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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 1, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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on who they've got in custody. >> reporter: metropolitan police arrested 21-year-old jamyra gallmon of southeast. she has been charged with first degree felony murder while armed. now, she was arrested just a few hours ago, 3:30 this afternoon, according to police. at this point a motive as well as the relationship between messerschmitt and gallmon remain unclear. police previous released surveillance video from the donovan hotel showing a person of interest in messerschmitt's murder. they are looking into whether gallmon, the person they arrested, is the person in that video. messerschmitt was found dead in his hotel room at 11:00 a.m. tuesday february 10th, having suffered multiple stab wounds. his wife reported him missing hours before. they were mysterious circumstances surrounding his death from who did it to why, to why he was even at the hotel. police previously told us they were looking into whether
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messerschmitt used any sort of mobile apps to meet anyone at the hotel. they were looking at that among other things. during an emotional plea for information last week,messerschmitt's widow said she had lost her husband and had no answers, no clue as to why. so perhaps this arrest that police made today will help her and help them come to some conclusions. live in the district. >> i have to ask you, any word from the cops on how they linked this particular woman to the murder itself? >> reporter: still looking into it. we still have a lot of questions. this has been a mysterious case throughout. we've had a lot of questions, and they're still looking into their relationship, how they came to find this 21-year-old woman and what any sort of motive would be. all those remain questions. >> all right, thank you. we'll be following up on this at 9 news now at 11:00. we'll see you then. two educators in different
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counties face serious charges against children, one accused of assaulting a student. the other miadtted to inappropriately touching students. 50-year-old jose pineda pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual abuse of middle school students. he was a substitute teacher at more than 20 montgomery schools. his case brought to light a stunning detail in today's testimony. a middle school testimony told jose pineda's first known victim in 2004 not to report the abuse to police or child protective services. the principal at the time was john burly. he allegedly told the girl and her mother he, quote, did not want a scandal. >> at least within the last year, the school system, the police department and my office are working collaboratively to try to make sure what happened in mr. jose pineda's case does not occur again. >> he also pleaded guilty to a 2014 case in which he repeatedly touched a 12-year- old student inappropriately. the married father of 3 will be sentenced next month, and as part of the plea agreement he will not serve more than 5
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years in prison and he also faces possible deportation to honduras. also today a former principal in prince george's county walls in court facing charges of child abuse. jefferson sat quietly as one of his former students said he was punched in the student and face last fall at age 13. jefferson was confronting the victim because he was late and allegedly speaking disrespectfully to adults, they said. they questioned the credibility of the victim and suggested he did not like jefferson. closing arguments are tomorrow at 9:00. our helicopter search for an escaped convict in fairfax county, one powerful nose knew where he was. a dog sniffed out the jail escapee. >> wossen assaye allegedly drove his stolen car up this dead end here before breaking into this house looking for some way to get out of the
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hospital gown heescaped in. not much gets past bailey the bulldog, certainly not an escaped federal prisoner. >> just barking, barking, and which she never does. this was about 8:00 a.m. >> reporter: hundreds of heavily armed cops were out searching for accused bank robber wossen assaye after he somehow managed to overpower a private security guard on tuesday at a nova fairfax hospital. bailey knew just where he was. >> reporter: she tried to drag me across to the house. >> reporter: wossen assaye had allegedly driven his carjacked toyota into morgan's son's vacant garage to try and repair a flat. >> opened every single can, found clothes upstairs, left his hospital gown, put on the clothes, ate some food. >> reporter: the cops swarmed in moments later but wossen assaye had already taken off. fran chess ska morgan says it
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is a real good thing the escapee did not come over to her house next door. she said bailey would have latched on to him and never let go. >> that's a good girl. they're taking your picture. >> reporter: in annandale, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> the u.s. marshals say they are reviewing procedures that leave private security guards in charge of prisoners at the hospital but decline to say more citing the fbi investigation. we have a new look at the woman behind the wheel of that crazy chase in fairfax county yesterday. officers tried to pull over lakisha tracy for outstanding warrants but instead police say she sped off. you've seen this crazy video. a high-speed chase ensued. after a few doughnuts on the highway, police were able to get her out of the truck and into custody. prince william county and virginia lawmakers have been fighting for years against a highway she say is bad for northern virginia. they believe they've created an indefinite roadblock for that
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project. >> reporter: farmland and the manassas battlefield park would be impacted and homes destroyed because of the proposed parkway. but lawmakers in the commonwealth say residents have scored a few victories, because the highway won't be built. >> your homes, your neighborhoods and this church will i continue to exist and thrive with certainty. >> reporter: that's a relief to homeowners who live on sanders lane near the manassas battlefield. >> we worked our butts off all our life. why take it from us? >> reporter: residents and lawmakers have fighting for years against a road they say is bad for the area. it was ruining the royal crescent and to give up federal land as well, which would impact the battlefield and our way of life here. that's why we moved here. that's why we love it here. >> time for champagne, man. >> reporter: that may be a premature celebration, virginia department of transportation says. a law passed last year puts the project on hold as they figure
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out what transportation projects are eligible and what takes priority in the state. they say it's not necessarily dead, they just don't know. in manassas, surae chinn, wusa 9. the university of virginia has a new policy on how students and the school ought to handle sexual assault cases and it is not in response to that controversial rolling stone article. instead it was sparked by complaints from a student who said the college lost critical evidence in her 2011 assault. complaints will now be examined by the university's full-time investigator and students will be allowed to have an adviser of their choice at disciplinary hearings. uva turns out is one of 106 schools all across the nation that are in violation of the federal antidiscrimination law known as title 9. >> there's a changing of the guard at a key job in d.c. vincent cohen, jr., took over as acting district attorney for the district of columbia. he succeeds mason after serving
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more than five years in office. he came face-to-face with a navy yard shooter so to say he's brave is the understatement. >> but today lawmakers did what they could to say thank you to a d.c. officer who shot and killed that gunman and even took a bullet himself. michael & son mike shu with the story. >> reporter: killed by a deranged contractor for an hour rooms through building steamingly unstoppable until officer dorian desantis who took a bullet to his vest shot him dead. >> dead. >> i would like to present to you law enforcement congressional badge for your extraordinary bravery above and beyond all duty. >> reporter: standing next to him, his wife, diane. >> i'm so proud. i mean, for our girls and me, he's been a hero since it happened, and i'm just glad. he doesn't want to talk to anybody about it, but he
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should, because he should be really proud of what he does. >> i try to avoid you guys. i don't really like giving interviews. >> reporter: i sense it's harder for this hero to their down reporters than a gunman. even the congressman has to give him a nudge. >> i asked officer officer desantis do you want to say a few words? he said not really. i said you've got to. >> i thank you for this award. i'll be the keeper of the award for everybody else responding. >> is that who he is? >> it's truly who he is. it makes me crazy because i want him to be out there getting everything that he deserves, because i'm proud. but i respect that's who he is, and that's okay. >> reporter: heroes do not have to brag about it. the washington police foundation named desantis officer of the year for 2014. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow.
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it was a pretty pleasant day tomorrow but tomorrow will get down right warm and windy. we'll talk about it coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. following the controversy in indiana, did you know the state of virginia has a religious freedom restoration act? breaking down the laws. i could have gone the rest of my
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maryland state delegate c.c. wilson says he became a lawmaker to bring about change. now he's hoping to do that by revealing his his darkest secret, that he was sexually abused as a child. >> reporter: it was supposed to be routine testimony in front of a senate committee march 18 about a child sex abuse legal reform bill. no one expected delegate wilson of charles county, maryland, to reveal what happened to him as a little boy. >> after the physical abuse would come the sexual abuse for
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the slightest mistake. i can't sit here and describe to you the pain of being beaten, sodomized and molested for years. there's no amount of counseling or talking that's going to bring me back to normal. i know that. >> i could have gone the rest of my life without talking about that. >> reporter: in his office today wilson said he did it to lead the way for others hesitating to testify. for a bill to allow victims of child sex abuse to sue decades later. >> no matter what happened to you as a kid, too bad, the way it is right now. >> reporter: wilson's abuser died in 1999. he became a combat veteran, a prosecutor, a politician and a father. >> i would like my legacy to be something more than this. that's why i avoided a lot of it. but if i can let people know that they're not alone, i guess maybe it's worth it. >> reporter: in annapolis, scott broom, wusa 9. >> wow, what a brave thing for him to do. to watch all of his testimony and more of his remarkable testimony today you can find links on our website and the
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wusa 9 news app. lawmakers in indiana and arkansas are reworking words tonight hoping to clarify each state's stance on religious freedom. today arkansas' governor went back on his word saying he will not sign the state's bill as it stands right now. lawmakers passed it yesterday. it's the same sort of legislation they say that exists in 20 other states and is patterned after a 1993 federal law. others say the language strayed from federal measure and its true intent is to allow discrimination against gays. in indiana, lawmakers working long hours adding language to the much criticized religious freedom law. test draft includes limited protections for gays and lesbians. if you're still trying to get your mind around the whole controversy, join the club. we stent our stephanie ramirez to talk to a professor who says the law is not the same as the
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federal law and he explains why. >> actually a lot of states have these religious freedom restoration acts in place already including the state of virginia. that's why i went to georgia mason university. >> in indiana there's an explicit grant or right given to corporations to specifically, some people call it, discriminate against certain classes of americans. >> reporter: and law professor says there's no specific grant for corporations in virginia or the federal religious law that sparked so many on the state level. >> it's almost like a card that says get out of jail free. you may discriminate if you can base it upon the religion that you practice. >> reporter: around arlington, people saying. >> as an american i'm offended. as an indiana resident i would be offended. >> any group of people, if you threaten one, you threaten them all. >> what if suddenly somebody doesn't like short women? their religion says, women should be in the kitchen.
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you know, you get the idea. religion can say anything. >> reporter: while indiana now tries to clarify this, the professor says from his perspective. >> it's creating lots of discussion and i think that discussion is going to end up being positive or at least i hope it is. >> reporter: in arlington, wusa 9 news. >> meantime, virginia has had its own share of controversy. for example, the state legislature defeated the governor's efforts to add antidiscrimination efforts when they legalized the uber cabs. rain could mess up your weekend plans. the full forecast after
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go to today. those cherry blossoms getting closer and closer to seeing the light of spring. tonight the national service sent out this photo saying they're popping up on 70% of tidal basin trees. this is a week later than last year but the peak blooms will be april 11th through the 14th, their data suggests. >> if they need rain they'll get it over the next few days, right? >> that's right. starting thursday night we'll see the rain and it won't wrap up until we're heading into easter weekend. we'll enjoy a bump up in the temperatures. let's start off with a look at the michael & son live weather cam at reagan national airport. now that the sun is setting, temperatures are starting to drop. we're down to 59 degrees.
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our highest hourly temperature was 61. so we're just dropping a little bit from our high temperature. winds out of the north at 7 miles per hour or going to become southerly as we head into the overnight hours. an indication that milder air is on the way and that will return for thursday. but so will the cloud cover. we're going to see an increase in clouds not until late in the day, but they will come and then during the overnight hours thursday night into friday morning some scattered showers, not a lot of rain until we get into the day on friday. now, maybe you're going to travel for this holiday weekend. good friday, of course, services on good friday, it's going to be wet for a lot of us for those good friday services. on satellite and radar, you can see how very clear we are right now. nothing really going on on satellite and radar within hundreds of miles. and on 9 futurecast, you can see how clear it's going to stay overnight tonight. heading into tomorrow morning, the southerly breeze starts to bring in that milder air. we're still going to be completely dry during the day
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on thursday. you can see those showers start to approach on thursday night though. most of the rain holds off until after midnight. we could see a sprinkle before midnight in the immediate metro area. the main target, we'll see the rain falling during the friday morning commute. here's that rain for your drive. more rain for the drive in the afternoon and early evening. so if you do have off on friday, i guess it's a good day to avoid the roads. the cold front actually sweeps through on friday night and then cooler and drier air descends in on saturday morning. but overnight tonight, mostly clear to partly cloudy. 36 to 45. winds light out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. then the winds pick up pretty quickly during the morning hours on thursday. temperatures in the 40s and 50s under mostly sunny sky. winds out of the south at 10 to 20 miles per hour. the winds get even stronger in the afternoon out of the south at 15 to 25 miles per hour. we'll become partly cloudy by the end of the day with highs between 65 and 74 degrees. it's going to be well above our
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seasonal average. on friday, it stays warm, stays breezy, but then we have to add in those showers and thunderstorms. that's why we have a yellow alert in effect. after an early shower on saturday, we'll keep it dry for the rest of the easter weekend. a really nice easter sunday with a high of 63 degrees. >> thank you, erica. crawling along the beltway, stop and go, driving, g.c. commuters, you know traffic all too well. other cities have more reasons to honk. how the district ranked in a new traffic study
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you're our kind of different. devry university. different. on purpose.
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here is news that just might surprise you if you happen to drive around our part of town. the district does not have the worst traffic in the nation. in fact, we're not even in the top five according to data from the gps maker tom-tom. d.c. rankings number 9. >> topping a list this year, l.a. where drivers spend an extra 92 hours in traffic each year. that's four days of their live dedicated to sitting behind the wheel. rounding out the top 5, san francisco, honolulu, new york and seattle. >> i've seen the surveys before. we're always in the top one or
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two. did their traffic get worse or ours get better? >> i think there's got worse. >> that's our broadcast. we're
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is barbara walters trying to get monica lewinsky to join "the view"? what we've learned about a report that she could be hired to boost barbara's show. ♪♪ people can have, you know competing ideas and bearing viewpoints on things. >> it's a great issue on "the view.” >> ratings just aren't the same and a former co-host is sounding off. >> i think the titanic might go down. >> is monica part of barbara's secret plan. hear what lskewinpey's ople and "the view" tell us today. >> beyonce shuts down new york's chanel show. what went on inside with her and pharrell? >> could there be a collaboration in the works? >> also flashbacks. punky brewster today in a bikini. >> plus arnold on his return as the terminator. >> i'll be back. >> and ll cool j is here for our "e.t." lip sync battle. >> get it on right now! >> he was not expecting this.
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>> hot damn! >> or this. >> wow! ♪♪ ♪♪ now "e.t.," what happens next is no april fool's. >> how about there? according to a new report barbara walters has a plan to rescue "the view," her secret weapon, monica lewinsky. >> right. we know that monica is doing her best to try to change her image these days and she recently gave a new powerful pep talk and there is a new vanity fair interview where she is asking the questions. the 41-year-old using her voice and her experience to speak out against cyber bullying. >> here's the thing, brooke, her voice could be headed to "the view.” we have new details from our sources. >> our sources at says barbara walters is very keen on bringing monica lewinsky aboard on "the view." she feels that she could be the saving grace of the show. >> you're looking at a woman who was publicly silent for a decade. obviously, that's changed


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