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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  April 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the d.c. region. we finally begin to dry out today. >> we do indeed. i'm nick giovanni. we've got all hands on deck for you today. allyson rae, larry miller in the building. even nikki burdine not far away ready to sing for you potentially in 9ça few minutes. we shall see. >> don't encourage her. >> she could make our new morning theme song. >> you got it, dude. we're starting off muscle better. yesterday our first red alert day of the season and it proved to be very active. very severe. lots of hail reports, even power outages. much better this morning. we're looking at sunshine later on today. let's take a look at how we're starting on doppler 9000. this is what's left over behind us. skies are going to clear. last little bit of rain. these are very light just south and east of the beltway headed through charles county, st. mary's county over to bowie, annapolis and over to calvert county. that's it. it gets out of here and we'll see a breezy day and temperatures near 70 degrees. 54 for gaithersburg.
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55 for frederick over to annapolis, 59. expecting just a few light sprinkles out there. take a look at our mike equal & son camera. the skies are -- michael & son camera. the skies are starting to clear. we'll track the sunrise now on our weather cam. here's our planner. by 8:00 in the morning 59 degrees. mid-60s by lunch time and a few fair weather clouds for your drive home. you'll need the sunglasses in your seven-day. good morning, larry. good morning. we're still keeping a close eye on an accident on the northbound sides of i-95. i want to let you know that disabled car that was involved in the accident now moved to the shoulder so the shoulder is now blocked. this taking place between dumfries and dale city where we're also seeing some slowdowns in that area. if you have yet to leave the house, i subject that you do quick -- suggest that you do quickly because it will add some time to your commute time this morning. in southern maryland, accokeek, oxon hill as brandywine, no issues in your part of time. route 4, route 5, 301 free and clear of any issues. 301 and route 5 shows you
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traffic is starting to pick up but no problems in that area. we'll have another report in about ten minutes. andrea and nick, over to you. a showdown in the making. the aircraft carrier u.s.s. theodore roosevelt is headed to the waters of the coast of yemen. the roosevelt will join nine other american ships in a mission to keep iranian vessels from supplying weapons to the robles. the de-- rebels. the deployment is in response that eight ships are headed toward yemeni. theyul cod be carrying arms for the rebels. also right now the u.s. 18 million dollars in food, aid and supplies to help the people of ukraine. vice. joe biden says water and food vouchers are going to go to regions affected by fighting between government forces and pro-russia fighters. word of the aid comes as the organization for security and cooperation in europe pushes for a permanent cease-fire in the region. this morning the mayor of baltimore is calling for calm following the depts of a 25 yearmtd -- death of a 25-year- old man who suffered a fatal
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spinal cord injury while in police custody. >> protesters took to the streets demanding answers about how and why fredz di gray died -- freddie gray died. not many answers yet. >> reporter: not many answers yet. protesters were out there for a third day yesterday and likely again today. take a look. a little bit of background now. freddie gray, a baltimore man who was arrested last week died on sunday after more than a week in a coma. his family says his spine was 80% severed. this is cell phone video of his arrest. as you can imagine this video has set off even more anger for his family and the public. several things aren't clear at this point. ie chf among them, how and why this apparently healthy 25-year- old man suffered ultimately fatal injuries. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and commissioner
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anthony batts spoke at a press conference yesterday. >> i want to reiterate our commitment to move as quickly as possible to determine exact liz how his death occurred. >> we are a community that's on edge right now. our voices need to be heard. the community's voices need to be heard. >> reporter: the six officers involved in gray's arrest and transport have been suspended with pay pending the results of the investigation. coming up in our next half- hour, new details about what happened in the police report. i'll have that plus reaction from protesters at 6:30. back to you. glls this morning, the man accused of killing a university of mary washington student from falls church is due in court in fredricksburg. >> police say 30-year-old steven vander briel strangled grace mann last friday at an off campus home. delia goncalves is live at the courthouse in fredricksburg. what more do we know about the suspect steven briel? >> reporter: we know steven briel was 30 years old, not
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your typical college age student. however, we know he was a student at mary washington for many years on and off. while he lives with the victim, denot have a personal relationship with her. so when he comes to court agent later this morning in about two and a half hours, hopefully we'll learn more about exact play what happened on friday. that was when this young lady was murdered. all we know right now is that steven briel, police say, strange gamed his roommate to death in their fredricksburg home. 20-year-old grace mann of falls church was a junior at university of mary washington. a female roommate found her, tried to perform cpr and called 911. the suspect took off when police arrived to the house leading to a lockdown on campus. but of course he was eventually caught, arrested, charged with murder and abduction. the victim many say was an inspiration to so many on campus and we'll have reaction from her friends and from her classmates and even faculty
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members coming up in the next half-hour. andrea, nick, back to you. meanwhile the death of a mother in argueton is now officially -- arlington is now officially a murder investigation. 42-year-old bonnie black was stabbed to death. a neighbor called officers friday after finding black's two young kids wandering outside in their pajamas on 18th street south. jurors begin weighing the evidence today in the penalty faitz of the boston marathon bombing trial -- phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. they will decide in dzhokhar tsarnaev gets life or death. his lawyers say he doesn't deserve the death penalty because he was heavily influenced by his domineering older brother. the penalty phase could last up to four weeks. meanwhile police say they have caught the person who called in bomb threats to schools across the country, including one in burke, virginia. the suspect is a juvenile in nashville, tennessee. prosecutors say the teenager called in threats to about 16 schools over a one-month period. lake braddock secondary school is the school which was targeted in fairfax county.
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schools in pennsylvania and massachusetts were also targeted. this morning retailers in 23 states, including virginia, are pulling blue bell ice cream products from store shelves, and you are advised not to eat any blue bell ice cream you might still have in your home freezer. late last night the texas company issued a voluntary recall for all of its products. the recall was issued after samples of the ice cream tested positive for listeria. symptoms include fever, muscle aches, nausea, and diarrhea and it can be deadly. the company's ceo has issued an apology and admitted the company doesn't know how its products got contaminated. >> ice cream is a joy and a pleasure to eat and it should never be a cause for concern. >> health inspectors in texas are working to investigate the source of the bacteria. meanwhile blue bell ice cream is expanding its cleaning and sanitizing symptoms. it also plans to increase employee training. again, if you have any blue bell products in your freezer,
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you are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a fuel refund but do not eat it. one school photo capture add moment one little boy will never forget, a day his father gave him the surprise of his life. josh is a third grader in dur ma'am, north carolina. his -- durham, north carolina. his dad has been deployed to kuwait. on photo day he took the photo bomb to a new level surprising his son who hasn't seen him for 12 months. look at that reaction. that is about as priceless as it gets. what a welcome home. >> you can't see enough of those. i love it. >> the former first lady of virginia is working to have her conviction overturned. >> rushern baker runs the boston marathon. first we'll check in with allyson. >> i'm still teary eyed from that photo bomb. i lover those stories. we're cool, breezy, clearing out. still cloudy on the weather terrace and i'm tracking a few light showers. take a look at doppler 9000.
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after this we'll see clearing skies and sunshine. i'll track it for you coming up on your
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welcome back. happy tuesday. much better weather for this afternoon. it 16:11. -- it 16:11 -- it is 6:11. we have a few less lingers showers. bowie, stretching over to calvert county. the rest of us are dry. clouds still lingering but for the for long. in d.c. we're 60 degrees. it's cool and breezy out there. take a look at the beautiful shot from our tower cam. you can see the sun try to come out. we'll see sunshine for this afternoon. temperatures reach the near 70 70-degree mark. that's t. we'll cool off from
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here. i'll have the details on your seven-day. larry, over to you. thank you. wants to let my metro riders we have residual delays in both directions of the orange, silver and blue line. we have earlier single tracking going o. that's been resolved -- going on. that's been resolved but we still have delays. you want to give yourself plenty of time. add about 10 or 15 minutes to your commute time as a result of the delays going on this morning. buses running on schedule. for those of you traveling east on 66 toward the beltway, you're looking at no major issues. just slowdowns toward frederick and the beltway. again, you're looking at a smooth commute overall for those of you traveling from frederick toward the beltway, no issues in your part of town. andrea, over to you. maureen mcdonnell is making her case to get her conviction on corruption charges overturned. lawyers for virginia's former first lady filed a 100-page brief monday. it argues her convictions are based on an overly broad definition of bribery. it also claims she did not receive a fair trial. both maureen and former governor bob mcdonnell remain
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free while they appeal their convictions. your deadline to request an absentee ballot for two special elections in the district is today. ward 8 voters will fill the seat long held by the late marion barry. voters in ward 4 will fill the seat left open by muriel bowser's election as mayor. early voting runs through saturday. election day is actually next tuesday the 28th. a local woman is on her way home with a gold medal in the wheelchair division of the boston marathon. how about another one, tat jana -- tatajana defended her title. congratulations. meanwhile one ever the 30,000 runners was prince george's county's own executive rushern baker who ran the boston marathon for the first time and tweeted this photo at the finish line. his goal was six hours and he finished an unofficial time of
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five hours 54 minutes and 54 seconds. so goal met. well done. charges are filed in the deadly capsizing of a boat packed with my grants and the people arrested were on board what people call the death ship. >> wait till you see the diamond on the auction block today. >> here's doppler 9000. just a few real light showers through bowie, annapolis down through waldorf and just east of la plata through prince frederick. they're not going to last too long. i'm tracking sunshine or at least clear skies. the sun trying to come out through our tower cam. i'll have all the detail
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no. not possible. we're the settles!
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when we go on vacation, it's hard to find, like, those little activities that are kind of fun and educational. i think with williamsburg, you have all of that educational part rolled into the fun. it's already here. this is probably the most fun i've had all summer.
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6:17. d.c.'s most accurate -- they are right on the money with our first red alert day of the season and tonight we should be able to get a good night's sleep. >> you might be able to leave the windows open. if you left them open last night -- [indiscernible] we have one more chance of rain tomorrow but nothing like what we saw yesterday. we are drying out. a few last lingering showers, sprinkles if you will. let's take a look at doppler 9000 and a much better day for this afternoon. we'll see increasing sunshine. that's something to look forward to. doppler 9000, just east of the
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beltway over to bowie, annapolis, down 301 through upper marlboro just north of waldorf, you are tracking just a few light showers. these are quickly moving and they're not going to last for too long. take a look the at michael & son camera. lots of sunshine coming on through. we'll see a beautiful day. it will be breezy. take a look at this. 60 degrees. mostly cloudy skies for announcement we're not going to see mostly cloudy skies for the rest of the day. the winds are out of the west, not west gusting to near 33 miles per hour so it will be breezy and tomorrow even more. it's going to be windy for your wednesday. all ahead of our next cold front. so for today increasing sunshine. you can see that here on your futurecast. by 9:00 still sunshine, temperatures making their way into the 60s for everybody. after lunch time, the winds will stay out of the west, southwest and that will keep us at near average near the 70 range. not a bad day. relatively to yesterday it's cooler but relative to what's to come later this week, it's actually pretty mild a. couple of showers for tomorrow, not a big deal. quickly move on out. what are the bigger deal are
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the temperatures that are going to plummet behind this cold front. 70 degrees today. breezy and mild after the few last lingering showers. tomorrow showers during the afternoon. but then the temperatures fall to the lower 60s and then it remains right through the weekend. where are the springtime temperatures? not in this deafen-day. here's larry. -- in this seven day. here's larry. good morning. a fallen tree causing some problems on the gw parkway. it's closed the ramp from the outer loop to the southbound side of the gw parkway. still waiting to get information as to when the tree will be cleared up. as soon as i find out more, you can count on us to let you know. traveling westbound on the outer loop of the beltway from elton road to georgetown pike, you're looking at a 19-minute commute. want to let you know the situation we talked about regarding the fallen tree from that outer loop ramp on to or the southbound side of the gw parkway, not causing much in the way of delays. traveling eastbound on 66 from the prince william parkway to north lee highway, you're looking at a 42-minute commit this morning.
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northbound i-95 from dumfries road to i-95, 18 minutes. in prince george's county, traveling westbound on 50 from collington to fairview avenue northeast, you're looking at a 19-minute commute. nick, over to you. right now italian authorities say a captain and a crew member have been arrested in connection with a shipwreck off the coast of libya. that accident may have claimed the lives up to 900 migrants hoping to make it to italy. the tunisian captain and syrian crew member were aboard a rescue boat with 27 survivors. the charges include homicide. meanwhile three people are dead after a fierce storm in australia. high winds and rains have been lashing the southeast part of the country since yesterday dumping more than a foot of rain in some areas. the storm is supposed to get worse today before easing up tomorrow. for the first time we're hearing from the tulsa county sheriff about the volunteer reserve deputy accused of shooting and killing an unarmed suspect eric harris.
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sheriff stanley glenn sent his condolences and more details about the case will emerge when robert bates goes to trial. the sheriff says it doesn't evbelie bates' training records were falsified that was a question raised by harris' family. >> we're trying to locate all of those. some of those are administrative in nature and we will provide those records as we find them. >> bates is currently charged with second degree manslaughter in harris' death. he claims he mistakenly fired a gun at harris instead of his taser. a chicago police officer is after charges in an offduty shooting death from three years ago were thrown out. officer donte servern was on trial for manslaughter. the judge said his actions were beyond reckless but added prosecutors just didn't prove their case. a mother who killed six of her newborn babies and hit their bodies in her utah garage is facing life in prison. a judge in provo gave a harsher
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sentence to megan huntsman thatten what was called for saying he was so repelled by the killings. she concealed the pregnancies, give birth and then killed her children minutes after birth. meanwhile she abandoned her son with severe disabilities in the woods in west philly while she visited a boyfriend in silver spring. she is expected in a montgomery county courtroom for extradition hearing. nyia parler is facing attempted murder charges. her 21-year-old son was taken to the hospital after he was found in the woodses dehydrated and malnourished. it was everything cue ever want from a diamond and goes on the auction block today. the rare 100 carat stone weighed more than 200 carats when it was pulled from an african diamond mine. southby's says it could fetch as much as $25 million. >> present that and say would you marry me or would you just go away with me? >> that's got to abworkout just
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lifting that thing. >> they suggest it as a pendant for a necklace. it 16:23. many of the products we use to try to look more attractive could soon come under tighter federal scrutiny. details on that coming up. >> plus, researchers talk about what they've learned in the five years since the gulf oil spill. >> here is a look at our outside weather camera. we're looking at cloudy skies for now but we are going to see increasing sunshine throughout the afternoon. here's your planner. into the upper 60s we go and a breezy day. i'll have more details coming up. stay right people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. ♪ ♪
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in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. get two boxes of dunkin' k-cup packs for $16.99. your coffee, your dunkin'. welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. we're off to an okay start. let's take a quick look at doppler 9000 a. few lingering showers heading out of calvert county, anne arundel county and across the bay and then that's t. temperatures into the mid- 50s, near 60 for d.c. clouds hanging on for now but we'll see more sunshine through the afternoon. highs today into the upper 60s, near 70 degrees. a drier day but breezy. at 6:26, here are some things you may have missed. we may never know the full environmental impact of the deep water horizon explosion. 134 million gallons of oil gushed into the gulf of mexico
6:27 am
for 87 days. >> yesterday scientists who were among the first to go to the spill zone went over some of the research they've uncovered. tammy fieldses has more. >> reporter: they're the images no one can forget. in this room the researchers have been busy studying the massive spill. >> there's still significant oil in the bottom. it's repeatedly soiling the coastline when storms come up. >> reporter: florida's institute of oashing on geography and their colleagues all sharing what they've analyzed from the bottom of the sea. >> core tubes are pushed down into the sediment. >> reporter: and this is what is pulled up. it shows clues going back to hundreds of years up to now. the one on the right taken from the shores of st. petersburg. eight normal but not the ones taken closer to the spill. >> you can see when they started drilling there were
6:28 am
small amounts of oil going into the saidment. you can see a two to threefold increase at the surface in petroleum compound. >> reporter: researchers still want to learn more about the impact. 1.8 billion gallons, sketch cals they used to -- chemicals they used to break up the oil in the gulf. it's not all doom and gloom. >> we do see evidence of recovery. >> reporter: while oil didn't show up on the shores of bay area beaches, researchers say there's still a lot of research to be done. >> for us in the scientific community, five years is a very short amount of time. so we still really don't know what the long-term impacts are. >> reporter: in st. petersburg, tammy fields. >> now to iowa where a farmer is taking drastic action after confirmation of the deadly bird influence virus. about five and a half million hence will be destroyed. iowa is one of several midwestern safeties affected by the fird flu outbreak -- bird
6:29 am
flu outbreak. egg industry experts say it's too early to predict the impact on prices. the ingredients used in shampoo and skin care products could soon be coming under new scrutiny. two u.s. senators have introduced a bill that would require the food and drug administration to take a closer look at ingredients. senators dianne feinstein and susan collins say federal regulations of the ingredients in personal care products have not been updated for 75 years. hello and welcome back to wusa9 at 6:00. it's exactly 6:29 on this tuesday morning. i'm andrea roane. those soggy semiflooded areas in your neighborhood will spend the day drying out because the sun will come out to help. we're going to be taking a look at some of those areas. >> looks like the weather had an impact on trees.
6:30 am
we have a tree down on the southbound side of the gw parkway. i have alternate routes. >> as far as the storm is concerned we're good to go? >> it is over. what a day yesterday. lots of hail. a couple of trees down, power outages. areas along tidal shores, watch out during high tide time. could seacoastal flooding. let's take a look at doppler 9000. just a few light springles through calvert county and anne arundel county, heavy across the bay. then well dry out and we do see some clouds out there but a nice sunrise from our camera. we are going to see sunshine later on. it will take some northwesterly winds to kick it on out of here but we are going to see a much better day. a breezy one, though. notice the winds out of the west, northwest 20 miles per hour. sustained winds gusting to near 35. it will be a breezy afternoon. sunshine filters on in through the afternoon and temperatures relative to yesterday, it's cool but relative to what's come on the seven day, it's mild and actually seasonable. 64 degrees by lunch time and 68
6:31 am
by 5:00. i'll have that seven-day coming up. want to give you an update on the outer loop of the beltway where it's closed, the ramp getting on to the southbound side of the gw parkway closed as a result of a fallen tree. best advice i can give you would be to take georgetown pike. take the outer loop of the beltway, get off at georgetown pike. take that into town that will be your best bet to get around that mess this morning. another situation on the eastbound side of i-66 at the rest area where the shoulder is blocked. we have a camera close by to show you the situation out in that area. that is the car right there. you can see again the shoulder blocked as a result of that earlier accident. not causing much in the way of delays now. traffic is moving. certainly some good news there but you certainly want to use caution in this area as you are commuting this morning. we're going to have an update on the situation around town. plus, we'll have a look at how things are shaping up in southern maryland coming up in about ten minutes. nick, over you to. later today, president obama will host a reception in the white house rose garden.
6:32 am
the reception is meant to thank both democrats and republicans who worked on legislation permanently changing how medicare pays doctors. the gathering marks an end to years of last-minute fixes to medicare. protesters in west baltimore want to know how and why 25-year-old freddie gray died. >> they're not alone. baltimore's mayor is asking the same question after gray was arrested last week, taken to a precinct and 30 minutes later was in a coma before he eventually died sunday. nikki burdine is here with the latest in this case. nikki? >> reporter: right now police are saying that gray's initial arrest was, quote, straightforward with no undue force required to detain him. but cell phone video tells a different story. take a look. you can see gray being dragged out by police. gray was arrested last week but died on sunday after more than a week in a coma. his family says his spine was 80% severed. the big question is when did that injury initially take place. several things aren't clear at
6:33 am
this point. chief among them how and why this apparently healthy 25-year- old man suffered ultimately fatal injuries. the mayor of baltimore and the police commissioner promised a full investigation. protesters have been in the streets and outside the department for days demanding answers. first you'll hear from one of those protesters. then a man who says he heard gray being arrested. >> we have to keep asking for answers. we can't let them sweep this under the rug. >> i heard hollering and screaming, get off of me, you're hurting my neck, you're hurting my neck, get your knee off my back. >> reporter: the officers involved in the arrest and transport have been suspended with pay pending the results of the investigation. as for the police report, officers say the arrest again was straightforward. back to yothank you, nikki. this morning at 11:00, the parents of grace mann will lay their only child to rest. the body of the 20-year-old university of mary washington junior was found last week inside her off campus
6:34 am
apartment. >> her classmates called her an inspiration. her roommate 30-year-old steven briel is scheduled to appear in a fredricksburg courtroom charged with her murder. delia goncalves is live outside that courthouse. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the school university of mary washington literally about two blocks away from the courthouse. steven briel was a college student and also an inmate. in about two hours he will be a defendant here in court anxiousing to charges of first- degree murder and abduction. police say 30-year-old steven briel strangled his roommate grace mann inside their fredricksburg home frizz. both were students -- home friday. both were students at the university of mary washington. grace was the only daughter of a fairfax county juvenile judge and she was extremely active on campus. she served in a number of school organizations, including a task force against sexual assault and student government. >> it's really hard for a lot
6:35 am
of people here. >> she was such a strong activist on this campus and always spoke for the voiceless. >> she was someone that was easy to connect to. she would introduce herself. i tell people about the hug. grace would come up to you and hug you. >> reporter: and those are kind words not only from friends and classmates but from faculty members and teachers of grace mann who all describe her as an inspiration, a woman whose voice will not be silent. the suspect will be in court at 8:30 this morning. hopefully we'll hear more about a moifer. we're live in fred -- motive. we're live in fredricksburg, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> thank you. new this morning, d.c. police are trying to figure out if three armed robberies in northeast are connected. all three happened overnight. the first robbery aped at 14309 -- happened at 1409h street. the second on nanny helen
6:36 am
borrows avenue. the third armed robbery was at another 7-eleven on benning road. not sure how much money they stole but police are still looking for the suspects. here's some good news. the humpback whale is making a comeback and there's a new debate this morning over whether the giant mammal should be taken off the endangered list. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says many of the whales are for longer in danger of extinction thanks to conservation efforts, but critics say taking some groups of whales off the endangered list is premature since they face new dangers from climate change. 6:36. we congratulate mary blount jenkins from fredricksburg, virginia. she is our facebook fan of the day. >> mary said she should be today's winner because her husband has been a dave matthews band fan since they first started and it would be a great surprise to give him some tickets to see them. >> mary, you and your husband are going to see the dave
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matthews band in concert at jiffy lube live. if you want to be our next winner, just go to our facebook page and fill out the form. >> let's check in with allyson. >> thanks, nick. it is sunny out here. we see some clear skies, a little breezy and cool. we are in store for a warm day compared to what's to come, though. wait till you see your seven- day. doppler 9000, a few last lingering sprinkles through annapolis across the bay. i'll track your seven-day and today's fo
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welcome back. we're in store for a better day than yesterday. a few showers leftover. i saw some sunshine and it's coming. a lot of these clouds will head on out of here and we'll see a comfortable day. 60 degrees and it will remain breezy throughout the afternoon. we'll see temperatures about 70 degrees with sunshine. larry, over to you. i want to let my metro riders know everything is back up and running and on schedule on metrorail. we had some earlier issues on the orange, silver and blue line. they've been resolved. trains back on schedule. good news there. buses running on schedule as well. for those of you heading westbound on 50 going through bowie, mitchellville toward the beltway, no problems in your part of town n. southern maryland, accokeek, oxon hill as well as brandywine, no issues on route 4, route 5 or
6:41 am
301. coming up after the seven-day forecast, we'll have a look at your drive times and how things are shaping up in virginia. nick, over you to. our look at your money begins the impact of falling oil prices have had on american oil companies' bottom lines. halliburton reported a loss for the first quarter. halliburton like other oil companies has been laying off thousands of workers as the price of oil has fallen. in the last six months alone, they've cut 9,000 jobs. the company has also pulled back on drilling. meanwhile the supreme court won't be taking up a case involving fish pedicures. an arizona salon owner claimed local regulators were violating her constitutional rights when they barred her from offering the pedicures during which fish nibble off dead skin on clients' feet. sounds pleasant, huh? a lower court had ruled regulators did not vie lited owner's constitutional rights. espn is voicing concerns about verizon's new fios custom
6:42 am
tv. customers can pick theme channel packs including a 35- channel basic package but the base package does not include sports channels. espn says its contract stipulates that espn and espn2 cannot be distributed in a separate sports package. she's very friendly, dressed in a kimono and welling you at the entrance of a tokyo department store. she doesn't have a smile. that's because she's a robot. she speaks japanese at the store but can be programmed to speak other languages. toshiba designed the robot which runs on 43 motors. there was an exhibit at the kennedy center not too long ago. they're life like. it's erie. very erie. >> to say the least. we have a got a--
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>> a robot mode. we have a much nicer day on tap after last night's severe weather. >> but temperatures are cooling off just a bit. allyson has your seven-day forecast coming up. it's the nationals and dreaded cardinals at nats park tonight. nats enter the three-game series having won four of the past five games and it's no coincidence than jason werth is healthy. starting rotation is rounding into form. speaking of the rotation, gio gonzalez heads to the hill. one big story line to watch is ian desmond. he committed nine errors in the team's first 20 games. this april he's already committed eight errors. that's more than 15 teams. first pitch 7:05 tonight.
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6:47. time to see what our friends over at cbs this morning are covering. norah o'donnell is live in new york with a bre view. good morning -- preview. good morning, norah good good morning to you, nick and andrea. ice cream giant blue bell's recall of all of its products. plus, the growing controversy around dr. oz and how he's set to address attacks on his integrity today. and a new study on how our pets can make us sick. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you right at 7:00. >> we'll be watching. have a good morning. man's best friend not always. >> not always. so sad because that means they're also sick. the double whammy. as was last night. >> allyson was talking about how the forecast was boring. >> not boring last night. >> entertaining enough for you, allyson? >> it was so loud, the storms. we had our first red alert of the season. it really proved to be so active. lots of hail reports, some trees down and we have lots of
6:48 am
pictures on our twitter feed. you can check those out. now everything is over and we're looking at a much better day so that's good news. here's a look outside. what a beautiful start to the say. we are going to see the clouds hang around for just a little bit. by the time 9:00 rolls around, we will be looking at a lot of sunshine so much better. it will be breezy for sure. tomorrow will just be windy. it is cool but let me tell you something. yesterday was warm. we reached the lower 80s. today we'll reach near 70 so cooler than yesterday. what's to come on the seven disai? it's actually pretty -- seven- day? it's actually pretty warm. notice the wind gusting to near 30 miles per hour. right through the eastern shore just a few light showers. everywhere else is dry and we will remain dry today. not the case for tomorrow. as we head through your day, by lunch time 64 degrees. it will remain breezy and by your drive home, we'll reach near 70 degrees. we'll stay quiet with a good bit of sunshine through the afternoon. winds turn out of the southwest later on tonight all ahead of tomorrow's rain chance. tomorrow we are going to see a
6:49 am
few more showers come on through. not a big deal. they're not going to be severe. maybe a few pockets of heavier rainfall but it sets us up for a cooler end to the week. 70 degrees today. windy tomorrow, 69. by thursday only 62. we stay near 630 for friday -- near 60 for friday, saturday and sunday. larry, over to you. >> thank you so much. i want to let my marc train riders know the trains are running on schedule so certainly no problems there. for those of you getting ready to head out the door, i want to let you know you're looking at a smooth commute as you travel westbound on the beltway from baltimore avenue to georgetown pike. you're looking at a 22-minute commute. want to let you know the earlier situation we talked about with the off ramp being closed on the outer loop of the beltway on to the southbound side of the gw parkway, it's not going to impact the commute in terms of the traffic on the beltway itself. for those of you traveling eastbound on 66 from sudley road to north lee highway, you're looking at a 38-minute commute. northbound on 95 from cardinal drive to i-395, 16 minutes.
6:50 am
for those of you traveling westbound on 66 from collington road to brentwood parkway east, you're looking at a 20-minute commute. we may drive by and look but you have ever wanted to walk up to a massive mansion and ask for a peek inside? >> on most days creepy. the door is open for you to do just that in georgetown this weekend and for a good cause. tommy mcfly is our tour guide in the 94.7 fresh fm studios. good morning, my friend. >> reporter: good morning, guys. you can check out the inside of up to ten gorgeous georgetown homes this weekend on the georgetown house tour. yesterday wusa9 got an exclusive first look inside one of the homes known as quality hill. and boy, does it have history. >> this house was commissioned in 1797 by john mason and john mason was george mason's nephew
6:51 am
. [ no audio ] >> tommy mcfly reporting live for us. some technical difficulties there. >> tommy, what were you saying? >> reporter: you can check out the house tour this saturday going on all throughout georgetown to benefit st. johns georgetown. in the 94.7 fresh fm studios, i'm tommy mcfly, wusa9. >> got him back. the pentagon maneuvers a carrier closer to the civil war in yemen. that story is coming up. >> it's time to stop and smell the roses at the white house after a display of bipartisanship. >> i never understo
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
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6:55 am
both were students at university of mary washington just a couple of blocks from the the courthouse here. we're hoping to hear more about a motive when we head to court at 8:30. andrea? the sentencing phase in the boston marathon bombing trial is expected to resume today. a jury will hear new testimony as they decide whether or not dzhokhar tsarnaev gets life in prison or the death penalty. three people were killed and more than 260 wounded in the 2013 bombing. the u.s. navy aircraft carrier, the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt is headed to waters off yemen. it will join nine other ships. they have been ordered to intercept any -- [ inaudible ] bipartisanship on display. today president obama will host a reception to thank democrats and republicans who worked on legislation permanently changing how medicare pays doctors. the gathering in the white house rose garden will mark an
6:56 am
end to years of last-minute fixes to medicare. we are finally starting to see some sunshine out there. a few last lingering clouds and last lingering sprinkles through the eastern shore. temperatures near 70. we'll be breezy today. tomorrow windy and a few showers. not too big after deal. they'll kick on out of here hopefully before the nats game arrives. and then look at the temperatures. our average high this time of year is about 69 degrees. we'll be near 60 right through the weekend. larry? metro riders, looks like everything is running on schedule right now on the train. same for the buses. if you're getting ready to head out the door, you are looking at a pretty smooth commute. good news there. i want to take you to the 14th street bridge where we have delays on 395 northbound as you head toward the bridge. we have some unconfirmed reports of an accident as you approach the bridge. looks like we have volume building up. if you haven't left the house yet, get out the door because you'll need to with the delays
6:57 am
that we're seeing on 395. >> he has been a popular guest on 9news live. cbs is next with a new controversy surrounding dr. oz, our celebrity tv doctor. find out why one doctor at a prestigious medical school wants him off the faculty. >> summer calling it mobile geddon. google make as change to its search engine which could have a significant impact on thousands of websites. >> everything is geddon or gate or something. larry and i will be back in 25 people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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♪ good is tuesday, apr welcome to "cbs this morning." an ice cream giant recalls every one of its frozen desserts and snack. they could be contaminated with a deadly bacteria. dr. oz fights back against new accusations that he promotes fat treatments that don't work. lindsey vonn is here today. she tells you about her scream comeback and her buyguy tiger at the masters. but we begin with "eye opener." your world in 90


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