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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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. good morning. let's do weather right away. >> we're doing pretty well, just cold. not as cold as yesterday and snow coming for tonight into thursday morning. not a lot but the timing kind of stinks. >> right in time for your morning rush tomorrow. we get away with a nice day today. take a look at doppler 9000. you can see the system headed our way coming out of texas through arkansas and louisiana. we're cold enough that all that green stuff is going to turn to snow. we are going to have the timing of this on our futurecast coming up a little bit later with howard. here's what we're expecting. 1 to 2 inches through the beltway. once you head farther south, that's where the accumulations will be a little bit higher. temperatures are still cold out there but we're doing better than yesterday for sure. 12 for frederick. 16 for baltimore. 24 for annapolis and 22 for frederick. it's going to be a nice day. lots of sunshine. just a few fair weather clouds. high temperatures near 40 degrees which is still well below average but i think it's going to be nice relative to what we've seen as of late. good morning, larry. time for timesaver traffic. good morning. hope your day is getting off to a good start this morning.
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if you're going to be traveling from virginia making your way toward the district, you'll have no issues as you travel northbound on 95 this morning. coming frup dale city making your way -- coming up from dale city making your way through, no issues or accidents. in prince george's county, everything free and clear there as well. no issues, no accidents along 50 as you make your way toward mitchellville. mitchellville toward the beltway. bw parkway also looking nice as well. so no problems either on the beltway or on the bw parkway. so this is definitely going to be a smooth commute. right now a live look at old georgetown road, inner and outer bound loops of the beltway running freely this morning. mike and andrea, back you to. the law legalizing marijuana use in the district will go into effect tomorrow. >> it allows adults to possess small amounts of marijuana in private, however. delia goncalves is live outside the wilson building in northwest d.c. with a look at what this will mean now. does this mean you're covering pot parties tomorrow, delia? >> reporter: well, we could be
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actually. who knows. unless congress does step in at the 11th hour, pot will be legal. the mayor says even though pot will be legal here, d.c. will not become the next amsterdam. and she says to prevent that from happening, she's going so introduce some emergency legislation to make sure public or private clubs for that matter, coffee shops and bars, don't go up in smoke. it is still illegal to smoke in public. that means on the street or in your car. you cannot smoke in government buildings. so that means d.c. adults living in government-owned housing projects are banned from smoking in their apartments. you k however, smoke in a privately owned home. also adults over the age of 21 can legally possess 2 ounces of marijuana. they can even grow up to six plants in their home but there's a catch. because congress stepped in, you cannot legally buy marijuana here in the district
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of columbia. more on the threats from congress coming up in the next half-hour. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thank you, nikki -- delia, excuse me. maryland's governor larry hogan is calling for what he calls a holistic plan to fight heroin use. governor hogan will not declare a state of emergency as he vowed to do during his campaign. instead he's asking for a $500,000 federal grant but no new state money for treatment. he's also asking a task force to report back to him by december 1. >> i lost the first cousin to a heroin overdose just a couple of years ago. and so i know the kind of devastation it can cause for families and communities. >> governor hogan says heroin overdoses have shot up 95% since 2010. some say the increase is directly attributed to its low street value combined with the increase it's becoming more and more difficult to obtain prescription painkillers. a former marine convicted
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of killing american sniper chris kyle and chad littlefield is facing the possibility of life in prison now. it took a texas jury just two and a half hours to reach a guilty verdict against eddie ray routh. routh killed kyle and littlefield at a texas gun range two years ago. littlefield's mother spoke shortly after the verdict. >> we waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son and as always, god has proved to be faithful. >> the jury did not buy the defense claim that routh was not guilty by reason of insanity. his lawyers say they do plan to file an appeal. new charges have been filed against a maryland bar and restaurant owner. he's accused of spying on women customers while they used the bathroom. >> prosecutors say kyle muehlhauser set up a video camera in the woman's restroom at the rams head tavern in savage, maryland. nikki burdine joins us with the latest charges. >> reporter: the owner of the
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rams head in savage is now at 12. six counts of peeping tom violations and six more counts of visual surveillance. howard county police say their investigation began way back in may of last year when a woman at the rams head reported seeing a camera fall out on the ground in front of her while she was in the bathroom. detectives pulled that footage and found images of six other women who had no idea they were being taped. police also say that foodage showed a man who they identified at muehlhauser putting the camera in place. we spoke with some women about the allegations and this is what they had to say. >> secretly when women are assaulted, whether it's visually in that sense or physically, it's done in a place of trust. and it's a scary thing. >> reporter: rams head group released a statement saying this is an isolated incident.
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i'll explain how video helped match muehlhauser to the footage in the bathroom coming up. three virginia state troopers are recovering this morning after being struck by vehicles in three separate cases all in one day. one case happened on i-66 in fairfax. another in prince william county. and the thirldz in suffolk. all -- third in suffolk. all thtrree oopers were dealing with traffic offenses when they were struck. all three are expected to be just fine. a silver spring man is charged with involuntary manslaughter after a deadly crash in downtown washington the. the crash on h street northwest killed 27-year-old philip snodgrass. james chandler is charged in the case. police believe speeding and drugs were factors. this morning montgomery county police are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for help solving the murder of a 95- yard retired navy officer. dan belvin was found dead inside his apartment monday at the randolph village senior complex in colesville. police say belvin suffered
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trauma to the upper body. the ford's theater museum will reopen today. it's been closed since last wednesday because of a water leak caused by a combination of mechanical failures and frozen paper pipe -- frozen pipes. the exhibits were not affected by any of that water. 6:07. 30 million americans suffer from eating disorders at some point in their lives. coming up, we bring you the story of one local woman. it's the most coveted ticket of spring in d.c. find out how you can enter this year's easter egg roll. >> we've got a clear, quiet morning. it's going to be a fine day today but late tonight into thursday, wintry weather will affect the region. right now advisories as far north as st. mary's county and fredricksburg and charlottesville. it might inch closer to us. i'll explain why and have your wednesday forecast coming up in just
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6:10 on this wednesday morning. kind of cold but quiet. we have a couple of upper single digits in prince william county and fill month in western lou -- phil month in western loudoun a. pretty morning. highs upper 30s and low 30s. so a tad milder than it has been. snow is on the way tonight into thursday morning. the timing is not good at all. i'll tell you more about that in about six, seven minutes. larry miller, give us some good news for commuters this morning. i have some really good news for those of you traveling on 66 making your way from centreville toward the beltway. in issues or accidents or any slowdowns as of yet. we expect the volume to pick up towards the 6:30 hour but right now if you're going to be leaving the house within the next 10, 15 minutes, it is smooth sailing from there. for my friends out in frederick
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making your way down toward the beltway, you'll have no issues as you make the drive from 270. this is a live look right now at west montgomery. so no problems in that part of town. and for those of you in the district, if you're traveling on the 14th street bridge, no issues there at all. just some volume starting to pick up but traffic is moving. mike, annual dray ya, back to -- mike, andrea, back you to. this is national eating disorders awareness week. experiments want -- experts want everyone to know the serious conditions that affect more than 40 million people in the u.s. people like laura who is a senior at george washington university. she struggled with bulimia and anorexia since high school. it got to the point where she was unable to function and attend classes. she stresses how important it is to get help. >> weeks like eating disorder week are important because it encourages people to speak up about something that we don't talk about normally, eating disorders and say tates' okay to ask for help. >> laura says one of the
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misconceptions is that eating disorders are about weight n. her case it was caused by anxiety and depression but she went through rehab and now is doing well. well. they'll host an event featuring best selling author brian cubin. he'll discuss his own battle with eating disorders and drug addiction. it's free to the public starting at 7:30. the lottery for this year's white house easter egg roll is open. you have until noon thursday to sort of get in the digital line for tickets. they are free and they cannot be sold. the easter egg roll is monday april 6. itself event is for children 13 years old and younger and their families. you can find out more about the lottery by downloading our wusa9 news app. two people from maryland are in jail after a weekend raid gone wrong at wes leanne university -- wesleyan
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university in connecticut. wusa9 is back right after this.
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good morning. i'm nick giovanni live in the newsroom. coming up 06:15, here's what's making up the headlines. at least 30 people are dead as
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a result of a avalanche in afghanistan. 60 homes were left buried under snow. we're told rescuers are still frantically searching for survivors should it be worded as an apology? a package is scheduled to meet for the first time to discuss what the prime minister should say in his world war speech. [indiscernible] meanwhile crews in california are still picking up the pieces left by a commuter train that wound up partially on its side yesterday. derailed after slamming into a truck that was left on the tracks. as danielle nottingham reports, the driver who abandoned that truck has been arrested. >> reporter: authorities began removing the wreckage of a metrolink train that struck a commercial truck in oxnard. the train derailed throwing three cars on their side.
6:17 am
ted maloney climbed into one ever the toppled rail cars to help passengers. >> it was very quiet. the one gentleman was standing up and he pointed out, he said this lady's bleeding in the back of her head. >> reporter: he showed us pictures from inside. >> lady's laying between the seats here. >> reporter: 28 people were transported to the hospital. four critically, including the train engineer. officials say the evening near spotted the vehicle on the tracks and was able to slow down. the truck caught on fire on impact but firefighters quickly put out the flames. police say the 54-year-old driver from yuma, arizona took a wrong turn and drove on to the tracks before abandoning his truck. officers found the truck driver about a mile and a half from the scene. police say he was arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run. >> when you're involved in a motor vehicle accident, california law requires you or the person involved to remain at the scene and in this case that did not happen. >> reporter: metrolink says the train was newly redesigned to
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better protect commuters. >> the front end of the cab car is designed to crumple by nature to help been much worse without it. >> reporter: passengers say they're grateful they survived. danielle nottingham, cbs news, oxnard, california. >> investigators are still trying to figure out if alcohol or drugs may have been a contributing factor to the accident. good news is no one died in tuesday's crash, though four people are in critical condition at last check. later today, a man accused of setting off a small explosion near an naacp office in california spring -- in colorado springs is due in court. thaddeus murphy has a bond hearing scheduled charged with arson and possession of a firearm. four students at wesleyan university are facing drug charges in connection with a number of weekend overdoses at the connecticut campus. two of the suspects are from maryland, 21-year-old zachary crimer from bethesda and a 20 yeald from lutherville in
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baltimore county. students were hospitalized after taking the drug molly. parts of the south are dealing with bitter cold temps yet again a day after snow, freezing rain made its way through the region. 3 to 6 inches of snow we're told is expected from texas to georgia and the carolinas. if the district shuts down over 6 inches, you can only imagine the chaos ensuing south of us. >> at ran it it happens -- atlanta it happens with one inch. >> we are going to have to think about it because howard is talking about snow falling maybe 1 to 2 inches. >> right. between midnight -- 3:00 tomorrow morning and-- >> some montgomery county teachers stopped me on the sidewalk asking, are we going to get a delay on thursday? i have to ask howard. >> it may be more than a delay. the timing couldn't be worse. >> rush hour. >> exactly. that's the big problem for tomorrow. today looks good. by comparison it's a little chilly but, you know, not bad
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at all. sunshine, 40s give or take a couple of degrees for your high which is still not quite where we should be. averages are up to 50. back to freezing by midnight. mid- to upper 20s. with snow moving n it's going to stick on anything that's not treated. down to 7 in culpeper and harrisonburg. 26 in martinsburg. where the winds went light, temperatures really dropped off kind of like yesterday but not as cold. we're sitting at 23 in d.c. pax river is 20 this morning. and a beautiful looking sky on our michael & son weather camera. 23 thankfully light winds most spots. not too much of a windchill to concern ourselves with. tonight here we are at 11:00 p.m. the snow will be moving in from the south. 12:30 no problems but if you're going to be out early, 3:00, 3:30 there will be snow falling in much of the area, emily virginia moving in toward maryland now. 6:00 all this light blue is snow. darker blue to the south and east. heavier snow from richmond down to norfolk. they're expecting 6 to 8 inches down there. we're looking at an inch or two
6:21 am
here. by 9:00 approaching i-95 and starting to pull away later in the morning to the amp. how much snow -- to the afternoon. how much snow? generally 1 to 2 for d.c., out west on 66 and east to annapolis. you head to southern maryland, calvert, 2 to 4. north of baltimore, trace to an inch. they'll be farther from the storm so they won't see nearly as much. for us today, 40 degrees. a bit milder. 26 tonight with the snow after midnight into the mid-morning hours tomorrow. so a yellow alert for thursday. a little sun in the afternoon, 33. friday a few more flurries and snow showers, 29. might even see a coating from that. saturday still cold. then we warm up to the mid-40s with rain possibly both monday and tuesday. 6:21. larry miller, hump day. >> today is hump day, by the way. thanks, howard. right now we're talking about an accident on the outer loop of the beltway, this one between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. you want to be mindful if you're heading out in that area.
6:22 am
we have a camera close by to show you the volume starting to build up. it is expected to be relatively interesting in terms of just how much volume that we're going to see, but the delays expected to be extensive. so make sure you plan accordingly. for my friend coming up from virginia, you'll have no issues as you're traving northbound toward -- traveling northbound toward the beltway. woodbridge to lorton. northbound as well as the southbound side of the beltway free and clear of any issues. marc train, we do have some issues we need to tell you about. cam 841 is running 10 to 15 minutes late. metro riders as well, there's delays we have this morning on both the green line and the silver line. be mindful if you'll be heading out within the next 10 minutes. back to you. 6:22. he's been credited with several veterans affairs reforms. now the v.a. secretary is taking a step back to apologize for a false claim caught on camera. >> they say there's not enough evidence to bring federal civil rights charges against george zimmerman. more on the justice department's decision coming up
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♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. here are is some news you may have missed. he took his apology directly to the people he tried to serve. veteranses affairs secretary robert mcdonald apologized. at the american legion. it's his second public apology for making false claims that he served in the military special
6:26 am
forces. the statement was caught on camera by a cbs crew last month. >> special forces? what years? i was in special forces. >> that was wrong. and i have no excuse. >> the mistake comes after only seven months on the job and at a time when the agency is trying to repair its own image from a scandal over v.a. hospital wait times. so far there's been no public call for secretary mcdonald's resignation. new figures out this morning about the extent of torture being used on afghan detainees. the u.n. survey says more than one in three detainees report being tortured or mistreated. the method includes severe beating, electric shock and near asphyxiation. this morning israeli extremists are being blamed for setting a mosque on fire in the west bank. graffiti was also written at the site. it read, we want the redemption of zion and revenge. the message was written alongside the star of david.
6:27 am
the israeli army says it's investigating. tomorrow would have been trayvon martin's 20th birthday. now his parents are receiving disappointing news. >> the federal government says there is not enough evidence to pursue civil rights charges in the shooting death of their son. marley hall has more. >> reporter: department of justice officials told the parents of florida teenager trayvon martin the government is not filing federal civil rights charges against the man who killed their unarmed son. >> they were heart broken, even though they expected that it was going to happen. it was just hard actually hearing it. >> reporter: martin was shot dead in a confrontation with neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman in february 2012. zimmerman claimed self-defense under florida's controversial stand your ground law. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: zimmerman was acquitted on state level charges of murder and manslaughter in 2013. tuesday the department of justice released a statement
6:28 am
saying though a koch hencive investigation -- comprehensive investigation found that the high standard for a federal hate crime prosecution cannot be met, under the circumstances here, this young manual's premature -- man's premature death necessitates that we continue the dialogue and be unafraid of confronting the issues his passing brought to the surface. the case sparked a national outcry and an ongoing conversation about race in america. this thursday marks the third anniversary of martin's death. marley hall, cbs news. a federal civil rights violation requires proof that the shooting was motivated by racial animosity. a senate vote on whether to override president obama's veto of the keystone xl peopleline is expected in the next few days. if approved the measure would authorize a canadian county to build the pipeline. the bill has become a flash point issue both for environmentalists and the
6:29 am
energy industry. the femple reseive chair janet -- the federal reserve chair janet yellen sounded upbeat about the economy when she talked to a senate committee. yellen said spending and production have increased and should remain strong enough to help bring down unemployment. budget cuts might be devastating for government agencies but could be good news for you, the taxpayer. that's because the i.r.s. budget cuts mean your chances of getting audited are likely a good bit lower than last season. the agency says auditors reviewed fewer than 1% of tax returns in 2014. that was the lowest in a decade. well, we're pretty much used to it now. the cold continues to hover over the d.c. region. good morning. welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. the whole team is here. what are you working on? >> we're talking about an accident on the outer loop of the beltway around new hampshire avenue, university boulevard. causing some delays in that area. >> heads up on that. also heads up for schoolkids tomorrow. you might have a delay or maybe even a closing. >> cold this morning.
6:30 am
that's not the problem. snow tonight after midnight anywhere from 8:00 to 11:00 from west to east tomorrow morning. the timing is the bringinger problem, even though it's not a lot. an inch, to at the most at the wrong -- an inch, two at the most at the wrong time can throw a wrench in the morning chute. >> we get away with a beautiful start today and a beautiful day. really this is the best week -- or the best day of the week. we're looking at temperatures near 40 degrees which is about 10 degrees below average. it's still very cold out there but we're making our way above freezing and we are out of the single digits this morning. two good things to look forward to for your wednesday. 23 degrees right now. what a beautiful start. it is cold and you might be able to shed a layer later on today. 15 for college park. bowie you're 14. lots of rain for louisiana but you know how cold it's been. we're going to expect snow for
6:31 am
tomorrow morning. advisories are already in place for st. mary's county and through delmarva. those will most likely be extended a little farther to the north as the day progresses. enjoy the sunrise. temperatures will reach near 40 degrees this afternoon. good morning, larry. good morning. right now we're talking about that accident on the outer loop of the beltway between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. i understand that the car in question has been moved to the shoulder so the delays should ease up. if you're about to head out the door, you'll be heading from 95 south to old georgetown road. you're looking at an 1-minute this morning. for those of you running from chambers road to fairfax drive, that's a 15-minute commute right now based on current conditions in terms of your -- the cars out on the roadways. from prince william parkway to 395, you're looking at a 10- minute commute this morning. for those of you in prince george's county traveling from coolington road to montana avenue, we're looking at a 14- minute commute. coming up in my next report, also tracking delays on metro. we'll let you know what those are coming up shortly. back you to. it won by popular vote and
6:32 am
goes into effect tomorrow in the district. >> recreational pot could be legal by this time tomorrow but of course there are rules and regulations behind that. how and where you can light up. delia goncalves is live outside the wilson building. eight got to be pretty strict i imagine. >> reporter: absolutely. there is one huge catch. congress essentially tried killing this bill. they were not successful. however, congress members did manage to injure it pretty severely saying d.c. cannot use tax money to sale of marijuana. so what does that mean? well, it is not legal to buy pot in d.c. that is a huge catch to this new law. you cannot legally buy pot in d.c. but you can possess pot legally in d.c. adults over the age of 21 can have 2 ounces of marijuana. they can even grow up to six plants at home. you can grow or smoke pot on private property. that means your backyard, home, or your front porch.
6:33 am
you cannot, however, smoke in government buildings or in public. that includes the many federal parks here in d.c. and even if you live in a housing project that's government owned, you cannot smoke inside your apartment. proponents say the law means less people will be in jail. >> it's a small amount. you shouldn't be ridiculed for that. >> it will cut down on the small crimes being processed for marijuana possession. >> all sorts of people get caught up in it but statistically about 91% have been african-american, mostly young men. >> reporter: that lawyer says he will continue to fight for those young men he says still behind bars for what he describes as minor marijuana infractions. he will try to get them out. the mayor will introduce emergency legislation to make sure private clubs do not go up in smoke. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, delia, live at the wilson building this morning. if you've ever been to jamaica, you know that marijuana use
6:34 am
there is very common. in fact, some people say it's been rampant for decades but now it's actually legal. did you know it was illegal? jamaica's parliament approved an act decriminalizing small amounts of pot. they willle be allowed -- they will also be allowed to use it for sackmental purposes on the island. he's facing more charges for secretly taping women. >> kyle muehlhauser taped at least six different women in rams head tavern. does this add up to 12? >> reporter: 12 charges. these are disturbing allegations. police say women were taped while using the bathroom and they had no idea. now the man police say is behind the camera is facing even more charges. kyle muehlhauser, the owner of the rams head tavern in savage faces six counts of peeping tom violations on top of the six counts of sissual surveillance with pure went intent --
6:35 am
prurient intent. the investigation started back in may when a woman saw a digital camera fall on to the floor. detectives say footage from that camera showed images of six different women as well as a man putting the camera in place. surveillance video from the restaurant showed the same man and he was identified as muehlhauser. police say d.n.a. from the digital camera also matched him. detectives are concerned now the videotaping happened at other rams head locations, two in annapolis and one in stevensville. the rams head group calls the incident an isolated one. muehlhauser has since been released on bond. back to you. >> thanks, nikki. you might want to check ahead if you're flying southwest airlines today. and this timity ea not because of the weather -- this time it's not because of the weather. it's because some of the planes have been grounded because of some missed inspections. about 80 flights were canceled because of this yesterday. up to 19 more flights are expected to be canceled today while the inspections of the backup rudder system are completed to about 90 of their
6:36 am
planes. los angeles area is celebrating a stadium deal which could clear the way for a return to the n.f.l. -- turn of the n.f.l. to the region for the first time in two decades. it's a $2 billion plan backed by the rams. there are still hurdles. it's unclear if the rams will actually move back to southern california rather than stay in st. louis because a rival deal is in the works of course to keep them in missouri. 6:36. time to congratulate our facebook fan ever the day. amber macarelli from haymarket, virginia. >> i watched loyally but tune in early from december to march to see if i'll get a snow day from work. >> we know amber will be watching tomorrow morning listening to what howard and allyson have to say and she wins four tickets to ringling brothers barnum & bailey circus showing at the patriot and verizon centers. you could, too. just go to our wusa9 facebook page and fill out the form. howard, what can you tell amber now? >> no snow day today but it's
6:37 am
cold. some temps in the upper single digits. a beautiful sunrise just about to happen. we have temps from 8 to 25 right now. not bad today. as you said, snow tomorrow. more on that coming up in just a few. for one local woman trying to raise money to help fight her kidney disease, online funding is it the wave
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6:40 am
coming up on 6:40. it's cold out there. a few clouds this morning making for a beautiful sky as we head toward that sunrise in just a few minutes. it will be a decent day today. in fact, almost comfortable compared for where we've been. upper 30s and low 40s. clouds thicken up tonight. snow after midnight into tomorrow morning. an inch or two but at the wrong time can cause all sorts of problems tomorrow. i will elaborate when i see you at 6:46. let's check in with larry miller and the commute. for those of you traveling i-95 south toward the beltway, we have an accident right now that's blocking two lanes. this is between the intercounty connector and maryland 212. our camera close by in the distance shows some delays. we understand that a tractor- trailer is involved so we're working on getting more information on that. sky 9 also making its way there, too, so hopefully -- hopefully by the end of the show we'll be able to show that you picture. toward the beltway, extensive delays in frederick.
6:41 am
be mindful of that. mike, andrea, back to you. the supreme court is preparing to hear two cases which could have an impact on the consumer and health care industries. >> not surprisingly, all of that snow in new england is leading to problems with real estate. >> nick giovanni has those stories and more in the look at your money. good morning, nick. >> reporter: andrea, mike, good morning again. we'll start with what's on the docket. the supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments in annual employment discrimination claim against abercrombie and fitch. when must an employer take steps to accommodate the religious beliefs of an employee or job applicant? it was filed by a muslim woman turned down for a job after showing up for her interview wearing a black head scarf, part of her religious custom. it conflicted with the company's dress code. abercrombie and fitch has changed its policy on head scarves and has settled similar lawsuits out of court. the supreme court ends up invalidating health care subsidies to health and hiewp servic e --human services secretary is warning about the
6:42 am
potential fallout associated with such moves. the secretary said there are no administrative actions available to fix any potential problems. she warns that ending the subsidies would do widespread damage to the nation' health care system leaving -- nation's health care system leaving millions not able to afford coverage. new england has been covered in snow for weeks. the blizzardses are affecting the bottom line in the housing market. some real estate agents have had to cancel open houses for one. home sales are being delayed because inspectors haven't been able to look at septemberic tanks, roofs and other features buried under the ice and snow. i guess the bright side for buyers, that these homes, you can see how they hold up before signing on the dot the line. >> roofers are standing by on the phone waiting for the call. >> that's a home warrenty in action if i've -- warranty in action if i've ever seen one. new details on three british teenagers who have crossed into syria. that story coming up in about 20 minutes. >> the owner of a popular
6:43 am
restaurant accused of voyeurism in a case is facing new charges. we're
6:44 am
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good morning. the jury reach as verdict in the american sniper trial. hear the emotional testimony for the very fir time. -- first time. foods that can hook you just like heroin. what is that? dr. holly philips is in studio 57 with the most addictive and why you can't say no. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 sharp. so mike and andrea, what is the food that you go, i know, i feel like a junkie if i don't have -- fill in the blank. >> pizza every time. >> bacon. >> bacon.
6:47 am
i love that. i agree on both of those. but there are others on the list. we'll tell you at 7:00. >> see you then, gayle. >> gayle, you look gorgeous -- you looked gorgeous at the oscars. >> thanks. >> see you later. 6:47. howard? >> chocolate. we've got a beautiful morning going on. snow and lightning are a couple of my weather predictions. weather watch. we have snow on the way. not lightning but snow on the way into the first part of thursday. not a lot but at the wrong time. we'll vishes tomorrow morning. check it -- we'll have issues tomorrow morning. check it out. beautiful out there with a few clouds to filter the light. nice looking sky. we'll have sunshine mixed with clouds. highs up around 40 give or take a couple of degrees. not too much wind. it will be west to north, northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. snow is on the way, especially south. winter storm warnings in southern virginia. winter weather advisories charlottesville to
6:48 am
fredricksburg to st. mary's and cambridge. this morning we're concerned with just the cold. down to 7 in the cold spots in culpeper but 23 in d.c. 24 in annapolis. 12 in frederick. here comes the sunrise on schedule, 23. no wind, though. that's the key this morning without the w. it's not so -- without the w., it's not -- windchill, it's not so bad. we'll have snow around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow. not pulling out till maybe 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. generally 1 to 2 inches. trace to an inch toward baltimore. 20s tonight. note will stick. 33 tomorrow. a little sun in the afternoon. on friday flurries and snow showers. might get a little coating from that. still cold saturday and milder sunday and rain possibly monday and tuesday with highs in the mid-40s. 6:48. larry miller, good wednesday to you. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. right now we're still talking about the situation going on on 95 south it the intercounty
6:49 am
connector as well as maryland 212 causing some delays there. sky 9 is there now. you can see emergency crews are on the scene removing that car that was involved in the accident. traffic is picking up and those lanes that were blocked are now open so things are running smooptly there. for my friends in frederick, some slowdowns from frederick to the beltway. looks like once you get past damascus making your way on to germantown, things should improve. so hold title. mike and andrea, back to you. everyone knows the sacrifice military families make. blue star families last night celebrated its fifth anniversary and gave thanks to civilians who supported them. >> tommy mcguy was in the middle -- mcfly was in the middle of the action and joins us now. good morning, tommy. >> good morning, guys. last night it was such an incredible evening where they honored civilians for their support of military families and tim daly from madam secretary was one of those honored. we have some madam secretary scoop in just a second but
6:50 am
check ow what happened last night with blue star families. ♪ gave proof to the night that our flag was still there ♪ >> i think they made a mistake. i don't feel worthy to be honored in front of people who have done so much more work than i've done in comparison but i'm thrilled to be here. it's a fantastic organization. my daddy was in the navy. his brother dave was in the navy. my aunt cynthia was the wave and my aunt mary alen daly was at one point the highest ranking woman in the military. >> when my husband joined the army in 1970, the adage was if we wanted you to have a wife, we would have issued you one. so we have come a long, long way way. >> blue stare families has been helping strengthen families around the world for half a dpek cade who are in the --
6:51 am
decade who are in the military. i want to say good morning to katherine gibson and her daughter colby who is active navy and they watch every morning. thanks for your service and getting involved. to madam secretary scoop, tim daly let us know what we can expect for the the rest of the reason. >> i think we can expect to find out more about who killed the former secretary of state. let me leave it at that. >> will you be putting your spy on? >> perhaps. >> he keeps his clearance up. you see that? he's not giving up too much. he can neither confirm nor deny. in the 94.7 fresh fm studios, i'm tommy mcfly on wusa9. >> he sure did put the brakes on there, didn't he? house leaders will meet to discuss immigration and funding homeland security. >> we could be one day away from a showdown between the district and congress over marijuana. wusa9 is back right after this.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:54 am
. i'm delia goncalves live outside the wilson building. unless congress steps in at the 11th hour, it will be legal to smoke marijuana here in the district starting tomorrow. adults can possess up to 2
6:55 am
ounces. they can grow six perhapses at home -- plants at home but you can't smoke in public. there's a catch. there's no legal way to buy pot here in d.c. nikki? >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine. new charges now against the owner of the rams head restaurant, a savage maryland restaurant and bar accused of secretly videotaping women in the bathroom. kyle muehlhauser faces 12 charges including peeping tom violations. howard county police say this all-starred back in may when a woman said a digital camera fell on to the floor while she was in the bathroom. detectives say footage from that camera showed a man putting the camera in place. it had images of six women who had no idea they were being recorded. a closed door meeting will occur this morning by te is considering a stand alone bill in order to block the president's executive orders on immigration. the immigration debate has been holding up the bill to fund dhs. the funding runs out this friday if nothing gets done.
6:56 am
the ford's theater museum reopens today. it's been closed since last wednesday due to a water leak. it was caused by a combination of mechanical failure and frozen pipes. damage was limited to carpeting and drywall. exhibits and artifacts not affected. we're looking nice today, around 40 give or take a couple of degrees. late tonight, tomorrow morning some snow, maybe an inch or two. at the wrong time. i expect issues. a few nor flurries and snow showers on friday. warmer with rain likely monday into tuesday. we're keeping a close eye on the accident between 95 south and the intercounty connector and 212. we understand the car involved in the accident is getting removed. the delays should ease up as we get toward the height of the rush hour. cbs this morning is next with persistent problems for the v.a. more than 13,000 veterans' files are crammed into a file cab yet. wyatt andrews investigates. >> two high school basketball girls both attempt to throw the game and now both teams are
6:57 am
paying the price. >> larry and i will be back. where are you? >> right here. >> we'll be back -- there are so many of us. we'll be back to give you your traffic tes. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, you know the drill, especially when the snow starts falling, use our mobile app. >> howard and i will see you at noon. till then have a terrific wednesday. >> take care, everybody. >> bye-bye. i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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it is wednesday february 25th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a guilty verdict for the killer of american sniper chris kyle and for the first time you'll hear the emotional testimony from the wife of chris kyle. whistleblowers say a single office ignored more than 13,000 veterans claims. and it's a new low in sportsmanship, why two basketball teams were both playing to lose. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 co


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