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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is monday, march 23rd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." texas senator ted cruz entered the race for president with an overnight tweet. fiery crashes kill dozens of people driving chrysler veeshicl. cbs news investigates whether a recall went far enough. a question, what's in that weed. there's smoking in colorado. new benefits may be sacrificed to get a stronger high. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i think he's a verybl viae candidate. >> i think that man has rated himself absolutely unfit to be
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running for office. >> senator ted cruz announces his run for the white house. >> ted cruz tweeted this morning. on>> d't understandestimate him. >> radicalized over the internet. unfortunate lit would not be so difficult to pull off. > >>rtrobe durst in cothurt is morning in louisiana for gun and drug charges but his attorney argues that prosecutors acted improperly when he was arrested. >> on a steal and a finish. wichita state headed to the sweet 16. >> and the spartans head on to the regionals. >> beganyemen is in crisis after u.s. forces pull out in response to the security situation there. >> people jumped from their chairlift that started going
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backward at a maine ski resort. >> all that -- >> the owner of a pea zer rhea hand delivered the pizza right to the popemobile. >> one of those little suckers got in my hair and i freaked out. >> it stung me. >> -- and all that matters -- >> everybody needs to take a deep break and step ckba. let's remember what's important here and it is not who gets the last word on twitter. >> -- on "cbs this morning." starbucks has end its "race together" campaign. >> it was a way to spark discussion on diversity. >> you can go back to doing what you do best and serve burning coffee and cast glaring eyes at people who don't buy anything. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." the 2016 presidential raese is under way. the first, republican senator ted cruz. he tweeted overnight i'm running for president and i hope to earn your support. he attached campaign joid targeting young voters. >> it's going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make america great again, and i'm ready to stand with you to lead the fight. >> cruz will formally launch his campaign this morning at a rally in lynchburg, virginia. chip reid is there. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. ted cruz has been sending signals for months that he intends to run for president. later this morning at liberty university he'll explain why. he is the first major republican in what is expected to be ed toed to become a very crowded field. >> i expect to speak in support of defunding obamacare until i am no longer able to stand. >> reporter: he first grabbed the national spotlight in 2013
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when he held the senate floor for more than 21 hours and helped shut down much of the government all in protest of president obama's health care law. it earned the 44-year-old fire brand animosity from the mainstream including whackco bird 2008 presidential nominee john mccain. >> if standing for the constitution makes me a whacko bird, then i'm a very, very proud whacko bird. >> his mother worked in canada. he renounced his canadianship in 2013. he was elected to the u.s. senate in 2012 where he's been a thorn in the side of mainstream republicans. as a conservative summit near washington earlier this year cruz urged voters to look closely at his potential gop
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rivals. >> every one of them will say you betcha who diddly i am as conservative as i'll get out. i would encourage you today to demand action not talk. >> reporter: in the coming weeks cruz will likely be followed into the race by colleagues rand paul and marco rubio as well as jeb bush. it's said cruz is seeking attention by being first. >> he has been welled down in this very large republican tact so he's trying too do something unusual and dramatic in order to boost his ratings. >> reporter: cruz is expected to run a very conservative campaign aimed at tea party supporters and christian conservatives, which is why he's making his announcement here at liberty university which calls itself the largest christian university in the world. charlie? >> criphip, thanks.
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peggy noonan is a "wall street journal" columnist and journalist. good morning zbhood morning charlie. >> what is he trying to do be showing up first. >> he's showing he's daring wants to get things going and wants to change the conversation we all have from jeb bush and scott walker to jeb and scott and ted. he wants to be in the mix and get going. >> the last republican president ran as a compassionate president. ted cruz is running as krachlkts are there concerns with jeb bush running in the party? >> i think there are plenty of concerns. he's going have a long campaign ahead of him. he's got money. everybody's given him money. he's been forced to tell people don't give me more than a million dollars. he's got egg heads, knot na they help you. he's got all this stuff going on. what he doesn't have is a really
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clear demarcated constituency within the party, so that's going to be interesting to see how that works out. >> back to ted cruz for just a second, he was elected to the senate in 2012. he's 44 years old. does his age and experience work for or gengtsagainst him? >> that's interesting. i guess it gives him an air of freshness and yet it doesn't seem like he's been somebody who's been on the national scene because he's made eight point to be in everybody's face the past few years and to be a very vivid and controversial character. you have a sense he's been there a while, but, yes, this is a young man in his first term as a senator. >> he has an instinct for the spotlight. >> oh, gee i think you can say that. >> how does he -- go ahead. >> i think what's interesting is that ted cruz feels he's going to get grassroots conservatives, but he also -- there's another
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quadrant of the republican base called evangelicals. they're significant. mike huckabee will be in that space. a number of people will be. this fellow is announcing at a great evangelical baptist university because he's going straight for that vote. >> college. >> he'll go for a kuwait libertarian. >> by rand paul. >> yes. the only place he doesn't think he has a chance right now is among moderate republicans but he figures chris christie and jeb bush will beat each other up there and that will be a kind of opening. i have talked to a number of people who work with him. he believes he's got a real shot. he knows he's discounted. he thinks he should not be. >> thank you, peggy. >> thank you. >> we'll expand upon this conversation tomorrow when we talk to senator ted cruz tomorrow in studio 57.
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he'll be at the table tomorrow morning. this morning youtube has taken don an isis video featuring a hit list of 100 military personnel. the terrorist group wants followers inside the u.s. to attack those. david martin is at the pentagon where they're moving to protect the people on this list. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the pentagon spent the weekend notifying the servicemen who are on the list and they have contacted local law enforcement to increase police patrols in the neighborhoods where they live. it amounts to an isis hit list urging its followers and sympathizers in the u.s. to kill american servicemen who are identified with names, photos and addresses. pentagon officials say the list appears to be drawn from public sources, everything from newspaper interviews to facebook
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pages sometimes incorrectly identifying them to the war on isis. right or wrong it's a threat. >> this is very disconcerting obviously to the families the specific families that were identified in this release, but more broadly across the armed services to know that those who engage in social media, that that information now can be corrupted and used by a terrorist organization. >> reporter: isis is defenseless against american air strikes which by last count have killed more than 8,500 fighters and struck more than 5,300 targets but it's fight back to use social media to threaten u.s. military personnel at their home bases. >> i thisnk this is exactly the kind of tactics that we're starting to see increase not only here but in other parts of the world where these islamic extremists/terrorist elements are looking for different, so-called soft targets. >> reporter: there are about 180
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americans who are known supporters of isis but no way of telling how many other radicals might be inspired to act by this hit list. after being asked by the pentagon youtube took the list down from its website and the u.s. central command has reissued a warning reminding servicemembers and their families to be careful when using the internet and social media. norah? >> all right, david. thank you. another big story this morning is the u.s. fight against al qaeda in yemen because it's facing a big setback mfrmt than 100 military advisers were evacuated over the weekend despite violence. there was a call to arms from their leader. the houthi fighters already hold the capital city. the u.n. security council held an emergency meeting on sunday. yemen is on the verge of a civil war. this is a huge story. >> scary. >> very scare.
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the eccentric millnary is being held on drugs and weapons charges and he's wanted in california for the murder in 2000 of his close friend susan berman and he's suspected in the death of his first wife kathy in new york. she disappeared in 1982. ""48 hours"" correspondent erin moriarity has more. >> on friday durst eastern upped the antesuggested that durst is being held on trumped up charges. robert durst was take swoon custody just one day before he appeared to mutter this confession on the final episode of hbo's "the jinx." i >> killed them all, of course. >> reporter: but durst's lawyer says there's no legal justification for the hasty
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arrest in the death of his friend susan berman. in court on friday they argued the insufficient warrant was filed by the los angeles county police department to coincide with the final episode of the hbo docudrama, "the jinx." do you feel these filmmakers took advantage of him? >> yes, no question. >> you're aware anyone watching that show now things he just confessed to murder. >> i don't think that's a universal thought at all. there are people who feel he got set up. >> reporter: "the jinx" also uncovered a writing sample that strongly suggested that durst wrote an anonymous letter to police telling them about a cadaver in berman's house. but the attorney said initially it was thought to be by a different suspect before they changed their minds. >> what kind of science is that?
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as brier rabbit would say, throw pme in that briar patch. >> he went to this house in upstate new york and seized 60 to 65 boxes of durst's papers and mementos. dick garon said none of that is incriminated. his current wife is also reportedly receiving scrutiny from investigators. so far she's refused to talk publicly. what's the chance though to be honest that robert dust will get bail? i mean he has a history of running. >> the chances are slim and none and slim just left town. >> investigators are hoping to convince durst's current wife deborah lee cheriton to talk. she could potentially prove to be a key high-profile witness in the trial. durst married her just one month
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after the investigation of katherine's katherine durst's murder and before the death of susan berman. >> that was incredible. >> thank you. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> thanks erin. the preem court hears arguments over license plates and the confederate flag. they're challenging texas's decision not to issue a plate showing the battle flag. nine other states have similar license plating. the acl unh other free speech advocates support the deal. critics say the plates carry a racist message. officers described martese johnson as belligerent and highly agitated but he said that's not what he witnessed. he describes johnson as quote, polite and cordial. johnson needed ten stitches to close the gash in his head.
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the confrontation triggered campus protests. the police and officials are investigating. >> this morning a chairlift remains closed at sugarloaf ski resort in maine after a very scary incident. on saturday the king pine ski lift suddenly rolled backward some 450 feet. some frightened skiers jumped off. others were thrown. several suffered non-life-threatening injuries. they say two breaks and a backup system malfunctioned. they applied another emergency break. after 48 games in four days the ncaa men's tournament is down to the sweet 16. only three of the top four seeds are still playing. duke, wisconsin, and undefeated kentucky. cbs and vladimir duthiers are here to show us the upsets. good morning. >> good morning. top seeds fell unlikely teams moved on and the tournament
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continues to live up to its name. >> it's a long one. >> oh my. >> reporter: for some teams a dish is best served cold. for virginia they keenlt seem to find the recipe. >> and the spartans head on to the regional. >> michigan state bounced the seventh seed cavaliers for the second time in two years and they weren't the only tournament favorites packing their bags early. >> it counts and the foul. >> reporter: powerhouse programs kansas and villanova, both poise for a deep postseason run were upset at the hands of a lower seed. >> oh, what a pass. >> reporter: most of the other tournament heavyweights. >> mercy. >> reporter: -- punched their ticket to the sweet 16. a number of cinderellas stopped
7:18 am
dancing including the early story of the tournament georgia state. >> xavier advances to the sweet 16. >> reporter: panthers' head coach ron hunter was upbeat in his conference but got emotional talking about his son r.j. >> as a coach, best time of my life but as a father -- >> the field is now whittled down to 16 from 68. sweet for many but a heartbreaking affair for teams who came up short. >> that's the emotion of your final game your senior year. >> reporter: but a few teams are slipper and the road ahead could prove to be a perfect fit. >> shot here, lacy for three. yes. >> only one double-digit seed remains in the tournament. that's ucla. the bruins have a very tough road ahead against the number two seed gonezaga right here on c
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cbs. >> what happened to villanova, vlad. >> mine blew up when harvard didn't make it. >> and that one crying. >> thank you. it begins thursday and friday at 7:00 p.m. ahead we'll
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. daughter dies in the crash of a recalled vehicle after she couldn't get the fix. >> the vehicles need to get off the road. and you see them every day, and they're oblivious to it. they think they're driving a safe vehicle when they're not. >> jeff pegues investigates the
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chrysler recall that some say the recall does not go far enough. >> the news is right back here this morning on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by jcpenney. when it fits, you feel it. at chili's, fresh is now.
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death in the ring. ahead how a popular wwe figure
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could face manslaughter charges. >> plus
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this is what you call a very special delivery on sunday because it was for pope francis. in a recent interview you may recall he missed anonymity of being able to walk into a pizzeria and order a pizza. he decides, i can do that. he hops the barrier and runs alongside the pobipemole. he smiles and reaches out and takes the pie. it's topped with yellow tomatoes in reference to the vatican flag. everywhere he goes people love to see this pope. >> that's great. good for him. >> nice video. it looked good too. >> it did. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour a 23-year-old woman died in a
7:31 am
fiery crash after her car was recalled. now there are major concerns about an automaker's fix. the americans who escaped the siege. they share their story. the lesson they take from the ordeal. that story is ahead. an israeli delegation is in france this morning to stop a nuclear deem between iran and world powers. israeli diplomats meet with french officials today. a final round of international talks gets under way wednesday in swids in switzerland. some 300 of clinton's private e-mails were turned over last month to the house committee investigating the 2012 attack. senior government officials tell "the times". the newspaper says tins accident threatened to damage her.
7:32 am
>> the virginia pilot has an update on the story we brought you about an alleged gang rape at a fra tern house at the university of virginia. police in charlottesville today share their findings in the investigation. "rolling stone" magazine first published thegations back in november but later apologized for the article when discrepancy discrepancies arose. the story fields sexual assaults on campus. starbucks race together campaign. baristas are no longer writing "race together" on starbucks cups. ceo how ards swartz says it was always meant to spark a discussion. a cross-country trip for a self-driving car. the auto equipped by delphi
7:33 am
automotive set off for san francisco. it's headed to the new york auto show. you'll be glad to know a person will be sitting behind the wheel and won't touch it unless something goes wrong. the car will travel mainly on the highway. this morning they're sounding the alarm of chrysler vehicles. regulator have called the location of the vehicle a safety risk because of how it hangs below the rear bumper. if another vehicle crashes into the back the fuel tank can rupture results in a deadly fire. jeff pegues with information you'll only see on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> reporter: good morning. government figures put the death toll from deadly fires from the jeeps up to 50 people. although they say that figure is much higher. the fatalities rival gm's faulty ignition switch recall. there are still concerns the solution may not go far enough and complaints the company isn't
7:34 am
moving fast enough to make the vehicle safer. 23-year-old kayla white was 8 months pregnant with a boy she'd already named braden when her jeep was struck from behind. >> my phone rang one time. there was all zeros across it. and i knew she was gone. >> this was kayla's jeep before the crash and this is what it looked like afterward, the plastic gas tank melted away. witnesses say there was an explosion when the suv was rear-ended. kayla died in the fire. >> we don't want it to happen to anybody else. these vehicles need to get off the road and you see them everyday and they're oblivious to it. you think you're driving a safe vehicle and you're not. >> reporter: test after test has
7:35 am
shown the danger of the rear mounted fuel tanks in the 1993-1994 grand chief cherokees and 2004-2007 liberties. in 2010 nhtsa started investigating. for three years chrysler argued the vehicles were not defective and the investigation should be closed. then there was this letter asking chrysler to recall these vehicles tentatively say there was a risk of burning to death in rear impact crashes but it wasn't until after a private meeting between then transportation secretary ray lahood nhtsa administrator david strickland and chris ler's ceo mash joni the company agreed to take action. strickland wrote the meeting would only be with the secretary and i, no other staff. as sergio wanted.
7:36 am
and in a recent deposition exclusively obtained by cbs news, marcione said we ultimately resolved the issue after that meeting. >> this is a deal that was cut between the nhtsa administrator and secretary of transportation. >> it was. >> it was a deal that chrysler had refused, refused, refused to ever do a recall of these vehicles. they knew they had a problem and they wanted to do the cheapest thing they could do. >> reporter: she said that meant putting a tow hitch on the 1.5 million deeffective vehicles as part of a safety recall. but safety experts and victims' layers say the fix is inadequate. this is the so-called father of the jeep two years ago. >> the tow package would not
7:37 am
protect the tank. >> why would they call this fix appropriate? >> beats me. >> reporter: in a statement they said the installation of the hitch assembly is the agreed porch action and provides benefit to low and medium impacts. there was a letter cement ordering a faster recall. at the time 3% of the vehicle had been given the fix and nhtsa had received complaints that owners were being turned away and told that their vehicles were safe to drive without the remedy. nhtsa responded that if accurate, the dealership's conduct was unacceptable. kayla white burned to death in her jeep liberty the day before that letter was sent. jerry thurswell said clay's family tried to get the remedy but were told it was unavailable. >> this is a pregnant girl, eight months' pregnant burned up alive.
7:38 am
would have walked away but for fact that the car exploded. >> reporter: chrysler has installedinexcel accelerated the installation of the hitch. over 250,000 have the remedy but some dealerships are still telling customers their vehicles are still safe without it. >> make it right. get these vehicles off the road. take responsibility for what's wrong. fix them. admit fault. my daughter's gone. she's never coming back. >> chrysler still maintained there is no defect that its vehicleses are safe and met all safety standards in place when they were sold. it argues the fire deaths including kayla were rea littled to high-speed crashes far in excess of any reasonable expectations of fuel tank perform. nhtsa tested that hitch in 2014 and provided it provided
7:39 am
incremental safety and defends the deal saying it doesn't have legal authority over vehicles more than ten years old. norah? >> i want to ask you about that private meeting you referenced between those three men where there was an alleged deal struck. what do those men have to say about that meeting? >> chrysler's ceo and ray lahood declined to comment on cam rand a strickland would not comply with the request. he's no longer with it in sachlt he left nhtsa for a law firm called venable. that'spany that represents clients among them chrysler. >> it raises interesting and troubling questions. i keep thinkinger kayla's family. she's pregnant gives the baby a name. all adds to a touching story. so real. thank you, jeff. in other news two florida residents relate how they survived a deadly terror attack
7:40 am
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i met the woman of my dreams at 34,000 feet so i figure it's time to continue our lives at 34,000 feet. brandy hollibeck, i've loved you since the moment i met you and i want to be married to you for the rest of your life. will you marry me? >> talk about an unusual in-flight announcement. he wanted to propose to his girlfriend flight 'town daent brandy hollenbeck and waited till they were 34,000 feet in the air and she said yes. she didn't realize what he was saying until she heard his name. he wasn't supposed to be on the flight.
7:45 am
he was hiding up in the cockpit. that was a surprise. i love a good proposal. this morning two residents caught in the terror attack in tunisia are telling their story. they were in a museum where gunmen killed 22 people. the attacker also died. isis is claiming responsibility. jeri story of survival. jericka, good morning. >> good morning. giovanna and hector gonzalez spent several days traveling by cruise ship in barcelona touring around europe. hector doesn't speak english well but his wife made it clear the last stop in tunisia changed their lives. >> the minute i walked out of the bathroom there was a bomb. >> giovanna and hector gonzalez looked at. instead they were faced with a terror attack. >> i go to my husband, that's an
7:46 am
attack. >> reporter: surveillance footage from inside the museum shows the gunmen carried assault rivals. two tunisians who trained in neighboring libya carried out the march 18 attack. >> this guy was shooting inside of the museum behind us. so we started running and running. there was no way out. >> reporter: after hiding in the museum for two hours the pair from homestead, florida, were escorted to safety. their daring escape alongside other tour its was caught on camera. they within on a week-long cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. the couple returned to miami airport on saturday night. >> i love my daughter my house, my bed my pillow everything. i'm safe now. >> reporter: above all she said this ordeal has taught her a lesson about traveling abroad. >> now i know no matter where i
7:47 am
go, i need to be careful. i need to learn and research more, be more aware. i don't know be more careful -- my life is no longer going to be the same. of course not. >> giovanna gonzalez said security was lax inside that museum and she said she never saw a security guard on sight. a top tunisian politician said this weekend major security flaws led to the bloodshed. tunisian prosecutors say they're detaining 20 people in connection to the attack. >> wow. >> that is a lesson. she said no matter where you go, you'd have to be safe. you'd think you'd be safe in a museum on vacation. >> on their wedding anniversary, celebrating their 25s anniversary. >> she loves her pillow. i'm glad she still has her pillow. thank you, jericka. your smartphone could serve as a keechlt the smartest ideas for keeping a lock. how a police officer helps a
7:48 am
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it ismond march 23rd 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more news ahead including a new sign tiffing study on colorado's pot. it will get you high but it doesn't have any health benefit. first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. ted cruz has been sending signals for months that he intemds to run for president. later he'll explain why. >> he wants to change the conversation we all have to jeb and scott and ted. >> the bases where they are stationed have contacted local law enforcement to increase police patrol where they live. the hearing today was originally set to determine if durst should be given bond, but on friday durst's attorney is arguing that durst is being held on trumped up charges.
8:01 am
the madness marched onhi ts sunday. top seeds fell unlyikel teams moved on. >> they knew that they had a problem, and so they want to do the cheapest thing that they can do. >> chrysler still maintains that there is no defect that their vehicles are safe and all safety standards were in place when they were sold. >> it's over. >> the national champ for iowa state. what does it feel like? >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by prudential. >> can you imagine. >> can you hope he got the ice cream. >> i know. >> i want some ice cream. >> charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
it is texas senator ted cruz. he revealed his long expected plans on twitter overnight. cruz wrote, quote, i'm running for president and i hope to earn your support. >> cruz has talked about running for several months. his first campaign video reaching out to young conservative voters. he's holding a rally this morning at virginia's liberty university. that's the christian school founded by reverend jerry fall well. they want to know why a former pro wrestler died. ramirez was an american wrestling star. he broke his neck during a bought on friday night. dramatic video shows him helpless in the ring for several minutes and omar villafranca reports. the match kept going even after he was hurt. >> amateur video taken inside teeijuana tijuana's ropes. oscar known as ramis steer owe
8:03 am
sets up to deliver his signature flying kick. he was down for a while only to get up and continue the bout not realizing the severity of his opponent's injuries. the official steps in. with no success he signals for help. after layingly seemingly unconscious on the floor for two minutes he was carried to an balance. he died at a hospital early saturday morning reportedly suffering from trauma to his neck. the 35-year-old was one of mexico's most decorated wrestlers. a style of the sport characterized by color mask and high-flying acrobatics. miss tear owe is more widely recognized in the united states a familiar face to fans in the wwe. on saturday miss tear yeo said on instagram, i had the honor to be in the ring with this great legend for the last time. you will be missed.
8:04 am
the head of his league tweeted i have no words for this terrible news. the company responsible for friday's convenient in tijuana, the crash, has not yet responded to "cbs this morning's" request for comment. the "associated press" reports that authorities have launched an investigation into possible manslaughter charges against miss steer yeo. for "cbs this morning," omar villafranca, los angeles. >> i don't understand wrestling. very tough to watch. president obama's hosting this year's white house science fair this morning. it features students from all over the country. they won a range of competitions in science, technology and math. one student turned an abandoned piano into a spotify juke bock. officials say the fair will celebrate diversity in stem subjects. >> look that. >> it's the fifth year the white
8:05 am
house has done that. it's always interesting to see what kids can do. >> yay, science. he's 159 senn industry king whose remains were found undera parking lot. now they celebrate king richard iii who was killed after battle. the king will be reburied later this week. mark good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, it's not exactly like history coming alive, but it is like being revisited by it. in the form of the bones of king richard iii, which are now lying here in leicester's cathedral 530 years after he was killed in a battle outside of town. it's a pretty amazing story how those bones got here. royal protocol may be a well established industry in britain but there's never been anything like this. they've had to make up the rules as they go along for how you treat a king who's been vilified
8:06 am
by history and who has gone missing since the year 1485. richard iii's bones are lying not instate but in a simple coffin. he'll be here until thursday for whoever wants to come by to pay respects. it was only three years ago that his remains were discovered lying unceremoniously in a long lost grave that has been covered by a parking lot. >> he's got 12,000 men. >> reporter: he had been killing in the battle of bosworth field where john whitehead gives tours. >> he was the last charge of the kingdom. >> reporter: shakespeare said when he was knocked off his mount he offered his kingdom for his horse but the battle woulds to his skull show what happened when he didn't get one. richard finally got his horse five centuries later as his coffin was taken in a procession through town. history written by the tudor
8:07 am
dynasty who opposed him pictured him but here ee eh's being something of a local hero and now they hope he'll become a cash cow. >> reporter: is richard now 530 years after that good for business? it's good for the church's restoration, s that's good and it will transform leicester. leicester museum it will be a boon yes. >> reporter: the good burgers will hope good tourism could follow. judging from the crowd, they could be right. >> i always wait to hear what mark says in his last line. mark i love everything you do. >> thanks gayle. >> you're welcome. >> he's so shy in your praise for him. >> he's like, leave me alone. >> reporter: cbs hopes to launch a new late night edition.
8:08 am
remember we took you behind the scenes on "the late late show with james corden." also this week chris peen kevin hart, and will ferrell. you can catch the new late late show tonight right after david letterman on "cbs this morning." welcome back. while you were gone last week anthony mason did a behind-the-scenes thing. if it'sing in like what he showed us it will be pretty good. >> i think it will be good. >> i do too. michael lewis says there's another part of wall street that isn't getting enough attention.
8:09 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by prudential. solving problems for over a hundred years. bring your challenges. >> did i mention norah's back
8:10 am
fro vacation? normally when they go away they bring back presents. >> i'll give that to you later. she brought back a lot of love. >> thank you, charlie. >> and looking good. new research and con tam namts and how the medicinal elements of pot might by less to get a stronger high. that's next on "cbs this morning." i did it.... i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair skin and nails it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails. and vitamin c and e for vibrant skin. give it a month, if your hair, skin and nails don't look and feel more beautiful we'll give you your money back. i did it...and i feel beautiful.
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thousands of runners took part in a 10k in louisville kentucky, but it was the last place finisher who stole the show. asia forward wanted to comeplete the race with her life long struggle with weight. she felt sick and the officer pulled up alongside with her and finished the race with him by her side. >> she asked me if i wanted to stop and i said, no, we have two more miles to go. >> you see ford finished the race with lieutenant gregory by
8:15 am
her signed she called it a really special moment. that is not easy. that is six miles. good for her. >> she at one pointwayed 375 pounds. she called him her angel. she said you don't have to be first as long as you don't give up and finish. >> i agree that. if everyone thinks that they would do more races. >> congratulations to her. colorado pot retailers sold $700 million of weed last year after legalization took effect but this morning researchers are revealing what's really in the marijuana on the market there. the testing looks aet the potency, the health benefits and the is being presented today at the meeting of american chemical society but first or dr. david agus is in los angeles. good morning. i heard you tweeted this morning it's not your grandmother's weed. what exactly do you mean dr. agus? >> colorado legalized it a little over a year ago and this is the first data what they legalized. they look at 600 strains of non.
8:16 am
this was a private lab hired by the state and the private growers themselves and what they show is the amount of thc, which is what make use high the psycho active substance, was anywhere from 20% to 30%. realize in the 1980s the national drus abuse said it was about 4%. that's a dramatic increase in the part that gets you high. and then cbd, which is the part that has the medicinal component, we think, was low. in many samples totally undetectable. so that was somewhat of a surprise. more of a potent strain and less medicinal. >> let's talk about that less medicinal part less cbd. what done sandusky that mean. >> we think it has the medicinal part. i say think because it still hasn't been proven that offers medical benefits. certainly we have to standardize and put cdb in there to make sure the studies have the
8:17 am
benefit. >> what happened? what's the benefit here between high potency and lack of medical benefits? >> what happened is people started to breed strains that would have more and more potency and when they did that they bred out the medical benefit. the other interesting part of this study sewed there were a lot of con tam namts, fungus bacteria, heavy metals even chemicals in the strain. the question is how much is too much. when you smoke the marijuana, it goes right into the blood stream. we worry that some of these con tam namts shouldn't be in the blood stream. >> really important warnings, dr. agus. good to see you. >> if you haven't tried it you're thinking it's not a good time. >> talk to your grandma about the older strain of wield. >> my grandmother smoking weed would be a funny visual but thank you, dr. agus. take a look at these flowers. the blue things sticking out of the soil could plant the seeds
8:18 am
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the so-called internet of things is beginning to reshape our world. cnet magazine take answer in-depth look at smart homes from the living room to the garden. we show you the nest thermostat
8:22 am
which controls the thermostat through your phone. lindsey, good morning. >> good morning. >> we all here love this idea of smartphone. one thing you have with you is a door lock that you can control from your phone. how does that work? >> this is the august smart lock. it's pretty neat because it just goes onto your existing dead bolt on the back of your door and you can control it with your phone. you can use it to hand out virtual keys to o'people's phones. say you have babysitter coming over for a couple of hour, you can actually send a key to her on her phone and set it to expire the next day and then she can't use it again. >> if i was coming to visit you through the weekend you would give it to me friday through sunday. the other thing you say is the ceiling fan. what's the name of that fan? >> this fan is from a company called big ass fan.
8:23 am
it's actually a beautiful bamboo fan. it cost $1/,000 but you can call it to set it up to work with your phone so it can keep the temperature of your phone and control it with the phone >> and garage door opener. >> chamberlain makes a garage door that can work with siri. in the future it can use the home kit apparatus. you'll hear more about it later this year. then you can use siri to say, hey, siri close my garage door and that will actually happen. >> how worried should we be about people being able to get go-to-your garage door front door? do you know anybody who's tried any of these devices. >> i have one. >> i have this installed at home right now. i actually feel pretty good about it because if i'm using the app and i'm handing out these virtual keys i don't have physical keys floating around who knows that i forget about.
8:24 am
>> do you feel okay about it? >> there's a whole log. it's connected to systems. and what about the garden and plans. >> absolutely. this is an interesting field and it's kind of new this year. this is the parrot and this little device monitors the water in your soil. it monitors the chemical makeup of your soil. it will actually send you alerts when you need to do something with your plant to say, hey, your plant needs water. you need to fetterize it. >> does it water it for you? that's what i need. >> this guy, eden which is due out in april, a very new product, actually works with a hose adapter that is smart, that can sense when your plants need water and turn on the hose. >> all of these are in the second edition of cnet. thank you very much. he blew the whistle on wall street traders. michael lewis
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom.
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♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour designers want her sitting in their front row. magazines love putting her on their covers. wheel introduce you to her. she's a fashion blogger who became an internationally recognized brand. >> wall street critic michael lewis showed us last year how trading can rig the market so the rich guys win and you lose. this morning we'll find out how the rules are changing. >> right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "huffington post" remembers a reporter. she did friday after suffering a brain aneurysm after covering a story for wabc. she had worked at the station since 2001. she's survived by her husband and two sons. she was just 49. >> such a sad story. she was on a story when this
8:31 am
happened. >> in the crew carom and they flagged down the ambulance. i met her a couple of times. i couldn't believe that when i saw that in the paper the other day. failing students at john dewey were allowed to get passing grades by playing games or doing work online. some students supposedly got science credit for watching the movie "jurassic park." under the program teachers licensed in one jikt were allegedly passing kids in another. this live video feed is trained on a nest with a bald eagle. it's sitting on pair of eggs and earlier the eagle was playing with the eggs. the first hatch ling was supposed to be born on saturday. over the weekend they thought they saw cracks in the pegs. >> that is so beautiful. >> fascinating to watch. >> the magic of birth. >> that's right. singapore is in greece this morning.
8:32 am
the prime minister died sunday. he was 91. he turched it into a center for intering inial finance and trade. i is now one of asia's richest nations. he said he had to be tough. >> my job is to get the place going and give everybody a decent life and a decent education and we're now the best educated people in the whole of east asia. our universities we've got three -- four universities, fourth woman comeone coming up. >> so the end justifies the means, no matter what it might be. >> the ends were laudable. everybody wants it. everybody wants good education, good health. >> and their children to do better than they did. >> their mean i had the consent
8:33 am
and support of the population. if they oppose me and they did not cooperate, it wouldn't have worked. >> you were in control of everything no. >> yes, you were. you know that. ? he's like okay, charlie. >> this is one of the most remarkable people i've ever met in my life. i've interviewed him a number of times. they sent people to singapore to understand what he was doing so they could make the changes that he wanted to make in china. >> you said not only was he known for transforming singapore, just an incredible incredible place. >> when his wife was impaired he'd come and sit by her bed for hours and read to her. >> because she had a stroke. >> she had a stroke and couldn't read. >> wow. >> michael lewis is here. he accused high frequency stock traders of rigging the market against average investors. since then the dow has moved
8:34 am
1,800 points higher. still no widespread reform. his book is out this morning in paperback. it's called "flash boys:a wall street revolt." welcome. >> thank you. >> what happened. they said oh no no it's not fixed. >> what else are they going to say. >> i understand that. but there were people who said, no, michael's got it wrong. >> yes. and anybody who said that had a stake in the existing system. it's messy. it's messy because there are two paths to fixing the system. one is regulators come in and fix it but regulator help create the system and i think that that -- you know there have been some lawsuits filed. people have been fined for manipulating the markets. it's been noisy. there's been noise out of the fcc, noise out of the -- >> but it hasn't happened? >> there hasn't been real
8:35 am
structural change. the bad incentives that are the heart of the problem of the financial cry circumstance poorly incentivized. however, there's this other way the thing gets fixed, gets fixed in the market and the characters of the book the people who created this fair exchange, iex, their business is growing very, very fast. they're going to become a public exchange in the fall. so i think that's sort of the hopeful path is the market fixing the problem. >> right. back in the day of "the oprah show" she used to always say to her team what is your intention here for this show. i love -- i'm going somewhere with this. you said i did not intend to see just how angry i could make the richest people on wall street. so what was your intention? >> look. if i had just been told that the stock market's got this rigging in it and like ordinary investors are disadvantaged in relationship to high frequencicy
8:36 am
traders, i wouldn't have been interested in the story. what i found interesting is instead of trying to mack money o from it they were trying to fix the problems certainly at an experience to themselves and to wall street. certainly i thought thecharacters and their deeds were interesting. not the nefarious wall street people because, by god, we've heard enough about that. >> i believe people believe there are two sets of people. rules for rich people and rules for other people. in your book you say people have an unfair advantage. has anything changed? has the government at all stepped in to change that high frequency -- >> as i say, it's messy. the s.e.c. is making lots of noise. the former head of -- treading the market the s.e.c. just came out and said it's a death star. >> keep hearing the noise and there are charges. >> where does it lead to? it's hard to know. whether there are rules they can
8:37 am
create that can't be gained especially given the existing political system and the kind of poisonous relationship between the regulators and the political system. >> and here's the front page of "usa today." wall street gears up for spring break. markets are going up and up. >> that's the other thing. just as the federal reserve did a very good job of numbing the pain of the financial crisis. a stock market that's going up is a very hard stock math to do with. >> talk about you, they're making your book into movies. >> it's funny it's happening because it was never the intention. i think if you look at the looks -- the "blind-side" has it. "money ball," i thought they were insane. >> you compare "moneyball" to "flash buys." >> it's similar. someone on the inside is saying the way the industry is run is insane and then a firestorm after the book comes out.
8:38 am
actually, very similar. the response of journalists, both have had books written against them but they are obvious mean material. i mean this is a really complicated subject. >> you have brad pitt playing in the big short. >> yes yes. >> hae was in "money game." >> "moneyball." >> "flash employ buoys" is going to star erinsorkin? >> pretty impressive cast. >> brat pit, christian bale ryan gosling and steve carell. >> isn't it cool that what you write is going to be on the big screen? >> it's great. i'm very lucky they haven't screwed it up. the movies are fabulous. aaron sore kin
8:39 am
aaron sorkin is writing it. >> what does michael do with his money? >> i think i've asked you this before. >> you have, on another show. >> it's so uninteresting. i sit on it and count it. >> no you don't. >> you don't put it in index funltds. >> i do. i have two kinds of index funds. i have vanguard index funds like a lot of people but i give some of my money to warren buffett. i put it in and he can figure it out. >> i know you're buying up half -- >> i don't have any gifts of money. >> are you buying better sheets? there you go. thread count is important. >> in my household i'm not in the department of spending. that's not how it works. >> someone better qualified than
8:40 am
you. >> good to see you. >> good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. she's the only blogger ever chosen for a harvard business school case study. how the woman who created blond
8:41 am
8:42 am
let the games begin. experience the power the passion and the pageantry of medieval times. buy one full-priced adult ticket and get a second free at
8:43 am
she's a one-woman powerhouse
8:44 am
of style. she's on the covers of magazines all over the world. her success earned the attention of harvard business school and she just sat in the front row of two dozen fashion week shows. michelle miller met the budding international mogul. good morning. >> that is so. just a few years ago she was an italian law student. today she sits atop two companies worked $8 million. the girl at the center of it all is not a model, an actress, or even a traditional celebrity. 27-year-old ferragni is a brand. she's a turned life tooil turned website the blonde salad. she funded it back for $2,000
8:45 am
with her boyfriend. >> i was doing it just to share because i love shares my photos. >> so it wasn't your intention to make a business out of it. >> no. my intention was to create something that people loved to look at and they could find inspiration from. >> reporter: the blonde salad has more than 900,000 unique visitor as month and brings in more than $1.5 million in advertising and referred sales. >> my secret has been to be true to myself. i never tried too hard. >> she and her team have become so successful harvard business school has made her the first. they analyzed every aspect of her startup business. >> she's the most successful fashion blogger. she was very creative in monetizing her blog, in turning it into a multi-million-dollar business is the main reason for
8:46 am
her success. this ability to be relatable creational at the same time. >> relatable. aspirational, and popular. today she has 3.4 million followers on instagram with posts regularly earned 70 8 0rks even 130,000 likes. >> for someone like her to have ö million-plus instagram followers is incredible. today your followers is your currency. she was there at the beginning. when you're sort of a trailblazer in a new medium you really grow your fans fast quickly, and really with a lot of royalty. >> reporter: that number of instagram followers putting her just below oprah but above singer sam smith, actress reese wechter woon and tennis star serena williams. it also puttings her above the fashion house calvin klein that named her brand ambassador. >> besides being gorgeous she's so global.
8:47 am
she communicates the inl of the brand so well. >> reporter: calvin klein and other major labels like chanel and steve madden want to tap her and her own line potential customers in collaborations both paid and unpaid. >> you think that you're transparent in how you operate your business? >> yeah. i mean you can totally work with brands. people love seeing that but you have to build stories, you have to build credibility and those brands have to be the perfect place. >> what they buryring to her is cachet and what she brings to them is she can bring this huge vast following and at the same time her personal look and sort of persona is very on brand for them. so it's a win/win for both companies. >> the stylish influencer has earned a seat front row at fashion shows in new york milan, and paris. nearly a month-long schedule packed with hair and makeup costume changes, and runways.
8:48 am
lots of runways. ♪ i'm so fancy ♪ >> reporter: designers send her clothes and accessories to wear. some on loan, some as gifts, and she makes up to $50,000 for appearances and hosting gigs. but kiata makes most of her money on her own shoe line. it brought in nearly $5 million last year alone. ♪ i'm going to be a supermodel ♪ >> reporter: the girl who started blogging about fashion is now creating and inspiring it bracing the covers of the international magazines she used to read. >> i feel right now we're like in the best moment for the fashion industry for what i do because it's like all the rules have changed so much and so now there are no rules. ♪ i'm young and so beautiful ♪
8:49 am
>> reporter: she is definitely that. today she's flying to mexico city to receive the beauty of the year icon award from "marie claire." but with her launch of her shoe collection she hasn't been able to find the time. >> does she play the violin too? >> i did not ask but it would not surprise me. >> gorgeous and global under the age of 30. >> skydiver. >> gorgeous. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
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that does it for us. good to have everybody together. be sure to tune in to "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. you can tune in
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>> one part of your body that you would give anything to change? >> "chasing life" star italia ricci about changing body image. then, she went through butt injections but lost her arms and legs. see how her new lives make her a real-life woman. and what her rep is revealing and big bash that has hollywood talking. what the stars are telling our "news in two." ♪ ♪ [applauding] >> some of the biggest hits in prime time tv central hospitals the doctors that worked there, but abc familye madthe bold decision to create a series focusing on thee lif sof aingle patient.


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