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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 29, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now, a peaceful protest has made its way to baltimore city hall. >> you're looking at a live picture right now of the scene of the group just started in penn station in baltimore about a mile away. you can see there's several hundred people there. >> walking with the crowd joining us live. garrett? >> reporter: this is by far the largest and mostnized of the many protestors and demonstrations we've seen in the city of baltimore in recent days. there are thousands of students out here. from all of the different local universities and high schools participating in this march that have seem to have returned to that spirit of political activism that was present here in the first few days after the death of freddy
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gray. we've just seen a number of speakers from the back of a flatbed truck in front of city hall. now the group is moving back to penn station where the march originated from earlier this afternoon. it has been entirely peaceful and refocused on the issue that started in whole thing. the death of gray in police custody. there are thousand was of people -- thousands of people. eye well organized, most peaceful demonstration we've seen on the streets in baltimore in sometime. >> do we know if there have been any arrests earlier today? >> reporter: not from this demonstration. they have had police following along and we've seen national guard groups set up somewhere along the
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route. but police have try to the give demonstrators a wide berth in deference to how well organized they have been. they have been shutting down intersections ahead of the group. and we have not seen any confrontation, verbal, physical, or otherwise. >> thank you. so far no arrests or injuries reported in baltimore. but all the protests are threatening to hurt downtown businesses. >> live with more on that financial impact. brice? >> reporter: hey you know what's really interesting is right now after all this time, the riot, right here at the corner of pennsylvania and north, it looks kind of normal. the street is open for the first time. there are no large police liner barricades.
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there appears to be calm on the sidewalk. the cvs there. the impact has been felt through the baltimore because of the curfew, and because there's no baseball. look at what we found. >> i believe the people that doing the rioting and looting are just looking for an excuse to go off. >> reporter: there has been no baseball at camden yards. vendors had no business, and day workers had no reason to show up. >> their voices aren't being heard this way. this is just making things worse. hurting people's jobs, businesses, homes, community. we're going to have to rebuild baltimore. it's awful. >> reporter: how much do you think you're losing in business inside camden yards today?
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try $600,000 to $700,000 per game! >> it's a sad day in baltimore,ible. >> reporter: rhonda is a bartender at slider's. >> it's a great beautiful day and i don't have that today. but there is a bigger issue that we need to address! >> reporter: no basic fans across the street ment -- baseball fans across the street meant a 90% drop in business. >> where i make all my money within six months. baseball season. >> reporter: the curfew can't end soon enough. she hates to think there could be another big disturbance down the road. >> the violate the looting and all that, it's just not worth it. but it is what it is, and they have been heard. >> reporter: the young people all went back to class today. there have been no instances out here on the streets since that time. we've got three more hours
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before that curfew takes place for everybody. right now peace and quiet out here except for that guy. [ yelling ] >> all right bruce johnson live in baltimore. the miracle of live television strikes again. baltimore police are not releasing details to the public of that investigation into exactly what happened to freddie gray. why did he die? they do plan to turn their report over to the state attorney's office to friday, and explain why we won't see it. >> if there is a decision to charge in any event by the state's attorney office, the integrity of that investigation has to be protected. by turning these documents our findings, over to the state attorney's office as quickly as we can we are being accountable to them so we can be accountable to the public. >> we'll find out if the public
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agrees with that. in the past hour, we have had a status report from the maryland governor. he prays -- he praised the protestors last night for keeping things relatively peaceful. >> there are some patchy protests happening tonight. and we want to make sure that individuals can exercise their 1st amendment rights and express their legitimate concerns. but we also want to stress that there is a 10:00 curfew in place in the city. and i urge everyone in baltimore to get off the streets tonight at 10:00. >> the governor said the national guard and all those extra cops will remain out in force until he assures the threat of violence is over. one of the other big stories out of baltimore had to do with a lack of people getting together! the seats empty at camden yards. a decision made to help keep fans safe. but they put on a show anyhow! >> it was a historic day for
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major league baseball. no one was there to claim that right blast from chris davis. we spoke to fans about the strange and history-making game. >> reporter: it was really fascinating for me to be able to hear the players communicate. you come to a game, and you see it you don't always hear it. outfielderers saying i got it i got it, the base coaches, you could hear all the nuances. all of us in the press box could hear gary thorn saying goodbye! home run! and it just reverberated through the the stadium. this was the scene outside the gates orioles fans showing their support. and you could hear them after every strikeout and hit. fans and players making the west of a tough situation. >> we're obviously -- they drew a crowd. wield have been happy to come inside.
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what's the difference between being on this side of the gate? >> they weren't in the stands but they were out at the hotel you could see them on the balcony, hear them inside the gates. a lot of people were looking at the check-ins on facebook. they were a lot of people around supporting, just not inside the stadium. >> reporter: the final tally 8-2 this afternoon. orioles manager saying his team needed to be self-motivated, and they were. quick game two 2 hour, 3 minutes. historic day at camden yards. and scott saw firsthand today the game is not over in west baltimore! >> reporter: the image ofidate here in baltimore that's captured national media attention is a game played in an empty stadium at orioles park, but let me assure you on the streets of west baltimore, the game is not over either. >> reporter: this is what dismissal today at douglas high school here looked like. >> but this isn't called for.
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it's just too much. >> reporter: a show of overwhelming force. national guard armed with rifles. rows of riot police protecting the mall across from the high school. because it was here students touched off monday's unrest. the message today don't even think about it. >> it just don't feel real. [ chanting ] >> reporter: downtown, it was the adults doing the protesting. a peaceful gathering at the offices of the city state's attorney. >> we have come to stand with the freddie grays and stand for the freddie grace of the world. >> reporter: this after ten were arrested tuesday night. residents say nothing here is resolved. >> after being ignore forward so long now -- ignored for so long now you're going to listen to me, basically. and now that all that anger has gotten out i believe things are calming down of >> reporter: maryland's governor says the state of emergency will continue until at least the end of the weekend.
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>> and the attorney general says she is happy to see citizens come together to clean up baltimore. >> she's senseless acts of violence are not only a grave danger to the community and must stop but they are counter productive to the ultimate goal here which is developing a respectful conversation within the baltimore community and across the nation about the way our law enforcement officers interact with the residents that we are charged to serve and to protect. >> she said she's committed to continuing that conversation and has benen i contact with maryland officials, including the governor. tomorrow top baltimore officials and national civil rights leaders will talk about how to move forward. meeting at the church where freddie gray's funeral took place monday.
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>> we'll stay on top of any problems that might pop up in baltimore tonight with the curfew. can you follow along with the 9news app. and >> >> and at that point, i knew that was -- the whole thing was not safe. it wasn't safe at all. >> what was he saying to you? >> mom mom mom okay, mom. okay mom. >> even the police commissioner says baltimore needs more moms like her! in about 10 minutes the so called mom of the year reveals what her son said to her. >> some finger pointing on capitol hill over that gyrocopter that landed right there.
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the media taking some hits today. the congressional hearing on that gyrocopter that landed next to the capital. but the homeland security leaders took even more heat. the tampa bay times e-mailed and called the capital police press office just 23 minutes before doug hughes landed. and the police say the times never mentioned that he was on the way. but the government oversight chair hughes was livecasting his flight all over the web. >> do y'all not monitor social media? is twitter like a new thing for ya? this stuff is out there. try google alerts. it's there. if it's not showing up on the radar, it was showing up on the media's radar. >> there you go. norad says current radar didn't distinguish between a gyro copter and something like a bird. the pentagon is working on a new
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system but it wasn't yet operational. we have learned that police have arrested three more suspects connected to an act of vandalism to a synagogue. one is 16 the other two are 14. police arrested an 18-year-old already. the suspects were caught on security cameras last month defacing the synagogue on main street. a baby in the hospital after a house fire. firefighters responded to the 1200 block of michigan avenue around 11:00 when they got word there were smoke pouring out of the house. it took them about an hour to knock down planes, and crews were also able to rescue two dogs from the house. a third dog did die. the fire department responded to a call last night not knowing it involved one of their own. autumn jenkins spent five years following in her father's footsteps. she was
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killed last night in a head-on collision on south of tims place. the driver in the red pickup truck was under the influence when he crashed into jenkins. the national park service says the u.s. marine corps war memorial in arlington is about to get its first comprehensive refurbishment since it was dedicated in 1954. david rubenstein is dedicating $5 million to restore and wash the memorial and its landscape. a spectacular day and evening too. 6:00 am, morning commute is going to be fine with temps in the 50s. we'll show you how fast the showers and storms roll in.
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poorly ) book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at ( ding ) the baltimore mom seen smacking her son and chasing him out of the riots talked about that encounter today. >> headlines call her mother of the year, but she didn't feel like a hero. she says she saw her son with a rock in his hand, and all that hitting screaming and yanking that followed was a big dose of tough love. >> my intention was just to get my son and have him be safe. and at that point i knew that whole
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thing was not safe t. wasn't safe at all. >> when was he saying to you? >> mom okay, mom an, mom. and i was pretty much telling him how dare you do this! >> graham called her son's actions unacceptable and said she told him the night before not to go to that protest outside the mall. she says since then her son's friends haveo give her a big hug and the best mother's day present ever. not far from all that chaos monday today there were smiles and even some sweet music filming the air. ♪ ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ >> the baltimore symphony oh, industry playing the national anthem. hundreds came out to watch them play today. just a mile and a half from where all
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the looting and violence took place a couple nights ago. you're note going to hear any complaining from us! >> today's weather was almost perfect. not too warm, not too cool. >> and i have faith in you. >> we're sweating it out again but we went for a high today of 74. we'll show you the graphic. we'll have to tell you at 11:00 if we made our mark. a live look outside, still gorgeous out. a few clouds have come in. live in the kennedy center, still 74. relative humidity only 28%. winds are northwesterly at 8. for tonight, clouds will move in but mainly dry. a couple showers toward colpepper late. bus stop t.s 50-64 --
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temperatures 50-64. yellow alert primarily for the evening tomorrow. thunderstorms in the forecast. we're not talking about severe thunderstorms but heavy downpours some places. and the community will be wet coming home tomorrow. 10:00 tonight, can you walk the dog. temperatures in the 60s pretty nice. a few showers back to the west. nothing crazy. by morning just a few clouds. tempers in the 50s. clouds thingsen up by 8:00, 9:00. by 1:00, showers and storms moving into much of montgomery county. the bulk of which is still back in the mountains. and the system will probably produce more activity west of i95. by 5:30, 6:00, look at all the yellows and the oranges. temperatures still pretty mild despite the showers. 70 downtown. but some pretty good rain showers tomorrow. again nothing severe. but some could have some heavy downpours.
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frederick 65. tonight increasing cloudiness still possible. temperatures in the 50s. winds out of the southwest at 10. a little bit of sun to start 58. 9:00 64, cloudy by 11 clock dry -- 11:00 dry. we're going to leave friday alone. not a yellow alert just yet. won't be a washout. a little bit of sun. 66 for a high, cooler, and pleasant on saturday, low 70s perhaps a shower. keep your outdoor plans. don't have a sure on sunday. a slight chance of a shower on sunday too. mid-70s. still a pretty good weekend. nats back into town monday, tuesday, wednesday. we are in 80s.
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rosie's bitter new custody fight. could o'donnell's 2-year-old be taken away? >> we sat down with our ex today. is she really after rosie's $100 million fortune? >> people say this isn't about custody. this is about money. this is a character assassination, and i can't stand for it. i just can't. >> the nasty claims, and is rosie publicly putting their daughter in the middle of the divorce war? >> say bye-bye, dakota. then sherri shepherd, another former "view" star in an ugly battle with her ex. >> we have her only sit-down after a judge rules she is legally the mother of the baby born by surrogate. >> has it been difficult? >> life is difficult. couple's news with the clooneys. and what we know about the new j.lo/casper wedding rumors. we also go home with tv's li


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