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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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messy morning. thank you for joining us. i am lesli foster. >> and i am derek mcginty. we are not expecting lot of snow but harsh experience taught us when it comes in the early morning, it doesn't take much. that is why tomorrow the yellow alert day, right? top? >> yes. as cold as it will be by morning, it will be slippery quickly. to that fact weather advisories have been issued for the entire metro area between 4:00 and noon tomorrow. montgomery county and the southern half of louden county east of 15 toward fairfax, arlington and southern halloween into charles county and prince georges county and extended to calvert and st. marys before all is said and done. how much will fall? well, south of 50 and east and south of 95 will be the bull's eye.
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flurries toward frederick and leesburg and hagerstown. we will talk about how cold it will be and how long the snow will stay and what that means for the commute home tomorrow. >> thank you, top. we want to remind you our team of meteorologists and reporters are staying ahead of the nsa irweather. we will be tuning in a half hour earlier tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. we will keep you on top of the weather and roads and all the news. and monday's metro strategy at the l'enfant plaza station. we learned 61-year-old carol glover of alexandria is the woman who died in the tunnel station filled with smoke. she was an analyst at a local communications company. it is believed the fire start from the arking in a power line leading to the third rail in the tunnel. >> you have probably seen the small shorts if you have ever ridden metro, but this one
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somehow ignited, filling the tunnel with thick smoke. the ntsb chair says it looks like there were multiple failure, failures to diagnosis the problem and a failure to get all the riders out. >> reporter: what created the arking, if you will, on the third rail, to create the gases which enhanced the arking which created smoke which ended up in the train which, in some cases, created a catastrophe, one fatality and too many people having to go to the hospital. >> now, it is thought the ntsb may have missed something when it analyzed the safety culture of metro after the deadly crash back in 2009. he says the agency will have to figure out what that was and fix it. well, metro commuters sounded off online once they finally got home from yesterday's tragic incident. >> even though the investigation still goes on today, rider confidence is not exactly the same.
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stephany ramirez is at the la enfanity plaza right now. what -- l'enfant plaza right now. what are riders saying to you right now? >> reporter: well, riders are saying they have no choice but to stick with metro. we had a whole host of reactions. take a listen to what people had to say. what are your thoughts about what happened yesterday? >> a little scary, obviously. i was reading an article that says there was a lack of information which prompted people to panic. >> reporter: but jim mchenry tells me he ended up taking an earlier yellow line train yesterday, just missing this [coughing] but mchenry says even after the fatal incident, he doesn't have any plans to stop riding a great deal of concern for the people stuck yesterday. >> it is very terrible what happened. i am sorry that the lady died and some of the people were injured. >> reporter: and concern for
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their own safety. more voiced frustrations from the platform inside the l'enfant plaza station. >> as far as safety is, as you can see from yesterday, you would think it is intact, but i guess it is not. >> reporter: now boycotting of metro will demand more accountability from the d.c. government and an even angrier tweet saying disgusted, indifferent, unconcerned, red and condescending about accountability. others tweeted about being noise and scared and that there were high tensions on the train. that doesn't mean that riders aren't thinking differently. >> it is a scary thing to be trapped inside a tunnel, particularly at a station like this that is so hectic. it makes you aware of what is the possibility offense danger with what is happening --
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possibility of all the danger with what is happening in the world. >> reporter: officials wanted to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. live at the l'enfant plaza station, stephany ramirez, wusa9 news now. >> we are now learning more about riders and their heroic actions. jonathan rogers of d.c. said he and two other people gave cpr to the woman who passed away for 20 minutes but they just could not save her. he presumed that carol glover is one he tried to help. he knows that even though there wasn't enough air, he didn't think twice about giving what little he had to try and save her. >> a few of us were rotating and doing compressions and mouth-to-mouth. we did it for like 20 minutes and eventually it wouldn't doing anything. i really home that family is doing all right.
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>> rogers said he and others took video and pictures when that smoke started coming in pretty early on. he says many people were having trouble breathing during the 40 minute ordeal. you can count on wusa9 news now to keep you abreast of the latest developments regarding the tragedy on the metro on our wusa9 news now app and you can get the reactions from riders and pictures from monday's commute there as well. well, crime is down dramatically so for the fourth year in a row. scott has more on what is behind all this. what do you know? >> reporter: well, it is a complex answer. the engineers of the dramatic four year reduction in crime say they can't put their finger on any one thing. >> those are staggering -- [ applause ] >> reporter: cheers today in prince georges county where three critical categories of crime are each down 9% in 2014.
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homicides are down a total of 40%. since county executive richard baker took office in 2010. >> black lives matter, all lives matter, communities matter. >> reporter: another key statistics, tips to crime solvers are up 22%, proof more people are willing to give police information that solves or stops crime. police chief mark mcgall. >> those are times of changes that have allowedtous equally drop crime. >> reporter: a difficult problem, 35% of the county's 54 murder last year were domestic and seven victims were children under the age of 4. children like 3-year-old leila miller, murdered by her own father embroiled in a custody battle last year. >> it is absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: now, working on training church leaders in the county to say something when they say something in their
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flock. >> we want them to pray together and if it is unsafe, leave. to be able to give that advice and give pastors the tools to know when to give that advice, leave until we can make it safe. >> so police and prosecutors getting into the religious community giving credit to streamlining and repeat violent offenders. the sheriff's department credited for cutting the backlog of warrants and police credited with working with social service agencies. four people in crisis and getting together with community policing strategies. it is a multipronged strategist here in prince george county and it appears to be working four years running. >> scott, thank you. the obama presidential library could bring millions to chicago's economy. coming up, why some are saying no thanks. >> and as a new issue of charlie hebdo
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. the french parliament has voted overwhelmingly to send troops to wipe out isis. >> yes. and meanwhile one of the brothers that attacked the charlie hebdo offices in paris got $20,000 in yemen to carry
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out the attack. the cockpit voice recorder from airasia flight 8501 is now in the hands of investigators. it was pulled from the java sea earlier today. the flight data recorder was recovered yesterday. so far the bodies of 48 of the 162 people on board have been recovered. this all happened on december 28th. and there is another round of nasty weather on the way to our
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. a bit of a warning tonight for commuters on western road in river falls parkway in bethesda. you need to be on the lookout for steel plate that is have sharp edges that are exposed for construction work. the massive potholes with the sharp metal edges have taken down tires two at a time and has drivers hobbling in for repairs. >> this person got lucky. it is just tire damage and not damage to the rim. damaging the rim is quite a bit more expensive than replacing a tire. >> i can vouch with this from
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personal experience. there is the possibility you could get reimbursed by the state, county or city for these problems, but it is not that easy to do. how come it just doesn't get done right. that is what i am asking. you should try to get it fixed. you can get more on the wusa9 news now app. not in my backyard that, is directed to new power lines or a big highway. >> or a presidential library. yes many neighbors in chicago are fighting a prose toll build the president obama presidential library in their south side neighborhood because it would mean sacrificing a big part of a loved park but supporters say there is too much upside to let this opportunity slip away. >> the jobs associated with it and the inspiration for the neighborhood and kids.
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>> every summer we have softball league, baseball leagues, contradict and soccer. we need -- cricket and soccer. we need these grounds to continue our social life. >> people from both saids will be meeting to discuss the issue. the first meeting is tonight. well, top center. >> back to river -- well, topper? >> let's get back to river road for a minute. i stop and talk to the workers and ask how long it will take. >> what did they say? >> one to one-and-a-half years. >> what? >> yes. >> you have to go a different way. >> how about fixing it so it doesn't cut your tires up and damage your rims in the meantime. i don't think that is asking too much. >> no. it is a low be real! well, a yellow alert tomorrow. a winter weather advisory tomorrow. let's start with the weather
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owe meter. it is probably not plowable and sleddable but the impact is what it means for you getting to work or school. it doesn't take much to make a big impact. a live look outside. it is 32 right now. that is the exception. everybody else is in the 20s and falling pretty fast. here is the radar over the past couple of hours. you can see the bulk of the energy and moisture is east across eastern north carolina and moves across out to sea, but we are also seeing precipitation now back-filled into roanoke, southwestern
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virginia and southern west virginia. that is what is going to get us early tomorrow. not a big storm but a yellow alert. good enough for th for light snow. critical hours is 4:00 a.m. to noon. the heaviest will be east of i- 95 and south of route 50. you in st. marys county could have more snow. prepare for a slow and slippery commute. here are the winter weather advisory issued about an hour ago by the national weather service covers the entire area, including frederick and counties renew of route 15, fairfax, prince william and fredericksburg where you, too, will probably get 1 to 2 inches. fredericksburg and la platte practice taare probably in the mini bull's eye. saint georgia county and
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southern maryland will get the most. a trace north of that. there is the future-cast at 5:30 in the morning. by 7:30 there is the snow again and again a mix toward richmond. if you have travel plans to go south of town into richmond tomorrow i would not do it until the afternoon. by 9:30 we are looking at snow across much of the metro area. by noon things taper off. by 3:30 most of the activity moves on out across the delmarva. day planner, 20s. 27 at 7:00. also at 9:00. 29 at 11:00. 31 and still a little flurry activity by 1:00. good shape. sunshine on thursday and friday with temperatures 30 to near 40. the seven-day forecast, in the 40s for the weekend. a rain shower possible and colder on monday. then seasonal on tuesday.
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>> all right. the wisconsin kid has had a tough weekend. >> yes. a -- the wiz kid has had a tough weekend. >> yes. not what you wanted. i bet the wizards would say it is not hosting the
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. the san antonio spurs made a stop at the white house yesterday, president obama honoring them for winning the
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nba title, but tonight the washington wizards look to halt their celebrations, the only time the two teams face off at the horizon center this season. the spurs have had a slow start to the year thanks in part to major injury, but the wizards know they have gotten better and stronger in recent weeks. >> you know the defending champs are looking at a new season. you go out there and every time you step on the court, everybody puts their socks and shoes on the same way. you go out and compete and try to be the best you can be. >> they are a great team. it is definitely a big challenge for us. >> now, nascar driver jeff gordon making a special appearance at the wizards game tonight, part after a promotion for the daytona 500500 which kicks off the nascar season at the end of february. gordon is 43 years old. some think he may be too old to keep racing.
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gordon says that is not the case despite what others may think. >> i dropped my son off at school this morning. one of his classmates -- i had a beard -- i shaved for this trip. i had a beard with a lot of gray and he said are you racing this year and i said yes i am. he said you look too old the be racing. i thought that was hilarious. >> john harbaugh and his staff have agreed to coach the afc pro-bowl team which is supposed to be the broncos. since the coaching staff was dismantled the nfl reached out to baltimore. the confines of the infinity center has the turps3-1 in the conference. tomorrow night they host another newbie, the inaugural season for rutgers, now considered the worst team in the conference but off a huge upset over wisconsin this weekend.
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the coach isn't worried. he says it is his team's chemistry on the court this season that has been key to their success. >> i knew when practice started in june that these guys kind of fit it together. what is different about -- a lot of guys get along off the court, but this team gets along on the court. there is always jealousy and playing time and all that, but we don't have any of that this year. >> the turps also host michigan state this weekend in a big, big 10 basketball showdown. you can see that game saturday at 4:00 right here on wusa 9. and you can see a special post game game-on with special appearances. finally, a trending topic from last night's national college chicken game. it had nothing to had with the -- college championship game. it had nothing to had with this guy, who had a resemblance to
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bob newhart. he tweeted out, in regards to my new career as head ref with oregon, hey, i don't have a series anymore. i had to do something. >> he does look a lot like bob newhart. >> yes. and new hart was following it on twitter den and newhart was following it on twitter. that was funny. >> he is in good shape! >> right. a trace two 2 inches of snow developing tonight. and after tomorrow's yellow alert we will be in good shape for the weekend. but it gets slippery quickly tomorrow morning. be careful. >> take it easy. we will be back with
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>> pelley: tonight, a day of mourning. funerals in france and in israel for victims of the paris terror attacks. we have new video of the gunmen and new information about who financed their deadly rampage. reports from elizabeth palmer and bob orr. chip reid on questions about the safety of one of america's biggest subway systems after a passenger dies and dozens are injured. the freefall in gas prices continues. manuel bojorquez aren'ts while you're saving money others are losing their jobs. and it's men against mountain. john blackstone on two climbers out to conquer el capitan as it's never been done before.


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