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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at at 11:00 we're tracking -- at 11:00 we're tracking some stormy weather. >> the only question, will they be here in time for the morning commute? our chief meteorologist topper shutt is here with a look at futurecast. >> i think in some parts they will be here by morning, a couple sprinkles between cumberland and hagerstown. this is the best chance for showers early in the morning
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and overnight. futurecast is picking up some showers pretty close to home, manassas toward culpeper at 6 a.m., mild, upper 50s to start, low 60s still downtown. 8:00 we still have showers across much of the metro area. notice the yellows and oranges, heavier activity into southern maryland, charles county, st. mary's county, southern prince george's county is where your heaviest activity will be. at 10:00 still showers east of i-95 and 63 in gaithersburg, 65 downtown, 64 in manassas. we'll come back and track more thunderstorms for the afternoon and tell you if it's out of here for the weekend. he was looking for a hook- up on craigslist and ended up murdered at the donovan hotel. >> that's the latest twist in the case of 30-year-old capitol hill attorney david messerschmitt found stabbed to death last week. debra alfarone has been following this story and joins us live from near the hotel on
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14th street in northwest with what we know tonight. >> reporter: police want to know if anyone has ever communicated with the specific yahoo e-mail address. i'll give it to you in a second. it was used by 21-year-old jamyra gallmon of southeast d.c. the story has ripped apart the family of david messerschmitt and the family of the woman sitting in jail now because the family says she had a lot of promise. the family of 21-year-old jamyra gallmon is frustrated after the judge calls her a danger to the community. what could have led this former basketball star and military academy grad to this, charged with felony murder? these court documents offer an inside look and it starts with craigslist. police say david messerschmitt placed an ad looking for a sexual rendezvous with a man
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the day he disappeared february 9th. that's when police say someone with the e-mail address chris sanchez 0906 answer answered. the two communicated for hours and then the two were to meet at the donovan hotel between 7:00 and 7:30 that night. surveillance footage captured this picture of gallmon in the hotel at 7:44 p.m. the next morning messerschmitt is found with his hands cuffed by zip ties dead stabbed seven time, once right in heart. last week messerschmitt's wife kim vuong gave a heartfelt plea. police got a search warrant for messerschmitt's e-mail and say they found the connection to the person communicating as chris sanchez, jamyra gallmon.
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gallmon will face a judge april 10th and police are asking anyone who had connection with that e-mail address to certainly get in touch with them. >> debra alfarone live in northwest. messerschmitt's wife issued a statement thanking the police. she said she had faith the courts will bring justice to david. tonight a lot of questions but not many answers as fairfax county police investigate a suspicious death in annandale. officers say a man's body was found this afternoon at an apartment complex in the 4200 block of wadsworth court. the victim suffered upper body trauma, but we're awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death. prince george's county police pain a seat pleasant neighborhood trying to find a killer. 21-year-old keyway ivy was found shot to death around 10:30 last night on eastern avenue they're the d.c. border. it's believed -- near the d.c.
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border. it's believed more than a dozen people investigated the shooting. ashley white and paul thomas had to bury their 5-year- old son yesterday, but tonight they're locked up facing charges linked to their little boy's death. it's the latest chapter in the sad tale of noah thomas, the boy who went missing one day last month. hundreds of volunteers turned out to help the cops scour pulaski county, virginia, for nissan of little notice. what five days -- any sign of little noah. five days in officers found his body in the septic tank and now the parents are facing abuse and neglect charges for 5-year- old noah and their 6-month-old daughter. what led to those charges? at a press conference today authorities weren't saying much. >> it came to a point we felt we established probable cause to have them arrested. >> the parents are held without bond. it could be weeks before the final autopsy report is
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completed. police arrest a man in a rockville neighborhood who was exposing himself to both girls and women. kevin mchale is accused of seven incidents in the past month. hank silverberg is live they're -- near earle b. wood middle school with the details. >> reporter: some of those indents happened on a path going right to the middle school area. 27-year-old kevin mckale would ride around the neighborhood in a gold minivan looking for victims. over the course of a month police say mchale drove his minivan around the area looking for women and teenage girls. he would allegedly make lewd comments and expose himself in, one case exiting the car in nothing details are unnerving to some of the youngsters who live here. >> i wouldn't know what to do. i would panic, i guess. >> reporter: some residents were not aware of the incidents that included eight victims,
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five between the ages 13 and 17, but it was highlighted and talked about on social media. >> it's just a terrible incident to happen where there's so many kids around and it's really surprising. everybody says that it's a quiet neighborhood. >> i just think it's crazy to have somebody around here. i have three little kids under age 5. so to have that and not know what's going on or any warning is kind of ridiculous. >> reporter: mchale faces eight counts of indecent exposure and while the neighborhood is relieved to hear about his arrest, he made bail and is out of jail. we approached his home tonight. his mother answered the door. are you embarrassed by the whole thing? >> yeah, it's sad. embarrassing and it's sad. he's going to get some help and counseling and get a good lawyer. >> reporter: now we can tell you they tracked mchale down when someone saw that minivan in this neighborhood, a gold minivan. they were looking for it. they called 911. police arrived, took him into
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custody and some of the witnesses immediately identified him. in rockville hank silverberg, wusa9. >> that suspect lived only a couple miles from where those incidents took place. tonight a furious montgomery county mom claims her special needs son was mistreated, but the school district where she said it happened says her allegations aren't true. >> garrett haake spoke to the mom who is demanding change as well as montgomery county schools and he's got both sides. >> reporter: with cerebral palsy, a feeding tube and lung condition, 6-year-old carter lynn needs and gets a lot of help from the staff at wayside elementary. >> thank you. >> reporter: but lately lynn's mother says she's been frustrated by a string of problems at school, everything from lost coats to $5,000 worth of damage to a new wheelchair. >> to me it just came across as some in competence and not caring. it just again comes down to my level of confidence in the
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school, which is none. >> reporter: here's the bus stop where lynn noticed the most serious problem. last week she got carter off the bus and he seemed to be having trouble breathing. lynn discovered a velcro strap had been used to secure carter to his chair. >> it tied his neck so far back against the chair it was actually taking away his airway. >> reporter: what was the explanation for why that was done? >> the teacher said it was to control his behavioral issues is exactly her quote. >> the specifics of that instance are probably we would see it a little differently. >> reporter: the district typically doesn't discuss individual student issues, but -- >> i will tell you i talked to the principal. they've been working with this parent and will continue to do. so. >> reporter: for montgomery county schools there is a history of disagreements of apparents with students with special needs, some snowballing into litigation. this spring the district launched an outside audit of its $350 million special education program. >> montgomery county public
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schools has a pretty good reputation for special education services. we have a lot of people who move her because of the programs that we -- here because of the programs that we offer. >> reporter: the goal of the audit is to fix what doesn't work well. garrett haake, wusa9. >> the findings of that audit are expected by the end of this year. the district is hosting a special education summit may 16th. there's more information on our wusa9 news app. a verdict of not guilty for a former school principal in prince george's county. dwight jefferson was accused of repeatedly punching a student at eisenhower middle school last fall. today the jury deliberated six hours before finding him not guilty of child abuse and second degree assault. jefferson's legal team told wusa9 they were hopeful he would be able to return to his job. tonight a man charged with sexually assaulting two teenage
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students at a school for students with disabilities. he faces two counts involving sexual battery with 14 and 15- year-old girls. police say the alleged inappropriate touching happened over the course of a year starting in september of 2013. the ntsb is now out with a preliminary report on last week's small plane crash that killed a 16-year-old student pilot from spotsylvania. two eyewitnesses saw a trail of smoke from the engine of the plane before it went down in orange county. ryan mccall planned to fly to farmville regional airport. mccall had 30 plus hours of flight experience including 2 1/2 hours solo. this sunday the columbia university graduate school of journalism will release its review of the now discredited rolling stone article detailing rape at university of virginia. the report will be posted on and at 8 p.m. sunday night.
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the article titled a rape on campus detailed an elaborate detailed story of a student identified as jackie who claimed she was gang raped at a fraternity house in charlottesville. a four month investigation found no evidence of the attack. coming up what was said when president obama phoned the israeli prime minister to tell him about the tentative nuclear arms deal with iran? >> plus two women under arrest accused of plotting a terror attack on u.s. soil. >> reporter: the governors of indiana and arkansas signed
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tonight the people of kenya are mourning the loss of at least 147 innocent people massacred in a terror attack at a college campus. kenyan authorities say the killings were carried out by al- shabaab, an islamic terrorist group from somalia. they stormed the dormitory while the kids slept and separated the muslims and christians and killed the christians. four gunmen were killed. israel's prime minister said the tentative nuclear deal reached with iran would threaten his country's survival. >> benjamin netanyahu told
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president obama via the telephone tonight that deal with legitimize iran's nuclear program, but the president said it would make the world a safer place. >> if we could get this done and iran follows through on the framework that our negotiators agree to, we will be able to resolve one of the greatest threats to our security peacefully. >> iran agreed to reduce its nuclear capabilities and allow ongoing inspections at its nuclear facilities. in exchange most of the economic sanctions against iran will be lifted once it proves compliance. a final deal may take months to get done and house speaker john boehner said congress must be able to fully review the details of any agreement before any sanctions are lifted. investigators believe the co-pilot who deliberately flew the plane into the swiss alps,
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the second black box has been recovered, burned but possibly readable. two women who allegedly declared allegiance to isis are under arrest in new york city. the former roommates from queens purchased propane tanks and had instructions how to turn them into bombs and used the internet to research other homemade bombs including those used in the boston marathon bombings. if convicted, they both face the possibility of life in prison. new religious freedom laws are on the books now in indiana and arkansas. the governors of both states signed rewritten legislation after days of pressure from businesses and protests by those who said the earlier tropical depressions allowed for discrimination against -- earlier versions allowed for discrimination against games. >> reporter: arkansas governor hutchinson signed his state's religious freedom law thursday, the second attempt of the legislature, a first draft sent
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back after businesses like wal- mart and protesters including the governor's son said it could have allowed discrimination against gays. >> i think that's happened in the last few days is the best of our country and democracy we were able to do this, working together, sometimes with tension, but that tension produces a good result. >> reporter: indiana lawmakers spent the day writing a fix for their state's law which faced similar, if not louder, protests. after signing the amendment governor pence tweeted some will think the bill goes too far and some who think not far enough. some people sharing that sentiment are in indiana's lgbt community saying gays need more protection from discrimination. >> it's a good first step. >> reporter: mark shellenberg are and john land born were married in indiana snortly after same sex marriage became legal here. >> we would really have rather seen the folks who framed this say this was a mistake. we're going to start over. >> reporter: some indiana
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democrats are pushing for a more inclusive anti- discrimination law. >> indiana's governor says the new law makes it clear businesses are not allowed to use religious beliefs as a reason for denying services to anyone. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> a yellow alert on tap for tomorrow. >> both commutes i think will be affected. keep the umbrella handy. we clear out the weekend, cooler, but the holiday weekend looks okay. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam high temperature today 74. it's still 68. that's kind of crazy. relative humidity only 36%, pretty dry air mass, so most of the showers earlier are not even hitting the ground out toward hagerstown into cumberland. they will later on. winds south, southwest at 16, still a minor factor. i widened the radar out, big
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thunderstorms along the high live through kentucky and -- ohio river through kentucky and southern sections of indiana. we have a few hours before anything gets in here. yellow alert, showers and thunderstorms, bus stop temperatures warm 52 to 62. there will be some showers at the tail end of the bus stop in the morning for some folks. leave the jacket. you could probably ditch the jacket tomorrow, but grab the umbrella. both commutes could be wet. not everyone will see a wet commute, but some of you will see a doubleheader tomorrow wet going and coming home. 9:00 in the morning showers albeit light up and down 95, 64 downtown, low 60s in the suburbs, 62 in leesburg and manassas, heavier activity moved across the bay in yellow. by 12:30, 1:00 more showers possible, manassas down toward fredericksburg. 70 now downtown, upper 60s in the suburbs. 6:00 hour now yellow and
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orange, a little heavier activity, convection thunderstorms, if you will. by 6 p.m. we're 75 but getting ready for showers and thunderstorms. that will slow you down especially if you go up 270. by 8:00 a few showers into prince george's county back into manassas. overnight we're tracking showers and thunderstorms, but temperatures are still in the upper 60s and low 70s. so day planner, 62 to start at 7:00, mid-60s by 9:00, almost 70 by 11:00 and 72 by 1:00 with a couple showers. next three days. after we get through tomorrow's yellow alert cooler but nice, beginning of passover, few early clouds. 63 on easter sunday, cooler and also breezy. keep that in mind. it will be breezy both saturday and sunday. kind of a rude awakening from our 70s today and tomorrow. after that monday home opener, the nats. you can watch it on channel 9. i refrained from putting a drop
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there. mid-70s tuesday and showers wednesday and thursday. >> like that trend. >> thanks for holding back on that drop. >> my pleasure. speaking of opening day in sports, what's going on? >> we got the caps in final push for the playoffs, four games left, every point counts. the great 8 is doing his best to help his team make post season
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> it's been a great week for alex ovechkin. tuesday night he scored his 50th goal of the season becoming just the sixth player to do that six times in nhl history. tonight the great 8 reached not one but two more milestones, another game, another history making moment for ovie. 2nd period game tied 1-1. ovie glides down and puts the puck past kerry bryce for career goal 473, taking the franchise record. ovie denied and then he puts home the rebel. it's only his 100th cha -- the
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rebound. it's also his 100th career multi goal game. the washington wizards hosting their fourth annual spread the word to end the word in conjunction with the special olympics of d.c. their purpose? to end the use of the r word. ramon sessions, garrett temple and porter were the coaches and john wall wearing stripes as the referee. >> they love playing the sport but can't play it at the highest level. i know they probably look up to us, but they're bigger role models to us than what we are to them. time for our high school game of the week one day early. we head to the baseball field. let's just say this is a game flowers would probably like to forget. the pumas scored 17 runs including this r.b.i.
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hit here. weiss wins big 17-6. the maryland women ahead of their final four showdown with connecticut. our diane roberts caught up with the team upon their arrival. >> reporter: better late than never, the maryland terrapin women's basketball team touched down around 8:45, about an hour and 20 minutes late, but the excitement and enthusiasm wasn't diminished at all. >> hi! go terps! >> feels great. the weather's great. to have all the people out here supporting us is just amazing, really grateful to be here. >> reporter: anything you have to do to keep your mind focused with all the palm trees and water and sand? >> probably stay inside. i know we want to hit the pool or something, try to maybe go see the beach. we know what we're here to do. >> reporter: the buses left the airport for their new home away from home and with the late start everybody couldn't wait to get their grub on and
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they're starving for a within over uconn. >> we know what we're playing for, obviously thrilled to be here, but when it's time to practice and lock in, we will. >> reporter: after a good meal and good night's rest the terps will start fresh friday. they'll have study hall and practice two days before game day. before we leave, some breaking news, shaka smart leaving vcu. he was making just under 2 million. >> he's been in the rumor mill to go somewhere else
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part by colonial williamsburg spring get-aways. >> don't forget you can tweet me or derek any time night or day @janjeffcoat and @mcgintyman. >> if you can find your phone. yellow alert tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms, keep the umbrella handy all day. showers in the morning, showers in the afternoon and showers tomorrow night as well, but a cool dry holiday weekend. >> sounds good, sir. see you guys
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