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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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precipitation heads your way. it's into the mid afternoon event. we can see it brewing in west virginia and areas just through the shenandoah valley. starting to see a couple of flurries. we have flurries reported through frederick. interstate 70, a couple of flurries. even winchester. this will continuity journey off to the east and arrive through the district about late morning, early afternoon but the accumulations will really stick to grassy surfaces. areas off to the north, northern maryland, that's where we could see some of it stick, especially through frederick and off to the north. so expect temperatures to be into the mid- to upper 30s this afternoon. time frame we're looking at 11:00 to 4:00 as any accumulations through northern maryland. let's go to beverly with traffic. we have a couple of new problems to deal with heading south out of baltimore an accident southbound 95, south of 175, columbia, jessup area to 432. tied up the left side of the roadway. everybody managed to get over to the left shoulder and sky 9 has been tracking that with a slowdown certainly southbound
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95. bw parkway, 295 an option for folks heading out of baltimore. northbound lanes are open. other big deal now, a crash on the beltway in silver spring. that's going to be on the outer loop of the beltway near georgia avenue. we're told initially the right half of the roadway is blocked. a tractor-trailer is involved and may be jackknifed. outer loop jammed into silver spring headed toward georgia avenue, 395 north of duke street, your volume lineup but lanes are open to the 14th street bridge. mike, andrea, back to you. two people are being treated at virginia hospital center after an overnight fire in arlington. >> the scary morning for them -- a scary morning for them. delia goncalves is more from the scene. do we know the cause yet? >> reporter: we don't know the cause. we do know the fire was pretty extensive, even though the house at this point looks okay. we're told most of the damage is in the back and there was fire in the basement first and second floors. good news here, captain gregg karl says two adults that lived
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here did get out of the home. they did have a smoke alarm. >> yes, a smoke alarm alerted the occupants. it could have been different if the smoke alarm didn't alert them. it's very important that people test their alarms. >> reporter: they were rescued off the roof. they were standing on the the porch roof at the time. tell me about the conditions inside the home that made fighting this fire a bit more difficult. >> there were hoarding conditions present in the home. completely changed the operation. the normal firefighting operation. crews definitely had to take more caution because they weren't sure what structural members may or may not have been burned out or the extent of the damage to the floor underneath them. so they definitely moved slower, more cautiously just to make sure we didn't have any firefighter injuries. >> is the investigation going to take longer because of all of this debris inside the home? >> it's definitely going oblems with the investigation because they'll
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have to remove the debris as they search for the source of the fire. >> thank you, captain. i appreciate it so much. that's the very latest here from arlington. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, delia. in anne arundel county today, fire investigators will focus their attention on what remains of a mansion in annapolis. >> they'll be looking for the homeowners and four grandchildren who have been missing since that fire started. nikki burdine is live near the home with more on where the investigation goes today. nikki? >> reporter: today the excavation process is expected to begin. that's why we're standing where we are right now. we're about a quarter mile down childs point road away from the house. all morning long we've been seeing the fire trucks and other equipment being moved in and out. this is very large equipment. the crane is just massive. i want you to take a look at some of this video so you can see how big this crane is. they moved it in yesterday but they've been moving the equipment in and out over the past day and again this
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morning. the reason for that is because they have to make sure that it's safe for investigators, a.t.f. officials and firefighters to get in and start digging through all the rubble. essentially we're looking at about five houses worth of debris in one. it's a 16,000 square foot house. it will take them a lot of time to dig through three floors compressed into one. investigators will have to dig through all the layers in the search for what happened and of course potential victims feared dead, don and sandy pyle and of course their four grandchildren are potential victims. they have been unaccounted for as the fire started on monday. we'll keep you updated on if and when they find anything. back you to in the studio. >> thank you, nikki, live in annapolis this morning.
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6:04 now. the president says the state of the union is strong. he spent part of his address last night outlining a new agenda he believes will help the middle class. >> susan mcginnis tells us the president is together his proposals on the road amid growing dissension here in washington. >> tonight we turn the page. >> reporter: in his sixth state of the union address, the president called on the congress to help middle class proposals, including tax hikes for the wealthy and raising the minimum wage. >> if you truly believe you can work full-time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, try it... [ inaudible ] >> no hacker should be able to shut down our networks, steal our -- >> reporter: while promising to
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work with republicans, he also threatened to stop any attempts to unravel his actions on health care, immigration and financial reform reform. >> if a bill comes to my desk, i will veto it. >> reporter: the republicans criticized the proposal before he gave the speech and continued afterwards. >> he is floundering the last opportunity to set things right with the american people. >> reporter: in the official republican response -- [indiscernible] >> congress is back to work on your behalf ready to make washington focused on your concerns again. >> reporter: the president heads to idaho today to push his proposals. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> republicans will continue their efforts to roll back the affordable care act and she challenged the president to sign a fast-track to the keystone xl pipeline. the white house says it would veto it. a new era in maryland.
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today larry hogan will be sworn in as the new governor of the free state. he'll become the state's second republican governor in the last 45 years. inauguration events for governor-elect hogan began at 8:00 this morning with a prayer service at st. mary's church in annapolis. then he'll take the oath of office in the senate chamber of the statehouse just after noon. and then governor hogan will deliver his inaugural address at 12:30 on the statehouse steps. tonight at 8:00 there's the inaugural gala at the baltimore convention center. washed 8 d.c. council -- ward 8 d.c. council candidate christopher barry is turning himself into authorities today. he's accused of throwing a trash can and damaging a security camera inside a bank in chinatown. christopher barry is the son of the late ward 8 councilman marion barry. metro is considering raising fares and cutting services. a working budget document explores the ways to cut the amount of money metro requests from local governments. one of the suggestions? raising bus and rail fares by
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10 cents and running trains every six to eight minutes during rush hour. one county in the metro area is banning your favorite container material. we'll tell who you will be affected and when. >> police are looking for answers after a shooting left one dead in prince george's county. it is here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'.
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. watching low clouds over d.c. we're getting word that clarke county, virginia schools have closed along with loudoun, winchester city and frederick county schools closed today. we're looking at a little bit
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of snow. in d.c. probably not too much. a trace to outside chance we get an inch. i'm leaning more to a coating on the grass. along and north of i-70, west of the blue ridge now we're talking 1 to possibly 3 inches in a spew for thes. -- in a few spots. now beverly with timesaver traffic. on the beltway getting into silver spring, normally a big bottleneck. even bigger on the outer loop of the beltway between colesville and georgia avenue. a tractor-trailer broken down. i'm told it's leaking fluid, possibly transmission nude soit' not moving on its own and tying up the right half of the roadway. a heavy duty wrecker to tow it away. that's why you're jammed in silver spring. virginia 95 none of those obstacles but the building volume north of 610, the hov express lane entrance getting into dale city, newington. lanes are especial up toward the -- are open up toward the beltway. volume in manassas and centreville and getting into vienna on 66.
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michael johnson, the man accused of killing felicia barnes is a free man. a judge dismissed all charges against him in the the murder of the north carolina teenager. the judge cited insufficient evidence. barnes disappeared while visiting her sister in baltimore in 2010. her body was found months later in the susquehanna river. johnson was thester's -- the sister's ex-boyfriend. he was convicted of murder in 2013 but a judge ruled prosecutors withheld evidence and granted johnson a new trial. that case led to a mistrial. a new witness coming forward might trig area new trial for a baltimore man convicted of killing his high school girlfriend. he is serving a life sentence for the 1999 murder of 18-year- old minley. now stepping forward is asia mclean who claims she saw syaid
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in a public library at the time prosecutors said his ex- girlfriend was killed. they said the defense attorney never bothered to call her as a witness. styrofoam containers and packing peanuts will be a thing of the past in montgomery county soon. council members voted unanimously to ban them both. restaurants, supermarkets may no longer be able to use products made with styrofoam. a 2010 report found that nearly a quarter of the trash that flows into the anacostia river was bits of styrofoam. it is 6:13. here's another look at the question of the morning. 9% of americans say they never have this in their wallet. is it a, business cards, b, photo i.d. or c, cash? >> good morning, lucky. she -- good morning, libby. she writes millennials use debit for everything and many
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people, teachers, don't +ny
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i'm nick giovanni live in the newsroom. here's what's in the news right now. the leader of boak company ha ram has -- boko haram has claimed responsibility for mass
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killings in a town in northeast nigeria. estimates say 2,000 people were killed on january 3. boko haram still maintained control of that town and a military base as well. a prosecutor with the international criminal court says those most upon for war crimes will be -- responsible for war crimes will be held accountable. a case of international computer hacking. federal prosecutors say hackers gamed access to a u.s. army computer network while targeting microsoft and several video game dovers. sentencing we're told is set for may. police are looking for clues into a shooting which left one man dead in prince george's county. it happened yesterday morning on coral gardens court in capitol heights. medics rushed the victim to the hospital but doctors were unable to save him. police are looking for witnesses and other information to help solve the case. two people suffered minor injuries last night when a military helicopter overturned. the army chopper flipped during a hard landing atra money that
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airport in -- at ramona airport in san diego. the two people inside managed to escape without assistance. the cause of the crash still under investigation. a stretch of i-75 in ohio where an overpass collapsed during demolition work has reopened. monday night's collapse killed a construction worker and injured the driver of a semi. crews kept part of the highway in cincinnati closed most of the day yesterday to remove tons of debris scattered across the roadway. mike, andrea, again that highway is now back open. >> they said they cleared it a lot more quickly than they thought so that's good news there. 6:18 now. it is a yellow alert day. we have four -- count them, four school systems closed. loudoun, winchester, frederick and clarke county all in virginia closed this morning. >> any icing conditions we have to worry about because of what's happening? >> up there a little bit more, especially when you get into northern and western loudoun, those areas of the shenandoah valley, the mountains north of i-70. i'm more concerned there than toward the metro. even parts of upper montgomery,
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howard could see a little bit of accumulation on some of the roadways. some of those surface temperatures are down mid- to upper 20s right now. let's show you what's happening with doppler 9000. we do have snow and mix we're tracking coming out of ohio into pennsylvania, west virginia. now parts of virginia. the stuff out ahead of the main system we're seeing in virginia, this stuff is pretty light. stles you see it up i--- also you see it up i-81, winchester, hagerstown. a few places reported frederick, damascus, olney. that's it where maybe some lighter snows are actually reaching the ground across parts of west virginia, paw paw, cross junction, northern frederick county. this is the area where we have the few school closures we've reported this morning. cumberland, down 219, 220, 522, this is where we're seeing some of those issues potentially more so than areas closer toward d.c. so the day planner calling for temperatures which will start at least in town mid- to upper 30s. not move much. 38 or so for the high. by noon better chances of seeing the snow in areas north,
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northwest with perhaps a little snow or mix here in d.c. south of interstate 66, south of d.c., does look like the moisture will be limited. this trace to an inch, even this may be wishful thinking. 1 to 2 inches from loudoun and montgomery and howard. i'm leaning more toward the 1 than the 2 and more on the grassy surfaces than the roads. we'll have temperatures in the 30s today. we have residuals of road salt as opposed to january 6 where there was nothing on the roads. that's why it stuck so quickly and 2 to possibly 4 in the higher elevations west of i-81. 34 annapolis. 34 d.c. notice the upper 20s here. this is why anything that's not treated i do believe could see those slick spots. that's a 23 in westminster. snow gets up there, no problems sticking to the secondary, tertiary roads. 38 today. a trace possibly to an inch in the d.c. area. 1 to 3 northwest. watch out for slick spots.
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tomorrow mader, -- milder, sun returns. saturday has the potential for another rain-snow mix. we'll see highs on saturday in the 30s. sunday okay. maybe another chance of snow monday. it's 6:21. hey, bev. on dry pavement we've got enough trouble. we can't blame the weather for the tractor-trailer that's broken down on the outer loop in silver spring, georgia avenue. sky 9 has been checking that out for us. the outer loop right before georgia, the truck leaking a substance. the two right lanes are blocked to clean that up. we're talking now just the right center lane blocked. three lanes are able to travel by splitting down the middle. look at this lineup coming over east of new hampshire avenue back toward the 95 interchange. beltway as you make your way on 395 north of the beltway and head up past duke street, you've got the volume delays. lanes are open as you make your way north continuing up to the 14th street bridge. thanks for joining wusa9 this
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morning. we will keep you up to date on the weather forecast, everything that's
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. more than 15 measles cases have now been reported in california with additional cases on record in four other states. health officials have traced the scout break to the disney
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parks in anaheim. five of the patients who have come down with measles are employees and two of them say they had measles vaccines. three of those five workers have recovered and have now returned to their jobs. the claims that some of these measles patients actually had been vaccinated is starting to raise concerns for health officials. >> but as we report from son upon, there may -- santa monica, there may be explanations why some people can contract measles even if they have had the vaccine. >> reporter: one door tore says she thinks -- doctor says she thinks is he knows why some who claim to have been vaccinated now have the measles. >> my suspicion if they were vaccinated they received one dose. the first dose didn't check their immunity and they didn't get the second dose of the vaccine. >> reporter: the centers for disease control recommends giving two doses of the measles vaccine which was created in 1971. most children born after that received the first dose at age 1 and the second dose at age 4. once it's administration iied,
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the vac -- administered, the vaccine lasts a live time. those born before 1957 are probably already immune because they've been exposed to the measles but those born between '57 and '71 to check their immunity. >> anyone born between 1957 and '71 you definitely want to check because the vaccines that were created in the '60s, at least one we found later didn't work. >> reporter: for anyone who questions their immunity, doctors can do a simple test. >> they take blood specimens and look to see if you have immunity to the disease. if not they start the two-dose regiment. >> reporter: the total measles cases in the state is at 53. that's concerning. >> for one sick person, about 90% of people around them who don't have immunity will pick up the disease. some high school students in orange county, california were exposed to measles by a classmate and they've been told they can't return to school for
6:27 am
three weeks. that's the incubation period for measles. an upcoming ruling from a federal judge in california could fire up the debate now once again when it comes to legalizing marijuana in that state. since the late 1960's, marijuana has been class classified as a schedule one drug putting it in the same category as heroin, lsd and cocaine, a substance with absolutely no medical value. nojuw a dge has agreed to hear arguments on whether or not that is constitutional. >> it will probably reveal that the government's position on refusing to reschedule marijuana is irrational. >> but others say defense attorneys could have a tough time proving how the current law infringes on people's rights. the judge is expected to hear the arguments next month and will probably issue a ruling sometime in the spring. it is 35 degrees here. a live look outside. some winter weather is headed our way and it's already affecting some virginia school districts. >> that's right.
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a yellow alert day. the school districts that are closed once again to remind you, loudoun, winchester, frederick county and clarke county. allyson rae joins us live on the weather terrace. likely not seeing any flakes here. >> reporter: no, just a little chilly out here. we are starting to see flakes near frederick and winchester and areas along the shenandoah valley. right now no problems if you head out throughout the district and especially out to the west. you can see the snow and the rain and the pink color indicating a mix brewing through west virginia and headed our way. here it is right now. on doppler 9000 it looks pretty active. a lot of this is not even reaching the ground. we're just seeing a few flakes through frederick and hagerstown and winchester. temperatures are right about freezing. it's not just below. as we head through the day and the precipitation heads our way, we'll have a chance to get above freezing. that's good news for the roadways. we do see by 11:00 a lot of it starts to keep on pushing on in. so between 11:00 and 4:00, that's when we'll see most of the active periods, especially north. i think 70.
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and we'll see it push out of here by 5:00. let's go to beverly with traffic. the big issue and again on dry pavement has been the crash or broken down truck actually on the outer loop of the beltway in silver spring. what you'll experience the ming out of college park solid over to georgia avenue. they actually managed to move the truck on to the shoulder on the outer loop before georgia but the tran mission fluid that was -- transmission fluid that was leaking, they're still leaning that up. jammed out of college park, southbound on 95, 29 and new hampshire coming out of white oak will be impacted here as well. virginia 95, got a crash, too, between dumfries and dale city right near the truck weigh station or rest area. the accident has been blocking the left half of the roadway with the growing delays coming up from prince william county. 66 the volume delay into manassas getting into centreville and fair oaks heading into vienna. andrea, mike, back to you. crews remain on the scene of an overnight three-alarm house fire in arlington which injured the residents. >> a working smoke alarm probably saved the lives of the
6:30 am
two people inside. delia goncalves joins us lhome on 40th street north. delia, looking at the home it doesn't seem to be damaged too badly from the outside. >> reporter: right. firefighters are telling us most of the damage is on the back and there was a pretty -- and there was pretty extensive damage because the fire burned from the basement to the first to the second floors of this home. certainly the residents who live here, the two adults were lucky because they heard the smoke alarm and were able to get out. frforts rescued them -- firefighters rescued them on top of the small porch roof. crews are still here beginning their investigation and making sure there are no additional flare-ups. there were hoarding conditions we're told inside the home that made it a bit more difficult for crews to fight this three- alarm fire and we're also told that could make the investigation into what the cause of this fire even longer. that's the very latest from arlington, back you to in the studio. >> thank you, delia. neighbors are fearing the
6:31 am
worst in annapolis now as investigators start their heart wrenching search through the remains of a mansion that burned to the ground this week. >> this is a story we've being since monday morning. investigators will be looking for any sign of the six people who lived at the 16,000 square foot home -- 116,000 square foot home. nikki burdine has more and why they had to bring in special equipment to start the excavation. >> reporter: they had to bring in a lot of special equipment, a lot of very large special equipment. the reason for that is because this house was so large. it was 16,000 square feet. if you think about it, that's five houses into one. [ no audio ] where we are right now, we are about a quarter of a mile away from where that mansion burned to the ground.
6:32 am
[ no audio ] take a look at this video. you can see the first crane that arrived yesterday and crews were out there preparing to start digging today. now, this is a long process. it is a tedious process and they told us it was going to take all day yesterday to make sure it was safe for everyone to get inside because again they got all the layers of this house, the second floor, the first floor and basement all combined and compressed to one. in between all that, there's a lot of water. that water could be frozen. so this is very difficult for firefighters and crews to able to get in and start their job because it can be dangerous. they have to make sure it's safe for them. today they hope that process will begin so they can get in and start -- [ no audio ] >> we're sorry about the technical difficulty there is with nikki's live shot. moving on now. this afternoon metro and investigators from the ntsb are scheduled to brief local members of congress about last
6:33 am
week's deadly metro smoke incident. this comes one day after a closed door meeting between metro's board and the ntsb yesterday. metro's board declined to say much citing an order to keep quiet from the national transportation safety board. today's briefings will take place on capitol hill and then afterwards lawmakers will hold a news conference and the ntsb will also be speaking to the news media in a separate event. a day after delivering his second to last state of the union speech, president owe boom ma takes his proposals on the road. he'll travel to idaho and kansas today promoting the plans he unveiled last night to help the middle class. the president also urged congress to close guantanamo bay and lift the long-standing embargo against cuba. for the first time president obama delivered his address before a congress fully led by republicans. newly elected iowa senator jodi
6:34 am
ernst challenged the. to work with the republicans and not raise taxes. she says her party will push for a repeal of obama care and continue to promote construction of the keystone xl oil pipeline to help struggling americans. and during the address, the president called on congress to authorize the use of military force against isis. the militant group release add video yesterday threat -- released a video yesterday threatening to kill two japanese hostages if it doesn't receive $200 million in ransom within 72 hours. japan's prime minister is demanding isis release those men unharmed. today the white house will hold its second annual virtual big block of cheese day. members of the obama administration will take to social media to answer questions about the state of the union and other issues of the day. it's not a rant about the packers loss. >> no. >> tomorrow three of youtube's biggest stars will interview the president live on the white house's youtube channel to encourage their fans to submit
6:35 am
questions using the hashtag youtube asks obama. and at 6:35, we want to congratulate lee kirnon from brentwood. he said he moved to the area from boston and has been watching wusa9 ever since. >> this week's winners get tickets to see "chicago" at national theater. it's easy to become the fan of the day. just go to our facebook fan á0
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yellow alert today. i don't think it will be too bad here in d.c. here's a look at our futurecast. we don't see much on it at 10:00. as we head to the lunch hour, some snow frederick, winchester, westminster, north and west. we get a little bit of rain- snow mix in here. even a trace of snow would be overforecast. we'll watch this through the day. clearly we have some concerns, not high, highs mid- to upper 30s. back with doppler an seven-day in a few minutes. now over to beverly with timesaver traffic. sky 9 has been looking at the accident on the outer loop of the beltway in silver spring. a tractor-trailer that had broken down, ruptured a
6:39 am
transmission line. they got it on the shoulder. they finished mopping up the fluid that leaked and all the lanes are open. the damage is done out of college park, southbound on 95, southbound on new hampshire and 29 out of white oak just trying to merge on to the outer loop of the beltway. southbound 270 not too bad. the volume delay just getting down into hyattstown, coming south of urban na. clarksburg a little busier. germantown lanes open headed south. northbound 95 a struggle in virginia with a crash northbound 95 between dumfries and dale city. only the right lane is getting by the scene of that crash cleanup. what can you do with 80,000 repsyche cammed airplane seats? turn them into handbags. >> southwest airlines is partnering with one company in port lot, oregon to get -- portland, oregon to get rid of the leather seats weighing down their planes. >> reporter: airplanes carry a lot of people to a lot of different places. southwest airlines' seats though have one more journey. >> we rescue excess terms and
6:40 am
transform them into appareled bags and accessories. >> reporter: meet jennifer with looptworks who showed me how the company turned 40 acres of leather into conditioned bags. >> we have the tote bag, bag and backpack. >> reporter: they cost up to $250 and work started on them in october when southwest replaced its leather seat covers with a lighter material to save on fuel. it contacted looptworks to ensure the material didn't go in a landfill. >> we're using excess that's already out there and there is a lot of excess leather that is rejected because of imperfections or markings that we find beauty in. >> reporter: the self- proclaimed environmentally responsible company says reusing leather saves thousands of gallons of water and cuts carbon emissions, this as leather prices climb because of a cattle shortage across the country. look around looptworks original
6:41 am
and the company hope it is can inspire you to take even more trips. >> we're really proud to be part of that movement and to really helping create more awareness on using excess materials and reducing consumer waste. it 16:41. toyota -- it is 6:41. toyota sits alone as king of the hill and wal-mart offers its customers a new cash refund option. >> reporter: a familiar place for toyota. still the world's largest automaker coming off a record breaking year. the company sold nearly ten and a quarter million cars in 2014 just like it predicted. secured the top spot for toyota. g.m. sold just south of ten million vehicles. meanwhile economic inequality figures to be a hot topic in switzerland at today's annual world economic forum. a new report from the charity -- [indiscernible] -- tracked the dramatic rise.
6:42 am
they're predicting by sometime next year the richest 1% will control more than half of the world's wealth. on the store front wal-mart is launching a service to allow customers to pick up their tax refunds in cash at its stores. the company says that will make cashing a refund check more convenient and can also help customers without bank accounts to avoid high check cashing fees. analysts assume the goal is to get customers to spend some of the refunds before leaving their stores. around noon today, microsoft is expected to reveal more details about its next operating system windows 10. it's designed to be much less annoying if you will than windows 8 by bringing back some familiar navigation features from windows 7. microsoft is also expected to break down its new internet browser that's separate from internet explorer. a "new york times" reports that windows 10 is a typical update to a microsoft system. it's actually designed to run on any device and they expect xbox to play a big role in today's presentation so we'll be looking out that.
6:43 am
>> because they sell xboxes like crazy. >> thank you, nick. 9% of americans say they never have this in their wallet. so our question of the day is, is it a, business cards, b, photo i.d. or c, cash? >> and our facebook friend terry moen says going with cash this morning. why have cash when you can carry a deb bid card. i do keep some cash but not is c, cash. well done, you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™. also try listerine® floss. its advanced technology removes more plaque.
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here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'.
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. 6:46. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> gayle king joins us live with a preview. good morning, gayle. >> that is why i'm sitting right here. hello, mike and andre ya. ahead we'll talk live with vice president joe biden about the plans presout in his state of the union address last night. house majority leader kevin mccarthy joins norah. she's in washington, your neck
6:47 am
of the woods with republican reaction. and julie ann moore tells -- julianne moore tells charlie why her career in acting has been a slow path to success. some are saying five times is the charm. there's stiff competition so we'll see. >> she really deserves this host car. she deserved them, all the other nominations as well. we'll be watching. >> a lot of peep feel that. see you guys -- people feel that see you, guys. we want to remind you four schools closed. loudoun, winchester, frederick county and clarke county all in virginia closed because of the impending snow headed their way. >> you can keep up with this on our mobile app, everything howard is telling you is right there. >> we're going to be live with the morning updates. i'm not horribly concerned about this system, especially
6:48 am
d.c. north and west, out toward the northern shenandoah valley, the mountains yes you'll get a little snow. this is a clipper. they move quickly. they often don't have a lot of moisture to work with. a dusting to maybe an inch in d.c. i'm thinking that would be far-reaching with 1 to 3 in the higher elevations. again those areas along and north of i-70. the system is coming out of ohio. we're seeing some echoes showing up in northern virginia. notice how they fall apart as they get closer toward the potomac river. not all of this is reaching the ground but we have had reports of flurries in frederick as far east as olney and damascus. here on i-81 west out in the mountains, down 68, parts of 522, 219, 2 ten, a little bit of -- 220, a little bit of light snow. the better chance of snow looks like later this morning as the system from ohio pushes toward the east. ity a he dry out here. -- it's dry out here. we'll see development this afternoon.
6:49 am
temperatures pretty steady, mid- to upper 30s. it's snowing and 37, it's melting on the roads. most of the roads untilless it's really coming down heavily and i don't see that happening. winds northeasterly at 5 miles an hour. by late afternoon pushing away. here's my forecast. i'm thinking this may be overdone a bit. so the trace to an inch in washington and the metro, i'm leaning more toward the trace. montgomery, howard, loudoun, more of an inch than two inches. some may maximize to two inches. maybe an inch or two winchester to hagerstown. a couple there. but most roads, most, not all but most roads i think will stay wet. you see the cold this morning, especially westminster down to 23. 28 frederick. this is cold enough to support stickage in any of those areas that are untreated but we have residual road salt. temperatures at washington and andrews, annapolis above freezing. freezing in winchester. 29 martinsburg. it's not like january 6 when
6:50 am
temperatures were in the upper teens and low 20s. in fact in town we're at 35 with a light northeast wind at 3 miles an hour. the washington monument below the cloud deck this morning. futurecast, here's another thing that tells me probably not going to be too bad. while it's not picking up some of the flurries ahead of the main step, the main system stays well north and west of us by 1:00. still dry in town. it's possible we don't see much of anything in washington today with areas again along and north of 70 out toward the northern shenandoah valley seeing the accumulations. so we're watching it. we have a yellow alert, winter weather advisory till 6:00 p.m. better chance north and north west. 46 tomorrow. so slick spots possible early but we'll be fine in the afternoon. friday 43. late friday night, saturday, another system could bring a wintry mix. plunge fest, folks out of sandy point saturday, keep that in mind. 37 for the high. monday another chance of snow with highs in the mid-30s. 6:51 now. here's beverly with timesaver
6:51 am
traffic. >> reporter: an incident on the outer loop of the beltway at georgia avenue. it's been removed but the damage is double. outer loop. the beltway jammed heading out of college park west of route 1. out of beltsville heading down new hampshire, colesville trying to merge on the outer loop of the beltway and west interest silver spring on the -- interest silver spring on the outer loop of the beltway with lanes open. 95 you struggle with a crash in dumfries. two lanes getting by to the right. a stretch of georgetown pike east of old dominion, a vehicle left the roadway. looks like they are getting by single file under police direction georgetown pike. thanks for joining wusa9 this morning. more news, weather and traffic
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
in the news right now at 6:5 4-rbgs the fight against ebola is far from won. that statement yesterday by the united nations when they announced that close to a thousand new cases of the virus were recorded in the last few weeks. sierra leone and especially its western region is seeing the most new cases. this comes as the world health organization prepares for a
6:55 am
meeting later this month to look at how to handle global health emergencies in the future. a card jag surge -- cardiac surgeon who was shot and brigham and women's hospital on tuesday morning has now died. michael davidson was shot twice near an exam room in the cardiac unit. police believe 55-year-old stephen pasceri is the one who pulled the trigger. he was found dead from a self- inflicted gunshot wound with a weapon close to his body. the man accused of stabbing nine people on a bus in central tell aleve is now in cust -- tel aviv is now in custody. israeli police are calling this a palestinian terror attack, the the latest in which suspects use knives, acid and vehicles as weapons. the air force' atlas 5 rocket humped last night. -- launched last night. it's intended to improve ground communications. it's expected to reach full capability in two more years.
6:56 am
in the words of tom brady, i've heard everything. 116 the new england patriots balls from the afc jap yam game were underinplayed by at least two pounds. that's according to a report from espn. the report quotes anonymous leaked sources involved with the investigation. after the report aired, the n.f.l. released an e-mail saying it was not commenting on the matter at this time. we've got winter weather advisories till 6:00 this evening. a little bit of snow and rain mix. not too concerned in washington but i'm talking about a trace or so, perhaps an inch to three up and north of , the northern shenandoah valley and the mountains. fine tomorrow and friday and another chance of wintry, sloppy stuff friday night into saturday. sky 9 has been looking at the incident on the georgetown pike east of old dominion. temporarily they've blocked traffic or alternated traffic around the retrieval of a vehicle in a ditch. northbound 95 a struggle past
6:57 am
prince william county. a crash on the left side of the roadway near the rest area in dumfries. lanes open on the outer loop out of silver spring but a slow go leaving college park after the incident was cleared near georgia avenue. back to you. cbs this morning is next. finding the path to prosperity in 2015. business analyst joe schlesinger helps you keep your financial resolutions in the new year. >> snow on the way in some places. you're live throughout the mo has helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car truck or suv fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease.
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it is wednesday, january 21st 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a defieblt president obama pushes a progressive agenda to the middle class. he vows to veto any republican legislation that stands in his way. we'll have reaction from the state of the union address from vice president joe biden and kevin mccarthy. plus new details on how the new england patriots used underinflated footballs and why the mayor of paris says she's going to sue fox news. but we


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