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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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welcome to the news at noon. i'm mike haiduk. it is official ted cruz is running for president. the u.s. senator from texas is the first candidate to officially announce he is
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indeed running. the tea party member made his first appearance at liberty university in virginia. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: ted cruz is the first to throw his hat into the 2016 presidential race. >> i am announcing i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: the 44-year-old republican senator from texas first announced his candidacy on twitter at midnight and then released a video aimed at young voters. >> it is going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to lead the fight. >> reporter: there were plenty of young voters on hand at liberty university in lynchburg, virginia where cruz emphasized his conservative values. >> i believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of america. >> reporter: senator cruz has been a lightning rod for controversy during his time in congress. he led a 2013 government shut down, aimed at blocking funding for president obama's healthcare law. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding bjork until i am
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no longer able to stand. >> reporter: that charge helped boost cruz's image among tea party conservatives. he is also helping to secure votes from younger voters. the field of gop white house contenders is expected to grow quickly. wisconsin governor scott walker, rand paul and jeb bush are among the republicans also considering presidential bids. blake braddock secondary school in burk, virginia canceled classes today to investigate reports of a bomb threat. no bomb was ever found. school officials contacted police a little before 2:00 this morning. they say a school employee received a threatening e-mail that did mention a become. the school was closed out of an abundance of caution. >> there were police cars everywhere. the entire parking lot was filled with police cars and there were a couple of groups of officers with dogs. there were a bunch of police
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officers standing around. >> reporter: now the bomb sniffing dogs finished searching just before 10:00 this morning and classes will resume tomorrow morning. police are asking for your help. they are trying to find a 5- year-old boy who is missing. noah thomas was last seen yesterday on highland road in dublin, virginia. he was wearing a jacket, black and yellow pants and spiderman boots. noah has green eyes, red hair and is about 4 feet tall. police believe he left his house with another child. police call virginia state police if you have any information. a new report on rape allegations at a uva fraternity house comes out in about two hours. charlotte police investigated after a rolling stone article alleged a gang rape occurred on campus in 2012. a lot of information in that rolling stone report has since been discredited. but police say the woman in the article could still possibly be a victim. uva is releasing its findings
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at around 2:00 this afternoon. police now have a suspect connected to a fatal stabbing of a 94-year-old prince george's county woman. a suspect is the woman's daughter. 60-year-old michelle davis killed margaret wells saturday. davis is charged with first degree murder now. investigators say that stabbing happened after an argument. howard county police officer nursing injuries he received when his cruiser was hit by a suspected drunk driver. officer mike marino had stopped on route 29 yesterday to help an off-duty police officer who had hit a deer. that is when richard antigua hit the cruiser. both men were taken for treatment and charges are now pending. witnesses called it chaos. a gun battle broke out between police and nine suspects in a wal-mart parking lot in cottonwood, arizona this weekend. a total of 8 officers were roughed up. one took a bullet to the leg.
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investigators say all the suspects in the case were related. police who were there, people who were there could hardly believe what they were seeing. >> a lot of screams, a female, screeching noise like unreal. i heard about 8 to 10 shots. >> reporter: when it was over one person was dead, another one was shot in the stomach. a wal-mart employee also broke an arm. when it was all over, seven people are hauled off to jail. former professional football player darren sharper plans to plead guilty today. he is accused of drugging and raping nine women in four states. we will learn more about the plea agreement today. in louisiana alone sharper faces the possibility of two life terms in prison. sharper was a safety for the new orleans saints and most recently an analyst for the nfl network no multi-millionaire
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murder suspect roberts durst's lawyers are arguing. they say prosecutors don't have enough evidence to hold him on a drug and gun case in louisiana or a murder case out of california. still ahead on wusa9, more than 500 years after his death king richard iii receives a proper burial. coming up special delivery,
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there is a new push underway april 1, calling atlantic city the entertainment capital of the jersey shore. with casinos now facing very fierce competition the city is bringing in some big name acts to drum up business. madonna, the who, laided gaga,
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-- lady gaga. they are hoping it will make up for lost revenue. pope francis gladly accepted a pizza in the motorcade in naples. earlier this month the pope said the one inthg that really bugged him about being pontif was not being able to go out for pizza without fanfare. thousands of people are lining up in one of england's oldest cities to get a glimpse of king richard ii's coffin. the monarch was buried very quickly after he died in a battle and now more than 500 years later he is getting a proper sendoff. >> reporter: royal protocol may be a well established industry in britain, but there's never been anything like this. they have had to make up the rules as you go along for how you treat a king who has been vilified in history and had gone missing since 1485.
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richard iii's bones are lying not in state but in a simple coffin. he will be here until thursday. it was only three years ago his remains were discovered lying unceremoniously in a long lost grave that had been covered by a parking lot of the shakespeare said when richard was knocked off his mount he offered his kingdom for a horse. but the battle wounds to his skull show what happened when he didn't get one. richard finally got his horse five centuries later as his coffin was taken in a procession through town. history written by the tudor dynasty that deposed him depicted richard as a child mad psychopath and murderer. where history once happened and where a king will be buried it is hoped tourists can't be far behind. judging from the crowds here today local officials could be right. mark phillips in england.
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how are your brackets? any left? they do not call it march madness for nothing, howard. >> reporter: two of my final four are out and done with. low 30s and 40s right now, but we have bright sun and light winds. so not too bad. in fact i think the cold could be helping. the allergy index, the tree pollen, which last week was high, is now moderate. the mold spores are low. got a chance if a few flakes and a chance for thunder, all in the 7-day forecast, which i will present to you ri
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in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care. eight games in four days and now finally the sweet 16 is set for the ncaa basketball
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tournament. top seeds fell and the virginia cavaliers are among those who will be watching from home. for some teams revenge is a dish best served cold. but for virginia, well they just can't seem to find the recipe. and the spartans head onto the regional. >> reporter: michigan state, a 7 seed bounced the second seeded cavaliers from the dance for the second time in two years. and they weren't the only tournament favorites packing their bags -- early. kansas and villanova, both poised for deep post season runs, were upset at the hands of the lower seeds. most of the other tournament
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heavyweights, punched their ticket to the sweet 16. a number of cinderellas stopped dancing including the early story of the tournament, florida state. >> xavier advances. >> reporter: panthers head coach ron hunter was upbeat in his press conference, but got emotional talking about his son, r. j. >> as a coach best time of my life. but as a father,. [crying] >> reporter: the field is now whittled down from 16 to 68. -- to 16 from 68. >> but a few teams are still looking for that glass slip per. and the road ahead could prove to be a perfect fit. >> shot here lacy for three. yes. >> you have to love march madness. >> the lady terrapins from the
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university of maryland are still in the big dance after beating new mexico state saturday. the top seeded terrapins will take on undefeated princeton. tipoff time 6:30 in college park. for the men, too many turnovers, injury to one of their key players proved to be too much for the maryland men to overcome. >> reporter: it was tough and it was physical. everything the terrapins had come to expect from west virginia. but the mountaineers simply mother third the terrapins with their press defense. --killed the terrapins with their press defense. >> mellow played almost every minute healthy this year except the last 8. we never quit. we battled and really couldn't get over the hump. we had a stretch where we couldn't make shots. we didn't play well enough to win i can't it was hard. he does a a lot for us in the
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point guard position. >> we have dealt with injuries all year and guys going down, and we have come up with wins. i didn't expect everything different in that game. he is obviously a very important piece to this team's success. >> playing hard. you know one of your brothers isn't out there. it is tough to witness that. to see that. but you know, we've just got to keep fighting for him. it gives us more to play for. >> reporter: obviously a very somber locker room. lots of tears, including from the head coach. he simply told his players this year was a fun ride and the future is even brighter. in columbus, ohio wusa9. >> they may have been knocked out but they set a team record for the number of victories in a season so the future looks bright for the terrapins. >> and the first year in the big 10. >> so it is a nice showing for them. >> yeah i think they did better
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than a lot of people hoped and you are right. with some of the younger players. >> fingers crossed for the lady terrapins. let's talk weather now. very, very brisk this morning. >> reporter: the winds are light. temperatures are struggling at this hour. upper 30s and low 40s. keep in mind the average highs are mid to upper 50s even close to 60s. we are not going to be there today or tomorrow. wednesday we'll get there and thursday 70s in spots on thursday. but that comes with a price. here's a look outside right now. it is a beautiful looking midday. the clouds from this morning with the storm system have left. a few more clouds in here late, with temperatures into the upper 40s, perhaps near 50. certainly a bele average day for this time of year. our weather headlines? we have cold air to start today and tomorrow. temperatures 40s and low 50s. that is it for the next couple of days. as we head into tonight and early on tuesday, some flu ries, maybe snow showers and
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the western facing ridgetops. if you are in the shanendoah valley, you can get a coating out of this late tonight into tomorrow morning. midweek we are going to warm up with 60s wednesday, 70s thursday, with showers here or there wednesday but a better chance of showers possible thunder thursday ahoney maid strong cold front, which will push temperatures -- ahead of a strong cold front which will push temperatures down. 43 in president r360burg -- in fredericksburg. a beautiful looking sky on our michael and son weather camera. 46 officially at reagan national with east winds at 5. not too much of a wind chill. feeling like 38 degrees. goodbye to this storm, this guy is coming through chicago land. some areas in minnesota that
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got 9 inches of snow from this. 2 to 4 in chicago. it will bring us the threat for snow showers. so our futurecast the chilly air is in place. no big weather concerns. we'll take you into the evening hours. notice the clouds especially west of 81 starting to thicken up. snow getting in to columbus and over toward cleveland there. this will all move east southeast. now we have snow showers and maybe even a period of snow here. far western maryland and west virginia and southwestern pennsylvania. if you are traveling overnight, and some people do, may run into slick spots. from berryville toward cumberland through moore field, we have some snow showers continuing toward hagerstown with more clouds in the metro. snow showers east of 81, that wouldn't be out of the question. as we go through the day, clouds should thin some, partly
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thinning in the afternoon. then a warm front will approach. this is going to throw rain toward us, showers anyway. as we get into wednesday morning. looks like the bulk of them are going to lift north and east of us. wednesday the milder air moves in. probably will see sun as well with highs above 60. look what is coming as we head toward thursday. that is a cold front, that will be arriving later thursday. out ahead of it, warm southwest winds, going to push us, i think, into the low 70s, slight chance for even getting to 75. 4 today if that. unseasonably cool. tonight low to mid-30s with snow showers here and there, especially tuesday morning, north and west of town. i think we could see a little sun tomorrow afternoon. cloudy, in the 40s, 62 on wednesday. thursday potentially will be a yellow alert day as we get into the lower 70s with scattered showers, chance of a thunderstorm. saturday chilly, 47. and back to the low 50s.
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but looking dry right now for sunday. stick around, we've got
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are you looking for something special to do this weekend? the second annual shakespeare in the berg festival. nice to meet you. >> thanks for having me. >> it is middleberg, right? >> >> yes. >> i had seen these actors perform and i thought we should have this. >> this is a lot more than just stage performances?
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>> there are. we kick off with a movie night with wine and west side story. and then saturday a noon event with food provided by home farm store, a gourmet organic store, music by the crooked angels and the winning performance of our one act play competition. >> cool. >> which is a great thing. we had over 100 submissions from all over the world. >> in addition to the festival it is sort of a celebration of the town? right? what are some of the things you are bringing here today? >> we have olive oil, popcorn, scarves, other things too. the whole town is involved. that is how we roll. >> and these things are available for purchase. you are saying this particular person who makes the popcorn is local? >> yes he is. >> he does popcorn for the redskins games? >> yes he does. really good popcorn. >> we have pictures of some of your acts on stage. let's look at some of those and describe who are people you are going to see. >> this is patrick earl in his performance of hamlet. he is wonderful with the
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american shakespeare center. >> is he one of the original people you saw and said we need to get these people here? >> yes he is. >> that the patrick earl and stephanie holiday earl as benedict and beatrice in much ado about nothing. problemably the climax of the play where they finally -- probably the climax of the play where they finally get together. >> which night is that? >> sunday afternoon at 1:30. >> this is jamie and amy potter of the crooked angels. they are performing saturday at noon as part of our noon event. >> so this sounds like a special trip. we can take the ferry across? >> yes you can. >> you can even come for the whole weekend and spend the night at various inns and hotels around that have special offers up. and dine at our restaurants. >> tickets are how much? >> go to shakespeare in the we have workshops and stage acting that are very
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inexpensive and a lot of fun. go to the website. nice to meet you judy. good luck with the festival. that will do it. we are back
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>> victor: everything has been put in motion. there have been a few minor setbacks, but be ready to proceed, all right? now, i hope you're ready to do your part. and i hope jack abbott is ready. >> jack: yes, i'm ready. what's your big announcement. >> ashley: victor pulled brash & sassy's love potion rip-off from the market. >> jack: after everything he went through to steal our formula? >> ashley: yes. it makes absolutely no sense at all. >> jack: no, it doesn't. what is he up to? [ cellphone rings ] excuse me. sorry. hey, paul. what's up? what? when? you're sure it was her? >> phyllis: just a shampoo, cut,


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