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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  April 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon. the trial of a former middle school principal accused of punching a student tops the news at noon.
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dwight jefferson at eisenhower middle school is facing one count of second degree child abuse. the alleged victim a seventh grade student. jefferson allegedly confronted the students about being late then ump punched him in the stomach and face. several employees testified about seeing the student with a swollen eye. you can keep track of the latest developments on our wusa 9 app. also an update during our evening's newscast today. an investigation underway in a fire in southeast washington. the flames brought out in the 3200 block of o street this morning. a former fbi agent is looking at seven years in prison now for stealing heroin that was collected as evidence. 33-year-old matthew lowery of upper marshawn lynch blow pleaded agree to 64 criminal
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krantz yesterday. because he tampered with and in some cases use the heroin, prosecutors had to drop charges against 28 defendants. his lawyer is going to try to get it that sentence reduced. prospects for streetcars are greatly this afternoon. the mayor promised the line will open. her transportation chief warned the streetcar operation was in jeopardy. she said she wants to give free rides to school children on metro rail. add mayor bowser to the list of politicians banning employees to indiana. critics argue the religious freedom law would allow businesses to deny services to gay customers. bowser issued an executive order banning law. in national news now, an investigation is underway into the death of an heir to the getty oil fortune.
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47-year-old andy getty was found dead last night. they say it appears to be from natural causes. >> this is an undetermined death investigation as we would any retune investigation where we found an individual deceased of unknown causes. >> the woman who called 911 from getty's home has been questioned by police. sources say it was a former girlfriend of getty, but police would not confirm that. efforts are underway to extinguish a massive fire at a oregon high school right now. the four-alarm fire was reported at 6:30 this morning and the flames broke out in the cafeteria of south albany high school. the fire quickly spread to the rest of the building. the entire infrastructure infrastructure is in danger of collapsing that joni mitchell is in intensive care in a los angeles area hospital this
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afternoon. the 71-year-old member of the rock and roll hall of fame was found unconscious yesterday in her home. aides say she is undergoing tests. they declined to release any information about her illness. new york's police review board is hearing a complaint against an nypd detective who cursed out an uber driver. the irate cop pulled over a driver for honking at him. a passenger's smartphone captured every foul word. >> you ones me? >> yes, i understand. >> okay. stop it with your mouth. stop with your for what, sir. >> reporter: new york police detective patrick cherry, assigned to the fbi's joint terrorism task force, lashed out on monday afternoon. >> do you understand me? [bleep]. >> reporter: the uber driver tried to explain why he honked his horn at him.
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>> i just say -- >> i don't care what you have to say. do you understand that? how long have you been in this country? >> almost a two years. >> almost how long? >> two years. i got news for you. remember this in the future. don't ever do that again. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs this morning, the nypd said in part we referred the matter to the nypd internal affairs and noted that the detective was on duty at the time of the incident. new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> there is just no place for any public servant to use discriminatory or negative language. >> reporter: uber said it is wrong and unacceptable and says they are in touch with the driver partner subjected to this experience and will continue to provide any support he needs. >> this is important enough to me. you are not important enough. don't ever do that again. >> reporter: the passenger who took the video tweeted he plans to testify at the civilian complaint review board meeting
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wednesday to help jump start the independent investigation. anna warner, cbs news new york. and some unwanted publicity this time for an uber driver in colorado. a denver woman says after a ride to the airport her uber driver returned to her home and tried to break into it. he was stopped by her roommate. the driver is identified as 51-year-old gerald montgomery. arrested in nearby jeff son county after that. he was already wanted on attempted burglary charges. they are now blocking his access to potential passengers during this investigation. german airline executives are refusing to answer questions about the medical history of their co-pilot. tina kraus has more. >> reporter: the chief executives of lufthansa and germanwings airlines laid flowers at a monument dedicated to the victims of last week's
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plane crash in the swiss alps. >> it will take a long for us to understand how this could happen. >> reporter: the airline bosses thanked recovery teams who authorities say have now finished the grim task of collecting body parts. but the executives refuse to say what the airline knew about the mental health of co-pilot andreas lubitz. >> the 27-year-old is expected of purposely crashing a jetliner, killing himself and 149 others. investigators say lubitz had been treat ford suicidal tendencies and hid his mental health problems from his employer. lufthansa admitted it knew six years he suffered from an episode of severe depression before he finished flight training but said he passed all medical checks since then. when lubitz flew the plane into the french mountainside it smashed into thousands of pieces. investigators say it could take several more months to retrieve
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all the wreckage. tina crouse, cbs news. >> investigators are calling on anyone with footage of that disaster to hand it over to officials. a french magazine and german newspaper say they have seen cell phone video allegedly shot by a passenger just moments after that crash. always watching. always tracking. wusa 9's first alert weather. >> it is pleasantly cool out there. certainly cooler than yesterday. once those showers came through, brought in that colder air last night. we had some spots in the 20s this morning. satellite and radar very quiet. clouds in pennsylvania might sneak in towards northern maryland later this afternoon. here is the difference in temperatures. 10 to 15 degrees in all that blue area as opposed to yesterday at this time. we hit the low 70s yesterday. right now only 51. with light winds it's pretty nice outside. williams port 39. they had 6 to 7 inches of snow in that part of the world yesterday with that storm.
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for us the rest of the afternoon looks sunny. upper 50s to near 60. low 50s by nine. and we have quite a warm-up the next couple of days. talk about some spring-like weather with you in just a few minutes. michael, back to you. >> thank you. still ahead on wusa 9 news at noon, iraq declares victory in the month-long mission to drive isis out of saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit. those stories an
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welcome back to channel 9 at noon. iraq'siraq flags are going up all over saddam hussein's hometown as
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isis fighters are fleeing their positions. the city is about 80 miles north of baghdad and lies on the road connecting the capitol to iraq's second largest city of mowsual. that's the next target for iraqi forces. a young syrian refugee is raising her arms in surrender and this video has gone viral. it happened when the girl mistook a girl's camera for a weapon. the photographer says this little girl traveled for nearly 100 miles away to get to this refugee camp near the turkish border. and what a daring rescue at sea. coast guard search and rescue teams came to the aid of a canadian tall ship that ended up getting stranded off the coast of cape cod. they sprang into action after receiving a distress call from
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the crew. as conditions deteriorated the vessel's engines were disabled and sails ended up wrapping around the mast. the congratulations tried to pull it to shore but the tow line broke. nine men leapt onto the coast guard ships. negotiations over iran's nuclear program are inover time. there was enough progress in the initial session to extend the talks past the march 31st deadline. craig boswell has more from the white house. >> reporter: u.s. negotiators say enough progress has been made to extend talks over iran's nuclear program. the u.k.'s top negotiators say discussions may continue another 24 to 48 hours. >> but it does mean the iranians being willing to meet us whether it's still issues we need to deal with. >> reporter: the stucking points, how much nuclear fuel iran will be allowed to produce in the future and how to verify that fuel is for peaceful purposes only. negotiators also need to decide
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when economic sanctions are lifted. secretary kerry updated president obama on the talks last night. president obama insists the u.s. is prepared to walk away from the negotiations if iran won't budge. he says no deal is better than a bad deal. not everyone in washington is convinced. >> it's the president who is putting politics above america's best interest. >> reporter: arkansas senator tom cotton who sent a letter to iran threatening to rescind any deal once president obama leaves office is among a group of lawmakers who do not want sanctions against iran lifted. >> we would reimpose the sanctions that have been suspended. we should add additional sanctions. we should not be negotiating from a position of weakness. >> reporter: leaders from france, russia, and china is left negotiations. their delegations stayed behind to work out a framework for a possible deal. craig boswell. >> benjamin netanyahu, who is also very leary of a deal with iran, met with house speaker
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john boehner today to discuss the talks. still ahead on wusa 9, this noon a washington tradition. the new england signs of spring and talk about the cherry blossoms finally. and it's a beautiful day. even without the cherry blossoms, we have a pleasant afternoon, a good vitamin d- day. the numbers are showing high tree pollen. grassle pollen is lo
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welcome back. the metro is suspending track work overtime next two weekends to clear way for cherry blossom
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tourists. the national park service expects the peak bloom for the trees to be between april 11 and the 14th. metro says weekend ridership can double during cherry blossoms season. we look forward to you stopping by and visiting us on april 11. we will be hosting the national cherry blossoms parade. and if you can't be there live, you can see everything on wusa 9 starting at noon. we rebroadcast the parade. okay. so is this one of the latest blooms. year? >> it very well could be. i have been looking at some of the records. some of the latest blooms like the 15th and 16th. this could be the latest bloom in 20 years, 40 years depending if it hits that 11 to target. some were the 15th, 16th, for the latest. >> a cold stretch in february and march. >> we just need a few warm days to really get things moving as far as the buds are concerned. there are other trees that are starting to bud out now.
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just be patient. we are talking about the cherry trees by the tidal basin. other varieties are starting to bud out. beautiful day today. very, very gorgeous out there. we have got temperatures which are going to struggle to get towards 60 in spite of the sunshine and then be in the 50s this evening. the real saving grace the winds are light. that's not going to be the case tomorrow or friday or saturday for that matter. in fact, a chilly night tonight with the light winds. back in the 30s and 40s by tomorrow morning. however, winds pick up. the warmth moves in for tomorrow and friday. but the difference is friday we have a threat for some showers and storms. actually, a shower friday morning. if the showers and storms hold off late enough to friday evening, we can be close to 80 on friday afternoon. then we cool down saturday and nice for easter. i think we will be back in the low 60s with sunshine. that's good news. a cold morning. temperatures like dulles and leesburg upper 20s.
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40 quantico. we have recovered nicely here. it's cool, but pleasantly cool. upper 40s and low 50s now out there. 50 in reidville and cambridge. it's 52, one of our warm spots in frederick. also in winchester and cumberland at 50 degrees. looking outside again a beautiful afternoon. 51 at reagan national. the area is dry. humidity is only 38%. we have a lot of warmth in the middle of the country. you know, the computer is trying to get us to the low 60s today. that could be a stretch. what i want to point out is really the 70s and ease that are stretching across a booed portion of the south, central plains, minneapolis all this warmth is going to be moving in our direction for tomorrow and friday. right now quiet. high pressure in ohio moving towards west virginia. clouds that might just sneak in here for the afternoon. for the most part not really concerned about any moisture from that. our futurecast quiet for the rest of the afternoon and tonight. tomorrow starts out chilly. but as the winds turn to the south in the afternoon and they are going to get gusty.
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i think the winds could gusty over 30 miles per hour. that will warm us to the upper 60s and low 70s. thursday night notice the showers into western maryland. watch if those might sneak across to friday morning. looks like the main event may hold off until friday after dark. if this happens, you know, here we are at 6:00. maybe dinnertime up north from frederick towards martinsberg, points north and west, the showers and storms. but right here, if that works out, that's why we'll see temperatures near 80 before the showers and storms move in friday night and the cold he air for saturday morning. temperatures today near 60. cool, dry, pleasant. 42 in town with mid-to-upper 30s in the cold spots. tomorrow 72. windy and warmer. friday windy and warmer. this may be a yellow alert for friday. highs at least 75. i am thinking it's going to be warmer. cooling off saturday after an
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early sprinkle. baseball that's opening day here on wusa 9. going to be a nice day for that with a high of 67. we have
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welcome back. you know him as an author, a best selling author, a public speaker, and of course an advocate for holistic health. now another novel. he is here to talk about his new book called the 13th diciple. this is not your first novel? >> no. this is my 11th novel. i have written other novel.
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mostly historical fiction, the life of jesus, mohammed, ten other people. this book is about feminine divine. the attitudes of the divine feminine that we usually ignore in religion. normally, when you look at religion, it's punishment, guilt, reward, conquest. but there are aspects of the divine such as beauty, intuition, nurturing, affection, tenderness, love, compassion, joy, equinamity, insight, intuition. all of that is part of the story. there are six characters here that range the gamut of the attitudes. the seekers, the ones seeking enlightened awareness, and the religious people. >> and this is an adventure. these characters go on a journey? >> in another dimension, yes.
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>> is it difficult to describe another dimension when you are writing? it's pretty esoteric. >> you have seen interstellar? >> yes. >> there you are. >> many areas of expertise, obviously. health, meditation. religion. does it wave all of those together, would -- weave all of those together, would you say? >> yes, it does. ultimate goal is to understand your own self. who are you? what's the meaning of existence? do we have a soul? what happens to us after we die? if god exists, why should god, he, she, it care about us? are we just a speck of dust in the mindless void somewhere in the japing yard of infinity? is there meaning and purpose to our existence? ? >> okay. and you have an event tonight where you are seek speaking at george washington university.
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if tickets are available see him there. thank you so much for your time. good luck with the latest novel. that technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways.
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>> jack: what do you mean, jabot was breached? how badly? >> ashley: i.t. is still investigating. so far, marketing division's been hit, as well as our fashion. >> jack: what about hex? what about r&d? >> ashley: let's put it this way. the reason i wanted to meet here is in case my office has been bugged again. >> jack: i assume security is on this. >> ashley: yeah, well, they're sweeping the building for any unauthorized devices. employees have been advised to change their passwords. i mean, we are adding levels of security, jack. all of our files that are sensitive -- obviously they're encrypted, but if somebody's determined, there's really no way to stop them. >> jack: somebody like victor. oh, come on. this has his grubby fingerprints all over it. >> victoria: billy told me what happened at jabot, all of the corporate hackings in the news. you know, it's incredibly disturbing. >> billy: yeah. i was asking vicki if she knows who's behind it. >> chelsea: and i'm guessing you don't? >> victoria: no. not a clue. sorry. >> chelsea: uh, no, but i was asking because i ove


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