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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the normal expected furnishings in addition to a large christmas tree approximately 18 feet tall. the electrical failure ignited the combustible material in the area which quickly spread to the christmas tree and furnishings. >> reporter: the tree was cut down more than 60 days before the fire started. of course, they can't confirm whether the tree was watered and the condition of the tree. they're going to try to recreate the fire with a similar tree to find out a little more. the pyles did have smoke alarms. there's so many questions here. also investigators say they will not tell us where those six bodies were found out of respect for the family and lastly one other thing i want to point out. the home wasn't legally required to have a sprinkler system, but the fire investigators say here if they did, we wouldn't be standing here right now.
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>> we know that's likely going to change for the state of maryland starting soon, but getting back to that electrical failure, do we know where the electrical failure originated? was it the lights on the tree? was it something near the tree? do we know that yet? >> reporter: the only thing they'll say now is that it was near the tree. they will not confirm whether it was the lights or maybe something else close by, but they do say that it was close enough to that tree and if that tree wasn't there, again this would not have spread so quickly. just a tragic situation overall. >> thank you. we're thinking of the six family members and the family left to try to pick up the pieces from something so significant. new tonight at 5:00 virginia state police need your help to find a missing teen. take a close look. this is aysia monique lewis. police believe she could be in danger of being sexually exploited. she was last seen at christiansburg high which is
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down i-81 from roanoke. she could be with a man named donald quesenberry and they could be headed to florida. he might be driving a 2002 nissan altima with illinois plates. if you know anything about where they could be, call police. we're learning more tonight about the man who turned himself in after an amber alert in maryland last night. prosecutors filed several charges against the father dierre denny in jail accused of assault, reckless endangerment, hiding a child and several firearms counties. montgomery county police say he forcefully took his 5-month-old daughter from her mother's home yesterday afternoon in poolesville. they say denny punched her, choked her and threatened to kill her. he turned himself into police last night with the baby with him unharmed. denny is held without bond. a fairfax woman is behind bars tonight in connection with a hit and run yesterday. police say alexandra mendez hit
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a man in a car dealership parking lot and drove off. surae chinn is live where it went down in the 3600 block of columbia pike. >> reporter: the father of three, the owner of this dealership, is in critical condition tonight. he was not only hit once, but he was run over twice. >> not only did she hit one car, but she hit four cars and then she basically attacked two people with her car and almost killed one. that's insane. >> reporter: captured on surveillance video the suspect hits several cars. >> this is her right here. she hits this car here. >> reporter: a mechanic runs out and tells the woman stay put, but instead she puts her suv in reverse. >> now she's backing up. >> reporter: the 40-year-old owner of mk dealership was knocked to the ground. another business owner who also tried to stop the woman from leaving was struck in the leg.
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>> when she'd reverse, hamad stood in front of the car and tried to urge her to stop and then she ran over her again. >> reporter: most witnesses say it seemed intentional for something minor. >> that was just plain stupid just for hitting a car, no big deal. accidents happen. it's a fact of life. but running over a person knowing you're running them over, that's just vindictive. >> reporter: witnesses say she ran over the woman a second time. she was arrested this morning at her home. >> we just all pray that she's going to be okay. and i honestly hope justice gets served to that girl. he's like another brother to me. >> reporter: shake has three small boys and just opened his business a couple months ago. >> they were asking a lot of questions and one of them even said is my daddy dead and i had
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to let him know that he wasn't. >> reporter: we are told that shake can open his eyes, but he cannot breathe on his own. he's in very bad shape tonight in the hospital. meanwhile men dez -- mendez has been denied bond, charged with two counts of hit and run, driving on a suspended license and malicious wounding. we've got a followup to the sinkhole that swallowed a car yesterday in hyattsville. today crews started working on that thing. it opened up after a 90-year- old water main broke yesterday morning. a couple and their three young children first noticed the water was powering into their basement -- pouring into their basement apartment yesterday, jumbled out into their car -- jumped out into their car and that's when the ground gave way. the wssc did pay for the family
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to stay in a hotel last night. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking more rain. >> right now it's below freezing in gaithersburg, 34 in frederick and leesburg. lows tonight, winds will diminish, some kind of cold, 24 downtown, 15 in laytonsville, leesburg and 16 in sterling, 17 in fairfax and mid-20s by the water. we have the clipper. morning commute is fine. the evening commute will be wet for some. we'll keep an eye on it. if you're west of the divide, you'll get a couple inches with this system. very cold in the wake of the clipper friday and saturday and then an afternoon mix for the super bowl sunday looks more
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likely. i just tweeted that it out. we'll see some kind of mix afternoon or evening sunday. the question is how long will it stay a mix? how strong will the system be? very cold start to next week in the wake of that system, more arctic air pouring in on monday. you'll be glad to know, top, the snowfall totals are in for the massive blizzard in the northeast. massachusetts got far more than their fair share of that storm. the highest recorded amounts a yardstick was needed. two steps got 3 feet worth. boston racked up 2 feed. central 2 feet. central park and new york city racked up 12 inches. >> reporter: ocean front homes in the small town took a beating when the blizzard took out an 80-foot section of seawall. >> it's crazy the way the force of the ocean. you can't fight back water.
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>> reporter: tim mannix broke his nose and needed stitching after a wave crashed through his sliding glass door. his house has extensive damage, but he is feeling fortunate. >> i could have got knocked out, probably would have been the end of me. >> reporter: coastal towns on the island of nantucket was hurt especially hard. it was the kind of damage usually seen in hurricanes. the storm made a huge mess of wires. the utility companies and cable companies are out making repairs. >> the last report we got from the utilities is we're down to around 10 or 11,000 customers without power. >> reporter: in boston and surrounding areas many people are dealing with massive amounts of snow. >> it's a good storm, 30 inches. that's a lot. the wind was a big deal. >> reporter: but there is no snow on the finish line of the boston marathon. someone made shoveling that a top priority. kris van cleave, wusa9.
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>> as nor boston, the planes -- for boston, the planes, trains and buses are running again. the debunked gang rape story at uva has people upset. peggy fox is in charlottesville with the story. >> reporter: at uva sororities have been ordered to stay away from fraternities for this big party weekend coming up. some call the order irrational and sexist and many say they're being punished after this rolling stone article that alleged a gang rape at that fraternity house, a story that has been deboninged. coming up see what students here -- debunked. coming up see what students here are saying. today a republican led house committee killed a proposal to gradually increase the rate from the current minimum wage 7.25 an hour to $10 an hour. supporters say the extra pay
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could help low income workers get out of poverty. those against it say it would put more people out of work. a half century wait for justice is over for nine civil rights protesters known as the friendship nine. they went to jail in 1961 after ordering at a whites only lunch counter. >> this morning the surviving eight activists had their convictions vacated. >> reporter: the courtroom erupted in applause after a south carolina judge threw out the convictions of the civil rights protesters known as the friendship nine. >> we cannot rewrite history, but we can write history. >> let's just ratify it. so i'm pleased. >> reporter: clarence graham and his friends were students at it rock hill's friendship college in 19-- at rock shrill's friendship college in 1961 -- rock hill's friendship college in 1961 and were arrested for trespassing.
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the sit-in strategy started at a north carolina wool worth counter in 1960 was effective, but civil rights groups were running out of bail money, so the friendship nine chose an alternative, jail, no bail rather than pay a fine, accepting a conviction and were sentenced to 30 days hard labor. were you the first? >> we were the first students to go to jail to be arrested and stay in jail. we were the first to stay in jail. >> we served the time. >> reporter: at the hearing the men learned that their protests will remain on file for posterity. they also received something else from the rock hill prosecutor on behalf of the state. >> i want to extend to each of you my heartfelt apologies for what happened to you in 1961. it was wrong. [ applause ] >> reporter: what is the lesson here? >> perseverance. perseverance. we knew that eventually all of this wofruition and
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we would have to be exonerated. >> reporter: you knew that. >> i knew that long time ago. nobody asked. >> reporter: adding to the emotion in the courtroom, this same lawyer who represented the friendship nine back in 1961 was by ththe judge who cleared their name is the nephew of the judge who originally convicted them. michelle miller, cbs news, rock hill, south carolina. >> the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice. that lawyer earnest finney went on to become chief justice of south carolina and judge mark hayes said his uncle was a good man and would have been elated with what happened today. we are just getting started here on wusa9 news at 5:00. at 5:30 an emergency bill suddenly yanked from maryland lawmakers. we'll explain what free range parenting had to do with it. >> plus the pope's message to dads. he admits this is a tough one.
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>> lots of reaction on social media today to first lady's michelle obama's decision to leave her head
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still no word on the fate of two hostages held by isis. one is a jordanian pilot, the other a japanese journalist. yesterday the terror group reportedly posted a video online saying the men had 24 hour left to live unless the men's countries were willing to meet demands. today jordan agreed to a prisoner swap, but there's no sign of an actual agreement. hundreds of comments on our facebook page today, most of them defending our first lady michelle obama. >> she decided to leave her head uncovered visiting saudi arabia after the death of king abdullah. >> some people are convinced
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that the first lady was making a bold political statement in a country that is an ally but also one of the world's most repressive regimes. a flowing blue top covered her arms, but michelle obama's head was uncovered in saudi arabia where women are allowed out in public only escorted by a male relative and most shield their faces and remain hidden behind black robes. some saudis on twitter complained the first lady was immodest and at the airport some officials walked by without shaking her hand. the vast majority of the hundreds of comments on our facebook page defended her like mark bentley who said had she worn one, they would have eviscerated her for acting like a muslim instead of an american and at the food trucks near the state department a lot of people felt the same way. >> i am very tired of the second guessing. she's our first lady.
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she knows what she's doing. >> i think she's very classy. >> i think it was completely appropriate of her. >> reporter: laura bush did try on a veil when she visited saudi arabia but mostly went uncovered, as did hillary clinton and condoleezza rice once refused to don a black robe and veil given to her by king abdullah. in fact, western women are not generally expected to adopt saudi arabia's strict dress code, but the contrast is it a reminder that one of america's closest allies in the middle east beheads people in a public square and sentenced a blogger to 10 years and 1,la000 . shes in washington bruce leshan, wusa9. >> president obama did not bring up the case of that blogger while visiting saudi arabia. he told cnn before the visit the u.s. has to balance human rights with security. always watching always
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tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> cold weather. >> and snow, too? >> a little bit. i think we can probably bank on at least a mix sunday afternoon. you will probably get to the super bowl party fine. getting home it could go to rain. it could be a small event or a little more moisture. the models are whoosh, like that right now. i would plan on some winter precipitation sunday afternoon. let's start with the temperatures. temperatures tumble. it's a distant memory. it was 52 on sunday. actually pretty good day before the clipper. 46 monday like a midnight high and now we've had two days in the 30s, 37 yesterday, 38 today. our average high is 41, 42. it's in the ballpark, still quite a change. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, downtown in the 30s, 37. look at the dew point, wow, 6. that's why i lowered temps a
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bit tonight. winds are going to die down right now northwest at 14. this is always a good indication how low you could go. we have clear skies tonight. winds diminish and a very dry air mass. that is a recipe for a cold night. we'll say colder tonight, winds diminish, bus stop temperatures 14 to 30. that's 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the burbs and downtown. dry morning commute tomorrow, wet for some in the evening, kind of wringing my hands. we might issue a yellow alert tomorrow evening for the drive home. arctic air returns friday, will be blustery. when you leave the house friday, it's going to be in the 30s and you think not so bad. when you come home, it willing in the 20s. winds could gust over 30 miles an hour friday. futurecast 8:00 tonight, we're in the 20s. by 10:00 you'll walk the dog, scrappy, 22 in gaithersburg, 24 manassas, 28 downtown. by morning we start out with
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sun, clouds come in quickly, just high clouds moving into winchester along i-81. that's about 6:00 thursday. by 7:30, 8:00, temperatures in the 20s, clouds rolling through. normally clouds would trap the cold air. we'll have a break in the clouds. as the clipper tracks to our north, winds turn more southerly. it will bring up milder or less cold air, 40 in culpeper at 1:00 and knocking on the door of 40 downtown. even if rain and snow showers develop, temperatures will be above freezing. this is the rain and snow shower now, gaithersburg, frederick, snow in blue. a mixture between gaithersburg and around the spur. this hits around 5:00 with some showers south of i-66 down into fredericksburg. we might issue a yellow alert. right now we'll keep it steady. clear skies early, very cold, a few clouds by dawn, 14 to 24. i'll review that as we go through the night. day planner, 20s to start, 33
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at 11:00, 38 with clouds on the increase by 1:00. blustery on friday, low 33 on thursday, high 33 friday. temps fall. still cold saturday, low to mid- 30s. there's our mix sunday, falling temps monday, still cold tuesday and perhaps another system on wednesday. seattle quarterback russell wilson getting ready for a second super bowl and only three years in the league. he's got big family in the d.c. area. they're already packing for that trip. that story is coming up. >> a million vehicles in america on the recall
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a consumer alert for ford and nissan drivers. combined the automakers have recalled more than 1 million vehicles around the vehicle. nissan says there is a potential fire issue with its rogue crossover vehicle. moisture could get in through the driver's side floor and cause an electrical short. some of its pathfinder and infiniti jx35 vehicles are having secondary hood hatch issues, no reports of crashes or injuries with either recall.
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with ford it's a problem door latch between 205,000 cars and vans being called back. the problem with a spring in the latch can cause the door to open in a side impact crash. this involves 2010 to 2013 ford taurus, lincoln mks and police interceptor models. this problem hasn't caused any crashes or injuries. the latest policy announcement by the federal reserve sent stocks lower. the dow fell nearly 196 points. the nasdaq was down 43 points. the fed says for now it will remain patient in raising rates from 0, but it is concerned about low inflation. the blizzard that tore through the northeast yesterday caused massive flight cancellations and it's estimated the cost of those delays will be massive for the economy, too, about $230 million. the u.s. travel association says 7300 flights were delayed. a ups driver is out of work
5:26 pm
tonight after security cameras caught him in an illegal act on the clock. >> you've seen clips like this before. the delivery guy chucking a package onto the porch. this one is at a houston home which landed 6 feet away and cracked the ammo cleaning machine which was inside the box, but that wasn't everything. after that delivery man threw the package like a shotput the ups worker decided to relieve himself on the side of the home. the homeowner couldn't believe his eyes when the surveillance video caught him in the act. >> so you're paying someone to take a package from point a to point b. basically i paid someone to come on my house and pee on it. >> what can brown do for you? ups called to apologize and say that worker is no longer on the payroll. they're also sending a we're sorry gift. >> brown can do a whole lot more than that. a look inside a burning
5:27 pm
home, this helmet camera reveals the moment firefighters rescued three young children coming up after the break. >> reporter: an emergency bill due to be presented in the maryland house is unexpectedly withdrawn. i'm andrea mccarren in annapolis. i'll tell you why in a live report coming up. >> it's buddy. i'm so glad you played it home. >> but a lot -- made it home. >> but a lot of people say she rrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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a maryland delegate from baltimore getting an unexpected backlash from parents about the emergency bill she had planned to introduce in the state legislature this afternoon. >> that bill would increase the minimum age for a teenager left to care for a young child from 13 to 15. andrea mccarren is live tonight with what went down. >> reporter: delegate sheryl glenn of baltimore city said she just wanted to protect children, but she abruptly withdrew her bill after it created a firestorm of disapproval among some parents. >> i got all kinds of calls and e-mails vilifying me and so forth. >> reporter: delegate sharon glenn said the bill had nothing to do with parental rights or the ability of responsible teenage baby-sitters to watch younger children. >> people thought that i was
5:31 pm
trying to make it illegal for responsible parents to have their children baby-sitting and i was trying type cass rate responsible parents -- to incarcerate responsible parents. what i'm trying to do is save children. >> reporter: last year alone she said young children were left unattended in maryland 580 times. >> i think the message for these kind of one size fits all laws is slow down. let's take another look. >> reporter: free range parents viewed the bill's withdrawal a victory. >> we won't have to worry about a responsible 14-year-old teenager watching someone who is under 3 even for five minutes. we don't have to worry about child protective services knocking down our door for something like that. >> reporter: delegate glenn plans to redraft and reintroduce the bill in the next legislative session. >> i'm not going to give up on this. >> reporter: free range parents in our area and across the country appear to be gaining tremendous momentum and support in recent weeks and
5:32 pm
we'll have a special report on the free range parenting movement tomorrow night at 11:00. until then reporting live in annapolis andrea mccarren, wusa9. pope francis with some strong words for fathers today. he called on them to man up and make time for their kids. francis warned all this kid bad behavior could stem from dads who don't spend enough time with their children and the pontiff said fathers are oftentimes absent or don't appear in family life and spend their time at work or in other interests and he promised to talk about the beauty of fatherhood next week. three young children are alive and recovering today after firefighters saved them from a burning house. this is helmet camera video from four fresno, california firefighters who rescued the kids. they walked up to a burning apartment building, heard a mother screaming inside for her children. so they broke into that dark smoke filled apartment and one
5:33 pm
by one carried out those kids who are 1, 3 and 4 years old. the children were unconscious. they were covered in soot and remain in critical condition tonight. >> this is the first rescue that i've made personally and a lot of people in the department. we just don't do it very often fortunately. >> fresno police are stinveigating where the mother was when the fire broke out. russell wilson now about to lead his seattle seahawks into their second super bowl in only his third year in the nfl. wilson grew up in the richmond, virginia, area and he has family in our neck of the woods. they're preparing for their second consecutive trip to the big game. >> bruce johnson first reported on the d.c. connection to russell wilson and is back with the followup because the 26- year-old quarterback keeps doing incredible things on the field. >> his family wants us to a solid citizen and role model off the field. russell wilson is a quarterback most of us were counting on rg3 to be. who knew 75th player pick in
5:34 pm
the draft three years ago was going to be this good? his family says they knew. that's ben wilson, a dartmouth grad and prominent washington attorney. he's uncle to russell wilson. >> he's prepared his whole life. he can hear the echos of my brother saying why not me? >> reporter: ben wilson says russell was born into a family of big achievers on the field and in the classroom. >> well, i think if my brother harry were here, he would be extremely proud. >> reporter: russell wilson's father was uva's first african american law school president, cut after tryouts with the san diego chargers, harry wilson was hell bent on his son russell becoming a star even though russell was only 5' 11, too short to play quarterback in the nfl. through the ups and downs you stayed mentally focused and locked into it and keep fighting for one another.
5:35 pm
>> i say to russell hear your father's voice and that's one of the motivations that propelled him to victory this time. >> reporter: harry wilson died from diabetes in 2010 when his son was still at north carolina state before russell went on to star at university of wisconsin, before he was selected in the third round of the nfl draft. >> our approach this year is no different. it's to go 1-0. to have that same championship mindset. >> reporter: the family here and in richmond is packed ready to be in the stands in arizona for russell wilson's second consecutive super bowl. >> but i think russell wilson has other ambitions. he'd like to own a team one day, professional football team and/or professional baseball team. he has other goals and interests beyond football. >> russell wilson right now has to be considered the best bargain in all of the nfl. he makes less than $1 million
5:36 pm
per year. he was drafted third round, but he has a new contract coming up, could pay him as much as $20 million. i got to tell you about his grandfather. he was a baseball and football player at kentucky state university in frankfurt. his grandfather became president of norfolk state university. he's done a lot. >> the redskins could have had him, but so could a lot of other teams. talk about his work off the field. >> he used to be a bully. he admits that. he does a lot of work against physical abuse. he's got two foundations that works with sick children in hospitals. this guy is a pillar. >> this is just the beginning for him. >> let's see where he goes from here and not just on the field. he's only 26 years old. >> and he's about to get paid. >> as he should. the puppy is so darned cute, so why are so many people upset about this super bowl commercial? you'll hear from the company
5:37 pm
behind the ad up next. >> the condition that can develop after you get the flu. coming up why doctors say this life threatening illness could be on the rise this year. >> if you're headed out this evening, bundle up. by 8:30 low 20s in gaithersburg, mid-20s in leesburg, 30s downtown, we'll come back, tracki
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. trending all over the web today a bit of a fumble from godaddy. you love those commercials, but the website company put out its super bowl ad a bit early and it did not take long for the internet to get mad about it. >> here's the commercial. there's the cute little puppy, flies out the back of a truck and makes a harrowing journey home. the owner quickly scoops up the pup and immediately says i'm so glad you made it home because i just sold you on a website. tens of thousands of people signed a petition on godaddy pulled the ad and released this statement. rest assured buddy came to us from a reputable and loving breeder in california. he is now part of the godaddy family as our chief companion officer. he's been adopted permanently
5:41 pm
by one of our long time employees. >> apparently they thought this would encourage selling by puppy mills. another good story trending, the cat that seemingly came back from the dead. >> if cats really do have nine lives, this one definitely used up one, maybe two. bart was recently hit by a car in florida. his owner did like most people do who think their cat is dead, they buried him in the backyard. however, a couple days later bart, the vampire cat now, clawed his way out of the grave and strutted over to the neighbor's front door. he was hungry and hurt and everyone surprised alive. his owner was thrilled and the humane society says bart is doing well, getting better. >> amazing. the caps in the thick of the playoff hunt after missing out on the postseason last year. we'll sit down with one of the men responsible for the team's improvement, head coach barry trotz. >> but first there are several
5:42 pm
new gadgets on the market to keep women safe
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
in tonight's consumer alert several new gadgets have
5:45 pm
recently come onto the market all aimed at protecting women from attackers. alison harmelin shows us how some of them work. >> i was taking a shortcut and a man crossed my path and began to deliberately walk towards me. >> reporter: cat alexander got away, but that terrifying episode inspired her to develop this. the siren ring. >> if you activate the top base of the ring, it will activate a 110-decibel alarm. >> reporter: security experts say any loud unexpected noise can be a life saving deterrent to scare an attacker away. there are a number of wearable panic buttons on the market. >> the pod can be worn in the headband to automatically detect a head injury during a violent crime. this represents an impact to it, takes a hit. automatically triggers. >> reporter: the pod can be attached to a belt or bracelet, also. this bracelet doubles as a self- defense device when it's loaded
5:46 pm
with pepper spray. there are several apps available that turn your smartphone into a tool to help keep you safe. >> the more tools that we bring into our lives that help us with our personal safety are good as long as you don't adopt a false sense of security. >> reporter: but experts agree staying alert within your surroundings is always necessary regardless of what you're wearing or carrying. allison alison harmelin for -- alison harmelin for cbs news, new york. more than 1 million americans are diagnosed of year with sepsis. that happens when the body releases chemicals into the bloodstream to fight infection. those same chemicals can cause inflammation. that can damage your organs. dr. steve peters of mayo clinic says while it is rare for the flu to lead to sepsis, there could be more cases of it this season. >> when the flu is more severe or if it's not covered by that
5:47 pm
seasonal strain of vaccine, then the chance that could occur is more likely. >> immediate treatment with iv fluids and antibiotics is critical. doctors say while anybody can develop sepsis, the elderly and those on immune suppressing drug like chemotherapy are at higher risk. gaining weight and losing weight can lead to a higher risk of bone fracture for women after menopause. weight changes of 5% or more were found to make the difference. researchers say findings cast doubt on the traditional view that weight gain protects against fractures. i. the food and drug administration is taking action to improve the safety of heart defibrillators. federal regulators say companies that make the devices have to submit new testing on the battery life, the adapters and other components. this is now required to sell the devices. the fda received more than 72,000 reports of defibrillator
5:48 pm
problems in the last 10 years resulting in recalls involving over 2 million devices. the only station with wusa9 weather alert -- only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> not riding today. >> nor any time soon apparently. >> probably not, no. between precipitation and cold weather, you'll be inside a while. we're looking at temperatures below average the next few days. tomorrow is close to average, then more cold air pouring in. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, very nice evening at least inside looking out. temperatures beginning to fall now, 37 at national, but we're in the generally low 30s across the board. look at this dew point, single digits. you want to drag your feet across the carpet tonight and shock your sister? be a good night to do it. wind will die down tonight and allow the temperatures to really fall. bus stop temperatures 14 to 30.
5:49 pm
that is from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. dry morning commute, wet for some in the evening commute and we're still hemming and hawing over whether or not to issue a yellow alert. clippers do usher in arctic air. we'll have arctic air rushing in on friday. friday it will be in the 30s. when you come home friday, it will be in the 20s. 8:00 tonight mainly in the 20s, even 27 in la plata, really a cold night. temps will fall quickly. these temps may be high really. 28 at 10:00, low 20s in gaithersburg, mid-20s toward culpeper and already in the teens in cumberland and romney. i think some of the these areas like gaithersburg and frederick will probably be 19 or 20 by that time. by morning definitely teens and 24 downtown. you see some high clouds roll in during the morning hours, so
5:50 pm
a little peek of sun. temperatures by 9:00 still in the 20s. a little break in the clouds. then we see some precipitation just entering parts of west virginia right around the panhandle of maryland. by 5:00 some showers are possible, nothing crazy heavy. you see the magenta. that's a mixture of the spur northward up through gaithersburg, better chance of snow showers north of i-70, not a huge deal this clipper traveling north. it's taking most of the energy and precipitation north of us. also when it does that, winds turn out of the south. these winds are more south, southeasterly and most of it is in the form of rain showers and it doesn't hang around long. tonight clear skies early, a few cloud s -- clouds by dawn, very cold. day planner, downtown temps, so 20s to start, 33 by 11:00, 38
5:51 pm
with clouds thickening up by 1:00. next three days very blustery friday and cold. temps will fall, 33 to start. that's the low tomorrow. 34 with sunshine on saturday. next seven days, sunday looks like a p.m. mix, some of the colder and weaker which could favor just light snow sunday afternoon and sunday night. it will be cold monday and tuesday, watching another system on wednesday which could bring a mixture of rain and snow. now 9 game on sports by dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> of the four major sports coaches in d.c. probably the one you recognize the least, caps coach barry trotz, may not always make headlines, but he's making headway with his new team, but there's more to his story than just coaching. holden kushner sits down with him and brings us the details.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: backstrom feeds one more up to ovechkin, fires, he scores! alex ovechkin. >> reporter: it took the caps a little while, but they finally bought into barry trotz's philosophy and it's paying off. >> there's a right and a wrong way to play the game. if you play the right way with detail and commitment, you're going to get some good results. we started doing that on a regular basis and i think the results showed against a pretty good opponent. >> reporter: trotz is in his first season as washington's head coach after 16 years in nashville. now are you adjusting? >> i think i'm adjusting quite fine. a lot of people think i'm not, but i actually feel like i am. >> reporter: who says you're not? >> i don't know. just people i hang with. >> reporter: trotz's family
5:53 pm
remains in nashville with his son nolan who copes with downs syndrome. >> my special needs son has been the hardest thing, but i think that's coming around and get him involved in a lot of stuff. they've got a hockey program, cool caps, which he's done. he's never been one that likes to run and skate. he likes to run and swim. we bought him some equipment, told him he's a superhere pro, he's man. he liked that thought and got him on the ice and he's starting to enjoy it. >> reporter: i asked trotz if even the stanley cup could trump the feeling he has when he spends time withly son. >> i'd like -- with his son. >> i'd like to find out. let's try to do that and then you can ask me that question later. coming up at 6:20 barry will try to get his team out of a little tailspin.
5:54 pm
they've lost four details, plus the latest from maryland, college park and the maryland terps. she's been unanimously confirmed by the senate twice before, but this was as a u.s.
5:55 pm
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laminate flooring. 877-241-luna. you have probably heard the stories of people going over niagra falls in a barrel, but what about going up the falls? >> as rich newburg tells us about, you got to see this for
5:57 pm
yourself. >> reporter: it is an incredible sight to behold world renown canadian ice climber will gaff. >> i was over on table rock which is the brink of the horseshoe falls on the canadian side. >> reporter: will gadd was climbing around terrapin point on the american side when bob kachinski captured the spectacle on video. >> i grew up in niagra falls and i've seen wallenda and some of the great stunts. i have never seen anybody scaling the gorge so close to the cascades of the horseshoe falls he could have reached out and touched it. >> reporter: torres visiting niagra falls finds it hard to believe anyone would attempt the stunt. >> well, me personally? i would be afraid to fall in the water and die. >> i can't imagine how cold it
5:58 pm
would be doing that, too because you'll get the mist and everything else there. i would freeze. >> reporter: the stunt filmed for red bull was approved by the new york state park's office, but people were told it was something else. the niagra falls review reported monday that u.s. law enforcement conducted training exercises. what did the new york state park police tell you? >> he said they're just doing training exercises in the gorge. >> reporter: parks police had no comment, but a spokeswoman for the state parks office told me no park staff was told to lie. she said the staff was not looped in as filming was typically kept quiet. >> it was a dramatic event nobody saw. >> reporter: rich newburg for cbs news, niagra falls, new york. >> now gadd who is 47 years old is also known as captain adventure. he was recently named in
5:59 pm
national geographic adventurer of the year. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone with breaking news. we now know the cause of that annapolis mansion fire and if it wasn't tragic enough, the fire was started from something that was supposed to bring those four grandchildren joy. >> reporter: we're here at uva where sororities have been ordered to stay away from fraternities for this big party weekend coming up. some women call the order irrational and sexist and many say they're being punished after that rolling stone ago that alleged a gang rape -- article that alleged a gang rape at that fraternity house that has been since ruled debunked. >> that women to keep out of fra houses over the weekend -- frat houses over the weekend is sparking outrage tonight. >> the mandate comes from the national leadership organization and as peggy fox
6:00 pm
tells us, many sorority women are fighting back. >> reporter: some students here think this ruling is punishing the entire greek system here for something that never happened. that rolling stone article that depicted a gang rape at that fraternity house, a story that has since been debunked. >> i don't know if that's really the necessary measure. >> reporter: this weekend is a big one for uva fraternity. on bid night requests go out to selected students for membership and celebrations follow, but sororities have been ordered not to go. >> i think they should be able to party together. i don't think them being together is the problem. i think the manner in how it's approached, the entire culture is the issue. >> reporter: the order has come from the sorority's leadership organization, the national council. >> i think they're more concerned with the safety of


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