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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. it it was a christmas tree that sparked a deadly fire that took down a mansion. experts explain how that's possible. >> reporter: explosive allegations and disturbing video, does it expose a serious racial problem at a buck eastern shore high school? i'm scott -- at a big eastern shore high school? i'm scott broom, the results of our investigation coming up. >> reporter: a healthy debate between privacy advocates, law enforcement and a virginia man. >> we're tracking a clipper. we'll talk about rain and snow showers through the metro area
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and which commute will be affected. a christmas tree turns out to be the big contributing factor to that deadly mansion fire. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. a tragic accident that happened at the worst possible time, those words tonight from an atf agent on the cause of the fire that claimed the life of an annapolis couple and their four grandchildren. >> our mola lenghi spoke with experts about how such a christmas tree could do such damage. >> reporter: oh, yeah. it can be difficult to imagine that the fire that torched a sex teen thousand square foot house and -- 16,000 square foot house and killed six people began with a christmas tree, but experts we spoke with tonight say they aren't surprised, that christmas trees can be extremely combustible. >> this was an accidental fire that's very tragic. >> reporter: accidental, tragic and fast. fire need two things, an ignition source and fuel.
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there was an electrical spark and a christmas tree to fuel the fire. >> doesn't take much ignition source, especially if the tree is very dry. >> the fuel from the christmas tree itself is what created the significant amount of fire and heat to cause the fire to spread as quickly as it did. >> reporter: officials are investigating what caused the electrical spark at the pyle family christmas tree. they know the family of six killed in the fire did not have much time to react. >> we know from the timeline from the 911 calls and the calls from the alarm company that the chain of events occurred within two to three minutes. >> reporter: all this damage from a single christmas tree? albeit a very large one, but still just a tree? >> very, very dry one, you're looking at 30 seconds and that whole thing is up in flames, maybe a minute for one moisture. >> reporter: just last month a phd candidate at university of maryland studied the burning behavior of christmas trees by igniting nearly a dozen. >> when it's going, it's going to grow incredibly fast and it's going to be really large.
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>> when you end up with this incredible heat source in a very short period of time with other combustibles in close proximity be it carpets, drapes, furnishings, those things become ignited and now the fire takes off significantly. >> reporter: in a sex teen thousand square foot home -- 16,000 square foot home there were likely many things that could have further fueled the fire, but where the family was in proximity of the tree, if they ever were aware of the fire or tried to get out, firefighters say it's still too soon to say. >> there's a lot of work we still have to do that we're going to continue to pursue. >> reporter: certainly still a lot of questions. the atf still has a lot of investigating to do from how the electrical fire began to how much time the family had to actually get out of the house. they plan to try to recreate a little bit of the situation even doing some test burns on trees that were similar to the
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pyles' christmas tree among other things. >> we all love christmas trees, but makes you think a bit. after fire investigators findings were announced today the boone and pyle families released a statement saying in part, "while the explanation shared with us today does not bring solace it does start us down the long road to acceptance. our hope is that our loss will raise awareness that this tragic event could happen to any family." now to a wusa9 exclusive about explosive claims that there is a serious and dangerous racial divide. school administrators and students at stephen decatur high in berlin, maryland, do not agree. however, the video is graphic and disturbing and maybe not suitable for everyone. scott broom is working with our colleagues at the salisbury daily times newspaper. >> reporter: journalists here
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first exposed trouble on the times' website delmarva after a student posted a racist image on instagram claiming he was in auschwitz. that was just one chapter in a very violent week at stephen decatur high school near ocean city. this cell phone video captured a white student being attacked by two african american students in the hallway of stephen decatur high school in berlin, maryland, january 21st. the n word is clearly heard in the exchange. the next day another fight in the mcdonald parking lot, an african american taking down a white rival. the white student was badly injured. in the middle of this gasoline was poured on the fire. a racist instagram image was posted that included swastikas, skulls, a noose and the phrase day of the rope hang them high, hang them slow. the user claimed his location
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was auschwitz. an associated twitter account posted race war week. tonight the student who brought the video to journalists' attention said she's so afraid that both she and her mother do not want her identity known. >> there have been death threats. there are people physically attacking each other, verbally attacking each other. it's to a point where students are scared to come to school. >> reporter: but many students do not agree, including this african american senior. >> i myself feel like there's really nothing racially going on at the school. >> they're not all racism. >> reporter: in a section of the school parking lot known as redneck row white students who had nothing to do with the fights said personal insults and provocations, not race, are at the root of the violence. >> it got blown out of proportion. >> i am confident we've handled the situation. >> reporter: principal tom zimmer has taken action identifying the students involved, though he says confidentiality rule prohibitly from saying what measures he's taken. >> if you're asking me do i
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think we have a racial issue, i say no. >> reporter: zimmer has met with the entire student body reminding them irresponsibility use of social media can come with extreme consequences. the students say zimmer did not address race issues. meanwhile the wooster county sheriff's department declined to comment on whether or not it will charge anybody seen in the videos. >> we want to let you know that student you saw injured in the video is recuperating at home. they are sending home his schoolwork while he's trying to get better. it has been the year of the clipper. guess what? top is tracking another clipper for tomorrow. >> he's here to tell us if any of your commutes will be affected. >> i think this might be no. 5. i've lost count. the good news sits a weak clipper and actively is mainly north of town. that is better news. right now temps 18 in manassas, 19 in culpeper, 21 in gaithersburg and 16 already in
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frederick. we'll have a very cold night, winds diminished. that will allow temps to tank. by 6:00 in the morning here come the clouds from the clipper, teens and 20s. by 8:00 we're still in the 20s. it stays dry through the morning commute, no worries. by 11:30, 12:00 temperatures generally back in the low to mid-30s. we are looking at the clipper. looks like it will be the best chance between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. for a-and snow shower, very cold -- a rain and snow shower, very cold on friday and saturday behind it. super bowl sunday even colder. we'll talk about that in more detail. i the company that manufactures a drone that crashed on the white house lawn said it will update the drone's firmware to prevent it from flying into restricted areas like the white house and the capitol. >> we talked to a virginia man who owns that same type of drone tonight and he tells our
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jim osman he's expecting to see more regulations in a rather unregulated business. >> reporter: a number of headlines called what happened at the white house drinking and droning, but there are serious concerns all around here. this video will help you understand why the secret service got so alarmed monday. this is the exact same model of drone which ended up at the white house. >> 36 feet right now. >> reporter: to be clear, we're 30 miles away in chantilly, virginia, where greg caldwell, an auto shop owner and hobbyist, lifted his andropov the ground for us a few feet. you -- his own drone off the ground for us a few feet. a hobby is 1 thing. launching a drone near 1600 pennsylvania avenue or anywhere else in d.c. is a no-no. >> everyone knows that. you wouldn't even launch it in d.c. anywhere and to launch it near the white house is just asking for problems. >> reporter: caldwell worries
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the one event at the white house will harm the permission of hobby is like him. >> -- hobbyists like him. >> you've got the majority of people doing good and someone does something like this. >> reporter: the drone found at the white house was allegedly launched by an off duty government intelligence agency employee apparently who was drunk. ground use is being grappled with by privacy rights advocates, law enforcement and consideration of consumer device regulation. >> the best thing they could do is quickly come up with some kind of at least basic licensing program. >> reporter: this is such a hot topic the faa is warning folks going to the super bowl in arizona this weekend to get this, leave your drone at home. of course, sparked by what happened at the white house earlier in the week. jim osman, wusa9 news. the episcopal diocese of maryland is calling for the resignation of the bishop charged with striking and killing a cyclist. heather cook is the second highest bishop in the diocese. while she cannot resign her
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title. church wants her to resign her employment. cook is charged with manslaughter, drunking driving and texting while driving in the death of thomas palermo december 27th. her attorney says she is considering the request. new developments on two major stories since last night, a fairfax woman is behind bars accused of striking two men with her car at an arlington auto dealer and taking off of the 39-year-old alexandria mendez hit a car while turning around in the parking lot of mk auto sales and service yesterday afternoon. the owner and another worker tried to stop her from leaving. you can see here in the video, but police say she ran them over trying to get away. >> that was just plain stupid, just for hitting a car, no big deal. accidents happen. it's a fact of life, but running over a person knowing you're running them over, that's just vindictive. ld owner is still in critical condition.
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the second victim is recovering after he was struck in the leg. mendez is held without bond on hit and run charges. also a man who sparked an amber alert in montgomery county faces several charges including assault and reckless endangerment. deare denny took his 5-month- old daughter from her mother's home in poolesville at gunpoint yesterday afternoon. he turned himself in. the little girl was returned to her mom unharmed. he is held without bond. a new report finds late model cars are safer than ever before. >> but some are posing a significantly higher risk. >> reporter: a maryland bill due to be presented in the maryland house this
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only on 9 tonight a maryland delegate is trying to vow again after a av of credit -- a wave of criticism caused her to promptly withdraw her bill. >> it was to increase the age of a teenage baby-sitter from 13 to 15. >> reporter: i'm andrea
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mccarren where delegate the sheryl glenn said the bill had nothing to -- delegate sheryl glenn said the bill had nothing to do with parental rights. >> people thought that i was trying to make til for responsible parents to -- make it illegal for responsible parents to have their children baby-sitting and i was trying to incarcerate responsible parents. >> reporter: she said last year alone young children were left unattended in maryland 580 times. >> i think the message for these kinds of one size fits all laws is slow down. >> reporter: free range parents viewed the withdraw of the bill as a victory. >> we won't have to worry about a 14-year-old responsible teen- ager watching someone who is under 3 for five minutes. we don't have to world about
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child protective services -- worry about child protective services knocking down our door for something like that. >> reporter: delegate glenn plans to redraft and reintroduce the bill next legislative session. >> free range parents in our area and across the country appear to be gaining tremendous momentum and support in recent weeks. we have a special report on the free range movement tomorrow night at 11:00. a new report confirms something you probably already figured you knew, that is, cars are safer now than a few years ago. the insurance institute for highway safety says the chances of dying in a late model vehicle in 2011 fell by 41% compared to the ones a few years before in 2008. in fact, nine different 2011 models haven't had one death. six are suvs. the iihs credits the installation of electronic stability control, increased seatbelt use and the mandatory air bags as well. ith the highest death rates tend to be some of the smallest on the road like the
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kia rio, nissan versa and hyundai accent. d.c. mayor muriel bowser and dozens of nonprofits packed the national christian church before heading out to help the homeless on this cold night. they collect identification and personal in fee on people living on the streets. the mayor says one of her main goals is to push for affordable housing for the city's homeless. >> data is important, knowing how we're going to help more people in the district of columbia really achieve what so many people are enjoying and that's prosperity, but none of us can be proud of how our city is growing our progressing in so many ways when so many people are left out of that progress. >> nonprofits and volunteers plan to meet the homeless until 2 a.m. tonight. people in new england spent the day just digging out from the blizzard of 2015. coastal towns in massachusetts
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and the island of nantucket was hit especially hard. powerful winds, huge waves and storm surge left behind the damage we usually see reserved for hurricanes. thousands are still without power tonight. between 2 and 3 feet of snow fell in boston and the surrounding areas. however, there is no snow on the finish line of the boston marathon because a bartender made it his priority to shovel that spot on boylston street that has come to symbolize that step's resiliency. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> we know boston strong. >> absolutely. it had hurricane force winds. essentially it was a winter hurricane. we say this all the time. the biggest snowstorms on the planet are between richmond and maine. >> more than antarctica? >> because we have moisture, the gulf of mexico, the atlantic ocean, all the food it need. we're tracking a clipper tomorrow. the center of the clipper goes
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north of us. consequently most of the snow and rain go north of us. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 39 today, average 42. we're down to 31 at national, but believe me, all the burbs in the 20s. the winds have calmed down north, northwest at 8. between the dry air, some snowpack, clear skies and diminishing wind it's going to be a very cold night. dry and cold for the morning commute, but no problems with precipitation. bus stop temperatures 14 to 30 and those are not wind chills. those are actual temperatures. a few evening rain or snow showers, the best chance between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. think of it almost as if a summer cold front is pushing through. we'll have a couple hours for a chance of a few showers and that's it. tomorrow morning teens and 20s at 6 a.m., clouds beginning to move in out toward i-81. by 9:00 we're still in the 20s. it's cold and dry. by 1:00 we'll probably see a few breaks in the clouds and a
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second round of clouds roll in. by that time temps are in the upper 30s to near 40s. by 4:00 showers leesburg, manassas, fredericksburg, see a little blue up here, a couple snowflakes possible. best chance for snow mixing rain showers will be frederick north and north of i-70. by 6:00 they're almost across the bay, a couple lingering showers in prince george's county and boom, they're gone. by 10:00 temperatures back in the 30s with clearing skies. so overnight a few clouds by dawn, very cold again, lows 14 to 24, winds becoming northeast at 10. on the day planner 20s downtown to start, 34 at 11:00 and 38 at 1:00. next three days in the wake of the clipper blustery friday. the high temperature on friday will probably be the midnight temperature. it's going to fall all day, 30- mile an hour winds friday, wind chills single digits by friday night. 34 with sunshine saturday but
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still dry. next seven days just took a peek at new data and the models are trending colder which means more snow, but the timing of the situation on super bowl sunday is the same. just prepare for a winter mix, if not just snow, sunday afternoon and all of sunday night ending monday and then cold tuesday, another system on wednesday. >> five clippers now. >> getting out of hand, man. speaking of getting out of hand, caps opening up a can of you know what on somebody. >> they did tonight and one of the people they hate the most. you were walking around chinatown tonight, you heard a lot of sirens going off. it was a crime scene, a beatdown taking place inside the verizon center and the scoring sirens going off all
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> barry trotz probably thinking what can i do to light a fire under my boys' butts? i know. post a picture of pretty boy sidney crosby on the locker room wall. crosby tortured the caps for years and guess who came to dinner tonight? guess what was on the menu?
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penguin meat. ovie welcoming crosby. don't you just love how the refs sit there and let it happen? enforcer tom wilson kicking some butt there. later on ovechkin, i tell you, superman with an impenetrable force field could not have stopped that puck, 101 miles per hour. caps shut out pittsburgh twice this season, tonight 4-0. wow. wizards, we know they're playing out west in phoenix. marcin gortat telling alex lynn it's laundry day, specifically to spin cycle. he goes baseline for the flush. eric bledsoe with the pullup. phoenix rolling early 44-25. to the super bowl now marshawn lynch, his nonanswer answers to reporter questions have become one of the main stories of the super bowl. the silent seahawk struck again today. his answer to all questions one phrase, five words over and
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over again. take a look. >> i got the same thing for you that i had yesterday. you know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. you all know why i'm here. you know why i'm here. they know why i'm here. they all know why i'm here. >> you all know why i'm here. reporters wish he would talk more. no doubt he's one of the best players in the league. we in the sports office got to thinking which sports figures should talk less? we found two. the first a former cowboy turned announcer whose mouth often doubles as a fully automatic weapon. take a listen to this. >> here it is. javon walker, what did he say? he wants to making $400,000, had a $100 million contract. he should have shut up and let javon do his business. >> michael irving say do his business. that's the michael irving anger management tour there. he's got nothing on football announcer lou holtz, the former
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coach with a legendary lisp never at a loss for words. >> i'm getting upset about this thing. i mean it sincerely because you t listen. all you think about is we have eight more months till basketball season starts. that's the only thing that's important to you. you don't listen to a damn thing. >> that was holtz analyzing a football game. he threw in a couple basketball references, a few curse words, probably spit on everybody within a 50-foot radius as well. good old lou holtz. >> i love that marshawn lynch took a drink of water. his throat got dry from saying those four words, you know why i'm here. you know
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you know why we're here, to
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get the seven-day. >> here's the seven-day. i'm going to skip ahead to super bowl sunday. it's going to be tricky getting home. we're all wondering if uber will charge extra money get home. it's super bowl sunday. just a ran or snow shower tomorrow, best -- rain or snow shower tomorrow, best chance between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. with the clipper, not a huge deal. >> i remember when i heard the word clipper and i would think about a basketball team. now i'm thinking about a snowstorm. that's our broadcast.
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