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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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fans were not enough to clear the smoke from the tunnel. people said you couldn't see anything outside the train. the ntsb also confirms that there were two trains involved, one in the tunnel, one in the station and we've had a whole lot of victims of this say that the big here was that train simply couldn't back up out of the tunnel away from the smoke because that other train was here on the platform. they lurched, tried to back up. the operator was desperate. they couldn't because that other train was on the platform. >> as we get more information, it helps us to understand a bit more about the events of the day. now to montgomery county where a woman has been found guilty but not criminally responsible for her role in the gruesome murders of two toddlers in what she believed was an exorcism. two other children were choked and stabbed, but they survived
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the violent attack. andrea mccarren was in the courtroom today and joins us live from our newsroom. there was quite a scene today. >> very tough testimony to hear. monifa sanford was the roommate and best friend of the children's mother. we do want to warn you the content of today's testimony is very disturbing and graphic. in fact, the devastated father of the four children erupted in the courtroom and was head out by marshals. >> it took two grown women to take my son out. >> reporter: a father wracked with grief upon learning how his 18-month-old son struggled to break free from monifa sanford and his own mother. according to testimony, little norell harris was pinned down, a serrated knife plunged into his neck at least eight times. >> multiple stab wounds to the lungs. multiple lacerations to the neck. they had to choke him. they had to hold him down. >> reporter: sanford's descent
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into the depths of mental illness included hallucinations and voices including one she believed to be satan. according to testimony, he told her he was going to "kill the babies." if she wanted them to go to heaven, she had to do it herself. >> she believed that she had been initiated into this group of demon assassins. >> reporter: assassins that included a boyfriend linked to each of the women, men the investigation revealed were imaginary. >> they had believed that inanimate objects had been possessed, that there were demons in their house, that they had been possessed individually, that at other times the children had been possessed. >> reporter: on january 17th of 2014 the children struggled and screamed but were choked and repeatedly stabbed. by the time the bloodshed was over 18-month-old norell and his 2-year-old sister zyana were dead. their 5-year-old sister and 8-
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year-old brother were also stabbed and choked but somehow survived. [ crying ] >> sanford has been committed to the state psychiatric hospital for treatment. she could stay there for life. after the murders she told police, "i'm glad the children are in heaven, but i miss them." now zakeiya avery, the mother of the four kids, is expected to go to trial later this year. right now the 20-year-old accused of planning to set off pipe bombs at the u.s. capitol is held without bond. it was agreed that christopher cornell poses a danger to the public and is a flight risk. he was arrested after buying weapons from a gun shop wednesday. his father said his son was taking in by a snitch trying to help himself. the rabbi accused of putting a camera in the women's
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showers at a synagogue was in court this morning. >> reporter: the rabbi's case was continued until february 19th, but still the courtroom was packed this morning with victims' advocates and even victims themselves eager to tell their story and seek justice. she has been converting to judaism and participated in a dunk at the synagogue in georgetown. >> i respected him. i still do, but i think he deserves punishment. >> reporter: she is among countless other women who say freundel violated them by videotaping their ritual bath. he pled not guilty to voyeurism charges and d.c. police say he did have a camera inside a clock radio. today in court the prosecution asked for more time to go over evidence. afterwards he and his attorney were tight limited. >> doing as well as he can. >> reporter: we asked freundel if he had anything to say and this is all we got.
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>> sorry. >> reporter: meanwhile the women were rallying outside d.c. superior court. >> we believe the bath should be safe for every jew. >> reporter: she said there's no telling how many other potential victims are out there and hopes more would come forward. >> i would tell them there's a community of jews in washington and around the world whose hearts are breaking for you, that we're so sorry this happened to you and we're here to support you. >> reporter: they're hopeful there will be no plea deal. several firms have filed class action lawsuits, a criminal case and two civil cases. that includes not just kesher israel and georgetown university and law school where he taught, but also the rabbinical council of america because the attorneys say they were enablers. >> freundel has since been fired from the synagogue. temps got into the 40s today, hope you had some time to get out.
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first alert chief meteorologist tenacious topper shutt joining us now. >> the only thing unfortunate today were the winds. otherwise it would have been spectacular. the winds are still gusting to 21 miles per hour in leesburg, 26 mile-per-hour gust at national at 5:00. that's going to make it feel colder than it is. feels like it's already 30 in gaithersburg, feels like 29 in leesburg. we're headed for a cold night. if you had big plans tonight, bundle up. winds die down. temperatures will plummet. by 8:00 tonight 30 in gaithersburg, 32 in leesburg and manassas, 35 downtown. by 10:00 20s, hagerstown, frederick, gaithersburg and 30s barely down toward la plata and also waldorf. by midnight if you're out late, temperatures in the 20s pretty much across the board. get ready for a cold night. looking ahead, well, again a bit cold tomorrow but minus the wind. so a little give and take saturday, good enough for a jog
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or hike tomorrow. sunday milder with showers and the best chance of showers sunday will be east of i-95 and martin luther king day looks great, breezy, though, temperatures in the 40s. we'll come back. we still have a couple flakes on the seven-day. the white house has announced a new push to encourage public/private participateships to fund new roads and -- partnerships to fund new roads and other projects. vice president joe biden and d.c. mayor muriel bowser toured the project designed to store sewer overflows that would otherwise go right into the river. biden said projects like this are needed across the country. >> 760 of our cities in every state in the union have outdated water systems and outdated sewer systems. >> to encourage funding of infrastructure frontals the white house plans to create a municipal bond that would offer benefits to those public/private partnerships. just in time for rush hour
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crews finished making repairs to a broken water main in alexandria and expect to reopen that road any minute now. that's park center drive. the rupture this morning sent water shooting into the air before dawn on king street near i-395. that led to ice. king street was closed for much of the morning rush. that water also gathered into a nearby gym. the supreme court will make a decision on whether same sex couples across the country have a constitutional right to marry. the justices said they will review an appellate union that upheld bans on same sex unions in four states. a decision is expected in late june. a proposed lawsuit settlement in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal could restore joe paterno to the winningest college coach in history. under the proposal penn state would commit $60 million to child abuse prevention programs plus the university would
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acknowledge the ncaa's good faith interest in its handling of the sandusky case. in return 112 penn state football victories would be restored, 111 of them joe paterno's. we are just getting started on wusa9 news on this friday. a man from prince george's county dies in police custody, what his family is saying coming up at 5:30. >> campaign trail getting crowded. i'm going to talk to face the nation host bob schieffer about the gop candidates on the hunt for the 2016 nominations. >> plus topper is back with the bright spots in this weekend's fo
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we learned today the maryland department of health and mental hygiene has joined an investigation into the
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mysterious deaths of dogs in waterfront communities near annapolis. at least 10 pets have died from a sudden and extreme buildup of toxins in their livers and one culprit or suspect is that they've been poisoned by contact with small shellfish on the waterfront. scott broom has taken to his mobile newsroom to anne arundel county tonight to look a bit further into this mystery. what are you finding out, scott? >> reporter: this tiny shellfish is a thing that's very common in the bay. they live here by the billions in the waters like behind me on the severn river. it's called the false dark mussel, but so far there has been little scientific evidence to back up what some pet owners have seen, which is that their dogs appear to have been poisoned by these shellfish. she was a yellow lab named sochi. >> she jumped in here. >> reporter: lindsey lowe was on the family's dock on mill creek near annapolis the saturday before thanksgiving
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when sochi did what labs love to do, muck around in the water and retrieve sticks, in this case a stick like this covered with tiny shellfish called dark false mussels. sochi got sick that night. >> that night she threw up a bunch of seaweed and seemed very ill the next morning. we took her to the emergency room and two days later she was gone. her liver toxin levels were something like 4,000 time the normal level. when i looked at the area where she'd been chewing on ice, there were hundreds of tiny mussels covering those branches. >> reporter: after sochi and another waterfront dog died biologists from the maryland department of environment began to investigate two locations taking samples of the tiny mussels but finding no evidence that they are toxic to dogs. then more reports of dog deaths began to come in. here's jay apperson of the department of environment. >> there are i think it's about 10 dogs who have died of liver- related issues in that area. only two were associated with
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the water. we'll follow the science on this. at this for it we haven't been able to establish any -- at this point we haven't been able connection. >> i was actually glad they were coming out here but a little discouraged they didn't know what they were going to test for. without knowing what to test for i'm not sure how much progress they'll make. so much of the fun was being on it with the water, so it's very lonely without her now. >> reporter: the mystery remains. the mussels are not pinned down as the culprit in any way and the investigation seems to steer away from the mussels. that's one reason maryland's health department is involved. they are trying to figure out what is going on, whether it has to do with the environment or not. reporting from the banks of the severn river in anne arundel county, scott broom, wusa9.
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a key obama administration official responsible for implementing the affordable care act is calling it quits. marilyn tavenner, director of the center for medicare and medicaid services is stepping down next month. tavenner took a lot of heat on capitol hill as she was grilled on the disastrous rollout of the healthcare plan. candidates on the gop side are already jockeying for position. we keep hearing a new name each week, bob. do you think that will help or hurt the gop come 2016? >> well, there are a lot of people, now maybe four governors that look like they're going to run, a half dozen senators. i don't know. every time you look or hear like you, jan, you here another new name come out. i think they'll sort themselves out pretty quickly once we get
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into the campaign. i think you're going to see if mitt romney is going to run and he's making a speech tonight at this big gathering out in san diego, also going to hear from rick perry. i think if rick perry -- i mean if governor romney does decide to run, i think you'll have to say he'll be among the early favorites along with jeb bush simply because of the name recognition, but with so many people in the race it's going to take a while before it sorts itself out and we find out who the nominee is going to be. newt gingrich said the other day we don't have a front runner yet, but we have a whole lot of runners. >> right. >> you mentioned mitt romney and rick perry as far as governors, but jeb bush, chris christie, marco rubio, rand paul. the list goes on.
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who do you think has the best chance of beating the democratic candidate in 2016? >> i wouldn't even hazard a guess at this point and i assume hillary clinton is going to be the nominee. that at least seems to be the conventional wisdom, but there are so many different kinds of things that can happen in a campaign. some people are saying republicans need a moderate, somebody that can go off the moderate vote, the people in the middle conservatives saying no, it's got to be a hardline conservative. we've got to really stand for something. i think it will just come down to how these people, how voters, see them. do they think they're people who can actually get something done? right now there's so much disgust with our whole political system that in the recent midterm election only what, 37% of the people turned out to vote. it's almost as if people have come to think that even elections don't count anymore
5:18 pm
and certainly that's not the case, but this is going to be a very interesting campaign this next go round. >> bob, good to see you back in d.c. you've been filling in on the evening news in new york city. we look forward to seeing you on face the nation this sunday. >> thanks very much, jan. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> you gave us a gift. we closed out the week with some mighty foon weather. >> it really was nice. if it -- fine weather. >> it really was nice. it hadn't of been for the wind it, would have been spectacular. tomorrow is colder, but we take away the wind. the weekend looks okay. east of i-95 has the best chance of showers sunday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, a very nice evening, temperatures pretty nice, 44, above average. the dew point is pretty low. when you see the dew point around 20, you know it's a dry air mass. colder air will move in tonight on the heels of this cold
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front. that's the bad news. the good news is the winds will subside. very cold tonight. the winds will diminish. saturday great for a run or hike as long as you're moving around a little bit tomorrow with full sun and temperatures upper 30s to near 40, that's a pretty good day to get outside and exercise. saturday night dry, not as cold, hold above freezing downtown. milder sunday with showers. some of the showers could be in the morning just in time for your ride to church. originally we thought maybe afternoon. they could be in by 10:00 or so in the morning. tonight 10:00 temps upper 20s, low 30s, clear skies, cold, temps plummeting, 25 at midnight in gaithersburg, 28 in manassas and la plata. by morning by 8:00 or so temperatures in the 20s across the board and, in fact, low 20s gaithersburg, frederick and hagerstown, might see a sprinkling of upper teens in the early morning hours like 6:00 or 7:00.
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hopefully you're sleeping by then. by 1:00 in the afternoon saturday, sunshine, clear skies and temperatures back in the mid-30s just about everywhere, just a little bit below average. by 5:00, 6:00, 37 down town, 36 in manassas. if you go out tomorrow nighttime, it will be cold, just not as cold as tonight. by late tomorrow night dipping down to 29 in gaithersburg, 35 downtown, 31 in la plata. we'll watch these temperatures east of 95 as precip begins to move in sunday morning, but it does appear it's going to be a ran and shower event. tonight clear, cold, winds diminish, low temperatures 18 to 28, winds west, northwest at 10. with the dry air mass and diminishing wind temps will really fall. on your day planner, city temps, 27 at 7:00, up to freezing by 11:00 and 37 by 1 p.m.
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the next three days showers possible on sunday, don't think it's going to be a washout. ahead of the front upper 40s. even behind the front monday we're in pretty good shame for -- shape for martin luther king day, breezy and chilly, 45. next seven days, a clipper tuesday, rain or snow showers possible, maybe rain or leftover flurries on wednesday, kind of cold on thursday and seasonable and dry friday. has the market shattered for google glass? why the internet giant is pulling the plug on the hi-tech
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five years ago darrell dunn weighed 350 pounds. one day after his legs collapsed from his weight he finally took his doctor's advice to get into shape. so his fitness journey began at a houston area ymca. dunn's strategy paid off big time. he's dropped 140 pounds. >> i was big and i was determined to get that weight off me. what i did was make small goals. what i would do is sit down and
5:25 pm
write those goals out. i wouldn't say oh, i want to lose 50 pounds. i would say i want to stop drinking soft drinks. >> that's good. if you're trying to lose weight, consider this. you want to set achievable goals and experts say nonfood rewards like pedicures, shopping trips serve as great motivational tools. he looks amazing. >> he does. in tonight's consumer alert the market finally changed things around ending on an up note before closing from the long holiday weekend. after five straight days of losses the dow rose 190 points. the nasdaq gained up 53 points and the s&p up nearly 27 points. it's back to the drawing board for those internet connected glasses. google glass will be pulled from the market for now. the company says it needs more time to develop a new better looking and less expensive version of the interactive eyewear. there was so much enthusiasm when the glasswear was first introduced, but they never
5:26 pm
became a major hit because of concerns over privacy and safety. southwest airlines has been hit with a $1.6 million fine for violating the tarmac delay rule. the department of transportation says passengers on 16 different aircrafts at chicago's midway airport were not allowed the option to get off that plane well the mandatory three hours of arrival. this is the largest civil penalty ever assessed for violating that tarmac delay regulation. another well known electronics retailer is gearing up to file bankruptcy. radioshack has failed to thrive as it faced increased competition from online electronic vendors and big box chains like best buy. the 94-year-old company was once worth $3 billion. now it's worth just 29 million. radioshack has not commented on the potential bankruptcy. >> i remember when everybody used to go to radioshack. is that was it the only place
5:27 pm
in town. roams were reversed for one local -- roles were reversed for 1 local cheerleader after she was diagnosed with a terrible disease. >> why the students at her school wanted to lift her spirits. >> reporter: family speaks out about a man who suffers from mental illness and dies
5:28 pm
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the funeral for a high school man who suffered from bipolar disorder is scheduled for tomorrow, but his family does not know why he died and was found dead in a george george jail cell. two georgia jail cell. two deputies have been placed on paid leave. surae chinn has been following the story and joins us now live in hyattsville. >> reporter: 21-year-old matthew ajevada was a parkdale graduate at this high school and a varsity football player, a really bright student and was going to school and he was found dead in a restraining chair in an isolation cell and at some point during that day a taser was used sources say. his brother wants to know why this all happened and talked with me today about it. >> even in death he still is making me laugh. >> reporter: christopher
5:31 pm
aliedepo is preparing his little brother's funeral preparing to say good-bye but has so many important questions. >> just think about losing a brother and not knowing how or why he's gone. >> reporter: according to a police report, matthew's girl friend called for help getting matthew to the hospital during what family said was a manic episode of bipolar disorder. a fight in front of a gas station left his girl friend bloodied and instead of a hospital police took him to a savanna jail and charged him with domestic violence. the girl friend had handed police matthew's medication. during booking he turned on the deputies leaving a female sergeant with a broken nose. >> he was out of control. that's what happens in a manic state of bipolar on occasion. >> reporter: the family has hired high profile attorney mark o'mara who represent george zimmerman in the trayvon martin case. sources tell our affiliates that a taser was involved. he was found dead on a restraining chair in an
5:32 pm
isolation cell. two deputies are on paid leave for inappropriate action. >> it's the lack of education when it comes to mental illness and it's the lack of care that people that have that kind of authority and power. i'm struggling with not knowing, not knowing what happened. how can one just die in the hands of the person that's supposed to protect you? >> reporter: according to healthcare protocol at the jail, nurses are supposed to check on inmates every 15 minutes if they are restrained. we don't know how long matthew was alone before he was found dead. we are still awaiting results of an autopsy and cause of death. an ashburn man is charged with murder accused of shooting a man to death inside a townhome. it happened last night on
5:33 pm
sonora lane. the man was taken into custody at the scene. the loudoun county sheriff's office said there were two kids in the home at the time. his ex-wife and another man were returning home when the incident happened. the delay of d.c. streetcars delayed again. the latest target date was next monday, but safety concerns are once again a big problem. here's ddot's reggie sanders. >> we're taking a long look at the system. we want to make sure that the safety certifications are in place. we're going to work very closely with the sso, the state safety officer for the district, to make sure we go through everything that needs to be gone through to make sure this system is safe for passengers. >> sanders says moving forward there's going to be no preset dates for the streetcar's debut. at least four launch dates for d.c. streetcars have been strapped so far. right now authorities are arresting terror suspects across europe. police are cracking down on fighters traveling abroad. >> reporter: europe is on high
5:34 pm
alert after belgium, french and german police rounded up more than two dozen terror suspects. thursday officers killed two terror suspects in eastern belgium who were planning large scale attacks on police. a third suspect was arrested. the government is using troops to boost security and taking ids from people suspected of traveling abroad with terror in mind. >> these fighters who are going abroad whether it's to iraq, syria, yemen or elsewhere really pose a threat. so counterterrorism officials are taking no chances. >> reporter: officials have not linked the latest arrests to the attacks in paris last week that killed 17 people. on friday hundreds gathered to say good-bye to the charlie hebdo editor killed in the newspaper massacre. secretary of state john kerry also visited the french capitol and took a moment to remember the victim. >> we will turn this moment of profound loss into lasting commitment. >> reporter: during thursday's terror raid belgium authorities
5:35 pm
found assault rifles, bomb making materials and police uniforms raising concerns terrorists may be trying to pass themselves off as police officers. >> the head of europe's law enforcement agency says stopping terror attacks has become extremely difficult because europe is home to nearly 5,000 radicalized muslim extremists who have little command structures and are increasingly sophisticated. today maryland governor martin o'malley gave the media a chance to ask him about his highs and lows over the past eight years in office. >> it's really a feeling of gratitude to have made our schools no. 1 in america for as many years as we have and to do that in the middle of a recession, to achieve a faster rate of job creation since the bottom of this recession than our neighbors in pennsylvania or virginia. >> o'malley leaves office on wednesday. as for his future, he says he is still seriously considering running for president in 2016.
5:36 pm
it's going to get a little easier for americans to travel to cuba beginning today. americans will no longer need approval from the u.s. office of foreign assets control before taking the trip. still travelers must certify they are visiting through one of 12 approved categories before heading to cuba which include educational, religious and humanitarian trips. you can't just go there on vacation. trending now parents are angry at a local middle schoolteacher over what they say is a disturbing assignment. >> angry internet users take revenge on a business for bullying a
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by nissan. let's go trending right now. a car dealership spat with a pizza deliveryman and $8 tip ends with some internet retribution. >> luckily for all of us a massachusetts dealership uploaded this surveillance video to the internet, a decision they are surely regretting now. the workers at the dealership gave the pizza guy 220s and two -- two 20s and two 5's for the $40 bill. he thought he received a tip.
5:40 pm
the guy put it in his pocket and went back to work. the employees called the pizza place and demanded he returned the $8. the employees mocked him. the entire interaction was posted on youtube and the internet struck back. hundreds of users began giving the dealership one star reviews on yelp and google plus words we can't say on tv. furious users littered the dealer's facebook page and even started fake pages trashing the business. >> i think you got to be careful with social media because people can take what you put on there and use it against you. >> nobody would even know about it if the dealership itself had not posted that video. >> an $8 tip? this next story is getting a lot of social media attention. the washington post reports a montgomery county middle schoolteacher gave her students a rather bizarre and troubling assignment to help teach them grammar. >> that's a nice way of putting it. >> yes. >> students were to write a
5:41 pm
story on how they would kill her, how they would kill their teacher. web producer joany b. joins us now. who does this? >> yeah. with such an out there assignment our neighbor fans had a lot to say about this. pure shock and confusion, but a couple people raised some really good points. if students had written about killing their teacher without the assignment, there's a good chance they might be suspended or even expelled. others had pretty clever responses. marsha and brian said we'd kill her with kindness, but chris said between the snow date situation and articles like this home schooling is looking really good right now. of course, we want to know what you think about this teacher and her bizarre tactics. you can join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. i still can't get this one. >> i'd like to know what the school has to say about this. >> i'd like to know what the teachers have to say about it. there are a lot of brilliant teachers out there that give
5:42 pm
incredible assignments that are so insightful. >> i feel like i'm not hearing the whole story out there. coming up next the community of clarkbsurg, maryland, bands together to support a young teen engaged in a battle of life and death. >> you can laugh at this guy all you want. coming up next how his fondness for star wars actually saved him.
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we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at a new report from the centers for disease control in our health alert, this year's flu vaccine apparently offers even less protection than we thought. >> numbers show the current vaccine is only 23% effective against the flu strains that are circulating. typically the vaccine can be up to 60% effective. >> you can get sick, but if you call your physician right away and get on treatment, this is a strain that is sensitive to the tamiflu. so if you get sick, you shouldn't just throw in the towel and say okay, i'm going to be in bed a week and be sick. if you initiate treatment within 12 to 24 hours, you can certainly shorten the course and severity of the disease.
5:46 pm
>> the h3n2 strain of the flu is causing most of the complications. it is not included in in season's flu vaccine. nearly 30 million americans suffer from eczema and the fda is fast tracking a new drug that will help people with the skin condition. researchers at mount sinai hospital in new york are testing a new drug called depilamat. this drug targets molecules that triggers the inflammation. vitamin d can ward off colorectal cancer by boosting the immune system. scientists found people with high levels of vitamin d in their blood were less likely to develop the disease. research from the dana farber cancer institute suggests that vitamin d triggers t-cells, the body's attack system against cancer. an australia man dressed as a stormtrooper from the stars wars moving said his get -- star wars movie said his getup saved his life. >> he was walking by what he
5:47 pm
thought was a king brown snake when -- >> it lunged at me and bit me, but the good news is the armor, he bit me in the shin and the armor actually protected me and stopped it. >> you might be asking why is a 47-year-old man walking across star wars costume? he's doing it to raise money in a children's hospital. he's been walking in this costume for 279 days and already he's raised nearly $40,000. >> well, that's worth it. what would you do? what crazy thing would you do to raise money for charity? putting you on the spot. >> the dunking thing, i've done that before. >> in the cold, though, or was it warm? >> may not have done it in the cold. >> you were too comfortable. >> it was spring. it wasn't super warm. got any ideas? >> i'm going to have people tweet me or write to me. >> don't do that.
5:48 pm
>> i can share with you their ideas. >> don't do that. we're looking at a pretty nice weekend, cold tomorrow without the weekend and warmer sunday but with some showers. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam and temperatures still 44 downtown, above average. our average high is 42. to be above average at this time of night, that's a victory. dew point is low in the low 20s, winds northwest at 15 sustained, gusting still over 20. the winds will diminish tonight. it will become very cold. saturday great for a run or hike. we're talking about highs tomorrow upper 30s to near 40, but if you're moving around a little, you'll be comfortable. saturday night dry, not as cold, milder sunday with showers, especially i-95 and east. so the futurecast, 10:00 tonight mainly around 30, maybe upper 20s, northern suburbs, 30 in la plata and andrews, also up to the west of manassas and leesburg, 32, 34 downtown. by late tonight midnight we're in the 20s just about
5:49 pm
everywhere. the winds will die down. by morning we're in the 20s. this is 8:00 in the morning. the lows occur about 6:30, 7:00. temps are rebounding by 8:00. by 1:00 we're back in the, no clouds, no blobs of precipitation, very quiet day. we 5:00 we're still in the 30s. tomorrow night at 9:00 temps fall but not as far and fast as tonight, maybe an eke into the upper 20s by 9:00 in gaithersburg, but that's an exception, mainly low 30s. by midnight temperatures around low to mid-30s downtown and again tomorrow night i don't think downtown will make it below freezing. wind gust tracker, winds could gust to 20 mile-per-hour at 10:00. by midnight winds about 15 and by tomorrow morning the wind gusts are under 10 miles an hour which is going to be pretty comfortable. so tonight looking at clear skies, very cold, winds diminishing, lows 18 to 28.
5:50 pm
winds will become west, northwest at 10 after midnight. 20s to start on the day planner, 32 at 11:00 but full sun, upper 30s by 1:00, full sun. on sunday yes, milder, 48, some showers possible. right now we're not going to make it a yellow alert and breezy and chilly for the holiday, temperatures mid-40s. the winds made it feel cooler. next seven days got a weak clipper passing to our north on tuesday night, some rain or snow showers possible tuesday night, maybe flurries wednesday, then just cold and dry thursday and friday. tonight's high school profile is about community. andrea revis is part of the cheer team at clarkbsurg high school. so being lifted up by teammates sort of comes with the territory i'd say, but now she's in the fight of her life and as diane roberts explains, teammates aren't the only ones lifting her up. >> reporter: you'll find out
5:51 pm
what brought clarkbsurg cheerleader andrea revis to tears during a september 26 football game as we reveal her story. andrea's strong support system of family and friends would be called upon after september 18th. that's when her sister cindy broke the news. >> it was a nice day. it was very breezy. the sun was out. it felt wonderful and then she said that doctor called. >> reporter: the doctor's diagnosis for the vivacious then 16-year-old was hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of cancer. >> it's a big deal, but it's not a big deal to me because i know i'll get through it. i've always had a positive attitude since the beginning. >> reporter: since her diagnosis andrea had to undergo chemotherapy which meant no school, no cheering. >> i miss my friends and sitting at lunch with them and talking with them and complaining about school with
5:52 pm
them. >> reporter: friends want allow her to miss out on much. when she was admitted to the hospital with a high fever, one of the worst times ofher illness, it was during homecoming. so they took homecoming to her. one of her best times? the purple night as she calls it. >> oh, my god, that felt amazing. >> reporter: purple balloons, a purple banner of support. >> the whole game went normally until i think around halftime. >> reporter: that's when the highly skilled squad did a very basic stunt. >> i go up and then everybody starts cheering in the stands and they take their shirts off and they have purple shirts under, which is really cute, and they have their purple and blue face paint and i just lost it. i started crying. it was really sweet. >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> i don't remember what i was thinking. i was just crying. i was so happy. >> reporter: her clarkbsurg community has never left her side. the school arranged for a tutor so andrea would not fall
5:53 pm
behind. andrea's diagnosis has brought her close family even closer. her father frank says they take it day by day, but it's an emotional journey. >> if i don't find a word to describe this thing -- could find a toward to describe this thing, it would be devastating. >> reporter: frank said all the support has helped ease the pain including regular visits from andrea's head coach. >> she's still on the team. just because you have obviously a very terrible thing happen to you doesn't mean that you should stop the fun things in your life that you like to do. >> reporter: typically how long does it take for you to get the okay from the doctor? >> the chemo is getting worse. the side effects make me feel terrible, still can't really do much physical activity. >> reporter: until she gets back to her old self andrea will continue to share her positive attitude and sound advice for others fighting cancer.
5:54 pm
>> you can lay down in your bed and cry and be in a lot of pain, but you'll have to remember to get through it and that everything in the end, it's going to be okay. >> reporter: in gaithersburg, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> that's a tough girl right there. andrea hopes to return to school this month and rejoin the squad for competition in february. we got our fingers crossed. her doctors at children's national health system says andrea's prognosis is excellent and again we are rooting for you! >> she's going to beat it. she's got the best attitude. don't you late it when you get to the good part -- hate it when you get to the good part of a movie and nature call? coming up an app that tells you not only when is the best time to go but what you missed. >> with the terrorism
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
british prime minister david cameron and president obama addressed the press after two days of meetings between the world leaders. >> craig boswell is at the white house with more details. >> reporter: president obama and british prime minister david cameron met in the oval office to discuss shared challenges. cameron summed up the chief concerns. >> security, economic security, jobs and living standards of our citizens and national security, the ability of our
5:58 pm
people to live safely and in peace. >> reporter: they focused on security in the middle east, preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is a priority for both countries. >> given their capabilities, it would threaten directly our closest allies including israel and ultimately could threaten us. >> reporter: president obama says the recent paris attacks underscore the need for further cooperation in the fight against terrorism. >> american and british unity is enabling us to meet challenges in europe and beyond. >> reporter: both countries will also work together to keep citizens safe in a world made smaller by the internet. >> given the urgent and growing danger of cyber threats, we decided to expand our cooperation on cyber security to protect our critical infrastructure, our businesses and the privacy of our people. >> reporter: and the two leaders say with a slowing global economy now is the time to push for new trade pacts between the u.s. and european union. craig boswell, cbs news, the
5:59 pm
white house. a preliminary report from the ntsb helps sort out the timeline in the trapped train tragedy here at l'enfant plaza. 44 minutes until the circuit breaker tripped. >> reporter: taking the religion back from terrorists, i'm peggy fox in chantilly where a muslim community is speaking out against that attack on charlie hebdo, but today during friday prayers the imam also had something to say about freedom of speech. the national transportation safety board has released a preliminary report into monday's tragedy at metro's l'enfant plaza. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm lesli foster. that report helps us make more sense of the timeline of the tragedy that killed one woman and sent 86 others to the hospital. here are some of the highlights of that report. the ntsb says a breaker at one end of the third rail tripped at 3:06 on monday, but the other breaker at the other end stayed on until it was shut off
6:00 pm
by metro control 44 minutes later. they didn't get those ventilation fans activaterly -- did get those ventilation earlier, about 10 minutes before the first breaker tripped. there were two trains involved, one in the tunnel, 1 in the station. monday's tragedy is eerily similar to an incident that happened at a metro station nearly 15 years ago and bruce leshan is live at l'enfant plaza with a story you will only see here on 9. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lesli, the echos and issues really are chilling, dispatch delays, radio problems, passengers waiting nearly one hour to get the power to that third rail shut off. what happened here monday is really a reminder, a deadly reminder, that 15 years later


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