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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  April 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're. more than 5,000 people are dead following the earthquake in nepal. the capital police chief will testify today on how a man was able to fly under the radar in a gyrocopter. big music ivfestal is coming to d.c. tommy mcfly is live with a list of performers. warm today. the first alert team is tracking the chance for rain. the news starts right now. good morning. welcome to wusa9. it is 6:00 and look at that picture. we are calling this wonderful wednesday. expecting sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-70s. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. what a difference a day has made in baltimore. the city picking itself up this morning. delia goncalves is there. she'll have a live report in a moment. first, the gang is here in studio in our boxes. allyson rae, erica grow, larry
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miller with timesaver traffic. we're ready for you, allyson. we are just excited about today weather wise. it's going to be absolutely wonderful. we're talking about temperatures into the mid-70s which is warmer than yesterday and warmer than average. let's take a look at our michael & son camera. a beautiful start to the day. we'll see a few fair weather clouds like yesterday but they're just fair weather clouds. we're going to enjoy that sunshine for a good while through the early afternoon even and temperatures will soar. 55 degrees right here in the district but once you get into the suburbs t is a little cooler. into the lower 40s. you might want to grab the light jacket. you won't need it later on today. we don't have that wind so it doesn't feel as cool as maybe it did yesterday. 52 for arlington. fairfax at 47. waldorf at 46 and upper marlboro you're at a degrees. sunshine today. look at this. 70 degrees by lunch time. 74 by 4:00. we'll top out at 75 and just a few clouds for a nice sunset. good morning, larry. good morning, everybody.
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your time 6:01 on the dot. earlier issues on the blue, silver and orange line have been all wrapped up so looks like everything running on schedule right now. same goes for the buses so they're running on schedule as well. keeping a close eye on an accident affecting folks in camp springs where we have the shoulder blocked. this is the outer loop of the beltway between branch avenue and allentown road where we had a motorcycle and tractor- trailer collide. sky 9 should be making its way there shortly. once we get more information, we'll be sure to pass it along you to. over to you. ten people were arrested overnight in baltimore for violating the emergency cure few. despite those -- curfew. despite those arrests, the curfew which ended an hour ago appears to have worked. >> members of the maryland national guard are deployed across the city standing guard to help keep the peace. the tension and violence has led to a first in major league baseball. the baltimore orioles will play before an empty ballpark this afternoon when they host the white sox in camden yards.
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the games missed yesterday and monday will be played as a doubleheader late next month. we are continuing our coverage of the unrest in baltimore city following the death of freddie gray. the curfew was lifted about an hour ago and the city is slowly waking up. people are heading to work waiting for the buses but it is a very different baltimore look. there is heavy police presence. state troopers in their riot gear and armored vehicles at nearly every corner here at pennsylvania and north avenues. we're told it will stay this way to ensure continued calm. just after 10:00 last night, though, police used tear gas to disperse the crowd telling them everyone needed to go home to obey the curfew. ten people were arrested but the day generally peaceful in charm city with prayer rallies and orderly demonstration. we also saw a whole lot of residents thanking the police. >> i get reports from the organization that we do not
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have a lot of activity or mocht throughout the city as a whole -- or movement throughout the city as a whole so the curfew is in fact working. >> reporter: and here we are right at the cvs that started this violent demonstration that began on monday. the cvs was looted and set on fire. you can see state police and their riot gear prepared for yet another day of enforcement here in the city. we'll have much more on the demonstration coming up at 6:30. back to you in the studio. happening today, a hearing on capitol hill to talk about how a man was able to fly a gyrocopter through a highly restricted air space and land on the lawn at the capitol. that hearing is expected to start at 10:00 and it comes just two weeks after doug hughes flew his gyrocopter on the capitol lawn and landed it there. he is from florida and is a mailman. he said all he wanted to do was deliver 500 letters to members
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of congress on campaign finance reform. he even made his plans public and the secret service interviewed him but no agencies did anything to stop him. this is a fact that has upset many lawmakers. >> he is lucky to be alive because he should have been blown out of the air and very well could have been. >> you think he should have been blown out of the air? >> i think if you're going to do that and come down, if it was up to me, i would have taken care of the problem. >> also up for discussion, another incident where a quad copter was flown into the side of the white house, if convicted hughes could face up four years in prison and multiple fines. coming up in our next half-hour at 6:30, hear from hughes himself who says why the entire thing was a success. live on capitol hill, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. the supreme court is weighing whether the
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constitution gives same-sex couples the right to marry. >> arguments lasts two and a half hours as justices looked at cases if four states where a federal court upheld marriage barns. mike is here with a look at those arguments. >> reporter: the justices are weighing whether the constitution gives same-sex couples the right to married. the definition of marriage has always been between one man and one woman until a dozen years ago. justice anthony kennedy agreed with the chief justice saying the definition has been around for millennia. but kennedy later pressed states on how allowing same-sex couples to marry would harm traditional marriage. the justices are also considering whether same-sex marriages performed in states where they are legal must be recognized in states where they are not. >> i deserve to have my husband's death certificate recognize me as his surviving spouse. >> when the court takes social decisions like this away from the people, it cuts of debate, it hardens positions.
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>> they are expected to issue a ruling on this coming up later in june. the solicitor general for the government argued that the obama administration believes same-sex couples believe equal protection of the laws and they deserve it now. it is 6:07. desperate residents in earthquake ravaged nepal are still waiting for relief aid. >> one local county calls on interpol and the fbi in their search for a murder suspect. >> first here's erica with a look at today's forecast. >>it's going to be a beautiful day. we have a good amount of sunshine makingity way over the horizon. it will lead to temperatures in the 70s today. rain is on the way. it doesn't arrive till tomorrow but we'll time out its arrival for you coming up in a fe
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welcome back. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it 16:10. starting to get -- it is 6:10. saturdaying to get a little milder in spots. still in the 40s in the suburbs. it's 43 in frederick and 44 in hagerstown. only 39 in manassas but it's 45 in frederick. as we head into the afternoon, those temperatures are going to soar. it's going to be the mildest day of the workweek. 72 degrees at 1:00. but 75 degrees for our afternoon high. we'll reach that at about 4:00 and you can see lots of sunshine today and lighter winds than what we had yesterday. we'll talk about that chance for rain for this end of the workweek coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. right now time again for timesaver traffic and larry miller. thank you. want to give you a quick update right now that we have an accident that's blocking the left lane of the outer loop between georgetown pike and the dulles toll road. we're working on getting more information as exactly what cars may be involved in this
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situation. but we can tell you you want to use caution if you're going to be heading out in that area. a live look at the beltway at georgetown pike shows you we're not seeing much in the way of delays as a result of this accident. if anything we're starting to see additional volume which is typical at what we would would expect at 6:10 in the morning. survivors of the colorado theater massacre are forced to relive the shooting. >> two suspects accused of being the black hat bandits are due back in court today. first a look outside with allyson. >> it looks gorgeous outside from our michael & son camera. we are going to see a nice afternoon. temperatures 72 to 76 degrees. we do have some rain. i'll track it for you in your first alert seven-day forecast
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6:15. here's how it works. when the weather is beautiful, life is beautiful. >> yes. >> that's all we need to know. >> there it is. your life-- >> i was mentioning how yesterday my dog was so happy sitting by the screen door with a little bit of a breeze. if my dog is happy, life is good, at least for people. we're going to see another great day, lots of sunshine, mid-70s and no rain for today.
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not the case tomorrow. let's take a look at our michael & son camera. that's great. sunshine will hold through the day. we'll see a few fair weathered clouds but no rain unless you're heading west of 81 late tonight. count on a good one today. the best weather day of the week. 55 degrees. when you head into the suburbs much cooler into the lower 40s. you might need the light jacket but not for long. highs today low to mid-70s. a few degrees above average and a few degrees warmer than yesterday. without the light breeze it's going to feel even warmer and the sunshine is going to come all day long. rain arrives from the south to the northeast tomorrow. most areas are going to stay dry for the morning and early afternoon. it's an afternoon, evening event. here we are 3:00 today still very sunny and dry. as we head through the evening hours, this is midnight. you see a couple of showers way off to the west, west of 81 but most of us stay dry and clouds continue to increase. for tomorrow this is lunge time. still dry but you -- lunch time still dry but you see the
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showers approaching. this is 7:00 for your drive home through baltimore, along 70 over to 81. so most of the rain is west of 95. not ruling out the district but the soakers we're looking for are going to be well out of our area but we will see a few scattered showers. 75 today. only 66 tomorrow. temperatures fall. tomorrow will be cool and cloudy with a few stray showers especially south. highs barely reaching 60 degrees. the weekend looks good. sunday is probably the better of the days and near 82 by next tuesday. the nats game looks great. good morning. >> 80 degrees, allyson. that's nice good oh, yeah. >> i like it. the time right now is 6:16. good morning you to. marc train riders, the trains running on schedule this morning. statement goes for vr -- same goes for vre. sky 9 over an emergency situation in forestville. this is affecting donald drive and pennsylvania avenue. not sure of exactly what's going on in terms of the emergency situation but as you can see, police are on the scene. not affecting traffic, just some minor delays so you want
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to use caution if you're going to be headed out in that area. those of you traveling within the next 10, 15 minutes, you're looking at a smooth commute on the inner loop of the beltway from georgetown pike to cherrywood lane. traveling eastbound on 66 from lee highway into town to constitution avenue northwest, you're looking at a 30-minute commute. traveling northbound on 95 to backlick road a 13-minute commute. no issues on i-395 us a make your way to the 14th street bridge. for those of you in prince george's county traveling westbound on 50 from mlk highway to kendall street northeast, you're looking at a 14-minute compute this morning. no text is worth a life. tomorrow the national highway traffic safety administration will take to twitter to call attention to the dangers of distatted driving. -- distracted driving. they're organizing a tweet up. use the hashtag justdrive. i will be participating. you can follow me on twitter. just use the twitter handle
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handle@wusa9 traffic. millions of people in nepal are waiting for aid as the death toll climbs to more than 5,000 now. there are stories are survival, however. a california family who just heard their loved one is indeed safe. brian webb with more. >> reporter: spencer dickerson's mother burst into tears after hearing her son is alive and okay. >> he's getting on a helicopter to kathmandu. >> reporter: the 21-year-old from california went to nepal as part of a spiritual journey. he last spoke to his family by sciep april 19. the next -- skype april 19. the next day he set out for mount everest. they waited nearly four long days since the quake without knowing where he was. >> when the avalanche happened, the exquake happened -- earthquake happened, could something have happened -- you don't know. >> reporter: the massive 7.9 earthquake hit saturday. the death toll now tops 5,000
6:19 am
people. american kirk hanson shot the last few seconds of the quake on his phone. you can see a man being shaken by the earth below. kirk has been in earthquakes in california before but nothing like this. >> we got a call later from our hotel guy that the hotel we had stayed in went down the hillside. >> reporter: there are more incredible survival stories like this man pulled from a collapsed hotel by a french rescue team that heard him banging on the rubble. he'd been buried for 82 hours. doctors believe he has a broken leg. back in california, survivor spencer dickerson's family says he will be head for america soon. the end of his spiritual journey that fortunately will bring him back home. brian webb for cbs news, new york. a new memorial is going up at m.i.t. in honor of the campus police officer who was killed by the boston marathon bombers. the permanent memorial to officer sean collier stands at
6:20 am
the site where he was killed during that late night confrontation with those two bombers. the defense is still trying to make its case to spare the life of dzhokhar tsarnaev for the third day today. yesterday a computer expert testified about an internet search done by the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother. the search shows she was curious about the fate of a religious martyr's wife. she made that search a year before the bombings. survivors of the colorado movie theater massacre are testifying about the day of the shootings. one woman said she was certain her husband would not live to hold the baby she was carrying. james holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. he's charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. the virginia medical examiner has ruled the death of an inmate in fairfax was accidental. the coroner found natasha mcken today died -- mcken today died
6:21 am
of excited delirium associated with people who die in the hands of law enforcement officers. she was tasered four times while restrained. the jail has since suspended the use of those devices. the anne arundel county state's attorney is asking interpol and the f.b.i. to help them find their man. they believe he may have fled the u.s. after he was charged with killing his wife at a dunkin' donuts. police say 24-year-old bhadreshkumar patel killed his wife, 21-year-old palek patel on april 12 inside the kitchen of a dunkin' donuts in hanover. he has been missing ever since. 27-yard anthony lamont payne from district heights, maryland is charged now with second-degree murder in connection with a deadly crash along the bw parkway on march 20. the 19-year-old from silver spring was killed in the crash. payne is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison if he is convicted. two men would police say may be connected to a group known as the black hat bandits are due in court today. dewitt hall and thomas george
6:22 am
were arrested in connection with a robbery at a northwest d.c. wells fargo back in march. court documents show thomas george told police he committed nine bank robberies. the bandits are known for their all black outfits and their disguises. back to you. >> mike, thank you. the largest school system in our region could soon see cutbacks. >> extreme types call for extreme measures. how lawmakers in california could be hitting water waste where it hurts. their wallets, savings accounts and then some. >> if you didn't think it could get any better than yesterday, very news for you. tomorrow's weather, that's when things go downhill but today still a great day to enjoy. take a look at this gorgeous sunrise and the good morningous temperatures we're going to have this afternoon. 72 to 76 degrees. more on that downward trend in the weather coming up in i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. 6:26. time to take a deeper look at some of the frustrations baltimoreans have voiced. >> many residents view the police as a source of daily harassment rather than as a positive part of their community. >> don't give them what they want. >> for west baltimore resident like 16-year-old malvin towns,
6:26 am
the frustration wasn't just written on his protest sign. he says the death of freddie gray represents the larger problem between police and the community. how do you feel about the police? >> i mean, personally i don't like the police just because what they keep doing to my people, my people. my black people. >> reporter: people are furious? >> yes. it's beginning to become a routine with the police. >> reporter: 34-year-old mike weare says on the street, the routine of rounding up and arresting people is called a walk through. a walk through? is that what they call it around here? >> if the police don't want us on the corner, we're going to jail and be home tomorrow morning. >> reporter: that's a walk through? >> a walk through. >> reporter: the divisions are not just along racial lines. they are economic, too. in baltimore, there are about 16,000 abandoned buildings, mostly in predop significantly
6:27 am
black -- predominantly black neighborhoods. in freddie gray's neighborhood, one out of five adults was unemployed and half the house halds made under $-- households made under $25,000 a year. the city has paid about 100 people more than $5 million to settle police brutality cases. how bad are the relations between police and this community? >> as bad as good and evil. as bad as black and white. total opposites. they don't care about us and i know people that will get their house broken into and will not call the police. >> despite the controversy, some believe baltimore police tactics have contributed to a consistent drop in murders. so far this year there have been 68 murders in the 1980s and '90s, though, the numbers routinely topped 300 murders a year. bigger class sizes, fewer perhaps, that's what the future
6:28 am
could hold for fairfax county schools. superintendent karen garza says that's because the county board of supervisors passing a 2016 budget that fails to fully fund public schools. garza released a statement saying supervisors are sending a clear message that they're unconcerned about the increasing challenges of our students, our teachers and our schools. water is still the talk of the town in california this morning. governor jerry brown has introduced more water-related legislation. this new bill would increase the max much penalty for residentwater to 10,000 -- $10,000 per day, up from an arch $500 penalty. >> i think of this as just another installment on a long enterprise to live with the changing clip mat and with the drought of -- climate and with the drought of uncertain duration. >> it's hoped it will give communities the authority to crack down on violators. the board is expected to vote on the regulations next week.
6:29 am
good morning and welcome back to wusa9. it is 6:29. i'm andrea roane. we can call today wonderful wednesday and take a look at why. this is a beautiful shot from the airport. we're expecting sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-90s -- 70s, not 90s. >> not just yet. the sun rising on this new day as baltimore tries to put one of its darkest days behind them. we'll go to delia goncalves again who has a live report from charm city in just a moment. >> we begin with our team in studio. allyson rae and erica grow have weather. larry miller has traffic. allyson, take it away. >> today will be absolutely perfect weather. we're looking at sunshine and just a few fair weather clouds for this afternoon. the best you'll need for this afternoon is the sunglasses and maybe an allergy pill. let's take a look outside at our michael & son camera. clear blue skies. we'll see a few fair weather
6:30 am
clouds but that's about it. we will stay rain free. the winds, it was pretty breezy all day yesterday making it feel cool in the morning. it's still cool in the suburbs but without that strong wind, it feels really good. when the sun comes down this afternoon, it's going to warm up nicely. 55 degrees in the district. once we head out into the burbs, we are cool foresure. 43 for gaithersburg. manassas only 39 degrees but with the winds so light, it is going to feel a little bit better than yesterday. 43 for winchester and martinsburg, you're at 41 degrees. sunshine throughout the day. 75 degrees for your high. lower 70s for areas outside the beltway. we'll talk about rain coming up for tomorrow in a little bit but first let's send it over to larry miller. >> thank you. happy wednesday, by the way. i want to say to my metro riders everything running on schedule this morning. a lot of earlier issues on some of the rails have been resolved. buses running on schedule as well. we had some ramp restrictions on the outer loop of the beltway at 355. that's actually rockville pike as a result of an dent there. not causing -- accident there.
6:31 am
not causing much in the way of delays. sky 9 showing us a live look at how things are shaping up n. is at the beltway at 95. you can see volume building up this morning. so definitely make sure you leave the house in just enough time to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. your next update coming up in about ten minutes. ten people were arrested overnight in baltimore for violating the emergency curfew. despite those arrests, the curfew appears to have worked. >> this comes just a day after violence erupted in the city. members of the maryland national guard are deployed across the city standing guard to help keep the peace. tension and violence has led to a first in major league baseball history. the baltimore orioles are going to play before an empty ballpark this afternoon. no fans allowed when they host the chicago white sox at camden yards. the move was made with safety of fans in mind according to baseball commissioner. the games missed yesterday and monday will be played as a doubleheader late next month.
6:32 am
we are continuing our coverage of the protests in baltimore following the death of freddie gray. the city slowly waking up this morning. we've been seeing a number of people waiting for the bus, heading to work. kids are returning to school today but it is not business as usual here in baltimore city because, take a look, there is extreme police presence here on the corner of north and pennsylvania avenue. lots of state police in riot gear with their armored vehicles nearby. last night those state police had to deploy tear gas at this same intersection to disperse the crowd. the first night of the 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew resulted in ten arrests but overcall the city was peaceful with prayer rallies and orderly demonstrations. >> the citizens are safe. the city is stable. we hope to maintain it that way. >> reporter: here we are in the backdrop of the cvs that
6:33 am
started this all, the looting and violent demonstrations that took place monday. you see the state police ready for another day of orderly demonstrations. they will be here to keep the peace as well as the national guard. the school's ceo says they are trying to identify the students involved in monday's looting. we're live in west baltimore, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> delia, thank you. hundreds marched in chicago to speak out against police brutality yesterday. some hadding signs saying we will not be silenced. demonstrators gathered at chicago police headquarters before their march began. gunshots rang out last night during a protest in ferguson, missouri. about a hundred people gathered there near the site where michael brown was shot to death by a ferguson police officer, now former police officer. seeing reports that two people were shot right now. one hit in the leg. one person has ben taken into custody. still unclear whether the shootings are linked to the protests. our time 16:34. ing -- is 6:34. d.c. police are searching for a
6:34 am
driver involved in a deadly hit- and-run crash. it happened last night in the 1300 block of southern avenue in southeast. police say a woman was struck and killed around 8:30. the victim's name has not been released. happening later today, a hearing on capitol hill to discuss how a mailman from florida was able to fly a gyrocopter through highly restricted d.c. air space and land it on the west lawn at the capitol. we hope to get some answers to that question later today in the hearing that is set to start at 10:00. the hearing will be held by a house committee. this happened just two weeks ago. doug hughes was able to fly this copter. he even made his plans public. it's even more disturbing to some lawmakers who say something should have been done to stop him. hughes, however, says all he wanted to do was deliver letters to congress about campaign finance reform. >> there were huge elements of this that were out of my at's fine.
6:35 am
this all worked out to the good in that i got it delivered, nobody got hurt. >> reporter: if convicted hughes could face up to four years in prison and multiple fines. also testifying today, the nor -- the norad commander. i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. the white house and house republicans are on a collision course this morning over proposed defense budget plans. the $600 billion plan includes measures that would make it harder for the president to empty guantanamo bay of detainees. the proposal would also restore funding for a fleet of aircraft the pentagon has been trying to retire. only 118 votes separate the top to candidates laruby may leading with 27% of the vote in
6:36 am
d.c. elections. trayon white has 25%. the son of late marion barry got 7% of the votes. in ward 4, brandon todd is the winner with 43% of the vote. renee bowser came in second with 22%. leon anders was third with 15%. at 6:36, we want to congratulate our facebook fan ever the day. he's john brewer of woodbridge, virginia. john says we've been watching wusa9 news before we leave for work for over 20 years. it's our go-to channel for local news and my wife is a huge josh groban fan and says i would be the greatest husband in the world if i won these tickets. >> well, consider yourself the greatest husband, john. you are our winner. again, if you would like to follow john's lead, go on to our facebook page, fill out the form to get the last pair of those josh groban tickets. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. what a pleasant morning to be outside and it's only going to get better from here. the sunshine helping to warm our temperatures into the 70s. take a look at this wonderful
6:37 am
day planner. the sunshine will help us to get even milder than it was yesterday but the winds won't be an issue today. we'll talk more about the nice weather and when it kind of takes a turn for the worst in
6:38 am
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i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. just about 6:40 right now. we're starting to see the sunshine warming our temperatures up, but not before some 40s out there. you'll see them here on our temperature map. it's 41 in martinsburg and
6:40 am
frederick. 44 hagerstown. 50 in leesburg. 55 in downtown washington. 49 degrees right now in waldorf but we're going to head into the afternoon with 70s in our forecast. in fact yesterday's high temperature was 72. we're going to get even a little bit better than that today, 57 degrees. take will be -- 75 degrees. take will be your high temperature at 4:00. rain is on the way. we'll talk about it in the first alert seven-day. larry, take it away. for drivers making the trek from fredricksburg to the beltway, a relatively smooth commute. we have volume building up as you get past dale city into woodbridge and even from newington into springfield which is typical for the 6:00 hour. again, no issues on the southbound side of 95 in the virginia corridor. for those of you traveling along 66 heading inbound going if pa fan sas and centreville is where -- manassas and centreville is where you see the bulk of the volume. more volume once you get inside the beltway. we'll have much more coming up after the seven-day forecast.
6:41 am
andrea and nick, over to you. >> thanks, larry. beginning at 10:00 this morning you'll have a chance to buy tickets to a megaconcert set for the national mall in september. >> when we return tommy mcfly will tell us all about it. tonight at 11:00 we call it social media but experts say it could be having the opposite effect on our kids. is social media making kids
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. hello and welcome back to wusa9. uber is expanding its service. >> and dogs are being used to help -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: we start with twitter. the company's earnings report show as loss of $162 million in the first quarter.
6:45 am
that's 25 cent as share. investors are looking for stronger advertising growth trying to make up for the less than stellar user numbers they say. frustrated that safety defects in cars are not getting fixed fast enough, the national highway traffic administration chief is asking car makers for a better solution now. in some cases recall completion rates were below 15%. and they were done six months or even longer after the recalls were announced. they involve millions of vehicles of course. we reported on all of them. regulators have even fined automakers in the past dragging their feet on the fixes. uber planning to scandz into food drivery -- expand into food drivery called uber eats. by ordering through the app, uber claims that it will deliver meals from a selection of the city's local restaurants in fewer than ten minutes. uber eats was originally tested in los angeles and barcelona. now to one of your favorite snacks and how dogs and drones are teaming up to save
6:46 am
guacamole dip. that's because a deadly fungus is affecting avocado trees in florida. it's spread by a tiny beetle that can kill the tree in six weeks. they are using heat sensing drones and that's when the dogs move in. when they find the tree, they can burn it. qualm mollie saved-- >> guacamole saved. >> thank you, mike. time to see what our friends over at cbs this morning are covering. >> our good friend and partner gayle king is live in new york with a preview. good morning. we haven't seen you in a while. >> i've been right here and i'm with you guys. i don't want to liver in a world without guacamole. just don't want to ge there and neither -- want to go there and neither is norah. she's going me neither. ahead enforcing a curfew to banning fans from today's football game, we're going back
6:47 am
to baltimore with extreme measures to try to stop the violent protest. i just met this woman, the mom behind this act of tough love is in studio 57. she has just arrived. what was going through her mind as she yanked her son away from the protests and john oliver is here today, too. how the comedian blengdzs complex issues with comedy. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00 straight up. >> we're all anxious to hear about the baltimore mom. >> love her. see you. >> have a good morning. to use one of your phrases here, this sounds like a day to write home about. >> i think so. i think so. i didn't know where we were going with that. eight going to be a great -- it's going to be a great day, the best day of the workweek. lots of sunshine. you can see it on our michael & son camera. temperatures are going to warm up nicely with a lot of sunshine. if you're walking the dog this morning, runners, you're in
6:48 am
store for a treat this morning. it's going to be nice and warm this afternoon but not too warm. we're not there yet where it's country afortable -- uncomfortable to be outside. if you have one of those boats, you're lucky and today is your day. we'll see temperatures warm up nicely, 55 degrees. once you head out into the suburbs it's cooler but it will warm up very fast with the sunshine and we're not going to see a very strong wind today. with the sunshine it's going to feel pretty good. here are your high temperatures today. 76 for frederick. 74 for leesburg. low to mid-70s across the board. upper 70s as you head through central virginia. here's the futurecast. we're tracking rain tomorrow so all good things must come to an end. we're going to see cloudy skies and cooler temperatures to end the workweek. sunshine holds by 3:00 today. as we head through the overnight hours, a couple of showers possible west of 81. everywhere else we'll be dry. tomorrow afternoon, lunch time, still dry. this is an afternoon and evening event. look where the rain is. it is well west of 95. not everybody will see the rain tomorrow. the soaking rains will be right through the shenandoah valley.
6:49 am
75 today. 66 for tomorrow. showers mainly west. 59 for friday. just a few stray showers. cloudy and cooler with the easterly wind, that sphub born easterly -- stubborn easterly wind. sunday nicer. by the time we head to next week, temperatures go to the #s on. owe to the 80s. your time 6:49. everything running on schedule this morning, vre same goes for you. sky 9 right now giving us a bird's eye view of a serious accident in rockville. this is at montrose road in east jefferson street blocking traffic on montrose road. so you want to be mindful if you're going to be heading out in that area. you can see we have at least two, possibly even three emergency vehicles on the scene right now. a fire truck there as well as maybe two to three cars voffed. still working -- involved. still working to get more information on how serious this is and what drivers may be affected. once we get more information, we will pass that along to you. as you're getting ready to head out the door, you're looking at
6:50 am
a smooth commute as you make your way from georgetown pike to kenilworth avenue. 21 mince this morning. eastbound on 66 sully road intotown, you're looking at a 29-minute commute. the inaugural landmark music festival is announced. it kicks off this september in west potomac park near the lincoln memorial. >> headliners include drake. tommy mcfly tells us why they're tell the stage. >> reporter: good morning. this is pretty epic. it's the first ever ticketed beer vending beer festival right near the monument. i had to ask karen who runs -- [indiscernible] >> for a ticketed event on the national mall t has to be about celebrating the values and education and this is exactly what it is that we're doing. >> reporter: in true d.c. fashion this was not an
6:51 am
overnight success. >> we've been working on this since 2009. it's taken us a little while to get there. >> reporter: the whole festival is being roused by the same people who do la palooza and the white house easter egg roll. >> it needs help for us to feel proud about that space. >> reporter: you can already see what the national mall has been doing with restoring marble, fixing grass and making the front yard look more beautiful for visitors. tickets for the landmark music festival goes on sale at 10:00 a.m. >> what a cliffhanger. >> we'll find out. there's a special and we'll let you know right after n. the democratic field in the race for the white house about to grow. >> saving for school. college decision day for high school seniors is this week. so what every pa
6:52 am
6:53 am
[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working
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or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. i'm delia goncalves live in west baltimore. state police in riot gear and the national guard staged at every corner here at north and pennsylvania avenues in west baltimore prepared to enforce another day of calm and
6:55 am
peaceful protests. ten peep were arrested -- ten people were arrested the first night of the curfew and that curfew continues tonight beginning at 10:00 p.m. nikki? >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine live on capitol hill. here's the story we're working on now this morning. later today, a hearing will take place here on the hill to talk about doug hughes, the mailman from florida who flew a gyrocopter to the capitol and landed it on the west lawn. the hearing will discuss how he was able to get through this, through highly restricted air space and land there and no one stopped him. we expect to here from the norad commissioner and secret service testify. also on capitol hill, japanese prime minister shinzo abe will join a joint session of congress. the president hosted a state dinner. he welcomed his guests with a toast and recited a poem as well. bernie sanders, vermont senator, is going to run for president.
6:56 am
he is expected to announce his candidacy tomorrow we're told. he's going to release a brief statement and kick off his campaign within the next two weeks. sanders will join hillary clinton as the only two democrats on the ballot so far. here is that seven-day forecast today. get outside and enjoy because thursday and friday not so good. today 75 degrees and not very breezy, lots of sunshine. a little bit of rain tomorrow and a few stray showers on friday. next week when the nats return, we are going to see those nice warm days, about 80 degrees. no issues for those of you hopping on the rails and buses this morning. sky 9 still over the situation in rockville. this is at montrose road and east jefferson street blocking the turn lane. we understand it's a three- vehicle accident, pretty serious. drivers will be able to get by as you can see from the drivers there on montrose road. traffic being detoured by police on scene. >> cbs this morning is next with a preview of the fight many have been waiting years to see. james brown sits down with
6:57 am
manny pacquiao and floyd mayweather ahead of saturday's fight. she's being called by some as the mother of the year. you'll meet the mother who pulled her son out of the baltimore chaos and let him know what's up. >> larry and i will be back in 25 minutes with more news, weather and traffic. >> you can get news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day on our mobile app. >> the app is where it's at. have a i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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it is wednesday, april 29th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." baltimore lockdown overnight after a curfew confrontation, and only on "cbs this morning," the mother who pulled her son away from the violence is in studio 57. we're in any paul where earthquake rescuers rescued a man who was trapped for three days. >> and john oliver is here with humor to make a serious point. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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