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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we're still tracking a coastal storm. that. , we extended our yellow alert overnight and icy condition -- in fact, we extended our yellow alert overnight and icy conditions for your morning commute. >> reporter: these guys have a long night ahead of them to make sure the roads are good for you tomorrow morning. >> reporter: planning to go by air any time soon to the northeast? it might not map. >> and a new revelation -- happen. >> and a new revelation in the study of autism and genetics. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat.
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>> i'm derek mcginty. temperatures below freezing, so it won't take a lot of snow to cause you problems in the morning commute. our first alert meteorologist topper shutt is here with a look at what doppler 9000 has even as we speak. >> we've got some pretty good snow bands pushing through the metro area. even here the last couple minutes the ground is coated again. let's start with live doppler. over the past two hours you can see some pretty good snow bands moving essentially now from north. [ audio difficulties ]
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maryland checked in with 6 inches. we'll come back, talk about when temps get above freezing tomorrow, look ahead to a clipper thursday and a potentially bigger storm for super bowl sunday. you just heard the man. snow is falling and so is the mercury. already the conditions are getting pretty rough on the roads tonight. >> mola lenghi is live in rockville with a look at how crews are trying to keep the roads clear for your morning
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commute. >> reporter: as topper just mentioned, snowfall temperatures, wind all getting much worse. we've got 270 behind us. roads are also getting much worse and they will continue to get worse overnight into tomorrow. it started slow. some even questioned it. >> it's not even like a real snowstorm, is it? >> no. not really. i would not say so. i definitely experienced much worse in montgomery county than this. >> reporter: then it got worse. now the roads looking? >> they're terrible. >> reporter: some places worse than others. >> sliding the whole time. >> we had a hard time getting up the hill. >> the colder it get the worse it's getting. >> reporter: with temperatures dropping and snow falling some aren't risking hitting the road tomorrow. >> not going to work tomorrow either. >> reporter: you've already made the decision. >> yeah. >> we got to wrestle with it and take care of it. >> reporter: you ready for it? >> definitely. >> reporter: robert anderson is among the hundreds of plow operators in maryland and
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virginia working the roads all night and these guys do not travel lightly. >> enough salt to go up and down the roads, go back, reload and come back. >> reporter: all in an effort to make your morning commute a little easier. after all, we know how much you want to get to work. again the roads may not look like they're covered in snow. wet spots could always be ice as topper mentioned. crews, plows have been out pretreating roads all day today in addition to the salt and plowing going on tonight. so the pretreating should also help still. it's ice. it can be very unpredictable. certainly be safe and don't be out on the roads if you don't have to be. >> everybody wants to be on time, right? we are expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow overnight. tens of millions in the northeast are bracing for a blizzard that could dump 1 to 3 feet. travel bans are in effect tonight from new jersey to new england, even new york city
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subway now shut down. marley hall reports those in the path of the storm are told to ride it out at home. >> reporter: with a blizzard bearing down on the northeast new york city has shut down. the city's subway system stopped running at 11 p.m. and it is now illegal for anyone but emergency workers to be on the streets. >> if you inare a car and you are on any road, you will technically be committing a crime, a misdemeanor, and a summons up to $300. >> reporter: even on broadway the show didn't go on. all 27 shows wereness called for monday night. -- were canceled for monday night. >> we just bought $40 worth of food. we'll eat, sit inside and watch netflix. >> reporter: new york's long island is getting hit especially hard, but from the jersey shore to the northern coast of maine parts of seven states are under a blizzard warning. >> a big corridor of 1 to 2-
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foot totals and local areas we could see up to 3 feet. >> reporter: connecticut where the snow could fall 2 to 4 inches an hour is under a statewide travel ban. >> if you're on the road after 9 p.m., you are not only placing your life in danger, you are placing the live of first responders in danger -- the lives of first responders in danger. >> reporter: schools are already closed for tuesday. some officials say it could be thursday before things start to get back to normal. flight cancellations in new york, boston and elsewhere in the northeast are having a ripple effect in our area airports. >> our hank silverberg is live at reagan national airport with more on how the passengers who may have to spend the night are coping. >> reporter: it's cold out here. it's snowy, but compared to the conditions out in new york and boston this is nothing. if you plan to travel the last couple days, it could be really nasty, hard to get around. frankly, to use an old new england expression, you can't
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get there from here. >> actually trying to get to l.a. and connecting through boston. found out the flight was canceled and then the flight canceled to l.a. so we decided instead of getting stuck in boston we'll try to go south to the beach. >> reporter: it's a struggle to get where you want to go, but some people planned ahead to beat the storm like this woman who got out of boston just in time. >> i was supposed to leave tomorrow night and i was able to rebook a flight to today. >> reporter: you're coming back for what? >> actually flying to miami. >> reporter: this fellow snuck out of snowy rhode island heading home to bermuda. he'll stay the night at the airport. >> to stave a buck i'm going to camp out here, got -- save a buck i'm going to camp out here, got some work to do. >> reporter: this will not end soon as we have seen in past storms. the canceled flights will leave hundreds of planes in the wrong place for flights on tuesday or even wednesday. so if you have travel plans later in the week, you better
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check your air carrier before you leave the house. you think you might want to take the train? not going to happen. amtrak cut new england regional service tomorrow. at reagan national airport, hank silverberg, wusa9 news. >> you got to feel for folks trying to make them sleep at the airport. that's a long night. >> we want to remind you we'll be on the air beginning at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning with the latest weather and traffic conditions. you can stay up to date on any cancellations and the snow using our wusa9 mobile app. let's get to the latest on that metro incident in which one passenger died and dozens of others were sickened when smoke filled the tunnel near the l'enfant station. a union representing thousands of metro workers now claims employees have been discouraged from reporting unsafe conditions and they also suspect metro failed to consistently invest in emergency training, but metro responds saying okay, we'll consider those suggestions for
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safety improvements. investigators say -- investigators say they have found the body of the sixth and final victim in the mansion fire. the 16,000 square foot home burned to the ground apparently taking the lives of don and sandy pyle and their four grandchildren alexis, kaitlin, charlotte and wes. the cause is still under investigation. a government worker says he's responsible for the drone that crashed on the white house lawn this morning and was flying it for fun and never intended it to go over the white house. however, d.c. delegate holmes norton says this highlights further regulation of drones because of what they could do in the wrong hands. >> more dangerous than fence jumping for us from terrorism are these drones which, after all, we're using in warfare which gives everybody the idea of what they can use them for. >> there was currently a ban on most commercial drone use, but the administration is about to propose new rules. it's already illegal to fly any
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aircraft, even a small drone, in the closed airspace around the white house and capitol. a gaithersburg man accused of raping man he picked up at a local beer pong tournament has been convicted from four felony sex offenses, joey poindexter, 40 years old to be sentenced in march. he could face up to 70 years. today's conviction involved only one victim. he faces a second similar trial. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell said he's going to spend time with his new granddaughter now that he will remain free pending appeal. he was scheduled to report to prison in two weeks, but today a federal court approved mcdonnell's request he remain free while he appeals his corruption conviction. mcdonnell was sentenced to two years in prison for illegally taking gift and loans while in office. a hearing is set for may 12th -- gifts and loans while in office. a hearing is set for may 12th. a former cia will be sentenced in april after being convicted of espionage charges.
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jeffrey sterling leaked classified information while telling a new york times reporter about a secret operation to disrupt iran's nuclear program. prosecutors say this leak put lives at risk. we would like to clarify a story we reported last night at 11:00 in referencing former d.c. fire chief ken ellerbe. we said he resigned when, in fact, he retailerred which is a whole different thing -- retired which is a whole different thing and we regret that. coming up the parents that sparked a local debate about parenting meets with child protective services. >> up next a first of its kind study finds more differences than similarities in the genes of siblings with autism. . >> we've got heavy sn
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new research suggests the gentlemen nettings of autism are more -- the genetics of autism are more complicated than previously thought. it's found most siblings with autism have different autism risk genes. the droewings two sons sam and
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max have autism. >> it was really devastating having them both diagnosed at the same time. it was more devastating knowing our youngest son really was on a great trajectory and something went awry. >> autism is known to run in families, so experts believed that siblings inherited the same autism predisposing genes, but new research finds that's not the case. the largest ever genome study sequenced 340 genomes from 85 families with two affected children. about 70% of siblings had little or no overlap in the gene variations known to contribute to autism. >> siblings very unique and each child is very different on a genetic level. there's probably not one autism out there. there's probably hundreds of different autisms. >> reporter: the parents hope this new research will lead to personalized treatments for sam
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and max. >> we're excited for not only our family but future generations. >> it's estimated one in 68 children have autism. researchers are making the 1,000 autism genomes from their study available to other scientists around the world through the google cloud platform. now let's get to the latest on that silver spring family that launched a global debate on parenting styles. danielle subjects of a child neglect investigation after they allowed their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter to walk home from a neighborhood park by themselves. today the parents met with child protective services and they later talked about the meeting. they said it was cordial but said nothing was resolved. >> this has been weighing heavily on my mind. it's hard to focus on work. it's hard to get sleep. >> next week child protective services is expected to mail a letter to the meitivs regarding the outcome of their case. under maryland law children under the age of 8 cannot be
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left unattended in a dwelling or car. there has to be somebody there at least 13 years old to take care of them. tomorrow the united states holocaust memorial museum will hold a special ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz, the nazis largest extermination camp. >> 1 to 1.5 million people died in that camp and every year there are fewer left to remember the horror, but we talked to one of them, marty white, 70 years clutching his ration bowl can still move white to tears. >> when i first saw it, it had such an impact on me. even now i still see how important it was. just a bowl. >> white was 15 when the fascists deported him and his parents and five brothers and sisters to auschwitz.
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his mother and three sisters were gassed within hours of arriving and his father was forced into starvation. he now volunteers at the holocaust museum. 1.7 million bucks is how much the special olympics said was raised by the police polar bear plunge. 5,700 people from across the state took the plunge into the cold chesapeake bay saturday. special olympics maryland provides free year-round sports training for folks with intellectual disabilities. so i guess it was worth the puckered skin and freezing cold. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather. >> puckered skin? >> that was what came to mind. >> i can imagine why. >> water temperature is like 42. air temperature about 39. >> it's always worse. it's not bad going in. it's when you come out that's the problem. >> i think going in has got to
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be a little rough. >> you should try it next year. >> we'll put you down. we're looking at a little light snow overnight. we're more concerned about the freezing with temperatures in the 20s. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam -- well, first start with snowfall totals. really about 1.1 downtown, not a national airport reading. it's official. myersville 3 inches, laytonsville 2 inches, winchester, virginia, about 3 1/2 inches. now let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, we're down to 29. that's teen at national. we've been -- even at national. we've been in the 20s in the suburbs. relative humidity 78% and winds gusty. we still have bands of snow showers pushing essentially north to south. they'll produce an inch or so overnight especially montgomery county, fairfax county and points south and your friends in southern maryland will get a little snow overnight. we'll zoom in a bit.
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see the bright white around jermantown. that's a heavier snow shower and heavy activity north of rockville. i'm sure the main roads will be fine, but walking to the mailbox tomorrow and getting the paper is dangerous and walking the kids to the bus stop, be careful. pretty good band of snow south of leesburg. everything is pushing south. there's a little band north of 355 north of germantown on the east side of 270 on the way to clarkbsurg. that's what's going to happen the next few hours. it will dissipate. we'll end up with a trace to 2 inches by tuesday morning. bus stop temperatures 22 to 30 with icy spots and wind chills in the teens. morning commute will be a little slippery, perhaps set your alarm a wee bit early and windy and cold in the afternoon tomorrow with a few flurries. futurecast 6:00 20s pretty much across the board, maybe a couple snow showers west of leesburg between winchester. by 9:00 breaks in the clouds,
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temperatures hovering around the 29, 30-degree mark. with the wind it's going to feel like the 20s. dress for the 20s tomorrow. by 1:00 in the 30s but 37 downtown and above freezing. by 5:00 we're clearing out falling down to around freezing in gaithersburg and leesburg, a couple slick spots tomorrow. we're headed for the teens tomorrow night. by noon 32 the to walk the dog tomorrow night, you, can 20s with a -- you can, 20s with a breeze and by 10:30 mid-20s with clearing skies. overnight cloudy, windy and cold, light snow and snow showers, trace to 2 inches and low temperatures 22 to 30. winds northwest 10 to 20 with higher gusts. maybe a couple flurries 7:00, 9:00, 33 degrees and mid-30s by 11:00 and 35 with sunshine returning by 1:00. we're in pretty good shape wednesday, albeit cold, 37. another clipper comes at us thursday, rain or snow shower possible, not real concerned about this one, temperatures back in the low 40s by then. behind that clipper, though, it
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gets cold again. we're in the low 30s maybe on friday, mid-30s saturday. we're tracking a more potent system on super bowl sunday with some rain or snow. keep you posted on that, back in the 30s. when that goes through, more arctic air in the 20s next monday. speaking of the upcoming super bowl sunday -- >> where it's nice and warm in arizona. >> time to talk some trash. >> both teams are there getting there, few days away, big media day where there's 4,000 media coming up soon. the stage is finally set. both the patriots and seahawks have settled into arizona. hear from them coming up. >> plus the
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> both teams have arrived safely in arizona, the patriots getting out of new england just ahead of today's blizzard. once they got settled they spent some time talking to the media. both coach bill belichick and tom brady were asked about deflategate and the news that a
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patriots locker room attendant is a person of interest in the controversy. both did their best to deflect the questions and turn the attention back to their game against seattle. one guy did address it, though, owner robert kraft basically crashed the press conference and sent the nfl a very stern message. ig >> if the wells investigation is not able to definitively determine that our organization tampered with the air pressure in the footballs, i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team and in particular, coach belichick and tom brady. >> kraft and goodell are pretty good friends. some players didn't waste time trash talking about the game. patriots corner back brandon browner who was with the seahawks last year said he will tell his teammates to go after the injured hawks. no one is apologizing for any
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of that. >> do not expect nothing less. this is the super bowl. what do you expect? yeah, i understand the fans want it to be classy, but said publicly and everybody to be politically correct, but that's the truth of the matter. we want this game as much as they do. george washington, vcu preparing for a big conference showdown tomorrow night on the hardwood in richmond. 14th ranked rams are undefeated and sit in first place. the colonials are nipping their heels. a win tomorrow night by gw and the clones jump into first place, but the ram -- colonials jump into first place, but the rams haven't lost a home game since last year. >> we got a tough stretch coming up, but we're excited. vcu has a great home court atmosphere, top 20 program. i think our guys have the
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maturity now, the experience that we're going to go out and try to play loose. we just got to get -- our theme is shots not turnovers. easier said than one. american university hosting army, this close throughout eagles up three with under two minutes to go. the black knights are not going away. a big three-pointer on the outside ties the game at 66. with time running out army's dillan cox gets a tough shot to go with four seconds left. army, sorry, derek, slips past american 68-66. >> go eagles anyway.
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we have some more showers pushing through montgomery county back into loudoun county, fairfax county again, a trace to an inch or so overnight and just enough to make the roads really, really slick. tomorrow morning flurries and cold, 35, 30s wednesday, another clipper thursday, not real concerned about that. i am kind of concerned about sunday, watching a system, maybe rain, maybe snow, maybe a mixture. >> that's one of those deals where we'll have to wait till later in the week, isn't it? >> yes. >> that's our broadcast. thanks for being here. >> letterman is next.
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the stadium in the bronx it's the "late show" with david letterman. plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, guilty of late inni


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