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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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when schools connect with technology... a 5th grader's world opens up. and when a worker connects to online degrees... his opportunities multiply. the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america. a preliminary report from the ntsb just out in that deadly smoke filled train incident, some answers including the long wait to get the power shut off and still plenty of questions. >> reporter: in april the supreme court will review bans on same sex marriage in four of the 14 states where it remains legal. >> reporter: an expert explains why europe should have anticipated the ride in home -- rise in homegrown muslim terror. >> we're tracking another cold front over the weekend rolling through on sunday, who will see
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showers and what that means for monday. a 44 minute delay led to the death of a metro passenger. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm lesli foster. the ntsb is just out with a plum report on that trapped smoke -- preliminary report on that trapped smoke filled train for monday. it says ventilation fans came on in minutes, but details, a 44 minute long wait to shut off that third rail. >> there was a crisis years ago this should have perhaps put metro on notice it was unprepared for this type of emergency. >> reporter: this preliminary report helps us make some more sense of the timeline of this tragedy that killed 1 woman and sent 86 people -- that's a new number -- 86 people to hospitals. we also got our first look at the damage the arcing that caused all the smoke. these are pictures of the electrical arcing damage on the third rail. the ntsb says a breaker at one end of the third rail tripped
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at 3:06 p.m. monday, but the breaker at the other end stayed on until it was shut off by metro control some 44 minutes later. >> get as low to the floor as you can. >> reporter: there are chilling echos of a strikingly similar crisis almost 15 years ago. >> all we know is that we can't breathe. we need help now. >> yes, ma'am. i know. we do have help coming. >> both my two kids are on this train. >> reporter: but this was april 20th, 2000, electrical arcing, the same kind of sparking that filled the l'enfant plaza tunnel with smoke monday trapped scores of people in a train near foggy bottom, but it turned out metro's control center waited 15 minutes to even call 911. it took 40 minutes to shut down power to the third rail. >> i don't know if that message has gotten through because some of the same problems continue to happen with metro. >> reporter: at l'enfant
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plaza, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the ntsb also confirms there were two trains involved in the incident monday, one in the station, one stuck in the tunnel. the agency is looking into whether the train operator evacuated with the passengers leaving no one to move the train out of the way. the nation's highest court agreed to decide once and for all the issue of same sex marriage. here's the question before the justices. does the constitution's guarantee of equal protection under the law mean that gay couples have the same right to marry as straight ones? craig boswell reports. >> reporter: gay and lesbian couples are expected to find out this year if they can legally marry in every state. the supreme court will rule on the power of states to prohibit same sex marriages. april dabore and jane rouse challenging michigan's ban on gay marriage. >> this is probably the
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proudest day my lesbian life has had. we're in awe the momentum that's been building. >> in 2003 the justices struck down laws to nearly 1/3 of the country that made homosexual sex a crime. 12 years later 36 states allowed lesbians and gays to marriage. in april the supreme court will review bans on 14 of the states where same sex marriage remains illegal. the national organization for marriage issued a statement saying, "we will be watching this case closely and anticipate eventual victory for the democratic process, religious liberty and the cherished institution of marriage," a decision expected in june from the supreme court. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> attorney general holder says the justice department will file a friend of the court brief to urge the justices to make marriage equality a reality for all americans. the man charged with plotting an attack on the u.s.
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capitol remains in jail tonight. 20-year-old christopher lee cornell was denied bond when he appeared before a judge this afternoon at the federal courthouse in ohio. the fbi says he was set to attack the capitol with pipe bombs and shoot government officials. the federal prosecutor called cornell a danger to the public and flight risk based on the seriousness of those charges. he has been held under tight security at a jail near cincinnati ever since his arrest outside a gun shop wednesday. europe is still reeling from a series of deadly terrorist attacks last week in paris. now comes the arrest of dozens of suspected terrorists planning even more mayhem in belgium and possibly elsewhere. >> armando trull joins us from a belgium agency. a former terror expert was not surprised by the attacks and radicalized european muslims now calling europe home. >> reporter: that's right. larry johnson said over the
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past decade tens of thousands of muslim refugees have streamed into europe fleeing sectarian violence, but that some of those refugees could easily become jihadis. europeans are awakening to a new reality, more police officers out in force to thwart in the potential terrorist attacks from radicalized muslims. >> you are a chosen people and special and the rest of the world is in this state of sin. >> reporter: over the past two days belgian, german and french police have apprehended more than two dozen terror suspects and confiscated assault rifles, bombs and even police uniforms. >> clearly both german and belgian police had their eyes and identified these communities and the people who were agitators. >> reporter: agitators that target mostly young muslim men recruiting them much the same way gang members are. >> the particular appeal to youth is such that it makes you feel part of a group and if
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there's any kind of alienation or separation at all, it gives you a chance to be part of something. >> reporter: thursday belgian police killed two other alleged terrorists during a raid in an east belgian town. they were suspected of planning to attack police officers. >> looking at the paris events, decided they couldn't wait any longer and did move to take these people out. >> reporter: police have begun to question anyone suspected of traveling abroad to commit jihad. old-fashioned police work and plenty of shoe leather is the best way to neutralize smaller cells of homegrown terrorists says this expert. >> police, law enforcement that are out in neighborhoods that know the personnel and will get tips about something that is going on. >> reporter: johnson says that events in belgium and paris could be the tip of the iceberg. live outside belgian embassy, armando trull. in many muslim communities
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there is a feeling of being misunderstood and wrongly associated with the deadly attack on the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo. today the imam at the mosque in chantilly invited journalists to hear ouabt the terror attack in paris that he says muslims everywhere condemn. >> even if it was hurtful to us, the holy qur'an teaches us justice is universal and human life is sacred and every situation. >> the mosque is part of the muslim community worldwide. they tell us that community goes back to the first basic islamist teachings of peace. dozens of people gathered for a candlelight vigil in dupont circle to denounce terror attacks by religious extremists. the group pointed to the attacks in attacks in paris, but also to the killings of 150 students and teachers last month at a school in pakistan.
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>> we groove and feel the pain and more than anyone -- grieve and feel the pain and more than anyone want these extremists to be rooted out, held accountable and we view christians as our brothers and hope and pray for sal tater. >> terrorists have killed more than -- solidarity. >> terrorists have killed more than 50,000 all in the name of religion. a woman found guilty but not criminally responsible for her role in the gruesome murders of two toddlers in what she believes was an exorcism. two other children were choked and stabbed but survived. in court today monifa sanford acknowledged her role in the horrific crime. she was the roommate and best friend of the children's mother. her lawyer said her mental illness made her hallucinate and hear voices including instructions she believed were from satan. according to testimony, he told her that he was going to "kill
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the baby" and that if she wanted him to go to heaven, she had to do it herself. >> they had believed that inanimate objects had been possessed, that there were demons in their house, that they had been possessed individually, that at other times the children had been possessed. >> the children's father was kicked out of the courtroom after an emotional outburst during the proceedings. sanford has been committed to the state psychiatric hospital for treatment. she could stay there for life. zakeiya avery, the mother, is expected to go on trial later this year. today a judge granted a request by prosecutors to delay court proceedings in the case of a local rabbi accused of voyeurism. prosecutors said they needed more time to gather evidence. rabbi barry freundel is accused of secretly recording women as they undressed for a ritual bath known as a mikvah. police say he hid a camera in a clock radio. the secret recordings were made
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at kesher israel in georgetown where freundel served as rabbi for 25 years. he was fired last month. university of virginia decided to sign on to new campus rules to make frat parties safer. the fraternities had refused citing liability concerns. the university temporarily suspended all frat parties after rolling stone ran a new discredited article about an alleged frat house gang rape. charlottesville police continue to investigate the incident and say they will report their findings but so far have found no evidence a rape took place. furloughs and tuition hikes, a double whammy at university of maryland. tonight the school president sent out an e-mail saying the university must slash spending by $15.6 million to help the state with a huge deficit. under the campus cutbacks faculty, staff and administrators will be furloughed up to three days and students face a tuition hike that kicks in for this year's
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spring semester. so for on campus undergrads it's a tuition hike of $76 a one time surcharge of $76. the cut will mothball some campus construction projects and the university will have to return $6 million in state funding. coming up big block of cheese day is back. >> so is the cast of the west wing. this year it's going to be better than ever. we'll explain. >> but up next why the white house is saying the world can't wait any longer to take action on climate change. >> high temperature 48 today, 42 at dulles. wakeup weather, cold to start. good news, no winds tomorrow but 18 to 28 at 6:00, 20s at 8:00, 24 to 32 by 10:00. we'll come back. i have adjusted the forecast a
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montgomery county police need your help to fine two missing silver spring girls. here are their pictures, 14- year-old kalen ramos and 14- year-old malatti reyes. the girls were last seen
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yesterday at silver spring international middle school on a win avenue where they attend classes. -- wayne avenue where they attend classes. police and family members are concerned for both of their emotional and physical well being. the girls are believed to be together and possibly heading to new york city. the white house plans to once again host what it calls a big block of cheese day next wednesday, the day after the president's state of the union address. members of the obama administration will take to social media to answer your questions about the issues most important to you. to make the announcement the white house created a video with the help from the cast members of tv's the west wing. >> back in the day andrew jackson trucked in a 2-ton block of cheese and put it in the foyer of the white house. >> yeah. i don't think they had a truck. >> it was a big event so the president could talk to citizens about what was on their minds. >> i know this. i watched the west wing, plus we did this last year. >> we think the white house should have a big block of cheese day.
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>> clear your social media calendar for a big block of cheese day, next wednesday, january 21st. noaa and nasa announced 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history worldwide. >> wendy gillette reports scientists say it is a clear sign global warming is still very much affecting the earth. it was so unusually warm last month in alaska kids made a christmas video of themselves playing in gravel instead of snow, a heatwave this september in southern california made working out nearly impossible and umbrellas were the only shield against the sun as the temperature hit 114 degrees in phoenix in july. those were just some of the weather patterns that contributed to an average worldwide temperature of a little over 58 degrees fahrenheit. that's nearly 1.25 degrees hotter than the 20th century
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average beating records set in 2005 and 2010. >> it's part of a pattern of increasingly warm years that we're seeing that's a long term trend mostly driven by green house gases. >> reporter: in the u.s. last month was the second warmest december on record. in europe 2014 was warmer than any other year since records have been kept. in central russia at times temperatures reached 41 degrees higher than normal. >> this planet is in trouble and it will only get worse unless we move boldly to cut carbon emissions. >> reporter: the white house agrees saying the report is a reminder that climate happening and that we can't wait to take action. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> scientists say last year's record is also significant because it happened during a year when there was no el nino weather pattern. according to noaa records, nine of the 10 hottest years have occurred since the year 2000. >> it's interesting, it seems like it was pretty cold.
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so in the eastern u.s. we witnessed actually cooler temperatures. >> hot in california and the uk. >> but not for us in the east coast. it was actually colder in 2014. >> 1 thing they're not saying about this hottest year ever, it beat the previous year by .01-degree. that's almost plus or minus error, don't you think? what's the average? the average is for the 20th century. we've been here for 2 million years. very small data sample there, right? >> right. >> i'm not getting in the middle of this. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature today 48, still 42 at dulles, dew point falling, pretty dry air mass and winds have finally calm down out of the north at 14. they were gusting over 33 miles per hour today both at national and dulles. cold start tomorrow but not windy. that is our saving grace. grab your sunglasses, milder sunday ahead of the cold front. here's the deal.
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a little better chance now of rain and showers especially in the morning sunday and especially i-95 and east. could be kind of heavy in st. mary's county and calvert county early sunday. saturday morning clear but cold, temps in the 20s pretty much across the board. by lunchtime we're back in the 30s, mostly sunny skies. by 6 p.m. tomorrow and the temps will fall but not as far and fast as they will tonight, so essentially low 30s. if you're out late tomorrow night, upper 20s and near 30 in gaithersburg, but low 30s in the rest of the suburbs. sunday see futurecast pulling pretty good moisture essentially east of i-95. you see the orange and yellow, pretty heavy rain that will clip southern sections of maybe st. mary's county, calvert county and even southern sections of charles county. a lot of clouds to the north and west. you could see a sprinkle lift, but then this frontal system moves through and clears us out. we may end up with a decent sunday afternoon and evening. break it down. 20s to start downtown temps, 32
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by 11:00, 37 with full sun by 1:00. next three days, sunday some rain and showers primarily in the morning, 48 and then breezy and chilly for martin luther king day, not a bad day, 45, but the breezes might make it feel cooler than it actually is, kind of like today. tuesday clipper rolls our way, some clouds late but warmer going to our north. so upper 40s, maybe a rain or snow shower tuesday night, leftover flurry wednesday and kind of cold, upper 30s to around 40 which is about average. >> i love you took out the snow chances. >> thank you. >> i hope i don't regret that. >> i like snow. i like fun friday as well. it is friday, right? i've lost track of the days. we've got spirit, yes, we do. our fun friday sportscast features a coach fit to be tied and the students from west springfield, voices a plenty.
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>> coming up on channel 9 it's the high school game of the week!
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now wusa9 game on sports
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with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> wizards coach randy whitman great to cover, the body rang wage, the scowl. watch a game. you'll see animated randy, happy randy, randy the mentor, been a while since we've seen exasperated randy, though, but you're about to see him, ladies and gentlemen. side bar tonight, wizards nets paul pierce, kevin garnett teammates so many years on opposite side tonight. paul pierce piercing the sky with pinpoint accuracy. that was about the end of it, though, for the wizards. brooke lopez is like 7' 13. that makes him like 8' 1. wizards lose 102-80 to the lowly nets and randy wittman, ready, aim, fire. >> we had no focus, no energy, no urgency, lack of respect for
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your opponent and the game and that's what happens. and lesson learned hopefully. >> beside that it was good. call it an acid test on ice, caps trending upward but facing a major test at the grand ole opry, nashville playing the best hockey in the league, caps playing the best hockey in the last 10 games, barry trotz making his return to the team he put on the map. folks in nashville giving barry trotz a standing ovation. he coached them 15 years, classy move by them. alex ovechkin energized tonight. they call him the russian rocket, that thing coming at you 800 miles an hour. back and forth all night caps up one. nashville who might have the ugliest uniforms in the nhl, but they're pretty good. about a minute to go, james neal with the steal and that's it. caps fall 4-3.
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you ready? if i were you, i would scrap all your saturday plans and post up on the couch at 4:00 tomorrow and watch maryland versus michigan state, big 10 logjam the top of the standings, spartans and terps, one loss in the league, pretty sure it's going to be a grudge match. >> yeah. it's michigan state. they have a lot of history. they're a great program. whenever you play them it's pretty easy to get excited. >> i know we'll get the best shots tomorrow. we'll stay focused. we're excited the first time and even more excited this time. it should be a good time. >> 4:00 tomorrow michigan state at maryland following the game the important such, game on, great postgame show featuring the great garry williams who will be at college park with our crew. so that's going to be fun. 46,000 of you let your voices be heard. game of the week, woodson and west springfield basketball. how about this pregame dance
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right here? they call this the whip it dance, guys. how about that? look at that. west springfield, in good hands with jack dunfee. cavaliers got it global. topper is not sure of global warming, but i'm sure of this. it was warm in the gym at west springfield. woodson up by five and then trey johnson with the scoop to the hoop. w.t. woodson wins it 56-52. >> i thought our kids played really well, kind of took control of the game in 3rd quarter and closed it out down the stretch. >> we have two big games next week. it's good momentum for us. >> as your game of the week next week, text the code you like to 25543. read them, text them and you will be on the air next week, good stuff. >> on
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> wusa9 news is sponsored in part by nissan. >> okay. cold tomorrow but without the wind, so not so bad. if you're walking around a bit, you'll be comfortable. saturday morning is the best chance for rain and showers, particularly east of i-95, then pretty decent in the afternoon. >> we got a 70/30 weekend as you like to say. thanks for staying up with
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