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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>>bob: jorge soler facing drew storen for the first time. he gets the call at the knees. >>f.p.: keeping the ball down. first pitch slider. >>bob: another slider. >>f.p.: don't be in a hurry to get the last out.
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>>bob: wilson ramos keeps the runner at 1st base. >>f.p.: great block by wilson ramos. >>bob: 2-2. swing and a miss!
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the nationals have done it again. this is a 11 of there last 14 on the road! >>f.p.: they are a machine right now. they are finding ways to win games. it is pitching, tanner roark was the tanner roark of 2014. happy memorial day everybody. >>bob: how was that for a holiday baseball game at one of the great ballparks you could ever see one in? for all of us, the nationals have done it again. they are now 27-18. they have 120 of 25. -- they have one 20 of 25.
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this h thunderstorms mainly west of i-95, so shenandoah valley, blue ridge, much better stance. you're by the bay -- chance. if you're by the bay, not as much chance. wednesday, 89, scattered afternoon storm. thursday about the same and both days we'll monitor for potential upgrades to yellow alert days. we have the threat of afternoon storms and the understand not as confident as -- and the weekend i'm not as confident as i'd like to be. very summer-like weather coming up. you are just joining wusa9 news at 5:00 in progress. right now one child is in the hospital after a near drowning in a pool in rockville. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson.
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that child was taken to the hospital as a priority one patient. mola lenghi joins us now live. what's the latest on the child's condition? >> reporter: it was a near deadly holiday weekend for this young boy who is about 5, 6 years old recovering doing better, not out of the woods quite yet, but he is doing better at the hospital. here at this rockville community pool is where it went down. it would have been deadly if not for quick actions of some nearby parents. one minute it's a relaxing holiday weekend at the pool. the next minute it's panic as a young boy is in trouble. regina detulio was at the pool with her husband and three kids. >> the next thing you know my boy was on the bottom of my pool. my husband pulled him up from the bottom and there was no pulse, no anything. he was just laying there. >> reporter: her husband was nearby when lifeguards pointed to the bottom of the pool. they both jumped in. doug got there first. >> he wasn't breathing, so we started pregnancies and giving
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some breaths and fine -- compressions and giving some breaths and finally he started choking water. >> when i heard him yell and dive under, i realized something was wrong, but i've got two boys 6 and flee on opposite sides -- 3 on opposite sides of the pool. >> reporter: the boy started breathing on his own and was taken to the hospital where he's still recovering. pierce, one of the heroes, remains modest. >> i was actually pretty calm because something just said he was going to be all right. >> there was a reason he was there that point in time. >> reporter: it seems he was there to save a life, though the boy's uncle wonders why the two lifeguards on duty weren't quicker. >> you're a lifeguard. what is a lifeguard's job? to call 911 or to react on scene when they see a lifeless body coming out of the pool? >> reporter: pierce is not as critical. he says parents should always be watching their kids. >> you got to have your eyes on your kids. there was a lot of family that
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was around this child, but it's got to be a personal like one person is responsible for one child. >> reporter: first responder say that it's not just important for lifeguardston cfr or even parents -- lifeguards to know cpr or even parents but anyone. even if you've learned it in the past, they advise you to get to know it and get certificate filed because you never know when you -- certified because you never know when you might have the opportunity to save someone's life. two adults and 1 child suffered minor burns from a fire in olney, maryland. that fire broke out this afternoon along the 3500 block of banit i way. it's not clear -- bantry way. it's not clear what started the blaze, but there was some kind of issue involving a propane tank. [ trumpet playing taps ] on this memorial day
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president obama laid a wrest at the tomb of the unknown. in his remarks at arlington national cemetery the president said this memorial day marks the 70th anniversary of world war ii. also the first memorial day since our military men and women have returned from active duty in afghanistan. speaking about world war ii, mr. obama said even though the times have changed the values of our service men and women have not. >> honor, courage, self- lessness, those values live in the hearts of everyday heroes who risked everything for us in every american war. >> the national memorial day parade marched past monuments, museums and hundreds of thousands of people waving flags in d.c. this afternoon. the parade honored the sacrifices made by our military service members and included high school marching bands and many veterans. andrea mccarren was there and
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joins us from 17th and constitution where the parade wrapped up. >> reporter: the weather was perfect. the clouds were enthusiastic. for some -- crowds were enthusiastic. for some service members here to witness the parade there was an overwhelming sense of gratitude. the parade kicked off under bright skies with service members, marching bands and dancers. no one ever anticipated little a.j. causey would be here to witness it. >> i had pretty much been told by the doctors that due to my injury probably never have a child naturally. >> reporter: a.j.'s father aaron was on a military bomb squad in afghanistan in 2011. he was searching for an ied he planned to disarm. >> i was looking for it and i stepped on it. >> reporter: aaron lost both legs and recently completed three years of treatment at
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walter reed. doctors said he and his wife's only realistic chance of getting pregnant was through ivf, in vitro fertilization. >> i was speechless. >> reporter: speechless because just days later before they could get to their first ivf appoint ment cat was pregnant. >> as soon as i saw it, i knew exactly what it was. it was a positive pregnancy test. >> it took about eight pregnancy tests for aaron to accept it wasn't a fluke. we had four different brands, different kinds of tests. >> the only other happier moment in my life was seeing her when she was born. >> reporter: the causey family has been through so much, but there is no bitterness, no regret. >> look at when i have to be grateful for. how could i be resentful about any of. this. >> reporter: they think about their friends, staff sergeant wade and mandy.
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>> he died when she was pregnant with her second child, so how did i have any regards about any of this? >> reporter: also special today were the grand marshals of this parade. surviving world war ii veterans here to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of that war. live from northwest washington, andrea mccarren, wusa9. still plenty of mysteries tonight in the slaughter of a wealthy family and their housekeeper inside a d.c. mansion, but we do now know how the accused killer escaped brooklyn one step ahead of the law. bruce leshan is live with the latest. how did daron wint get away from police? >> reporter: in a cab according to the new york daily news paid for with some of the proceeds from the grisly murders here, $1,000 cash for the ride, for tolls and a hefty tip for the cabbie.
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daron wint is the only suspect charged so far in the torture and murder of savvas and amy savopoulos, their 10-year-old son phillip and of their housekeeper vera figueroa. the four other people picked up with wint last week were released uncharged and without public explanation so far from the police. in court documents detective jeffrey owens says the family was held captive by mr. wint and others and that the crimes required the presence and assistance of more than one person. >> mr. wint is now incarcerated and is held without bond. our work is not done. >> reporter: police removed the bed where the killers allegedly set fire to phillip and investigators are still at the house. >> there's a tremendous amount of information that's now available to them. they have to parse through and follow each and everyone. >> reporter: among the continuing mysteries, witness who said the man driving the
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family porsche before it was torched has short hair. wint has long braids. also strange, the savopoulos assistant who allegedly lied to police about details of picking up and leaving the package containing $40,000 in ransom money. now all these seeming conflicts could simply be mistake. the witness might have mistaken wint's braids for short hair. the assistant might have been confused about the details of money drop, but these could be all issue s at trial if we are still waiting for a better explanation from the police. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> we sent bruce leshan out to several houses connected to wint and people who may have traveled with him. nobody came to the door at any of those residences.
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we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00 this memorial day. >> more severe weather is predicted for texas and other states in the country's midsection after deadly storms dumped record rainfall in the region. >> plus howard is back with more on the possibility of thunderstorms in our area this week. >> reporter: a maryland veterans cemetery rebounds from a maintenance scandal. i'm prince george's county bureau chief scott broom in cheltenham, coming up, a progress report.
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there is progress at a once troubled state veterans cemetery. wusa9 uncovered a maintenance scandal on the ground in december of 2013. >> scott broom followed up today as thousands of visitors served as a reminder to how much this final resting place means to maryland families. >> reporter: since the scandal has continued here at the chyle continue happen maryland -- cheltenham, maryland cemetery to regrade the property and reset the stone for more than 19,000 graves, a 21 gun salute and reminder today why maryland asset rans cemetery system is
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so meaningful. rick parker serves on the veterans commission. >> life goes on. we still have a responsibility. i still have a responsibility. to continue to serve not only just our living service members, but those who have passed away who have left. >> i see memorial day as a historical day that everyone should honor and be pleased and it's a good day to come out and show your respects to those that are deceased and gone on. >> reporter: but scandal hurt this cemetery badly in december of 2013. workers disturbing dozens of markers when a tractor got stuck in the mud and a county environmental investigation launched when wusa9 documented open pit dumping on an unseen portion of the property. >> they made some mistakes. >> reporter: at the time maryland's veteran secretary promised to do better. evidence today shows improvement. a phase project to regrade the
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burial grounds and reset stones continues with four more sections of the cemetery set for rehabilitation this year. landscaping, paving, fencing and a few traffic light for safety all done or in the works for 2015. what do you want these kidston? >> love their country, fight for their country, be proud of their country. >> reporter: since the 1970s more than 19,000 veterans and family members have been buried here and for this weekend scouting organizations for a flag on each and of stone, a measure of just how much people care about cemeteries like this one. in cheltenham, scott broom, wusa9. >> next for the cemetery an array of flags to line the entry drive. more severe weather is expected after a line of storms dumped record rainfall on parts of texas, oklahoma and other plains and midwest state over
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the weekend. at least three people were killed, 12 others are missing. first responders used a helicopter to lift a 68-year- old father trapped in the river for two hours. >> just hold on, please don't leave. i'm here for you and he's just like i don't know what to tell you. i'm sorry. >> there was another dramatic rescue near austin. a kayaker struggled to keep his head above the rushing waters of the san gabriel river until bystanders pulled him to safety. look that the devastation. >> they had a drought that took four years in the making and it's been wiped out in four weeks. oklahoma is having their wettest month on record and they still have more showers going on today. it's been devastating there this month in oklahoma and texas. >> and you think of places like california this could use a lot of this rain. we're getting into almost an el nino pattern.
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that's developing and often does enhance the rainfall in parts of the country. we'll see our rain chances go up the next few days. beautiful the last few days and another great evening underway. it's warm, dry and not too humid. here's a beautiful shot from our michael and son weather cam. topper will be back later in the week. 85, a few clouds but really a nice sunny afternoon underway, a little breezy, south at 17, gusts to 24 and the dew points are creeping up. when it gets to 60, i'll see those dew points continue to rise the next few days. 70s along the bay, pax naval air station 78, 90 in cumberland our warm spot today, 85 in tone, 86 in win chest -- in town, 86 in winchester. very warm here coming up with more heat and humidity on the way. this is not feeling like may
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when the average high is in the upper 70s, probably going to be about 10 degrees above that for highs and lows the rest of the week. that will put us potentially in the 2nd spot of all time warmest plays. in washington our records go back to the 1870s. thunderstorm threat increases tomorrow especially west of washington. if you're in leesburg, frederick, we'll have that storm threat in the afternoon. it looks like our chances really pick up in the metro on wednesday. those scattered thunderstorm chances will be with us the rest of the week. speaking of the severe weather, once again look at this line of severe storms rolling through, straight line wind gusts 70 miles an hour. toward the dallas area and there have been tornado warnings from austin up into southern oklahoma. we're tracking all this moisture flowing north out of the gulf of mexico. a lot of these showers and
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storms very heavy rainmakers, seeing some of the rain race down in the san antonio area in the 5 to 7-inch per hour category now. high pressure is nearby off the east coast taking its position in the bermuda high setup, south and southwesterly winds persist. it pumps up the heat and humidity. by the time we get enough disturbances for the upper level to get here, wednesday this whole air will shift farther east on top of us, so wednesday afternoon has a better chance for showers and storms coming through. so we'll monitor that and thursday as well. in the short term low 60s outer suburbs, tomorrow starting out sunny, warm quickly, 60s and serves in the morning -- 70s in the morning, wednesday and thursday scattered mainly afternoon storms, highs mid- to upper 80s and the second half of the week hot and unsettled,
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temperatures cooling off a little as well.
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a mysterious building collapse in beltsville, maryland, prince george's county fire and rescue responded to the scene overnight. a pressurized air tank exploded inside a business called the eaton company, but they haven't figured out what caused that to happen. no one was injured. buy american, it's what nearly eight in 10 people say they'll do in a new national consumer reports survey. most said they'd rather buy american than goods produced
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overseas and supporters of buying american say it's patriotic, keeps manufacturing jobs in the u.s., helps keep the economy and the u.s. strong in the global marching. more than 60% of people surveyed -- market. more than 60% of people surveyed said they would pay 10% more for american goods. there is something else people are increasingly demanding when they shop for food, healthier choice requests less artificial ingreed -- choices, less artificial ingredients. now major corporations are following their lead. at their small popcorn factory brother and sister jeff and jen martin and their team pop and package pep corn. it's all natural, gluten free and vegan. that has been a huge selling point. >> so many people are conscious of what they're putting in their body. >> it's not just specialty food startups going natural. many of the nation's biggest food companies are changing
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their recipes. kraft is removing orange and yellow dye from its macaroni and cheese. chipotle removed genetically modified organisms or gmos from its food. panera bread is getting rid of artificial ingredients and mcdonald's is slicing away ingrid greed cents -- ingredients you can't approach announce in their chicken recipes. >> it's a quality of life issue that's kind of an affordable indulgence. >> reporter: and martin said customers want that quality. >> so business is really popping for that natural popcorn company. after three years that shop is expanding to keep up with demand. ride to recovery, why these bicyclists are logging hundreds of miles this memorial day. >> reporter: the nation pauses
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to remember the sacrifice of those who died in service puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding
5:28 pm
as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"... "thousands without medications"... "i t's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
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the u.s. military scrambled two jets this morning after an anonymous caller reported a chemical weapon aboard a plane headed to new york's jfk airport. two air france planes were searched and nothing was found. the fbi believes the same caller made a similar threat about a saudi arabian airlines flight. nothing was found there either. the nation took time today to remember the nation's soldiers, airmen, navy and marines who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. [ trumpet playing taps ] >> reporter: thousands gathered as taps played at arlington national cemetery. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and spoke about the sacrifice so
5:30 pm
many americans have made. >> each simple stone marker arranged in perfect military precision signifies the cost of our blessings. it is a debt we can never fully repay. >> reporter: 70 years after fighting in world war want memory overwhelm harry f. miller. >> it's very moving for me. i break down. i try not to, but i do. >> reporter: the 87-year-old veteran of the army and air force shared a secret with us. he was just 16 when he volunteered and so many of those he served with did not make it home. philly native charles smith did two tours in vietnam. that's him in 1968. smith comes here every year. >> had about 20 buddies on that wall, high school buddies, buddies i served with. >> reporter: there was a special tribute for women. 265,000 women served in vietnam. eight are listed among the dead
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on the vietnam memorial wall. [ bagpipes ] >> and the post office paid tribute to veterans on monday as well. 48 living vietnam war veterans and medal of honor recipients are featured on a stamp sheet unveiled in time for memorial day. like thousands of smaller towns across the country falls church held its memorial day parade and festival. for the kids face painting, big slides, pony rides, but dig frederick puts it all in perspective. the alexandria resident served three tours in vietnam. >> the fact we have a free country and we're a democracy and have the way of life we have now is thanks be to many, many hundreds of thousands that gave the last devotion of duty. >> i could not have said it better. a group of veterans is
5:32 pm
honoring fallen heroes with a ride from d.c. to virginia beach. nikki burdine was there when they rolled out today. >> reporter: the ride recovery is so much more than just a bicycle ride. it's held every year on memorial day to honor those who pay the ultimate price, but also to help those incredible veterans who are still with us. >> to get out of the hospital, be back doing something somewhat competitive, it's definitely a challenge to yourself. they say it's not a race, but you always try to race yourself and get better and that in turn helps you with your recovery. >> reporter: chad dunncaster is one of nearly 200 veterans, wounded warriors biking 360 miles the next seven days. he is joined by steven leroy. they both got treatment at walter reed and now they're riding together for recovery. >> when i first got to the hospital, i had just got blown
5:33 pm
up, couldn't work and was having a really hard time getting my prosthetics to work. so this is kind of the only way i could maintain any physical fitness. >> reporter: the walk started this morning at the vice president's house. >> you are the finest warriors that ever existed on the planet earth. >> reporter: who rallied the troops along with secretary of defense ashton carter, took selfies and promised a ride next year before sending them off on the ride of a lifetime, one bill knows all too well. this is his fifth ride. >> helps me of get my find -- mind off everything else back home. >> reporter: their first stop manassas, fredericksburg, williamsburg and ending in virginia beach. >> good for them. who wouldn't want to be on that ride? if you'd like to support the veterans on their journey, you're welcome to cheer them on. a link to their route is on our
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website turning to the isis threat in the middle east, there is now a real fear that iraq's anbar province could fall to the terror group. thousands of refugees have fled on food. they are scared isis could do in anbar what they did in ramadi the past two weeks carrying out public executions as a fear tactic. u.s. military officials say america and its allies carried out 35 airstrikes against isis militants in iraq and syria since sunday. the washington post reporter charged with espionage in iran will go on trial tomorrow. according to our partners at the washington post, the proceedings in a tehran courtroom will remain closed to the public. jason rezaian is accused of a series of charges including propaganda against the establishment. the washington post calls the accusations ludicrous and the
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white house agree. ofs. a -- agrees. a grandmother's minivan stolen with kids in the back seat, how it ended up next. >> pretty nice out here, just a little warm and starting to get humid. going out this evening, got good news. our evening planner shows we'll be in great shape with temperatures falling from the 80s to the 70s, but after today i'm talking why you're going to need umbrellas coming up much of the rest of the week.
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controversy over a t-shirt some are calling unpatriotic this memorial day. here's the shirt in question. it's an upside down american flag with an anarchy symbol on the sleeve. despite the hundreds of comments on pac sun's facebook page the company has yet to address any complaints. many people commenting say they will never ever shop in that store again. st. louis cardinals explain what's behind their palace cot holding up -- mascot holding up this sign that says police
5:39 pm
lives matter. >> the mascot asked fred byrd to hold up the sign. apparently fred byrd had no idea what was on the sign. then the picture was posted on facebook with the fans cropped out. kansas claims the vp has no interest in getting involved in political activity here. a new tv show asks families in need to make some tough decisions. >> families on the briefcase each get $100,000. they are then asked to either keep all the money or give some or all to another family that may be more in need. the scott family from mechanicsville, maryland, are contestants. today at noon they told our nick giovanni the decision is very, very difficult. >> it's a lot of tears, praying and discussing back and forth. you want to help other people, but you also want to accomplish your goals and your dreams.
5:40 pm
for us we want to adopt a child. >> a briefcase debuts wednesday at 8:00 here on wusa9. you can watch the episode with the scott family next wednesday june 3rd. >> looks like it's going to be a great show. maryland lacrosse had a chance to do something they haven't done in 40 years, win a championship. we'll let you know if they pull it off. >> right after the break how yoga is transforming lives of veterans. >> you're watching wusa9 news
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in tonight's health alert more and more veterans are using yoga to cope with their mental and physical health. in fact, some va centers are now offering classes for veterans. chelsea edwards joined one in long beach, california. >> reporter: marine corps veteran martha huff found peace of mind through yoga. >> i have learned how to breathe and control ptsd. it helps as a way i can control things. >> reporter: experts say yoga can help veterans reduce stress. the mindful practices of yoga
5:44 pm
can help with traumatic memories. >> they help with clarity, decrease depression, anxiety and help to focus. >> reporter: it can also help veterans who suffer from chronic pain both through the movements and deep breathing and medication. the tech help this vet manage his pain from chemotherapy. >> we're made aware of what our bodies are doing at particular times and we can control that pain. >> then, of course, the upward spiral there's pain. you relax. there's less pain. you relax more. there's less pain. >> reporter: va nurse practitioner peggy black said an increasing number of veterans are turning to yoga as an alternative to prescription medicine. >> many veterans are tired of trying to treat their pain with pain medications. >> i was taking pills of six hours. i'm down now to pills twice a day. >> reporter: these veterans credit yoga with giving them
5:45 pm
coping skills that have changed their lives. >> health experts say yoga can also improve sleep, heart health and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. two kids are safe after somebody carjacked a minivan with the children in the back seat all caught on surveillance video near tampa, florida. look as this grandmother is stunned and helpless. 20 minutes later deputies found the minivan abandoned on the side of the road. the kids were still in their car seats unharmed. the suspect is still out there. itself the fbi is on the hunt for a robber who ripped off a hyattsville bank. this man handed the teller a note saying the box he carried had a bomb. it happened at capital one bank friday. that box was empty. no one was hurt. d.c. police say a man who shot two people during a robbery early this morning may be responsible for other crimes in the same area. the gunman stuck up three
5:46 pm
people at 3 a.m. in northwest. he became startled and shot two victims. one was shot in the arm, the other in the hand. they should both be okay. police spotted what they believe was the get-away vehicle later and tried to chase it down. the driver crashed into a fire hydrant. at least two people got away. pressure cooker inside a vehicle near the capitol building brought out a big response. a patrol officer spotted the device on third street yesterday afternoon when people were heading to the memorial day concert. capitol police destroyed the pressure cooker. the driver of that vehicle was cited for driving without a license. seven people are in big trouble for a school prank in st. mary's county. the suspects ordered 72,000 lady bucks off the internet -- bugs off the internet and early last thursday morning they set the bugs loose in the hallways. this is no laughing matter because those suspects are
5:47 pm
charged with burglary, destructing property and disrupting school activities. got a live look at the bay bridge where thousands of people who hit the beaches this weekend are heading back into town. aaa predicts more than 37 million americans will have traveled 50 plus miles on this memorial day weekend making for the highest volume in 10 years. one of the reasons? gas is about $1 cheaper per gallon today than last year. good weather for the drive. >> i was going to say great weather, although they're cranking the ac in some places. >> mid-80s still this hour, 85 at national and the inner harbor. bay temps 60s. so are the ocean temps. if you were sniffling today or got that little allergy headache? >> yes. >> blame the grass pollen. the mold is up a little, but the grass pollen hit the high zone. let's talk about this evening.
5:48 pm
it's beautiful. white house looks great with sunny skies and you can see the flag standing tall in that stiff breeze gusting to 24, sustained at 17 with a few clouds out there officially reported as mostly cloudy, but it looks mostly sunny to me. humidity is creeping up. it's 41% but the dew point is near 60. we've got 70s on the bay in annapolis, the wind coming in toward the pax river naval air station in the 70s. everybody else is in the low to mid-80s. cumberland is 88. they were 90. our weather headlines, it's going to feel a lot like summer. we've got more heat and humidity on the way. while we should be in the upper 70s to near 80, we'll likely be near 90 the rest of the week, way above average. thunderstorm threat will go up. even tomorrow afternoon we have a threat for storms mainly west of washington, although if you're in upper montgomery, western fairfax, leesburg,
5:49 pm
you'll have to watch for the afternoon storm on tuesday. we'll see storms potentially the rest of the week for much of the region. here's the setup. the storm is sitting on the rockies and the severe weather is pounding in texas. i think australia enhas a flash flood emergency -- austin has a flash flood emergency right now. severe thunderstorms in kansas. heavy rains are coming out of the gulf into the deep south. that moisture we have to watch. i'll track that the next few days. right now it's in toward the tennessee valley. but high pressure off the east coast gave us great weather the last few days, if this slides east, this will allow the moisture to also slide more to the east, so a quiet night. tuesday starts out quiet. i-81 west is looking at some showers and storms. we'll see how much of this we can squeeze toward the metro in the afternoon. wednesday we we have a better
5:50 pm
chance for those showers and storms. we'll have to monitor because wednesday may need to be a yellow alert day. the forecast tonight? clear to partly cloudy, not bad, 80s to the 70s and overnight. we'll call it mild. -- and 60s overnight. we'll call it mild. mid- to upper 80s to near 90 tomorrow, scattered storms mainly west of i-95 and west of blue ridge. wednesday and thursday hot, humid, mid- to upper 80s, scattered afternoon storms, could be yellow alert days and as we look at the second half of the week into the weekend, i'm not as confident about the weekend forecast. if a front does slide through, i'll be able to take out that thunderstorm threat, but it does look like we'll cool down a bit. breaking news out of hains point in d.c. a child has been hit and hurt in a hit and run
5:51 pm
drive accident near the playground at hains point. that child is being taken to the hospital and is expected to recover, but police shut down the park at hains point as they continue to look for the driver in a black nissan with virginia tags who kept going. now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> here was a chance, maryland lacrosse trying to end a 40 year drought and win the ncaa title as they face the denver, a team that had actually never won a national title. facing off earlier today terps/pioneers coin toss and it was all denver, gets up early as maryland trying to cut that lead. denver was in control throughout. denver denies maryland the championship witnesses 10-5. john tillman goes away
5:52 pm
disappointed, pioneers' first national title. maryland has to wait until next year. maryland men are runners-up. the team that wishes to get to play for a national title is navy. their head coach is in an elite class of his own. diane roberts introduces you to the man paving the way for others in his field. >> reporter: this post season navy head coach rick sole is watching instead of doing. >> tied rather be on the sidelines, but maybe next year. >> reporter: the navy midshipmen lost to their rival army in the conference finals. sole is in his fourth year as navy's head coach. >> i just like what it brings. it's a combination of skill, of course, but there's athleticism. i want gabe coming out. >> reporter: sole is the eighth head coach in navy's 100 year lacrosse lift and the
5:53 pm
first african american. in fact, he's -- history and the first african american. that. , he's the first ever black coach -- in fact, he's the first ever black coach and seeing an african american in a coaching role can only help. >> it just shows african americans are having more impact in the game. it's spreading further, getting different ethnicities involved. >> reporter: now he's coaching and influencing players of every race. he doesn't think about the path he's clearing. >> i'm sure at some point i'll look back and go that was kind of cool, but right now it doesn't have as much impact on me. >> reporter: right now the coach is just scooping up opportunities and getting the ball rolling for his midshipmen players. >> we'll have more on maryland's loss at 6:20, plus
5:54 pm
the nationals in chicago facing the cubs. >> i like that story because i tell my kids all the time there's more than basketball and football. a quake shakes up tokyo coming up. >> plus a story behind this stubbing photo that so many people are sharing online today. >> and next a woman found
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na -- 70% off sale of the visit or call 877- 241-luna. new information tonight, the grandmother of a 3-year-old boy found dead at a la plata playground last week tells wusa9 her daughter would never do anything to hurt her grandson. >> just three days ago charles county police found this 24- year-old mother swinging her deceased son for what investigators say was really an unusual amount of time. stephanie ramirez went back to that play ground today and she brings us the interview you will only see on 9. >> reporter: this is wills memorial park in la plata, maryland, the playground behind me where police found 24-year- old romicia sims. detectives think she may have been here all night long, but by the time they found her with her son her son was dead. >> she would do never harm my
5:58 pm
grandson in any type of way. i just believe she had some type of mental illness, some type of mental break. >> reporter: last night 47- year-old vontasha sims called wusa9 saying she wants to set the record straight. she tells us her daughter was diagnosed with a mental illness about three months ago and had been seeking help since up until police discovered her with her 3-year-old son friday morning. the park is about a mile away from the hotel where the family is saying. they are homeless and romicia suffered depression while trying to deal with this while taking care of her son. >> i don't want people to look down upon her. i want to us use this situation as an opportunity to grow. if you suffer from mental health issues, you need help. don't be afraid to reach out there to somebody. >> reporter: police won't comment whether they think mental illness played a role. >> he with don't know the cause of death -- we don't know the cause of death. there are no obvious signs of
5:59 pm
trauma. our detectives are trying to put information together to answer the questions how and why this child died. >> reporter: the charles county sheriff spokesperson tells me they are still working on a time line of events and need everyone to get involved if you think you may have seen the young mother and her son at this park. they are asking you to contact the sheriff's department. >> police say the autopsy is not complete. they are still waiting for toxicology reports. in the meantime the mother is in the hospital. the child's father has declined to talk. prosecutors have not yet filed charges. from flag adorned gravesites to memorials on the mall, americans pause this memorial day to remember those who gave everything for our country. thanks for joining us.
6:00 pm
i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm lesli foster. thousands honored heroes today in d.c. and one woman turned her personal loss into a way to help others find comfort. >> i just remember seeing these men walking toward the house who were dressed in uniform. >> reporter: denise reed was 6 years old when a military chaplain came to her home. >> the first thing i heard was my mother crying. i knew it couldn't have been too good. >> it wasn't. the men in uniforms came to tell her mother that at only 34 years old her husband, the father of her child, sergeant harold b. reed, would never come home. >> i know she grieved a lot and her grief didn't end. >> reporter: for denise reed a day like today is bittersweet, a chance to be proud of her father and mourn for the moments he missed. >> it doesn't matter what age you are, it's still a loss. >> reporter: today


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