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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ksburg to clarkbsurg and fairfax to manassas probably just a trace to an inch. heavy precipitation will occur overnight. some of the rain will be heavy. some of the snow will be heavy north and west of town and i'm not concerned about freezing rain. this is a snow versus rain type of storm. we are keeping a close eye on this storm as it moves into our region. this is a live picture from charlottesville where you can see not much is happening yet. >> debra alfarone joins us from the weather terrace with more on what this storm has done so far. >> snow as we all know can do a heck of a lot of damage around here. so imagine what it can do to a place like texas. we start tonight in lubbock, texas, where icy roads cause multiple car crashes and even had tow truck driver planning to stay away. >> just a regular tow going here to there, we wouldn't go do it. it's not safe enough. >> reporter: 120 miles up i-27 is amarillo.
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folks there received up to a foot of snow, but you know that famous line about neither snow nor rain? >> this is what we do. this is our job. >> reporter: but letter carriers like tex roberts would appreciate a little help. >> it would be great if the homeowners would make a path for us on their porches and ály make sure it's not icy and slippery. >> reporter: heading east to little rock, arkansas, not much snow or ice, but the city is ready even if they aren't happy about it. >> really hard type of event it. does cost a lot. >> reporter: across north carolina sleet and snow already causing problems. the fear there is ice could bring down branches and power lines. >> of course, wusa9 will stay on top of all this weather tonight and into the weekend. to track the storm with us, get up to the minute information on closings, delays and weather news, just go to our news app or our website. we are expecting word at any moment now about what came of this new day of searching
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for bodies in the ruins of the waterfront mansion in annapolis. meanwhile the heartbreak of losing four children and their grandparents is more apparent than ever. >> family members released new information on each one of them. scott broom is live at the staging area with some more breaking news. >> reporter: well, as you just suggested, we do have breaking news just released as topper was delivering his forecast. we were informed by investigators they have found one additional bold at the site of this waterfront mansion disaster, a fire that burned this house down on monday. that means five bodies have been found and one remains unaccounted for after this tragedy. all this is happening today as a steady trickle of visitors and mourners have been coming by this location to mourn, drop flowers, many of them inspired and saddened by the heartbreaking photos that have been released by the families along with remembrances for each victim. >> it was hard for me to look
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at the pictures. >> reporter: the pictures of tech company executive don and sandy pyle and their four grandchildren. >> they're very hard to at. i appreciate them allowing to share that, but that's what tugs at your latter strings. that's why you -- heart strings. that's why you want to do things like this. >> it's just so sad seeing their lives taken away before they really got a chance to get started with them, especially just such a-dom event that could happen to any one of us -- a random event that could happen to any one of us. >> reporter: in a written statement from a family spokesman each child was remembered today, 8-year-old charlotte boon with dreams to run an animal rescue, 6-year- old wesley who wanted to build robots, their cousins 6-year- old lexie boone who wanted to work to have and 6-year-old taylor boone who loved taylor swift songs. the kids called their grandparents deedee and pop pop. the deadly fire occurred during
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a sleepover with the grandparents. the doomed 16,000 square foot waterfront mansions itself known as the castle. colleagues at science logic in reston where pyle was chief operating officer remembered him as humble and brilliant. how the family died and what happened here, the subject of intense investigation and still unexplained. and again the breaking news here tonight, one additional body has been found. that means five bodies found, one more accounted for. the investigation here will continue tomorrow despite the weather. we had a troop of police academy cadets here a short time ago. there's been no word from investigators on exactly how they're being used or what they're looking for. the posture here remains that there is no evidence that a crime has been committed, but this entire site since monday has been treated like a crime scene until investigators can either rule out foul play or
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otherwise get to the bottom of exactly what happened here. reporting live in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. >> if you would like to read the family's statement on each of those four children and their grandparents, we have them posted on the wusa9 app. coming up at 5:30 a co- worker of don pyle tells us about the love he had for his weave and their grandchildren and how she and -- wife and their grandchildren and how she and many others will remember him. a veteran montgomery county special education teacher faces charges of child pornography possession and of distribution. 61-year-old peter flynn was arrested at his home in silver spring today and had his first court appearance. hank silverberg join us live with what happened at u.s. district court in greenville. >> reporter: peter flynn was a long time special ed teacher at bethesda chevy chase high school until this past september. they learned he was under investigation by the federal
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government for this and put him on administrative duties away from the kids. peter flynn has been with the montgomery county public school system for 37 years. he began his career as a special education teacher at bethesda chevy chase high school in 1980. >> there's no evidence that the defendant took any photographs of children at bcc or at any school in montgomery county. >> the allegations don't only involve students, they don't involve contact with any human being. this is simply viewing pornography. >> reporter: allegedly viewing pornography on a file sharing website according to his lawyer. >> the government can count those images as the images you possessed whether they're on your hard drive or not, whether they're deleted or not. >> the state police have an array evidence that they've gone through. in fact, a forensic investigation was conducted before these charges were brought. >> reporter: flynn is married and has two adult sons, a bcc parent who knows him well saying she was horrified. he was always kind and beyond
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helpful. flynn was released today and put on an electronic monitoring system with several other conditions. if convicted, he could face a man of five years in prison. a former fairfax county schoolteacher is facing child sex abuse charges this evening. 45-year-old dennis vallet is held without bond. he was arrested following an investigation into sex assaults at a home in manassas from 2004 to 2010. the reported victim is now 24. he was suspended from his job with fairfax county schools following his arrest. police say there is no indication that any children at the schools where he worked were abused. new information tonight on jesse matthew, dna testing released a couple of hours ago showing there is no link between him and the murder of alexis murphy. police released matthew in october. he is charged in the
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disappearance of uva student hannah graham. a man named randy allen was already convicted of murder ago lexis murphy, but allen's lawyer wanted matthew tested, too. a woodbridge man who killed a former atf agent avoided the death penalty with a plea deal today. today the killer, 26-year-old eric smith apologized to the holly family. he said he if the remorse for the pain he caused. he suffers from mental illness but takes full responsibility for what he did. at 6:00 hear what the family has to say about the apology and the life sentence. neighbors are calling for traffic safety measures after a pedestrian was hit and killed while crossing a road this morning in landover around 6 a.m. as the woman crossed route 202 at
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matthew hinson avenue. it's not clear if she was jaywalking. neighbors say it's a problem and have tried to get officials to install a traffic light. >> you need to put a light to stop the traffic so people can cross safely. do they not care? they need to do something. how many people will have to die on this road before they make a chang? >> police say the woman was not in -- change? >> police say the woman was not in a crosswalk before she was hit. the driver stopped. a woman was killed in a freak accident in morningside, maryland, this morning. neighbors in the area of randolph and allies road reported hearing a loud bang around 2:30 a.m. several hours later the police found the victim pinned between her van and a tree. it appears the woman tried to get out of the van which was in reverse and was crushed between the vehicle's door and the tree. here's some encouraging news for rush hour commuters. crews reopened river road at willard avenue. crews spent the day making repairs to an 8-inch water
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main. according to wssc, crews first responded to the water main break last night, but they discovered a problem with the gas line as well. so the fire department shut down all work to resolve that problem first. when wssc crews returned to the site this morning to begin those repairs. bruce johnson call her our queen and i know her as a generous friend, mentor, second mom, inspiring breast cancer survivor. it is the end of an era here at wusa9. jc hayward who anchored this newscast for so many years announced her retirement today. she spent 43 years as a reporter and anchor at wusa9 becoming the first female news anchor in washington d.c. history. over those years she won numerous awards and most recently she was honored by the capital press club. jc's contributions to washington bent far beyond her work here at wusa9 -- went far beyond her work here at wusa9. she was involved in countless charitable activities making
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our community a better place. jc said the people here at wusa9 have been her family for 43 years. we will all remain in her thoughts as she ventures into a new phase of life. jc, we thank you and know that your channel 9 family loves you right back. we're just getting started on knew at 5:00. after the break -- wusa9 news at 5:00. after the break we hear from the bob schieffer. >> they've been named the best value car for 2015. coming up we'll tell you which new vehicles made the list. >> and later if you're hoping for a sweetheart this valentine's day, one website has got the perfect man for you. how to create an
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officials in japan say there's been no contact with isis terrorists threatening to kill two japanese hostages. in a video released this week the militants gave japan a 72 hour deadline to pay $200 million to game the hostages release. that deadline has expired. japanese government officials say they're doing their utmost to safe the two men but admit the situation is severe. saudi arabia's newly enthroned king salman wasted no time naming who will follow him. he became king yesterday after his half brother king abdullah passed away. abdullah was 90 years old. thousands came out today to say good-bye. >> reporter: world leaders gathered for the funeral of saudi arabia's king abdullah this morning. he was then buried in an unmarked grave. hours ago the newly appointed king salman addressed the country and assured a smooth transition. after the announcement of the 90-year-old monarch's death thousands of pilgrams mourned
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him in mecca. as ruler of an oil rich nation the king was among the wealthiest men in the world. he worked to modernize saudi arabia, give more freedom to women and was a strong u.s. ally in the battle against al- qaeda. president obama visited the ailing leader last march. he issued a staple expressing his condolence -- statement expressing his condolence and said, "i always valued king abdullah's rspepective and appreciated our genuine and warp friendship." former president george -- warm friendship." former president george w. bush called him a fond ally. king abdullah pushed the obama administration to take a tougher stand against iran's nuclear ambitions and he wanted stronger support for sunni rebels fighting in syria. the white house said vice president biden will lead a u.s. delegation to saudi arabia in the coming days to pay respects to the king's family. >> king salman named a crowned
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prince to replace him whenever time comes. salman is 79. the prince is 69. the times of israel is reporting the president is furious over israel prime minister's benjamin netanyahu's invitation in march because he did not communicate it to the administration. they are also reporting the president asked netanyahu to pro down the sanctions rhetoric over iran. joining us now is face the nation host, bob schieffer. first let's talk about our relation with israel and how do we counter iran's influence in that region? >> well, the administration is negotiating a treaty to try to rein in iran's nuclear power. what this is all about is that the president announced in the state of the union message that if the congress tried to put new sanctions on iran and there is a movement in congress to do just that, he fears it could derail the whole talks and just
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end the whole thing and he told them if they do that, he is going to veto it. well, the next day house speaker john boehner said that he had invited benjamin netanyahu to come and address a joint session of the congress. it's the first time anybody can remember that someone has been -- a head of state has been invited to speak to a joint session of the congress without an invitation from the white house. it caught the white house totally by surprise. i think what's happened here is both sides have now backed away from that. netanyahu announced yesterday that he had decided to postpone his visit until sometime in march. this allowed the white house to say that's right on the eve of an israeli election and the president would never meet with any foreign leader on the eve of an election. so they don't want it to appear that they're interfering in
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that country's politics. >> right. >> so i think that's taken a little of the heat out of this thing, but this is quite irregular because what the congress seemed to be saying was we're going to run foreign policy and not you, mr. president, and really most presidents feel that's their prerogative. it is not the business of congress to run foreign policy. what congress' power is about is cutting off the money if the executive branch of the government doesn't like -- if the congress doesn't like what the executive branch has done. so i think it's probably a good thing for both sides that this thing has kind of been deflated. >> right. typically heads of state lets the other heads of state know when they're coming and that they've been invited as well. bob, we appreciate it. looking forward to seeing you this weekend on face the nation. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> a little snow falling out
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there. some people could see just rain. are you hear to sound the everybody just calm down alarm? >> pretty much. i'm not at all concerned about freezing rain. temperatures are going to be above freezing even in the places that get significant snow. i don't see any real travel problems. it's occurring on a friday night and saturday morning. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, a couple wet snowflakes falling, temperature 39 at national. watch the dew point. what happens is the dew point is 28, temperature is 39. the two will meet somewhere in between. that's going to give us the temperature pretty much the rest of the night. if the dew points were in the low 20s, we'd be singing a different song. winds south, southwest a 7. we do have a little bit of snow. sometimes this algorithm doesn't work perfectly. there might be snow where it's actually shaded in green. we are picking up snow in leesburg out 66 toward warrenton and toward hagerstown
5:20 pm
and winchester. leesburg down to aldie, good snow to your west. the brighter the white, the heavier the snowfall. still some rain in silver spring, d.c. getting hope tonight shouldn't be a problem, just wet roads. temperatures are above freezing across the board. still more rain than snow for this system, but snow we think germantown north and leesburg north and west with some accumulation. heaviest precipitation 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. once you get up tomorrow morning we're just left with rain and snow shower and temps above freezing. precipitation types, then, green all rain east of 95. some rain and snow between d.c. and frederick and primarily all snow hagerstown, cumberland, winchester, martinsburg, romney. what does that equal to? maybe 3 to 6 inches along the maryland/p.a. border, 1 to 4 between
5:21 pm
frederick and over toward leesburg and winchester. you get up south of montgomery county, gaithersburg, leesburg, rockville, silver spring trace to an inch and that might be pushing it. unfortunately normally in january this would be a slam dunk for a snowstorm, but we don't have any cold air. tonight here comes the heavy activity. you'll see yellows with 30s across the board. by midnight that's heavy rain, fredericksburg to manassas to culpeper, a cold rain, a miserable night, 34 in manassas, 33 in gaithersburg, but the upper air is what's going to lose the cold profile. that's why we're thinking primarily rain tonight. 3:30 in the morning heavy rain exiting east of 95. we get a little break early in the morning, about 6 a.m. on futurecast. then we'll see another round of rain and snow shower for the remainder of the day, but even then temperatures will be above freezing. day planner, 39 at 7:00, 38 at 9:00 with rain, 39 at 11:00 and
5:22 pm
39 at 1:00 with showers. not a lot of movement in the temps. about next three days miserable for the polar plunge. pleasant on sunday, but then boom, another clipper. this is the strongest clipper we've seen all year. snow breaks out sunday night and a healthy clipper will produce mostly snow. for much of monday we had to issue a yellow alert already. next seven days looking at leftover flurries tuesday, cold in the wake of the clipper, 30s wednesday. we bounce in the upper 40s thursday and hold in the low 40s by next friday. florida senator marco rubio is taking sentence to run for president. i'm mark albert in washington with the latest on a rapidly expanding field of possible gop candidates. >> and coming up it was once a comical campaign slogan, but for some it's become all
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is. in tonight's consumer alert our -- tonight's consumer alert our wusa9 call for action gave you a heads up about having to pay more for certain tax forms from turbo tax software.
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the company is now apologizing if you bought last year's cheaper tax software and is even offering some people who paid more to upgrade a $25 rebate. it's getting much cheaper to own a place to live than to rent according to one real estate firm. zillow says monthly rental prices were up 3.3% in december, higher than last year. rentals in san francisco and denver saw a double digit increase and the gains were much slower in cities like philadelphia, chicago and here in washington d.c. you may want to check out the latest issue of kiplinger if you are looking to buy a new set of whys. the business finance forecasting -- wheels. the business finance forecasting is out with its list of new car values for 2015. for less than 20,000 you can get the mazza 3. it took the top spot. honda accord v6 leads the pack priced in the 30 to $40,000
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range and kiplinger shows the mercedes-benz s class as the best in the luxury category. going to the super bowl is a sports lover's dream. this man had his pass ready to go, but the nfl ripped it away, the facebook post that got him kicked out of the press box is later. >> reporter: friends and colleagues remember the man who lived in a burned down annapolis mansion. they came to love don pyle and are mourning his loss. i'm surae chinn with that story coming up. >> not a smoothened to the week weather wie -- smooth end to the week weatherwise, a mix of rain and snow threatening the ride home. topper will tell us about it next on wusa9 news
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snow has started to fall across the area, definitely not the friday drive home a lot of people wanted. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt is here to tell us where it's falling. >> we also have a bit of sleet falling north and west of town. how much will this translate to in terms of precipitation? 1 to 4 around frederick and winchester, a trace to under an inch around d.c. and south you won't see anything accumulate on the ground. it's a close call. normally this would be a classic snow. we don't have enough cold air
5:31 pm
aloft. doppler radar over the past two hours is producing a snow out toward leesburg, loudoun county into upper montgomery county. green indicates rain anthe white indicates snow. remember it's not a perfect algorithm. there are instances where you'll see snow falling where it is indicating rain. for the most part we are looking at a heavy rain tonight in the immediate metro area. we're tracking a healthy clipper sunday into monday. we learned more today about the four children who perished in that devastating house fire in annapolis and about the highly successful businessman don pyle. surae chinn spent some time with his friends and colleagues today and joins us now. >> they describe him as just an excellent man who adored his grandchildren. tech tycoon don pyle made his fortune in i.t. software companies, a couple in northern virginia. along the way he made in lifelong friends around the world. flowers and notes are being
5:32 pm
sent to science logic in reston where don pyle was chief operating officer. ceo david link released a statement saying in part, "every business in which he invested his time and energy was hugely successful." >> don touched the lives of so many people because once you were don's friend, you were always don's friend. >> reporter: pyle had hired mary burger in 2000 to be the senior administer of junior networks in herndon where he was the vp of sales. >> i couldn't have asked for a better boss. >> reporter: like many friends burger is devastated by so much loss but she wants to keep the happy memory as live, such as her visit to the family's home in annapolis last year. >> we had a champagne toast in the castle and went 4 brunch. so i've just been trying to focus on that visit with them last year and the things we shared. >> reporter: pyle's colleagues say don was widely known for his vivacious spirit, thirst
5:33 pm
for life and love of family. he was a family man and doting grandfather and avid fisherman. >> don had a true love for sandy and her boys, did everything in the world, taking care of the grandchildren. my recent correspondence with him has been we're just enjoying the heck out of our grandchildren. he loved those kids. >> as i've said to people, it will be nice when there's some closure, but there will never be closure on something as horrible as this. they'll always be, you know, that empty spot in your heart. >> reporter: that empty spot as colleagues say, he came to work every day. a group of friends from northern virginia want to do something in honor of the boone and pyle families. they'll be cooking dinner and delivering it to the firefighters and first responders in annapolis tomorrow night. new tonight at 5:30 prince george's county police have a second man in custody for a murder in suitland. officers arrested 20-year-old devonte mckissic in southeast
5:34 pm
d.c. last night. he and 19-year-old juwan nelson are charged with the first degree murder in the death of jamal allen. he was found in a car with gunshot wounds. 2014 has been a busy year for the nsa. at our local airports screeners at national, dulles and bwi caught 37 passengers trying to board planes with guns which is 10 more than the year before. most people say they simply forgot their gun was in their carry-on bag. the already large field of republicans who might make a 26 teen white house -- 2016 white house bid is expanding. marco rubio is now joining a crowded field of potential candidates. >> reporter: cbs news has learned freshman senator marco rubio hired a new fundraiser and will go to california next week to raise money. last sunday rubio talked about a possible run on face the nation. >> i believe we need to turn
5:35 pm
the page and fully embrace all the opportunities and confront the challenges of the new century. >> reporter: nathan gonzalez of the political report says rubio's decision will impact the 2016 race for his senate seat. >> if he doesn't run for reelection, republicans will have to find another quality candidate in florida. >> reporter: in a recent poll cbs news asked republicans who they would like to see run. mitt romney and jeb rush led the field with rubio in the middle of the pack. >> everyone thinks they can win. it's going to take more than a poll to get them out. >> reporter: several presidential hopefuls will be in iowa saturday and a gathering of conservatives. wisconsin governor scott walker described what he thinks republicans need. >> people want someone new, fresh with big bold ideas from outside washington. >> reporter: jeb bush and mitt romney will not be in iowa this weekend but met privately in salt lake city thursday. bush was spotted at the airport. >> i'm definitely not a movie
5:36 pm
star. that's for sure. >> reporter: a bush spokeswomanned said the two men enjoyed the visit. >> one other potential candidate could soon enter the field, former new york governor george pataki announcing thursday he has formed a super pac to explore a presidential bid. an arlington, texas, woman is recalling the night she was kidnapped and forced into the trunk of her own car. a man comes around the atm and points a gun at her demanding she take out money and then he forced her into her own trunk. gallow broke free by pulling on an emergency latch. the 21-year-old said it could have happened to anyone and is not letting this scare change her life. >> i'm still here. i'm still working. i'm still living my life as i should be, probably even better now because i'm focusing on more positive things now. >> that's a strong woman. tonight her abductor is still on the run. another terrifying ordeal
5:37 pm
caught on camera. look at this video of a large fishing boat sinking off the coast of scotland. those are five crew members huddled on the only part of the boat that's still above the water, but the rush of the water suddenly wipes them off. seconds later that boat went down. the uk coastguard took this video of the rescue. the five crew members are expected to be okay. lonely looking for love? for 25 bucks you can pick the man or woman of your dreams tonight. what comes with the fake service after the break. >> as topper said, snow is possible this weekend, but that is not going to stop the polar bear plunge. one man's personal connection to the chilly dip coming up on wusa9 news at 5:00.
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trending now, a former dj has lost a dream job even before he could start it. >> the nfl hired russ knight. the league issued him credentials and he was so excited he posted himself on facebook with the credential right here. a few hours later he got a call
5:41 pm
from nfl security. one of the rules listed on the back of super bowl credentials is that you cannot post any pictures of the passes on the internet as a security precaution and to prevent duplication. you can understand that. well, knight lost his job. >> i can't blame anybody else. i was a fool who didn't read the fine print. i was that guy. >> they usually tell you that, too. he's hoping by telling his story he will prevent other super bowl workers and volunteers from making the same mistake. they are no joke. they're on your facebook page trif they'll have to come up with new passes as a result of that. >> they might. a new service proves being in a relationship does not have to be all that expensive. >> at least if you want a fake other half. who wants that? it's called invisible boyfriend or girl friend and for $25 it will really look like you're dating someone. you get 100 texts, 10 voicemails and a postcard sent
5:42 pm
from a real person. the website uses a story you create with the name and picture of your choice. if you've ever wanted to be someone else's fake boyfriend or girl friend, the site is also accepting selfies to use in the service. >> wait. you get all that stuff, but you really don't get anything because there's nobody attached to it. >> you get the satisfaction of having a fake boyfriend or girl friend. man take take yo. >> -- manti te'o. >> i'm missing the whole point. talks between the u.s. and cuba have been cordial, but both sides are miles apart on some big issues. >> reporter: you've heard that saying like father like son. such is the case for george marathon, both of them. i'm diane roberts and i'll have
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topper says it's going to be a chilly start to our saturday. >> and wet, too. >> doing the polar plunge, that's going to be tough. good for you if you're doing it, but expect rain. >> they are hard core for the special olympics. >> it's a very good cause. for us tonight the heaviest activity occurs in the
5:46 pm
overnight hours. we're left with rain and snow showers during the day saturday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature 43 today, down to 39, dew point in the upper 20s. watch that carefully. light rain at national. we've had a little sleet, a couplet snowflakes, primarily rain -- couple wet snowflakes, primarily rain in the northwest. a little snow developing out through montgomery county up 270 toward frederick, almost to frederick and also into loudoun county. again this is our mosaic. if it's white or gray, it's snow. if it's green, it's rain. if it's magenta, it's a mixture of sleet and snow, not at all concerned about freezing rain with this storm at all, not the type of storm, either going to be snow or rain with a little sleet mixed in. leesburg snow, sterling up toward jermantown. temperatures are well above freezing. they'll stay for the most part above freezing just about everywhere tonight. we don't anticipate any travel problems in the metro area,
5:47 pm
just wet roads. still more rain than snow, but some snow will accumulate germantown, leesburg and north and west. heaviest precipitation between about 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. it will shut off tomorrow morning and kind of return azerin and snow showers in the afternoon -- as rain and snow showers in the afternoon. precipitation types, if it's green, it's all rain. orange is rain and snow and predominantly snow north and west of winchester and toward hagerstown and cumberland. you folks are under the winter storm warnings which makes all the sense in the world. trace to an inch in the immediate north and western suburbs of d.c., gaithersburg, fairfax, drainville dranesville and great falls and 1 to 4-inch martinsburg, winchester, the bull's eye 3 to 6 inches right
5:48 pm
along the maryland/p.a. border with just enough cold air. we're looking at futurecast, 8:00 tonight tons of moisture heading our way. this that's one thing this system does not lack is moisture. by 10:00 33 in gaithersburg, 35 in leesburg, 34 in hagerstown. you'll find snow at 10:00. yellow is heavy rain. you get into the midnight hour, if you have plans tonight, it's going to be raining to beat the band. by 3:30 notice the color, red, oranges and yellows go across the bay. the heaviest precip starting to shut off in the predawn hours. we get a lull at 6 a.m., temperatures above freezing and by 9:00 we see some snow showers developing from the west. it will be kind of a rain and snow shower day the remainder of saturday, heavy stuff tonight. day planner, 39 at 7:00, 38 at 9:00 and 39 at 1:00.
5:49 pm
now once we get through tomorrow very pleasant day oned unis, 47, but clouds return -- day on sunday, 47, but clouds return. got a clipper on monday. this is a healthy clipper, the strongest so far. next seven days, we might see flurry linger into tuesday, 30s wednesday, upper 40s and sunshine thursday, seasonable next friday, highs in the low 40s. it will be a cold one tomorrow morning. >> but that is going to stop hundred of brave people who are prepared to get their feet and much more wet for a good cause. one man has a personal connection to the 19th annual polar bear plunge. >> reporter: on the open road cyclists travel as far as they can pedal. in the case of alex hayes he's pedaled on through what many would consider a rocky road at
5:50 pm
best. born with hydro cephalus he's had many surgeries. one source of strength is the special olympics. >> it's one large family. >> reporter: for the last 19 years adam's second family has given him the chance to become a cyclist, skier, even super plunger. >> when you jump in that cold water, it hits you like a brick wall and you're like man. >> reporter: each january since 2005 hayes has been part of a small group that runs into the chesapeake bay once an hour for 24 hours immersing themselves in ice cold water for one common purpose, supporting special olympics maryland. >> they all freeze at the time. they all feel the same way and that's one huge unified experience. >> reporter: an all day
5:51 pm
experience this saturday at sandy point state park. nick giovanni, wusa9. >> special olympics maryland tells us they base 1/3 of their budget on the funds raised by that event. if you want to donate, go to our wusa9 app. >> sounds like a lot of fun. in this week's high school profile we're talking about family genes. of course, they're responsible for your eye color, your hair and height. it's the last one that got the attention of our open diane roberts, tonight's tall tale featuring a young man with a famous father and a bright future. >> reporter: the 11th ranked st. andrews boys basketball team is off to one of the best starts in school history thanks in part to its 6' 8 center. he may have finished that play, but he's probably not finished growing. at just 16 years old george is nearly 7 feet tall. >> he's not even done. >> reporter: the junior center
5:52 pm
remembers when he got the basketball bug. >> it was like a really close high school game and someone like sank the deep three and they won the game. that's kind of where i was like i want to do that one day. >> reporter: he hasn't done that in a game, but he's done plenty of this. george is the son of former bullet center 7-foot 7-inch george mirathon. dad, son and the rest of the romanian family spend time at home talking and watching basketball. proud papa loves watching his son play. big george's passion and work ethic has transferred to his son. the younger hoops fanatic would wake up dad every morning before the season started so they could practice together here on the st. andrews court. >> we practiced before school. he would just teach me everything. >> reporter: if you think the six year nba vet, four with the washington bullets and wizards,
5:53 pm
is a pushy parent, think again. >> being a parent, having a kid, playing basketball he's very hands off. he'sen coming into our -- he's not coming into our practices or trying to tell us how to coach. >> reporter: he enjoys watching the st. andrews lions, partially because he thinks they have a pretty good center. >> the younger george who has a 3.5 gpa wants to study forensic pathology in college and 8th grader victor is 6' 1 already and he plays hoops, too. i only wish i could get some of that height. >> and they're still growing. >> and growing and growing. >> i got to meet the mom. >> she's 6' 1 and, of course, george is 7' 12 or whatever. >> on behalf of those of us who are slightly vertically challenged, it's okay.
5:54 pm
we can be tiny and mighty. it's all right. >> absolutely. we got a lot coming up in sports. it's a big weekend for the verizon center attempts, alex ovechkin one of them as well. we'll tell you why it's such a special weekend coming up. full details at 6:20. tonight a local special education teacher is facing serious charges involving children. we'll tell you about them. but first. >> reporter: the historic talks between the u.s. and cuba have wrapped here
5:55 pm
thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for fewer video on demand titles. thank you cable, because if we never had you... ...we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement.
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laminate flooring. 877-241-luna. the united states top diplomat to latin america met with the press today in havana to discuss the progress made in this week's historic talks between the u.s. and cuba. >> there are still plenty of challenges ahead. >> reporter: assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson gave encouragement to some of cuba's most prominent political dissidents. she hosted a breakfast for them in havana following groundbreaking talks with cuban diplomats. >> it is crucial that we will continue to both speak out about human rights publicly and directly now with the cuban government. >> reporter: jacobson told reporters in havana while negotiations were cordial and respectful it's a long road ahead. >> i've learned in diplomacy for the number of years that i've been involved that it's never a good idea to draw your conclusions after a first conversation. >> reporter: renewed ties with
5:58 pm
the u.s. is big news for cuban tourism. owners of cuba's growing number of bed and breakfasts like this one are watching closely. >> they want to know that we're in. >> reporter: this bedroom is rented to tourists. it's juan carlos' family's only income. what is a happy ending for you? >> that we could establish a relationship between the two governments and they lift the embargo. >> reporter: juan carlos says if the remaining travel restrictions are lifted, he would welcome as many americans as he can fit. adrianna diaz, cbs news, havana. >> jacobson said today pro found differences separate the u.s. and cuban governments and embassies by themselves would not mean normalized ties. thank you for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: no death penalty for the man who murdereda former atf agent while he was
5:59 pm
walking his dog. i'm peggy fox. coming up reaction from the victim's family. >> reporter: another grim discovery tonight at the scene of that waterfront mansion fire in annapolis. i'm scott broom. coming up also reactions to the heartbreaking photos released by the victims' family. a system moving our way bringing rain and snow triggers tonight's yellow alert. this is i-81 in woodstock, virginia, where the snow is sticking to the grass. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm lesli foster. where is this system going to hit the hardest and how will it affect our weekend plan? let's get right to chief meteorologist topper shutt with your forecast first. >> if you have plans tonight and you're inside the beltway, you're fine as long as your windshield wipers work, heavy rain. ifup toward hagerstown and winchester, you're under a winter storm warning. you might want to get off the road after 9:00. the winter weather advisory still includes montgomery
6:00 pm
company. it does not include th district. it does include fairfax, prince william and points off to the west, never included you folks in southern maryland, not enough cold air for you guys. precip types, primarily rain la plata down toward fredericksburg, st. mary's, the city, a mixture in the middle toward leesburg, manassas and d.c. and mostly snow hagerstown, winchester and cumberland. i think that will play out about right. we're looking at a little bit of snow. this may be over a little bit, trace to an inch around the immediate burbs, maybe silver spring, rockville, far fax, mclean and leesburg, 1 to 4 in this little swath back into winchester across into frederick. once you're north of that and approach the border back into the mountain you're lookin


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