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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. tonight on wusa9. we are done with the saturday system but another is on the way. for the second time this week in the area, hoarding conditions hamper efforts for firefighters. >> do you know where the emergency experts are on a metro train and how to get out? i'm bruce johnson.
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a man had a fire in his apartment. hoarding conditions made it difficult for the firefighters. it happened this morning on greenbelt road. surae chinn is live right now. >> reporter: bruce, this is the second time firefighters had to deal with hoarding conditions while putting out a fire, here is some of the charred debris that is left out here, a portion of what was packed inside this man's condo. >> it is scary. i didn't know if i was in fear for my life and needed to go now. >> reporter: kelly smith did not take any chances and got out fast as she could. this woman lives next door to the burned condo. the smoke woke her up. >> i saw smoke come in the kitchen. and we heard the fire alarms. >> reporter: 18 people are displaced including an 87 year old man that was taken to the
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hospital for smoke inhalation. >> he bused the window, crawled out. he walked to this shell up the street to call 9-1-1. >> reporter: when firefighters got to the chelsea wood condominium, they saw smoke billowing from the three story building. they had trouble fighting the fire because of stored items packed from floor to ceiling. several days ago, arlington county dealt with the same situation. >> there were hoarding conditions in the home. it changes the fire fighting operation. >> reporter: they rescued two people that escaped to the roof of their home. investigators don't know what sparked today's fire. >> i'm just thankful that everybody got out safely. and the red cross is helping all 18 people who have been affected by the fire,
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bruce. surae chinn, thank you for the report. investigators at the tragic mansion fire at annapolis ended their search today. they will resume the search tomorrow. the couple and their four grandchildren, all very young, believed to have died in monday's early morning fire in the home known as the castle. so far five bodies have been recovered and sent to the medical examiner, but none have been identified. a sixth body still believed to be inside the charred remains of what had been a thriving household and scene of countless parties and benefits. investigators have not said if they are any closer to finding out what might have caused the 16,000 square foot castle to go up in flames. tonight we are bracing for winter weather. how much snow is headed our way? erica grow is tracking the
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storm. >> most of us will need to get out the shovels monday. winter storm watches are in effect for the counties in the light yellow shading. early in the work week we had winter weather advisories in effect. a storm watch is a bigger deal. it is further out. you can see the approaching clipper system that will bring us the wintry weather. it is extensive for an alberta clipper. they usually don't have this much moisture. the system has a bit of mild air witness. the showers will arrive after dark on sunday. sunday itself is dry, but since it is after dark, that is going to lead to a better likelihood of seeing some of the precipitation. snow will fall all day monday. the highest amounts will be north of the beltway.
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a mixture of rain and snow in the district and points south of that. as far as snow fall totals, we have a preliminary map for you. i'll show it to you in the seven day forecast. it has been two weeks since the tragic incident in a metro tunnel that saw a woman die and 80 others injured. some people still don't know how to open the emergency exit on the train. here is what stefani ramirez found out today. >> this is me trying to open the emergency door on metro's red line. i asked others to do the same. we are doing this to examine if riders can and know how to get out of a train in an emergency. >> you do it right here. >> i would try to push the doors open. >> reporter: how do you get off the train? >> the emergency exhibits are in the middle, aren't they. >> i would follow the
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directions in terms of going to the window. >> reporter: when it comes to directions, most said what many admitted. >> i saw it, but i never read it. >> reporter: even after the fatal january 12 incident, we still found riders who didn't know how to operate the emergency release, or didn't know the emergency exit doors are located in the middle of the train cars, with intercoms at the ends and bulkhead doors that allow you to move train to train. >> we want to a sure everyone that the emergency doors on every car do not require screws or anything other than pulling a latch to open. >> reporter: the exit doors also have the sign he is holding. we found a few on some of the trains with a white release valve cover, easily opened by this passenger. >> so it wasn't that hard? >> no, it is a magnet. >> reporter: on an older train, you have to pull-down and out to get to the emergency
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release. >> i think i need to take the time to know what to do. >> reporter: on metro, stefani ramirez. >> read the instructions. you should know anybody that opens the doors as a prank can face charges. a spokesperson says they plan to apply any safety recommendations the ntsb makes. virginia governor jerry mcculloch kicked in $2500 to pay for his state police security escort on a recent family vacation. the trip was to tanzania. the cost for the troopers was nearly $16,000. the virginia governor is not required to travel with a security detail, but it is standard procedure. that's according to state police whenever the governor goes out of town or even in town. police say no other governor has offered to pay part, part of the state police travel expenses. a bomb threat grounds two planes at the atlanta hartville
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jackson today. fighter jets escorted the planes to the airport after they received credible bomb threats. a flight from oregon and a flight from milwaukee landed safely. they were searched and returned to clear to service. japan trying to confirm claims that one of the hostages held by isis has been executed. isis had threatened to kill two japanese men if a $200 million ransom was not paid this week. >> reporter: islamic state militants showed a photo of kenji goto holding a photograph of haruna yukawa. the post was quickly deleted. the prime minister says the message is likely authentic.
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he granded goto's release. on tuesday, isis released a video, showing goto. the terrorist demanded they pay $200 million within 72 hours for their release. his mother issued a tearful plea, begging the captors to release her son and pleading with the japanese government to save his life. on saturday she reacted to the photo. his face looked nervous, she told reporters. japan's prime minister insisted his country will not bow to terrorism and will help the international community. isis captured 42 year old goto last summer. the man left his baby in october, hoping to rescue his friend but instead was taken hostage. coming up tonight, thousands take a plunge for a good cause in the frigid
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chesapeake. we'll take you there. a special birthday
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. i can't wait to show you this. the world's only surviving giant panda triplets. they are six months old.
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their home in southern china, that was cause for a big celebration. caregivers say the pandas are in good health and the triplets have begun to eat bamboo all by themselves. they are the longest living panda triplets in history. on the go, text radar to 25543 and download the wusa-9 weather app. we've been warned about the snow. >> most of us in the immediate metro area and the beltway. as much as six inches to call close to the mason dixon line. that's what we are looking at right now. there are mixed messages from our model data. some of the forecast model data indicates that this form is going to become a monster, close enough to us to spread more snow in, even on tuesday morning, but i think that the more likely scenario is that we will be done with the snow during the monday evening
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commute. right now, though, it is too warm for snow. it is 40 degrees with a northwest wind at about 8 miles per hour. we are going to see temperatures getting milder during the day on sunday. it will be a fairly pleasant today, but the snow arrives on sunday night, and that will really start to accumulate as we move into monday morning. during the monday morning commute, that will be the worst of it here. the snow tapers off to showers as we head into monday afternoon and early evening. right now on satellite and radar you can see we have clouds in place. that cloud cover will increase during the day. sunday is a dry day and it will be pretty nice. you can see the rain and snow moving north of the beltway first and then desending into the metro area as you head into the monday morning commute. the paint is an indication of a mixture of rain and snow. the blue overtaking not only the metro but all points north and west of that as we head into the noon time hour. we are still looking at that
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wintry mix. but i think that we'll see more snow than rain as we head through the day on monday, and as we head into tuesday morning, there is the potential for more snow showers, though the accumulating snow will be from midnight sunday to noon on monday. this is how much you can expect. 1 to 3-inches, as i mentioned before, along the beltway and the i-66 corridor. two to four inches as you head into northern montgomery country, all of frederick county, until you get north of frederick. then you get in the 3 to 6-inch range and the storm could bomb out and become a real monster storm as it heads up to new england and that could spread big snow fall totals from philadelphia north of that, so this could be a big one for them. but for us, it is looking like an event where you will need the shovel but you will not be socked in for days on end.
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overnight, clear to partly cloudy, 36 degrees, less winds than the evening hours. sunday, temperatures in the 30s under partly cloudy skies. as you head into the afternoon, really not bad. 45 to 50, the showers arrive after sunset. that helps to get the snow to accumulate, but it will not be snow. it starts as rain changing to snow as you head out the door monday. monday is a yellow alert day. we'll continue to have the snow showers falling in the afternoon on monday. a high of 36 degrees, so a lot of the snow will stick around. in the first alert seven day forecast, we could be left with showers on tuesday. for now it will be just flurries. and it will be windy tuesday, feeling like winter here. it is funny because a lot of people having telling me on facebook and twitter they had given up on winter and it is
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only january. remember how late the snow fell last year? we had snow in march. we have a lot more to go. there is a significant snow fall in time for the morning drive. >> i think it snowed one time on easter here. >> we can get late snow. we had snow around st. patrick's day last year. >> so we get to use the four- wheel drive on monday. >> yes, you have that. >> yes. just for this. not even a winter storm could stop some people from the polar bear plunge. the water temperature was 35 in the chesapeake bay. hundreds of people took the plunge, including a wusa-9 reporter, nick jovani. >> there was a party all day long at sandy point state park. it was packed saturday. hundreds of people lined up side by side in the sand to share a trip in the bay.
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flooding into the ice-cold water for the 19th annual polar bear plunge. >> it will be quick. go in, go under, get out. >> the key to success is running in the water and get cold. >> you get to see everybody excited and all of a sudden the look of fear over their face. >> plungers went in different directions, some in superman suits, others in bathing suits. >> i come home from college to do it. i would not miss it for the world. >> everyone froze just the same, for the same cause. special olympics maryland. >> what is cool is individuals with intellectual disabilities have been marginalized. when there is an opportunity for them to show themselves, do interviews and things, people don't understand who the athletes are. if they get to know them, their lives are enriched. >> and plungers did more than make just a splash for special olympics. after they dried off, they
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spent a day celebrating the cause. >> it was amazing having everyone here. everyone is supporting each other. >> it was a little cold, but for a good cause, we'll do it next year. >> reporter: and considering special olympics maryland bases a third of their budget on this event, it is a good success for the organization as they raised over a million dollars. way to go, nick. we checked the numbers again. according to the website, more than $1.4 million was raised by today's polar bear plunge. check out the gallery on the app and post your photos to the facebook page. an update to a story we told you in fall. you might remember ava crying. she was upset to find out that president george washington is dead. today, she and her family got
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to meet a plusher george washington at the gw men's basketball game. ava posed for pictures with her hero and the team. the latest on the injury news. >> we were talking about this earlier. the one thing that can detail the local teams is injury. we want to talk about that. the hoya nation is holding their breath. coming up, we'll talk about highlights in basketball and injury news. we'll talk about it nex
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military for over 75 years. . now, wusa-9, game-on sports, with dave owens, brought to you by xfinity. most of the local college basketball teams poised to make the tournament, that's for sure. what could derail them? injuries, they have all been relatively injury-free, but georgetown involved in a scary incident today that had everyone holding their breath. here is the play. l. j. petrone comes down on a teammate's leave. sources say he is okay. they will play tuesday. that is great.
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it was a great game. copeland with the runner, hoyas up three. carlino ties it right there. overtime, this is campbell, aptly named. hoyas hold on, 95-85 over marquette. big win. west virginia versus tcu. west virginia was i see you a good finish and raise you another one. five seconds to go, miles ties it. a lot of guys named tre' doing business today. west virginia's carter blocked at the buzzer, tcu thinks they won, but a foul. so the man goes to the line, cold-blooded, makes two free throws. 86-85 mountaineers.
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west virginia surviving, 86-85. good stuff today. so georgetown avoided the snares on the road. maryland did not. the terps did not shoot poorly earlier in the week. they are still simmering in bloomington, where the hoosiers shot 68% from the free. indiana shooting lights out in the home win. whatever they threw out came down in the nylon. the 17 point loss was the worst of the season for the team, but you have to put it find you, which is what they are trying to do. >> we are paying attention to detail. the team can spread you, good offensive team. they run a ton of stats, they have would be focused and better defense than we were the other night. >> i think it is easy to put it behind you. most teams have one game like that a season.
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it happened to be that game. northwestern tomorrow, don't sleep the wildcats. the wizards opening up a swing against a diminished portland team. aldridge was thought to miss tonight and the next eight weeks due to thumb surgery, but he opted to delay it. he is playing tonight. it didn't matter. there he is there. it didn't matter because the wizards are on a roll. look at bradley beal, shot out of a cannon. now, right before the half, guys, nenj, watch him beat the shot clock. the way you like to beat it. up, up, and away! wizards up by 10 at the half, and into the third quarter. 57-51 the score, wizards up by 6 in the third. onto some football.
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multiple reports saying rahim moore is headed to atlanta. according to mike jones of the washington post, it is a senior assistant position that will feature more responsibilities than just defensive back. tomorrow, the pro bowl kicking off in glendale, arizona, site of the r supe bowl. alfred morris was a late addition. hall of famers michael ervin and chris carter picked the team. justin forsett playing as well. it ain't hawaii, but the guys are enjoying the event. >> towards the end of the season, when you don't have much to play for, as soon as it is over, i'm like man, i'm ready to get back. now it is a waiting game to get back to playing. >> this is the only time that i have some vacation time, spend it with the family. everyone is here. it is a cool experience. glorified touch football
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game. it is also nhl all-star weekend. tonight, alex ovechkin, the trick shot. there is the basic one. i like the hockey version of the alley-oop. they toss it to him and -- whoo. tomorrow, he will be trying to score goals in a more traditional fashion. some fun stuff for the skills challenge. we have a big storm headed th
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. let's have it. >> a final look at the snow fall forecast map. we could see as much as 3 to 6- inches on the mason dixon line. in the beltway itself, a 1 to 3- inch total. that will be enough to really mess with the monday morning
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commute. we'll start out with a little rain sunday and quickly change to snow and it will continue to snow on and off all day on monday. it is a yellow alert day. >> we'll follow it here and have any delays, closings, tomorrow on wusa-9. thank you for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow. good-bye.
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. the very first time i saw the winter classic was in buffalo. i started to e-mail john and the commissioners saying i want one of those. so let's make it official. the winter classic is coming to washington, d. c. january, 2015. and here we are. outdoors. in the nation's capitol. amides a sea of red, bundled up to fight the frigid elements. the hearts of capitals players and fans have never been warmer. the winter classic is more than a game. it is a celebration of the sport, both past and present. it is rocking the red


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