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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 15, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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week. the time line shows the first response for that smoke was at gallery place, not l'enfant plaza, and we also learned people were calling for help nearly half an hour after the smoke was first reported. 3:24 metro requests medical and fire units reporting some people can barely breathe. the first rescue unit arrives at the station seven minutes later. 3:33 a caller on the stalled yellow line train reports the tunnel is filled with smoke. that same caller is back nine minutes later asking is help on the way. a metro transit official told him stay on world because those tracks are still live. at -- on board because those tracks are still live. at 4:09 there's report of a person suffering a seizure on the pain and an adult woman receiving cpr. metro is facing its first lawsuit as some of the passengers on that trapped train demanded answers. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan at l'enfant plaza.
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smoke fairly common in metro tunnels. the agency is supposed to have a plan to get people out, but a d.c. lawyer filing a lawsuit tomorrow says instead of a plan the passenger here were left figh for air in the midst of chaos. malbert rich is still wearing his georgetown hospital wristband. >> i understand there's smoke on the train. >> he said that the train won't move until the train that's already in the plaza gets out. >> reporter: rich says several metro transit police were in his car yelling into their radios. >> this is the transit officer on the train. ask them to move that train off the platform. >> just constantly screaming to command trying to turn to the fifth channel or this channel and nobody could even get that train out. >> what a crock. >> reporter: rich said he sent what he thought was a final text. >> i told my mother that i
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loved being her son and i told my kids i loved being their dad. >> reporter: a half dozen plaintiffs have now signed onto that lawsuit. at l'enfant plaza, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> glover who died in the metro tragedy will be laid to rest monday. services will be held at capitol hill baptist church at 10 a.m. glover who was a federal contractor was on her way home when she was stuck on that train that filled up with smoke. new tonight the maryland bishop charged with vehicular manslaughter in a deadly drunk driving accident is out of jail. the baltimore sun reports heather cook posted a $2.5 million in bail. investigators say cook's blood alcohol content was .22 when she hit a cyclist last month. her attorney says the bishop is heading to an inpatient treatment facility. cook is the second highest leader of the episcopal diocese in maryland. right now two terror suspects are dead, another in custody following a raid in belgium. police carried out the mission
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on a cell that was planning a major imminent attack. authorities targeted the suspects who returned to belgium from syria and were close to carrying out that attack. the suspects were killed after they fired on officers near a train station. so far no known connection to the attacks in france. a man who allegedly plotted to pipe bomb the u.s. capital will appear in a cincinnati courthouse tomorrow. 20-year-old christopher cornell wanted to kill as many people as possible all in the name of isis. his dad claims cornell was a home body who somehow lost his way. >> he had was like a big kid. his best friend was his cat mikey and his mom. >> the fbi arrested cornell after he purchased weapons and ammo from a gun shop. he was under surveillance and at no time were any lives in danger. several sources are saying it's likely that pope francis will be visiting washington d.c. when he makes his trip to this country in september, but the vatican has yet to confirm the d.c. visit.
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pope francis is confirmed to attend the world meeting of families in philly the end of september, but even without a confirmation an official with the d.c. board of trade says the pope is going to come to washington and also visit new york. we caught up with people near ben's chili bowl and said what do you think the pope should do? >> i think the pope wants to be blessed. he's blessing everybody. he got to get his blessing, too. come to ben's. come to the african american civil war museum. >> old time washingtonians will recognize frank smith, former ward 1 councilmen. there's been a buzz the pope will host the event at the basilica at the shrine of the immaculate conception in northeast, but no news on that yet. there is a kings dominion law in maryland designed to extend summer vacation at least until labor day so resort areas can cash in. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in bowie where there are mixed feelings this afternoon at an after school karate academy about the idea of making summer
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vacation last until labor day here in maryland. >> i would say child care is the biggest challenge. >> i'm absolutely opposed to the idea. i'm for more school for children. >> reporter: but the ocean city mayor calls it the let summer be summer campaign. >> and provide small businesses the heart of our tourism-based economy, a tremendous economic boost. >> i think it will have quite a bit of momentum. >> reporter: the state controller says the extra week of vacation would provide another 73.4 million in economic activity and 7.7 million in state and local tax revenue. the school superintendents are largely against it. incoming governor larry hogan signed a petition supporting this idea. today there are now 13,000 signatures. in bowie scott broom, wusa9. some virginia students can breathe easier tonight. loudoun county canceled next week's midterm exams for middle and high school students because of lost instructional time resulting from snow days. regular classes will be held
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next tuesday through friday instead. we've got a cold front moving through our area tomorrow, but the good news, no snow coming with it. >> this rolls through dry. it will kick up some winds tomorrow morning and afternoon. now we'll look at futurecast for this evening if you're headed out, low 30s, manassas, leesburg, maybe 31 in gaithersburg by 9:30. by 10:30 do the last walk with the dog, mid-30s downtown, everybody else 30 degrees, the crazy cold tonight, pretty much average. let's look ahead. good time to wash the car or truck, dry tomorrow and saturday. can't promise sunday, though. breezy and not as cold tomorrow, a bit colder saturday behind the front, lower temps a little bit. showers sunday could actually change to snow showers sunday night. we'll come back and talk more about that in a few minutes. want to hop down to havana? you're one step closer. the federal government eased travel restrictions to cuba. starting tomorrow you no longer need approval from the u.s.
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office of for assets control and as long as you certify you're traveling through one of the 12 approved categories such as educational, religious or human terrible, you can simply make the trip down there. at -- humanitarian, you is simply make the trip down there. beginning march 7th southwest will offer direct flights from bwi to san jose. it's hoped the country's beaches, forests and fine foods will inspire travelers to take vacations to the central american destination. parents allowing young kids to walk up to a mile from their home una companied. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality;
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lawsuits have been thrown out by a fir fax judge who found a problem with the company's representation -- a fairfaxup who found a problem with the company's -- fairfax judge who found a problem with the company's representation. >> reporter: david burnhart is an attorney represented by several clients sued by stands urban, the company that operates the -- transurban, the company that operates the 95 and the 495. >> as far as i can tell transurban is a fick terrace name. the real corporate names -- fictitious name. the real corporate names are different. >> reporter: he also said the suits have passed the statute of limitations. on wednesday burnhart was successful getting two h.o.t. lanes lawsuits thrown out when he protested the person representing transurban was neither an attorney nor an employee of the company. >> that's a legal matter and we'll address this in the court. >> reporter: mike mcgurk, a
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transurban spokesperson, would not discuss the dismissed cases. he does discuss allegations of several defendants including arthur sobers who was served with nearly $30,000 worth of summonses due to alleged toll violations even though he had an e-zpass. >> i was under the impression everything was in good standing. we had a credit card on auto pay. >> reporter: sobers and others say they were not notified about the violations until they were summoned to court. >> the driver only will enter the court process after a period of at least eight months, many notices to them there was an issue beforehand. >> reporter: that's how things are supposed to work, but what if they're not getting the invoices you say they are? >> customers are absolutely getting these notices. they are provided to them by the mail house provider, the invoice stage and again from the collections agency. >> reporter: you know you need an e-zpass to ride the express lanes. transurban says the root of most of these problems with people who have e-zpasss have to do with mounting them
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incorrectly or inch -- insufficient funds on their accounts. arizona has now become the first state in the nation to require high school students to pass a civics exam in order to graduate. north dakota's house of representatives passed a similar measure today. it's now headed to the state senate there. several other states are considering it. it would require students correctly answer at least 60 of the 100 questions on the civics portion of the u.s. citizenship test. how would you do on that exam? you can challenge yourself with some sample questions on our wusa9 news app. how about passing the parenting test? up next an open ended discussion on free range parenting. find out what your neighbors are saying about that local couple investigated for letting their kids walk the streets alone. >> cold tonight but nothing out of the ordinary. we'll show you low temperatures, mid-20s in the suburbs, maybe 24 in laytonsville, olney, 25 in sterling, 28 in bethesda and
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springfield. we'll come back, talk about a cold front tomorrow and sunday. we'll explain why we put a snowflake on the seven-day over the weekend. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein. targeted nutrition to feed your active life.
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ensure. take life in.
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breaking news, the medical examiner has ruled that carol glover, died from acute respiratory failure due to exposure to smoke and the manner of death is accidental. as we told you earlier, she will be laid to rest on monday. what a strong reaction we got from our exclusive report
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last night on the montgomery county couple under investigation for child neglect. they're being questioned because they let their 6 and 10- year-old kids walk around their neighborhood unaccompanied by an adult. andrea mccarren brings us a sample of what you've been saying on social media. >> they were trying to dig for basically something to pin the case on us. >> reporter: on social media hundred of you agreed. margaret bell posted, "they need to spend time on real neglect cases. that is why young kids end up dead, as they are not investigated." has it really come to this wondered lawrence albert on facebook? children can't walk around in their own neighborhoods anymore? several people did raise concerns for the children's safety and defended cps. donna lee duff wrote, "remember the lyons sisters? god rest their souls." added caroline friedly, "cps has such a tough job. they never get thanked for all
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the kids they saved, only berated for the ones that slip through the cracks." andrea mccarren, wusa9. quick look at your headlines if you're just getting home, the french president francois hollande is trying to calm his country in the wake of the terror attacks. >> the top al-qaeda commander calls the killing at charlie hebdo revenge for making fun of the prophet muhammad and victims of the newspaper attack are being laid to rest. the daughter of one slain cartoonist said they killed her father but not his ideas. president obama signed off a on a bill that would -- off on a bill that would allow people to take time off as paid sick leave. there were no people of color nominated for acting awards in the oscars
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announcements always watching always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. >> maybe a flake or two in the forecast on the seven-day? >> we do on sunday night. tomorrow's cold front goes through dry and a quiet finish to the week. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature today 42. that's exactly spot on average. right now it's 36. it's much colder in the suburbs now, of course. winds out of the southwest at 5. they will pick up a bit. by tomorrow morning they'll be 10 to 15 and by tomorrow afternoon they'll switch and become northwesterly. cold again tonight but little wind, bus stop temperatures 24 to 36. so the kids will need the full winter gear tomorrow morning. next cold front is friday afternoon and sunday afternoon. friday's is dry, sunday's not
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so much. pleasant friday, but breezy with the first front. we're talking about it not being as cold tomorrow, but factor in the winds it's going to feel about the same as today. 10:00 tonight want to walk the dog? temperatures around 30. low 30s downtown. by morning we're looking at temperatures in the upper 20s, 27 maybe in manassas, perhaps 28 down in la plata and also in gaithersburg and leesburg. then by 9:00 we go back in the low to mid-30s. notice the wind primarily out of the southwest. we go through the day. you'll see them turn a bit. by 1:00 they're more westerly and by the evening they'll become more northwesterly as the cold front rolls through and a little bit colder air will roll in tomorrow night and saturday, nothing crazy cold. by 6:00 tomorrow temps in the 30s. you have big plans friday night, it will require a winter coat. by 8:00 tomorrow temps in the low 30s, 29 in gaithersburg.
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wind, this is a forecast, too, these numbers represent possible wind gusts in miles per hour at that point in time. 8:00 in the morning we could see wind gusts up to 20, 25 mile-per-hour downtown, by 20 e winds gusting to 20 in frederick. by evening winds could still gust over 20 miles per hour as northwest winds kick in behind the cold front. tonight clear to partly cloudy skies, just cold, low temperatures 24 to 30 and winds southwest at 10. break it down. remember these are downtown temps, though. 30 at 7:00, 34 at 9:00 and we're above 40 by 11:00. that's good. 44 by 1 p.m. next three days again a bit colder behind the front saturday, but okay, 39 and not windy. probably dry going to church, but in the afternoon showers will develop pretty quickly, temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s. i just put an arrow there. they will fall during the day. that could turn some of that
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moisture into snow showers briefly sunday night. next seven days martin luther king day looks great, just cold, mid- to upper 30s by dry, 40 tuesday, at this point not a storm but a rain or snow shower possible and flurries possible wednesday, not a storm, temperatures upper 30s. next thursday about average, cold, temperatures near 40. escaping yosemite's 1/2- mile wall with only your hands and feet can take a toll. we'll hear from one of the climbers who completed the epic
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tonight we are hearing from the two climbers who pulled themselves up yosemite's granite wall known as el capitan. kevin jorgeson and tommy caldwell scaled the wall. they had safety ropes and that's about it. >> my hands are beat. i wake up every morning and i have to take 800-milligram of ibuprofen just to brush my teeth. >> no chance of being a hand model there, but the ordeal is not done yet. the climb versus to head back to yosemite tomorrow because they have to take back that equipment they left hanging on the side of the mountain, a lot
7:26 pm
of climbing gear. you got to clean up if you bring it in. >> they're going to make it a little easier i think to get that climbing gear down. >> i don't know how it could be easier. >> but you should always leave the place the way you found it. >> and not have climbing gear. the seven-day, mid-40s, front goes through dry, colder saturday. sunday upper, but temps will fall in the afternoon, showers developing shortly after noon. they could end briefly as snow shower, cold for martin luther king day and right now uneventful tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures around average, around either side of 40, a couple rain or snow showers possible tuesday, a couple flurries possible wednesday and dry on thursday. >> is it more conversational snow? >> maybe not even that. we'll see. >> not even conversational. >> i'm pulling for some conversational. >> we are going to get out of here. that's our broadcast. >> we'll be back at 11:00, everybody. make it a great night!
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[cheering] everything okay? we're here because you're about to have a heart attack. pete's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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was rosie perez just fired from "the view" after only four months. >> abc says not true. so what's the real story? >> no matter what you read, rosie perez is coming back. >> we were at today's taping and with the man who wrote the headline. >> they weren't ready to make an announcement. >> regardless of what you read in magazines as i did and went -- >> then oscars diversity deficit. we're with the nominees today. >> i was just -- wh>> y they got a nod and these stars didn't. >> the way you feel about all effort. >> plus we have bruce jenner after this cover came out. >> hey, bruce, have you seen the front cover? >> also dr. oz's new plan to lose weight. >> fast like really fast. >> on average over the course of two weeks people lost about nine pounds. >> and we're with steve harvey
7:30 pm
and early happy birthday. >> thank you. this is the greatest moment i've ever had. >> now, entertainment tonight. we love entertaining people. >> oscar oscar. the nominations are in. it's a huge day for the biggest stars in hollywood. >> some of the biggest stars. we will break down the good, the bad and the ugly of the nomination. >> the movie selma is nominated but i have to stay i am shocked david was not. he wasn't the only snub or surprise today either. >> "variety" is reporting that rosie perez is out. they say it's not so. today, "variety" is standing by its report. tonight, not so rosie view. >> no matter what you read anywhere, rosie perez is coming back after she is done rehearsing her play. >> the news has a history o


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