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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 26, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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dc all the way to new england. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. another burst of snow is expected tonight across our area. that's what could make for a really slippery morning commute. top is here to tell us exactly what to expect. >> temperatures in the 20s in the suburbs already. consequential we've extended our yellow alert and national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory until 10 a.m. on tuesday for just about the entire metro area. doesn't include our friends in culpeper and shenendoa valley. 1 to 2 inches in the immediate metro area between the beltway between now and 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. across the bay and on the western sliver of the bay maybe 2 to 4 inches. a little bit of moisture can wrap around the system. here's the radar. you can see it's beginning to fill in a little bit as the system begins to crank off the virginia beach coast and pushing moisture from the northwest northeast to the southwest and some of the snowfall showers and
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squalls are actually a little bit on the heavy side. the brighter the white you see the heavier activity the snow s. silver springs a little heavy activity. rockville on the east side of 270 and up toward germantown and leightonsville. we'll zoom in and show you this little area right there is a snowfall rate of about an inch plus an hour. of course like the summertime it has to sit over you for an hour to produce that inch but gives you an idea that things are getting a little heavier now and radar is filling in a little bit. with temperatures in the 20s 27 in gaithersburg and frederick. we're looking at a slick night and a slick morning commute. we'll come back and talk about when temps get freezing tomorrow and look ahead to our next clipper. in parts of montgomery county the concern is more about the cold temperatures and icy conditions come later tonight and in the morning. >> live in rockville with more on the wintery weather that just is not going away. at least not yet. >> topper just mentioned we're
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finally starting to see it come down here in rockville. we're finally starting to see it stick to the roads. this is rockville pike behind us. we're finally starting to see it stick there making conditions a little dicier. as we mentioned temperatures have been dropping here for the last few hours. certainly noticeable so it's likely to make for some icy conditions on the roadway. as the snow continues to fall as the temperatures continue to drop we will expect it to get worse. we certainly want to be careful if you have to be on them. best bet is to just assume and approach it as if it is ice just to be on the safe side especially later tonight in to tomorrow morning. d.o.t. crews have been out and about all day pretreating the roads in maryland as well as virginia. that should certainly help. we've seen a bunch of plows driving by here on rockville pike. they're on standby ready to salt, ready to plow as needed. but still at this point not much panic around here from the folks we've spoken with. >> not even like a real snowstorm, is it? >> no, not really.
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i would not say so. i definitely experience much worse in montgomery county than this. >> that's just here in montgomery county. conditions are certainly worse in other parts of the area. as we're showing you in the last 20 or 30 minutes, conditions are starting to get worse here in rockville and other parts of montgomery county. >> heavy snowfall today out in western maryland but temperatures dropping right now. that could cause lots of slick spots on the roads tonight. salt trucks roamed up and down the i-80 corridor. that helped to keep road problems to a minimum throughout the day. to be safe, schools in washington county did open two hours later. >> the fact is we're getting off relatively easy from this massive nor'easter because they've got states of emergency in effect in new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts, and parts of new york. they're expecting more than 2 feet of snow in some parts of those areas. wind gusts may be over 50 miles per hour.
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and that means widespread power outages. >> you can't underestimate this storm. this is not a typical storm. it's going to pack a real punch. >> you know how they say manhattan is the city that never sleeps? not tonight. new york city streets off limits beginning at 11:00. a travel ban goes in to effect in connecticut at 9 p.m. new jersey transit announced it's shutting down service after 8:00 tonight and all flights out of boston's logan grounded as of about 4 minutes ago. >> in all more than 5,000 flights have been canceled through tomorrow. hank joins us from regan national airport with how that's affected people's travel plans. >> there are planes going out of here right now but they're all headed in the southern direction. all the flights until boston, new york city, philadelphia going there and coming here from those locations, all canceled by midafternoon in many cases. we can tell you that there are a lot of people stranded here at the airport trying to figure out where to go. travel troubles for lots of folks.
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>> they rerouted me to laguardia. then they tell me that my flight to laguardia was canceled not canceled but the last one to go out would be at 4:00 and i won't get here in time. >> we're actually trying to get to l.a. and we're connecting through boston. found out the flight is canceled, and the flight is canceled to l.a. we decided instead of getting stuck in boston, we're going to go south to the beach maybe enjoy a little sun and head west. >> i was forced to change it. i was hoping that storm wasn't going to hit too bad because i know it's not too bad down here. figured it wouldn't be too awful. >> what are you going to do for four hours? >> take a nap. >> the last lady was from buffalo and she was kind of laughing a little bit at all the hubbub over the snow and happy there was no snow at the other end of buffalo. this is all going to have a ripple effect. if you're planning to travel tomorrow or wednesday by air you better check with your
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airlines. what happens is the planes don't fly they get out of place and they have to cancel many, many more. and if you're thinking about train as an option we've heard amtrak canceled all their new england region service for tomorrow. >> a lot of people got to make other arrangements. >> if you're not already up north, you're not going to get there tonight. and by the way we want to remind you we're going to be on the air beginning 4:00 tomorrow morning with the latest weather and traffic conditions. you can stay up to date on the snow and all the cancellations that may or may not come using our wusa 9 mobile app. in other news we're following tonight fire investigators found the body of the final missing victim of last week's tragic fire at an annapolis mansion. >> i'm debra alfarone. the scene of last week's tragic mansion fire here in annapolis. investigators believe they've found the sixth and final victim in the charred remains. >> reporter: cold, snow-covered lonely. as if this make shift shrine to the
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little lost angels and their grandparent could be anymore sad. wusa 9 has the only camera rolling as the crane used in the investigation left the scene today. police haven't confirmed if any of the bodies fire investigators found in the charred rubble at what used to be 936 childspoint road are the couple or their grand kids. fire investigation consultants out of pasadena, maryland. wusa 9 had the only camera rolling as their truck rolled in. we can exclusively confirm tonight the family's insurance company hired them to investigate. anne arundel county fire investigators say they believe they're going to be here for another two days as they try to figure out what happened. in annapolis, debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> fire investigators said they do anticipate being on the scene of the deadly fire for another two more days. a government worker has now come forward and admitted he is the night howl who crashed his toy drone right on the white
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house lawn. the secret service has gone high alert after an officer heard the drone and saw it flying low and finally crashing to the ground. all signs so far though, the guy was playing around and lost control of the so-called quadcopter. experts say even a toy like that has the potential to carry high explosives or even nuclear or biologic material. >> these drones, which after all we're using in warfare which gives everybody the idea of what they can use them for. >> so how do you stop them? it's already il legal to fly any ircraft, even a tiny drone in the closed air space around the white house and capitol. former virginia governor bob mcdonell plans to spend more daughter with his granddaughter now that he remains free while his appeal does go through the process. he was scheduled to report to prison in two weeks. a hearing on his appeal is set
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for may 12th. mcdonell was sentenced to two years in prison for illegally taking gifts and loans while in office. coming up, a chorus of anger building as more and more people are hit with huge fines from tiny tolls on those 495 express lanes. >> the free range parents from our area that sparked an international debate about parenting met with child protective services this afternoon. i'm andrea mccarren
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we have a followup on a story you saw first on wusa 9 about a silver spring couple under investigation for letting their kids walk around their neighborhood without an adult. >> this afternoon they met face to face with child protective services. >> i'm andrea mccarren in rockville. cps can't comment
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but the mayteaves call it frustrating. their story gained worldwide attention after they left their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter walk home alone from a neighborhood park. twice police and child protective services were alerted. cbs officials investigated them for child neglect because of a maryland law. it prohibits children under the age of 8 from being unattended in a dwelling or car. a person must be at least 13 years old to supervise. >> to them that law can be stretched anywhere and to us that's apples and oranges. >> now they have set up a legal defense fund to help support their efforts to change state law and child protective service
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policy. you want to find a link to it, it's on our wusa 9 app. there's more anger about huge express lanes, tolls tonight and only this time it's coming from a respected long time car dealership. we've been telling you about these easy pass drivers who have been facing tens of thousands of dollars of fines on the express lanes which is operated by trans urban. the company says every person is notified after the first and every violation. but today managers of don bier auto say they were not notified that loaner cars violated tolls until a summons came a year and a half later. >> a way to take people's money for no reason. >> i want it over with. >> how much did you pay? >> i had to pay $200. >> the driver who settled the case did not realize it was past the statute of limitations according to several attorneys. the don bier case was dismissed. rental car companies are exempt
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from tolls on express lanes. the nfl zeroing in on a person of interest in the new england patriots deflate-gate controversy. >> snow picking up a little bit here in northwest. it's getting a little slick. we zoomed in out of the west. between leesburg upward 287. we'll come back and talk about how much snow will fall tonight.
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if you're just tuning in, here's a look at the headlines we're following for you tonight. a former cia officer has been convicted of espionage charges. jeffrey sterling leaked classified information while he was telling a new york times reporter about a secret operation to disrupt a program. sterling is going to be sentenced in april. isis is calling on muslims living in western countries to carry out more attacks. it says any loyalist who has an opportunity to shed a drop of blood, it should do so. isis praised recent terror attacks in france belgium, and australia. the fbi wants to know is the same person who threatened three separate commercial flights over the weekend two of the planes were evacuated. a third was diverted to dallas. nobody was hurt. but law enforcement says the public was never at risk. former redskins coach joe gibbs is weighing in on the deflated football controversy. gibbs says he's as shocked as
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everyone else to learn that the nfl is investigating. gibbs says he's never heard of anything comparable to that happening when he coached the redskins. he does expect the nfl to now change the way it oversees footballs before the game. fox sports is reporting nfl investigators are apparently investigating on a new england patriots locker room attendant who might have illegally tampered with those footballs. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> come on now really? locker room attendant? it's that guy. >> i read something in paper that said it is actually common for quarterbacks to sort of alter the pressure of the football. it's not that uncommon. baseball pitchers have been scuffing up baseballs for hundreds of years. >> moving on. bands of snow now are setting up. radar is filling in a little bit. it's going to get slick tonight. let's start with a picture.
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this was sent in to us from monrovia near frederick. this was sent in by patricia. and they had about an inch or so. you'll probably get maybe another half inch, inch tonight. it's going to get slick up there. you've been in the 20s most of the afternoon. mild look outside. 34 still dc but dew points are falling. humidity fall ing. winds out of the north at 13. everybody essentially is below freezing. look at the radar. last couple of hours it's really filled in. even up to the north between frederick and hagerstown and back in to louden county, leesburg. now you're seeing mostly snow in anne arundel county calvert county, charles county. you're going to get good snows tonight i think especially as we get in to the midnight hour. we'll zoom in a little bit. pretty good snow in parts of northwest dc. and also now out to the west. they're kind of moving again from
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northeast to southwest as that system begins to intensify off the virginia beach coast. it's going to be sort of like summer time. you'll get bursts of heavy snow. see the brighter white, that's the heavier snowfall around purceville and leesburg. this rate is about .8 inches per hour. that sits on you for about an hour. over an hour you'll get an inch of snow tonight. with temperatures in the upper 20s it will make things rather slick. earlier today, norbeck about an inch. strasburg an inch. falling waters west virginia about 2 inches. temperatures tonight 25 to 30. that's going to equal icy spots tonight and tomorrow. trace to an inch of snow possible overnight. trace to 2 inches. tomorrow's commute in the morning could be slippery. because of that we extended our yellow alert for tuesday. we may end up canceling it at noon. we're going to keep it up. make sure you guys know it will be
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slick going in the morning. trace to an inch west. maybe 1 to 2 inches in the immediate metro area. because the storm is by the coast the best chance for 2 to 4 inches will be the western sliver of the bay. anne arundel county and calvert county and over in to the del mar around easton and cambridge toward dover. futurecast, 10:00 tonight, pretty good bands of snow with temperatures in 20s across the metro area. by midnight still pretty good bands of snow through the metro area. by early in the morning snows kind of lift off to the south and west. temperatures still 26 in gaithersburg and 21 downtown. 9:00 couple breaks in the clouds. most of the snow showers gone. we might have a flurry for the rest of the day tomorrow. generally speaking we'll see a little bit of sun in the afternoon. temperatures will make it above freezing. a little bit of snow in the morning. maybe flurries. temperatures in the mid 30s. by 11:00 maybe a peek at the sun and 35 by 1:00 with a little more sunshine. wednesday we're just cold and quiet. breezy. 11. and then on thursday another clipper comes in and that will give us a chance for
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some temperatures in the low 40s and rain or snow showers not a huge deal at this particular time. behind that clipper though cold friday, saturday. watching another system on sunday. temperatures in the 30s. then behind that system some arctic air rolls in here. sunday is super bowl sunday. if people are traveling it's going to have an impact. >> we're getting the death by a thousand snowflakes. >> but it's nothing big. >> doesn't have to when it hits you every other day with a different storm. >> topper is just upset that we missed the big big snow that new york and the rest of the northeast is getting. coming up, a repair job to king tut's famous mask is causing big controversy in
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a repair job to king tut's famous mask is causing big controversy in egypt. >> it seems a worker at the museum accidentally broke off the ancient egyptian king's beard while trying to change a light in the display case. then they quickly glued it back together with a heavy duty substance, perhaps some superglue. he says the glue job
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wasn't quite right. it's going to have to be redone in a couple of months. >> he used epoxy. >> he went old school. [ laughter ] >> that's all for our news at
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is so-joe rushing to the altar? we have sofia vergara breaking big wedding news. >> and baby news also. it's our magical night at the s.a.g. awards. >> god! >> bling-bling. >> that's blinding. >> what are the wedding plans? >> we're going to try to do it sooner than later. >> would you have more babies? >> why not? >> hear what else she spills. >> and naomi watts talked about her near spill. >> the smoothest recovery i have ever seen on stage. >> it didn't feel that smooth. >> we're going to show your our winner moments backstage and the daring fashion. >> plus, stars share their sts orieon how to make it in hollywood. >> don't take advice from actors. >> sleep around. >> then, see miley topless with patrick schwarzenegger on the beach. and snooki all covered up. >> yeah, she's actually here to talk about her "i dos."
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>> and i'm sure you've seen those rob lowe commercials. >> we have the making of his new ad. &- >> i'm peaked in high school rob lowe. >> and i'm captain of the team. egg roll. >> now, "entertainment tonight." we love entertaining people. >> the northeast getting hammered by a storm that could be historic. it makes me feel guilty showing you the stars basking in the sunshine at the screen actors guild award last night. you guys got to see them up close while i was recuperating from a scratched eye. >> a lot of stars, a lot of fun. sofia vergara, back me up here, she opened the vault last night about her life with joe mangannello. >> i don't think joe had any idea how much his future wife was divulging. it was the highlight of what was a great night. >> come on, va, va, va, voom. red hot. when you and joe stepped on the red carpet, it's like the temperature just went up like 25 degrees. >> thank you. >> so while joe remained in the crowd, sofia w


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