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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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l just wet along some of the grassy surfaces, starting to see a little bit of white out there. once you head to the panhandle of maryland that is when you could run into secondary roads. we are starting to see the flurries fly along interstate 70. be cautious of that even through laurel, reports of light snow. once you head through the south, rain is just warm. we are starting to sleet mixed in from leesburg down to warrenton. that is indicated by the little bit of yellow here on the radar. lots of rain to the south. looks like it will stay rain if a good portion of the day. here are some of our snowfall totals for 7:00 tonight. we are going to see a couple more showers move in overnight which will add on to this. only a trace to an inch in the district, you see the higher accumulations off to the north and west. that is where some of the cancellations are through west virginia. let's go to beverly with
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traffic. >> reporter: allison northbound side of virginia 95 on the wet pavement. enough people going to work north of the prince william question. it has become a focal point for delays leaving dale city on northbound 95. more heavy traffic heading for newington. other incident on the shoulder and your ride into landmark heavier on 395 with lanes open. 66 volume delays heading east to manassas. more volume in centerville, fair lakes, fair oaks into vienna with wet pavement there as well. beltway south of route 50 landover, lacking good no early troubles to report, heading from andrews on the beltway or south down across the wilson bridge. mike and andrea, back to you. we'll get back to our weather coverage in just a minute, but we begin with breaking news from this morning at the white house.
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>> anything giovanni joins us. >> reporter: the white house has confirmed a device was recovered on its ground. the ap reporting that device was a drone. hours agatha resulted in this. teams of secret service agents scouring the grounds with flashlights in hand, going to and from the fence lane, back to the white house. as we pulled up just before 5:00 this morning they were walking all along the perimeter of the north lawn specifically. what they found though, poses no threat according to white house spokesperson josh earnest. president obama and first lady michelle obama are spending the day in new delhi, india. no longer appears to be an active scene. >> nick thank you with that live update. people in new york city are
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bracing for what could be one of the biggest blizzards in that city's history. >> they are thinking it may be historic. many people stocked up on supplies this weekend, boarding up if they needed to. winds are associated with this storm. new york mayor bill de blasio is sending an urgent message. >> projections for this storm are that it would easily be as much as two feet of snow, potentially pushing on closer to three feet of snow. >> reporter: at least 2000 flights have already been canceled to that region of the country. many more could follow when the heavy snow starts to arrive later today. in the higher elevations in our area, up to 6 inches of snow could fall in communities north and west of the district. that includes west virginia, washington county and frederick county. nikki burdine did see snowflakesreport. how are things looking now?
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>> reporter: it has picked up quite a bit. we are seeing big flakes. we are driving a little faster so it is hard to tell. they almost look like raindrops now, but this is big snowflakes coming down and we have seen a bit of an accumulation on the side of the road in the grass. a nice, white coating in the grass. in terms of the road conditions, they are just wet. i haven't noticed that mean slick spots, but of course that could change as the snow starts to pick up. if you are getting ready to head out to work this morning, this is what you will see. this is what your commute is going to be like, at least right now. the roads are just very we wet. -- very wet. keeping an eye ready to get to work if they are needed. they were dropping some salt pre treating over the weekend, and of course early this morning. but right now, they kind of monitoring the roads much lake we are. but again we are here in frederick. keep an eye on the roads here for you. if you can look to the grass, you can see a little bit of snow but that is about it right now. we'll keep you updated guys on
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what we find here in frederick county. thanks a lot. the maryland highway administration has been ready. crews out in force since last night preparing for the storm as they do, major highways have been pre treated, more than 200 plows and 300 workers have been deployed for the state. the stay highway spokesman dave buck says there is still a lot of guessing going on about how much snow we are going to get. >> reporter: the forecast changed quit a bit just like the last storm. a couple of degrees is going to make all the difference in the world. our trucks will be out, they will be out all day monday. you may see snow, rain, allstate, but the state highway trucks will be out on the roads. >> and buck is can go this morning's commuters to hold off to let their crews do their work. >> when all is said and done parts of west virginia will receive 4 to 6 inches of snow. >> delia goncalves is live in leesburg. good delia. >> reporter: gam. things have certainly picked up here in regards to the rain.
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it has gotten a bit heavier and in regards to the traffic the commuter lot here getting very busy. here's another bus heading toward rosalyn. a lot of folks picking up their commuter buses into dc to get to work hopefully ahead of what could be coming. even though a lot of these cars in the lot right now really wet with a light coating of rain. you can see a lot of folks have already prepared for what could be coming their way. and what their cars could look like when they come home this evening. this woman putting her windshield wipers up with along -- along with a lot of other folks in the lot who have prepared for what could come. we talked to her awhile ago and here's what she had to say. >> planning for the worst, hoping for the best. that is really all we can do. i understand it is moving a little bit north of us, so i'm keeping fingers crossed. >> reporter: all right and we are keeping fingers crossed atoo. but individual individual v dot has you covered. here in northern virginia more
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than 900 trucks have been on the road pre treating the roads with their salt brine, making sure commuters like the one that we have here at this lot, getting ready. this bus driver getting ready, making sure they will be safe on the roads. we are going to continue to monitor conditions and bring you another live update in a half hour. >> thank you delia. and rain or snow whenever it comes your way you can track weather anytime of the day with the wusa9 mobile app. it is available in apple and google stores free, and check for delays and of course they are at the bottom of our screen. some members of congress from both sides of the aisle are urging president obama to send troops to yemen. and
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6:10 on this monday morning. winter weather advisories up until 10:00 tomorrow morning. north and west seeing a mix of rain and snow out from. it is not sticking to the roads, and that is pretty important because we have temperatures stillwell above freezing on the road surfaces. that snow north and west is sticking to secondary roads between winchester and martinsburg. we'll talk snow total and a chilly week on the 7 thai coming up in about six minute. good morning inbound lanes of route 4 had the crash between wood yard and do you recall house moved out of the roadway police tell us.
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northbound lanes of route 4. beltway heading past andrews south toward the wilson bridge. volume light i-27 0 corridor. a little volume build toward high ats town. again wet pavement lanes are open down toward the beltway. virginia 95 slowest, trying to make it past the north william parkway. 35 edsel up to landmark on the wet ride. andrea, mike back to you. our coverage of today's snowfall takes us also northwest of the district i can't scott broom joins us from i 81 at hagerstown. how are things scott? >> >> reporter: well gm, i'm definitely on the cold side of this as howard has been reporting. there is a little more snow out here. let me show you the view out of the dashboard camera my mobile
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newsroom. that is interstate 81 just north of hagerstown, maryland. howard just mentioned winchester martinsburg, hagerstown. we have pretty significant snow. about an inch or two inches and just a little bit farther to the west. we've got some snow covered secondary roads and for that reason schools are late two hours here in washington county, maryland. you can see from the dashboard camera, my mobile newsroom here on interstate 81 headed south now right through hagerstown. the road is clear and wet and we are clipping along at 55 miles per hour with some of those long game commuters headed into the metro area. they are going to be able to move just fine as we have been reporting throughout the region. but i would say there is about 2 inches of snow on the ground out here and it is coming down right now as a moderate snowfall. reporting live from the mobile
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newsroom scott broom w u s.a. 9 hagerstown, maryland in washington county. thank you, scott. it is 6:13. another look at the question of the morning. almost one in five meals served in american restaurants comes with french fries, bread or parsley? >> our facebook friend christie casey said i think bread. even if you order a burger and fries you still get bread as the bun. what do you think?
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in the news right now it is 6:16. secretary of state john kerry is in lagos. kerry's visit came as nigerian troops battled extremists in a city in the country's northeast. it is roughly 1000 miles away. arizona senator john mccain and california senator dianne feinstein were on cbs's face the nation yesterday. the republican and democrat called on president obama to send more u.s. troops to yemen. this comes after the president
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resigned last week amid pressure from rebels who have taken over the capital. the president said he doesn't want to increase u.s. forces in the region. a decisive and historic win in greece could telethe country's future into question. voting to end what he calls five years of humiliation for the country, he is referring to the international bailout which saved greece from bankruptcy. he will be greece's youngest prime minister in 150 years if he wins enough parliament seats to form a government. the nation's most influential pediatrician's group says medical marijuana should only be used for kids who are severely ill and have no other treatment option. in an updated policy statement the american academy of pediatrics says there may be some exception for compassionate marijuana use in children with debilitating
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diseases. but the group opposes legalizing medical marijuana and wants more research on how chemicals in marijuana can affect children and teenagers. higher elevations are going to see more snow and see it sooner in some spots. >> especially long and west of 81. >> got a lot of folks here in martinsburg, out of west maryland. facebook twitter. bill sent me a text half an inch of snow on the near the maryland border toward i-85. here in washington not nearly as bad as some other spots. our whole region won't see it like they will in the new york new england area. winter weather advisories expanded until 10:00 tomorrow morning. in washington, maryland, west toward allegheny and jefferson, west virginia, you see it in
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frederick, individual individual, those are winter storm warnings. we are expecting a little bit more snow and arguably, this may have to go into northern frederick county as well. i have concerns enough snow to warrant a warning up that way. doppler 9000, baltimore it is quiet now. see how this snow line is just sinking that way. made it to about the beltway in montgomery county, almost to leesburg here. we'll check with delia again, she is out west this morning and areas west, i 891 west, even harrisonburg. i know there is snow down in the valley reporting big fat flakes in the last 20 minutes or so. some of this you see, i don't think it is heavy rain as much as snow or sleet mixed in, it reflects more of the radar signal, that is what we are seeing in western fairfax and lowdon, there could be flakes mixed in as well are toward sterling and we see bright banding as well with moderate rain across northern and
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central virginia at this hour. but their temperatures are well above freezing. my concerns south of 66, not there yet. southern maryland not there. when we go north now we are seeing temperatures closer to freezing. if the snow would pick up that would be more of a concern. how much snow am i talking about? through 7:00 trace to an inch in the metro, 1 to 3 in our northwestern suburbs. 2 to 4 and 3 to 6 in the mountains. snow totals for the storm, unanswered maybe 2 here, a trace to an inch south. 3 to 6 and 6 plus in western maryland and parts of west virginia and the hike. the snow rain mix, snow 39, could be definitely slick spots tomorrow morning but better in the afternoon. 34 wednesday. thursday a flurry or sprinkle. will be about 42 and turning colder by sunday. it is 6:20. good morning. >> reporter: good morning
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howard. 270 corridor volume building toward germantown. checking northbound 270 out of rockville for the accident between montrose road and 28. so far don't see any issues reported northbound. southbound i see flashing lights on the shoulder southbound falls road, that may be where they found the incident. beltway volume form on the outer lap west of new hampshire, off and on to get past georgia avenue. inbound rains of route 4 slower than normal. the accident before dower house moved out of the roadway. 95 volume past quantico, 610 stafford the express lane hov lane, that crashed moved out of the way. more volume springfield on to 395. so far 66 has been in good shape just with brief volume delays through the
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interchanges. thanks for joining us
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6:24. here are some things you may have missed in the news. the united nations security council is set to meet this morning to discuss yemen and the ukraine. the meeting on ukraine was
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requested by lithuania. the council has met on the ukranian civil war but has failed to act. president obama has become the first u.s. president to preside over india's spectacular republican day festivities. india rolled out the red carpet for the president, and leaders of both countries hailed what they called a new friendship. the crowd broke out into cheers when mr. obama got out of his limousine. the event featured everything from tanks and state of the art weaponry to camels and dancers. a plan to designate 12 million acres of alaska's wildlife refuge as wilderness is causing an outcry. president obama is pushing for federal protection of this land, but republicans in alaska are calling the wilderness designation of a potentially oil rich coastal area quote a land grab.
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more than 7 million acres of refuge are currently managed as wilderness. presidential candidates were in iowa this weekend campaigning for support, this despite the fact the campaign for 2016 has not even officially kicked off yet. >> a lot of big names showed up but some already considered to be the front runners were missing. >> reporter: what does it mean when chris christie, donald atrium and sarah palin share the same iowa stage? >> this is the beginning of our caucus season. >> reporter: a year before the iowa caucuses, at least nine presidential candidates descended on des moines to introduce themselves to influential conservative activists. >> i'm sure you will not agree with me orfully other candidate on every single -- or any other candidate on any single issue. mitt romney and jeb bush and rand paul were not here. >> of course i wish they were here but i understand we'll see them at future events, bush and
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romney are coming off their own face-to-face meeting this week and it appears both will prep for presidential bids. >> i know you are on the fence. >> no i'm not. >> oh. >> i'm seriously considering the possibility of running. >> okay. >> florida senator marco rubio is telling supporttors get ready for a run and is joining rand paul and ted cruz at a private meeting with the billionaire coke brothers this -- weekend. donald trump insists he is seriously thinking of running. but after flirting with bids three times before republicans wonder how serious he really is. cbs news, des moines. let's take a live look outside at the airport. this is going to be key if you are traveling in or out of the region today because of the problems in the northeast, your flight could be canceled or delayed.
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they are in their winter weather advisory until 6:00 this evening. a little over 2000 flights have been canceled. we could include everything around here from rain to sleet snow. allison ray joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. we are starting to see a little bit of sleet mixed with rain but it is all falling as rain and melting on the ground here on the weather terrace. but yeah, we are starting to see that change over occur, especially for areas just north of the district. take a look at doppler 9000. all the way to rockville to germantown. the ground is still too warm for any accumulations, falling and melting immediately. leesburg, we are starting to see the change over. just south of leesburg, bright colors, that is going to be sleet. not so much of heavy rain, but rain continues for areas off to the south and right along the blue ridge we are starting to see flow as well. off to the newport, temperatures you can start to see the temperatures dip.
6:29 am
30 for westminister, 34 for frederick and 32 for gaithersburg. a lot of areas will see snow later on tonight as the change over occurs. more on the futurecast coming up. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: 270 corridor primarily wet pavement. a new crash 270, they looked both directions near falls road. i believe what they found is in the southbound sound near falls road and impacting traffic there as you come down out of the local lanes and the main lanes both slow there, too look at that crash activity. on the inbound lanes of route 4 the crash past wood yard, moved over to the quote unquote right shoulder, which is a travel lane at this hour. that is why it is so slow out of upper marlboro. the volume stretches past duke street before lanes breakthrough past the pentagon and onto the 14th street br idge.
6:30 am
thanks for joining us this morning with timesaver traffic. wusa 9 will be right back. we'll get back to our weather coverage in just a minute. but we want to begin with breaking news from early this morning at the white house. >> nick giovanni joins us live from lafayette park with more. nick? >> reporter: mike, andrea, no longer appears to be an active scene surrounding the white house. the lights are on inside, flashlights are off outside. but the white house has confirmed the reason we saw teams of secret service agents in the early hours this morning was because of a device recovered on the grounds of the white house. they haven't confirmed exactly what that device was, but the ap has been reporting over the last hour that device was a drone. white house spokesperson josh earnest has said it poses no threat, as president obama and first lady michelle obama are currently spending the day in new delhi, india. again that is the latest
6:31 am
information we have from the white house. we have yet to hear from secret service. we have reached out to them. if they pass along any information we will certainly do the same. nick giovanni wusa9. >> this is happening on the same day where a man from iowa who was a white house intruder is scheduled to be sentenced on misdemeanor charges later today. right. millions of people in the northeast are bracing for a blizzard. the national weather service says two to three feet of snow could fall today and tomorrow with sustained winds of over 35 miles per hour. >> mix the two you can expect whiteout conditions in some area. the mayor of new york, bill de blasio, says the storm could be one of the worst ever seen. many more nice canceled travelers are being advised to call their airlines before they head on the airport. united is planning to cancel all flights for tuesday at newark, la guardia, as well as boston and philadelphia
6:32 am
airports. >> it is a nuisance yellow alert day for us but our region isn't expected to receive anywhere near what is predicted for the northeast. >> communities north and west of the district can expect as much as 6 inches in some areas. nikki, what are you seeing now? >> reporter: right now a lot of snow. look at the road in front of me. it is snow we are seeing coming down here in frederick. driving down buck east town pike right now. fortunately when the snow falls it is not doing much on the ground. the roads are very wet hear. you have to be cautious and wary of that as you head out to work this morning. on the side roads and on the grass, it is hard to tell. we have seen a nice, white coating on the grass. if you park your car outside, your car is going to be covered. it is a light dusting, should
6:33 am
be easy for you to kind of dust off before you get in your car this morning. again this is what it looks like when you are coming out of your house, getting ready to head to work and get on the road. this is what you will see. just wet roads but it is coming down as quit a bit of snow. the flakes are very small so just be cautious, drive slow. even though it is not sticking to the ground it is very slick and very wet. quite a few snow plows this morning. they have been patiently waiting sitting on the side of the road. we'll keep you updated on if and when the snow picks up and when it sticks. >> the good news on whether it sticks or not showered says it is at freezing or just a little bit above. of all the communities in northern virginia lowdon county is expecting to get hit hardest by this snow. >> delia goncalves joins us at one of the commutedder lots to check how things are now.
6:34 am
good morning delia. >> reporter: gm. i grabbed marco hen, who was in shelter, to come talk to us real quickly. i relevantly could be tell what the mix was coming down, but now taking a look at your black coat, we are getting a little bit of snow. so here's the weather coming our way. tell me how you are preparing mark. >> just going to work. my car, expecting to see some snow. >> reporter: what we are seeing a lot of folks doing in the lot is turning upwind shield wipers, preparing for what they could see when they come home. >> doing some scraping when we get back at 6:00 tonight. >> reporter: let other folks handle driving. >> yeah let the bus drive. thank you. >> reporter: thanks mark. be safe today and go get warm. so absolutely, we are getting a little mix if you are. all morning we have been reporting just some rain here, but we are starting to see a mixture of snow, rain coming down. still really light, but as you can see as mark was mentioned a
6:35 am
lot of folks turning up their windshields wipers, preparing when they return home today from their commute and from their work day. that conditions will be very different when they return. v dot has more than 900 trucks on the road. they have pre treated, and they are cautioning drivers to be safe on the roads as conditions change throughout the day. back to you in the studio. >> thank you delia. when the conditions change it is very easy to keep up to date up to the minute by downloading our wusa9 app. it is a free download available on apple and google. you can check closings and delays in your area and put your area as a priority so it comes up first. we want to congratulate our facebook fan of the day. melissa says she should be our fan of the day because sometimes grandmas need a little tlc too. >> melissa you are going to get it. you win a $90 gift card for
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6:30. look at the snow across much of the northern half of the area out toward areas west of the blue ridge. the problems, though, seem to be up when you get to i 81 west. a report of potentially slick
6:39 am
roads in the charleston area in route 340-2009 winchester and martinsburg, sticking to the side roads back. that way in areas of western maryland and eastern west virginia west virginia. we -- west virginia. not expecting our problems to be picking up until maybeton. now over to beverly, she's got your timesaver traffic. >> reporter: on the wet pavement accidents slowing you down. the crash between wood yard and do you recall house. in that area where the -- and do youer -- and dower house. trying to remove it completely. 270 south has been the crash at falls road. the distraction for the lower end of 270 although it was out of the roadway and moved onto the shoulder, coming out of gaithersburg, you are slow to that activity. volume delay in manassas in centerville toward vienna with lanes open and on into falls
6:40 am
church and rosalyn. mike, andrea, back to you. howard and beverly are both telling us the side roads in the higher elevations are going to be tricky. >> scott broom joins us. the i 81 corridor and some of the side streets around there you are starting to see serious snow, scott? >> reporter: we have seen plenty of snow out here. came here because howard and allison had been reporting about the panhandle of west virginia. i wanted to show you what they are talking about. this is a little side street here just off interstate 81 negotiate of martinsburg in berkeley county, west virginia. you can see light to moderate snowfall that's been coming down. it is cold enough here 29 degrees, it has completely coated the side street. that gives you an indication of why berkeley county and jefferson county schools in the west virginia panhandle have been closed today. up and down the interstate 81
6:41 am
corridor. typical of what conditions you see. there is not a huge amount of snow on the ground. only an inch a little farther north of hagerstown, maryland. about i guess oh it was a half hour ago. more than an inch, closer to 2 inches of snow up that way. so there is plenty of snow out here. these are long run commuters i call them. those are the folks watching right now trying to make the decision of whether they are going to come closer into the metro area as i turned on to one of the secondary highways here, this is a ramp getting on to 81 now. it is just so dark here in the panhandle of west virginia this morning. but this road has been salted and so has the interstate. so there are slick spots on the ramps, as usual, as you might imagine. but for the most part once people get on a main road they are up there at highway speeds. berkeley county and jefferson
6:42 am
county, west virginia. scott broom reporting live on the dashboard cameras of my mobile newsroom in berkeley county, west virginia. back to you. today everyone will be talking about the winter storm headed for the northeast. but this weekend people in our region were talking all about the polar bear plunge. >> not even a winter storm could stop some people from saturday's 19th annual polar bear plunge. the water temperature was 35 degrees in the chesapeake bay and that didn't stop hundreds of people from taking that plunge including nick giovanni. >> for any of you who have wondered, have a quick listen to nick's experience
6:43 am
and he is our hero. and get this, he took the plunge not once, but he took it a second time. and it was even more the second time around. saturday night's event raised more than 1 bone $4 million for special olympics. congratulations nick, and hopefully he will stay healthy after that. it is time now to answer the question of the morning. almost one in five meals served in american restaurants come with french fries, bread or parsley. alexander christine delay
6:44 am
says i'm craving chick-fil-a and i'm going to say french fr
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it is 6:47. we have been talking about the blizzard, headed to the northeast. it is time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. nora o donald joins us. >> reporter: we are also tracking the massive storm, they could be bringing historic snowfall to parts of the northeast. peter greenburg is right here from studio 57 with the major impact on travel across the country. and we are also on your big story. the white house investigation into a possible drone discovery overnight inside the white house grounds. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you guys right at 7:00. have a good one. >> you be safe tomorrow, nora. >> reporter: thank you, you too. let's go to right now. he is seeing snow outside our windows. >> reporter: temperatures are well up in the 30s now. it is not sticking to the road
6:48 am
surfaces. getting some reports to the grassy areas and many areas well north and west of the blue ridge primarily is where you see road issues. scott broom had some snow on the ground, the road surfaces that weren't traded but the crews are out they have been out since late last flight and a lot of them are out there keeping us safe on this day. i want to show you the big expanse of the storm, highway toy to norfolk. those are north and west to washington county. jefferson county, frederick county, virginia. is the only county in virginia under a winter storm warning. blizzard warnings covering long island, metro new york, all of connecticut. eastern massachusetts into coastal maine. we are talking winds over 50, maybe gusting into 70 with one to two foot snow totals. by the time this thing winds down maybe more. moisture moves in from the southwest, as the cold air
6:49 am
oozes in from the north. just getting it to leesburg, and here in washington and northern fairfax county more so than southern fairfax. sleet mixing in. bright yellow there warrenton up to haymarket. dale city. this is all generally light snow with temperatures in the low to mid-30s. so most of the roads, not all but most of the roads are just wet. you see the rain and the wet flakes, sleet going down to fredericksburg, and quantico, stafford, temperatures here in the mid and upper 30s. i'm not concern for the roads right now. but you see the gaithersburg is probably 32. really got to watch up north and in the mountains here, for the next several hours. our better chance in washington for snow to stick will be tonight and i'm thinking a general one to three inches.
6:50 am
temperatures slowly dropping tonight with slick spots into tomorrow morning. into the upper 30s with early flurries and snow showers. wednesday 34 and chance of a flurry or sprinkle. beverly, good morning. she is coming, trust me. >> reporter: that was moved onto the shoulder southbound on 270. that tied things up a bit. now southbound 270 past 28 dealing with an accident as well. that impacts the on and off- ramp from 28 west montgomery avenue to get on to 270. therefore looking at all that activity impacting the on and off-ramp and southbound 270 as well. beltway headed west to college park. it is fairly typical volume on wet pavement. new hampshire avenue west, georgia avenue lanes have been open. 395 north your volume delaake you most the way to landmark. just getting to the pentagon and across the inbound 14th street bridge. that is a look at timesave
6:51 am
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. it is 6:53. what had been a mild winter for most residents along the east coast is about to change
6:54 am
dramatically. >> and relatively quickly, too. snow and blizzard conditions are on the way for up to 60 million people. susan mcginniss has more on what could be a record storm. >> reporter: forecasters are telling millions of people in the northeast to get ready for one of the worst winter storms in years. blizzard warnings are posted from new england down to the jersey shore. >> winds consistently gusting or sustained at 30 miles per hour. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio says the storm could be among the biggest his city has ever seen. >> projections for this storm are that it would easily be as much as two feet of snow, potentially pushing on closer to 3 feet of snow. >> reporter: man people spend the weekend stocking up and boarding up. >> i would much rather be doing it now when the sun is out than tomorrow afternoon when i think it may have been a good idea. >> reporter: with all the snow and the wind in the forecast,
6:55 am
this storm is expected to paralyze travel. despite efforts to pre treat roads and get plows ready. crews in washington dc and maryland have thousands of pounds of salt standing by and extra tow trucks. >> we are prepared for anything that hits us. >> reporter: air travel is also expected to be snowed in. at least 2000 flights have already been canceled and many more could follow when the heavy snow arrives. susan mcginniss cbs news, potomac, maryland. >> they suggest you call your airline before you head to the airport. united announced early this morning it plans to cancel flights on tuesday at newark, la guardia, boston and philadelphia. united security council is expected to hold emergency meetings today to discuss ukraine and yemen. ukraine's president says it intercepted communications that prove russian-backed separatists are responsible for a rock attack saturday. in yemen the president resigned last week, leaving the nation
6:56 am
with no leader. howard? mike getting some reports in western maryland cumberland to la veil of 1 to 2 inches of snow already. especially across the mason dixon line. watch out for that. we'll see temperatures steady or slowing falling today. mainly wet roads in the metro, but late afternoon tonight. early flurries of snow showers tomorrow, dry wednesday and a flurry or sprinkle on thursday. beverly? >> reporter: beltway between springfield and anundale merging slow traffic on the inner loop getting up past 236 from braddock road, 395 has been jam packed. then again you are slowing at the pentagon and across the 14th street bridge. crash impacting the ramp westbound 28th montgomery avenue to 270 southbound. that ramp has has been closed. southbound 270 impact too through that merge and down toward falls road where there was an earlier crash.
6:57 am
back to you. cbs this morning is next. the end of an era for major league baseball. former major league commissioner bud sealing will join them live. regis fill bin will offer his oscar picks too. beverly and i will be back in 25 minutes with updates on news and weather. we will see you back here at noon. and then tomorrow morning as well. take care, eve
6:58 am
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good morning. it is monday january 26th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a potentially historic blizzard targets the east coast. millions face up to a foot of white snow. >> only on "cbs this morning," outgoing commissioner bud selig tells charlie what's right and what's wrong with baseball. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> overnight into tomorrow it's 2 to 4 ihenc asn hour. it is serious, so you do have


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