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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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up toward hagerstown and winchester, you're under a winter storm warning. you might want to get off the road after 9:00. the winter weather advisory still includes montgomery company. it does not include th district. it does include fairfax, prince william and points off to the west, never included you folks in southern maryland, not enough cold air for you guys. precip types, primarily rain la plata down toward fredericksburg, st. mary's, the city, a mixture in the middle toward leesburg, manassas and d.c. and mostly snow hagerstown, winchester and cumberland. i think that will play out about right. we're looking at a little bit of snow. this may be over a little bit, trace to an inch around the immediate burbs, maybe silver spring, rockville, far fax, mclean and leesburg, 1 to 4 in this little swath back into winchester across into frederick. once you're north of that and approach the border back into the mountain you're looking at 3 to 6 inches of possibly
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between now and tomorrow morning. normally it would be a slam dunk in terms of snow. we don't have the cold air. that said it is snowing in leesburg, dulles and much of montgomery county. i think this initial burst will be a lot of snow. that will kick to rain. once that kicks to rain it will become heavy rain overnight. we'll come back, talk about when the precip shuts off and look lady to a very healthy clipper -- look ahead to a very health clipper late into weekend. road crews are around the area gassing up ready to clear the roads when the snow hits. >> mola lenghi is live at vdot's truck yard in leesburg. >> reporter: it is coming down here in leesburg. as we drove from the district through fairfax county, it started re ago we were seeing flakes starting to come down. we are again seeing that through in leesburg hasn't let up over the last hour. trucks are already out. we've got hundred and hundreds of trucks on the roads already. they are reloading and
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refueling and gassing up and loading up here at this silo behind me. virginia d.o.t. has deployed hundreds of them. they've been preparing all day long laying down salt and chemicals in an effort to pretreat the roads. now they are out there on stand- by redding to begin clearing the -- ready to begin clearing the roads as needed. they're at a very low level of deployment, but as officials monitor the storm, they say they are ready to increase the level of deployment. they have a few-on stand-by, really the same story in maryland. they say they've been pretreating roads all day ready to go. they've got hundreds and hundreds of pieces of equipment on stand-by. more than anything else they say although they are confident the roads will be clear, they will be good to go, if you don't have to be out there, you don't want to risk it. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> even if when you can't see us on the air, you can get the latest weather, closings and
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road conditions. just download the wusa9 news app. a 37 year veteran of the montgomery county public school system has been indicted on federal charges of child pornography possession and distribution. special education teacher peter flynn was arrested at his silver spring home today. he's been a special education teacher at bethesda chevy chase high school since 1980. when the school system learned of the investigation last september, he was moved to an administrative position away from children. >> there's no evidence that the defendant took any photographs of children at the bcc or any school in montgomery county. >> the allegations not only don't involve students, they don't involve contact with any human being. this is simply viewing pornography. >> the court released flint today. he'll wear an electronic monitoring device among other conditions. if convicted, he faces a minimum of five years in prison. today an american university professor charged with burglary and arson pled guilty. david pitts could get up to 15
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years in prison. authorities say pitts brought into the doctors offices on foxhall square to steal prescription drugs after setting a series of fire last year. police found 5,400 pills in his home and blank prescription pads. the young man who shot and killed an atf agent who was walking his dog will spend the rest of his life in prison. eric smith in woodbridge was sentenced to two life terms today for killing gregory holly. peggy fox was in court today and talked with the family today. >> reporter: gregory holly's family accepted the plea deal allowing eric smith to avoid the death penalty. still it was painful to see and hear the man who murdered their father. >> he won't be out hurting anybody else. >> reporter: the holly family including four grown sons and their mom wiped away tears during the sentencing of their husband and father's killer
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today. >> that's all we can ask from the system and i think my father would be okay with the sentence. >> reporter: gregory holly was a retired army officer and former atf explosives agent. he had stepped out to walk the dog february 20th last year when he was gunned down. eric smith, a neighbor who did not know holly, robbed him and shot him dead. >> if he hadn't been out there, somebody else, it would have been somebody else and that's how i think of my father. he was always putting himself out there for others. >> reporter: in a guilty plea smith received two life sentences today. >> we feel justice was served. are we happy with it? nothing is going to bring our dad back. >> reporter: smith who turned 26 yesterday apologized for the terrible pain he caused. he said he felt so bad about what he'd done it felt like his own father was murdered. while the brothers say the apology helped a little,
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they're focused on their father's memory and what he taught them. >> dad's message to me was it's easy to do right when someone is looking. i try and keep that memory with me at all time, keep pushing forward, trying to make him proud. we're all trying to make him proud. >> reporter: eric smith had a troubled past which included mental illness and also child abuse. the day of the shooting he supposedly was high on synthetic marijuana. holly's widow hopes the apology was sincere and hopes eric smith has learned a lesson. peggy fox, wusa9. tonight investigators recovered a fifth body from that burned out mansion in annapolis. it's now heading to the medical examiner's office for identification. that mean one person is still unaccounted for. scott broom joins us live from annapolis with more on today's devastating discovery. >> reporter: investigators have wrapped their operations
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here tonight with a cold rain falling in annapolis. you just mentioned the discovery of that fifth body, the excavations here continue tomorrow. the other major event of the day was the release of photos and remembrances from the grandparents and children who died here. >> i just feel like you can't do anything. >> reporter: at a makeshift memorial here on child's point road there is a steady trickle of people coming. >> it's just so, so sad and i hop everyone can get some sort -- hope everyone can get some sort of closure. >> reporter: 8-year-old charlotte boone with dreams to run an animal rest i could, 6- year-old brother wes -- rescue, 6-year-old brother wesley who wanted to build robots and the
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twins who wanted to be on tv and sing taylor shift songs. don remembered today as humble and brilliant. eileen pugh's son worked for pyle earlier in his career. >> he was an amazing man. you think about these children and i do being scared and even the adults and just, you know, i can't think of anything that could take a big house like that. >> reporter: pyle and his wife fabulously successful, able to build this 16,000 square foot waterfront mansio down on monday. the excavation begin again tomorrow despite the weather. so far five bodies discovered, a sixth unaccounted for. the mansion, of course, now in ruins and investigators after five days of digging still not offering any theories about what they think exactly happened here.
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reporting live in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. we just finished editing a story about a world renown violinist who played at a d.c. homeless shelter today, when we
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topper says we've got some wet and wintery weather heading ou
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it is the largest homeless shelter in our area. the community for creative nonviolence in northwest d.c. feeds and shelters more than 1,000 homeless people. >> today it fed more than hungry stomachs. it fed souls. debra alfarone brings you inside a story that might make you realize we're all more alike than you think. >> reporter: in a room inside
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d.c.'s largest homeless shelter are more than a dozen people. one with a violin, all with a story. >> we were always getting our electricity and phone cut off and one missed payment away from losing the roof over our head. >> reporter: rachel barton pine is playing it forward. as a child her family struggled with poverty. at age 20 her left leg was severed. her right one was mangled in a chicago train accident. >> my family had left the family by that point and sure enough, he became homeless. >> reporter: she credits a shelter not unlike the 1 we're in today with helping her dad turn his life around. barton pine now plays as a soloist with orchestras around the world. >> her story is almost like mifather was homeless. >> reporter: although admittedly beautiful, it's not
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just her music. >> she's like michael jackson with that violin. >> reporter: it's her message. >> she's a normal person that has a background like all of us and she had to go through many trials herself, as you can see, and as we heard. it's really good. >> reporter: and it's momentum. >> it gives me the motivation when i leave here today to try to go get me an apartment or something because if she did what she did and got as far as she got, i know i can do the same thing. >> reporter: that's something the late mitch snyder, nationally renowned advocate for the homeless, would have been proud of. >> if the spirit was in here today. >> music is coming from a higher power. i am a conduit for that. >> reporter: at d.c.'s community for creative nonviolence debra alfarone, wusa9. we have reports of snow in reston accumulating on cars,
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snow in montgomery county also accumulating on cars and some sleet in southern maryland. i think the sleet will quickly changeover to rain. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 38 now downtown and a little bit of a mixture. notice the dew points creeping up. they'll end up in the middle here. it's going to stay above freezing in most of the metro area tonight, which is key, really key. here's the doppler. last two hours, if it's white or gray, it's snow. if it's green, it is rain. again, it is snowing in parts of the area showing up as green now. bear with me. the algorithm isn't perfect. we'll zoom in. leesburg and sterling and germantown still has snow, mixture in rockville. down to the south even through northwest d.c. into parts of prince george's county we have a mixture of sleet and snow to the airport. still more rain than snow, but we think there will be pretty good accumulating snow germantown and leesburg north and west. heaviest precipitation will be
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in overnight 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. we shut it off a while. we understand up with rain and snow showers during -- we end up with rain and snow showers during the day saturday, not as concerned about freezing rain. the air is not that cold. the surface temperatures aren't that cold. precipitation types, mainly rain south and east of 95. so la plata down toward st. mary's city and waldorf and down toward fredericksburg, rain and snow between d.c. and frederick where you could see a little accumulation. north of that primarily all snow. 3 to 6 inches hagerstown, romney to cumberland, 1 to 4 from winchester over to frederick and a trace to an inch in the immediate northern and western suburb of d.c. that includes gaithersburg, rockville, silver spring, wheaton, olney, fairfax, mclean, great falls, leesburg maybe a therese just in the extreme west -- a trace just in the extreme west part of loudoun county. futurecast 7:30 tonight boom, here come the moisture and there's no shortage of
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moisture. temperatures everywhere, pick a city there above freezing. not all this is green. some of this will be snow up toward martinsburg and hagerstown. the yellow is heavy rain as it rolls through. we'll monitor that and make sure the heavy precipitation doesn't bring down just enough cold air to turn that to sleet or back to snow. by 3:30 heaviest activity with the yellows and oranges are east of 95 and across the bay. by 6 a.m. we have a lull, temperatures still above freezing, snow back in the mountains and we go through the day saturday, rain and snow showers will roll through, but the heaviest precip overnight. 38 at 9:00 with rain, 39 at 11:00, 39 at 1:00 on our day planner. we catch our breath sunday, 47, but rain to snow sunday night, more snow monday, yellow alert already, temperatures in the 30s. that is one healthy clipper monday. next seven days, maybe leftover flurries tuesday, cold, bright but brisk wednesday, milder
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>> wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealer. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> i seem to remember a couple years back people were talking about the russian rocket as if there was a shortage of fuel in the tank. very much invest was banged up, getting older and it appeared the magic was dwindling from the slapshot, but never doubt the great 8 is what i say. never doubt the great 8. the last 2 1/2 seasons alex ovechkin bounced back and he's
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in the all-star game once again. he has scored 110 goals, the most of anyone in the league during that time in the last year and a half and again he's an all-star for the sixth time. congratulations. >> i don't think i have to prove something. you know, it's kind of the situation when you have to play well to get success like team success. you have to put everything for a team and for a group of guys. >> amazing. some thought had he something to prove. we told you last night john wall will become the first wizards player to start the all- star game since 2007. check out this photo shoot today, ladies. all-star balloting often criticized for being a popularity contest, but that's okay in this case because it means fans love wall. he received the most votes of any backcourt player in the eastern conference. that's a cool photo shoot there.
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congratulations to him. kobe bryant expected to miss the rest of the season with a torn rotator cuff sustained against new orleans wednesday. the 19 year vet one of the all time greats will decide over the weekend if he'll have surgery, but he's going to miss the rest of the season, ouch. georgetown, maryland basketball don't always agree on things, but i bet they would agree on this, going on the road in their respective conferences can be a nightmare. ask the terps who became roadkill last night in wilmington, indiana, losing by 19, hoyas looking to avoid a similar fate when it visits marquette saturday. hoyas in the mid-of a pretty good stretch. they just blasted villanova at home. on the road they haven't fared well. they lost two of the last three. josh smith with an explanation. >> every team plays better at home. they have more confidence at home. they're used to the building and for us just with our road woes with the last two losses on the road we got to get this one.
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>> the difference between no. 1 team and the no. 10 team is miniscule, if anything. so you have to defend. you have to make it hard for your opposition to get good quality looks. >> got to be a good game tomorrow. we know washington football had as many story lines off the field as on in 2014. what else is new. the loudest voices may have come from those wanting the team to change the name and it hasn't stopped just because the season is oh, no. the change the mascot campaign releasing another campaign today. 30 second ad spot titled take it away. it depicts this great run by robert griffin, iii in 2012, but the team logo has been erased from the field, also from the helmets and also from the stands. also part of a big social media campaign for them as well. the baltimore ravens will release defensive lineman terrence cody shortly after the super bowl according to the baltimore sun. cody has been off injured, but the sun reporting cody being
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investigated for animal cruelty. a baltimore county police spokeswoman says cody has not been arrested yesterday. roger federer lost to andreas in four sets. >> what happened? >> just got beat. father time is undefeated. he's getting a little older. you can't win everything. >> this is true. stay with us or stay with wusa9 for the cbs evening news next. >> we are back in 30 minutes for your only local news at 7:00. be safe, everybody. have a good night!
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>> tonight the nfl investigation, the league announces early findings in its probe of whether te broken in sunday's a.f.c. championship. anna werner has the latest and a look at the damage to the nfl brand. winter makes a comeback. eric fisher on the storm that's pounding the south and headed north for the weekend. there's a new safety alert for u.s. airlines. jeff pegues reports e-cigarettes in checked baggage have touched off at least two fires plus one evacuation. and on the road with steve hartman. something magical happened ashlynn wrote a letter to heather. >> she gave me faith and hope again and reassurance. it's pretty amazing.


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