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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. buckle up. it might be a little chilly this morning but wait until you see the weekend. beverly farmer is going to have traffic momentarily. let's start with allyson. howard, though, not too bad today but the horizon is you where need to get layers. >> right. i've been saying today is going to be the nicest day for the next one if not two weeks with highs in the 40s. we take a step down tomorrow afternoon. friday is cold. sunday miserable, brutal, painful. you can be the bearer of the bad news. >> yeah, this morning we're going to be warmer than we will be by sunday afternoon. so you like to sleep in on sunday sometimes. you might be sleeping in a little extra longer. we'll come back to work when it gets above freezing. it's just going to be chilly. let's get through today. your wednesday is looking absolutely great. lots of sunshine. temperatures are okay. we're at 30 degrees. we're starting off just below freezing and saying hey, this is okay. you know it's about to get very cold this weekend. so enjoy it. feels about 21 once you factor
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in the winds. temperatures are into the 20s across the area so feeling into the lower 20s out there. 24 for hagerstown. leesburg at 28 degrees. it will be a nice day with lots of sunshine. here comes our front. let me step out of the way here. here comes our front for tomorrow, our first dose of cold air. then colder saturday night into sunday w. that we could see a couple of showers or snow showers. howard will have more details on that. temperatures today into the 40s with sunshine. beverly, timesaver traffic, what's going on? >> reporter: not too much which is a great start to wednesday. we get a break after yesterday. sky 9 has been checking out the ride for you on the beltway getting through college park. the 95 corridor southbound out of lowrl to get there. no -- lowrl to get there. no -- laurel to get there. no early problems for you. just the building volume to tell you about in silver spring. virginia 95 business as usual with the slowdown coming up through stafford to the express lane entrance, jamming out of dale city, getting toward the woodbridge interchanges and then again getting into
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newington. 66 your slowest east of manassas past sudley road to the visitors center. all lanes are open. d.c. mayor muriel bowser has ordered firefighters to stop encrypting their emergency radios. >> this comes in the wake of last month's deadly metro smoke incident aboard a yellow line train. delia goncalves is live outside the wilson building right now in northwest. >> delia, do we know exactly when this encryption will stop? >> reporter: you know, we just ound midnight from the mayor's office. a spokesperson from mayor bowser's office. she confirmed to us that this encryption has already been lifted. we don't know exactly when that happened but i can tell you that the mayor is expected to make an official announcement this week. but we have been hearing from the president of the fire union who says the system has always been flawed and always needed to be reevaluated. he says this private system led to those communication failures during the smoke incident at
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l'enfant plaza last month. firefighters in the metro system could not communicate with supervisors above ground after learning people were trapped on that train. and of course one person died. but the administration says despite the timing, there is no connection. the radio system, the mayor's office says, was under review before the mayor was inaugurated and of course that happened weeks before the smoke incident at l'enfant plaza. coming up at 6:30, i'll tell you why the fire department made their radio communications secret in the first place and the backlash they received for it. see you in a half-hour. back to you. >> all right, delia, thank you. the u.s. embassy in yemen is being shut down. the embassy has been at the center of crisis for months. shiite rebels took over much of the country. the state department says the few americans who had been left behind have now been moved out of the embassy. the city of prescott, arizona is grieving the death
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of kayla mueller. she had been held captive by the terror group isis. mourners are leaving flowers and handwritten notes on the courthouse plaza in memory of the 26-year-old. president obama is vowing to bring mueller's captors to justice in his words, no matter how long it takes. the militants who kidnapped the young woman in syria claims she was killed by a jordanian air strike. three white men in mississippi are now headed to prison for killing a black factory worker. itself men adds mitted they went hunting -- admitted they went hunting for black people the night it happened. one was given a 50-year sentence. hn joce ri got 18 and a half. dillon butler got seven. they beat, ran over and killed 47-year-old james craig anderson back in 2011. in the judge's words what they did was ugly, painful, sad, and criminal. one person from fairfax county is in self-isolation this morning waiting to find out whether or not they tested positive for measles.
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results are expected sometime later today. there's some concern because fairfax county has some of the lowest vaccination rates among school age chirp in the state. expert -- children in the state. experts say there's little or no chance of getting measles if you're vaccinated against it. >> far less likely to get sick and die with the measles virus. there's no evidence whatsoever that the vaccine is toxic, that the vaccine contains toxic chemicals that the vaccine causes autism. all of that is fraudulent data. >> health officials will hold a news conference later today if the results come back positive. moms and dads, your kids love these. capri sun juice drinks about to change. they're going to start using sugar instead of the high fructose corn syrup. the change will apply to the original capri sun drinks. they will also replace the
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artificial sweetener sucralose. a $2 investment plus a little luck and you could net $485 million tonight. >> that's the value of tonight's power ball drawing. it's the fifth largest in u.s. history. nikki burdine is live at the tenley town market in northeast with more. how many do you intend to buy, nikki? >> reporter: all right, guys, truth be told, i've got my cash right here. i'm not growing to tell you how much cash i have but i'm getting to buy more than one. if you need me to buy one, send me a tax. i'll be glad to pick up a few. it's too good, too big not to play. we're sitting at $4 # 5 million -- $485 million. that's just under half a billion dollars. can you imagine what you can buy with this? i certainly can. that's a lot of money and the reason it's so big is because there hasn't been a winner in two months. it started at $40 million.
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because there hasn't been a winner in so long, that's how it's grown so much. the drawing is just before 11:00 tonight and will stop selling usually a couple of hours before then. we are here at the tenley market rye now and they opened just a few minutes ago but they don't start selling tickets until 7:00. you better believe as soon as those doors open and they start selling, i'm going to be in there buying a few tickets. even though the chans are one in 175 million, they seem preft lofty -- pretty lofty, you never know. i'm a dreamer. >> i think we all are. >> look for my e-mail, okay. >> reporter: got it. >> thanks, nikki. boston gets back to normal sort of after a massive snowstorm but the snow is not over yet. >> that's hard for them. d.c. police are looking for answers after a man found murdered in an upscale hotel. howard? >> we're happening at some temperaturing this morning down in the 20s although 30 at national. it's cold this morning but some arctic air bearing down on us.
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deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. 10 after 6:00 this wednesday morning. we're in the 20s. wants to show you doppler because it's very quiet most ever the east now. a little bit of a wintry mix, light freezing drizzle, freezing rain across parts of ohio. what we're watching is a very strong cold front, one of two which is now in the upper midwest. that cold air will be arriving looks like tomorrow afternoon. so today relatively to what's coming, pretty nice day. a cold frosty start for you but we'll have sunshine, seasonably chilly temperatures in the lower to mid-40s with not too much wind. tomorrow winds could gust 35 to
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maybe 40. temperatures fall into the low 30s. we'll stay in the 20s on friday. full details of the seven-day in about six minutes. beverly has another update with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: good wednesday morning. pretty good on the roadways. sky 9 looking at the beltway heading into bethesda in each direction passing connecticut avenue between 270 and college park. everything has been pretty much open. the building volume on the outer loop heading into silver spring past connecticut avenue. we're looking good. southbound side of 270 heaviest volume out of frederick towards hyattstown past the truck scales heading past shady grove road to get into rockville. volume light main and local lanes. virginia 95 heaviest volume is still north into stafford past the express lane entrance getting out of dale city to woodbridge. more heavy traffic leaving newington. just about 6:12 now. they're getting a breather at least for now in boston. public schools are open. commuter trains are starting to
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slowly return to service. subways, trolleys, commuter rail lines were out of commission tuesday because of the latest huge snow dump there. service is running now, just fewer trains and buses. forecasters say there could be even more snow coming to the area on thursday. and a much larger storm is expected sunday into monday as well. a murder mystery at an upscale d.c. hotel. police found a man dead inside the donovan hotel. it happened sometime yesterday morning. cops say the man was stabbed to death. so far there are no arrests and no apparent motive. a second teenager is recovering at home this morning after being shot outside frederick high school. a second victim is already home. the teens were shot last week outside the school's gym during a basketball game. the other teenager left the hospital last friday. police have made no arhees in the case. -- arrests in the case. if you have epilepsy anywhere in your family, you know how debilitating it can be. that's why pearntles of
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epileptic children are -- parents of epileptic children are celebrating. a bill has been approved in the virginia legislature. it would give people with severe forms of epilepsy to use two oils derived from marijuana. governor terry mcauliffe is expected to sign that bill into law. it is 6:13. an american company sees its stock soar to record numbers. >> but first up, when we return, a man in custody charged with a triple fatal shooting in chapel hill, north carolina. >> and the justice network is now on the air here in washington, the nation's only network dedicated to crime and investigations. its mission to make your community safer. >> and who better to report those stories than former america's most wanted host john walsh. the justice network debuted in the last hour on our digital 9.3 channel. to find it you can go to comcast channel 203. on fios it's 461. cox
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a group of word leaders is recognizing the recent ebola scout break. germany, norway and ghana have asked the u.n. to create a report on ways to establish a more coordinated effort in the face of disaster. meanwhile the u.n. is putting the spotlight on libya saying all parties in the country have
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committed numerous human rights abuses. that includes deadly attacks on civilians, executions and torture. the u.n. says libya's facing the worst political crisis and escalation of violence since qaddafi was overthrown back in 2011. later today, opening arguments are scheduled to begin e so-called american sniper murder trial in texas. prosecutors say the widow of former navy seal chris kyle will be one of the first to testify against eddie ray routh, a former marine charged with capital murder in the deaths of kyle and kyle's friend chad littlefield. back overseas a 100-car pileup in south korea has claimed the lives two of people and left another 42 injured. officials say those numbers could increase because emergency workers are still trying to reach all the cars involved. no word on what caused that pileup just yet. "newsweek" meanwhile twitter account is back up and running after being hacked by a group claiming to have ties to isis. we understand it was taken over for about 14 minutes.
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the hackers posed direct threats against president obama. the fbi is now investigating. a settlement has been reached between burger king and a retired soldier from chantilly who claims he found neementdzs in his sandwich -- needles in his sandwich. the lawsuit claims he was injured by the needles. the exact terms of the settlement have not yet been released. we do know the dollar figure being associated with apple on wall street about $700 billion. yesterday it became the first u.s. company to be worth more than $700 billion based on the value of its stock. it makes apple worth nearly twice as much as the second most valuable company exxon- mobil. not a bad group to be in there. certainly an exclusive company right now for apple. >> that is real money. >> some serious cash. give the lotto a run. 6:19. we're all sitting here talking
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about our dreams if we win the lottery. and one would be to go to a nice warm place right away. >> andrea -- howard said what would you like if i won. she said a cheeseburger... in paris. >> weather wise we're looking at a decent day today before the really cold air moves n. we're talking not one but two arctic air masses. then on tuesday next week, a potential wintry mess around here. let's get to the forecast because it's a sweet looking sky early. the sun is coming up not quite annual hour from now. we have -- an hour from now. we have early color. temperatures climb into the low to mid-40s this afternoon. about 45 will do it for the high in washington. your winds northerly to easterly. only about 5 to 89 miles an hour. still a little breezy in spots this morning but the winds for the most part will be in a nice range today. then this evening we're back in
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the 30s. not too cold tonight. 20s to about 30. the arctic front arrives tomorrow in the afternoon. the winds will kick up. could have snow showers like we did the last time we had an arctic front. those windchill temperatures will be dropping. this morning low to mid-20s up north. 25 gaithersburg. 29 on the bay in annapolis. to the south we've got 30- degree readings. southern maryland looking at 20s to about 30. 24 in hagerstown. in town, well, the waters of the potomac keeping national at 30. north, northwesterly winds at 10 with clear skies this morning. futurecast all quiet today. today is not a problem. in fact, if you like to get out and exercise, you can do it today. it will be bearable this afternoon in the 40s. but after that, could be a week or more. we've got snow showers in cleveland this evening. tomorrow that cold front in the morning is getting toward the mountains. we're going to see it here midday. with the front not only will the winds kick up but if you look right here, see the blob of blue? the models are hinting at snow shower active for the afternoon with the colder air moving in
6:21 am
and those winds i think will gust at times 35, possibly 40 miles an hour. so that on friday we're in the 20s. a stronger cold front sunday keeps us in the teens and tuesday right now looks like it could be snow to sleet to freezing rain to rain unless it stays all frozen. then just an ugly potential on tuesday. tonight 20s, 31 in town. tomorrow 32. that will be an early afternoon high before dropping off. 18 thursday night. there will be windchills friday morning, 5 below, 10 below with highs on friday in the mid-20s. saturday a little bit after break but saturday night with that next front, some snow showers or light snow. then brutally cold on sunday in the teens. 6:21. good morning, beverly. >> reporter: good morning, howard. wednesday right nothing too out of the order father along the 95 -- ordinary along the 95 corridor in virginia. woodbridge into newington, 395 hangup with a crash northbound at seminary moved on to the
6:22 am
shoulder. the delays coming north of the at that point. the beltway as you make your way through maryland, that has been accident tree. we've had lanes open now the beltway headed south of branch avenue on the inner loop down toward the wilson bridge. outer loop toward landover. into cheverly building volume on 50 to get to kenilworth avenue but lanes are open on kenilworth to 295 south past eastern avenue. just the volume building to head into southeast at this hour. the trial of several 9/11 conspirators comes to a screeching hall at guantanamo bay. >> the white house is expected to send congress a formal request for use of military force against isis. wusa9 is
6:23 am
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at 6:25 here are some stories you may have missed. a hearing is set today in the september 11 terror case that came to a sudden halt after a surprise revelation from the defendants. they identified a courtroom interpreter as someone they recognized while they were held in c.i.a. custody before being taken to guantanamo bay. one of the defendants said he recognized the interpreter from his time in the black sites overseas where prisoners were subjected to torture. the pentagon admitted the interpreter worked for the
6:26 am
c.i.a. in the past. president obama could submit a bill today asking for congre of force against isis. one senator who attended a closed door meeting about the issue said the bill would stipulate there would be no enduring combat operations against isis. the senator bob menendez of new jersey says the measure would expire in three years. the man accused of killing university of virginia student will not be facing the death penalty. jesse matthew is charged with first-degree murder and police say he is responsible for hannah graham's death. graham disappeared september 13 of last year and she was last seen on surveillance video with matthew leaving a charlottesville, virginia bar. graham's remains were found in october. new bills are being proposed in maryland to make changes to the criminal justice system. one calls on the state patrol commission to review the status of people who are still in prison at the age of 65. another measure calls for better tools for people leaving prison so they can reenter
6:27 am
society effectively. supporters want the new investment strategies to hopefully reduce repeat offenders. millions of dollars will soon be sent to jail operators who come up with innovative ways to fix the jail system. the money comes from the mcarthur foundation. it's giving $75 million to local jail operators who find ways to reduce the number of people spending time behind bars. thousands of local students can hit the snooze button on their alarms next year. the montgomery county school board voted in favor of later start times. the start of elementary schools will be piewbed back ten -- pushed back ten minutes and middle and high schools will be pushed back 20 minutes. >> it's a step in the right direction but it's not enough. the american academy of pediatrics recommends an hour. 8:30. and that's what we really need for the health and safety of our kids. >> but they'll have to do with 20 minutes push back for now. the vote comes after a barrage of calls from montgomery county parents and students.
6:28 am
dozens of them staimged a sleep- in -- staged a sleep-in outside the county board of education. google wants to be your go to stop for health care soon. when you want to look up information about an illness or stop, most people already start right at the google search bar. in fact, one in 20 google searches are for health-related information. but now when you search for common health conditions or diseases, google search will display relevant medical answers, show symptoms, and treatments as well as details in the links that it provides. a record number of people apparently traveled to the caribbean last year and perhaps you were lucky enough to be one of them. i was not. i wish that was the case. 26.3 million people vacationed in that region last year. sounds good right now, does it not? the fifth consecutive year the caribbean has seen an increase in tourism good like mike said, it sounds good right now with all the cold weather outside. we would love to be there on the sunny beach.
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here's a look outside. all we have are bright, shiny headlights. >> it's 30 degrees here in northwest d.c. and these are some hearty -- i believe it's a women's lacrosse team. >> women's lacrosse team. they're out there every morning. i guess the season will start soon. they've been doing this getting ready and doing it through the heart of the cold winter. >> they have their long pants on. >> this is a heat wave compared to what's coming up soon. >> today will be the nicest day of the next one to two weeks. >> i don't want to be the bearer of bad news but enjoy today. get outside and enjoy the weather. the dog walk will not be so bad. the run is not going to be so bad. i think there's going to be a lot of people-- >> it's not going to get anywhere near 60. >> no, we're talking average temperatures mid-40s, a typical february day. >>it's going to be a treadmill weekend this weekend. >> i think it will abdo nothing
6:30 am
weekend. -- be a do nothing weekend. find some hot chocolate and call it a day. you can see the sunrise over the capitol building. looking good. a nice sunrise. temperatures into the 30s right now feeling into the lower 20s. just a little bit of a wind out there. nothing is going to be -- i'm not saying it's going to be warm. it's all relative. today will be quite comfortable compared to what's to come. we'll get our first cold air tomorrow night into friday. saturday you get a tease. we get near freezing and then blast number two comes saturday night into sunday. that's when the real cold air arrives. you can see kind of a little bit of a hint of the cold air. wave number one headed our way for tomorrow. 17 degrees in pittsburgh right now. lots of sunshine. it will be nice today. we'll head up to the mid-40s and by this evening we're not too bad, either. first thing tomorrow morning we'll be okay starting off near freezing. if not a few degrees below that. just a few clouds. coming up, stay tuned for the seven-day forecast. place your bets. you can see how cold we're going to be on sunday.
6:31 am
beverly, what's going on with traffic? >> reporter: we're trying to figure that out n. bethesda there was reports of a truck, a big wide load truckloaded with a transformer, some big piece of equipment stopped in the intersection along seven locks road between tuckerman and montrose road. not sure if it's scheduled to be there. i'm thinking so. it may be unloading but at a bad time. it completely blocks seven locks between montrose and tuckerman. virginia 95 looking at the slow ride heading up out of lorton into newington to get to springfield. the earlier broken down or accident on 395 seminary moved out of the way but still a focal point into southeast just the volume for you heading up the suitland parkway and on to the freeway. back to you. >> thank you, bev. the pentagon says the isis version of the death of kayla mueller is not true. they say the arizona woman who was kidnapped by isis did not die in a jordanian air strike as the group says. the u.s. officials don't know how she died but they say it
6:32 am
was not at -- it was at hands of isis, excuse me. as many as 20,000 foreigners travel to iraq to join isis. the number includes more than 150 americans. the total number is up from a previous estimate of 19,000. some have died and a small number of still fighting with the extremists. the hearing is set today about the latest numbers. the d.c. fire department has been ordered by mayor bowser to stop encrypting their emergency radios. >> the order comes in the wake of that deadly smoke incident on board a metro train last month. delia goncalves is live outside the wilson building in northwest. delia, has the fire chief responded to this yet? >> reporter: well, we have condpir nation as of midnight that -- confirmation as of midnight that this encryption has been lifted. it is now open to the public as it was sometime ago. but this encryption system and
6:33 am
the radio system became secret after the navy yard shooting in 2013. that's when officials learned the public could hear behind- the-scenes communication and they wanted to change that. former mayor vince gray thought encrypting would prevent criminals from listening in, even though last year the district was warned by fire chief from maryland and virginia it would lead to problems. according to the d.c. fire union it d. the union president said encryption was partly to blame for the widespread communication failures during last month's deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza but mayor bowser says despite the timing, this change had nothing to do with that smoke incident. we are expecting to hear from the mayor sometime this week, next couple of days of course to make an official announcement about this decision. the fire union president thanked the mayor, though, for reversing, quote, a bad decision by the prior administration. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, delia, live in northwest d.c. this morning.
6:34 am
new figures are out this morning about the number of young black men who graduated from high school. the latest numbers show 59% of black men graduated from high school on time in the 2012-2013 school year. that compares to 65% of latino males and 80% of white males. the numbers come from the the foundation for public education. a plan to invest $20 million in extra support and programs for minority students in the district is being called into question this morning. ward 3 councilmember charry cheh says the -- mary cheh says the school's plan by kyl henderson might be illegal. she wants to open an all boys college prep high school east of the anacostia river in 2017. $485 million. one more time.
6:35 am
$485 million. that's tonight's power ball jackpot and it's the largest lottery prize in u.s. history. >> it just makes people smile when you say it. the odds are winning are one in 175 million. so you're saying there's a chance. nikki burdine is live on wisconsin avenue with more. you can't buy them yet, though, right, nikki? >> reporter: not yet, mike. our assaying there's a chance and i'm going to take that chance and i'm going to go in there in a few minutes once they start selling at 7:00. but i want you to just focus on this number. that $485 million number, can you fathom that? i can't really put that many zeros into my mind and i can't understand how much money it is but i know it's a lot. a lot of people have already begun to start buying them and a lot of people will still buy them today, especially because the big drawing is tonight just before 11:00. they'll stop selling in a couple of hours before 11:00. but the reason that number is so big is because they haven't had a winner in two months.
6:36 am
so the jackpot that started at $40 million is now at $485 million. that's the largest -- the fifth largest in jackpot history. that's almost half a billion dollars. so i've been thinking, you know, andrea wants me to buy her a ticket. mike, i'm sure you do as well. i'm going to buy one. my photographer kevin is going to buy one. if one of us does actually win, that we should buy an island somewhere and just name it channel 9 island and we can all go and there there, somewhere warm until it warms up again. what do you think? >> i'm in. let's do it. i would like one, nikki. that would be great. >> i even went so far to say if i win the ticket she buys me, i'll split is right down the middle with nikki and we can buy to or three islands. thanks, nikki. it's 6:36. later today we're expected to learn more about a controversial pipeline which is expected to run through virginia. >> the friendly skies apparently are getting a little
6:37 am
bit friendlier. we'll explain that plus howard's forecast when we come back. >> we congratulate our facebook fan of the day. lisa from brandywine, maryland. she says i never miss 11:00 p.m. or 5:00 a.m. through 9:00 a.m. >> she wants to see barry manilo, two free ticks. thank you for joining our facebook fan of the day. we'd like you to become the next winner. it's very easy. go to our facebook page and enter by filling out the fan ever the
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it's 6:40 on this chilly wednesday morning. temps running in the 20s to about 30. look at this beautiful picture on the horizon. sunrise still half an hour away. we'll see a good deal of sunshine today after the cold frosty start. sunny, seasonably chilly this afternoon with highs low to mid- 40s. soak it in, though, because it's going to get a lot colder starting tomorrow afternoon. details of some arctic air masses and the potential wintry mess next week coming up in your seven-day forecast. see you at 6:46. now beverly and timesaver traffic. beltway as you head your way west out of college park and through silver spring into into these today, typical volume delay here as you past new hampshire avenue. takes you most of the way to georgia avenue. lanes open along the way so far so good on the inner loop as you leave bethesda and into silver spring. no problems to deal with there. beltway branch avenue, northbound side of 210, 301-5
6:41 am
route 4 corridors out of southern maryland, lanes open, volume, signal light delays. to the wilson bridge slowing in the local lane to merge across the bridge into alexandria. 66 volume delays. still getting through manassas, centreville, fair lakes into fair oaks. the volume in falls church, southbound 28 broken down bus. help is on the way to that. back to you. mayor muriel bowser says thanks but no thanks to a contractor who had plans to build a museum in a historic d.c. building. >> we've seen all the stories about the keystone xl pipeline out west but did you know one was being considered for our region, too? nick giovanni has those stories and more. >> reporter: thanks but no thanks for that atlantic coast pipeline you just mentioned. at 10:00 this morning dominion power's parent economy is expected to release an economic impact on the line. it would run through west virginia, virginia and into north carolina. previous reports suggests the pipeline could have a total economic impact of nearly $3
6:42 am
billion. so we'll see if that number ends up sticking again today. no more blaming it on the rain in maryland. governor larry hogan is moving forward with his push to repeal the state's rain tax. the state mandated storm water fees we know so well. the governor said he can't dough away with state fees but he says he does plan to find alternative ways for counties to come up with the funds rather than taxing marylanders directly. d.c. mayor muir yes bowser has canceled plans to convempt the old franklin school building into a art museum. her decision comes after a year the city lined up a developer and a team for the project. a spokesperson in bowser's administration says they plan to find new bidders for the site which has been vacant for years. so we'll see which direction they end up going with that. >> thanks a lot, nick. a grant jury indicts a police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed innocent black man in new york city last november. >> and coming up next, we're talking with gayle king about
6:43 am
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internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. it is 6:46. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> good morning, gayle king. >> good morning, mike and andrea. good to see you guys. ahead major garrett is at the white house with new details on a failed rescue attempt for the american woman killed in the hands of isis. cardiologist tara ranula is in studio 57 with what major changes in cholesterol recommendations means for your diet. could it please mean more bacon. and two huge tv announcements, including -- i know you have heard about this -- that jon stewart is leaving the daily show. say it ain't so. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 sharp. we have a lot to discuss this morning. we can't wait for k-78. back you to -- for 7:00. back to you two. >> we'll be watching, gayle. have a great morning.
6:47 am
weather time now. no alefts yet. >> no, but we're likely to get some windchill advisories make even by friday morning, certainly on sunday. next week potentially tuesday could be a sloppy mess across the region. so lots of weather to discuss. so today by comparison, looks beautiful. temperatures will be in the 40s. we've got sunshine, winds not too strong. soak it in because it will be the nicest day in the next one to two weeks. looking at our forecast on our day planner this morning, we have clear skies now. that will be the case much of the day. could be a passing cloud or two. 41 by 1:00 on our way to 45. those winds will slowly turn from northwest to east 5, 8 miles an hour. so even the winds will be in check today. that is a good thing. this morning it's frosty out. it's cold. a little breezy still with 30 in washington. cold spots oakland 19. lots of low to mid-20s in some of the outer suburbs. la plata 26 and gaithersburg now 23 degrees. that's a good looking morning on the michael & son weather camera. humidity only 66% outside. inside if you're not using a
6:48 am
hugh made fire, you -- humidifier, you get lots of shocks. 30 feeling like 21 with the wind out of the north, north west at 10. arctic air, not one but two shots of it coming oafort the next few days -- over the next few days. bismarck at 11. chicago 35. we'll be in the mid-40s. watch what happens on thursday as this dives south. nashville 30. our 42, that is a late morning midday high. by afternoon temperatures will be dropping as the cold air moves in. notice only in the low teens. barely in the teens in chicago at 13. so what we're dealing with here is a couple of arctic fronts. the first one not until tomorrow. your wednesday, if you have outside plans today, it will be seasonably cold but it will be mid-40s. that's going to be nice compared to what's coming. tomorrow starts out all right but as we get into the middle of the day in the amp, the front is going -- afternoon, the front is going to come through. a couple of snow showers we can't rule out as the arctic air comes in. certainly we'll squeeze them out of the mountains with the northwest facing ridges.
6:49 am
the winds tomorrow in the afternoon with the arctic air could be gusting 35, maybe up to 40 miles an hour. that's going to drive windchills down really low. cold air is in place friday with highs in the 20s. a stronger front will be coming saturday night, maybe some snow showers, light snow with that. that will keep sunday's highs in the teens. next tuesday could be a messy storm. 45 today. tonight 20s and low 30s. tomorrow low 40s before the drop in the afternoon with a few afternoon snow showers and wind. 20s on friday. back close to freezing on saturday before the bottom drops out sunday. brutally cold, subzero windchills, highs in the teens. it's 6:49. good morning, beverly. good morning, howard. virginia side 95 and 395, 395 delays pretty much north of the beltway heading up towards seminary road. everybody staring at the accident moved on to the right shoulder a while ago. more heavy traffic up to the pentagon and getting to the 14th street bridge. brand new wreck northbound 95 in woodbridge north of 123. snap dab in the middle of the
6:50 am
roadway coming out of dale city on the brakes for that. 270 southbound hyattstown out of frederick county, jamming up in germantown and stretches off and on from gaithersburg to rockville. d.c. 295 kenilworth avenue, you've been slow out of maryland off the parkway and 15 in cheverly to go south and head your way down toward the exits for the anacostia. brand new accident reported southbound bw parkway close to 197 laurel. back to you. virginia lawmakers approve a bill to try and prevent sexual assault on college campuses. >> and coming up in the next half-hour on cbs this morning, cheating allegations surrounding this year's little league world series champs. why the opponents say a team from chicago should lose their title. >> tonight, a disturbing look into the local sex trade. young women forced into prostitution by vicious sex trafficking rings. they're recruiting the
6:51 am
let the games begin! valentine's day couple packages start at just $99. visit medieval!
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6:53 am
i'm delia goncalves live outside of the wilson building. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says no more secrets, orders the fire department to stop encrypting the radio system
6:54 am
there. we have confirmation that the radio encryption has already been lifted. we're just waiting on an official word and announcement from the mayor. mike, andre ya, -- andre yarks back to you. virginia lawmakers have pass add bill. colleges must report any allegations of sexual violence to local law enforcement. the senate version of the bill requires colleges to add a note on the transcript of thy student who's been dismissed or suspended because of a sex offense. three people are dead after a shooting at the university of north carolina campus in chapel hill. according to reports in local newspapers, all three victims were muslim. they are also believed to be from the same family. 46-year-old craig steven hicks turned himself in a short time after the shooting. he is now charged degree murder. at this point still no word on a motive. a new york city police officer is due to appear in court this afternoon one day after he was indicted in the
6:55 am
shooting death of 28-yard akai gurley. last november officer peter liang fired his service weapon into a dark stair well striking gurley. at the time gurley and his girlfriend were just waiting for an elevator. officer liang is expected to face multiple charges including second degree manslaughter. we've got a decent day today. temperatures will climb into the mid-40s. that's fairly average for the middle of february. after that things are going to go downhill quickly. starting tomorrow afternoon a strong front comes our way. we'll have a high of 42 but that will be late morning, midday before dropping into the 30s with a couple of snow showers and very gusty winds into tomorrow night. so that will drop temps by thursday night, friday morning into the low to mid-teens. some subzero windchills. friday in the 20s. that will be painful enough till we get to sunday. we won't get out of the teens, coldest air of the season. by tuesday tracking a system that potentially could bring a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain to the region. it's way ow there now.
6:56 am
so i can't tell you exactly if it's going to be all snow or a mix. the threat for a messy tuesday is clearly hanging over us after some very cold air. andrea is shaking her head at me. what are you telling me. beverly farmer, hope you have something better to share for us. >> reporter: i do northbound side of virginia 95 although still slow trying to make your way into woodbridge. the accident that was northbound just north of 123 across the occoquan moved on to the shoulder. more heavy traffic getting out of lorton into newington and springfield with lanes open. 395 lineup takes you to the 14th street bridge but with lanes open there heading into southeast. the trip right now on the beltway headed west of college park, that's going to be a slow one leaving i-95 around to georgia avenue. bw parkway southbound, they were checking near 197 for the report of a crash. both park police and fire rescue are in response to that area. back to you, mike, andrea? cbs this morning is next. from newlyweds to retired couples, what you and your loved one should do to plan for a joint financial future.
6:57 am
>> from charlie's angels to kill bill to elementary, actor lucy liu is in studio 7 with a preview of this week's episode. >> beverly and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather updates. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, use the wusa9 app. >> thanks so much for waking up with us. join erica grow and me coming up today at noon. >> stay warm after today. >> if you can. >> it's going to get painful around here. >> good luck with the lotto. >> take care. brookside chocolate now has a crunch.
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good morning. it is february 11th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." new details of a failed rescue attempt to piquet la mueller from isis. a massive media shakeup. jon stewart decides he's leaving "the daily show," and nbc decides brian williams is leaving "nightly news" for six months. >> plus, a powerball jackpot worth nearly half a billion dollar is up for grabs. better buy a ticket. but why some states are losing big time. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i deployed operations and probably m


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