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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 20, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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day tomorrow. >> topper shutt tracking a clipper. >> they include arlington but not our friends in southern maryland, but they do include montgomery county, frederick, loudoun county up into pennsylvania. here's what we think will happen. generally rain and snow will be a mix between manassas and fairfax and d.c. and across over toward bowie and back toward silver spring. a trace to an inch is possible primarily on grassy surfaces. mainly snow to the north, maybe frederick a couple inches, hagerstown maybe an inch or 2. north of the border up into pennsylvania somerset county maybe 3 inches of snow will fall. the clipper is way back in minneapolis now almost in the dakotas. it will race southeastward. in the morning we could have a wet commute. there could be some stray showers, enough to wet roads, temperatures generally above freezing. by 10:00 still some showers, 34 in gaithersburg, 35 in manassas. by 11:00, 12:00 we see snow
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beginning to form just north of town, but it's still 34 in gaithersburg, 35 in leesburg. that's going to cut down on the accumulations. new developments in the mansion fire in annapolis at the home of cyber security ceo don pyle, we're learning more about the people who may have been inside that mansion. four of the people missing are children. >> but first the investigation, the fire is tonight's other top story at 7:00. we begin with scott broom. >> reporter: the no. 1 question here in annapolis tonight is where are the missing people and with the ruins of this mega house still smoldering it is likely the answers will take days, not hours. >> this is an active criminal investigation at this point. that does not mean that there's been a crime committed. what that means is we are processing evidence. we are processing the scene and we are conducting ourselves in a manner that should we discover that a crime has been committed, everything that we've done up to that point is
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valid and sustainable in a court of law. >> reporter: but so far no explanation for why no call for help came from anyone inside the house when the fire was first reported at 3:30 a.m. monday. instead an alarm monitoring service called. the house was served by propane, just one of many potential contributors to fire investigators will be looking at. >> we have active fire city burning. >> reporter: excavation here with the assistance of the atf is set to begin tomorrow. scott broom, wusa9. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone in annapolis where neighbor and school administrators are now saying the remaining four people unaccounted for in this annapolis tragedy are the couple's grandchildren. it's tragic news for so many people to take in. >> it's really sad. it's emotional. >> reporter: kaitlin is trying to be strong.
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but little brother kyle can't hold back tears. they're two students at the nearby sheaf ridge school who say they now missing four -- sheaf ridge school who severin school who now are missing four friends. pyle was the coo of a reston- based cyber security called science logic. his linked in profile shows an impressive career in technology. one connection calls him a great leader. >> he had such an impact on everyone that he interacted with and it made a big difference. >> reporter: pyle's wife sandy always had wanted a castle according to an article in the baltimore sun and don wanted a beach house, the home their happy compromise. it is thought sandy was home with don when the fire broke out, but that's yet to be confirmed. neighbors say the remaining four people unaccounted for are
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the couple's grandchildren. capital gazette newspaper reports the headmaster for severin school sent home a letter saying the pyles and their four grandchildren died in the fire. an open house for the grades was cancel for tomorrow. d.c. council members were hoping for clear answers from metro today on the chaos in the tunnel near l'enfant plaza last week, but even after kicking out the cameras and the public they didn't get much. the metro board chair says he's been ordered to keep quiet until the ntsb finishes investigating. >> the facts are actually important before jumping to conclusion about what needs to be fixed. this is investigation. it is independent. it is federally regulated by existing rules and regulations. they're the only independent party that keeps all of us from
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pointing fingers at each other about who shot who. >> downs did say people who alleged the fans used to clear the smoke were broken were dead wrong. the ntsb is slated to join metro in a briefing to congress tomorrow. also from metro, word the system is looking at raising fares and cutting service. one of the suggestions is raising bus and rail fares by 10 cents and running trains every six to eight minutes during rush hour. in prince george's county tonight police are searching for clues to a murder. a man was found shot this morning on coral gardens court in capitol heights. medics got him to the hospital. doctors couldn't save him. police are looking for witnesses or other information to help them in this case. the challenge on maryland's ban against 40 different assault weapons and high capacity gun magazines is moving forward tonight. the federal appeals court
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scheduled oral arguments for the appeal for march 24th. gun rights advocates argue the measure violates the second amendment. maryland lawmakers approved it by a wide margin. this was after the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. some arlington homeowners afraid too take their dogs o pets were poisoned. animal owners want to know is somebody intentionally making these dogs sick? from arlington county tonight stephanie ramirez has that story. >> reporter: this 5-year-old dachshund chihuahua mix named bonnie is now home from the hospital after being point. ed according to her owner -- after being a gotten by her owner. this happened in the area of north columbus street between
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north 22nd and 26th street on sunday. the dogs ate some type of toxin laced sausage and once it was reported there was a third piece found. one woman walking this golden retriever named oliver tells me this third piece had a capsule inside and was discovered right outside of oliver's yard. >> you don't have to hurt them. >> reporter: the possibility of someone poisoning dogs on purpose, angering dog owners on the other side of arlington here at shirlington park. >> i think that's pretty sick. >> we are all very concerned about it. >> reporter: until test results come back this is the best thing you can do, educate your fellow pet owners about what's going on. if you see anything suspicious, contact animal control immediately or arlington police. >> animal control says pieces of the meat found are going to labs to test and results should
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be back in three weeks. two headlines tonight in virginia politics, first a new push from governor terry mcauliffe for gun control before virginia voters head to the polls this fall, but those measures stand little chance of passing in the republican controlled general assembly and since former governor bob mcdonagh was prosecuted for corruption, the virginia lawmakers have been getting less gifts dropping 27% last year. it's a big night on capitol hill, state of the union. we're just two hours away from speech time. you'll see it here on cbs and wusa9. this will be the sixth state of the union address for president obama and while he's taken a different approach by rolling out his proposals in the disease leading up to this speech, the battle lines between the political parties are still the same. >> tell america for your plan for responsible reform aimed to
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balance the budget, not just more tired tax likes. >> bills that don't help the middle class succeed and create the laws up against them, they won't be enacted into law. >> a new trade proposal and fixing the nation's bodies and bridges might find common ground. we'll have our report coming up next. >> plus we'll show ask you some viewpoints in the hours leading up to the speech that you don't
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or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... back now on wusa9 with a live look at the center of all the action, capitol hill, the state of the union scheduled in about an hour and 45 minutes from now. after the president's speech to the joint session of congress the republican response will be delivered by a freshman
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senator, joni ernst from iowa. ernst is the first woman elected to congress from 0 with and the first female combat -- from iowa and the first female combat veteran to serve in the senate. she is known to ride a harley around town and pack a pistol in her purse. >> from the white house, photographer pete sousa, here's a look at president obama going over the text of his remarks this morning. cody keenan pulled together a very preliminary draft of tonight's speech during the president's vacation to hawaii over the holidays. this is president obama's first state of the union address before the house and senate dominated by the republicans. >> our state of the union coverage continues with more on that from andrea mccarren. >> reporter: tonight's state of the union address is shaping up to be less about pushing proposals through congress than about framing the debate for
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the 2016 presidential election. >> it's a long time coming, this wealth inequality. >> reporter: president obama will focus on economic recovery and opportunities for middle and lower income americans. >> you have no how wonderful this country is and how absolutely marvelous and privileged we are to live here and to be able to say what we want without going to jail. >> reporter: for some tonight's state of the union address doesn't matter. there is nothing the president can say that will help them heal. >> we are definitely victims of the affordable care act and not pleased with it. >> reporter: leslie lamogue, a breast cancer patient, lives in new york state 4 miles from the connecticut border, yet she says she was not able to cross state lines to continue her treatment. >> because of the affordable care act as of last year i lost my oncologist and my primary care and had to go to doctors that had no clue what was going
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on with me. >> please forgive me, sweetheart, but we're not sure. this may be the last trip that we make. so it's been a tough year. >> reporter: the president will also highlight his foreign policies. alan and judy gross will be among those seated in the first lady's box. he was detained in cuba five years and released last month after president obama took executive action to help restore diplomatic relations with the communist nation. >> we're praying for our country, praying for smart leadership and wise leaders. >> reporter: later this week the president will take his proposals on the road with visits to idaho and kansas. after tonight's address newly elected iowa senator joni ernst will deliver the republican response. the tea party response will follow. at the white house andrea mccarren, wusa9. it's no secret the political apparentlies in our country don't always get --
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parties in our country don't always get along, but hey, it could be worse. check out this brawl in nepal. politicians threw chairs, attacked the speaker of parliament in katmandu during a debate during a new constitution. nobody was seriously hurt. man, some passion right there. >> brawl in nepal, pretty good writing. up next an update on the stories making headlines tonight. >> including a violent attempt to overthrow the government in yemen. >> the temperature is cooling down out there tonight and a yellow alert is on the horizon. topper?
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if you're just getting home, let's get you up to speed on what's making headlines around the world. they're taking their seats on capitol hill. the state of the union kicks off in a little more than an hour and a half from now. president barack obama osals which he says will benefit middle class americans, but with the gop in control of congress a lot of those ideas won't make it off the ground. overseas tonight an attempt to overthrow the government in yemen. rebels managed to raid the presidential palace. violence has gripped the capital city there since monday. u.n. officials are calling for a lasting ceasefire. japan's prime minister vows to save the two japanese men
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threatened in the latest video released by isis, but the prime minister is not saying whether his country will pay that 2 unmillion dollars ransom demanded by the -- $200 million ransom demanded by the group for their safe release. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> you were so speechless earlier i was thinking the forecast must be phenomenal right now. >> were you hanging on my every word? >> every word. >> it's a clear, but it's weaker than two weeks ago, no arctic air in place and temps above freezing. that's a lot going against it if you are a snow lover. live look outside, 50 degrees today the high, michael and son weather cam, still 44. what is interesting is the dew points have fallen and that means drier air has moved in. skies began to clear a little bit in between clippers with calm winds. that's why we think some areas north and west of town will make it below freezing tonight, but the downtown areas will not. one clipper we bid adieu off
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the shore. clipper no. 2 will race very quickly. it's hard to believe we've got snow in minneapolis and we're talking snow here tomorrow, but they move very quickly, don't have much moisture. it's going to roll through here late morning and early afternoon hours. temperatures falling pretty good. i'm throwing this reading out statistically, but 35 in baltimore, still 44 downtown. now we're seeing a fair amount of 30s, 34 in leesburg, 36 in hagerstown and frederick. temps are going to fall below freezing north and west. in between systems a flurry or sprinkle possible tonight. bus stop temperatures 28 to 36, critical time 6 a.m. to 4 down if i had to, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the best chance for snow and rain. a trace to an inch mainly on grassy surfaces and 1 to 2 inches north of town. jump the border, maryland/p.a. border, probably 2 to 3 inches there. look what happens.
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6:00 in the morning, showers, green which means liquid showers, temps low to mid-30s. by 9:00 still some showers, 36 downtown and again 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, a little band of snow, 35 in leesburg, 34 in gaithersburg, 36 in frederick. the blue is snow, a little transition and this is rain. so our friends in southern maryland and east of 95 no real problems south of route 50. everything scoots out of here quickly by top night. how much will fall? -- tomorrow night. how much will fall? a trace to an inch in the immediate metro area south of town and mainly snow 1 to 3 inches and the 3-inch value over the maryland/p.a. border. break it down. 36 to start, rain or snow shower, 38 at 11:00, 38 with snow developing at 1:00. sunshine on thursday and friday, mid-40s both days which is above average.
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guess what. we're watching that storm, that coastal on saturday, could be some rain or snow on saturday. that's a much more important storm than this thing. cold on sunday, another clipper coming in on monday, some snow showers and kind of cold, seasonable tuesday. >> all these clippers, but i'm loving these mid-40 temperatures in january. >> and i'm loving all the mini clippers. who wants the big ones? >> snow lohers do. here's a riddle. this thing makes a lot of people very happy, but the chances of it changing your life are tiny. doesn't make any
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we gave you a riddle before the break. it makes a lot of people very happy but the chances of it changing your life, type any. >> we're talking about lottery tickets, but these are scratch and sniff and they smell like bacon or at least they're supposed to. >> they're scratchoff tickets and as you scratch away you're greeted with the aroma of bacon. reaction has been mixed. the grand prize only 1,000 bucks. odds of winning, one in nearly 392,000. >> that's the best idea they could come up with? >> i guess so. >> what is that? that's all for our news at
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american sniper is under fire. the movie is dividing hollywood. >> social media lit up with stars trading insults including one who took shooting lessons with the real chris kyle. >> seth rogen though compared it to nazi propaganda. >> we stood behind you seth. give them the same respect. >> new outrage as murder is spray painted on a movie billboard. >> coullld a the discussion help or hurt the movie's oscar chances? >> oscar voters like controversy but they don't like divisiveness. >> our big picture. how closely chris kyle worked with celebs. >> i could not be more honored. >> he is awesome. >> the kardashian/jenner girls rally around bruce. >> he's even getting support from the unlikeliest of places. >> people being judgmental and cruel to transgender folks. >> new kids on the block and tlc. they're out hitting the road together. >> i'm probably in the best
7:30 pm
shape now that i was before. >> that's a lie. >> shut up. now, "entertainment tonight," we love entertaining people. american sniper caught in the cross fire as the country takes sides. so is bradley cooper portraying a hero or a killer? the debate has touched a nerve. bringing out a lot of emotion. >> as if seth rogen needs more drama in his life. his comments and those by michael moore just to name a few are stirring the pot in tonight's top story. sniper under fire. >> maybe michael moore is just jealous because clint eastwood can actually produce and direct incredible films. >> i think the military should boycott seth rogen's crappy movie. >> you need to be a little more sensitive. >> seth rogen compared it to nazi propaganda. >> seth angered a lot of people when he tweeted that american sniper, quote, kind of reminds


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