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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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long on questions very short on answers as congress hears from the ntsb about the recent metro accident. authorities pull two bodies out of the ruins of that annapolis mansion fire. the latest is next. a decision tonight on whether civil rights charges will be filed against the ferguson police officer who killed michael brown. a fairfax family says medical marijuana is the only thing that helps their teenage daughter control her seizures.
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we're head today richmond to convince lawmakers to pass the bill. i'm peggy fox, the story coming up. a slippery night could get even worse by morning. good evening. >> i'm lesli foster. those temperatures are hovering right around the freezing mark and black ice is is a threat for the early morning commute. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is here to tell us if you'll need extra time in the morning. >> probably a good idea. in fact we with extend our yellow alert until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow because we're adding fog to the forecast. temperature is 3 t 25 in gaithersburg, 34 in leesburg and 36 in manassas, still 36 in d.c. but as we mentioned earlier you don't have to see the temperatures exactly 32 for ice to form. what is black ice is? it looks wet but it's actually frozen. that's black ice. slowdown and also be careful walking. your driveways will freeze first so be careful walking to get the paper or walking the kids to the bus stop tomorrow. let's talk about visibility down to one mile at dulleis s,
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half mile in leesburg and mile and a quarter up toward gaithersburg so we have fog and black ice. if you drive early tomorrow morning in the dark only use low beams, slowdown and allow extra time and allow distance between you and your friend in front of you. we'll come back and talk about when temperatures climb above freezing and look at not one but two storms in the next faradays. epic radio communication failures and problems that literally blew the smoke into faces of trapped metro riders, just two of the early findings released from the ntsb looking into the deadly tragedy in the tunnel nearly two weeks ago. >> there are many more questions and incomplete answers after that incident that left one woman dead and sent more than 80 others to the hospital. hank silverberg is live outside with more on what we know tonight. hank? >> reporter: well there were 13 members of congress involved in a meeting with the ntsb today to talk about this and also members of the metro board there and when the members of congress in virginia and
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maryland and d.c. came out they seem to have one theme that is some of the things that went wrong on january 1 should have and could have already been fixed. chief among them is the ventilation system which ntsb chairman christopher hart says had an anomaly in the tunnel ventilation shaft when the third rail sparked sending smoke into the train as hundreds of passengers gasp for air. >> we have tested the ventilation system and noted anomalies that will require further testing. >> that ventilation system and trouble with communications are now a big part of the investigation. >> the only two reassuring things that came out of the meeting was that the interoperability between the district of columbia and the metro first responders is now looking and second, a ventilation system that brought actually smoke into the car is now being reversed. >> one piece of new information, the d.c. fire department recently encryptedded its communication system, but that info was never
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related to metro so during this incident firefighters couldn't communicate with metro control right away. >> that should be an immediate red flag in terms of making sure that inneroperability is maintained. we've invested literally hundreds of millions of doand if they don't talk to each other in a moment of crisis they don't do much good. >> the 13 who met behind closed doors will continue to press for trouble spots that need to be fixed to be handled now and not wait until the final ntsb report comes out so there are no more incidents like the one that killed carol glover on january 12. there is a list says hart, but he would not detail it. now it could take the ntsb over a year to come up with its final report. both these members of congress say things should be done long before that and get some of these things fixed right away. with you is is a 9 news. >> the sooner they do that the sooner they spare other lives. >> thank you, hank. well tonight a car plowed into a bus shelter seriously injuring one man standing at
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the bus stop near university boulevard in wheaton when he was struck by the out of control car. he is expected to survive. the driver did remain on the scene but still no word on how or why he lost control of his car. a heart breaking discovery at the scene of that mansion fire in annapolis. late this afternoon, fire officials announced they recovered the remains of two people in the rubble, but the search continues for four others who are still missing. jim osmond joins us now from annapolis where neighbors worst fears are coming true. jim? >> reporter: hi, leslie and good evening to you at home. we're going on day 3 in this mystery and what exactly happened here. a police vehicle was stationed blocking the entrance to the neighborhood where that annapolis mansion fire occurred. signs of people leaving behind month meant os for the family are now covered in snow. four of six people are unaccounted for. >> a search with a cadaver canine resulted in positive
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alerts. as we started the to process the scene we located the bodies of two individuals. >> the fire broke out in the 900 block of chinneds point road monday morning. the multi million dollar mansion was owned by i-t executive don pyle. investigators were on a search for a man, a woman and their four grandchildren missing since that fire broke out. >> there's still a lot of work to be done. this is a massive effort and will take days to complete. as we develop more information, we will continue to brief you as we are in a position to do so. >> the fire department didn't specify whose bodies they found, male, female, adult, or child and the massive structure is proving an added challenge in the search for the remaining. >> this isn't built like a typical residential house . this is built more like a commercial structure so it's a time consuming process they're going through right now. >> now, we should let you know that the two bodies discovered
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here today, they were taken to the medical examiners office in baltimore and the search resumes here tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. reporting live from annapolis, wusa 9 news. >> jim, thank you. a spectacular fire destroyed an apartment complex outside new york city. the heavy flames broke out around 4:30 this afternoon in edgewater new jersey and they quickly spread out of control and this fire is just now being put out. the firefighters from surrounding towns were brought into battle the flames. this is near the banks of the hudson river. more than 400 people have been forced from their homes, luckily no one has been hurt. a federal investigation into the shooting death of ferguson, missouri teenager michael brown is over and a man at the center of it is expected to be cleared. the fbi was looking into whether now former police officer darren wilson intentionally violated brown's civil rights. >> law enforcement sources tell cbs news that no civil rights charges are expected to be filed against former ferguson
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police officer darren wilson for the august shooting death of michael brown. wilson shot the unarmed 18-year- old multiple times during a fight august 9. sources say the fbi has complete interviews are more than 200 people and agents have reviewed numerous surveillance tapes and cell phone videos which captured part of the fatal incident. the fbi report has been turned over to federal prosecutors. an attorney for the brown family released a statement saying they will wait for official word from the justice department regarding whether charges will be field against the police officer who shot and child him. the family won't address speculation from anonymous sources. in november a missouri grand jury cleared wilson of state charges and that decision sparked violent pro protests which included businesses being set on fire. st. louis county police released this video from one looted store and trying to identify almost 200 suspects seen breaking in and carrying things out. >> the justice department is still investigating the ferguson police department as a whole. prosecutors are trying to
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determine if the pre dominantly white police force has a history of discrimination and racial profiling. the newtown connecticut home where adam lanza lived are before he carried out the 2012 massacre at will be torn down. today the newtown council vote today demolish the 3100 square foot home and keep the land as open space. lanza killed 20 children and six teachers at sandy hook before chitting suicide two years ago. neighbors pleaded with town officials to tear down the house saying it's a constant reminder of the evil that resided there. imagine how desperate you'd have to be to move to another state just so your child could have the medicine that she needed, and that is what hundreds of families seeking medical marijuana have done. >> peggy fox talked to a fairfax family whose back from colorado and hoping to convince lawmakers in virginia to allow sick children who need cannabis oil get it. >> jennifer was taking 16 pills a day and still having 300 >> beth collins felt she had no choice but to move with her
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daughter from their home in fairfax to colorado so that 15 year old jennifer could take medical marijuana for her epilepsy. >> we've tried every single other medication there is. they don't work for her. >> not only did the cannabis oil reduce jennifer's seizures, it also had none of the side effects other drugs had. >> rage, attacking me, pulling my hair out, punching me, suicide, thoughts of suicide. >> you were at the end of the rope. >> it's okay. i mean, we had episodes where she locked herself in the bathroom with a knife. that's not jennifer. as soon as we took her off those medicine, those behaviors stopped. >> mother and daughter have just moved back home because jennifer was not happy there and missed her father but they're hoping that cannabis oil she took for a year will continue to help for awhile.
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>> i think it's crazy not to want to help save is some kids lives and help make them better. >> on thursday the family will join others in richmond pushing lawmakers to back bills that would help sick children get the medicine they need. >> we don't favor legalization of recreational. we're just parents and we don't want to be involved in opening up some pandora's box. we want responsible access to medicine that can help our kids. >> while her eyes often flutter from tiny seizures she hasn't had a grand mal seizure in a year. the family believes it's due to the cannabis oil she was on. >> no one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana. how many of the pharmaceuticals in your cabinet can you say that about? >> the cannabis oil is is used by placing drops under the tongue. beth says it is not used in doses that get you high. she says her daughter has never felt high using it. the problem with having it legalized to use is that it is
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still a federal class one controlled substance. it's illegal to prescribe, except in colorado doctors can recommend it and that's what families here are hoping virginia lawmakers will do. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> there are three bill sponsored by northern virginia lawmakers. the senate bill gets its first test tomorrow the son of the late marion barry is free tonight after pleading not guilty to change of simple assault, making threats and destruction of property. 34 year old christopher barry walk out of superior court this afternoon after turning himself into police this morning and these charges stem from an incident last week inside a pnc branch when barry got into an argument with a teller and allegedly tossed a trash can that damaged a security camera. barry is running for his fathers ward 8 council seat and he'sapologized for his action. coming up did the house speaker side step the white
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house when he invited israel's prime minister to speak before a joint session of congress. also ahead the first lady has healthy fun with a group of local children at the white house. but up next, a canon ball found stuck inside a chimney comes crashing
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new tonight an old canon ball discovered inside a georgetown home is by the military. the owner of the house on cambridge place did not want to be on camera but he tells us workers found the canon ball in his chimney when they went to have some renovations done last month and at first, he kept it in his home office where friends and neighbors could check out the old war relic and then he remembered that it was an explosive so he moved it to his backyard shed and his wife called in the experts. >> isn't it wonderful start? isn't it great? this went forever and still keeps giving a lot of the excitement so what can i say? >> the homeowner says the canon ball was about four to five inches in diameter. d.c. fire says it was unable to x-ray it using its normal equipment. well the man accused of plotting an attack at the u.s. capitol is due back in court tomorrow. the federal grand jury in cincinnati indicted 20 year old
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christopher lee cornell, charged with attempting kiss u.s. officials and employees and a firearms charge. cornell was arrested outside a gun shop exactly one week ago and according to court documents, the fbi says he planned to wage gihad by attacking the capitol with pipe bombs and shooting government officials and employees. in israel police say a 23- year-old palestinian man confessed to stab 1-g 1 people on a commuter bus. present officers in the area shot the man in the leg while he was trying to get away. no one juan the bus was killed but several injuries are serious. investigators say the man was a lone wolf seeking revenge for the war in gaza last year. the white house is accuse house speaker john boehner of breaching diplomatic protocol. speaker john boehner has invited israeli prime minister to address a joint session of congress on february 11. but the white house says it didn't hear about the invitation until shortly before the speaker announced it this
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morning. and during last nights state of the union, president obama promised to veto any sanctions that could disrupt talks on iran's nuclear program. republican larry logan will be spending his first night in the mansion. >> i've invited prime minister of israel to address a joint session of congress on the grave threats of radical islam and the threat that iran poses to not only middle east but frankly the world. >> all right and that was john boehner there, speaker of the house. now, republican larry hogan will be spending his first night in the maryland governors mansion. governor hogan attended tonights inaugural gal a after taking the oath of office earlier today. in his speech outside the maryland state house in annapolis, hogan called on lawmakers to put aside
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partisanship and get to work for all marylanders. >> partisanship should never denegrate the legacy entrusted to us by our founders. to my friends across the aisle i assure you it will never play a role in my decision-making. >> governor hogan is only the second republican to hold maryland's highest office since the 1960's. tomorrow marks the annual march for life here in washington. thousands will gather for a pro life rally at noon on the national mall and then it will march to the u.s. supreme court and they are expected to call on justices to overturn the landmark decision that established a womans right to an abortion 42 years ago. local school children got the chance to play in the white house today. first lady michelle obama welcomed students today for a special reading of dr. seuss's oh, the things you can do that are good for you. after the reading, mrs. obama lead the children in the game of limbo and they imitated physical activities like jumping rope, swimming, and
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dancing. take it easy out there. >> yeah, i mean we aren't talking about widespread flash freeze here but there's going to be slick spots tomorrow and looking at fog, if black ice isn't enough to slow you down and then we're tracking a coastal storm for friday night into saturday. let's start with a live look outside it is our live michael & son weather cam and again we've extended the yellow alert until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning because of that. it's sitting on 36 and its been 36 i believe since 5:00 p.m. this afternoon and dew points have come up now 32 and that's a good sign probably hold above freezing downtown. winds light but that's actually not a great sign because it's going to allow fog to develop and we had windy conditions that disburse the fog but we don't so fog and black ice greet the morning commuters tomorrow. bus stop tops 28-38 and not crazy cold but could be slippery as you walk the kids to the bus stop. remember your driveway is one of the first things that will
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freeze. breezy and pleasant thursday afternoon and it will take awhile. we will be rewarded and then a coastal storm friday night into saturday. if you have plans that will keep you out late friday night might want to make sure you're in at a reasonable house because i think we'll see mixed precipitation around the midnight hour. in fact here is the futurecast at 9:30 on friday we're jumping ahead here and we see clouds across the metro area with the rain, snow and mix to our south and then by 10:30 rain pretty close to the metro area and it overspreads the area and changes to snow and mix and rain and i think east of i95 this is mainly a rain event. the cold air is lacking on this storm so we'll have to wait and see how strong it gets and also how close the tracks. the further west it tracks the more rain. the further east more cold air we have snow but 7:30 some snow will be falling in the morning on saturday north and west of town and by lunch time, some snow and mix and the blue is snow and magenta is a mixed bag of precipitation and by 5:30 everything begins to move away
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and it may go back to rain before it's all said and done so keep a close eye on it. it's coastal and big storm. overnight cloudy, cold, fog, slick spots with equals black ice, 28-33 for lows, so we'll start out at 34 at 7:00, 36 at 9:00, some clouds and then finally nice. by 11:00, 41 and 45 by 1:00 with pretty much full sun, you can walk at lunch. friday starts out nice and then clouds come in and there's your mix late at night and 43. yellow alert saturday, rain and snow temperature in the upper 70s. now upper 30s rather. next seven days wish it were the upper 70s, looking at a cold day sunday, another clipper comes at us sunday night, snow showers possible again monday with the same clipper and then break on tuesday and more flurries possible on wednesday. >> so close. >> so close. i know, heart break tonight. it was a great game though. wizards made them work for it that's for sure, a tough night at the verizon center, fans excited to see kevin durant in
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town and this one went down to
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a pattern has emerged this season when the wizards lead at half time. they're nearly unbeatable. they've only lost twice in that situation. the first january 2, oklahoma city against the thunder and their second, tonight at home against the thunder. sew a trend there? fans really want kd to come home. they have a lot of guys sporting shirts tonight, win or lose they got a great game. second quarter missing a throw pointer but paul pierce has a rebound and streaks to the basket for the big dunk. fourth quarter is when the game got really good. kevin durant curls around and buries a three pointer and puts them up by four and late in regulation, paul pierce had been struggling all night, not here. three pointer gives the wizards two point lead and pierce equals clutch in this game but they left enough time for the thunder and russel westbrook to tie up the game and overtime we go, tied at 103, this look
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familiar? streaking again, unchecked and that's your game winner, thunder win a heart breaker 105- 103. time now for daily reminder to vote on our high school game of the week poll four new basketball games to choose from, and of course as always, we'll highlight that game friday night on game on varsity. washington nationals got the day started rolling out their new and very expensive addition to the pitching rotation. max scherzer was one of the most sought after free agents during this season and he joins an already very strong pitching staff. max scherzer will wear number 31 as a national despite having worn 37 during his five years in detroit because that number belonged to someone else. max scherzer agreed to the $210 million contract and he said it's nice but what ultimately drew him to d.c. was the chance to play baseball in october. >> when the nationals started knocking on the door, that is the conversation i had with scott saying this is definitely a destination i want to play in
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and this is a team that can win now and in the future and that's something when you sign up for seven years you want to be a part of. >> all right so what does that big contract mean for the other nats pitcher? there have been rumors that jordan zimmerman could be tradded. today gm said that spending that kind of money on one person doesn't mean another one will be forced out. >> nothing is changed in regards to any other player on the roster. we make good baseball decisions based on baseball evaluations and money does not come into play. >> do they have the money for all of them? >> well there's so many free agents coming up, it's going to be interesting to see what happens but there was a lot of talk about trading zimmerman this season but he was so lights outlast year and this pitching staff has the lowest era, which is already to repeat but they have a lot of
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and that's it for wusa 9 news tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >> letterman is next. make it a great night, everybody and be safe
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