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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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it's a mess out there. the effort to clear the snow got more complicated when this happened. a plow truck tore down traffic lights at a major intersection near the beltway. >> even if you take it slowly this morning, the snow is packed down in many cases, partialmenting and a refreeze can make things very slick. good morning, welcome to wusa9. we're in continuing coverage of the snowy tuesday, february 17th. a yellow alert day. i'm andrea rhone. >> and we want to get the latest on the big storm. we have a lot of meteorologists at work. nearly the whole staff is here. >> pretty much. >> topper is here after 20 secs
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of sleep last night. howard, topper, take it away. >> a couple of flurries leftover. the road crews getting a handle on the interstate, and they're starting to catch up after what was a very bad night. a lot of things are going on. topper, take it away. >> and we'll talk about totals and show you the radar. the storm is history. we're in good shape now. the totals so far, i want to thank everyone to send us the totals and the pictures. day breaks and we're going to have daylight coming. take better pictures. oldtown, about 4 and a half inches. reidville, 4 and a half, germantown, 4; mechanicsville, 8 inches. we talked about the places south and east are the bull's eye. we were in the middle of our four to 8 ban. the storm did perform pretty well and the bans, the low sides of the bans. the 4-8 ban, you had four to eight inches. we can't complain. a the little bit of snow -- a little bit of snow across the del marva and snow skirting southern new england and a
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couple of snow flurries are possible north of town. the accumulating snow is gone and a last snow shower pushing through reidville. you see that blue? that is the heavy snowfall. that is there for an hour and that is just skirting to the south of reidville and moving across the bay. north again, a couple of flurries moving down to 70 and not a huge deal. a couple of flurries in between d.c. and baltimore and that is about it. the temps will struggle to get above freezing and mr. bernstein has his eyes on something else on wednesday. you got to catch it and can't do it. >> and we're talking about the cold. when the snow fell last night, the tiny snow grains that started got in the nooks and crannies of the road and that helped put the icy coating underneath the snow. that is why we had very little snow. all the incidents yesterday afternoon, similar to the morning of january 6th, when we had the school issues that day. this morning, no school issues and everyone is pretty much closed. the temperatures around the teens here. a cold start and we will see
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upper types, scheme, up -- upper teens, excuse me, upper 20s well is low 30s. producing heavy snow showers mid-to late afternoon. tomorrow is a yellow alert day, a coating to perhaps an inch from that befora another brutally cold air mass comes our way. 35 by noon; 30 by four and we may squeak above freezing in washington. a lot of you are in the upper 20s to lower 30s. clean the sidewalk and the car. while the sun is out, you'll be happier tomorrow morning. larry miller, we're making progress and that is still a rough morning on the roads. >> howard, you're right. progress indeed. still a mess in some parts and mainly in the greenbelt area where we're talking about all morning long. we have had ramp restrictions and accidents. we have also had a number of issues. it looks like the problem is persisting. right now, 201 closed between i- 95, 495 and ivy lane. that, the result of a snow truck that actually hit a traffic light and toppled that
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over. delia gonza will give us a live report soon and still a mess out there. things are shaping up on 495 and connecticut avenue. you can see a few cars on the road and that the road conditions are better than what we have been reporting on, by 4:00 this morning. looks like more drivers are getting out there. the speed is picking up and slick in some spots. you wanted to be mindful of that as well. let's talk about the traffic and this is in the district. really quiet out there and looks like a lot of people are staying home and stay out of the mess. that is at south capitol street and suitland parkway. we have one straggler out there and possibly two. still, if you're driving, take it easy. we don't want anyone to get hurt. light talk about metro right now. we have had some issues today. the metro bus suspended as the roads get better. we have not gotten an update from metro to resume service. it's suspended. with that change, we'll be good to know. and 7:04, that means the snow emergency is in e if act in the district for four minutes. the best way to help to get the
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streets clear is to stay off of the roads if you can. >> so crews can do their job. allison ray hopped the car to check the conditions this morning so we can see what is out in the district. looks like moving okay, allison. >> yeah, absolutely. things are moving okay. we have actually, we're coming on wisconsin now and moved from the districts and now we're in maryland. there is quite a difference of how well the roads arecoing in maryland. they were -- are doing in maryland. they were good in d.c. and along the main roadways. now, we're on wisconsin and you can see the pavement here on the ground. so, it's looking okay. still some problems, though, as you make the turns on to the side streets and especially the intersection of the main road and the side street. you should really see a lot of pileup from the plows. the traffic is generally light. we're still seeing some cars getting on the roads as the morning progresses. the traffic is picking up a bit. and generally speaking for 7:00 in the morning, we're doing okay and allowing the plows to do what they need to do. one thing i noticed, some of
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the sidewalks, if they're not clear, there are pedestrians on the side. and so, be cautious of that if you're on the roads. if you do have to be out and you want to take it easy. in case do have some trouble stopping or so, there have been some pedestrians kind of avoiding the sidewalks that are not shovelled quite yet, but we see everyone out here working and getting everything cleared away. no more snow is heading our way so a clearing in the next few hours. we'll keep an eye on it and we're heading to cordell avenue where there is a water main break in bethesda and we'll update you later. >> looking at the shot, we can see asphalt, black top underneath. >> right. >> which we had not soen a lot of districts. >> meaning people are staying off of the road to get the job done. >> exactly. >> yeah. usually there is no not forecast. when there is, we're concerned about the dones -- conditions to the north and south of the beltway. >> but this is going to be a major impact south and east of the district instead. delia gonzalez is live along
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201 in prince georges county. problems early this morning that persist right now. good morning, delia. >> reporter: 201 at the beltway remains closed but we have seen movement and progress the last hour or so. take a look at that utility truck down there. that is the state highway crew truck and i just walked down the street to look at what the situation was down there and that crew worker managed to remove all over of the -- four of the single lights off of the pole. i can tell you earlier today. let's look at video that we shot when we first got to the scene. a plow truck came through the area. it was 2 a.m. the plow truck came through and had its bed raised up in the sky and so when he went through, he knocked down the light pole. so, it was knocked down kind of toppled over. they shut down the roads, had to overturn the plow truck,
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when should flipped over and they towed that plow truck away as crews prepared to kind of make the area safe and make sure that no cars drove through this road. now, we can tell you that there were no injuries. that is fortunate for the crash and the incident that happened earlier. back here live at the scene, you know, topper, howard, you were talking about the light, fluffy snow. i don't have a snow blower but you don't need much of anything to move a lot of the snow on the grass, you know. just counter that with what you have and this is a yucky, icy, slushy mess on the road. that is what people are dealing with and that is why crews are cautioning folks and warning folks that, you know, listen. if you don't have to be out, stay home. 2500 state highway plow trucks are on the road salting, de- icing and trying to get rid of this mess. so, it's safe when folks eventually have to go back to
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work and school. in the meantime, get off of the roads if you don't have to be. back to you in the studio. >> and dealia is live in -- did elia is live in green brush. and most of us have a chance to stay inside and be wa remember and comfortable -- and be warm and comfortable in our homes. we're fine. the plow drivers were busy all night last night. >> and they have been longer than topper shutt has been a wake clearing the snow. >> vanessa watson is a snow plow driver where 250 trucks have been working to keep roads passible. again, the advisory, if you don't have a driveway or garage, the county department of public works asks you to park on even-numbered sides of the street. that makes plowing neighborhoods easier. you know the neighborhoods are the last to get plowed after the major arteries are taken care of. >>. and we got a message that prince georges county suspended trash service for today. if your barrel is out by the curb, bring it in. they won't pick it up today, of
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course, because of the snow. we'll check in to keep seeing if plowing is needed throughout the morning. >> vert why i all -- virtually, the schools are closed and the federal government and the d.c. courts are closed. get the information any time. we'll be right back. . we're looking for cold temperatures this morning. the temperatures are down in the teens right now. and that is one of the reasons we had all of the problems with a little bit of snow yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon. didn't take much and anything that has not been treated is snow packed solid. 11 at lovettsville; 14, waldorf and bowie and on the bay, annapolis is 15. dunphrys and springfield and fairfax, too, this morning. the snow is pulling away. got a report of eight inches in avenue, maryland, on the potomac side of saint maries county, halfway there. we have seen a lot of reports in the southern maryland area
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with the seven to eight-inch range. the temperatures in western maryland, single digits, everyone in the teens and not too windy. i will be back in a few minutes and we'll talk about the threat for tomorrow afternoon with more heavy snow showers in the forecast. and then some brutally cold air returning for the second half of the workweek. and let's talk to larry miller and find out how bad things are going on the morning commute. >> howard, we're seeing improvements which, is good news. that means the snow crews are able to get in there and get that mess cleaned up and make sure you're safe the next time you decide to get on the road and when it's safe to do so. right now, the 95 corridor in virginiava, a few cars on the roads and a -- in virginia, a few cars on the roads and a few accidents. i-66 at germantown road, could looks like a few people are getting on the road there, brave enough to do so. when they're driving, they're taking their time and not rushing. we want to let you know, too, on 66 that the hov restrictions had been lifted on 66 inside
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the beltway. the same goes for 395 and the dulles toll road. we want to lit know about that. in the district -- to let you know about that. in the district, not a lot of cars on the road and looks like they still need to be treated. we have been seeing that throughout many of the district streets and they're just not as clean as the other streets we were reporting on. and let that be a warning to you. before you go out, make sure you take your time and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and take it easy. right now also, marc trains, two cancelled this morning. ten, 427 and penn 610. back to you, mike and andrea. >> and it's almost history now. the last of the snow is pulling away from the eastern shore at this hour. >> and scott broom is checking the conditions on the maryland roadways. last we talked to him, he was in la plata and this guy defines the word intrepid. where are you, scott? >> reporter: i decided to stay in la plata because they're digging out here and this is shaping up as the day goes on. of course, it stops snowing.
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the sun will be coming out later on and that means that people are digging out requestingly here. as quickly as they -- out quickly here, as quickly as they can. the snow totals, seven, 80 return error, 9 inches in southern charles county and saint maries county. seven, 8, 9 inches in southern charles county. and saint maries county. and as i make a turn here on point tobacco road to show you what is going on. the digging has begun. this is pretty significant secondary road here, port tolacko -- tobacco road. it's been plowed already today. was turning off of the route 301 and also plowed. unlike my colleague in bethesda, we're not seeing the black top yet, but they're on their way toward that. all the retailers throughout the evening have been plowing their parking lots as well. they're anticipating a snow day, of course, and everything
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is closed. i understand the major part of the digout is this morning and until noon. they know people are out and about later today. everybody is hustles this morning because it's not snowing anymore to get cleaned up as rapidly as possible here in southern maryland. and everything is closed down here. the schools, governments, libraries, you name it, it's closed with the exception and that includes colleges. with the exception of the patuxent naval air station which, put its employees on a three-hour delay protocol. and so they're going to be open later today as well. so, here we are back on the road. you can see it's just getting down to the pavement in a couple of spots and get to the street here called -- called quail wood. i see someone with a front wheel drive sedan about to come out and we'll see if quail wood has been plowed. it looks like one lane is plowed here into this neighborhood. so, there is a long way yet to get dug out and get to the
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pavement, but it does look like this area is going to recover fairly quickly from what is a significant snowfall. let me take it back. now we're in quail wood. i think that guy had a friend with a plow truck and we're on to the side street. doesn't look like it's been plowed here. there is a long way to go in that respect. reporting live in charles county, maryland, this is la plata, quail wood, scott broom, wusa 9. >> thank you. be safe out there. that street has not been fully plowed. >> right. >> and i we're in the midst of a string of days where temperatures are below freezing. it's even colder than we are now in parts of the northeast. check out the boats trying to make their way along the hudson river in new york. they're travelling down the middle of the river because they can still make it, barely. the captains have to thread their way through the ice as they're closer to the docks. >> that is how some people get
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to work. they need to queen it opened at all times. >> things are starting to move out. >> yeah. >> and the big challenge is getting the roads on the pavement because it's cold. >> and reading some of the tweets. three inches in places like brunswick and emitsburg, far north than we expected them to be. closer to the 3. four to 8, and so, 9-inch total in park hall and we barely made that. we were in the neighborhood. >> pretty good. >> yeah. >> and maybe the storm is lighter. but, 75 and 80%, i will take that batting average. all right, weather-wise, let's show you what is happening on our weather computer. some of the totals, we're coming in now. avenue, 8-inches and a lot of the eight-inch totals across saint maries county and places like dahlgren with a seven-inch total and reidville, 6 plus. a lot of snow down south. the biggest total so far, some of the -- someone in
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spotsylvania, 10 1/2. in town, alexandrea, 4 1/2 and avondale, 6. the snow is pullings away. you can see the heavier snow bands across long island. we're start clog clear out as the storm -- starting to clear out as the storm pulls away. the boardwalk and snow covered this morning. this is the last of the flurries. at 7:00, nashua reported a few flurries and this is how quickly everything is racing off to the east. it's over. the temperatures, single digits in the mountains to upper types in washington. -- upper teens in washington. a fluffy snow and this should be easy to remove or clear shovel, brush, leaf blow, whatever you have to get out of the way. shouldn't be a problem. you want to point out the job that crews have done. dulles is equally and bwi. that right there, that is the main runway at reagan national. there have been a lot of cancellations.
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last night, a lot of people got stuck waiting to be picked up. this morning, things are improving and 18, feeling like 10 and the winds are 6. we have had subzero windchills and some are coming by tomorrow night. today, not a bad day. we're here until wednesday. i want to show you the future cast until tomorrow. partly sunny today, partly to mostly cloudy tonight. tomorrow, another strong front is on the way. by 8:30, out of the ohio valley and into west virginia. by lunchtime, western maryland approaching near lake charlottesville and near to mid- afternoon, the heavy snow showers could mess up the commute and so, we're going to put a yellow alert for tomorrow for a coating to perhaps an inch and brutally cold again behind that. 32 today, the snow is over. 16 tonight and tell, 35. watch out -- and tomorrow, 35. watch out for the afternoon. the snow shower is heavy. yellow alert thursday for the cold. and 18 with subzero windchills and into friday morning, i think some of the suburbs could
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be 5 below in town. the 19 for the high on friday and we'll watch the weekend as some moisture and tricky temperatures with them back in the 30s. all right, larry miller, 7:19. a slow improvement. not good. >> yeah, you know, slow indeed, and we have been busy, howard. most definitely. good morning, everybody. i hope you're enjoying yourself at home with coffee, possibly some hot chocolate today. many of the incidents we have been reporting on taking place in greenbelt. we heard from delia on that incident taking place in 201 between 95 and 405 -- 495 and evy lane where a snow truck hit a traffic light and brought that down and that is closed in that area. the inner loop between 123 and 6, 267. we understand that a vehicle got into some type of accident with another vehicle and that is causing closures in that area.
7:20 am
and let's step outside and give you a live look and see how things are shaping up at the 49th street bridge. there are a few cars on the bridge this were nothing and that -- confident to go on to the bridge and take the next one and they're giving themselves enough space between them and the driver in front of them and that is what he wants to do. the bus service is suspended and no change. and there is no change in the status of the metro bus. it's still suspended. for the trains, all of the trains right now running on time and we'll have a look at what is going on 270 in the next report. >> and thank you, larry. keep the pictures and comments coming. you have been sending us about the snowstorm and we have been checking them so far this morning. >> the guy who has been checking them, nick giovanni is here to show us more of what is happening when snow and social media combine. good morning, nick. >> reporter: magic, andrea.
7:21 am
that is what happens. for everyone celebrating a snow day, the party started several hours ago. look no further than some of the tweets to tell you everything right now. [ no audio ] we keep them rolling and you can see several going by and the kids are e -- imiles per houring themselves in snow and this is equaling a lot of work for the rest of us, including out in the woodbridge and to locust grove, virginia and at the end of the day, the snow is covered throughout the region. we'll continue throughout few hours. tweet us, the #, snow day 9 and talking about what we're seeing online, i can tell you there are a lot of views on wusa9, mike and andrea. right now, there is a long list of close ours, up -- closures,
7:22 am
up to 78 at last count. >> and the snow is history? >> right. >> but, there is another strong front on the way tomorrow. howard, what is that about? >> we have an arctic front coming tomorrow. a brief break from the cold weather we have been dealing with for today and remember it, we'll see some in the 30. the snowstorm, what is left of it, leaving the areas in southern maryland and eastern shores, a couple of leftover snow showers. that is about it. we'll see the skies go sunny today and temperatures in the teens. a cold morning and not a lot of wind. the coldest windchills are down one below in hagerstown and back into some super cold air tomorrow afternoon. ahead of the arctic front, strong snow showers and heavy snow showers in the afternoon. a coating to an inch in a couple of spots in the afternoon. for today, the skies partly if not mostly sunny, the highs, upper 20s to the low 30s. andrea and mike, believe it or not, the lows by friday morning
7:23 am
in the suburbs could be five below the air temperature. five below if not colder and more on that coming up. back to you, andrea and mike. or, larry, take it away. >> thank you, howard so much. sky 9 is in the air and we'll be able to check in with them shortly. i want to give you a look at 270. seems like the traffic is picking up. the road conditions are improving which, is good news there. and let's stop outside and show you how things are shaking up -- shaping up. this is at father hurly. for the cars on the interstate, again, they're taking their time. evaporated or the crews are able to do the work, what they needed to do and when they're able to work, this is able -- and roads improve. what we needed. from 270, we head south to virginia and we have one lane blocked. the right lane. and this is taking place at 95
7:24 am
south at the marine corps base in quantico. if you're in the area, you want to be mindful of the situation out there. mike and andrea, back to you. >> thank you, larry. >> we'll talk to you in a bit. it's been a busy morning for crews trying to help people stuck on the side of the road this were morning. >> john townsend joins us on the phone. i saw your weather site. you said don't travel during a winter storm. if you have selected travel, stay home. that was the best advice you could give. what is happening now? >> that is still excellent advice and people should adhere to that. so far through mid-night last night, we had 12,559 calls for service. >> wow. >> in our footprint. and 5,987 were for battery related calls because of the extreme cold. you said it a moment ago, andrea. you said it's been a string of days of extremely cold weather and that is what we're seeing the tell tale signs of. this morning in the washington
7:25 am
metro area, we received 1 six calls -- 166 calls, including 73 in maryland, 51 in virginia and 7 in d.c. and i can guarantee you that most of those calls are battery related. >> and where are you finding the calls? on the main roads, the side roads, people's driveways? >> well, this morning, people are still stuck in their driveway. and overnight, people are stranded on the side of the road because people are trying to make it home in all of those elements. so, we're asking people to stay put. the roads are clearing up. major interstates and we're having problems in the neighborhoods. >> it's not going to get front is heading our way. how do people make sure their batteries are in working order? it's not a matter of having a new battery, but what is the best advice? >> if you have a garage, park in the garage. if you have one at your job, park there and if you don't,
7:26 am
make sure your battery cables are cleared of acid debris, and make sure it's functioning. one of the things that may sound contradictory, but will work is to start your car and make sure you have a good set of jumper cables. if your battery is between 3 and five years old, you may be on borrowed time. >> and because this is the winter is far from over, oftentimes it's a good idea. we have had a chance to give people a suggestion of putting together an emergency kit. what would you suggest they put in their cars? >> number one would be jumper cables, abrasive material like kitty litter in case you're stuck or stranded. a shovel and then, of course, the device that cleans your windshields because when you venture out, you have to make sure your windshields, hood, and truck and lights are cleared of snow and ice. and then fully charged cell phone, some warm gloves and
7:27 am
clothing in case you're stranded. some water and some food that is non-perishable. >> john thompson,a aa. thank you very much for speaking with us. >> thank you, guys. >> a quick break we're going take. when we come back, we'll have the biggest trouble spots this morning. >> and keep tweeting us the pix with the #snow day 9. stay indoors if you don't have to go no one in my family has gone past high school. through the at&t aspire
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initiative i met my mentor, elizabeth. she believes in me. she pushes me to do better in school and in life. because of the at&t aspire initiative, i'm the first one in my family to ever go to college. at&t employees are mentoring students in communities across america. you can change a life. become a mentor.
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driving has been very tricky this morning. the effort to clear snow got a little more complicated when a plow truck tore down some traffic lights at a big intersection near the beltway. hundreds of other snowplow crews have spent the night trying to clear the main roads and finding it more difficult with temperatures so far below freezing. good morning. welcome to wusa9. we are continuing our snow coverage this morning on this tuesday, february 17. it of course is a yellow alert day. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. thank you for joining us. just about everything is closed. federal government, local governments closed in many cases. all the school distributes pretty much around here -- districts pretty much around here are closed. prince george's county, trash collection suspended today. so pull your cans in from the curb. patuxent naval air station three-hour delay.
7:31 am
a lot going on on the beltway. >> it's been like that all day long. >> at least the storm is moving out of here. >> the storm is over. now we're in cleanup mode. a lot of slick streets. main roads are getting better but it could be much of the day before your neighborhood street is looking good. i do urge you to shovel your sidewalk, your driveway because we'll get a little sung. even with temperatures in the upper 20s, the sun will help kind of melt things, dry things. tonight we're going back into the teens. do yourself a favor if you take care of it this morning or even into early amp. just got a -- early afternoon. just got a couple of updated totals. reagan national 4.7. this is one of the rare times that national beats dulles with a snow total of 3.9 there in sterling. oakville, maryland had 9 inches. we had a lot of 8, 9-inch totals across st. mary's county extending back over virginia. mechanicsville 8 inches. everybody who's been contacting me on facebook and twitter, thank you so much. keep them going. love the pictures as well.
7:32 am
nick has been sharing them as well. hashtag snowday9. here's what's left of the snow about to exit the upper eastern shore, lower eastern shore. still snowing for another half- hour, 40 minutes or so in ocean city. temperatures right now, we're looking in the 10-degree range in gaithersburg and hagerstown to 18 in d.c. 12 in luray. 17 at pax river. very cold morning. when you factor in the wind, thankfully not too much wind. we don't have too bad a windchill. one below in hagerstown. feels like 7 below in timberline and andrews a w. of 3. our day planner today, look for temperatures by lunch time in the mid-20s. we'll try to get above freezing at washington's reagan national. many of us stay in the 20s today. that's why i'm urging you to clean it today. it will be a block of ice tonight with lows back in the teens. 7:32. larry miller. slow but steady improvement. waiting a few hours is probably
7:33 am
a wise choice. i agree with you wholeheartedly. we've been saying that since 4:00 this morning. if you can stay home, stay home. it's not only for your safety but the safety of others on the road. good morning you to. 201 between i-95 and 495 and ivy lane continues to be closed as the result of a snow truck, snowplow that actually took down a traffic light. right now sky 9 is in the air. let's go to them. they're there right now on the beltway at kenilworth avenue in greenbelt. you can see they're responding to a situation out there. but folks, the ásituation is serious. it's been like that all morning long because of the snow and the ice that the road conditions are tricky and dangerous. and if you aren't careful, you can certainly get hurt. let's go back right now to the map and show you how things are shaping up there. right now this looks like in d.c. this is at south capitol street and suitlands parkway. a few cars on the road but certainly not the traffic we would normally see for this time of day. so it's good that a lot of people are starting to stay home and allow these crews to
7:34 am
clear up the roads. the roads in d.c. have made some improvement but we're getting reports that many of those side streets are still tricky to navigate. you want to be careful if you're out there. metro bus, however, still suspended. no change in that. but the trains right now running on time. so if you do need to go out, looks like getting on the train will be your best bet at this point. let's send it back to andre came and mike. >> thank you, -- andrea and mike. >> thank you again. those shots in maryland, we can see blacktop which is good. they're getting the job done because people have stayed indoors and allowed the crews to do their job. let us show you where the roads are clear and still need to be plowed so you can navigate later today after you get some time off. let's toss it to allyson rae. she's in the car. earlier she was on pennsylvania avenue. that looked okay. then she was headed toward a water main break. allyson, where are you now? >> reporter: right now we're headed back no water main break so that's
7:35 am
good. bethesda looked good, even the side streets. your we're heading back south on wisconsin avenue into the district. we just passed brandy wine. the streets are looking better. they have improved. this street on the right lane of wisconsin is a little slushy for sure. but we have seen great improvement, seeing a lot more of the pavement on the roads. i'm tell you what, though, those secondary roads, those side streets are still quite tricky through the district. they are snow packed and that intersection when you make that turn is quite snow packed and tricky. so the hardest part of your drive, if you do have to head out the door, is going to be getting out of driveway, getting out of your neighborhood, and it is quite slushy. we've going to make the turn right now here on to yuma street. oh, even in a four-wheel drive we're slipping t. is tricky, despite having the four-wheel drive.
7:36 am
thankfully i'm driving and our photographer is doing a great job. you do need to take time and let the secondary roads clear out. the main roads looking better for sure both in maryland and into the district. we're coming up a stop here. we have noticed it's taking an extra couple of moments to stop even in four-wheel drive. we'll make it down the hill and leapt you know how it goes. it's still snow packed. a lot of these cars obviously have not moved since last night. that's good. everyone is heeding the warnings and closures and delays and staying home. we're doing okay driving down this road. a the lot of this even though it looks white, it's still that remnant of the treatment leftover from the roads. there we go, sliding just a little bit again. there you go, proof that you do have to stay home and let things clear out agent bit more. that seems to be the case in the coming hours. there's one person snow blowing as well. here we go. we'll need our windshield wipers a little bit, kind of
7:37 am
like going through a car wash here. it is dangerous out here on the secondary roads and that's where we are seeing some of the bigger problems, the main roadways are doing okay. very slushy. that's something we'll watch out for later on this evening for those refreezing times that we could see some slick roads tomorrow morning. all right. we'll keep you updated on the roads here through the district and we will send it back to you. it's quite snowy out here. there's the snowplow getting the job done coming up through the stop sign here. mike, andrea, back to you. >> send him down that street where the guy was blowing the snow into the street off of his property. >> it was fortunate the oncoming car stopped, waited if allyson and kevin to go through. >> if you don't have to leave, that's one example of why you should stay home and give everybody a chance to melt and calm down. we have reports in some cases north and west of the district about 3 inches. south and east of the district we had at least one total at 9:00 or 10 inch -- at 9 or 10
7:38 am
inches. prince william county is probably the area where we saw higher totals. that's where we sent nikki burdine. she's in dale city. good to see you this morning. >> reporter: good to hear your voice, andrea and mike. i don't know about 9 inches here. maybe some of the outlying areas of dale city. the rye now if you can take a look down, my feet are completely covered. we do have a nice few inches here at least but i want you to pan back up here. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see. kind of a ghost town here in dale city. that's a good thing. just a few cars out here this morning. in fact, that's the most amount of cars you're looking at right now that i've seen all morning aside from the plow trucks. we have seen a lot of salt trucks, a lot of plow trucks constantly coming through here back and forth all morning long. i have seen a few issues in terms of this light. it's -- people have just been sitting here. it hasn't changed a lot. i'll step back in here and tell you about this road.
7:39 am
we're at smoketown road and opitz boulevard. the road looks like it's fine to drive on and is for the most part but it's still packed down very solid. that's because snowplows are coming through. yes, they're getting the excess out of the way but there will be snow packed down on there. so it is okay to drive on but it's not safe to drive on. it's not smart to drive o. so if you can avoid going outside and leaving your house at all today, do so, especially until after 10:00 this morning. that's when vdot crews are asking you to delay your travel because it really isn't safe out here, even though it may look like it's safe. there are about 2500 crews on the roads throughout northern extra advancement dow have some numbers i -- virginia. i do have some numbers. there have been 121 crashes and 433 calls for service. so there have not been many people on the roads but that's how many calls they have had. it speaks to just how bad these
7:40 am
roads are out here. if at all possible, delay your travel. do not get on these roads, especially until after 10:00 so the crews can get out here and do their job. tweept us your pictures -- tweet us your pictures hashtag snowday9. we want to see what you're doing in dale city. if you have 8, 9 inches, we want to see your pictures. >> nikki is in dale city, virginia in ankle deep snow. it 17:40. if you -- it is 7:40. if you park along a snow emergency route in the district, hopefully you've moved your car. that's because 40 minutes ago the city's snow emergency took effect. and vehicles still parked along those emergency routes will be ticketed and they will be towed. that's in order for plows to do their work. you were warned. d.c. mayor muriel bowser also reminds people to make their walkways safe. >> we would also like to remind our residents to shovel their sidewalks and treat their sidewalks. >> in the district, you are
7:41 am
legally required to clear your sidewalks once the snow stops topper said, it's moving out. mayor bowser also asked city residents to limit their travel as much as possible so they can continue to clear the roads this morning. it's yellow alert. i call this kind of snow it's beautiful but it's a beautiful nuisance and it did cause some problems this morning. we'd like to see your snow photos of the beauty of the snow. twee them to us using -- tweet them to us using the hashtag snowday9 and we may share them later in the show. >> you can check the list of closings and delays on our mobile app. thousand over to howard with a look at the forecast. the snow is out of here? >> pretty much. just a couple of flurries. i do want to talk temperatures. this morning temperatures in the teens. if you haven't treated it or taken care of it, it is covered and snow packed and very, very slick. let's take a quick look at temps. i'm just show you -- or doppler. last of the snow leaving the atlantic beaches. we'll be in the upper 20s and
7:42 am
low 30s and a threat for more potentially heavy snow showers tomorrow afternoon. more on that coming up in a few minutes. andrea and hike? or larry miller. how is it looking out there? howard, thank you. good morning to all of you. hope your day is relaxing because you should be home and resting and staying out of this mess out here. right now we have an accident. two lanes blocked. the inner loop of the beltway between 123 and 267. so those two lanes blocked there causing some delays, some slowdowns as if the traffic wasn't already slow enough. let's head to maryland and show you how things are shaping up there. this is 270 at shady grove road. the traffic starting to pick up. the roads looking a lot better than what we saw at 4:00 this morning which is definitely encouraging. looks like the crews were able to make some serious headway and get those roads cleaned up. of course we appreciate that. delays, no issues to report along the 270 corridor. certainly good news there. a live look at the 14th street bridge. you can see that is also clear
7:43 am
there. a lot of cars not on the road which is encouraging as well. so folks are staying home. they're heeding the warnings and they're realizing that it's not worth the risk today. so if you can, stay home. we encourage you to do so we'll have much more coming up. we'll send it back to andrea and mike. >> thanks, larry. it's grate to see some of your pictures, hear your snow totals, your empts to get -- your efforts to get up and getting out. >> nick giovanni is taking a look at what's on social media. >> reporter: mike, andrea, you can always count on rulers emerging on days like this. people have been sizing up the snow for us throughout this morning, throughout the dmv. let's take a look at what we're seeing. we'll start with this measuring stick brought to you by eric johnson, six inks reported on the picnic table at eric's house in prince frederick. we have bristow, virginia spoken for here getting at least four and a half inches we're told based on this tweet from amy about an hour ago. so that total may have risen. we'll see about that.
7:44 am
the scene in prince george's county as you can imagine pretty similar. the view that danielle gil is waking up. everything is snow covered. what do students think about this being a snow day? i think this tweet pretty much says it all from college park. one student doing the hand stand and you know what? we are really getting your perspective if all over. that includes our very own tenacious topper taking us on a ride throughout the dmv showing us exactly what he's encountering on mass and van ness. send us your pictures so we can see exactly what in is looking like for you out there. mike and andrea? >> thank you. 7:44. if you have a flight out of dulles or reagan national, shoe check your flight status before you leave home. >> that's because the winter storm has already impacted hundreds of flights across the east coast. chris pollino joins us now. how are things so far where you
7:45 am
are, sir? >> the snow is stopped and runways are open at both airports. think you hit the nail on the head, for passengers to check their airline for the most up to date flight information. the airlines have precanceled a number of flights into the early morning and now into the middle morning hours. additional flights, we're expecting delays as the airlines start to move their planes back around after the storm, deice them and get them on their way. while the runways are open and planes are flying, the best bet is still check with the airlines and get the most up to date flight information. >> what do we know about people who had to camp out at either of the two airports because they couldn't make any other arrangements? >> we did have a couple. we had a few at both airports. travelers aid and our airport operations were out throughout the airports last night out blankets, working with people to make sure they knew where the concessions were that were open all night, the restaurants, the coffee shops so the people can stay warm and stay fed and take care of it as best we can while they're with
7:46 am
us. we want everyone to have a great travel experience. even if that means you're waiting for a flight, our goal is to make it as comfortable as possible. >> in this era of precancellations, even five years ago they weren't a thing. now they are which fewer people are sleeping at airports. is that right? >> that's absolutely true. something the airlines recognized. rather than risk their passengers getting on what could be treacherous roads as the snow comes down trying to get to an airline that doesn't take off, better to work in advance, get them scheduled around the storms. that limits people waiting in the airport, limits the amount of time people are waiting on planes, hoping to get out and to be a little more certain of their travel plans. it is something new the last couple of years, as you said. i think the upside is fewer people are suffering the brunt of the storm as a result. >> customer service much improved in the last five years for sure. >> a lot of people are leaving
7:47 am
this morning, chris, are heading south to a nice warm island some place. >> i wish i was with them. >> we do, too. >> chris, have a great morning. thank you for speaking to us from the metropolitan washington airports authority. plenty of crews on the road. we want to give you a live look at how things are throughout the district, maryland, virginia, throughout the morning. we've had a the people doing that. >> absolutely. we want to focus right now on prince george's county. that has been the hot spot this morning. that's where a plow truck took down some traffic lights early this morning. delia has been there all morning long. are we seeing an improvement, delia? >> reporter: absolutely improvement. and i can tell you just got an update from greenbelt police here. they are expecting route 201 to reopen some sometime in the next hour or so. we've been seeing a lot of plow trucks actually come through the area as an indication that they will eventually open this road back up and one plow truck in fact is trying to make his
7:48 am
way through. looks like he's taken out a few of the cones as well. speaking of plows that took a few things out, there was a plow that took out this traffic light. if we can just take a look down 201 here at the beltway. you can see that crews right now are trying to remove the pole that is dangling on 201. they have since removed the four individual lights that were hanging off that pole. they're trying to salvage what they can from this wreckage. let's take a look at some video we shot when we first got here on the scene at 4:00 a.m. crews are telling us this occurred around 2:00 a.m. a plow truck drove through the area and had its bed up in the air. and took down that traffic sign. that plow truck when we arrived was overturned, had to be uprighted and was towed away.
7:49 am
we can tell you that operator was safe, no injuries reported, but if you can take another live look now, a few plows have come through and the road is actually looking quite good. we're experiencing a little melting, a little warm-up at least it seems to me it was quite cold here about an hour or two ago. really, really cold and bitter temperatures. seems to have warmed up a bit maybe with the sun coming out. so with the sun coming out, some good news here on the horizon. 201 will soon be reopened to traffic. however, until we get that pole out of the way, the exit off the beltway, exit 201 off the beltway will remain closed until crews can remove that traffic light and put some temporary signage in the area. that's the very latest here from greenbelt, back to you in the studio. >> delia, before you go, just one question. you say they're trying to salvage everything they can taking down the traffic lights from the pole. is the pole itself cracked?
7:50 am
is that what is going to take most of the time removing that pole and structure or is it something where they bend it back and resecure those bolts? >> reporter: they can't bend it back and resecure it. i have walked down there to take a closer look because obviously we can't take our live truck and really give you a very close-up look but that pole is actually -- it's cut, kind of severed at the very base. i asked crews exactly how the plow truck managed to knock that down, did he drive into the pole, was it his bed that was uprighted. we believe it was his bed and he knocked down the top. but that pole as it bent over cracked at the very base. so they do have to remove it entirely and that's going to take some time. that is a flat bed that will take that pole down. the four lights were taken down pretty quickly but you can imagine that's a tough job in itself with a lot of the snow and the ice we have in the area and the cod temperatures.
7:51 am
so this -- cold temperatures n. crew has been out here i would say at least a good three hours. that pole itself is going to take a little more time for that area to be cleared so that exit off 201 off the beltway will remain closed until they can clear up this situation. andrea? >> all right, delia goncalves there at 201 in greenbelt. it's not like they can go to the maintenance shop and pluck a pole out and bring it oaf. going to be an all day -- it over. going to be an all day thing. thank you, delia. howard, have you ever had a chance to stand next to one of those traffic lights-- >> they're as big as i am. >> they're between 6 and 7 -- they're so high. >> hopefully they have a few spare poles lying around. if they order one, it will be a while. >> it won't be able to get here. >> if you travel there, you'll have to pay attention to traffic controls or officers working that intersection once they open it up. weather wise, the big storm has
7:52 am
left. we have some totals. i posted a whole bunch of totals on facebook and twitter. also so a lot of totals. heaviest ones were down south and we expected that. not as heavy as we thought. we were thinking # to 12. we -- 8 to 12. i think we have one in the 10 category. we had anywhere from just under 4 at dulles to just over -- just under 5 at national and 6- inch totals on the you south saidside of the -- southside of d.c. metro. yeah, kind of worked out. just a little less than what we were thinking. let's show you what's happening with the storm this morning. there it is pulling away from maryland and virginia, still a little snow this morning down in the norfolk area. look at the new york metro from jersey across connecticut now into rhode island. they need more snow like a hole in the head up there. they got a little bit, 2 to 5 inches across areas from new york out to long island and -- look at the heavy snow right there in rhode island. you see that blue? that starts to indicate the
7:53 am
inch-plus per hour snow band. around here, the last of the flurries in the last hour now moving through delaware. yeah, we may get a couple of flurries trying to kick up there on the blue ridge between winchester and leesburg. but that's it. no more accumulating snow today. temperatures very cold, in the low to mid-teens in most spots. the salt, road salt is much more effective at 25 to 30 than it is at 10 and 15. gets below 5, road salt, no toot much at all. windchills are not too bad. single digits to teens. we have a lot lighter winds. 14 is the same as the temperature in baltimore. windchill at 3 in leesburg and 1 below in hagerstown. are we starting to see our first breaks in the cloud cover this morning? i expect more of that developing. skies will go partly sunny with highs upper 20s and low 30s. 18 now with a northeast wind at 6. that's why it feels like 10. the air is pretty dry. the dew point only 11. we've got another surge of arctic air that will be here
7:54 am
starting tomorrow late afternoon tomorrow night. just see coming into the picture. this is the next arctic front, 14 below at international falls. here's this arctic air mass now ottawa 13 below. that's coming. when that riferls tomorrow afternoon -- arrives tomorrow afternoon, potentially heavy snow showers with that and brutal cold again. 32, yellow alert. the know is over. we'll go partly sunny and maybe drop the yellow alert by noon but road conditions still messy in a lot of areas. tonight in the teens. tomorrow 35. yellow alert for the heavy afternoon snow showers. that's an # in town tomorrow -- 8 in town tomorrow night. 18 on thursday. 5 above to 5 below air temperatures friday morning. easily coldest of the season there. friday still brutal at 19 and over the weekend back in the 30s with maybe a little mix coming our way. larry miller stepping in with another look at timesaver traffic. >> thank you so much. good morning, everybody. hope you're enjoying yourself. i hope you're warm and peopling good that you have cocoa or
7:55 am
coffee in you. i have to tell you many ever the accidents we've been reporting on all morning starting to clear up. certainly good news there. looks like the beltway is much better condition than what it was at 4:00. much of the the roads are cleared. drivers are starting to get out there. so far so good in terms of improvement. thumbs up there. but still looks like 201 is still a problem for us between 95 and 495 in ivy lane. as we just heard from delia goncalves, the snowplow took down a traffic light causing some delays out there. sky 9 is in the air right now to give us a different picture from what delia showed us on the ground. you can just see how significant the delays are and of course that ramp as you see here at kenilworth avenue also closed as well. coming up in my next report, we'll give you a look at how things are shaping up on 66. mike and andrea, we'll send it back to you. the last of the snow is pulling away from the eastern shore at this hour. >> but plowing the snow that is left can be difficult because it is so cold. scott broom is checking the roads if la plata and he saw a -- in la plata and he saw a couple of roads that needed
7:56 am
attention this morning. hey, scott. >> reporter: i saw neighborhoods that needed attention but, you know, it has stopped snowing and the cleanup is well under way. this is a typical example. this is a dash inn at the intersection of crane highway and hawthorne here in la plata. the parking lot has been completely scraped off because the retailers know that this is a snow day and that means eventually these roads are going to get cleaned up and they know that people are going to be out and about. i'm hopping in behind the wheel in my mobile newsroom now to put the seat belt on and give you a little tour out here. this is not one of those storms that's going to keep people in for a long period of time. it's going to clean up. it's not like folks are locked down. as things get plowed off, these folks know that they need to be ready. so a lot of these commercial operations have already plowed out. looking right now as we drive out to u.s. 301, okay, this is the major highway through southern maryland and you can see there is still a lot of snow on the roadways.
7:57 am
so there's still a ways to go in terms of getting cleaned up out here, but the cleanup is well under way and i know that the plow crews are already on secondary and side streets at this hour. so it's not quite two-wheel drive conditions yet. still four-wheel drive conditions but the improvement is coming. reporting live in la plata, maryland, from my mobile newsroom, scott broom, wusa9. >> thank you. don't forget we want to see your photos. tweet them using the hashtag snowday9 and we'll share them later in the newscast. >> we'll continue with our coverage throughout the day. live cut-ins. we appreciate you joining us. we hope you have a great day. back to cbs now.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it is tuesday, fat tuesday, february 17th 2015 welcome back to cbs "this morning." there is more real news ahead including the new winter storm challenging tens of millions in the south and the east. check on the snow emergency in washington, d.c. but first, here's a look at today's eye opener. the fel derarngovement is closed only emergency personnel are required to work today. and congress does not qualify. >> north carolina is under a state of emergency. >> we have had so much ice falling overnight along with freezing rain. >> this pattern is justng goi is to stay in place. another arctic blast digging all the way in the eastern two-thirds of the country. >> the governor of west virginia has declared a state of emergency. the fire continues to burn on the hillside behind me. this order came down late st la night, temporarily would block the obama administration
8:01 am
from implementing these new immigration program. prosecutors used routh's own words against him, he admitted several times to killing the two men. turns out that lance was doping. the doping agency says you were lyrealad a b boy, and so sca promotions says okay we want to do something and get money back. a lot of cities dealing with the aftermath of the snow in the northeast, and now the bitter cold. >> i like cold weather, but it was so cold i turned 50 shades of blue. >> today's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by nationwide insurance. ready seven. to charlie. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. much of the south is struggl after it's first winter storm of the year. further northeast it is a familiar story. several inches of snow fell in new jersey this morning. this latest in a series of storms reaches from the carolinas to cape cod. behind that storm, you'll find icy windchills all the way
8:02 am
down to washington, d.c. that's where the mayor declared a snow emergency. chip ried is outside. >> reporter: we have about five inches of snow that's less than they expected. it's plenty enough to shut down the federal government. congress was already out of town on recess and schools all over the area are also closed. as you can see, that lets the roads completely empty. museums here on the mall including air and space museum closed, washington monuments. one good piece of news is that this snow is just incredibly light and fluffy. it's not weighing down trees and bringing down power lines. very few reports of them coming down. bad news is temperatures in the teens and the 20s all the week. number one, the roads are going to freeze over once they plow them, and number two, the hometion. a lot of people live on the streets in washington and some of them cannot be convinced to go into the shelters even when it's this cold norah.
8:03 am
>> thank you so much. crude oil is burning in west virginia after a freight train derailed and exploded. flames and fire balls shot into the air yesterday in fayette county. the explosion forced hundreds from their homes. there were no serious injuries it's not clear this morning what led to the crash. this morning, some of the top dogs in the world are preparing for the final day of competition on the biggest stage. we are at westminster dog show in new york where tonight, just one will be crowned best in show. could he be better than him, good morning? >> reporter: this is sasha, masstive. looks like a big lion. in just a few hours, this building will be full of dogs and owners and handlers and they are all vying for the canine equivalent of the super bowl. before the main competition begins, these dogs and their handlers find some time for toys, touch-ups, treats of
8:04 am
course and often a quick nap. >> it is the event of the year. we have many good dog shows, but, westminster is like the cream of the crop. >> reporter: every year america's best bred best-kept dogs come to new york city for the westminster dog show. they enter the competition as one of nearly 3,000 and hope to exit with the top prize of best in show. >> look at these dogs magnificent condition. >> amazing. >> reporter: peter green has been part of the circuit for over 60 years as handler, a judge, and now an owner. he won best in show four times at westminster. what's the key to being a really good handle per. >> you have to really want to present a wonderful dog. >> reporter: while there are simply pets to many of us the dogs here are highly tranled in the art of competition. says owner and handler dave. do you think he enjoys the process? >> i think he does absolutely. because it's a disappointed structure and gets a lot of
8:05 am
treats. >> reporter: inside the ring it's how a dog conforms to the breed's standards that sets it apart from the pack. >> the job is to make sure that the dog is posed to do his best advantage. >> reporter: they all look very kind of tense to me. >> well no they're doing their best. this is their moment you know. >> reporter: this handler of cleveland likes the confidence she sees from her afghan hound. >> he's a stallion. he owns the ring. he's like an afghan hound should portray themselves as the king of dogs. >> reporter: and like most competitions, this one often comes down to character. >> expression on dogs makes a big difference whatever breed. when the judge is coming down to the final thing, and he looks at one and the other, the dog is looking at him, asking for it. the other dog is standing there more relaxed. >> reporter: look at that face.
8:06 am
this is luna a great dane. the westminster kennel club's event here is the second longest running sporting event in america after the kentucky derby. now you're going see some very familiar breeds in the finals tonight. sky terrier, standard poodle and might even see a cousin of the first dog, sonny obama broaching his water dog. norah. >> oh. >> i think it's called matiss. >> portuguese water dog, yeah. my kids will to want watch that i tell you. >> i was going to say that only a matter of time. >> we're on your side riley. >> riley wants that too, but she has to pass that day test. >> dog's got to live there for 100 days. >> on a day like today when it's snowy out, who's going to take the dog out? >> you. >> mom does it. >> that's thousand works, mom. >> that said i think the tracy's children should have a dog. we waited you're welcome.
8:07 am
they are screaming at home, we love charlie and gayle. all right. now to the story, modelling business faces calls for government scrutiny this fashion week. still ahead, we're going to show you the battle to change what you see in ahead the battle of magazines and how thin is too thin but first local weather. >> howard person seen with you. that's the back end of the snow from last night. a couple flurries trying to kick in from western but other than flurries the big concerns. temperatures awefully cold. low to mid teens in most spots. wind chill
8:08 am
we're still talking about dogs blewett the o'donnell-tracy children blewett henry, grace, riley should get a dog blewett we're still talking about blt.ewet apple's ceo tim cook is putting his support behind high-tech toys blewett we'll introduce you to the budding company in toys for kids blewett a trip to the toy fair ahead on cbs "this morning" blewett ♪
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what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. ♪ the unaltered photo of 48-year-old cindy crawford is sparking a new discussion this morning. the picture we first showed you yesterday focuses tension on
8:13 am
photo shopped images and whether we can embrace natural beauty. vinita nair reports on something going to capitol hill, good morning. >> reporter: fashion week here in new york. it's a chance to see the newest styles on some of the thinnest women who will ever wear them. reigniting the debate of what size is realistic. one fashion designer cast fashion week he starts off with hundreds of models. >> she looks good. >> reporter: then narrows it down to about 25. >> first one. yay. the relationship between a model and the designer it's always something that comes from the inside. >> reporter: while ta hare have i looking for something on the inside, what the rest of us see is the outside. and that outside is almost always tall beautiful, and
8:14 am
very very thin. >> it's important that a fashion model is a fashion model. >> reporter: it's been the industry's standard for years says agent bethann hardison. >> she has to be lean tall. and it's not something whose full of body. that's not fashion. that's something else. >> reporter: 5'9" and natural size zero, this 22-year-old madison bradley fits that mold. she's been modelling for five years. working both in the u.s. and abroad. >> i've had trouble fitting into certain pieces during fashion week. >> reporter: because they were too big? >> well too small for me and i'm tiny myself. >> reporter: after two died in europe from anorexia-related causes, the fashion industry in spain and italy began monitoring how thin a model can be based on her body mass index or bmi. israel has gone further passing a law that requires a model to have a bmi of at least 18.5. in comparison american women on average have a bmi of 26.5 and
8:15 am
wear a size 14. the israelly law also requires that any print ad that has been photoshopped says so. >> young children are affected by imagery every single day. >> reporter: plus-sized supermodel emme wants regulations in the u.s. especially around photoshopping. >> young girls are thinking that's how i want to look like. >> reporter: i look and think there's no way she could have been photoshopped. have you been? >> every picture has. every single picture has, right? >> it has. it could be from my complexion to my weight. >> reporter: a girl scout's of the usa survey found 89% of teenage girl feels the fashion industry pressures them. >> by the time i was 12 i was restricting what i was eating. >> reporter: kathleen maks donald, policy director says her body issues started from mags magazines. >> reporter: at the height of the problem, how bad was it? >> i had started to give up and
8:16 am
was planning to take my own life because i was so sick of sick of being sick and sick of not getting better. >> reporter: it took her 20 years to recover from anorexia and bulimia. >> we have a special -- >> reporter: a fight she has detailed before congress. her coalition is now sponsoring three separate bills calling for eating disorder education and for greater transparency in advertising. what do you say to someone who says this is something that can't be legislated, you can't forgs education. >> we have to start with something. i am committed to doing this until not more person dies prematurely from an eating disorder. >> reporter: the solution to unhealthy models shouldn't come from congress but from the fashion industry itself. >> they need to take responsibility to deal with the real things real women, real sizes, real models. that will be your outfit. you'll billion hot.
8:17 am
and it's good for business. >> reporter: kathleen mcdonald will debut. one interesting tid bit, even though he uses regular-sized models on the runway he fits all his clothes and designs them for regular women. he uses them within his own company. >> beautiful clothes. he certainly has the right idea. i feel we've had this conversation for a bazillion years, somebody saying 5'9" natural size zero. nothing ever changes in terms of the people they put on the runway. average american woman is the size 14, plain and simple. it's frustrating. very frustrating sitting there watching. >> in madison's defense, everyone in her family is that size. >> okay. attorney and author lisa green is in the toyota green room. we'll look at the issues couples cannot afford to ignore married, divorced or just living together.
8:18 am
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♪ women can spend years planning their weddings but the future doesn't get nearly the same attention. one survey shows only 34% of women have wills. another finds just 3% of couples get prenup chul agreements. attorney lisa green is the author of a new book "on your case" comprehensive, and only slightly bossy legal guide for every stage of a woman's life.
8:22 am
lisa, good morning. >> good morning. >> you say legal problems are as predictable as bad weather. we're all going get into legal problems, yet, why is it that women fail to plan? >> here's the state of women today. we eat kale we drink kale we go to spin class, we hire tutors for our kids save for retirement, and miss this big area of the law that if you use it correctly can make you feel safer, and it's the ultimate empowerment tool. i'm trying to get people clued in. >> you're trying to give us the ultimate power tool. go ahead. >> tell what you say women should do. >> well there are many areas where the law and women's lives intersect. certainly marriage and divorce. prenups and something called a no-nup. beyond that. when you go to work when you have kids if your teen is arrested, parents are getting on in years and you want to protect them. these are all areas where a little bit of knowledge ahead can save you a lot of grief. >> i think it's interesting, you say prenups are an insurance for
8:23 am
marriage, i don't have a prenup seems like the weirdest thing to think of when you're getting married to have a prenup. >> it's not necessarily -- >> i can't believe you said that. >> because they start out -- >> i'm not at that income level. >> it's not about income level, they start out in your life and responded. >> that's right. >> this goes into a marriage thinking, divorce court is in my future. on the other hand, we all had friends taken by surprise and even women friends of mine who initiated a divorce. go into it with wishful thinking. what's up ahead for me? and i think it's really important to get to know what you can expect and then make sure you get a fair deal. >> lisa you were described as a cross between suze orman. >> it's a compliment. >> every couple should discuss. can you sue your husband's girlfriend for ruining your life, and should you tell your boss that you and your co-worker are dating. and your whole point, you have a
8:24 am
variety of questions, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. every woman should prepare herself for any occasion. any occasion that's going to hit us. >> again, this is behavior we're used to as well because we're planners. >> yeah. >> we're worriers at least i'm a worrier. i have found by utilizing the law in these areas proactively, you can sleep better at night. >> the biggest thing women to come to you about is divorce. >> no question about it. >> shut the door tissues, if they're initiating or find out their husband's left them they have no idea what to do. a good way to start, get on the web, look up your state course website, plenty of free guidance, and look if you and your ex get along, you can do it yourself. even if you can't, you have a sense of what you're entitled to under the law. know your rights. >> great advice thank you. >> pleasure. and on your case is on sale today, and
8:25 am
it is 825 looking to mostly cloudy skies starting to see a few breaks now in the cloud cover as the storm pulls away. can't rule out a stray flurry for another hour or two but mostly sunny this afternoon upper 20s to perhaps 32 in town. do the shoveling and enough sunshine is going to help the melt things out. the storm is moving through maryland and southern new england. quite an ice storm across raleigh and charlotte. temperatures in the teens again and the 20s perhaps 30. your wind chills in the single digits and tomorrow afternoon we got to watch out here's a future cast for wednesday as a strong arctic front comes our oing to bring us heavy snow showers in the afternoon to put a coating to an inch down in a couple of
8:26 am
spots. so the forecast today optimistic and say 32. that may be wishful thinking. the snow is over tonight and tomorrow 35 heavy afternoon snow showers. then it gets brutally cold out there. temperatures away from
8:27 am
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good morning. welcome to w usa 9. take a look at this picture this is i-270 shady grove road. the snow is over and that stretch of highway is pretty clear. people are heeding the warning to stay indoors if they don't have to go out. very few cars out there but how safely can you get around. >> so glad you are with us for continuing the snow court and jury tuesday february 17. it is indeed a yellow alert day but we are moving away from snow for a little while. >> and alison is on the roadways. how is it? >> we are saying good bye to the storm. totals ranging from 3-inches to emths burg to enwood west virginia south upwards of 8 or 9-inches to localized 10 and
8:31 am
pennsylvania. all of this is pulling away. richmond had about 6 by the way and the storm gone other than a flurry here and there no problem. temperatures in the teens although down to 10. it's a cold morning but some wind chills near zero. we don't have a lot of wind but it doesn't take a lot to get the temperatures to zero. we see the temperatures rise and we are just starting to see a couple of breaks in the overcast now so partly sunny conditions 30 by 4 and back into the teens tonight so if you are shoveling and clearing and cleaning out your driveway or sidewalk the sun will help you this afternoon because it will be a solid block of ice by tonight. let's brick larry miller in and the camera at 270 looks much better but how are the other ones doing. >> we have other in parts of the employee. this latest one into the traffic center a right lane block on the outer loop causing problems in that area.
8:32 am
again 201 still closed. we've been talking about it throughout much of the morning. again between 95, 495 and ivy lane as a result of a snow plow to took down a traffic light. right now sky 9 in the air over rockville a situation we are monitoring there and cars are having to drive around it at randolph road so the sky getting a birds eye view of the situation going on in rockville. right now an update on metro bus rails still suspended at this hour. i just checked a minute ago no change on that. metro bus still suspended and we have a red and blue line before you head out. also know the train is running on a saturday schedule so not going to see trains as frequently as you normally on a tuesday. sending it back to you. >> thanks a lot larry and crews all morning long watching the roads for yu. >> alison reyes how are things
8:33 am
looking? >> i'll tell you what things are looking much much better on the major roadways. this is pennsylvania avenue headed to the capital building and it's very clear but what's still not clear are the secondary roads. there's still snow and we did see a couple of plows out earlier careering things up there. very slushy and slippery later on as things start to freeze out and things getting very slushy on pennsylvania avenue as we get closer to the capital building but this is kind of more of the exception not the rule. we do see lots of clear roads just a bit ago and as we get closer to the capital building even more so you can see the roads clearing up just a bit again. things have improved greatly. the crews have done a great job and earlier today on double duty one plow truck behind another one so it is looking much better out there but do be careful on the secondary roads. as soon as you start to turn
8:34 am
you do start to slide even if you do have four wheel drive. so i think a lot of people are listening to the warnings and lots of people off the roadways. it's really not very active out here with the cars so that is good as well. a lot of people enjoying the snow day and a little bit of sun out there for this afternoon so enjoy the snow day and we will keep you updated on any problems we see. mike and andrea back to you. >> thank you and be sure to s your snow pictures and stories all day long. >> that's what you can do up load on the app or use it to keep up with the latest weather conditions and traffic as they change throughout the day. >> we'll see you back which is great by the way. >> thank you. >> when did you feel okay we have something here. what is it about him and you together? >> we knew it right away. we read hundreds of people for this part. and i've been involved in this project from day one. so we were involved in the casting and thomas learnen came in and didn't even read he just
8:35 am
came in and sort of was the character. and he sort of is the character. he carries purell with him, shake his hand, he does it to his hands, carries list arena with him everywhere. he's sort of a freak. >> how long was this in the making? >> i think we started pitching it about a year ago. >> oh. >> yeah. >> this is of course an old favorite, but with a modern twist. what did you want to preserve about the show? >> just the chemistry between those two guys. it really hinges on that. and the party and the movie of course is walter and jack lemon, and the tv show is jack and tony randall, and those, all of those people just have wonderful chemistry. the show sort of hinges on the chemistry between oscar and felix. i think we have we've found a good oscar and a felix. >> producing and writing in it too. >> yeah. >> matthew, you're coming back to tv in front of a live audience, you've done other things that didn't work out as well -- >> what are you saying? what are you saying?
8:36 am
>> i don't want to mention any names, but listen -- >> long list. >> but the truth of the matter is, you're back and it's a live audience. much like "friends" was. >> exciting. i haven't done it in ten years. you find when the audience is there, you juice up your performance and you really i'm much better in front of an audience audience, i like hamming it up for an audience. >> instant reaction. >> instant reaction. i was just about to say that. you get to find out right away if a joke works or doesn't works. if it doesn't, they fix it. >> one time or a couple times and take the best? >> you preshoot stuff on mondays, and then you do the show on tuesdays. but mostly they take from the show you do on tuesday. performances are so much better because of the people there. >> right. >> one of the people you get to work with is lauren graham friend and ex-girlfriend. how's that? >> it's great. we've dated a long time ago and have been friends far very long time. and she plays my ex-wife.
8:37 am
and it's the heart of the oscar -- >> that's comedy right there. >> yeah, yeah. the heart of oscar, he womanizes and drinks and gambles, but he longs for the love of his ex-wife. so we were really lucky to get lauren. >> well thanks to netflix and cable, "friends' very much alive. >> yes, thank you for showing me in a bunny suit. >> you're welcome. some people become famous with a role, and don't talk to me about it, don't talk to me about it. where does "friends" sit with you? >> it's great. wonderful. >> people come up to me now the show's on netflix. people come up i know were not born while we shot the show for sure and they're just surprised how elderly i look. >> do they want a reunion? >> they do. everybody does. and that's that's a sort of thing that comes up the most. and there's been no talk of that. it's difficult to get the six of us to get together to have dinner, much less -- >> would you be interested in it
8:38 am
if there was a way for it to happen? do you think look, that was then, this is now? >> i think if the stories were told. we did 237 episodes and sort of finished the thing. we do little mini reunions like courtney was on "go on." and cougar town and web therapy with lisa which was fun. we do like little versions of it. but i don't know that the six of us will get together. >> let's talk about you, matthew. i love that you've been so open about your substance abuse. and extended a line to people who have issues with your perry house. what do you think is the biggest miss misconception? >> people don't understand it's a disease. that's what it's a disease. it was declared a disease in 1955 by the american medical association. and even people who are in trouble with this thing don't kind of realize that they are suffering from a disease. >> uh-huh. >> that sort of blame themselves. and it's important to get it out there and not have it be a
8:39 am
secret and so you can get the help that you need. >> and you're in a good place? >> good place. yes. >> he's on cbs, he's on a great place. >> i think that's what you meant. >> i don't think so. >> no, yes, i'm in a goodplace. >> but if in fact -- >> i was talking about his love life though actually. >> you were? >> i was. >> gayle asked. >> i don't know anything about that. >> me either. i just always like people to be happy, that's all. >> i'm happy. >> go ahead. >> you have a question. >> go ahead, charlie. >> are you happy? >> i thought you were going say, who am i dating. >> yes. >> who are you dating. >> i'm dating happy. >> how is she? >> she's great. >> yes, i've heard she's very pretty matthew perry. >> happy. >> we're so happy, we're so glad you're on tv. >> me too. >> and you've got great placement. big bang theory and before the series -- >> you're in a good place. >> yes. >> if we tank i don't know if
8:40 am
this doesn't work i don't know what to throw at people. >> it's over then. >> matthew perry cheering you on you can watch the series premier of the odd couple right here on where, matthew perry? >> cbs, everybody. all right. tech companies are cashing in on toys, new york city's toy fair. >> reporter: good morning, the same technology you'll find in self-driving cars you'll find in the latest toys. we'll tell you why some of america's most brilliant minds are focussing their energy on
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive
8:44 am
taxes and fees. no to title ii. technology is taking over toys this morning at new york city's annual toy fair. next to the lincoln logs are slot cars. gigi stone woods is at the fair with the hypes, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. here at this year's toy fair industry insiders are telling us this is the future of toys. hybrids that merge physical toys with video games and your smart phone. toys are a $22 billion a year industry. so it only makes is thaens some of the biggest innovators in tech are racing to cash in. is your goal to disrupt the toy
8:45 am
business? >> absolutely. i think the toy industry is one of those industry that hasn't evolved nearly as much as it should have over the last few decades. >> reporter: this is the co-founder of onky. he developed the toy drive and upcoming overdrive. fellow ph.d. graduates from the robotics institute. >> when people see the products they make, it feels like science fiction because it shouldn't exist. >> reporter: unlike classic slot race cars of another era, onky cars aren't limited to the skill of the play per. since they can think for themselves. >> the environment 500 times a second. 50 mega hertz computers inside of them. they understand where they are. they communicate. when you're playing the games, actually comes to life and self-aware. >> reporter: powered bay sophisticated artificial intelligence technology not typical of a toy, the $150 drive starter kit is america's second best-selling toy. next to dolls from the movie
8:46 am
frozen. do you spend a lot of time playing video games to check out the competition? >> more than we should. >> we call it research. >> reporter: may be small in scale, but the algorithm is similar to the self-driving car. and the driverless vehicle sought by the defense department. your ph.d. focussed on autonomous vehicles. why choose to focus on toys? >> for us toys and entertainment was this really great spring board where we could release a product quickly, have it completefully our control and allow us to be adopted and suggested then jumping into another others. >> using the ios platform to create an entirely new category of experiences. >> reporter: their vision was so exciting, that apple's ceo tim cook helped launch the company. in 2013. how did you get one of the most powerful companies in the world to back you? >> it was the biggest honor we could have hoped for. from their point of view i think we're using their product ecosystem in a way that nobody
8:47 am
ever had before. >> reporter: the smart phone is the new remote control and toys are now roaming the world without wires. >> always teddy bears, always duck duck goose, but we'll see more and more toys with artificial intelligence, robotics are added into them because it makes the toys exciting in a new way. >> reporter: this is the editor of the new is this the futurer of play? >> it is a future of play. i have no doubt there will be a lot manufacture things like this in five years than there were five years ago. >> this is a great way to push these technologies forward. where, in a pros of developing core technology in the motion control, the wireless communications interface systems, manufacturing capabilities. >> reporter: developing big concepts from small toys. including how the car of tomorrow might make the one of today obsolete. >> 25 years from now we're going to look back and say, it is really bizarre that people
8:48 am
sed to wiggle their arms back and forth, who would do that. it's just going to be absolutely the norm for cars to be completely aen to mouse. >> oh i'm off the road. >> reporter: we asked him where he sees the future going, he says the toys and manufacturing, he expects robots to soon help harvest food more efficiently and elderly people in their homes. norah. >> wow gigi thanks. whole new world. >> toy 2.0. >> amazing. . >> aren't you glad duck duck goose will never die. and legos. >> yes. >> still popular. and you know what nothing beats a deck of cards. >> you're right, you're right. you're watching cbs "this morning," we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ br go i have to correct a mistake that charlie said earlier when he said that lady gaga got engaged to taylor lautner. >> i should have known better shouldn't i? >> no, you should have known better. you're the one who should have known better. you made the mistake. i don't know either of them. >> anyway. when charlie said that she was engaged to taylor lautner, i was wrong. thank you twitter people that pointed it out. starting with mary who's our stage manager, patty's daughter, she's a teenage, tell gayle she's wrong. >> how can you make a mistake like this? >> i don't know i like gaga. and i'm rooting for them both. >> gaga doesn't like
8:53 am
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55 a nice blanket of snow at the white house this morning. we have 4.7 at national and 3.9 and fredricksburg and southern maryland 8 to 9-inch totals and st. marion towards somebody with 10 down that way so a lot of snow south and four to six in. temperatures going to climb upper 20s to low 30s as we see some sunshine today. that's going to help melt things but the storm pulling away. still snowing at a decent clip from long island and also north of virginia beach almost done with the storm and they had quite an ice storm. quite cold once again low to mid teens pushing near 20 single digits in the mountains but not a lot of wind.
8:56 am
wind chills in the mountains but it feels like 6 in baltimore and 7 in eastern. tomorrow afternoon we have our third arctic blast in a week or so with heavy snow showers into the afternoon and evening could drop a coating to an inch and temperatures are going to plunge behind that. so today 32 the snow is over. teens tonight so clean up the mess and much better shape. 35 tomorrow before the heavy afternoon snow showers. teens for high thursday
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> 3, 2, 1! >> camera ready. >> here's what's breaking. >> why is a hollywood legend
9:00 am
causing controversy? >> 30 feet away, i thought i was gonna die. >> the day that changed her life forever. >> it was like my body was hanging off of me, including my legs. >> it didn't destroy me, it made me stronger. >> the surprise she didn't see coming. and stdi turbing video uncovered on this dad's cell phone. new doctors! ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ >> when it comes to living a long life, junk food, cigarettes and excessive consumption of alcohol, makes it hard


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