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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 30, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> pelley: tonight targeting the elderly. as the flu spreads it's sending a record number of seniors to the hospital. but there's some good news about the flu season. dr. jon lapook is on call. two planes and one close call. >> the airplane's all over the place. >> pelley: jeff pegues on what happened next. >> more excitement than i needed today. >> pelley: from jan crawford on the eve of the super bowl. roger goddell talks about off-field violence, deflate-gate, and his own performance as commissioner. >> it's been a year of what i would say humility and learning. >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road"" to a time long ago, lost, now found. >> you smell the smells. you hear the sounds. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: good evening. so let's start with the good news about the flu. today, the c.d.c. said that the flu season in much of the country appears to have worst of it. but the worst still includes this-- the flu is now widespread in all but six states, and it's sending americans 65 and older to the hospital at the highest rate in at least a decade. here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: at a senior center in new york city, the fridays bingo game is in full swing but 96-year-old may robinson is thinking about her friend who recently caught the flu. >> my deceased friend had it. they worked very hard to save her, but she passed. >> reporter: the c.d.c. began tracking flu hospitalization rates 10 years ago. this year, the hospitalization rate for patients over 65 has been more than twice the average rate over the previous five seasons.
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dr. susan ream is an infectious disease specialist at the cleveland clinic. >> people who are 65 years of age and up tend to have other diseases like heart disease diabetes kidney disease and also the immune system as we age doesn't work quite as well. >> reporter: most of this year's flu is from an especially nasty strain called h3 n2. in past years, h3 n2 has caused a two- to three-times higher hospitalization and death rate than normal. in addition, the strain mutated soon after production of this year's flu vaccine began too late to change it. two weeks ago the c.d.c. reported the effectiveness of this season's vaccine-- only 23%. >> it tend to cause more severe illness, and because the vaccine isn't fully active against the strain of h3 n2, we have a double whammy this year. >> reporter: flu vaccine takes only about two weeks to kick in, so it's not too late to get it since flu season can last until may.
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the c.d.c. is urging people with flu-like symptoms to contact their health providers about possible antiviral medications because they can help prevent complications. >> pelley: vaccines work thank you jon. as of tonight at least 114 cases of measles have been reported in 14 states. today the president said through a spokesman that science indicates children should be vaccinated. most doctors agree like the one carter evans met. >> they can't protect every kid in the united states but it can protect the ones i care for. you're smiling! >> reporter: pediatrician charles goodman has a message for parents-- vaccinate your children against the measles or find another doctor. >> it's a very hard line to take but at some point i had to draw the line in the sand and say you know what? i gotta protect my kids. that's my job as a pediatrician. >> reporter: the moolses virus can linger in the air up to two hours and babies under a year old are especially at risk because they're too young to receive the vaccine. >> and those babies can die. i had to weigh the risk, the
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risk of kids in my office gets measles-- potentially dying-- versus the rights of those parents not to immunize when i thought most of them were making that choice based on bad information. do you have any special concerns? >> reporter: dr. goodman said he's tried for years to educate parents about the safety of vaccines. when you have that talk with them, do they ever change their minds? >> very rainfall and i've tried and tried to convince them and i can't convince them. >> reporter: what are they basing this on? >> all the internet, not based on science. >> reporter: you are the doctor. >> but they believe the internet sometimes more and that's why i took the stance. believe your doctor, listen to your doctor, not the internet. >> reporter: or go somewhere else. >> or go somewhere else. >> reporter: some parents we spoke to who oppose vaccine say they feel bullied by doctors who threaten to drop unimmunized patients but scott, dr. goodman's stance is having an effect.
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patients are calling for vaccinations. >> pelley: quick action in the cock pist a jetblue airliner may have prevented disaster. here's jeff pegues. >> jetblue flight 94 was traveling from orlando international airport on sunday. the air bus a-320 was coming in for a land act westchester county airport just outside new york city when the cockpit's collision avoidance system sounded an alarp. the jetblue plane was traveling at about 250 miles per hour on a collision course with a smaller plane that was two miles to the southwest. air traffic controllers ordered the jetblue pilot to look out >> reporter: jetblue 94 climbed 200 feet. the planes had been secondeds away from disaster. >> his airplane's all over the place, jetblue 94. >> reporter: both planes landed safely. >> more excitement than i needed today. >> reporter: the smaller plane was flying without the help of air traffic controllers under
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normal visual flight rules. in the world's most crowded airspace private aircraft share the skies with commercial jets. in 2013, there were about 6700 instance where's planes were flying too close to each other. that's roughly 18 incidentaiseco day. according to the federal aviation administration, there were 38 high-risk events that year. the numbers in that high-risk category were down compared to the previous year, but not by much. at any one time, there are about 7,000 planes in the air over the u.s. scott, air traffic is projected to increase in the decades to come with more planes and drones. >> pelley: jeff pegues in the washington newsroom. jeff, thank you. winter storms are causing trouble in phoenix. cars got stuck in the mud at a pre-super bowl concert. snow sent cars skidding in portland, maine, and on new hampshire's lake winnipesaukee a truck fell through the ice. the driver made it out though. another big storm is expected to bring snow to the plains
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tomorrow night and then move east. chicago, philadelphia, new york, and boston could get six to 12 inches by monday. when it comes to snow removal it turns out that secretary of state john kerry has no diplomatic immunity. kerry was fined 50 bucks for failing to shovel the walk at his boston home. he was in saudi arabia. mitt romney sold his house in the boston suburbs last year and a couple weeks ago he said he had his eye on a house in washington, but no more. today, he announced he will not make a third run for the presidency. here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: romney made the announcement in a pair of conference calls with his inner circle. >> reporter: it was a sudden reversal for the former massachusetts governor who spent the past few weeks courting donors and arguing third time's the charm. >> people get better with
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experience. ( laughter ) >> reporter: but sources say while respect for romney runs deep enthusiasm for another run turned out to be shallower. some of his strongest backers were signing on with other candidates including one top strategist in all-important iowa who joand jeb bush's team just yesterday. in what some saw as a slight to bush romney said today he wanted to hand the reigns to-- "our next generation" and someone "who may not be as well known as i am." still, romney's retreat will give bush and other moderates some breathing room in a g.o.p. field that's gaining anchorage every day. just this week three more hopefuls set up political action committees to help them raise money. one of them was south carolina senator lindsey graham. what is going to determine whether you do end up jumping into the race and when will you decide? >> if i can be competitive. i'm not going to put my family friends, and myself through the
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he that comes with running for president. >> reporter: that's the same calculation a lot of potential candidates are going through right now. even though romney has decided to bow out he still made it clear today he thinks he could have won and he pointed to polls, scott that still show him at the top of the g.o.p. pack. >> pelley: nancy cordes on capitol hill. nancy, thank you. nato said today it will set up forward command headquarters in six nato countries near ukraine. a cease-fire in ukraine collapsed, and the neighbors are nervous about russia's intentions. nato says russia is arming rebels fighting the ukrainian troops there and here is elizabeth palmer. >> reporter: here's the new front line in eastern ukraine. pro-russian rebel fighters are pushing forward under heavy fire fire. they're trying to surround the ukrainian military, who so far appear to be holding on inside the town of debaltseve air strategic prize with key air rail and road links but the whole area is a battleground
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where sporadic shelling kills civilians randomly as it did today in donetsk. some families have sought refuge underground where it's safe but where there's little light or heat, and no prospect of life returning to normal any time soon. in the nearby town of svitlodarsk, after the local hospital was destroyed by rocket fire, local authorities loaded the children on to buses to get them out of range. but there wasn't enough room for parents. "why not us?" asked one of the mothers. "are we being left here to die?" at another hospital further up the road where ukrainian soldiers are being treated in a makeshift operating room, doctors say they're seeing a steady flow of civilians, too of all ages, wounded and dead. scott, secretary of state john kerry is traveling to kiev next week for talks with the ukrainian government, and then
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he'll move on to germany where he will meet russia's foreign minister. at the moment there seems to be mow prospect of direct peace talks with the two warring sides. >> pelley: elizabeth palmer in our london newsroom tonight. liz, thank you. in iraq there was a surprise attack today on the oil capital of kirkuk. the islamic extremist group isis seized a hotel in the city. iraqi peshmerga forces took it back. last september, we visited the line outside kirkuk where isis had stalled. these are kurdish peshmerga forces in northern iraq, and if you look just on the other side of the bridge there you'll see the black flag of isis flying over isis-controlled territory. but that bridge was over-run today. the commander who hosted us is dead. kirkuk is the gateway to iraq's northern oil fields. but isis also suffered a loss.
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late today the u.s. said an isis chemical weapons expert was killed in an air strike. thousands of our own veterans are in a battle with homelessness. the obama administration has pledged to win that war but first, the government must count the casualties. john blackstone went along. >> reporter: the volunteers counting the homeless in los angeles walked on streets most would usually avoid among people who are often treated as invisible. >> how many do we have so far. >> 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. >> reporter: robert malone volunteered to count because just months ago he was homeless, and like nearly one in 10 of the homeless across the country he's a veteran. so fortunately you had a car to live in at least. >> i did. >> reporter: now malone is in an apartment thanks to a veterans administration providing vouchers for housing. in 2006, an estimated 195,000 veterans were homeless. counts like the one last night show a significant drop, more than 74,000 in 2009 to under
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50,000 last year. that's happened as the v.a. has aggressively expanded programs to identify and support homeless vets. last night, even the v.a.'s new secretary, robert mcdonald was out counting. >> do you happen to be a veteran? >> yes. >> really? >> yes. >> army navy, air force? >> army. >> what unit? >> special forces. >> special forces. what years. i was in special forces. >> reporter: now it's mcdonald's job to meet the goal set by president obama to end veteran homelessness by the end of this year. it's heartbreaking to hear those stories about people who served and are living on the sidewalk. >> well, you know, what my worst nightmare is-- i open up one of those tents and i find somebody that i served with. that would break my heart because those guys looked out for me and i need to look out for them and that's why i'm here. >> reporter: veterans who are among those living here on l.a.'s skid row could be moving to a more stylish part of the city. the veterans administration has announced a plan, scott to move
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veterans into housing it owns in a fashionable neighborhood just west of beverly hills. >> pelley: john blackstone reporting for us tonight. john, thank you. the nfl commissioner reflects on his mistakes this season. and the first lady turns critic. her review of "american sniper" when the cbs evening news continues. o worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. nexium® 24hr. it's the purple pill the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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commissioner roger goddell talked about his performance this season, a season marked by domestic violence and questions of cheating. jan crawford is in glendale, arizona. >> reporter: after a season of controversy and negative headlines, commissioner goodell pointed the finger at himself. >> it has been a tough year. it's been a tough year on me personally. it's been a year of what i would say humility and learning. we obviously as an organization have gone through adversity, but more importantly it's been adversity for me. >> reporter: goodell said he and the league have done a lot of soul-searching after mistakes in the handling of the domestic violence case against ray rice. one change, a new personal conduct policy. arizona cardinal's president will chair the nfl committee oversee it. >> he's done the right thing here obviously acknowledged the way the ray rice matter was handled was not the right way. >> reporter: in this season of
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distractions, super bowl week is proving no different. it's been dominated by questions about whether the patriots broke nfl rules by intentionally deflating footballs in the a.f.c. championship game. on tuesday, owner robert kraft said if the nfl doesn't find any wrongdoing-- >> i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team and in particular, coach belichick and tom brady for what they have had to endure this past week. >> reporter: today goodell was asked about kraft's comments. >> my thoughts are this is my job. this is my responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. i represent 32 teams. all of us want to make sure that the rules are being followed. >> reporter: now despite all the intense criticism, the league is as popular as ever. for the third year in a an nfl game was the most-watched tv show every week of the season, and, scott sunday's super bowl could be the highest rated ever.
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without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin hbp. >> pelley: investors are hoping shake shack will turn out to be a cash cow. the burger chain went public today. the price soared from $21 a share to nearly $46 which came to more than $1.5 billion for
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burgers. for the first time, an african american driver is being inducted into nascar's hall of fame tonight. wendell scott who started in 1952, never had a sponsor and wasn't even allowed at some speedways, but he always said when it's too tough for everybody else, it's just right for me. scott died in 1990. today, michelle obama gave us her take on "american sniper," the movie based on the life of chris kyle the late navy seal. she weighed in with a group of movie producers. >> while i know there have been critics, i felt that more often than not this film touches on many of the emotions and experiences that i've heard firsthand from military families over these past few years. >> pelley: mrs. obama has joined an effort to portray veterans in an honest light not just as heroes or victims. in a moment, the power of love to restore a fading memory.
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get, the more time you spend looking for things that you've lost, some more valuable than others and some absolutely priceless. here's steve hartman "on the road." >> reporter: one of the residents of this apartment building in hillsboro, oregon is being robbed, slowly robbed, of her memories. >> it seems like a lot of my life is gone and i can't find it. >> reporter: 64-year-old rose hill first noticed this about a year ago. >> i was rooting for them to find brain lesions. >> reporter: rooting for it. >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> i wanted to know what was causing it because if you know what's causing causing it maybe you can fix it or make it better or make it not hurt so bad. >> reporter: doctors still don't know if it's dementia or what and while they have been searching for a cause rose has been praying to get back at least some of the pieces of her past, and that's why it felt like a miracle when some of those memories did resurface at
6:57 pm
this goodwill outlet, of all places. >> i knew they didn't belong here and i knew i had to find the opener of them and return them. >> reporter: sara redlich was going through the bins here when she saw something that stood out, more than hir hair, even. beneath all these tired books and blank slates, she found a truly fascinating read-- love letters, all addressed to one rosyrose rosie hill. rose has no idea how the letters ended up at goodwill. >> i didn't even know we had those. >> reporter: they were written in 1973 by her now-ex-husband when he was in the vietnam war. but the fact that they're divorced in no way diminishes the value these letters now hold for her. >> i remember. you smell the smells. okay. you hear the sounds. you feel like you are back in time and place. "i bought myself $200 worth of a camera." okay, that's where the camera came from.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: most of the letters are just about ordinary life but rose says when you suffer from memory loss, any recollection feels like total joy. these letters may be 40 years old, but they couldn't have come at a better time. >> hi! >> reporter: which is why rose is so grateful for sara. i wouldn't say she loves her like a daughter but she did mark her height on the kitchen wall, and they do plan to stay in touch which could make for some very fun new memories. steve hartman, "on the road," in hillsboro, oregon. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world i'm scott pelley. see you again on monday. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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questions over whether there were enough first responders sent to that deadly annapolis mansion fire. >> reporter: it's a multimillion dollar lawsuit, the family of the woman that died aboard the smoke filled metro train suing 0 matt arks the dollar amount and their heartbreak -- suing wmata, the dollar amount and their heartbreak coming up. >> and in the middle of patriots nation some fans have been told there's a very important legal reason they might not be able to watch the entire game. >> good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. some very gusty winds are causing more problems than just bad hair days tonight. 40-mile an hour winds whipping around the tourists at the monument and even brought down a few tree branches. virginia power says a tree branch falling on power lines in springfield left about 500 people in the dark.
7:00 pm
they expect to get the lights back on there soon. >> they'll need heat because the strong winds will make the air outside feel like it's below 0 tonight. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking where it's going to be. >> we just saw some folks jogging around the mall. tomorrow morning will be below 0. our wind advisory continues for the entire area till midnight. winds could gust miles per hour. 38 mile-per-hour wind gust at leesburg at 7:00, 37 in manassas and a 41 mile-per-hour wind gust at national. so far we've had a 43 mile-per- hour wind gust at dulles today. temperatures in the 20s across the board falling like a stone. 22 in hagerstown, 21 in cumberland, 27 leesburg and manassas. factor in the winds it feel like 10 in gaithersburg -- feels like 10 in gaithersburg, leesburg an


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