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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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come on, man. toby: sylvester? we have got to catch her if she falls. from 30 feet? she could kill us. sylvester, think of something! okay, okay! the force of gravity is 9.81 meters per second squared. if she swings hard to her left then her right hand would completely disengage from the building. and for 2/10 of a second she won't be attached to anything. but she can use that time to get to the balcony...
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or plummet to her death. very reassuring! okay. if you get enough momentum it could work! or not! it's 50/50! it's natural to be scared. you should be scared! you're the one who gave me these gloves! you're slipping! do it now! sylvester: ah...! how did she pull that off? `cause she's happy frickin' quinn. clock's ticking, happy. what do you got? nothing. you better hurry. they're in the elevator. paige: walter, happy's in the room right now. you have to stall. mm... you're impatient. i like that. mm... paige: walter? tell her there's another woman that you care about. listen, there's, um, there's this other woman...
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and, um, what you and i are about to do could complicate an already complicated situation. marvin, let me assure you, what you and i are about to do will be the least complicated thing you'll ever experience. okay. uh, how much longer do i have? two minutes. tops. there are no cameras in the room. fill me in. what are you doing? i'm checking her stuff. there might be a secret hollow or something. just leave everything the way you found it. they're stepping off the elevator. i just found a key for a lock-ur-stuff facility. now, why would an international spy who's always traveling the world rent a storage facility? `cause maybe that's where she's keeping the chemicals. happy, get the hell out of there! and, uh, how do i do that? the gloves are useless. i'm not spiderwoman.
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they're coming down the hall! they're almost there! hide now! uh, where? and do not tell me under the bed, (door opening) because that's the worst... happy still hasn't gotten out, walter. you can't let her in. you need to do something! think fast! oh, no... something wrong? yes. oh, my god. that is a humdinger. happy: i'm out! where's the closest lock-ur-stuff? two blocks away. you and toby are with me. sylvester and paige, keep your eyes on walter and help him distract sima until we get those chemicals. i'm not sure he needs any help. i hate to disagree, but she's not that into it. no hands on the back of the head. no fingers through the hair. maybe walter's a bad kisser.
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okay, let's go. hold down the fort, kid. we'll be back in five. i'm going to go slip into something less constricting. we're gonna lose visual! no bedroom, walter. ha-happy wasn't able to put everything back. if sima sees your cover's blown. there's no point. whatever you put on, you'll be out of it in a matter of minutes. oh... paige: tell her you want her on the couch. i want you on the couch. sima: mmm! tell her you can't wait to have her. i can't wait to have you. but first... tell her you want to order champagne from room service. what? no. what do you mean “no”? uh, what? nothing. just, uh... you know... you... oh...! ...just need to sit there and watch. 97% certain sure i just heard an extended zipper pull. most likely a dress. thank you, sylvester. you're welcome.
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you will never forget this night. paige: say... “i've wanted to be with you since the moment i laid eyes on you.” i... i love hearing your voice in my ear. thank you. thank you. happy: careful. she might've booby-trapped this thing. yup. this is the stuff. we got a problem. look at that. it's a pressure alarm. not good? definitely not good. (alarm beeping) hmm? what's that? oh, nothing. it's just an alarm. i can never get it set right. that is a strange watch to be outfitted with
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modern electronics. paige: walter? walter? walter, say something! we come by almost every day to deliver your mail so if you have any packages you want to return you should just give them to us i mean, we're going to be there anyway why don't you just leave it for us to pick up? or you could always get in your car and take it back yourself yeah, us picking it up is probably your easiest option it's kind of a no brainer ok, well, good talk ♪ ♪you better pledge your allegiance♪
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(groans) now that our relationship has evolved, maybe you should tell me your real name. i've already told you my name, fatima. that's not my real name, either. are we going somewhere? i'm going home. and if your associates can follow my directions so are you. i don't have any associates. no? while you were sleeping, we made a deal. they bring me the two canisters from my storage facilities and leonard gets the third from the cia lab. they give me all three chemicals, i let you go. everybody wins. and they're coming here? yobeu'd tter hope so.
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happy: got it. tail number: n888c41. are we sure this is a good idea? you got a better one? it's better than handing over latent chemical weapons to an anti-american agent? give me a minute. if we don't give her what she wants, walter dies. we got to do whatever we can to get him off that plane. toby: she's far too cautious. she'll keep him as collateral to get out of american airspace. it's time to get our man. welcome aboard. where's leonard? uh, we didn't need him. the cia gave us the third chemical. there's all three chemicals in the satchel. they're the real thing. there's a litmus test in there to prove it.
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(unzipping satchel) let's go, buddy. uncuff him. new plan-- once we've landed safely in neutral territory, he'll be released. we had a deal. yes. and the deal was leonard was supposed to come with you. how? leonard's on his way to a federal penitentiary. she has an emotional connection with him. she knows you could have gotten the chemicals without leonard, she only wants him here because she loves him. cabe: you uncuff my man... ...and i'll work out a deal for you for leonard. you are a liar. cabe! ah... oh, my god that was a muzzle flash! look! let's go. toby: cabe! cabe, are you all right?! cabe! cabe!
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damn glad she gave you this shirt. but right now, we gotta figure out how to stop that plane or walter's as good as dead. i got an idea. ♪ ♪ (hissing) what the hell are you doing? walter what did you do?
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hey! walter! hey! jump! we'll catch you! if the chemicals blow up they will combine and aerosol, and kill people for miles! get ready! walter, no! do not throw me deadly chemicals! one, two, three! oh! god...! (thudding down stairs) nice catch, sly! (groans aggressively) hey, man, if that fire hits the fuel tank the whole plane's gonna blow-- you got to jump, walter! i know! hold on! we got you, buddy, come on! come on. toby: walter! (jet engines revving up) (grunts, yells) (sima groaning)
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(electrical crackling stops) toby: walter! jump! okay! be careful! okay, okay! walter! get me up! (grunting, yelling) you're all right. (siren wailing) sylvester: cabe said sima will make it. maybe she and leonard will be in adjoining penitentiaries. so she loved him. it's not logical. it's actually totally logical. it's called the wiseman effect. if you pretend you're in love with someone sometimes you actually start to believe it. that's why she wouldn't really kiss you back. heart belongs to leonard.
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the good news is that you're probably not as bad a kisser as i theorized. she had the chance to get away, but she gave it up for love, for something that's not real. it was real to her. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna write you a script for antibiotics, too. why i'm doing that, ralph? `cause burns cover more surface area than cuts, so more easily infected. a-plus. (both laughing) jumping out of a burning plane. yeah. when did we become action heroes? i have no idea. you're set. thank you, pal. mm-hmm. (groans) how about a story? yes, please. yeah?
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robo-spies issue one. “the dawn of a new breed of secret agent: half-spy, half-robot.” “it was a dangerous time for spies. “and human spies could “no longer do the mission. “their skin and their mortality, the way they thought...” i know my advice earlier wasn't real helpful. uh, let's try this. the most important thing to sima, or whatever her name was was getting those chemicals and making the nerve gas and bringing it back to her country. and she was on the verge of achieving it. and then she threw it all away for love. love can make you stupid. (chuckles) the question is-- what's your most important thing? ralph. then this is my advice: whatever thoughts you're having about drew or anyone else... you ask yourself “could this hurt ralph?” and take care of your most important thing.
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huh, still here? uh, faa-- you blow up one plane, and the paperwork's mind-boggling. (chuckles) where are you off to? ucla research lab. it's almost midnight. yeah, i know, i'm late. don't work too much longer. so, uh, pretty nuts-- a trained spy gets caught because of love. that's silly, huh? the notion of romantic love is a fairy tale. the thought that people can be affected in some meaningful way by the affection of others is... is... kiss, touch... uh, the, uh... whatever, it's, um... it's junk science. it's not even that. yeah. like i said, silly. okay. as my mother used to say sweet dreams. oh, paige. can you, uh, record
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make us stronger. when a girl connects with a science mentor... her confidence grows. when schools connect with technology... a 5th grader's world opens up. and when a worker connects to online degrees... his opportunities multiply. the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america. random shots fired nearby vice president biden's open in delaware. >> we're tracking winds for
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martin luther king day and a clipper for wednesday and what that means for your commute, rain or snow. >> reporter: metro says sorry in a letter. what do their recipients think about that coming up? >> reporter: one of the first firefighters on scene at l'enfant station gives us his firsthand account and talks exclusively about metro. >> hello. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. >> thanks for joining us. we're hearing for the first time one of the first responders last week. >> he spoke exclusively on camera with stephanie ramirez. >> as soon as we got into the station, we knew something big was happening. >> in a sitdown interview at his virginia home on sunday lieutenant steven kuhn tells me he's part of the five-man team called rescue quad one, the first company to respond to l'enfant plaza station last week and go into the tunnel finally reaching those stranded passengers. >> there was as much smoke in the train as in the tunnel.
11:30 pm
>> reporter: he gave a firsthand unofficial account of what happened in an e-mail that ended up being published in saturday's initial report. from arriving to an already evacuated station and not learning of trapped passengers until underground to then dealing with nonworking radios and heavy smoke. we discussed it all, but his candid response to what happened and what needs to change is this. >> metro doesn't like having the third rail power cut. it stops traffic. it stops revenue flow. metro can't sit on every incident and try to handle it themselves before they call 911. they've got to call us right away. i think the single biggest thing that they can do is make sure that communications works down there. >> reporter: while the lieutenant says proper communication from metro wasn't there he does commend metro transit police telling me they stayed with the train until all
11:31 pm
of the passengers were evacuated. he also commends the passengers for their complete cooperation. stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> and metro said sorry for monday's tragedy. in fact in, an effort to regain trust metro placed a pull page ad in today's washington post. >> that's right. surae chinn has been talking to riders. she's live at l'enfant plaza. are riders prepared to accept that apology? >> reporter: i would say a strong no, really strong reaction tonight because they say they want to see action, not just words on paper. >> they really need to make a better effort than letters. >> i guess it's a good thing. it doesn't make up for what happened. >> it's just words on a paper. this is washington d.c. we know how that goes. >> reporter: do you feel stay of on metro? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: but for justin moreno thoughts about safety on metro were shattered last monday when he nearly suffocated in a smoke filled metro train. >> it was a really bad situation. >> reporter: his take after being trapped in that smoky
11:32 pm
train more than 30 minutes? >> i know that metro cannot handle an emergency. >> reporter: to that metro says sorry in a letter to all their riders. in a full page ad in sunday's washington post metro section the transit system opposes to moreno and the other passengers for a harrowing experience and they especially apologize to carol glover's family, the 61- year-old grandmother who died. >> advertising seems like the wrong way to go bad. what's that going to do for the riders and the person who died? i think 82 people were hospitalized. we need to see change. >> reporter: the letter expresses its full commitment to accountability and safety and they won't wait for the full ntsb report to do so. d.c. fire and ems released their initial reports saturday revealing a host of problems to include radios "nonexistent" in the tunnel that metro was aware
11:33 pm
of days before, possible problems with ventilation and metro failing to tell firefighters of the people trapped down there for 20 minutes. >> if they came close to losing an -- they came close to losing an entire trainful of people in that tunnel. >> reporter: justin moreno's reaction to the apology, "i just hope they use a better sense of urgency on the investigation than they did on the emergency itself. metro should develop some short term policy on emergency response or have some expert come in and help them out in the interim." metro says they can't respond or talk to the media because they are bound by federal law and the ntsb investigation. >> metro board meets thursday. maybe we'll get some answers then. it was a dark and dreary
11:34 pm
day for shoppers at the usually bustling tysons corner center shopping mall. a power outage after 1:00 this afternoon forced businesses to briefly close their doors and a mall food court to go dark. power was out about three hours. a dominion power spokesperson said an underground cable failed causing that outage. two people are recovering after being injured in a boil room explosion in downtown washington in the 1500 block of k street northwest. the explosion rocked the building before 3:00 this afternoon. both victims have serious but nonlife threatening injuries. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the explosion. close call for residents in this row house in the 1200 block of otis place northwest. firefighters were called to the scene after a carbon monoxide detector sounded and it's a good thing because co2 is odorless and colorless and the levels were high. firefighters got to the home and no you know with went to
11:35 pm
the hospital -- no one went to the hospital. he died a hero. hundreds of people attended funeral service for the 29-year- old paramedic and volunteer fire captain erik steciak who was fatally struck by a pickup truck that slid on an icy road while on the scene of a car crash in maryland. today's first responders from across central maryland paid tribute to steciak who lived in columbia, maryland. he was a paid paramedic with the bel air fire company and a captain with the west friendship volunteer fire department also in howard county. >> it's bittersweet and for obvious reasons it is a sad day. we lost a friend, a brother, a team member. that very person we honor today is the reason that we're all together.


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