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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we'll zoom in a little bit. this little band of snow has been set up in between dc and baltimore the last couple hours. a little bit of snow toward poolesville. temperature-wise this is why we're concerned. it's already 25 in hagerstown. 28 in frederick and 28 in gaithersburg. freezing conditions tonight. add a couple inches of snow tonight it will be slick tonight and also tomorrow morning. once again in montgomery county more on what we're seeing there. >> in the last hour or so it's gone from sprinkling rain to very light snow flurries on and off which is kind of what we're seeing right now. really nothing sticking to the roads at this point yet. really just kind of some wet conditions here on rockville pike behind me. as we drove up 495 north 270 north to rockville really the same story. roads were wet but still not much of a problem as far as snow slush or ice accumulation, any of that.
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obviously as it continues to come down and as topper mentioned, temperatures will continue to drop. that is all likely to change. road conditions expected to get worse. you want to be careful if you're on them. if it looks best it's best to assume and to approach as if it could be icy. d.o.t. crews have been out all day pretreating roads in maryland and virginia. that should certainly help conditions. plows are out and about right now. we've seen several drive by us. they're all on stand by, ready to clear out the roads as conditions worsen tonight. at this point we're all sort of on standby really waiting for the worst to come. a raw snowy night for those long range commuters heading home to communities as far out as interstate 81. scott broom is in hagerstown tonight and the thermometer is dropping fast out
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there. >> let me take you to the dashboard camera of my mobile news room. i'm moving with that flow of commuters westbound on i-70 right now right in to hagerstown, just about to intersect with 81. looks like as topper just reported the snow event is over out here. it's turnd very light stuff. boy, is it getting cold in the side streets where the salt did not take its effect. >> reporter: interstate 81 clear tonight for homecoming commuters, but plenty of rural lanes have a frosty thin coating of snow and ice. the accumulation conversational as topper likes to say. >> light on the snow on and off. had fun cleaning my car. >> cold . i don't like it. >> i didn't have no trouble at all. >> reporter: before dawn today plows and salt trucks were going up and down the corridor. that kept road problems throughout a minimum throughout the day.
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schools in washington county, maryland opened two hours late. >> the kids are going to get home safe. that's all that matters. >> reporter: down the road in martinsburg, west virginia, shoveling at a restaurant called tapatia. tonight the winds pick up and temperatures drop, promising an uncomfortable night for anyone going outdoors. >> back live now on the dashboard camera, sorry about that dropped signal here. that happens when you're moving around. commuters headed home tonight you can see in front of me do have clear roads. as topper reported, we got to worry about that icing particularly on the rural side streets that did not get the salt today out in this part of the country. reporting live in washington county maryland, hagerstown, scott broom wusa 9. >> topper says this is not our storm, but a state of emergency is in effect for connecticut new jersey parts of new york,
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massachusetts as the massive storm takes aim at them. >> much of the area can expect 2 feet of snow. marlie hall reports from new york. >> it's coming down here in new york city. the streets and the sidewalks are already blanketed with snow. but the worst is yet to come. >> reporter: the snow is starting to pick up as a potentially historic storm bears down on a 250-mile stretch of the east. in connecticut a travel ban begins at 9 p.m. in new york city officials urge people to get home before they limit subway service and close roads. >> you can't underestimate this storm. this is not a typical storm. it's going to pack a real punch. >> reporter: the nor'easter is expected to dump between 1 and 3 feet of snow and wind gusts could reach over 50 miles per hour. the storm is expected to cause widespread power outages. on long island, people filled up gas cans for their generators. >> that's the main issue keeping the heat going in the house. >> reporter: the storm could break new york city snowfall
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record of 26.9 inches, but new yorkers are taking it in stride. >> nothing compares to last year. it's about time we got some snow. >> we think this is just going to be beautiful. so we're not worried about the snow so far. >> reporter: at boston's logan airport, all flights will be grounded this evening possibly through late wednesday. thousands of flights up and down the east coast have been canceled. >> the heaviest snow will fall from about midnight tonight through to tomorrow afternoon. >> those poor folks up there. kind of makes you glad you're here at this juncture. >> absolutely. you feel for everybody up there. happy to be here. tonight's snow is prompting some evening activities to be canceled. you can see those alerts at the bottom of your screen. >> at 5:30 we'll update you on how airports are handling all the cancellations. we're getting started even brighter and earlier tomorrow at 4 a.m. you can stay up to date on the snow and any cancellations using our wusa 9 mobile app. it is
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free for android or your apple mobile devices. >> morning team going to be up dark and early with you. breaking news right now in the annapolis mansion fire investigation. we've learned the body of the sixth victim in the fire has been recovered. debra alfarone joins us from near the scene with the very latest. >> you're right. we just got word a little while ago about the sixth victim, the body being found here. i did get off the phone with the medical examiner. they've not positively i.d.'d any of the remains yet. they don't have a timeline for that. but right here on child's point road this investigation continues. >> reporter: cold, snow covered, lonely. this make shift shrine to the little lost angels and their grandparents john and sandy pyle could be anymore sad. wusa 9 had the only camera rolling as the crane used in the investigation left
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the scene today. police haven't confirmed if any of the bodies fire investigators found in the charred rubble at what used to be 936 childs point road are the family. >> don't make assumptions. because i think assumptions can be dangerous. >> reporter: he started the anne arundel news network last year. he asked experts for answers to questions people asked him. like why isn't the state's attorney on the scene. >> if the investigator leaves the scene he has to have permission to come back on the property. if the owners aren't there, they have to have some legal way of coming on. >> reporter: what does it mean that the atf is involved? >> they're a resource. they'll send a representative to the scene. the representative will evaluate the scene and if that person feels that the analysis response team has to be activated, then they'll do it and that's what they did. >> reporter: also with questions, fire and arson investigation consultants out of
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pasadena maryland. wusa 9 again had the only camera rolling as their truck pulled in and we can exclusively confirm tonight the family's insurance company has hired them to investigate. >> back here live on the scene it breaks your heart to see the little teddy bears covered in snow flowers everything. it breaks your heart to see that. fire investigators do they they're going to be here. they anticipate being here for two more days as they try to figure out what happened here. debra alfarone wusa 9. a rookie dc firefighter is facing weapons charges tonight after a police officer spotted his car illegally parked in a handicap spot. according to charging documents the prince george's county police officer smelled marijuana coming from the car. the car driven by shane ronald jones.
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they founded a loaded ammunition drum ski mask, latex gloves and marijuana. jones has been placed on administrative leave. former virginia governor bob mcdonell will be headed to prison in a few an appeals court ruled he can remain free while his corruption case is on appeal. mcdonell was to begin serving a two-year sentence on february 9th. he was found guilty in accepting thousands of dollars of loans and gifts from johnny williams in exchange to using the office to promote his company. oral arguments on the appeal are set for may 12th. we're just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. young kids walking around in montgomery county neighborhood without their parents. andreaa roaneb"mccarren brings us the story.
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>> he admits he's the guy that lost control of his toy drone crashed it in to the grounds of white house. is the secret service ready for this kind of threat?
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the secret service locked down the white house early this morning alarmd after a small drone crashed on the south lawn. it now appears it was just a night owl governor worker playing around with his toy when he lost control. after a series of secret service failures, bruce leshan reports live tonight a lot of people are hoping the secret service is moving to counter one more potential threat. >> that's right. but this wasn't as defurious as we first
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thought. >> reporter: seek cret service officers and agents combed the white house grounds before dawn and then once again at daybreak, trying to make sure they had not missed anything. about 3:00 in the morning an officer heard and saw a quadcopter flying low then crashing in to the southeast side of the white house complex. by 9:30 a government worker came forward admitted it was his saying he was flying it for fun nearby and lost control. >> the early instructions are that it's not any ongoing threat to anyone at the white house. >> reporter: the president and first lady are in india. sasha and malia are in washington with their grandmother. >> the air space over the white house is very secure but these are the kind of things given their small size, it's very difficult to mitigate this. >> reporter: dan is a former
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secret service agent who suspects the secret service is now spending a lot of time thinking about how to protect the white house from a drone that could run surveillance or even be packed with high explosives. >> they're going to have to attack the problem though from the communications side. how the drone communication with the operator there's no other way. you can't shoot it down in washington d.c. it's a major american city. where's the bullet going to go? >> do take a lesson before you fly. >> reporter: the faa has been warning people not to fly the now immensely popular toy drones in closed air space or around crowds. but congress has been pushing the agency to speed up the implementation of new rules on drones. >> more dangers than fence jumping for us from terrorism are these drones. which after all we're using in warfare which gives everybody the idea of what they can use them for.
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>> author ron kessler a frequent critic of the secret service says the secret service is on top of the threat from drones. he says the laboratories the defense department are working on ways to disrupt these drones perhaps with electromagnetic waves that would zap their components or with other kind of electric interference that would disrupt their radio communication. so they're working on it. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> today's snow made for tricky driving in parts of our area including winchester. the snow did slow down drivers as well as walkers to try to get around this morning. and of course it's heartbreaking for someone like topper who loves the snow and we're not going to get to see all the snow that new york
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is. >> i brought another tie too but i did wear there. there's a couple snowflakes. maybe an inch or two tonight. if i wear it who knows if it's the last time. boy, those are pretty pictures in new york. this is going to sound kind of silly but remember you need to have your windshield wiper stuff filled. you're going to be cleaning your windshields constantly the next few days. cumberland maryland, 3 inches. inch and a half at chester. martinsburg had about an inch and a half. we're looking at almost an inch and half an inch in winchester, virginia. now a live look outside. you can see national airport kind of shrouded in fog and clouds. a little bit of snizzle. something between snow and drizzle. upper 20s. that indicates cold er and drier air has moved in. it funneled in last night. winds north northeast. here's the radar. over the past couple hours you can see some of the bands starting to develop over the
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montgomery county, howard county line. still a little bit of rain to the south. that will kick over. our friends in charles county may take a while. may take until 10:00 11:00 tonight. you are going to get an inch of snow on the western side of the bay. the brighter the white the heavier the snow. out toward 108, a little bit of snow. 108 and 97. we're looking at snow on the way to columbia and a little bit of snow to silver spring. as the upper air swings through tonight, radar will fill in a little bit. we're also concerned despite the 1 to 2 inches temperatures tonight. 25 to 30. that's going to equal icy spots. we'll say a trace to 2 inches overnight. some areas could get locally 3 inches. tuesday morning commute slippery. we've extended our yellow alert through tuesday at least through the early morning hours. how much snow? total when all said and done, 1 to 3 inches through the metro and 2 to 4 to the north of us.
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your snow is over out in the mountains. futurecast 8:00 tonight. the futurecast is a hard time figuring out where these snow showers are going to be placed. not unlike the summertime showers. temperatures in the 20s and low 30s and we see a couple bands of snow now along i-95, south in to southern maryland and a pretty good band setting up on either side of the bay with temperatures in the 20s. by midnight look at the band along the bay. a little sliver of anne arundel county and calvary county in that band tonight. northeastern maryland, you'll probably see 2 to 4 inches. even through the morning hours snow showers will work their way to northeast to southwest. you could still see showers snow showers in leesbur morning but no accumulation. by 9:00 some breaks in the clouds, temperatures upper 20s low 30s. 1:00, skies should be returning. partly sunny. we'll be above freezing tomorrow in the mid 30s, low to mid 30s. by 3:00, sunshine. pretty strong winds
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tomorrow. 10 to 20, 25. dress for the 20s. tonight cold. windy and cold with light snow or snow showers. a trace to two inches and lows 25 to 30. that concerns me as much as anything else with the refreezing tonight. so the day planner looks like this. snow showers or flurries at 34. that will be at 7:00. 9:00 maybe a flurry. 11:00, sun a ppears and by 11:00 a little bit of sun. wednesday, 37. another clipper comes through thursday. not a strong clipper. most of it goes north of us. behind that it will be cold on friday and saturday. low to mid 30s on friday and saturday. super bowl sunday, another system comes at us, a mix possible by sunday evening. we'll talk more about that in case you're traveling somewhere to get to a super bowl party. arctic blast behind that. only in the 20s next monday. prince george's county police charged a teenager with
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attempted murder over a shooting yesterday at the suspect's home in clinton. 16-year-old delano dunmoore is being charged as an adult. police say it appears dunmoore got in to an argument with two other teens then they say he shot and wounded the others, then shot himself. all three survived though one of those victims suffered some critical injuries. a dc cab driver is facing numerous charges after leading police on a high speed chase. it all ended this morning on the south capital street bridge. police say the cabby made an illegal u-turn on the parkway. the cabby hit a couple other vehicles. the 27-year-old suspect has now been charged with felony assault on an officer among some other charges. a museum worker damages one of the world's most recognizable artifacts. how king tut's beard was busted. >> and a tire recall you need to know about. plus accusations that verizon is putting your privacy at risk.
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in tonight's consumer alert, goodyear is recalling more than 48,000 tires. here's what's going on. they're fitted
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for suvs and they can develop small cracks. but this doesn't just impact owners of goodyear tires. this impacts general motors vehicles too. the automaker is being forced to stop sales of about 6300 vehicles until the tires can be replaced. cyber experts say verizon is putting your privacy at risk. the company apparently uses computer codes to tag and follow subscribers as they search for web. security experts say that could make you vulnerable to companies and toac hkers who could track and profile you. travel site expedia has bought travelosity in a $280 million cash deal. in 2013 expedia started helping travelosity run its website. that adds to expedia's rapidly growing online portfolio which includes and
5:25 pm in today's health alert the food and drug administration approved a new drug designed to help meningitis b. the double dose treatment is already approved in 36 countries. there's been meningitis b outbreaks in several universities. new research suggests the genetics of autism are more complex than before thought. experts previously believed that siblings actually inherited the same autism indisposing genes. maryland's two biggest casinos want to get rid of hundreds of games to make room for others. what's on the chopping block and why? that's coming up. >> free range parent from our
5:26 pm
area who sparked an international debate about parenting meet with child protective services this afternoon. i'm andrea mccarren. i'll have all the details coming up in a live report. >> folks in our area are already having a hard time getting out. i'm stephanie
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you know... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious... and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. as the coastal storm begins
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to take over and intensify it's going to intensify a little too late for us. we're going to get a little bit of snow overnight. probably a trace to an inch in the west. beltway, 1 to 2 inches. western side of the bay and arundel county, 2 to 4 inches. moisture is a little more intense. lingers a little bit longer. here's a look over the radar over the past couple hours. you can see the moisture working its way for the coast inland as the storm system begins to wrap itself up. this is what's going to give you guys your best chance of snow tonight. in the meantime we'll zoom in a little bit still watching this band sit right between howard county and montgomery county, out toward lime kill road. scattered snow showers and snow flurries back to the west. we'll see the radar fill in a little bit and in conjunction with freezing temperatures it's going to get slick late tonight and tomorrow morning. we've extended our yellow alert. air traffic expected to see major delays.
5:30 pm
before the storm hit, we saw more than 5,000 cancellations of flights to major airports north of us. stephanie ramirez went to visit dulles and regan. >> she said there's not enough storm to ground our flights but the storm is causing problems for people trying to get out of here. >> reporter: the sleepover started early for some. this family traveling with their children tells us their monday morning flight to boston was canceled due to weather. >> we were supposed to go to jfk and they asked us to have it rerouted. >> reporter: philadelphia, newark, new jersey, and new york city all the major cities expecting major snow showing different delays and cancellations throughout the day. many of the airlines are already planning to completely stop air traffic in those city on tuesday. thankfully it didn't affect sue smith's flight too much. >> we took off maybe five or 10 minutes late. we were actually a couple minutes early coming in. >> reporter: she flew in to regan national from chicago and
5:31 pm
tells me passengers had more issues with an antsy child on the plane than the weather. >> i noticed she had a toy from frozen so we sang a little song. when we landed i got a round of applause. >> reporter: which is maybe a good idea to keep in mind, because the headaches for those trying to fly elsewhere have already begun. i found rafael looking at the departure board as if he was looking for a miracle. he tells me his flight was canceled coming out of newark and he's not trying to go anywhere north. >> headed to puerto rico to a nice warm island. we're stuck with the snow i guess. >> reporter: a spokesperson says that's going to be the big issue in the coming days. that's the impact those several flight cancellations are going to have on the overall airlines system. if you're headed out you do want to make sure, check with the airlines and make sure your flight has not been canceled. at regan national, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> we'll be on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and you can stay up to date on
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the snow and any cancellations using our wusa 9 mobile app. it is free for your android or apple device. now to a wusa 9 followup. the local family that launched a global debate about parenting styles met with child protective services this afternoon. danielle and sasha became the subjects of a child neglect investigation because they allowed their kids to walk around their silver spring neighborhood without an adult. andrea mccarren broke the story and is live in rockville with an update. i'm so curious how that meeting turned out. >> so are we. of course cps can't comment. and they describe the meeting as cordial. but they are frustrated there is still no resolution to their case. they were given this pamphlet entitled when can your child be left alone? and told all about cps policy. >> i think the people at cps they're following what they believe to be the best policy to
5:33 pm
protect children. we think it's actually overreach. >> reporter: danielle and sasha's stories gained worldwide attention and lit up social media. after they let their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter walk home alone from a neighborhood park. twice police in child protective services were alerted. >> it's been weighing heavily on my mind. it's hard to focus on work or get sleep. >> reporter: they investigates the mayteaves for child neglect. a person must be at least 13 years old to supervise. >> to them, that law can be stretched to be anywhere. playgrounds, walking home from school. to us that's apples and oranges ando think they should use that law in this case. >> we understand cps needs to be there. we feel tremendous
5:34 pm
respect for what they do. in this case we wish the investigation wasn't opened. >> cbs -- cps is expected to mail a letter to the mayteaves in about a week. they tell us they live in fear that police or child protective services may pick up their children again. andrea mccarren, wusa 9. it was 5 years ago today that the body of slain virginia tech student morgan harrington was found in a field in albemarle county. a nonprofit will begin selling t-shirts. the group is called help save the next girl. they'll be selling team justice t-shirts. investigators have found evidence linking jesse matthew to harrington. matthew was charged with the abduction of uva student hannah graham as well as the sexual assault ofg9 a woman from fairfax.
5:35 pm
gambling executives at maryland's two largest casinoerize betting -- casinos are betting on their plan to add more table games. they'll take their proposal to the gaming commission this week. the plan will be to get rid of 300 slot machines at each facility. >> on our busiest night which is new year's eve at any given time on the casino floor there were 1200 slot machines not being played. at the same time if you're on the casino floor looking for table games open seats, you would have had a hard time finding one. >> the casino bosses say more table games would be more jobs too. at least 100 more for maryland live alone. president obama became the first u.s. leader today to participate in india's annual republican day festivities. the event in new delhi celebrates the country's adoption of its democratic institution in 1950. indiana is looking to improve its ties with the u.s.
5:36 pm
the anger grows over huge fees and fines on the expressway. now a congressman's car dealership is served a summons for thousands of dollars in toll violations they say they didn't know about. peggy fox has that story coming up at 6:00. >> and trending now the actor who almos recognized in last night
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let's go trending right now. a botched repair job on king tut's iconic mask is causing a bit of controversy in egypt. >> it's flooded our facebook account as well. a lot of people are talking about this on social media. apparently a worker at the museum broke off the ancient beard while changing a light in the display case. that worker quickly tried to glue it back on with epoxy which experts say should only be used as a last resort. you can see the remains of the glue on the gold and blue braided beard. a tourist caught the shabby repair job on camera. fixing the beard is going to be a hairy process. >> the museum is now saying this conservation job is going to have to be undone, suggesting
5:40 pm
the substance used in this case is perhaps not quite perfect. >> art restorers say king tut's beard will be unstuck and restuck in the coming months. they probably will not use duct tape either. >> you can't really see it with the naked eye. can you see it? i couldn't really see it. a big night for birdman at the 21st screen actor guild awards tonight winning for outstanding cast in a motion picture. not my favorite movie i have to admit. take a look at zach galifiniakis. here's a look at zach with and without the beard. >> he's actually a good looking kid there. >> oscar favorites julianne moore, patricia arquette and jk simmons took home hardware. viola davis accepted the award for female actor in "how to get
5:41 pm
away with murder." her speech was exquisite. congratulations to miss colombia for taking home the miss universe pageant crown. vega is a 22-year-old business major who said women today care about being beautiful as well as being a professional, talented, hardworking person. a lot of people on twitter thought miss jamaica should have won. very interesting. a new app may provide a little less freedom for students heading off to college. >> it's called class 120 and it notifies your parent whether you show up to class or not. you've got to enter the class schedule and a time in to the smart phone. the app uses geolocation technology to track students. the service costs $18. who is buying this? their parents? >> plenty of mommies and daddies. >> clearly the student doesn't want the parents to know.
5:42 pm
>> i think i'll be using that. i'm called a helicopter parent. dc has been home to michael jordan gilbert arenas and now john wall. a future hall of famer said he once considered coming to the district. >> consumers are seeing more can lays in getting recalled defective airbags fixed. >> topper is back after the break with the latest on our snowy forecast.
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check out the scenes of the day where a steady snowfall already making things dicy right now. the mayor has declared no cars be on the streets after 11:00 tonight. whoa, where are those people going to park? the governor says some state highways we closed to prevent a problem and make it easier for snow plows to clear those roads. >> i was just telling jan and kristen, i have friends in new york who are loving this because they don't have to work. they've got the wine and the movies and they're feeling good. but this is a dangerous storm. >> i expect many will be telecommuting tomorrow. that's
5:46 pm
my guess. we'll get an inch or two tonight, especially east of town. not our storm as we said yesterday. let's take a live look outside. here's our live michael and son weather cam. most everybody else has been below freezing. so we're very concerned about some freezing overnight. winds picking up north northeast at about 14 miles per hour. they're knowing to pick up tomorrow out of the northwest and probably gust over 25 miles per hour. here's a radar over the past couple of hours. watching the precipitation really move from the coast inland across the bay. so this is your snow later tonight in to southern maryland. right now we're looking at a little bit of snow. right on the howard county-maryland county line. a little heavier activity northwest on the east side of 270. flurries down toward spur and pretty good snow south of the 50. so it's going to be hit or miss, almost like a summertime deal. some areas will pick up an inch or two. some will see a trace of snoso far
5:47 pm
gaithersburg, half an inch. romney 2 inches. winchester picked up half an inch. williamsport maryland about one inch. so tonight because temperatures will be between 25 and 30 we're looking at icy spots. we're a little bit concerned about that. we're more concerned about that than the snow. a trace to 2 inches of snow is possible overnight. not much out to the west. more to the east. tuesday morning commute, i think it looks slippery so we extended our yellow alert for tuesday. howard may cancel that at noon tomorrow. at least want to get you through the tuesday morning commute. so you know they can be a little bit slippery and may want to allow a little extra time. between essentially now and tomorrow morning a trace to an inch west of town. leesburg culpeper you're pretty much done. might get an early morning snow shower. that's it. maybe an inch or so downtown and maybe 2 to 4 inches on the west side of the bay and across the bay in to the del marva. by 8:00 temperatures in the 20s.
5:48 pm
even some mid 20 out toward gaithersburg and toward frederick. so it's going to freeze tonight. 30 downtown. by 10:00 snow showers begin to show up again. temps in the upper 20s. by midnight more snow showers. they're focused essentially on either side of the bay which makes sense because it's about as far west as it can push its moisture. some of those will break apart and move to the west. you might see a snow shower tomorrow morning. don't see any accumulation tonight. by 9:00 tomorrow temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. your driveway will be frozen no doubt. sidewalks and maybe side streets as well. day planner looks like this. 34 at 7:00. maybe a flur ry. mid 30s at 9:00. mid 30s at 11:00 and mid 30s. dress for the 20s tomorrow. rain and snow showers
5:49 pm
possible thursday. not a huge deal with that clipper and warmer. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. next seven days, behind that clipper colder again. low 30s friday. mid 30s on saturday. watching another system on super bowl sunday. mid 30s. and then back in the deep freeze next monday. sunshine highsome -- highs in the upper 20s. people have been told to have their recalled takata airbags replace but the fix could take a while. >> reporter: when dorothy panes asked her local toyota dealer to ask if they could fix her recalled airbags the answer wasn't exactly reassuring. >> he said why don't you call us back in about two months. >> reporter: in some cases when the airbag open, it cracked sending shrapnel flying through the vehicle. millions of americans have been told they have to get their airbags fixed. george kennedy of consumer reports says most of the affected car companies are doing
5:50 pm
regional recalls and some have expanded recalls nationwide. when it comes to the fix -- >> it's not going to happen overnight. >> reporter: he says there simply aren't enough parts available right now to handle all the recalls. more inflaters should soon be in production. >> the original supplier doesn't have the capacity to do it on their own. another company has been brought in that's working specifically with honda and might be going to other brands. >> reporter: in the meantime, know most of the defective airbags are on the passenger side of the car. >> if you have one of the vehicles that has a front passenger side recall, definitely have somebody travel in the back seat to avoid the potential risk situation. >> reporter: something dorothy is no longer worried about. toyota contacted us and offered to replace her airbag immediately. even with production ramping up, it's estimated it could take two years to make enough parts to fix all 8 million affected cars. julie watts san francisco. >> a takata spokesperson says the company is doing everything
5:51 pm
it can to replace those recalled airbags as quickly as possible. kobe bryant a washington wizard? believe it or not the wiz were this close to getting the nba star about a decade ago, bryant was in the middle of his infamous feud with shaquille o'neal and he wanted out of l.a. bryant confirmed in a recent interview with the washington post that dc is where he wanted to go. bryant said he wanted to play under his mentor michael jordan who was expected to be promoted to general manageer. however the team owner let mj go in 2003 and bryant, considered the heir to jordan, decided to stay in l.a. oh, what might have been. 4-year-oldavea of roanoke got so upset when she realized she'd never get to meet george washington who died in 1799. >> can you tell me why you're
5:52 pm
crying? >> because i wanted to meet george washington. >> oh, but george washington, he was our president 217 years ago. >> i want to see him. >> after the video went viral ava got a special treat. george washington university invited ava and her family to a colonials basketball game. she had a courtside seat for the game against duquesne and got to hang out with george and some of the players. she still got to meet george washington. >> i think she's a future historian. a real connection. >> they offered, you want to meet president obama? she was set on george washington. >> first president. a security breach at the white house. we'll explain what made its way over the fence and how. >> and hot lanes getting virginia drivers heated. >> and next, an auschwitz
5:53 pm
survivor reflects on the state of the world 70 years after the camp was liberated.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. somewhere between 1 and 1.5 million people died at that camp. >> every year there are fewer survivors left to remember the horror. bruce leshan talked to one of them. >> when i first saw it, it had
5:56 pm
such an impact on me, because even now i still see how important it was. >> reporter: he has seen it a thousand times but 70 years after liberation the image of a survivor clutching his ration bowl still moves marty weiss to tears. weiss was just 15 when the fascists deported him his parents, and five of his brothers and sisters to auschwitz. >> that's one memory you don't forget. we were pushed shoved, and everybody was trying to hold on to each other because family was everything. my mother, my two younger sisters were immediately taken. >> reporter: within hours they were gassed. their bodies thrown in a pile and set afire. >> we saw this huge dish with flames going up to the height of
5:57 pm
the pine trees. those are our families being burned. the volume was so great they couldn't handle it. >> reporter: for 55 years weiss refused to even talk about it. until he started volunteering at the holocaust museum. >> did you ever cry? >> no oddly enough. >> even in the years since? >> yeah, now i do. now even when i speak about it i tear up. >> reporter: weiss spent just over a week at auschwitz before the nazis moved him by rail to austria to carve tunnels in mountains, to hide the german war machine. >> 5,000 men in a barrack. >> reporter: his father died of exhaustion and starvation, but no one ever ran. >> somebody escaped, the next morning they'll go down and
5:58 pm
shoot every 10th person. >> reporter: then one day as the allies advanced, his guards simply disappeared. and weiss and his fellow prisoners went to a farmhouse to beg for eggs and flour. >> we made dumplings. that was our first meal. >> marty weiss fears this is not just history. he looks out at all the hatred in the world today and fears that it could happen again. >> it's a reminder what man was capable of doing and what we have to protect ourselves again. >> at the holocaust museum, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> the museum is holding a small commemoration of auschwitz liberation tomorrow. marty weiss leads tours on friday. if you're lucky you can go and hear many more of his stories. security breach at the white house but this time it wasn't some dude hopping the fence. >> plus more snow puts events on hold and slows down your commute. >> it's not sticking to the
5:59 pm
roads quite yet but as temperatures keep dropping, the condition is likely to worsen. >> the snow is over in hagerstown maryland tonight but looking ahead it's going to be windy and cold. i'm scott broom in the mobile news room. coming up a report from the far out suburbs. well, welcome back. snowy start to the week and it's not over yet. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> looks like i made it back just in time. i'm derek mcginty. while the snow scene wasn't as bad as perhaps advertised, you can see from this video in frederick the roads up there are wet and a little bit snowy and could get pretty slick a little bit later on. chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking cold temperatures and the a.m. commute could be in some jeopardy. >> it certainly could be. i'm a little depressed the snow is going to go north of us but just not our storm. we have winter weather advisories in effect for much of the area until tomorrow. for the backside, coastal storm
6:00 pm
and icy spots. we're concerned a little bit about refreezing tonight everywhere. out of the west you won't see much snow if at all. inside the beltway an inch or two. right along the west side of the bay and across the bay 2 to 4 inches of snow is possible by tomorrow morning. you can see the precipitation working its way from east to west as that system begins to wind up off the northeastern coast of north carolina. you can see also some bands little banding setting up here and there. you're going to run in to heavier snow. we'll show you a picture coming up in about 5 minutes. you can see a little bit of snow, brighter whites indicates heavier snow. fairland down to silver spring and over toward college park. we'll zoom in a little bit more. beltsville pretty good snow. north of college park and in between laurel. this has been going on the last couple hours. we'll come back and talk about when the snow


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