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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 30, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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power lines in springfield left about 500 people in the dark. they expect to get the lights back on there soon. >> they'll need heat because the strong winds will make the air outside feel like it's below 0 tonight. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking where it's going to be. >> we just saw some folks jogging around the mall. tomorrow morning will be below 0. our wind advisory continues for the entire area till midnight. winds could gust miles per hour. 38 mile-per-hour wind gust at leesburg at 7:00, 37 in manassas and a 41 mile-per-hour wind gust at national. so far we've had a 43 mile-per- hour wind gust at dulles today. temperatures in the 20s across the board falling like a stone. 22 in hagerstown, 21 in cumberland, 27 leesburg and manassas. factor in the winds it feel like 10 in gaithersburg -- feels like 10 in gaithersburg, leesburg and 11 in frederick. by 11:00 tonight it's going to
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feel like 0 or below. the lows tonight will be in the teens across the entire metro area. 19 downtown, 16 in sterling, 15 in leesburg, 17 in rockville. we'll come back, look ahead to our sunday, monday storm. tonight some firefighters are questioning the first response to that deadly mansion fire in annapolis. the fire alarms rang in the basement, first and second floors and anne arundel county initially sent one fire engine to check out the fire. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in annapolis. the anne arundel county fire department now engaged in an after action investigation trying to determine if it could have responded better to the fire in this mansion that ended up killing don and sandy pyle and their four grandchildren. >> fire and ambulance, exact location of your emergency. >> fire alarm at 936 child's point road. >> reporter: you can hear the
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call taker as the alarm company called in the first report. >> it says first and second floor smoke detector and basement smoke detector. >> reporter: and the dispatcher sending a single engine. >> 811 engine 351 responding alarm sounding. >> reporter: it was not until two or three minutes later after a anybody called that dispatcher -- after a neighbor called the dispatcher sent four engines, a ladder truck, battalion chief, two tankers and a paramedic unit. >> the whole house is on fire. >> reporter: was it appropriate to send just a single engine to this call? >> that's a standard response in anne arundel county for a reportable fire alarm. >> reporter: at least one expert says this house was screaming that it was on fire. in annapolis bruce leshan, wusa9. a north bethesda man was critically injured in a fire that destroyed his townhome. the fire broke out overnight off brewer house road. the man was awakened by a smoke
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alarm and tried to put out the flames. he ran next-door. a anybody called 911. the fire was caused by an overheating electrical outlet. it is a multimillion dollar lawsuit. the sons of carol glover, the woman who died after that fatal metro smoke incident last month, they're now suing for $50 million. >> reporter: marcus and anthony glover say they are not bitter and know the lawsuit won't bring their mom back. they just want to make sure no one ever has to go through the heartbreak they're going through. >> she was always happy. i don't -- i can honestly say not just because she's my mom. i can honestly say i haven't met anyone as nice, as giving, as happy as her. >> reporter: anthony glover and his brother marcus don't want anyone to experience the devastating loss their whole family is grappling with. >> my mother was a gift from god to our family and to our community.
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>> reporter: the brothers are suing wmata for $50 million saying it was their negligence that caused their mom, 61-year- old carol glover's death after smoke filled a metro train january 12th. the lawsuit alleges she fought ever more agonizingly to breathe as the smoke gradually sapped the life from her body. among the alleged wmata fails, the ventilation system, radio compatibility, failure to shut down power quickly and a less than timely 45 minute evacuation. >> we want to seek justice not only for our family, but for this area. >> reporter: metro says they have no comment on the lawsuit, that ntsb investigation is still ongoing. this legal fight is expected to take months, probably years. in the newsroom debra alfarone, wusa9. a 16-year-old girl missing from christiansburg, virginia, has been found safe in little rock, arkansas. aysia lewis disappeared after
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leaving her high school monday afternoon. police determined she left with a 33-year-old man named don qwesenberry who drove from his home in illinois to join her. >> as a father, the last three days my heart's went out to this family. i can't imagine the stress that this family has endured and i'm elated today that aysia is on her way back home to her family. >> police say they used aysia's social media contacts to trace the pair to little rock and tonight qwesenberry is behind bars and will be extradited to virginia. tonight the search continues for a missing 17-year- old in stafford county. daniel marston left his home wednesday night last seen in the potomac estates area. loved ones are worried because they say he's got mental health issues and it's been bitterly
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cold outside. he's never wandered away before. the jewish synagogue that fired its rabbi over voyeurism charges now says their former leader won't leave. rabbi gary freundel was fired in november and had till the end of the year to move out, but his lawyer argued it's not enough time. the synagogue wants him out saying he does not have the right to live there anymore. ground dell is charged with putting a camera in the women's -- freundel is charged with putting a camera in the women's showers at kesher. rick lee senning pled guilty to assaulting and kidnapping judge audrey crayton. he stole her car and ran about into a 13-year-old's car. >> mr. senning will serve his
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time and punishment and hopes ms. audrey crayton is dealt with appropriately. >> we feel this plea deal does a good job encompassing all the victims and everything that happened that night. >> that hearing was handled by a prince george's county prosecutor, judge and defense attorney. it's unclear whether judge crayton will face punishment. after a long process the other victims in the case are fully recovered. two d.c. fire employees are off the job charged with fraud. kimberly pinkney and terrell mccray are on administrative leave accused of misusing work gas cards. pinkney has worked with the department over 20 years and mccray is a fairly new hire. a man pretending to be a cop pulled over the wrong guy. shawn robinson was driving around dumfries in a crown vic when he turned on his spotlight attached to the vehicle and pulled over another vehicle, but the driver in that one was an off-duty cop.
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the real officer told robinson he was a cop and robinson sped away. the 27-year-old turned himself into the police. he has a court date in march. dealing up a change in maryland casinos, fewer slots and more tables. >> the cheapest and priciest seats still available to the super bowl right after the break on wusa9 and your only local news
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sharp criticism today after maryland's gaming commission gave the green light for casinos to shift some of their business to games that allow them to keep a lot more money for themselves. casinos are being allowed to dump as many as 600 slot machines and replace them with table games. only 20% of table game revenue goes in the state's coffers compared to 67% for slots. critics call that the bait and switch.
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>> we expect certain revenue from slot machines. you're saying do away with them and we're doing away with all this revenue and 20% for the table games and table games bring in much more than the slot machines. it's much more money going into their pockets and this is not what we promised the citizens of maryland. >> casino operators say hold up. a lot of the slots are going unused, plus table games mean thousands of jobs. muse says only the legislature should have the authority to make changes like this 1. millions of americans will sit down to watch the super bowl or its commercials this sunday, especially in boston where the fans will cheer on the new england patriots. some of them might not be able the big game. today the judge in the aaron hernandez trial says jurors can watch the super bowl, but if at any point the broadcasters talk about hernandez, they have to walk away from the tv. the murder trial started yesterday. he caught tom brady's last super bowl touchdown pass in
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2012 when the patriots lost to the new york giants. the deflategate controversy led to a change in the way super bowl footballs will be handled leading up to the big game. >> each team gets 54 balls. a league designated equipment manager will safeguard all 108 of them until three hours before kickoff, then deliver them to the officiating them. >> we inspect them, gauge them and basically approve or disapprove of the football. >> the crew will conduct random uniform checks and look for anything that hints of a violation. the added layer of ball handling security comes as the nfl investigates whether the new england patriots intentionally underinflated the football for the big afc championship game. if you're still looking to go to the super bowl, there's still some tickets. just get ready to pay for them.
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>> on stubhub's website now the cheap seats are for about $9,500. for those seats on the 50-yard line, yeah, that's right, you're looking at the right number there, $22,000, more than that. parking passions alone are starting at 100 bucks each. >> i don't want to see it that bad. with price like that most of us will enjoy the game from our couches. you might even want some pizza. super bowl sunday is the busiest day of the year for pizza deliveries. 12.5million pies are expected to be ordered that day. pizza hut said just before kickoff it's expecting 1,700 orders per min>> just gave me a good idea. order early before. witnesses say they saw what suge knight did just before a deadly hit and run. >> winds are a factor all
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night, lows tonight in the teens. highs tomorrow, generally low 30s across the board, maybe not even above the freezing mark out toward rockville and leesburg. we'll come back, talk about our sunday storm and tell you if it's going to be rain, snow,
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his opportunities multiply. the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america. if you are just getting home, here's a quick check of the day's headlines.
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the field of presidential hopefuls got a little smaller. mitt romney will not make a third run for the white house. the republican called his supporters and staff today and said he'd given it a lot of thought and decided it would be best to give the other leaders a shot. romney was convinced he would win the nomination but admitted it would have been a tough fight. still romney said it will be unlikely he's going to change his night. former rap mogul suge knight behind bars tomorrow. police think he intentionally ran over his friend killing him. he got into an argument outside a fast food restaurant in compton last night, got in his truck and drove over two men and drove off. knight is no stranger to legal trouble currently charged in a robbery and faces 30 years to life in prison and in 1996 he was driving the car tupac was shot and killed in. many of us cringe when we get a call from a telemarketer, but for one woman a routine sales call probably saved her
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life. >> listen to what the telemarketer heard when the phone picked up. [ screaming ] >> the saleswoman knew that was no joke and took action even though she was in las vegas and the victim was in oregon. she got police on the line and they track down the house. officers arrested the woman's ex-boyfriend. she said he had a gun and her cell phone was in her back pocket the entire time and it somehow answered the call that might have saved her life. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> just because we haven't had enough snow this week, well, we've had a smidgen more today, nothing heavy, did make a pretty scene at the key bridge here in washington d.c. want some more snow? topper might have it in our forecast or maybe not? >> my favorite kind.
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>> doesn't amount to anything. north of the p.a./maryland border for snow. this time yesterday i was kind of getting excited hoping i could work sunday and not watch the super bowl and watch it snow. i would take snow over the super bowl. >> yes, i would. i'm a little deranged. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature made it into the low 40s today at midnight d then they've fallen all day. it's down to 30 at national, but it's in the 20s in the suburbs. the wind averaging 25 sustained. dew points are in the single didn'ts. this is a cold -- digits. this is a cold arctic air mass. is in a mixed terrain, certainly rain as it applies to d.c. and points south and east and east of 95. that's why we have the winter storm watches north of this line. the track yesterday was just down here, mainly a snow event
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as it tracked through southern west virginia into southern virginia. that would have given us snow and perhaps a bit of a mixture south and east of town, more of a snow event. not done yet. winds will gust to 40 miles per hour tonight. that will drive wind chills 5 below to 10 above. if you're outside, you need to start thinking about covering up your skin. let's get the pets in. saturday cold and quiet and a close call on sunday. right now looks like an afternoon and evening mix that will turn to rain district south and east, maybe linger as a mix north and west and perhaps go back briefly as snow monday as cold air wraps in around the system. 36 mile-per-hour wind gust at 8:00. we're looking at 36 mile-per- hour wind gust still possible. by midnight still gusting over 30. that's why our wind advisory continues until midnight. tomorrow morning it will be breezy, winds in the 20 range and by noon tomorrow winds in
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the 15 to 20 mile-per-hour range. by late afternoon, evening they'll be pretty much negligible. futurecast sunday 2:00, getting in the car, ready to go to a super bowl party, snow, sleet, rain south of time. by kickoff time we have everything. rain, sleet and snow to the north. by 11:00 it mainly goes to rain. i think the rain line will be more like 95. this will be a mix into montgomery county and loudoun county and certainly snow or mix along the maryland/p.a. border. 19 tomorrow at 7:00, in the 20s at 11:00 with full sunshine at 1 p.m. yellow alert sunday. we did that yesterday. yellow alert monday, doesn't matter what's going on monday morning, rain or snow. it's going to be a slow drive. 38 sunday, 35 monday, colder monday night and pretty darn cold tuesday, low 30s. a quick break wednesday, back in the 30s on thursday, a possible system and more arctic
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air next friday. >> you can stay on top of whatever weather we get this weekend and monday morning with a free wusa9 app. it's got live radar, road delays, school closings. we'll be here at 4 a.m. monday so you know what to expect before you head out the door. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu invitation to give a speech before congress has stirred up controversy. the white house says it's just too close to israeli elections and the deadline for negotiators to reach a deal on iran's nuclear talks, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he stands by the march visit of netanyahu. >> the speaker with my encouragement invited the prime minister to come because the timeliness of the issue, not because of the israeli election. unless he changes his mind, decides not to come, i think we should go ahead and have the speech. >> catch susan and me on
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capital download this sunday morning at 8:30 on wusa9. we'll be back
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that will do it for our news at 7:00. we'll be back here at 11:00. >> happy friday, everybody. have a good night!
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forget tom brady's cold. is the super bowl now facing a measles outbreak? we'll teoull y how the nfl is preparing tonight as the stars sound off. >> growing fears of a major outbreak. >> measles. >> then -- >> very focused with everything i put in my body. >> dieting nonstop rehearsals. has katy gone full control freak? >> there's not a diamond on the shoe that hasn't gone past my eyes. >> and i am at the white house with the first lady and yes, even she's eedxcit for the big game. then our laverne and shirley cast reunion. ♪ sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated ♪ >> where is she, where is that girl? >> there have been rumors of discord between you be anand penny on set. >> did tempers flare, yeah.
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>> better call saul actually better than breaking bad? >> tread lightly. >> now, "enaitertnment tonight." we love entertaining peoppe. >> less than 48 hours to the big game and katy perry's halftime spectacular. and the fear of a measles outbreak has hii arizona. is there really a serious health concern or is it just another overhyped super bowl headline. our kevin frazier is in the middle of it all. >> arizona health officials are on high alert from measles ahead of the super bowl. >> growing fears of a major outbreak. >> it's a concern. because the super bowl brings thousands of people together in really close contact. >> the headlines are pretty alarming. so we wanted to know just how serious is the threat of measles at the super bowl. >> despite all the hype, the nfl wants everyone to calm down. they say most of the players have been vaccinated. i talked to a local reporter who


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