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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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business over to games where they get to keep a lot more of money for themselves. >> well, i think that's what they're doing, bait and switch. i mean they make one promise and turn around and do something else. >> reporter: that something else is table games which make maryland's casinos a lot more money, but leave some taxpayers wondering what hit them. >> they tricked us. >> reporter: gambling opponents say marylanders have been fooled. thursday maryland's gaming commission voted to allow maryland live! and the new horseshoe casino in baltimore to get rid of 300 slot machines each which are taxed at 67% and replace them with dozens of table games that are taxed at just 20%. that's a 47% tax cut on gambling revenues from machines to live games and casinos get to keep change. prince george's county senator anthony muse is outraged. >> we expect certain revenues from the slot emergencies.
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you're now saying do away with them, so -- slot machines. you're now saying do away with them, so while they argue it's more money coming to the county, it's much more money going into their pockets and this is not what we promised the citizens of maryland. >> reporter: where was the money supposed to go? >> to the schools. >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: but hold your horses. the casinos say switching from shots to table games actually makes the state more money in the long run even though the games are taxed so much less. one reason is they are simply more popular, so popular that hundreds of slot machines simply go unused collecting revenue for no one. "you can't force someone to play if they don't want to" said maryland live! president and general manager rob norton today and right now we have higher demand for tables than slots. maryland maryland live! cut 500 slots and brought in
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more table games. plus the casino guys say table games mean jobs, as many as three thousand more jobs with all -- 3,000 more jobs with all of the tax revenue from payroll taxes and all. this senator muse says that's great, but a gaming commission should not be making decisions like this in a conference room. he's going to propose a bill that would require the legislature to make decisions like this in the open. live in maryland live! casino in anne arundel mills, scott broom, wusa9. it appears our weekend is off to a bit of a bone chilling start. >> we can feel it already. there's a chance of a wintery mix later this weekend, but tonight we got to deal with these wind chills below zero. top, tell us more about what we're in for. >> wind chills are in the teens. the wind advisory will continue until midnight. here's the wind gust tracker,
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winds out of the northwest gusts anywhere from 39ers many in manassas and 37 in -- 39 miles per hour in manassas and 37 miles an hour in andrew. it's now down to 25 in gaithersburg. we talked about temps falling to the 20s by evening. it people like 11 in frederick, people like it's 14 in leesburg and manassas. lows tonight teens across the board, 18 at woodbridge, 16 in sterling, 15 in leesburg, 18 in bethesda and college park. we'll come back, talk about our storm sunday and tell you if the track has changed. those wind gusts are already causing problems on streets. peggy fox is live from boston with more on that. >> reporter: i tell you what. i just got off the phone with dominion virginia power and this wind has been kicking up all day. i called earlier. there were some outages in woodbridge, but late this
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afternoon a tree has fallen on some lines in springfield taking out power to 500 customers there. look at some of the video we shot out and about today. a lot of people very surprised that these high winds, 35 mile- per-hour sustained winds up at the washington monument and the flags just flying stiff and the people there with their hair blowing look like quite a bad layer day. people really were -- bad hair day. people really were stunned at the brisk winds. if you're going out tonight, make sure you're bundled up because in boston here the thermometer says it's only 32 degrees, but it feels much lower than that, feels like it's in the 20s and we could get down around 0 tonight. don't leave those pets outside. just be prepared for these brisk winds. i'm peggy fox reporting live. >> hang onto your pat, peggy.
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remember, you can get the latest weather conditions and closings and headlines by down loading the wusa9 news app. it's free. today a judge sentenced 30- year-old liam adepo to two years in prison for a hit and run killing a university of maryland student. prosecutors dropped other charges in exchange for the guilty plea. police say i struck and killed 22-year-old cory hubbard as he crossed route 1 in college park last january. adepo will have to serve three years probation after he's released from prison. it appears it will be up to an arbitrator to decide how rabbi gary freundel and the synagogue will part ways. he was terminated in november when he was accused of secretly videotaping women in a ritual jewish bath. he was supposed to be out by january 1st. however, his attorney says he needs more time. $50 million, that is how much the suns of carol glover,
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the woman who died after this metro smoke incident almost three weeks ago are suing metro for. debra alfarone has the details of that lawsuit from the newsroom. >> mark and anthony glover say it's not about the money. it's about making sure no one else has to go through the heartbreak they're going through to. >> this is not a monetary issue. it is not about us getting money. it is a deep concern that we have for other metrogoers. >> reporter: anthony glover and his brother marcus don't want anyone to experience the devastating loss their whole family is grappling with. >> my mother was a gift from god to our family and to our community. >> reporter: the brothers are sue wag matt a for $50 million say -- suing wmata for $50 million saying it was their negligence that killed their home. the lawsuit alleges she fought
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to breathe as the smoke gradually sapped the life from her body. among the wmata fails, the ventilation system, radio ibility, failure to shut down power quickly and a less than timely 45 minute evacuation. >> we want to seek justice not only for our family, but for this area and for everybody who rides the metro system. for me personally and i can say for my brother though we're devastated, we're do what's right. >> metro can't comment about on pending litigation. the full ntsb investigation into what happened is still not complete. this legal fight could take months, maybe even years. what happened when prosecutors in george zimmerman's latest case involving violence and women went before the judge today? [ screaming ]
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>> someone heard this woman's frantic plea for help 900 miles away. up next how a call fr
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after two days of threats and deadlines the fate of two men held by isis remains uncertain. >> there was going to be a swap
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for a prisoner by sundown yesterday. government officials say they've never heard from the group and for the first time the wife of the journalist being held has made a public plea to isis to free already husband. international investigators say syria has begun to destroy its chemical weapons factory. the tearing down of the 12 facilities should be done by the summer. the united nations made the demands after the syrian government killed over 1,000 of its own people. observers say syria removed its chemical weapons stockpile. some in the international community are worried syria did not declare all of its chemical weapons. aggravated assault charges against george zimmerman have been dropped because the ex- girl friend who claimed he threw a wine bottle at her changed her story. a prosecutor said today he would not file charges. this is zimmerman's latest brush with the law since he was acquitted in the killing of trayvon martin. a telemarketing call likely saved a woman's life made by a health and nutrition company in las vegas. it was answered by a phone in
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the back pocket of a woman in oregon. that woman was being beaten and telemarketer tina garcia heard those screams. [ screaming ] help me! >> it was very, very frightening. the lady was helpless. you could actually hear the blows as if he was hitting a punching bag and she was terrified. >> the telemarketing firm called police more than 900 miles away in oregon where the woman lives. officers tracked her down at her home and arrested her ex- boyfriend and he has been charged with assault. coming up it will be one of those nights you wish the dog could walk itself, wind chills below 0, even a set of storms later in the weekend. topp
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu invitation to give a speech in march has stirred up controversy. the white house saying it's just too close to the israeli elections and the deadline for negotiators to reach a deal on the iran nuclear talks, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he's sticking by
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netanyahu's visit. >> the speaker with my encouragement invited the prime minister to come because of the timeliness of the issue, not because of the israeli election unless he changes his mind and decides not to come. i think we should have the speech. >> be sure to catch us on the premier edition of capitol download with the full interview of senatormcconnell sunday morning 8:30 a.m. only on wusa9. it's our inaugural broadcast. >> you've been taping stuff. everybody is really excited. we'll be watching you on sunday. >> looking forward to it. top, how is the forecast for sunday? >> a little tricky. we'll have a mix of some snow and sleet sunday afternoon and evening and then depending on the track, will it stay frozen? probably not south of town. if you're a snow lover, we are missing a really good chance here. i know of no snow lovers here. >> none. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and
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son weather cam, temperatures beginning to fall. it's finally showing up at national. i guess they moved the temperature probe away from the jet engine. it's now 33, 20s everywhere else, winds sustained average of 24 miles per hour, dew point at 10, drier and colder air moving into the metro area. satellite and radar combined, there's our system, miserable day for phoenix. miserable day for tiger. he shot 82 today. that would be great for me. this moisture will eventually eject into the plains states in the midwest and the ohio valley in the mid-atlantic region late sunday afternoon into sunday night. in the meantime a few snow shower went through earlier today. everything has pushed south of us. now we're waiting on colder air. winds could gust to 40 miles per hour through midnight and a wind advisory continues until midnight. wind chills 5 below to 10 above. if you're out late tonight, scarf, cover the face up.
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saturday cold and quiet. that's good and a really close call sunday. i am favoring more of a mix to rain in the immediate metro area, perhaps saying snow in hagerstown, probably all snow towards chambersburg and right around the maryland/p.a. border a mix. in the metro area mainly a cold rain but initially a mix. so prepare if you're trying to get home on sunday after the parties. friday at 9:00 our wind gust tracker, wind are still gusting over 35 miles per hour, by midnight still gusting to about 35 miles per hour. by 7:00 they're under 30, upper 20s and by noon tomorrow winds relaxing a bit. still breezy through tomorrow morning, but at least winds dying down into the 15 to 20 mile-per-hour range. futurecast, 1:30 sunday blue is snow, magenta mix and the green is the rain. this model is underdoing the rain for this system, but you get the idea by 5:30 you've got
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a mix. by 11:00 you still have a mix in the immediate metro area. i think it will go to rain. this may be a little aggressive. rain certainly south of d.c. and east of i-95 overnight sunday. everything may go back to snow briefly monday as colder air moves back in. tonight clear skies, windy, very cold, lows in the teens but the wind chills 5 below to 10 above, winds northwest 15 to 30 and gusting. break it down. we've got temperatures to start 19, downtown temps at 7:00, 23 at 9:00, upper 20s at 11:00 and 31 at 1:00, still below freezing, full sun. sunday yellow alert. we went ahead and made monday a yellow alert, wet roads monday morning for the commute. 38 for a high sunday. the mix develops, either changes to rain or stays a mix north and west. the rain or mix ends monday, temperatures in the mid-30s.
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the next seven days look like. this we're looking at temperatures cold again tuesday, a little break on wednesday, almost 50, colder again thursday, rain or snow showers possible. watch that system carefully and super cold next friday with highs in the our good friend tiger is struggling. >> topper hit it during his weathercast. it was awful. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it did, tiger woods proving that preround golf talk means nothing and if you're a halfway decent scratch weekend golfer, you might be ab
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> final day of interviews at the super bowl thank goodness. tomorrow the teams sequester themselves before sunday's kick. toe one last discussion with one of the most fascinating coaches in the league. pete carroll sometimes hated, his style often duplicated. seattle's coach trying to become the first back to back winning field boss since his adversary. bill belichick did it 10 years ago. carroll coached the pats in the late '90s. he did okay but was fired. carroll is the anti-belichick, loves to talk, even about his failures which he did today. >> it's way different now. things look different to me than back in the day. i got pounded a couple times, got fired a couple times in the league and i know everybody likes to have fun with that. my therapist tells me i should
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wa alys talk about it. make sure that i don't hide from it. >> they'd like to be him now. carroll is a cool guy in the room. belichick is the quiet nerdy mad scientist that comes up with schemes to outsmart everybody, one of the reasons he's won so much. a lot of talk about what his teams have done in the past, but bill doesn't really want to talk about that. >> for us whatever we have or haven't done in the past, the super bowls that won, the ones we didn't win, championships, really it's not about that now. this is about an opportunity for this team at this time to be special this year and again whatever did or didn't happen, we don't really care about that at this point. >> oh, the press conference heard around the nation. nfl commissioner roger goodell gave his state of the league address, hard to think of a ceo who has had a tougher year. goodell speaking 45 minutes under siege by reporters. he says he's admitted his
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mistakes in the ray rice case of here's what else he said. >> we obviously as an organization have gone through adversity, but more importantly it's been adversity for me. so we've all done a lot of soul searching starting with yours truly and as an organization and an individual, it's been a tough year but a year of great progress and i'm excited about the future. >> he's right, been a tough year. it is one of the most hallowed fraternities in all of sport heisman trophy winners. since is 'the downtown -- since the 30s the club has handed out the award. heisman winners claim to have each other's backs, but not in this case. tim brown at the super bowl in 1987 when he was asked about griffin and how he acts around
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other heisman winners. he said i know he is not the brother you're going to be hanging out with in the locker room and that's something he has to work on. he's a different guy and there's no laughter, there's no letting me get in there with the boys. everybody is telling jokes on each other and nobody is trying to be mean, but you say something to him and it's like oh, wow, really? really? so robert with some thin skin, i guess. earlier this week tiger woods was brewing with confidence at the waste management open in phoenix claiming he was striking the ball hitting it longer than had he in years. that got everybody psyched up for only his second tournament in six months, false advertising. woods at the waste management open which is ap pro po because his game was refuse, garbage, missed the cut. if you're like topper and shoot
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85, 90, you could give tiger a run. tiger had one bright spot, his press conference afterwards. >> i'm just doing this so i don't get fined. no. yeah, it was. i was caught right in between patterns, just old pattern, new pattern. i got it better. i was more committed to what i was doing on my back 9 and hit some better shots, but still got a lot of work to do. >> give him credit because he didn't have to go to this press conference and he's got a sense of humor. >> the good news is had he don't time you for having a -- is they don't fine you for having a really, really good game. >> you can't shorten the title? >> you have to say this whole
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>> pelley: tonight targeting the elderly. as the flu spreads it's sending a record number of seniors to the hospital. but there's some good news about the flu season. dr. jon lapook is on call. two planes and one close call. >> the airplane's all over the place. >> pelley: jeff pegues on what happened next. >> more excitement than i needed today. >> pelley: from jan crawford on the eve of the super bowl. roger goddell talks about off-field violence, deflate-gate, and his own performance as commissioner. >> it's been a year of what i would say humility and learning. >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road"" to a time long ago, lost, now found. >> you smell the smells. you hear the sounds. captioning sponsored by cbs


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