similar shooting yesterday in glenn arden. police tell me among detectives that's not really part of the
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investigative conversation right now. live in prince george's county, garrett haacke, wusa >> two of the four people shot had only superficial injuries. one man was able to walk to the ambulance. the neighbor charged with killing dick and jodi valardo is back in town and will face a judge tomorrow. he was transported back this weekend from alaska where police captured him on a cruise ship with his family. he is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and is being held without bond. if your morning commute monday includes the arlington memorial bridge, expect to see curb side lanes and four feet of sidewalks closed because of emergency repairs. engineers spotted corrosion and deterioration on the 83-year- old bridge. some lawmakers including mark warner and tim kaine blame the
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problems on federal neglect. isolated storms are moving across the area tonight. what can we expect come monday morning? >> let's go over to meteorologist howard bernstein. >> i think we'll have a lot of activity in the afternoon. tomorrow is a yellow alert day. tonight things have been rumbling, especially north of town. we're watching this one coming out of harrisburg maybe making a run at us. a lot of rain has been falling in areas to our north. this stuff is really intense as far as rain. some rainfall rates are over five inches per hour but thankfully the storms are moving. you see heavy rain from barnsdale into clarksburg. urbana, you are just about to get out of the heavy stuff but it's just about to get toward mount airy. notice the lightning strikes. liberty town, walkersville, and this extends also up into union
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bridge and tawnie town. it's all moving off to the northeast at 25 miles per hour. we're talking eldersburg at 11:36. reisterstown 11:50, all headed that way. we do have a very warm evening after hitting 92. the 7th time we've been in the 90s this month. we're still sitting at 80 in up to. that's a rain-cooled 6 in lovettesville. for tonight, the 60s and 70s. once again mid to upper 80s, maybe flirting with 90, but afternoon storms will be around. some of those could be strong to severe. and this is with a cold front. the relief is on the way. that and your seven-day forecast in a few moments. major parts of the patriot act will expire at midnight. >> senators came back early from the holiday recess to try and work out a compromise as wendy gillette reports.
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>> mr. president, i request a live quorum call. >> reporter: kentucky senator and presidential candidate rand paul has vowed he would make sure sections of the patriot act expired at midnight sunday. he says the ability to collect americans' telephone records is illegal. >> i'm not going to take it any more. >> reporter: he got what he wanted. senators were unable to work out a deal despite a rare sunday session. >> we're here now facing yet another manufactured crisis. >> we should pass this tonight. don't duck behind not doing anything. >> reporter: the senate was caring bill passed by the house that reforms the patriot act which was signed into law after 9/11. the usa freedom act would institute a more targeted system of collecting telephone data. the director of the cia said on cbs's "face the nation" that allowing the programs to laps could put americans in danger. >> this is something we can't
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afford to do right now. if you look at the horrific attacks and violence around the globe, we need to keep our country safe. >> the yea's are 77. >> reporter: the senate voted to proceed forward with the bill sunday night, but a final vote will likely not be held for several days. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> you might recall that the nsa program involving collection of data was first revealed by edward snowden in 2013. a viewing today for the family of that horrific quadruple homicide almost two weeks ago. family and friends paid respects to the savopoulos family. tomorrow a service will be held for the family at the greek orthodox cathedral. right now friends of the family's housekeeper are raising money to send her body back to her native el salvador. the investigation continues.
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so far one suspect is in custody. authorities believe he did not act alone. a day after jumping into the presidential race, martin o'malley is in new hampshire tonight, home of the first presidential primary, and a stronghold for hillary clinton. o'malley is kick off his presidential bid with trips to the early voting states of iowa and new hampshire. he is the third democrat to enter the race behind clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders. >> one of the most difficult challenges we face right now is restoring truth of the american dream that we share, making wages go up and making our country work again and our economy work for all of our people. >> hillary clinton won the 2008 new hampshire primary and many of the state's influential democrats are already actively backing her. o'malley, who backed clinton in 2008 has been hesitant to attack her directly. secretary of state john kerry is remaining in a swiss hospital overnight for object ser stlairks after breaking his
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leg in a bicycle crash on sunday. kerry has canceled the rest of a four-nation trip that included an international conference on combat in the islamic states group. he broke his leg after he struck a curb while biking. he has been on the phone including a chat with the president. aids say he will fly to been on monday for further treatment on that broken leg. and the president and first lady today paid a visit to vice president joe biden to express condolences. beau biden died of brain cancer at age 46. vice president biden said in a statement last night the entire biden family is saddened beyond words. beau biden's entire family was at his bedside at the end. funeral arrangements haven't been announced yet but he is entitled to military funeral honors. coming up tonight on wusa 9, why the marines and local
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only from pnc bank. frightening moments in midtown manhattan this morning. the cable on a crane lifting an
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air conditioning unit apparentlily snapped, and the unit fell about 30 stories to the ground below. 10 people were hurt in this accident. two of the injured were construction workers, and the rest were pedestrians and people in passing cars hit by falling debris. that crane is now leaning against a high-rise building. the death toll from the texas flooding continues to rise tonight. the latest casualty, a seven- year-old girl who was swept away after a family's car crashed near dallas on saturday. >> at least 28 deaths are attributed to the flood. the search continues for people still missing. chris martinez has the latest from lewisville, texas. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers meet every morning in wimberly texas to search for several people still missing since flood waters began rushing through. officials say some victims were swept up to 25 miles away from where they were last seen. two people thought missing turned up sunday safe and
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sound. and the water is still rising after more storms in texas this weekend. >> i've never seen it rise so fast. >> reporter: residents of this houston neighborhood face power outages and downed trees after saturday's rains. initial estimates put flood damage in the houston area at more than $45 million. that's on top of another $27 million in damage to state roads, highways, and bridges. farmers and ranchers have also taken a hit. these cattle, some up to their necks in flood water, were herded to higher ground sunday. there seems to be some relief in sight. forecasters are calling for sunshine and drier weather for most of this week. for jim, it comes just in time. >> getting deep out here. hopefully it gets no deeper. >> reporter: his lake front property now holding, with the lake just feet away from ending up in his living room. chris martinez, lewisville texas. >> president obama signed a
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disaster declaration. people in affected areas are eligible for federal assistance. . what would you have thought? that begs the question is the worst over? >> they definitely need a break, but it took four years to get into a drought, and that's how long it took to get out of it. that is amazing. >> and this area? >> we've had some showers and storms persisting due to the warmth, the mugginess. our three-degree guarantee, we've hit it again. bruce this is 28 out of 31 for the month of may. i know you're a mathematician. seven in a row, 12 of the last 13. that's all. three-degree guarantee. that's what we're all about. we do have some showers and storms still going at this
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hour. now, the stuff coming out of harrisonburg, it would be three hours from d.c. if it holds together but this is still going strong up north. even a couple of showers in western loudoun and eastern jefferson county. there's still enough instability, but by far you see this dark orange and red here, we're talking rainfall rates, three, four, five inches an hour. torrential downpours, nothing severe. it was severe earlier, but nothing severe. now this is extending, the heavy stuff, in toward montgomery county. it is going from around clarksburg, west to germantown. looks like it's around the soccer complex north of damascus, but this is all moving off to the east- northeast at about 25. frederick county is out of the worst of it, but now getting into mount airy, back leaving new market, up toward liberty town. if you are going east on 26 and up 27, between union bridge and westminster it is coming down to beat the band
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right now. this is all tracking in toward carroll, howard, and the baltimore area. we're looking at this east- northeast. eldersburg, lisbon, howard county 11:27. in town, one of the reasons the showers and storms are persisting, it's muggy. this is a good environment for showers and storms to feed object. that's been the case much of the month. we talked about this last week, the fact that we're going for the warmest may. we were shooting for 1991. we did it, 73.2. a new record for the warmest may. our records in washington go back to 1872. i don't know about you, i'm not excited about that record but it is what it is. one more hot and humid day. we will start the month of june with temperatures in the 80s to maybe near 90. it all depends on when these afternoon thunderstorms start cooking. and they are going to be quite a few tomorrow. that's why tomorrow is a yellow alert day. much cooler tuesday. that sounds good, right? only in the 70s.
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and then i think more showers on tuesday. we have a yellow alert for tuesday, but if the trend continues to push them farther south, we may be able to drop. that there's just a lot of juice in the atmosphere, so to speak. you see the rains in new york state. they had flooding rains in and around the new york/new jersey area this afternoon and evening. more rain in the deep south which will be riding toward us with this front. the combination means that we are going to get a good shot of showers and storms tomorrow afternoon. might see a stray sprinkle overnight or early monday but midday this is when things start to fire. by the middle of the afternoon, showers and storms, some of these could have some heavy downpours, maybe even locally strong to severe. by 6:00, 7:00, notice the heavy stuff around. even by midnight, we could be picking up substantial rains around here later monday, monday night. with luck, they will slide south of us tuesday. for tonight the isolated shower and storm, warm and muggy, 70s in town. tomorrow morning partly sunny,
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warm, humid. low to mid crates by lunchtime. and then the scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. 85 to 90, but finally cooling off. tuesday 78. showers are likely, especially south of town. on wednesday mid-70s with more showers. again, fair chance south of d.c. i just can't shake that thunderstorm threat in the afternoon. and the nats are back in town. it will heat up toward the weekend. i just want to remind you, we have both nats games friday and saturday on wusa. >> looking forward to. that watching the game, not the rain, mind you. let me ask you a question, bruce. what do rgiii, a shark, and the u.s. marines have in common? >> don't have a clue. >> they teamed up to make sure a deserving group of men and women felt like royalty. >> stephanie ramirez tell us they threw young people a
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cinderella ball. >> reporter: they may have emceed, but the real stars today are these young men and women. sons and daughters of military personnel who are disabled or have life threatening illnesses. today they got the royal treatment. a cinderella ball or prom that even included 30 members from the u.s. marine corps base in quantico. the guests looked gorgeous and couldn't be more excited. >> everybody is here, and it's awesome. >> reporter: a.j. was even peppering me up with a little espanol. >> i hear you are quite the dancer. >> oh, thanks. >> reporter: is that true? >> yeah. >> traditionally it was for kids that weren't invited to the prom, so they are here and had a fabulous time. >> reporter: we could only stay up until the awards. after is the dance.
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>> this is the 10th annual national capitol cinderella ball. new this year, scholarships. >> reporter: their goal is to help young adults grow both educationally and socially. >> when we find peers that are sidelined socially, we know that's unacceptable. >> from the time of walking in to the dance in the evening, it's absolutely terrific. >> we found all kinds of friends. they treat him like a prince. they roll out the carpet. it's spectacular. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> this year's ball took place at the historic willard hotel on pennsylvania avenue. he is being honored for being hero and he's only six years old. how this first
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a six-year-old boy is being honored after saving his parents from a fair at their nashville home. >> i don't think there's anything under the concrete. >> reporter: with the bryans, the usual family outing happened in a very unusual
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place. >> the fire got bigger than that, and it took all the whole playroom. >> reporter: this is where they used to live. >> when i got here, there was so much black smoke and everything that i couldn't even see. >> reporter: before a fire destroyed everything. when the alarm went off, six- year-old hunter woke up and took control. >> i run to the living room and my mom and dad were in there, and i told them, get up, there's a fire. >> reporter: his parents didn't notice. they're both hearing impaired. >> she's proud of her son. >> reporter: the family made it out with almost nothing else. and friday the police department and hunter's teachers honored the first grader for his bravery. making hunter an example. >> even if you're young, you can still do brave things. >> reporter: quick thinking in an emergency. >> keep up the good work. >> reporter: that was one of
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the ties that held the roof and stuff together. >> reporter: with the hopes of rebuilding after a call too close to imagine. they credit their son and maybe someone he is. >> she said god helped. >> reporter: for helping them get a second chance to start over. >> what an awesome kid. the family says an outdoor heater sparked that blaze, and that fire happened back in january. it's a 400-year tradition in japan, believed to bring good help to infants. >> this weekend more than 100 babies squared off at the annual festival in tokyo. rules vary from region to region but bankly the baby who cries first is crowned the winner. sumo wrestlers gentlely shake the babies to try to get them to cry. in the competition, the loud tear cry, the better. i feel like i should be
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shaking howard. >> it's just the music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom.
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♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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april 26th, just over a month ago, the nationals were swept by an opponent. but since then they've won nine straight series. but something went awry this weekend. the offense went cold and the pitching became a lie anlt. the temperature wasn't the only thing rising. the nationals hosting a red- hot cincinnati reds team that took advantage of every opportunity given to them. over the course of the weekend the bullpen gave up 14 runs.
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we'll take a look, plus the latest on stephen strasburg's injury. also, 9sports gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at gio gonzalez looking dapper while away from the diamond. wait until you see what he's up to away from baseball. the baltimore orioles in a rubbater mch with tampa bay. delmon young and manny machado both with a pair of homers but it wasn't enough. the rays the only a.l. east team with a victory today. what a crazy division that has become. the maryland terrapins just took the field moments ago. they are one win away from their second straight super regional. we'll have updates for you throughout "game on" overtime. trying to make some history. and the washington redskins wrap up their first organized team activity, which means the season is getting closer, thank goodness. we take a look at the quarterback makeover, plus i go one on one with a local
11:31 pm
product to get his first impression of rgiii. really smart, humble, interesting young man. he played at dematha high. >> dematha is just a factory for turning out athletes and scholars. that's good stuff. recap? >> tracking a shower that's popped up in arlington. we'll see a few showers tonight. much better chance tomorrow afternoon. highs still in the 80s but only in the 70s come tuesday. that's going to feel great. >> awesome. well, thank you for watching.
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coming up, a bad weekend gets worse in cinci. >> and that's two more runs. >> washington's relievers once again providing very little. >> gotta do better. >> another round of o.t.a.'s on tap. we dig into the mind of robert griffin and a former dematha star making his way with the burgundy and gold. >> the fact that i get to come back home, it's a blessing. >> and it's gio gonzalez like you've never seen him. he's a fashion man. "game on overtime." nice catch right there. well done, jimmie. welcome to "game on overtime." d.o., k.b. but first the not so


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