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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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an alleged plot to pipe bomb the capitol and kill lawmakers is thwarted by the fbi. >> reporter: she was an fbi and she will be missed says the family of carol glover. tonight they talked to us about glover, about the way she died and about those who tried to help her. >> still cold overnight into the money, when temps finally get above freezing. we'll -- the morning, when temps finally get above freezing. we'll look ahead towards monday. >> the terror plot close to
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home. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. the man under arrest for allegedly plotting a terror attack on the u.s. capitol. the suspect is a sympathizer with the islamic terrorist group isis. >> jims onman is live on capital -- jim osman is live on capitol hill with more on how the agents learned of his plot. >> reporter: here's the criminal complaint, seven pages in all we went through tonight and what we found is quite alarming. 20-year-old christopher cornell, the alleged plotter to pipe bombing the capitol and kill lawmakers, never made it out of ohio. >> when he came out the door, he was about halfway across here to where the cars are parked. by that time the agents had come across the parking lot and two agents were on top of him, two or three. >> reporter: cornell had exited a gun shop buying ammunition when the fbi apprehended him. the governor alleges cornell crafted an isis inspired plot. >> in a lot of these cases where a sting is used, you look at the perpetrator and they look like a juan in bee.
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that's probably -- a wannabe. that's probably, that. , true. >> reporter: -- that's probably, in fact, true. >> reporter: wusa9 news was told the feds were right to take cornell seriously. martin steen ross reviewed the criminal complaint against cornell, as did wusa9 news. a picture is emerging tonight of a young man who allegedly went to great lengths to garner assistance. >> he made clear he was a sympathizer of the islamic state. he'd reached out to people in the middle east to try to get sanctions for his attack. he reported that he was unable to do so but he wanted to strike anyway. >> reporter: the suspect's father says his son's newfound faith had been a mystery. >> we never talked too much about faith until like the last couple of weeks he finally started opening up. >> reporter: now the fbi became aware of the suspect through social media. the suspect intended to come to d.c., bought 600 rounds of ammunition and that's when he was arrested. reporting live from the capitol
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jim osman, wusa9 news. a commuter alert for you rush hour drivers tomorrow morning in d.c. be prepared for protesters. members of the group d.c. ferguson say they plan to shut down downtown d.c. to protest the deaths of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, and eric garner in new york. here's video from a similar protest last month. the group will gather tomorrow at 7 a.m. in mount vernon square park and protests will take place on what would have been martin luther king, jr.'s 86th birthday. pope francis is on his way to the philippines tonight, but later this year he'll be here in washington. a person in the position to know about the pope's trip to the u.s. this september confirms he will, in fact, make a stop here in washington. the pope will visit three cities in the u.s., philadelphia, which has been announced already, but he's also expected to make stops in d.c. and new york city, no word on the exact dates yet. a maryland man is accused of assaulting a mother and her
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child, urge arrest tonight 27- year-old james lee. la plata police say monday lee got into a neighbor's car and asked her to drive him to the charles county sheriff's office claiming he was on pcp and that somebody was trying to kill him. according to investigators, while on the way to the sheriff's office lee began to assault the woman's 2-year-old daughter in the back seat. when the girl's mother tried to intervene, he attacked her, too. several citizens saw what was going on and held lee down until an officer could get there. the little girl is hospitalized with injuries to her eyes and her face. the mother was treated and released. a son of the late marion barry is under investigation for an incident at a bank. according to a police report, barry got into an argument and threatened a worker at the bank in northwest d.c. yesterday. he picked up a trash can and launched it into a surveillance camera witnesses say. turns out this is not barry's first run-in with the law. he's had charges for drug possession and driving under
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the influence. earlier this month he filed paperwork to run for his father's old city council seat. passengers are expected to file a lawsuit against wmata who suffered injuries and there's only speculation how smoke spiraled out of control and dozens were sent to hospitals. one person was killed. the ntsb will brief congress on its investigation next week and a more detailed report will come in 30 days. a 2010 draft of metro's protocol for smoke in the tunnels calls for operators to back up to the nearest station, if they can, and shut off the ventilation and drive through the smoke if they have to. the train's operator says he could not full forward until another train cleared the l'enfant station. tonight we spoke with the family of carroll glover, the alexandria woman who died when the metro car she was in filled with smoke. >> mola lenghi, how is the family holding up? >> obviously a devastating time from the family, but they're holding up surprisingly well as they wait to learn exactly what happened.
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tracy inman thought the world of his big sister. >> carol was an amazing person, a great sister, a great role model for me and my entire family. she was sweet. she was generous, kind, funny. smart. i always looked up to her like wow, that's my sister. she's so smart and, you know, i hope i can be smart like she is one day. >> reporter: his sister carol glover died monday stuck in a smoke filled metro car. >> she was like family. >> reporter: clifford andrews worked with glover. he says while she was a stellar system analyst, the 2014 employee of the year, it's carol glover the person he'll remember. >> she had a stellar smile, very energetic, one that always tried to find ways of doing thing better. >> reporter: glover was one of four children. they grew up in northeast d.c. in the shadow of rfk stadium. they was a studious child.
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>> her first day of kindergarten she took two books to school with her, the world book encyclopedia and dr. seuss. she was so excited about learning and reading. >> reporter: she was the mother of two sons including a u.s. marine and recently became a grandmother. >> a doting grandmother like you can't imagine. she really loved having grandkids. >> reporter: all that cut far too short after her untimely death at age 61. while many have been critical of the fact that passengers including glover were stuck on a smoke filled metro car nearly an hour, the inmans are not rushing to judgment waiting on the investigation. >> it's hard for me to really say what they should have done or shouldn't have done. >> reporter: what is easy for inman is appreciate is what other passengers did for his sister trying to render cpr as she struggled to survive. >> it's been really a blessing for us and a great comfort for us to know that somebody was there to help her, that she wasn't just lying there on the floor dying in solitude. that in itself makes everyone
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in this family feel so much better about the circumstances. >> glover's p.m. family and -- family and church have set up a gofundme page and a link to the services. it's on the wusa9 app. >> strong family. >> a tough time. fire investigators confirmed tonight a gas explosion at the eden center at falls church was accidental. the blast blew out windows at the popular vietnamese shopping mall. three people were taken to the hospital with cuts. jackie lam captured this cell phone video shortly after the explosion. >> saw a lot of smoke, watching to see what happened. the doors were all blasted. >> the power of the explosion could be felt at a nearby high rise. the eden center senior manager says one of the people squirreled is the store owner's daughter -- injured is the store owner's daughter.
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damage is estimated at $1 million. in the wake of the now discredited rolling stone's story about an alleged gang rape at university of virginia governor terry mcauliffe wants to develop a unified sexual misconduct policy for the universities by this summer. it was one of the proposals laid out tonight in the annual state of the commonwealth address. >> i'm also proposing that virginia public houses in university place a notation on academic transcripts in cases where a student is dismissed from that institution for violation of the school's sexual misconduct policy, student code of conduct or the university's honor code. >> the governor is also calling for tighter ethics laws for state officials and building a new state economy less reliant on federal spending. president obama is renewing his push for paid family leave. tomorrow the president will call on congress to pass legislation to let workers earn up to seven paid sick days a
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year and he'll urge states to pass similar laws. the president will take steps to provide federal workers with at least six weeks of paid sick leave for the arrival of a new child and wants congress to do the same for its employees. the white house and capitol are one step closer to a confrontation over immigration tonight. congress approved a $40 billion bill funding the department of homeland security. however, house republicans attached a series of amendments reversing president obama's immigration action late last year. funding for the department expires february 27th and president obama promises to veto the house bill if it gets to his desk. susan page talked to maryland democrat chris van holland who said dhs ought not be used as leverage in the battle over immigration. >> we should be focused on making sure the did not of homeland security gets the re-- department of homeland security gets the resources it needs especially after the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in
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paris. instead it's being used as a political football to deal with immigration reform debates. >> for more interviews with top politicians on capitol hill and across this nation watch susan page and myself on capitol download sunday 8:30 a.m. february 1st on wusa9. coming up they stay open and catch heat. they close and come under fire. >> still ahead the summit of two climbing careers. >> a local family outraged that it's being investigated for neglect, why their parenting is questioned coming up. >> still pretty cold out here and mostly cloudy. wakeup weather, need a heavy coat, 24 to 32 at 5:00, low 20s to 30 at 7:00. bus stop temperatures low 20s to mid-30s but no wind. we're tracking
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only on 9 tonight a montgomery county couple says it's surreal they're being investigated for child neglect. they say it's an invasion of their privacy and infringes on their rights as parents. danielle and sasha meitiv say their children are mature and responsible.
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they allow their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter to walk to the library, store and local playgrounds within a mile of their home. twice anonhave alerted police and child protective services who visited the family's home and interviewed the kids at school. >> they're very proud of their independence. they understand they need to hold hands when they cross the street, need to look both ways, make sure the light is with them and they also know that actually strangers can help if they're in danger. >> child protective services could not address the specific case. they did point to maryland law which defines child neglect as failure to provide proper care and supervision of a child. this story has sparked debate on our wusa9 facebook page. virginia saunders writes in today's day it is definitely neglect. have they not been listening, reading the news? what is wrong with these people? navida questions how is this different than kids that walk to and from school every day?
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sally says i think they are ignorant of what could possibly happen to their babies. as a mom, i don't know if i would do that, but when i was growing up we used to walk to school. >> you're torn between you want to keep them safe but how it was when you were coming up. >> it's been a long time for me. two free climbers have reached the summit of yosemite's el capitan. >> 400 hours spent just clinging to the side of this rock and bigad shaban reports the two men are now safe and in the record books. >> reporter: free climber kevin jorgeson popped open a bottle of champagne at the summit of el capitan to share with his climbing partner tommy caldwell. the two men looked like tiny dots as they made history 3,000 feet above yosemite national park. jorgeson and caldwell spent 19 days scaling the all granite slab. they're the first ever to free climb this nearly flat section known as the dawn wall.
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they pulled themselves up the 1/2-mile rock using just their fingers and toes. safety ropes were only there to catch them in case of a fall. the men set up hanging camps so they could sleep and fully equipped climbs are brought them food and water. caldwell's wife and young son watched from below. >> he's so seasoned in this climbing. he functions amazing up there, better than on ground half the time. >> reporter: president obama tweeted congratulations saying, "you remind us that anything is possible." the two men spent seven years training and planning for the climb but hope to spend the next few days celebrating on solid ground. >> never go to vegas. you'll use up all of your luck, guys. a major scare for a busload of middle school students. their bus ended up on its side this afternoon on a two-lane road in gastonia, north carolina.
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the highway patrol said a compartment door above the driver fell open. that distracted the driver. when he tried to close it, the bus swerved and overturned. there were 45 students on the bus, 15 hospitalized, but no serious injuries. 10 people were killed when a prison bus collided with a train in west texas. that bus was carrying a dozen prisoners and three connections officers when it slid off an icy overpass right into the path of the moving train. eight prisoners and two guards including the driver were killed. four others are in critical condition. the ntsb is looking into it. just why did fairfax county schools and many more close today when there was hardly any snow? the buses parked and kids home, many parents were critical. the assistant superintendent who made the call at 4 a.m. said some forecasters predicted up to 3 inches east of i-95 where many students live. the snow stopped early and idle plow trucks were seen standing by on highways and parking
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lots. fairfax school's assistant superintendent said they didn't want to put students at risk. >> we had our people on the roads this morning. it was slick when it started coming down sticking immediately. some of the overpasses and bridges were slippery immediately. our folks were warning us. we were expecting more volume and then by 8:00 it stops. >> i think they're being really cautious and an abundance of caution in some cases is good and other cases maybe not so good. >> last tuesday when a bad storm covered roads and sidewalks in ice and snow, officials were criticized for keeping schools open. they just can't win, topper. we can't admonish them for being safe. you can't. last tuesday you can. >> kids weren't complaining, but there comes a time when you'll lose your snow days. >> they have a few locked in that you can use. you get past those quickly. the way this weather has been going you may need more. >> we'll see.
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it's going to be a quiet finish to the week right now before another cold front rolls through friday and a stronger one sunday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperatures 33 the high so far today. the clouds have kept temperatures steady at least downtown. the burbs are still in the 20s. the winds negligible. that's good because otherwise we'd be talking about wind chills tomorrow at the bus stop. it will be cold enough without the wind chills. a cold start and chilly finish tomorrow, bus stop temperatures 22 to 34. that's cold enough without having to worry about wind chills. good time to wash the car or truck. we have at least three days with nothing coming our way. still nice friday. it will be milder, yes, but breezy. if you took away the breezes friday, it week fantastic. mid-40s and breezy is still a bit chilly. futurecast 6 a.m. low to mid-20s, gaithersburg, frederick, up toward
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hagerstown, 27 leesburg, 26 manassas, 30 downtown. by midmorning 9:00 upper 20s to low 30s. this may clear us out quick. clouds early in the morning and by 1:00 mostly sunny, temps mid- to upper 30s by then. by evening temperatures will fall but not as cold tomorrow night as tonight. we got mid-30s to upper 30s by 5:00 as you come home. it will be dry. a few high clouds pass to our south. 11:00 tomorrow night not that cold, temperatures low 30s. overnight looks like this. remaining mostly cloudy, cold, low temperatures in the 20s, winds light northwest at 10. day planner, 30 by 7:00, freezing at thine clock, 36 at 11:00, 30 -- at 9:00, 36 at 11:00, 39 by 1 p.m. friday pleasant but breezy, 44. saturday chilly but seasonable, high temperatures in the low 40s. next seven days another front comes in sunday. a dry drive to church, but
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showers could kick in by afternoon and with colder air some of those showers could turn to snow showers late sunday night and colder and dry monday, tuesday and wednesday next week. >> 49, that's balmy. >> get the shorts. if you turn on the tv a second night, you would see the wizards doing good things. >> it was a good night from the pro level to the college ranks, the wiz afterwards
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play for just $79.99 a month online for two years and get a $400 bonus with a two year agreement! hurry! it's your last chance. this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to ity. >> the excitement of the washington wizards has continued to build in 2015. they put out some impressive performances the last couple weeks. last night they beat the world champion for the first time in 17 tries. tonight on the road in a hostile environment they shut down the bulls. john wall versus derrick rose, always a fun match-up. check this out. time running out in the 1st. rose lets it fly from half court. big three-pointer to end the quarter. wizards trailed by as much as 11 in the 1st half.
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paul pierce, two of his team high 22 points, every wizard starter had double digit points tonight. john wall contributed 10 of the 21 in the 4th quarter. wizards win 105-99 knocking off the central division leaders once again. down a level maryland, rutgers, a couple newlyweds of the big 10 having fun with some really new welds at halftime -- newlyweds at halftime. maryland takes their eyes off the big plan, rutgers up seven, but terps had the brakes on most of the game. they made 1 last push when it counted most. terps win 73-65, improve to 16- 2, their best start since '99. >> whatever it takes for us to win we'll do and we'll figure it out. i think that's what i like about this team because it
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wasn't looking good and we said all right, we'll guard and rebound and made enough shots to win the game. >> we'll find a way to win whether we're down 12 or up three. >> up next for the terps michigan state. you can watch the game saturday here on wusa9. stay with us right afterwards for a special postgame game on. we've got visits from garry williams, johnny local daye and wallet williams -- holliday and walt williams. george williams taken on st. bonavich. patriots out with the early lead. watch this nasty slam coming up. st. bonaventure hands george mason their third straight loss 75-55 the final. caps are another team rolling along. they've won six of their last eight. their most recent loss was last week in philadelphia. the flyers were looking for an
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encore, but caps are having none of that. braden holtby, 20th straight start in the net, 26th straight appearance, most ever by a caps goalie. 1st period is where we get our offensive action. jason chimera gets the deflection in front of the goal. caps up 1-0. flyers tried to tie it up. puck gets deflected, rattles around outside the cage. holtby solid and the caps blank the flyers 1 -0. some baseball news, washington nationals making moves tonight. they were in desperate need of a second baseman, so they traded away right hander tyler clipped are to oakland in -- clippard to oakland in exchange for yunel escobar. he's only played 21 games at second base, but is expected to stay there unless a need for shortstop opens up. ian desmond is a free agent after this year.
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that is wusa9 news for tonight. thanks for sticking around. >> letterman is next. make it a great night, everybody!
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from miami the fun capital of the world it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, david letterman!


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