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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the lower 20s. this afternoon we'll head to near 40 degrees and we'll see sunshine today as well. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: headed east 066 this morning, you've got -- on 66 this morning, you've got a volume delay getting into manassas and centreville. really nothing out of the order father thrsm the crash was right at -- out of the ordinary there. the crash was right at the beltway. it's drawing a little attention. northbound 301-5 slower than normal getting out of brandywine through the signals there. police say they aren't working any accidents. just a heads up that everybody is back to work today. southeast washington, you're going to have to detour mlk jr. avenue remains closed between alabama avenue and malcolm x avenue. back you to, andrea, mike? >> thank you, beverly. traffic could be an issue in one section of northwest d.c. today. members of the group d.c. ferguson plan to shut down roads in the areas of k and 9th streets. >> they're protesting once again the deaths of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, and eric garner in new the protest is expected to begin at mount vernon square
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park. nikki burdine is there live with a preview of what's expected to get under way around 7:00. nikki? >> reporter: good morning. protesters in fact hope traffic will be an issue. and i've covered a lot of these in the past. today they say they hope to disrupt people's lives. that's really been the point of these protests all along because they said if they go somewhere where nobody will notice them, then nobody will notice them and no one will listen to them. these protesters are part of the d.c. ferguson movement. they will be out here starting in about an hour at 7:00 at mount vernon square. they'll be marching through the streets staging die-ins that we've seen. we've covered several of these, a few here at mount vernon square. this is video you're looking at right now of previous protests by the d.c. ferguson movement and these protesters say they don't care that they're inconveniencing people. they don't care they're making people late for work because they want you to pay attention. they're protesting the deaths of eric garner of new york and mike brown of ferguson.
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they're saying black lives matter. and specifically these protesters are asking for police in d.c. to stop these police jumpouts which this group calls racist policing. we'll be here all morning long once the protesters start to arrive and organize and keep you updated on their route. i'll be tweeting also along with these protesters. we'll keep you updated on their progress. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much, nikki, reporting live from the mount vernon square park area. new details are coming out this morning about an alleged terror plot planned for the u.s. capitol. the f.b.i. says christopher cornell of cincinnati, ohio, was caught and he -- as he was taking final steps to come to washington to try and execute his plan. they say he planned to kill employees and officers at the capitol. the plot, though, was filed outside an ohio gun range where cornell allegedly bought semiautomatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. >> when he came out the door,
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he would -- he was about halfway across here to where the cars are parked. by that time the agents had come across the parking lot and two agents were on top of him. >> the f.b.i. says cornell had real intent but investigators say the public was never in any danger. the search is on this morning for a gunman suspected of killing a man and wounding a girl in southeast d.c. it happened last night around 8:30 near martin luther king avenue and randall place. police found the man unconscious. he was later pronounced dead. the girl was conscious and was taken to the hospital. police are looking for a young male between the ages of 17 and 18. so far they have no motive for the shooting. three people are recovering from burns and cuts this morning after a gas explosion at a falls church shopping mall. an accidental blast blew out the windows of the princess diamonds jewelers at the mall. jackie lamb captured this cell phone video shortly after the blast. >> we saw a lot of smoke happening and people were just watching to see what happened.
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the doors were all blasted. >> investigators say the blast was caused by the improper use of poe pain and oxygen. on monday smoke filled a yellow line metro train at the l'enfant plaza station. one woman was killed and dozens more were injured. >> today the first lawsuit related to that tragedy is expected to be filed. delia goncalves joins us live now from l'enfant plaza with more on that. delia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. we can also tell you the victims have hired the same lawyer who represented families of two of the people who died during the 2009 red line metro crash. now, the family of carol glover, the woman who died on monday, say they are not placing blame until the result of the investigation comes out. we are learning more about why people were trapped for more than a half-hour inside the smoky train. the first call came in at 3:18 from a construction worker on the street seeing smoke coming from an underground vent.
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when firefighters responded they had to wait 13 minutes till metro assured them the electricity to that third rail was cut off. so bip the time they rescued folks, -- so by the time they rescued folks, it was 4:00, more than 45 minutes after the first call. >> imagine being trapped underground in a tunnel underground and being told you can't get out to get some air. >> reporter: congress is pushing the ntsb for an update by next week. back to you in the studio. >> delia goncalves reporting live from the l'enfant plaza metro station. the man who led the maryland state police department for the past four years is resigning. superintendent colonel mar you can brown says he's leaving to pursue other opportunities. there's no word on who larry hogan will appoint in his place. looks like pope francis will be making a stop here in washington, d.c. in september during his visit to the united states. the news comes as the pope
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finishes his philippines tour in manila. the pope is expected to stop in philadelphia, new york city, and as well as d.c. still no word on the exact dates in september. are we in for warmer weather? allyson rae will tell us right after the break. >> alsole ahead, we have the latest on the status of the u.s. astronauts at the international space station. they were evacuated from the american side. we'll tell you where they are now. wusa9 is back
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i'm meteorologist allyson rae. we're off to a good start. temperatures are below freezing so far a lot of spots 32 degrees. if you know you saw snow or even a little freezing rain yesterday, especially for southern maryland, parts of
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northern virginia, there could still be some slick spots but for most of us especially northwest of d.c., we're looking at a good day. temperatures are starting off in the 20s headed to near 40 this afternoon. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: we're looking at the ride on northbound virginia 95. volume delays, you know them heading north into stafford past the express lane hov entrance there north of 610. then the volume building dale city past the prince william parkway to get across the occoquan. only volume delays we're seeing in the main lanes. lanes open into springfield. southeast washington you have a detour in place till further notice with a police investigation in southeast closing martin luther king jr. avenue between alabama avenue and malcolm x avenue until further notice. i-270 the southbound crash we had at the 118 interchange, actually on 118 has been cleared. southbound volume just building as you head south of hyattstown to the truck scales. andrea, back to you. more copies of the satirical magazine charlie hebdo with the controversial cartoon depicting the positive fet mohamed on the cfer --
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prophet mohamed on the cover hit news stands. copies sold out yesterday. in the wake of the attacks, president obama and british prime minister david cameron have released a joint op-ed publicked in today's times of london. the two leaders are plehning to stand together and say violence won't muzzle free speech and expression. federal safety investigators will be back on the scene of a deadly bus crash in west texas this morning. ten people were killed when a prison bus slid off an icy overpass and crashed into a freight train. five others were seriously hurt. eight inmates were among those killed. the family of one crash victim says their father was going to be released from prison soon. >> he'd been talking about it for the last few weeks. he was about to get out. we were kind of exited to see him. >> two corrections officers, including the driver, were also killed. some frightening moments
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aboard the international space station. nasa is still trying to figure out what triggered an alarm indicating a possible ammonia leak. two american astronauts and their italian colleague were evacuated and they went to the russian quarters as a precaution. >> getting ammonia into the atmosphere of the station would be a very dangerous situation if that actually happened. you can't just open the windows and air the place out. >> that's the truth. nasa expects a faulty computer sensor triggered the alarm. the space agency says the astronauts were never in any danger. it is 6:11. time to look again at our question of the morning. nearly all of us have worn this item but less than 10% have bought it. is it a, a cowboy hat, b, 3d glasses or c, bowling shoes? >> our facebook friend latoya marlene is focusing on one answer. she says b, 3d glasses. what do you think? we'll have the correct answer
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welcome back. 6:14. time to run through what is in the news right now. top of the list, request denied in the trial of alleged boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. his lawyers called for a delay in jury selection in the wake of last week's terror attacks in france arguing the boston bombings have been placed at the center of a quote, grim
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global drama. the u.s. district court judge denied that request officially yesterday. meanwhile a driver for the ride sharing service uber has been charged with kidnapping and s.e.c.ually assaulting a passenger in chicago back on july 31. it's the second case in two weeks involving a driver charged with assaulting an uber passenger in chicago. the company spokesperson says the company has removed the driver from its platform and is assisting in the investigation. a member of the indianapolis colts is no longer preparing to face the new england patriots. he could instead are looking at prison time. linebacker josh mcfary has been -- mcnary has been charged with one coin of rain and bat -- count of rain and -- rape and battery. six people went in complaining of fever and a rash in california. california is facing its worst measles outbreak in 15 years. turning our attention to
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virginia. a bill to add sexual orientation to the definition of sex criemtion is now dead. -- crimes is now dead [ inaudible ] the current law is limited to race, religion and ethnic origin. virginia governor terry mcauliffe also announced the new metro station is one step closer to construction in alexandria. the city has been awarded a $50 million loan towards that end to build a station for metro's yellow and blue lines between the braddock road and reagan airport stations. finally the goal is to again, mike, andrea, to have the station up and running by 2018 we're told. >> let's hope so. >> that or the silver spring transit center. >> one will happen sooner or later. at least we're not facing precipitation and yesterday we gave a chance for everything to dry out. not much ice left over.
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>> a lot of places did dry out. we did see a dusting for a lot of places. >> st. mary's? >> st. mary's got a lot, culpeper. those areas, watch out for slick spots. we will see things warm up and melt. high pressure is moving on in so this is good. let's take a look at our michael & son camera. 32 degrees. a lot of spots are still below freezing so again those slick spots for those areas that did see more of the precipitation yesterday. cloudy skies. not for long. we are going to see some sunshine this afternoon and the sunshine is going to stick around for the most part for friday and saturday. we are going to see some clouds with that but hey, it's more sun than we've seen in a whie. you can see a break in the clouds all the way to the shenandoah valley. cloudy for now but we will see the sun for this afternoon. temperatures still into the 20s. where we did see some of the snow yesterday and freezing rain, we're still below freezing. 30 degrees for andrews. 29 for la plata. 23 for frederick and baltimore 27 degrees. here comes the sunshine for
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this afternoon. for friday even warmer. we'll get to the mid-40s. it's not too warm but it's going to be nice. a little breezy as well. saturday we get a little dose of cool air headed your way. back down to 40 but it's going to be nicer of the weekend days. 38 to 42 today. morning clouds followed by sunshine. and we'll stay with the sunshine for saturday as well all ahead of some rain headed your way for sunday evening and we'll follow that with a blusy martin ruth -- blustery martin luther king day. >> reporter: we had the accident at the interchange in germantown completely cleared. sky 9 has been looking at the trip further south, the i-270 spur heading into bah these today, joining the outer loop of the beltway on the southbound side. volume delay. lanes are open along the 270 corridor. eastbound lanes of 66 trying to make your way in toward manassas, you've got lanes open but the slow merge there past business 234 and getting into centreville. the earlier accident right at the beltway never blocked any lanes.
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it is gone. virginia 95 a new crash at 610 aquia right near the entrance to the express lanes. hov lanes. beltway near andrews route 5 moving well in southeast washington. you still got a detour, the closure mlk jr. avenue it alabama avenue and malcolm x. that's until further notice. thanks for joining this morning. wusa9 news, weather and traffic continues here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'. has helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car truck or suv fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do.
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welcome back to wusa9 this morning. time now 6:22. here are some of the things you may have missed in the news. five men being held at guantanamo bay are free this morning after more than a dozen years in captivity. all five are from yemen. one has been sent to estonia. this is the first time either country has agreed to accept former guantanamo prisoners for a resettlement [ inaudible ] four assistant directors of the secret service are being forced to retire. this housecleaning comes as a series of embarrassments for the agency. last year agents were disciplined for hiring prostitutes prior to a presidential trip to colombia, they failtd to detect gunshots fierdz at the white house at -- fired at the white house at one point and the infamous fence jumper who made it into the white house last fall.
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[indiscernible] the house passed the measure yesterday. this bill is expected to face strong opposition in the senate and president obama is already threatening to veto the measure. the number of houses repossessed by banks has dropped dramatically. a foreclosure tracker says there was a drop of 29% last year. a healthier housing market and economy are credited for the decline. home repossessions are down 69% from their peak of more than a million five years ago. maryland's general assembly opened its new session with a record number of new faces and a lot of new challenges ahead. >> reporter pat warren was in annapolis for the swearing in. [ swearing in ] >> reporter: about a third of the house and a quarter of the senate are new to the general assembly and so is the
6:24 am
governor. they made a symbolic transfer of office/power. >> some of the challenges that face us are great, but so is our resolve to fix them. and the only way that we're going to solve the serious problems facing our state is if we do so in a bipartisan fashion. >> reporter: for the heads of local government, the challenge will be to stay off the chopping block as the process of eliminating a $750 million deficit unfolds. >> we're really in a protective mode. we want to protect our flank. we want to make sure as the governor-elect considers budget cuts, that he's not simply passing the ob gaigs to the counties -- obligations to the counties. >> reporter: already some long- time lawmakers are paying -- playing down the threat of budget cuts. >> overselling it to the people is a mistake. >> reporter: there's plenty of time to see how that plays out. today everybody plays nice.
6:25 am
>> the opening of maryland's general assembly session comes one week before the new governor larry hogan is scheduled to be sworn into office. of course that will be next week. education is at the top of the agenda for virginia governor terry mcauliffe. during his state of the commonwealth address he said he wanted to reform state testing requirements and expand the breakfast program for needy children. the governor is also putting a high priority on ethics he says in the wake of the conviction of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. this morning at the white house, there is a new push for paid sick days and paid family leave. president obama is calling on congress to pass the healthy families act. it would allow millions of americans to earn up to seven days per year of paid sick time. the institute for women's policy research says more than 40% of private sector workers in the u.s. do not get paid sick days. a nonpartisan group says more americans have health insurance since obama care was instituted. what's more, a new survey finds
6:26 am
the number of people struggling with medical costs has dropped from 41% to 35%. the survey comes from the commonwealth fund. it is a private foundation dedicated to expanding health insurance coverage. two free climbers are on top of the world this morning. kevin major beganson and tommy caldwell completed their assent to yosemite's elcapitan. that peak is a half mile high. they used only their hands and feet in the climb. it took seven years of planning and 19 days to complete their dream. the president tweeted the pair saying, quote, anything is possible. 6:26. a look outside, cold air will greet all of us today when step outside. but at least we don't have to worry about rain, ice or snow. >> allyson rae is live on the weather terrace with a look at forecast. we are starting off cloudy and killed. but we are going to see
6:27 am
sunshine. we're not looking at any more precipitation. there is a couple of slick spots out there, especially the secondary roads that did see some snow and a little bit of freezing rain yesterday through southern maryland and parts of northern virginia. so take note of that for your morning commute. 32 degrees. just a little on the chilly side. we're starting off into the 20s. germantown you're at 28 degrees. dulles, you're at 28. we're headed to near 40 today. yeah, we'll see some sunshine. back to you. >> thanks, allyson. traffic could be an fish one section of north -- an issue in one section of northwest d.c. later today. members. the group d.c. ferguson plan to shut down roads in the areas of k and 9th streets. they're once again protesting the deaths of michael brown in ferguson, missouri and eric garner in new york city. the group is gathering at mount vernon square park in about half an hour from now. nikki burdine is there live with a preview of what's to come. nikki has covered these before. these can be disruptive. >> reporter: i've covered a lot of these protests and thee
6:28 am
protesters tell me that is the point, to be disruptive, to disrupt people's daily lives. the last time we covered a movement, i asked if they felt bad making people late for work. today's protests will start in about half an hour. the d.c. movement was formed to protest the death of michael brown in ferguson and then eric garner in new york. they're asking for the demilitarization of police. these protesters have actually had petitions signed. they're asking for d.c. police to stop these so-called police jumpouts which this group calls racist policing. the take television actually has about 2 -- the petition actually has about 2,000 signatures signed. in the the paps we've seen a couple of -- past we've seen a couple of drivers really get angry. there have been shouting
6:29 am
matches saying why are you interrupting my life. the protesters say that's part of it. if they went to a park where nobody would notice them, then nobody would notice them. that's what we expect to happen here today at 7:00 when protesters will gather here at mount vernon park. we don't know if they'll be matching or staging the die-ins but we'll be here tweeting along with the protesters and giving you updates on traffic. if you're drive to work, beware because it could cause quite a disruption. back to you in the studio. we want to take things over to beverly farmer. >> she has other issues that you may be facing when you hit the roads this morning. beverly? >> absolutely. good morning. northbound virginia 95, the volume out of fredricksburg and through stafford towards 610. that's where they've got a crash moved over to the shoulder there. no lanes blocked. then the volume delays heading into woodbridge, making your way across the occoquan. more heavy traffic into springfield. eastern avenue, kenilworth avenue, the trip out of cheverly south, building volume to make your way southeast with lanes open.
6:30 am
southeast detour closing martin luther king, jr. avenue between malcolm x and alabama avenue for the police investigation. sky 9 checking out the ride on southbound 270, the 270 spur getting down to the tacapil beltway. volume delay there but no current incidents down toward the beltway. andrea, mike, back to you. >> thank you action beverly. real time traffic is available right on your cell phone. the wusa9 app can let you know when the streets try to -- start to clog up near k and 9th. >> any other traffic hangups that you might find any other day. this morning the first lawsuit related to the smoke- filled metro train problem from earlier this week is expected to be filed. >> dozens of people were injured and one woman died when smoke filled a yellow line train at the l'enfant plaza metro station. delia goncalves is live outside that station this morning with a preview of what these lawsuits are all about. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. we can tell you that the victims of this incident are hiring the same attorney who represented families of the two
6:31 am
people who died in a redline metro crash. we are expecting to hear from them a little later this nd 11:30. now, i can tell you that the family of 61-year-old carol glover, the woman who died here monday, well, they're not joining that lawsuit right now. they say they are waiting for the results of the investigation first. but here's a timeline of events. the first call came in at 3:18 from a construction worker on the street. he happened to see smoke coming up from an underground vent. metro finally called four minutes later. but listen to this. when firefighters responded, they had to wait 13 minutes until metro cleared them into the tunnel and told them that electricity was cut off to that third rail. so by the time firefighters made their rescue, it was 4:00. that was almost 45 minutes after the first call. now, ntsb investigators say they will take a look at that communication chain and the miscommunication that occurred between agencies. they say it will likely take up
6:32 am
to a year for this investigation to wrap up, but congress is asking for an update by next week. back you to in the studio. >> all right, delia, thank you. one maryland lawmaker plans to introduce a right to die bill similar to laws already on the books in oregon, washington and vermont. state senator ron young wants maryland doctors to be able to describe lethal doses of medications to the terminally ill. the frederick news post reports young's bill was crafted by compassion and choices, a nonprofit specializing in patient rights and end of life options. a similar measure is also before the d.c. council. council members mary cheh introduced the death with dignity act. the measure would allow terminally ill patients to request a life ending med caight. cheh says providing patients with this option is in her words a source of great comfort. there are new concerns this morning about finding shelter for area families in frigid
6:33 am
weather. wnew reports the district's largest homeless shelter for families is already at capacity. 232 families are link at the d.c. general family shelter right now. another 329 families are being housed at other facilities and area hotels. a maryland han is in custody this morning -- man is in custody this morning accused of assaulting a mother and her child. it happen fundamental la plata. james -- it happened in la plata. james lee got into a car and asked them to drive him to the charles county sheriff's office. he told a neighbor he was on pcp and someone was trying to kill him. later investigators say lee began to assault the woman's 2- year-old daughter in the back seat. the mother wasle attacked when she tried to intervene. the child is in the hospital with injuries to her eyes and face. the mother was treated and released. 6:33 now. cities across the country are paying out millions years after occupy movements started and thousands of people were arrested. in oakland, california, for instance, the latest $1.3
6:34 am
million settlement is being paid to protesters who claim they were illegally rounded up and detained for days. >> they did not give the people they arrested an opportunity to leave and they were kept for as long as three and a half days. >> the protests cost the city of oakland about $2.5 million just in police overtime. that is separate from these lawsuits. after more than # 0 years of being -- 80 years of being on public display, the spirit of st. louis is coming down. the air and space museum plans to lower the plane piloted across the atlantic. the public will be able to see the staff work on the plane. they will remove varnish from the forward panels in attempts to restore them to their original silver looking appearance. >> that's almost better than seeing it up hoisted in the air watching what's happening there. at 6:35, we want to congratulate our facebook fan of the day. today's winner is julie houk from falls church. julie says for many years now i
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started and ended each day with wusa. even on the weekends. i love that you all cover the news and local issues that are important to me and last week i celebrated my big 50th so i could sure use a spa day to make me feel special. thanks for all that you guys do. >> you make 50 look great, julie. congratulations. $90 gift card coming your way to the hand and stone massage and facial spa. if you at home would like to become the next facebook fan of the day, it's very easy. just go to our facebook fan page and fill
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. it's about 20 minutes to 7:00. we're looking at cloudy skies for now. you see the clearing of the skies back through the shenandoah valley. that's headed our way for this afternoon. 32 degrees. watch out for any slick spots through areas that did see snow yesterday. areas north and west, we are okay into the upper 20s headed to near 40 this afternoon. let's go to beverly with traffic. headed along the gw parkway, there's word of a truck stopped in the roadway southbound gw parkway before you get to memorial bridge. any truck of any significant
6:39 am
height is too tall for the bridge not to mention not allowed on the gw parkway. southeast you have a detour closing martin luther king jr. avenue between alabama avenue and malcolm x for the police investigation. the trip on the outer loop of the beltway west into the volume delays. mike and andrea, back to you. anything but affordable, that's what many of you are saying about the recent rise in health insurance premiums and deductibles. >> one reporter went inside three clinics where people are turning up just out of sheer disration. >> reporter: one woman told kathy brown the new rates under the affordable care act ironically were keeping her from going to the doctor. >> her deductible went from less than $3,000 up over $5700 and her -- $7500 and her medications went over to $400 a month. she said i can't do it. she was sobbing. it's very sad. the stories just break your heart. >> reporter: the perception is now with the affordable care
6:40 am
act, free clinics like health rite are not needed as much. >> our numbers are climbing dramatically. >> reporter: in two days they took 20 calls from patients who want to come back to health rite. >> they actually come in, in tears because their medications are going to be $400 when they're used to receiving them here for $2 a prescription. so they're coming in frantic in tears and not really knowing what to do. >> reporter: they say these are koch indicated patients. many -- complicated patients. many have chronic problems, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. >> some of the meld indications, your diabetes medications, your heart medications, things that you can't go without can hit in the thousands of dollars. >> reporter: as the west virginia state of the state message draws near, brown dreads hearing about budget cuts. >> my big message is please don't cut free clinics. we need our line item to stay solid or increase but definitely not cut. >> reporter: they say they're
6:41 am
not going anywhere. >> oh, no, no. we're here to stay, yes. >> during his state of the state address, west virginia governor tomlin proposed a -- [ inaudible ] , $39 million less than the current budget. there's no word if that's going to affect free clinics in the state or not. driverless cars begin this look at your money. >> nick giovanni joins us live from the newsroom with those stories and more. good morning, nick. >> reporter: mike, andrea, an i.r.s. watchdog reports the agency is in fact cutting back on taxpayer services, a move that could make filing a federal tax return more complicated and certainly more time consuming. the national taxpayer advocate nina olson warned congress this could lead to taxpayers making costly errors without guidance from the i.r.s. the agency setz the budget cuts mean only half of the people who call can actually get through. callers could be facing wait times of 30 minutes or longer. could caesars empire be
6:42 am
crumbling? not over brutus but bankruptcy potentially. they filed for protection yesterday in chicago hoping the courts agree to its plan to get out from under $18.4 billion of debt. for now caesars entertainment operating company says the doors to its casinos will remain open as they navigate payment to their creditors. meanwhile the university of michigan is about to serve as the testing site for driverless cars. set to navigate a simulated city on campus called m city. it's being designed and built in coordination with the michigan depa of transportation. the goal is to test these vehicles on the streets of the simulated city obviously before they hit the actual road. it could get a little dicey. >> that's really strange. >> thank you, nick. at 6:43, eight time to answer our question -- it's time to answer our question of the morning. nearly all of us have worn this
6:43 am
item but less than 10% of us have bought it. is it a, a cowboy hat, b, 3d glasses or c, bowling shoes? >> i want all thee of them. time to go shop -- three of them. time to go shopping. but the answer is c, bowling shoes. we'll
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ forget the stage ♪ ♪ doesn't matter how tall ♪ ♪ i do it all for the love of the game. ♪ geico, proud partner of the nhl.
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6:46. time on see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. good morning, charlie. >> good morning. we're inside the capitol with a closer look at how the f.b.i. uncovered a plot to blow up that building. plus, kevin jorgeson and caldwell join us. and letters and sketches from jackie onassis she sent to some of her favorite designers. all that and more. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> cannot wait to hear about the climbers from their own lips. that's going to be an amazing
6:47 am
story. >> i can't either. how they did it. >> yes, thank you. we'll be watching. weather time now 6:47. we're right near the freezing mark, still. >> we're probably the warmest spot around the region. a lot of places still in the 20s. it's still chilly out there. it's mid-december -- january. oh, my gosh. we're going closer to spring. we're only about 64 days away from spring so that's something to look forward to we are going to see sunshine this afternoon. one thing to note, watch out for smick spots if you -- slick spots if you did see snow yesterday. most places north of the district are okay. here's something to look forward to also through the shenandoah valley we have some clear skies. that's headed our way this afternoon. so we're going to start off cloudy and cold. we're still going to be somewhat thily for -- chilly for today, tomorrow and into saturday but temperatures are not near freezing. we'll finally reach near 40 degrees for this afternoon. clouds to start and sunshine to end. temperatures across the area, see, we are one of the warmer spots on the map.
6:48 am
fredricksburg 32. 30 for andrews. 28 for la plata. this is the region through st. mary's county, calvert county, watch out for the slick spots and even over to culpeper where you did see an inch of snow also. temperatures today reaching near 40. that's near average. we're still into the 30s for some spots. gaithersburg, leesburg in the upper 30s. we'll see sunshine, though. good things are coming. high pressure rolls on in. tonight we'll be chippy but -- chilly but near average. for friday we get warmer. it's not going to be balmy but it probably will feel that way compared to how it has been. we'll see sunshine and breezy conditions. temperatures reach the mid-40s. by saturday back down to 40. it's not a blast of cold air, just a little dose of cold air but on sunday we'll be rather50 degrees. but then rain arrives. saturday looks like the day to be outside. 38 to 42 today. morning clouds followed by some sunshine. we'll get to 44 for tomorrow. 41 for sunday or saturday, excuse me. by sunday, yeah, it's going to be rather warm but the clouds roll on in and then the
6:49 am
temperature starts to fall with the rain headed your way. as the last bit of rain pushes out, the temperatures will be cold enough that we could see a few flakes calm. martin luther king day looks blustery as well. let go over to beverly with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: sky 9 has been checking out the ride 066 eastbound. we had the volume delays for manassas trying to make your way into centreville, fair oaks toward vienna inside the beltway the loadup we see inside the beltway through falls church. that volume delay only. no incidents or accidents to report. virginia 95 volume for you. on to 395 heading up past edsall, landmark with lanes open to the 14th street bridge. inbound lanes of 50 in cheverly, your slowdowns right near 202. the bw parkway is slow out of cheverly past the hospital to make it to kenilworth, d.c. 295. southeast still closed. martin luther king junior avenue shut down between alabama avenue and malcolm x avenue. the ongoing shooting investigation, police investigation of that shooting. thanks for joining wusa9 this friday eve morning. we'll be right
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
police in paris say there may have been a fourth person directly involved in the paris attacks. >> new clues are surfacing in this investigation. >> reporter: french investigators continue connecting the dots between the three gunmen behind last week's deadly attacks in paris. sheriff and said kouachi killed 17 people. now according to a published report in france, investigators
6:53 am
suspect there may have been a fourth attacker. wednesday in a video al qaeda and the arabian peninsula claimed responsibility for the massacre at the satirical newspaper sharly hebdo saying -- charlie hebdo saying the paper lamb poonled the -- lap pooned the prophet. as investigators dig into the attacks, people in france still want to get their hands on the latest issue charlie hebdo. after selling out of 700,000 copies yesterday, more issues hit stores today. >> as a citizen i wanted to buy this magazine. >> reporter: in a joint op-ed piece in today's times of london the british prime minister and president obama said they will not be bullied writing, we have made clear to those who think they can muzzle freedom of speech and expression with violence that
6:54 am
our voice will only grow louder. don champion for cbs news, new york. >> investigators believe as many as six members of that same terror cell the gunmen were a part of may still be at large. an ohio man is facing federal charges after allegedly plotting a terror attack on the u.s. capitol. 20 years christopher cornell was arrested yesterday after he purchased two semiautomatic rifles and several hundred rounds of ammunition. the f.b.i. says he planned to use them to kill government officials and an informant tipped off the f.b.i. about his plans this past summer. the second phase of jury selection in the boston marathon bombing trial begins today. the judge will twin individually questioning about 40 prospective jurors until there are enough people to move to the final phase of jury selection. last week more than 1300 people filled out lengthy juror questionnaires and many are expected to be excused. today vice president joe biden and secretary of energy
6:55 am
ernest muniz will discuss cybersecurity careers at northwest university. their visit to the campus comes days after the president committed $25 million in grants to be invested in cybersecurity education at historically black colleges and universities. norfolk state is mopping the schools receiving the money from those grants. today the president renew his push for a nationwide paid family leave policy. the president will call on congress to pass legislation to let workers earn up to seven paid sick days each year. he's also expected to urge states to pass similar laws. >> mr. obama will also take steps to roy federal workers with at least -- to provide federal workers for at least six weeks of paid sick leave for the arrival after new child. he wants congress to do the same for its employees. >> here's a look at your seven- day forecast. this morning it's still cold out there. watch out for slick spots for areas that did see snow yesterday. most areas just saw a dusting especially to the north and
6:56 am
west we're okay. we'll see temperatures near 40 this afternoon. any snow up there will finally melt away. tonight will be cool but that's average. then by friday we're going to get up to 44 degrees. lots of sunshine and breezy. a little bit of a warm-up. all right. now saturday a slight cooldown, down to 41. sunday we will see warm temperatures but we are going to see rain head your way. if you want to be outside this weekend, saturday is your day. a lot of people on monday honoring martin luther king day. it's going to be blustery. as the last bit of rain push tz out, we -- pushes out, we could see a few flakes south. >> reporter: southbound leaving 50 toward the memorial bridge, a truck stuck in the right lane. park police trying to deal with that. 270 south just the volume heading south into hyattstown. more delays into germantown with lanes open. southeast washington you still have to detour around the police investigation. martin luther king jr. avenue still closed between malcolm x and alabama avenue. we'll keep an eye, too, on that situation in north west where nikki has been this morning. back to you. >> thanks, beverly.
6:57 am
cbs this morning is next. a dinner date to remember. meet the woman accepting applications for a seat next to her at the best restaurant in the world. >> that's pretty interesting. will your favorite stars be selected? the oscar nominations are live from los angeles this morning. >> beverly and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, just use the wusa9 app. >> allyson and i will see you again today at noon. so hope you join us then. have a great day. >> see you back here here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'. just tell us your budget and the "name your price" tool helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like
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good morning. it is thursday january 15th 2015. weelcom to "cbs this morning." new dlsetai about the ohio man accused of plotting to blow up the united states capitol in the name of isis. plummeting oil prices and crushing sanctions. see how russia's devastated economy is affecting everything from u.s. real estate to the brooklyn nets. and everybody said it could not be dub. we'll talk live with the climbers who reached the top of yosemite yosemite, the top of the mountain.


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