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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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30s in gaithersburg downtown and 34 out towards leesburg. again what appears wet is actually black ice. we're already below freezing in gaithersburg and manassas. we'll come back and talk more about black ice and not one, but two more storms headed our way. the maryland state highway are expecting the snow to put a dent in this evening's commute. our stephanie ramirez is in frederick. how are the roads looking out there where you are, steph? >> reporter: the area right now we're done with the heavy snowflakes, but look at this view that you have behind us downtown. if we move over to the roadway, they are wet. and that's what you want for the commute home, was it the biggest snowfall that we have seen in that area, but enough to get people talking. on a snowy day like this, what else do you do, but pose for a photo? >> what we don't have is weird
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for me. >> reporter: at least for some it was enough to have fun. the snow blanketing a little bit more than expected today on the beltway by tyson's corner on 270 headed north. no plows or caution signs would slow down. while the gas station, drivers would brush off windows. if you are from somewhere else as they told my photographer that it is not that bad. you don't even need a coat. >> i'm from pittsburgh originally. >> so you're used to it? >> i'm used to it. >> reporter: it was time to go home. they didn't even want to hang out with me. >> are you kidding me? people can't drive. you've got the slushy stuff on the road and the visibility is minimal, you know, it's not a good thing to be out of here. >> reporter: the good thing for now is the snowfall to stop the
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wet roads, but again be cautious of possibly freezing on the roadways here, the highway administration is traveling that tonight, which will be safe. >> all right, thank you. great advice. we're going to move on. make sure you download the wusa9 news app. you can get the latest weather and traffic information and find out about the school closing alerts. the app is free. breaking news on the massive mansion in indianapolis. they found two bodies in the ruins of the 16,000-square foot home. the news no one wanted. scott got out of a news conference. what are investigators telling you? >> reporter: they said this remains a criminal investigation, despite the fact they do not have evidence that a crime has occurred. again we were warned.
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that they were found almost immediately. it resulted in the positive alerts. as we started to process the scene, we located the bodies of two individuals. the office of the chief medical examiner for the state of maryland took possession of the bodies, transporting them to baltimore. this is before the scene fell here today, burned on monday. the tech company ceo and his wife of four grandchildren.
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you heard them tell us about the conditions found. and that there will be a lot of questions about that, there were no calls from inside the home monday morning, even though that it is apparent the alarm system was working as they made that call for help to 911. this morning you saw the bureau of alcohol and tobacco and firearm. bringing in the heavy equipment to begin what turned out to be an excavation that discovered the first two bodies. still described as a criminal investigation. not because of the evidence of the crime that has occurred, but they will continue to manage this as the criminal investigation until they could rule in or out any possible foul play. now, noticeably today at this announcement that will be standing behind that they were officials, not only from the bureau of the firearms, helping
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with the investigation, but the prosecutor here from the county and their executive, the indication of just how serious that they are taking their investigation and again the headlines this afternoon, the two bodies found on exactly who they are in the ruins of that unbelievably huge water front mansion that burned down early monday as they could continue and that there are still four people unaccounted for. scott broom wusa9. >> and they said that the smoke alarms with the escape plane would help them. the fair were rescued from the burning home of 40th street in addition to the cold temperatures. that they have encountered the conditions while battling the flames of the house. they received treatment from minor injuries and that they are still trying to figure out what caused it. in about 90 minutes we should learn more about the smoke incident of the metro
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tunnel that killed one woman and injured several others. the ntsb is getting ready to brief local lawmakers and the media and our hank silverburg will be there live with a preview of what we can expect. hank? >> reporter: that's right. it's going on right now behind closed doors with members of the delegation from virginia. they have very specific questions as do we all about what happened on january 12 in that incident in that metro tunnel that put smoke in that car and injured dozens of other people. they are being briefed by the national transportation safety board. they will also get a briefing themselves. we have talked hard about that at 7:00. i can tell you that some of the major questions that still have to be answered, they were there, what caused that problem in that first place. what caused the spark that produced that smoke. and that once they filled up the car, how did metro respond? why wasn't the third rail turned off? were they delayed in getting to
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the cab? an issue with the radio? all those questions are being looked at by the ntsb. it's not clear if they would get there this afternoon or o not, but we'll find out more. reporting live, hank silverburg, wusa9 news. >> easy to hear what they would have to say and now a week after that deadly smoke incident, metro is considering raising fares and cutting service. debra alfarone is crunching the numbers joining us live. what do you know? >> reporter: at this point if this proposal goes through you could be paying a dime more if you get on the train or bus. many people not surprisingly outraged about it, especially as we were talking about before, after that deadly smoke incident on board metro. so you will want to wait for
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that. >> come next september to ride metro. >> oh my gosh. for the price it is way too high. >> not only that, but your train could come less frequently to peak every six minutes to eight. off peak from every 12 minutes to every 15. >> it is not safe at all, because they would take me $15 to get from there and here. he proposes to keep your plans as is, but he asked jurisdictions for 18% more than they usually give to fund the system. >> i think that metro needs to be a little more careful when they also propose the improvements at the same time. for those riding the metro. >> reporter: no surprise that they don't like this.
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the surprise is more people are riding metro trains after last week's deadly incident. wusa9 requested the info specifically to tuesday after this horrific tragedy, spiking more than 11% from the tuesday before. it was up for the rest of the week too. >> that's bizarre. >> yeah. not so much. no thanks. >> a lot of people said no thanks. we're not sure which one would pass, but if they are going to raise the fare that there has to be a public hearing. give us one word on how you feel about this, the ones you can read on the air, pathetic, insane, and my personal favorite. we are live here tonight, wusa9 debra alfarone. >> new tonight at 5:00, he pleads not guilty in dc court. the son of the late dc mayor
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was accused of assault, destruction of property. the judge released him on his own. they turned to police this morning as they will have much more on their court appearance coming up at 6:00. new information tonight on a capitol heights murder we first reported yesterday. they now tell us that this was not a random act as they are still looking for the person who killed earl ross. the 24-year-old who was found outside a home on coral gardens court yesterday morning with the gunshot wounds. there is a $25,000 reward for information. new tonight at 5:00, this man is in custody, charged in monday night's shooting. overnight metro transit police arrested brown of southeast as they say he fired at least one shot. two people were hurt, expected to survive held on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.
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a section of route 7 could reopen tonight after a water main break shut down in both directions. the break was first reported where they could get that stretch reopened tonight. until then they left eight houses and a church without the water all day. i do swear that i will support the constitution of the united states. and that i will be faithful. >> he took the oath and now larry hogan is the new governor. outside the capitol of annapolis, they stood out in the snow while the governor delivered his speech. they called on residents to strive to make maryland the best place in america to work, raise a family, start a business, and retire. a fairfax family says medical marijuana is the only thing that helps their teenage daughter control her seizures. they are headed to richmond to convince lawmakers to pass the
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bill. i'm peggy fox. the story is coming up. and later a sizzling look at how mcdonald's makes those famous yummy
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we are concerned about the roads. we're not talking about a flash freeze, but some slick spots as you hear it all the time to walk in to get the paper, to welcome the kids to the bus stop as your driveway would freeze first. let's start with the picture, these pictures are fantastic, are they not?
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they sent this in from southern maryland. and that you have a little bit of snow today. enough to cover the ground if you will and again go to our website and check this out. we're looking at a live temperature change. temperatures are 36. dew point is 30. and that is actually important because i think it will allow the temps to go around freezing downtown and a little bit below freezing in the suburbs. the snowfall totals about three and a half. in virginia about almost three inches. a new market three inches. we'll see virginia in about two inches and german town about three and a half inches. if you measured it before it was melted, that's the key. 38 in gaithersburg. 34 in leesburg and
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>> all the snow is gone. it's already 30 in gaithersburg. 44 towards leesburg. i think 32 downtown is incorrect reading. it's 31 in annapolis. 36 at national. black ice. wets look wet, but it's frozen.
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slow down and be careful . we'll come back and talk about a possible nor'easter friday, saturday and another clipper sunday. that is a big exit way home. >> our bruce has been checking out weather conditions. how is it looking now? >> reporter: it is not looking too bad. this is the kind of street that topper is warning about. the kind of street that is subject to black ice. this is cedar crop drive. you can see just how steep it is. the salt truck driver just came through here. he dumped a bunch of salt down about here. he told me if he didn't put this salt down, that people could basically slide right on down this street and right out into the rockville pike. victor, come down here a little bit. i want to show people the traffic coming out of d.c. and up the pike now. you can see it's pretty heavy
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down there by the hospital, by the military hospital, walter reed. that's pretty standard and people seem to be moving pretty well. it was interesting the timing on this snow was good, because people got to get out and the plow operators got to put the salt down. kind of snow people didn't even really need to shovel. look what we have still though on some of the curbs and sidewalks. a little bit there. if we wanted to take a measurement, you can see here maybe, now that it's melted a bit, really 1-inch or so. but that's the thing. if there are patches like this, they could refreeze overnight. you want to keep an eye out for that and hopefully you won't have a problem overnight. back to you. >> bruce, thank you very much. you can track the weather as it happens with the app. the app is free and available
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in apple and google stores. virginia lawmakers will consider six bills voted on drugs. a task force on prescription drugs and heroin abuse has helped with the measures. another increases the punishment for drug dealers if someone overdoses. all those bills focus on decreasing drug use. but several virginia families are hoping to make medical marijuana legal. >> not the kind that's smoked, used by sick people in colorado. peggy fox met with one of those families today. >> can you imagine feeling so desperate that you move another state to get your child the medicine she needs? hundreds of people around the country have done that. >> jennifer was taking 16 pills a day and still having 300 seizures a day. >> reporter: beth collins felt she had no choice but to move with her daughter to colorado so that jennifer could take
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medical marijuana for her epilepsy. >> we've tried every single other medication there is. they don't work for her. >> reporter: not only did the oil reduce jennifer's seizures, it also had none of the side effects other drugs had. >> rage, attacking me, pulling my hair out, punching me, suicide, thoughts of suicide. >> reporter: you were at the end of the rope? >> it's okay, i'm sharing. we had to lock herself in the bathroom with a knife. that's not jennifer. as soon as we took her off the medications, those behaviors stopped. >> reporter: mother and daughter have just moved back home because jennifer was not happy there and missed her father. but they're hoping the cannabis oil she took for a year will continue to help for a while. >> i think it's crazy not to
5:31 pm
want to help save some kids' lives and help make them better. >> reporter: thursday the families will join others pushing lawmakers to back bills that will help sick children get the medicine they need. >> we don't favor legalization of recreational. we're parents and we don't want to open up pandora's box. >> reporter: while her eyes often flutter from tiny seizures, she hasn't had a grand mal seizure in a year. they believe it's because of the cannabis oil. >> no one has died from an overdose of marijuana. how many pharmaceuticals in your cabinet can you say that about? >> the drops are put under the tongue and not used in doses that create a high. the big problem in getting medical marijuana legalized, it's still a federally classified class one controlled substances. in colorado doctors are allowed to recommend the drug, and
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that's what the families want virginia lawmakers to do. >> we'll see what happens. virginia governor continues on the road to recovery. he spent a second night in a richmond hospital where he's being treated for injuries for a horse riding accident. the governor was bucked from a house during a family trip to tanzania. a spokesman says he's ready to get back to hwork, but he needs the doctor's approval first. vice president joe biden says he's not concerned about the shots that were fired outside his delaware house last weekend. security is beefed up after the incident. vice president was asked about the shooting on cbs this morning. >> no, i'm not worried. first of all, my house is way off the road. secondly, no evidence it was shot at the house. they found shell casings over 100-yard length of time, four shells. a car must have been going by at a high rate of speed. appears someone on the passenger side fired a gun, and
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my house is on the driver's side. >> no one was hurt. the vice president and his wife were not home at the time of the shooting, and the search continues for the gunman. our parent company gannett has started a conversation examining the racial disparity in the nation's largest police department. >> tonight "usa today" is out with the results of its investigation. andrea mccarron is covering this tonight with more. >> leslie and jan, "usa today" reporters analyzed data from 2000 and 2010. they found the population of a city is not always reflected in the number of minorities in the police department. [sound of gunfire] >> reporter: ferguson, missouri sparked a bigger debate about the racial make-up of the police department compared to the community it serves. that following the death of michael brown, and a grand jury's decision not to charge the white police officer who shot him. the "usa today" investigation shows many other communities
5:34 pm
where disparities are as wide as in ferguson. the review found nationally, 12% of police officers are black, same as the general population. but more than one-third of those officers are found in just 10 cities. in fact, one in every five black officers works in new york, chicago, or washington. so where does that leave cities like cleveland, where 66% of the population is black, compared with just 52% of the police force? >> the make-up of the police department should mirror the community, just like we want the make-up of juries to mirror the community. the only way you're going to fix this system is to fix it from the top down. it's got to be a holistic change in the way that we do business here in the city of cleveland. >> reporter: something police chiefs in tampa and st. petersburg are working on.
5:35 pm
both their cities have more than a 20-point gap between the percentage of black police and a general population. >> the issues that come up in those situations is that someone is more apt to trust an individual that looks like them. >> you've got to have a diverse police department so you can hear what's coming from the community. but at the same time, i feel that you don't need only an african-american officer patrolling african-american community. once they get to know that white officer, hispanic officer, you're going to build a relationship. >> reporter: how do you fix a problem that plagues so many communities? >> one of the that's been floated is taking lessons from the u.s. military. they've done a good job of diversifying their force and they pound on the doors and they may have 10,000 contacts, just to get 100 recruits. police departments around the country need to ramp up recruiting efforts, which will be a big challenge. >> civil rights attorney terry gilbert adds departments need
5:36 pm
to work to eliminate the bias and attitudes both spoken and unspoken. leslie, back to you. thank you. a major fraternity suspended. coming up, the allegations of sexual assault at duke university. >> it's not just a lot of hot air surrounding deflate gate. new reports on the narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: more taxes and fees. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new
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tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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well trending now on facebook and twitter especially as you have probably seen the hash tag flood gates. they join us with more. >> well, they reported that the patriots had 11 of their 12 game footballs under inflated during their win over the colts. some people are saying the patriots should be fined. others are saying they shouldn't be in the super bowl at all. we're seeing this one a lot from tom. here is the patriot's trophy if they take the super bowl. another one from krispy kremes, our os are fully filled -- ours are fully filled.
5:40 pm
i know because i won both of them in the state of the union reference right there. so the nfl is investigating just how those 11 footballs became under inflated. while we wait for answers, it's a good thing we have the internet to keep us entertained. >> it's not going away soon. primarily because it's the second time for the patriots, the first spy gate and now this? we'll see how it plays out. but to continue to debate on our wusa9 app or tweet with us as well. again, you can get it free on the apple and google play stores. coming up, we'll introduce you to their $210 million man. dave owens goes one on one with max scherzer. it may be easy to remember, but they are a hacker's dream. the ten top predictable passwords that millions of us continue
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when you've got something to share, you need upload speed. and only verizon fios gives you upload speeds... fast as your download speeds. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. so join the millions who get the difference fios makes... ...and see how sweet it is. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v having strong passwords for your online account could keep you from getting hacked. but turns out a lot of people are ignoring that device. chris reports from new york. >> reporter: sony pictures, home depot, target, they by hackers. according to a new study, many
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americans are not getting the message, they are still using the weak confidence. the most common password that people use is one, two, three, four, five, six. coming in number two is the word password, at number five qwerty, which is the first six letters on the top row of your keyboard. the other top ten are baseball, football, and dragon. >> no, i'm not that bad. that is really giving it away. >> reporter: they suggest using passwords of eight characters including numbers, letters, characters. avoid reusing the same password on multiple websites. >> for information that may be sensitive for the financial information and your personal information, that you need to change your password and many recommend at least on a 30-day period. >> reporter: but susan says it is hard to keep track of all
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those passwords. so it will be things connected to me and so it is easier to remember. >> reporter: the bottom line, picking a password should not be as easy as one, two, three. cbs news, new york. think of this as a play room that serves as a storage space for your husband and their stuff. a company in utah is selling storage units that double as a man cave, topper, listen up. the 25-by 50-foot space can be customized to taste. the base model costs around $150,000 and you've got to get approval from your wife and from the homeowner's association before you start building. >> okay. that's not bad. you think al would give you the approval of this? >> no. it's the homeowner's association. a swing and a miss. but some icy spots, okay?
5:46 pm
that it may appear wet. >> thanks for sending in those pictures all day. ashton, maryland off the road, it is close. 2.1 inches. and they had an inch and a half. they still have a little bit of snow on the weather terrace. the temperatures downtown is 36. some of the burbs are hovering around the freezing mark, telling us the temperatures will be able to drop below freezing as we get some breaks in the clouds. temperature wills not fall too far to cause some problems tonight. be careful walking on your driveway. kind of cold at 26 to 38. that's about 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
5:47 pm
breezy, but pleasant tomorrow with a good day for late january actually. and chilly with some clouds returning on friday. friday night late is when the next nor'easter will affect us. this is the future cast at 7:30 on friday evening. all clouds back to the west of us, rolling through fast. by 11:00, that is a mix, okay? and this blue, it is the snow and the green is the rain. this is just one model's take on this storm. it is actually, well, got a pretty good handle on the storm as i'm will be a total snow event by any means. by 6:00 a.m. saturday, we'll see the snow for the western suburbs, then kind of mixed precipitation west of 95 and still rain across southern maryland. you'll have a hard time getting accumulating snow for this. they should end the snow briefly. now we're at 2:00 in the
5:48 pm
afternoon on friday. this particular model moves it out quicker than the other models. actually they would leave it in town all day. as they turn northwest to kick us back to the snow. how much? it depends on how much snow you would get. 26 to about 42 and then by the afternoon, it will be a pretty good day, breezy, pleasant. down towards timberline. 40 in hagerstown, that's really a pretty quiet day. 46 in culpeper. maybe 46 in reston and mcchain.
5:49 pm
downtown 46. you can get in to southern maryland. even 48 by the water 47. there's not a lot of the small craft advisories. with sunshine as we will break this down to remember that these are city temps. remember that it will be 33 to start and then 34 at 7:00. the lower 40s by 11:00. really pretty nice. 45 with sunshine that will not be a bad day in january. now friday, the clouds will come in as you saw the future cast there. 43 is right on the low. and more rain and snow on saturday as temperatures will go back up to the 30s. it will be a cold polar plunge at sandy point. it's probably raining out there as we get a break on sunday with another clipper approaching very rapidly. upper 30s to the snow flurries possible obvious sunday night. monday the snow showers will be possible and then kind of cold in the wake of the clippers,
5:50 pm
the mid-30s on tuesday and maybe some flurries on wednesday with the temperatures in the upper 30s to the near 40s. we are live at the verizon center with a big day in dc sports. you've got the game here, and just a few hours ago, the washington nationals roll out their 210 -- their $210 million man. dave owens goes one on one. >> here with max. first of all, welcome to washington, d.c., man. i know it's got to be a whirlwind for you. >> it's been crazy, you know, agreeing to terms to get on the planes to get to the physical stuff that it has been crazy. >> it is a mind blowing number as you said that during the
5:51 pm
press conference. it's like you said a large amount of money. i'm not playing this game for money that for me it all about winning, which makes me happier than anything else. >> and now i see that you a big fantasy football guy. do you have any football players on your team? >> i had deshawn jackson. >> yeah, could do that for you. it's not bad. i tried to think of the washington redskins. that is my only good call on that. >> yeah. doing some research that may or may not be active, but i hear you're a big wnthro of game -- a game of throwns guy? >> yes. there is something that my wife and i got in to the last season that they would start. and then this off season we went through it to finish it. >> you've been to it? >> yes. we didn't quite get what was
5:52 pm
going on as we would watch the whole thing again, all four seasons, as i mean it was every night. >> you knead a break, bro. >> yes, every single night that we would get lost in it, >> they are giving me the wrap up signal, good luck. >> thank you. kill tell that they will be fun to interview this season. could they be coming to dc? did you get all that? i don't know. guys back to you. >> thank you. today the paternity is suspended after allegations of rape at the off campus party. up next where it happened and what evidence authorities have found at the paternity house. all coming up later on wusa9 news at 6:00. i'm surae chinn in fairfax as they packed the fairfax county government auditorium, seeking their minds in
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
it took place earlier this month. as they report that it was suspended until they could sort out what happened. >> the alleged incident o occurred here at a party held by the fraternity. obtained by cbs morning that they told police they were
5:56 pm
served hot chocolate, saying the next thing they remember is waking up the next day in a t- shirt that she didn't recognize, wearing no underwear. her leggings were torn and on the ground. sent to the victim from an unknown number. one of them which said you went back with a kid that i know as you were screwed. including the mattress and the samples. in a statement they would respond that the fraternity has been placed in their suspension until further notice. >> i will not be attending events at that fraternity. >> reporter: in 2006 duke was the center of a highly pub lysissed lacrosse team, from which charges were later dropped. since the alleged victim in the
5:57 pm
case claimed that she was drugged and has no memory of the alleged assault, police appealed to other students that may have seen what happened. until then it means no recruiting, no events, no parties. anna warner, cbs news, new york. >> and it comes amid the string of the similar incidents. on monday, two fraternities at brown university were sanctioned for the incident that happened in october. the same day the student alleged that she was sexually assaulted over the weekend. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00, wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: but now it is the commute home. i'm stephanie ramirez with a look at what the roads look like. >> i'm scott broom with firefighters in annapolis coming up, what authority haves to say about what they found. i'm bruce johnson, the son of the late marion barry that
5:58 pm
turned himself in to police. what they are saying. i'll have that story. >> the snow is over, but there is a chance that everything could refreeze tonight. thanks for joining us. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm lesli foster. the weather has forced the cancellation for dozens of activities tonight. you can see all that on the bottom of the screen. what are we in for as the hours progress? let's get right in to with more on what to expect. >> reporter: the quicker you get home, the better off you are. it is tonight or tomorrow morning that we're concerned about. if you're going to the wizard's game, be careful when you're coming home. but the temperatures right now, 36 downtown we're okay. 36 in manassas. 34 in leesburg and 34 in frederick and 33 already in hagerstown, down to 30 in gaithersburg. what that means is that we're looking at black ice as the roads will look wet, but it will be frozen. that's black ice. slow down. and also be careful walking because a lot of the times with this type of the situation that we hear people falling or they
5:59 pm
are walking their kids to the bus stop. your driveway will freeze a lot quicker and sooner than your street. future cast tonight, we have temperatures below freezing. 31 in manassas and also in gaithersburg and downtown. by 10:00 we are just around freezing about everywhere, except the extreme downtown area. with that said we're not looking at a flash freeze, but some areas, they will be freezing overnight. by 6:00 in the morning, i think that we were down to 28 in manassas and 31 in leesburg and 30 in gaithersburg. we're not done with the freezing temperatures until tomorrow morning and then the sun comes out, a pretty good day. but the snowfall totals, gaithersburg almost three inches. they are up about two inches. we'll come back and talk about the two storms. we'll let you know if they would add any of the snowfall totals. a lot of people are heading for the exits this hour. how are the conditions on the roads in the wake of the snow
6:00 pm
and the expected refreezing? bruce leshan is live along rockville pike in bethesda tonight. how is it looking, bruce? >> reporter: hey, you know, topper has been talking about the conversational snow, but still beautiful, sticking to the tree tops in many neighborhoods that looks like a winter wonderland. sticking to a lot of the bushes here. but where it did not stick was down to the pavement as most of us didn't even have to get out and shovel much of anything. the timing was also pretty good. take a look at the traffic, it is coming out of bethesda, heading up towards the beltway as you can see it is actually probably lighter than normal. people are not having too much trouble, but it's the kind of thing that topper is talking about in terms of the refreezing and the salt trucks, they have gotten out


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