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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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flurries in fred rick and hagerstown. the brighter white is the bulls eye, only one to two inch, but again, south of 50. when we come back we will break out the impact meter to make a point. all right. we will get started a half hour early tomorrow. we will have everything you need to know to get out the door. plus, you can monitor the weather, school closings and other headlines on our wusa 9 mobile app. federal investigators are racing tonight to find out what caused the wires to ark on metro's third rail and how that cascaded into a decide that killed one woman and sent 83 more people to hospitals. >> yes. we have more now live with the latest on the investigation.
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bruce? >> reporter: yes, we just received the name of the one woman killed from the chief medical examiner. she is carol glover, 61 years old from alexandria, a local analyst with a communications company. we have received no updates today either from the ntsb or metro, even know virginia senator mark warner and many others are calling for some answers now. >> people were just getting out of hand and panicking. the next thing you know you could not see from one end to the other on the train. >> reporter: investigato rs already have some answers. >> i have never seen anything like that in my whole life. >> reporter: they suspect the smoke that filled the tunnel and platform killing one and
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sickening others started with a short in the cables that feed the 750 volunteer third rail. >> a -- volt third rail. >> a female passed out here. >> reporter: it is the kind of ark seen by anyone that has ridden metro, but this one somehow got more intense. >> in certain cases the ark can start sort of feeding on itself and it actually generates gas that is are more conductive and it is kind of the worse it gets, the worse it gets. >> this was a failure -- >> reporter: a former ntsb chair and current cbs news consultant said metro not only failed to quickly diagnose the problem and figure out how to respond, but failed to get people out before they were overcome. >> how are you going to handle this evacuation with so much, not just gas, coming not only
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into the tunnel but seep into the train cars themselves. >> reporter: metro improved safety they say after the 2009 crash that killed nine people and injured 70, but -- >> there is something wrong that needed to be fixed and we just didn't realize it. >> reporter: now, lots of big questions remain. why was the train operator unable to move the train back into the station and unload those passengers? why did it take 40 minutes or longer to get some of those passengers out. so long that according to the ntsb some of them evacuated themselves up through an air shaft here. and, what happened with the power? and did firefighters once again have trouble with the radios, being able to use them, down in the tunnel? metro, ntsb promises answers and promises fixes, too. eric and leslie, back to you.
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>> a statement has been released to metro riders. here is part of it. please know once this incident has been understood, we will take all actions to not let it happen again. after people died and 80 people went to the hospital after smoke engulfed the metro train, we are learning about the heros that walk among us. deborah is live at the plaza with the story of one man's action. >>reporter: a man gave up air, air that he hardly had, to help another person to breathe. that woman -- he didn't even know her. >> she was like i can't do it. i can't do it. i need help. >> reporter: it is tough to talk about the woman johnson rogers of d.c. said he helped
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give cpr to inside this metro car tuesday afternoon. >> she passed out. it was obvious. people were taking her pulse. she said i don't feel anything. >> reporter: this is video rogers took right when smoke started pouring in. he said soon after many people had trouble breathing, but this woman, the one you can hardly see through the smoke, holding a water bottle, caught on video, is the one he can't stop thinking about. >> a few of us were rotating, doing compressions and mouth-to- mouth. we did it for 20 minutes. it wouldn't doing anything. >> reporter: he said a man carried the lifeless woman out and he never saw her again. as we now know, the train was evacuated after about 40 minutes. his video, pictures and story revealed to the world on twitter. today mayor muriel bowser thanked rogers for his courage and strength. >> i was hoping she could tell me something about the woman i
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assume is the one fatality. i really appreciated it. >> reporter: rogers said when he got home he hugged his wife a little tighter and petted his bulldog a little bit more, thankful for coming home, knowing one rider didn't. >> i hope that lady's family is doing okay, because i wish we could have done more for her, but -- >> reporter: now, rogers said the mere act of snapping the pictures and rolling the the video helped him to calm down. he was hoping he could get on the other side and show people the video. he did say that ntsb has not contacted him yet as part of the investigation. live here at will enfanity plaza, wusa9 news now. >> thank you, deborah.
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>> now we have more live from northeast d.c. with what andrea was told. >> reporter: 18 passengers were brought here to medstar and two remain tonight. one is in serious condition, the other in fair condition. the metro passengers entered the hospital with soot on their faces and fear in their hearts. doctors quickly checked them for signs of respiratory distress. >> they all got an examination of their voicebox in the back of their throat to see if there was evidence of inflammation. >> reporter: this is dr. jeffrey shook, one of 20 physicians at medstar hospital, catapulted into action. he said patients were shaken up but stoic, only one clearly struggling to breathe. >> if they can't get oxygen,
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you need to provide them with a breathing tube so they can breathe. >> reporter: no burns here. just smoke inhalation and the long term prognosis is good. >> most patient will be fine. they will probably have symptoms of cuff and upper respiratory chest tightness, but that will leave them in 7 to 14 days. >> reporter: medstar has practiced for mass casualty incidents like this and hospital officials are very pleased with how things went yesterday. they believe those drills paid off. by the way, we are still awaiting an update from howard university hospital and g.w. we will bring that as soon as it becomes available. reporting live from northeast washington, andrea mccarren, wusa9 news now. >> thank you, andrea. we will have more from the mayor at 5:30. plus our community is rethinking metro after the tragedy. that story at 6:00.
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well, a suspicious fire broke out at penn station in new york at an underground construction site. it was all under control two hours later. lawyers for bob mcdowell have filed an appeal for their client's 24 month prison sentence. earlier today the judge denied bond meaning he has to report by 2:00 on february 9th. we don't know for sure where he will face his time, but the judge is expected to recommend that mcdonnell heads to fci petersburg. sexual assault reported on a virginia college campuses are not automatically sent to the local commonwealth attorney for investigation. but as peggy fox reports, lawmakers will soon decide whether to require campus police to notify prosecutors of all reported sexual assaults.
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>> commonwealth attorney described an area covering a college campus as a black hole, with little to know reports of sexual assault coming in. this bill would change that. >> when your child goes missing or is sexual assaulted or abducted or murdered, there can't be enough people working on it. >> reporter: mrs. measur ety's niece was abducted and sexual assaulted from the campus of uva in 2009. her remains were found in a field. now the families are backing a bill that may help as the harrington's organization is called save the next girl. >> our system of justice is predicated on equal representation under the law for all of its citizens, unless you happen to be a college student. >> reporter: the bill sponsored by delegates would require campus police departments at virginia public colleges to
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notify the commonwealth's attorney within 48 hours when a person reports a sexual assault on campus. >> teenagers and young women in particular are most vulnerable, which is why this bill is so important in bringing these perpetrators of violence to justice. >> reporter: jesse mathew has been charged with abducting uva student hannah graham found murdered. matthew was investigated before alleged rapes twice when he was at two different colleges in the early 2000s. officials say the victims did not want to press charges. >> our victim-witness advocates with provide timely counseling and educate a victim about her or his options in going forward with criminal prosecution. >> reporter: the lynchburg commonwealth attorney as the bill would insure important criminal evidence 23 collected promptly. >> we need to continue to show victims he will be heard and the system will support them. >> reporter: similar bills have failed in the past, but this
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time they have bi-partisan sponsorship and given the events at uva, public awareness and support. peggy fox, in richmond for wusa9 news now. we are just getting started on wusa9 news now at 5:00. can president obama find common ground with g.o.p. law enforcement on urgent issues. we have that story at 5:30. plus -- >> plus, snow is in the forecast tomorrow. who will get hit the hardest and when, coming up in copper's full forecast. but next, a house on fire and a
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5:14 pm has helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car truck or suv fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at alfarone,. love, courage, sacrifice and tear, all part of this next story. a 1-year-old girl escaped from
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-- a 12-year-old girl escaped from her family home but the little girl ran back into the burning house to save her 75- year-old grandmother and then her father ran inside to get them both. neighbors say there was a tremendous amount of smoke and flames. >> the smoke was pouring out e thwindows upstairs. the windows were popping and flames were coming out the front door. >> the firefighters made entry and found two victims on the second floor. >> firefighters found the bodies of the girl and her grandmother together in the second floor bathroom. crews were able to reach the father and he is now in a richmond burn unit with serious injuries. the fire was started by a 6- year-old boy playing with matches. a fairfax county man with ties to youth hockey in northern virginia is being held without bond accused of having child porn. timothy bodenheimer is facing
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ten counts of child pornography, and for sharing the child porn. the investigation continues tonight and authorities are urging anybody with information on him to contact them. new information tonight on the paris terror attacks. sources tell cbs news one of the kouachi brothers that attacked the charlie hebdo magazine last week received $20,000 from al-qaida in yemen to finance the attacks. meanwhile soldiers are guarding sensitive sites and looking for the six other member that is may be members of the kouachi terror cell. well, check out the charlie hebdo magazine. it shows a caricature of profit mohammed holding a sign saying i am charlie and the caption all is forgiven. the editors said they had it right when it made them cry, and laugh. . okay. i
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hesitated to bring out the meter because you folks in fred ricksburg won't see much snowfall. february is the super bowl storm of 2010. a legitimate storm being a 5, this will be a 1 or 2. the impact meter will be on a scale of 1 to 10 around a 4 or 5 because it is hitting at rush hour. it doesn't take much snow to make the roads slick. it will be cold once again, similar to last tuesday and it will accumulate very, very quickly, so keep that in mind. right now a live look outside, it is pretty quiet and temperatures 33. dew points in the low teens. the winds out of the northeast at 7. a pretty dry air mass. here is radar again. it looks inknock without. it won't be a huge storm.
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there will be enough moisture and lift in the atmosphere to squeeze out maybe an inch or two south and east of d.c. of the 1 to 2 inches, the heaviest will be east of i-95 and south of route 50. prepare for a slow and slippery commute. all right. how much? we tweeted this out earlier. erica showed this at noon. one to two inches for prince gorge county and southern halloween -- prince george county and southern halloween. in the immediate metro area along i-95, maybe a trace to an inch. frederick and hagerstown, you are out of the bands. you may get flurries but no accumulating snow. for tonight, thickening cloudiness and cold, 18 to 24.
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you know every little flake will count tomorrow. it will accumulate and get slick very, very quickly. by morning mostly cloudy and cold. light snow and flurries. again, more south and east. temperatures only 18 to 28. by afternoon light snow and flurries and we get a trace to two inches with temperatures struggling to get to the freezing mark tomorrow, keeping the roads slick. so, on the day planner 20s. 27 at 9:00 and 29 at 11:00. only 31 by 1:00 p.m. the next three days we are okay. in fact, we end the week nicely. sunshine thursday and friday and seasonal. 39 thursday and 39 on friday. the next seven days look like this. saturday milder and 47. sunday pretty nice and 47. another front comes through. rain and snow shower possibilities late sunday and sunday night. cold again monday and sunshine and seasonal next tuesday. a new tool tonight to help bring home missing and endangered children. amber alerts will now show up
5:20 pm
in facebook users' news feeds. technology will allow it to show up only where it makes sense geographically. john calish calls this a game -- john wallish call this is a game changer. locally there are dozens of young people missing from our area. log on the and look at these pictures and you can help perhaps bring them home. a combination of passengers and crew are credited with saving a man who somehow ended up in the waters off the coast of new mexico. >> the male on the oasis of the sea went overboard. not sure if he jumped or fell. someone else on another cruise ship spotted the man in the
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matter. they lowered a life -- man in the water. they lowered a lifeboat to him and he was rescued. i am sure he is thankful. >> oh, yes. more in tonight's uber pricing changes when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu
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. new smoking restrictions on the city beaches. smoking will only be allowed on designated areas on the beach and boardwalk, including e- cigarettes, as well. city officials say they need to do what is best for everybody that wants to enjoy the beach. well, uber is facing tough questions from new york city officials over rush hour pricing doubling or tripling. and here in d.c. right after the smoke incident last night we saw fare that is started at just under $8 before you even selected a destination. the new lightweight and higher performing ford gto is grabbing lots of attention at the north amin detroit. the advanced aerodynamic vehicle comes with a twin turbo engine. don't confuse this updated model with your father's gto. the price tag on the newer
5:25 pm
model will set you back $200,000. >> never mind then. >> yes! and a popular easter treat is getting a makeover. the cadbury cream eggs will no longer be made with the company's signature dairy milk chocolate. it will just be standard milk chocolate derrick. >> oh! >> some were so anger are i they tweeted you may as well cancel easter. >> calm down! well, you suddenly find yourself surrounded by thickening smoke. >> yes. firefighters were saying when they first arrived they were not told by dispatchers there were passengers on the smoke- filled trains. you will hear from the fire chief and mayor, coming up. president obama holds the first meeting with congressional leaders here at the white house and places
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technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this?
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couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. which led us to create new ways to take you inside a home or instantly schedule a tour. but we paired that with our own agents who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all work the world has changed and now real estate has too. . welcome back. the d.c. mayor muriel bowser is speaking out on the metro station tragedy. bruce has more. >> reporter: yes. we have a lot of new information. how long did passengers say they were waiting for help in the tunnel. the fire department says the first dispatch said nothing about people being on board the train in the smoke-filled tunnel. it only talked about smoke in
5:29 pm
the tunnel. metro passengers tell us they need to know what to do in case of a emergency. >> i just want to know how we can have a faster, more effective escape plan. >> reporter: the fire department source says that smoke-filled cars with passengers was only about 500 seats from the station. at -- 500 feet from the station. but the same source is telling colleagues the original dispatch said nothing about passengers still on the train. the officers could not say honoring it took before they learned -- how long it took before they learned people were on board and in the smoke- filled tunnel. enter fire chief eugene jones a short time ago. are you saying there were no people on board the trains in the tunnel. >> i have not heard that. >> they were told there was only smoke if the tunnel. >> i did not hear that. >> you did not hear that?
5:30 pm
>> and now -- >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser. >> no one should live in fear that they won't make it to work or school. >> reporter: now the university of maryland department of fire protection and engineering is talking about the tragedy. >> we talked about the size of the event. it was a relatively small fire. you would hope that small fires should not cause any injuries and a fatality, so looking at ways to get rid of the smoke more quickly would be e things we would talk about in the class here. >> reporter: now, back to mayor muriel bowser. she assigned is city administrator who is fairly new on the job to work with the ntsb on this investigation. she expect as full report from the city's fire department by the end of the week, by friday. back to you guys. >> bruce johnson, live. we will wait for that report. in the meantime, so many people have come forward since yesterday's incident telling their stories. >> yes. justin arena was on the yellow line train and said that calm
5:31 pm
eventually turned to panic. >> we called 9-1-1 and said listen, we need to get out of this train. it is filling one smoke and we won't be able to breathe in here. so, of course, the metro folks wanted us to stay on the train and not open the doors, but the 9-1-1 folks were not terribly helpful either. when it all came down to it, what to do. central control at metro had no idea what to do. they should have maybe moved the trains into other tracks to get them through the platforms. it is like they didn't care that there was a train full of people filling with smoke. >> justen says once firefighters got on the scene they did act quick lynn and led people from the train -- did act quickly and led people from the train down a tunnel and into safety. president obama is threatening to veto something making for a difficult dynamic
5:32 pm
but the new reality as the g.o.p. gets to work. >> reporter: sitting between the republican leaders of the house and senate, president obama says he can work with them finding common ground on urgent issue, including cyber security. >> we can work hard together, get legislation done and make sure that we are much more effective in protecting the american people from these kinds of cyber attacks. >> reporter: the president is proposing a bill to protect consumer data, along with additional tools for law enforcement to go after hackers. >> the recent events certainly underscore the need again to tackle cyber security. >> reporter: the legislation already is moving through the new republican-controlled congress and is at odds with the white house agenda. >> we are voting to block the president's overreach, his executive overreach, which i believe is beyond his constitutional duty and, frankly, violates the constitution itself. >> reporter: the house is vowing to reserve president obama's action on immigration
5:33 pm
and also has bills rolling back wall street reforms and health care law requirements. >> this legislation we are considering is a jobs bill. >> reporter: the senate is working on approving the keystone excel pipeline, despite a veto threat. >> it raises a question in my mind in determining which fees of legislation advancing their way to the process process. >> reporter: greg boswell, the white house. crews believe they located the fuselage and that half the bodies who died in the crash could be in the fuselage. the cockpit recorder has been recovered, too and all the
5:34 pm
conversations between the pilot and co-pilot should be on the recorder. katherine jones was only 13 years old when she and her brother shot and killed their dad's girlfriend down in florida but police attorneys and newspaper reporters say he was killed in 1999 because the pair was jealous of her but the victims say they targeted the family members because they had been sexually abused. child care workers found evidence of the sexual abuse but nothing was done about it and the children ended up pleading guilty to 2nd degree murder charges. >> i was happy to be away. i know it sounds weird but i was glad to be away from all that and by myself and safe. >> katherine jones also found love in prison. the navy officer stationed in norfolk got in touch with her and they married last september. chief flemings is retire from the navy so he doesn't have to go on another deployment that
5:35 pm
would take him way from jones. and oworking on a away -- and working on a way in maryland. because of cheaper and stronger drugs available on the streets now. we have more about where this drug is coming from and what is being done to stop it. >> you have seen in maryland over the last four years a doubling of a number of department of health and human services attributable to heroin. right now we are turn doubling of a number of deaths attributable to heroin. right now we are seeing the deaths coming from the heroin over the mexican border. >> the police are investigating the deaths as homicides instead of suicides and that permits them to get more information that could lead to the participation of the dealers. stars of the new movie american sniper will be here for the premier. >> yes. bradley cooper will be at the
5:36 pm
burke theater. he is the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history in the film. and high-tech shopping and how stores are using cutting edge technology to give you a great shopping experience. >> and why mike huckabee is at whirlwinds with beyonce. and this just in. we have winter weather advisories covering the entire area from 4:00 a.m. to noon. we will come back
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5:39 pm
. we are taking a look at stories trending right now. a boy rooted for all nfl teams and wrote to them asking why he should be their fans. >> yes. we have more about what people are saying. hey, toni. >> hey, derek. only one team responded to the letter and no, it was not the redskins. it was the panthers, but we asked our facebook fan, how would you respond to this boy about why he should or should not be a redskins fan. john says as a former
5:40 pm
recovering redskins addict i suggest he root for the redskins if he enjoys drama and perennial disappointment. and marianne says she could not give him any reason to support the team so there is no reason to write to him. obviously a lot of rivalry, but there is always support for the rifles. look at this one from michael. 20 years ago i could have a given a thousand reasons why he should become a skins fan. now i can't think of any without sounding like i am defending them. it looks like it was hard for redskins fans to come up with a good reason for this boy, but if you have one, we want to know, so please post them on our wusa facebook page. you can read the letter there, as well. >> thank you. well, mike huckabee was challenging a parenting style. >> yes. he critical sized a couple for letting their daughter listen to beyonce music while being
5:41 pm
careful of where they eat and attend school. huckabee says it is mental poison, saying her core i don't go if i isbest left for the privacy of your bedroom. the president and first lady declined to comment. coming up, check out the gun show! >> and you have see the pictures of the l'enfant plaza
5:42 pm
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. as we can see from yesterday's footage at the l'enfant metro station, smoke needs to be cleared out quickly to avoid injuries and even death. >> turns out it is the leading cause of injuries in fires. it can be deadly once you breathe it in. >> reporter: nearly 70% of fire deaths result from smoke inhalation. dr. tom clark of alexandria hospital say there is are several different way that is products of smoke and combustion can harm you. first it is the direct thermal affect of the hot gases.
5:45 pm
>> when they are inhaled into the upper air way, nose, mouth and throat, then down to the lower air packages can cause a thermal burn which can cause swelling. >> reporter: next the irritating affect of the heated particles and gases in the throat can cause damage to the lungs and upper airways. >> some of the gases are odorless and colorless and cause wheezing and spasms and difficult breathing. >> reporter: so, how can you increase your chances of survival in a smoky situation? first of all, don't panic. when you move, try to stay low to the ground. the hot toxey chemicals will -- hot, toxic cam cals rise -- toxic chemicals will rise. turns out breathing through a damp clothe with decrease the temperature of the air that goes in and that can make a big difference when the situation
5:46 pm
heats up. >> just having a damp cloth there will first require evaporation of that water. and that will help reduce the temperature of the inspired air. >> reporter: it may seem like a pair nowed move until you -- paranoid move until you need it. as well, cloth with filter out the toxins you could be breathing in. well, speaking of smoke -- yes. new year's resolutions include smokers wanting to quit. >> apparently the rate your body breaks down nicotine can help determine if it is best for you to use a patch or drug to stop your cravings. smokers crave cigarettes when the nicotine levels in your body drop. if you normally metabolize nicotine, then you have a better shot at using the drug
5:47 pm
chantix instead of the patch, but if you metabolize things faster, you may have better luck with the nicotine patch. >> january 1st people say i will quit smoking but one year out only 6% to #% of patients are successful. it -- 8% of patients are successful. it shows you how addicting nicotine can be. >> nearly 70% of smokers who tried to quit failed within their first week. >> all right. well, why in the world would anybody spent $5 million for a penny and quarter? well, beverly hills businessman kenneth lipton just made the largest purchase for a penny ever. he paid $2.5 million for a penny minted back in 1792. it is so old that lady liberty is on the front instead of abraham lincoln. yes. i he also bought a quarter for $2.4 million. he feels he got them at a
5:48 pm
bargain. >> these are incredibly historically important things as well as beautifully artistic things. when you come across the greatest and best of anything, they command huge trophy prices. >> he concedes he is a little nervous about spending so much for two coins but he is confident they will increase in value and he says i got them from the top coin person. i know he doesn't have anymore. >> he doesn't just give those away. >> no! >> that is a lot of money for a coin. >> yes, it is. i am tempted to say here we go again. >> well, not as bad. the timing is bad, the morning rush hour, so that isn't good, but will it be a little less snow. remember, it doesn't take much to shut the city down. january of 2000 , 4/10ths of an inch and the city shut down! well, the temperatures are in
5:49 pm
the 20s. the humidity is low and the dew point is low. pressure is high at 30.56, falling a bit. here is radar. we are watching this. we will be watching this all night. you can see that by and large the heaviest activity -- and most of it is across eastern north carolina headed out to sea, but there is also a little prosecution in roanoke and southern sections of west virginia kind of clipping us tomorrow and giving us a little bit of light snow. the yellow alert wednesday for light snow. critical hours are 4:00 a.m. to noon. hasn't changed on that. the heaviest, only talking about an inch or two, will be east of i-9 # and south of route 50 -- i-95 and south of route 50. prepare for a slow and slippery commute tomorrow. montgomery county, arlington, fairfax and prince george's county and st. charles county is where it when the worst and most of the snow will fall.
5:50 pm
so, how much? 1 to 2 inches playing south to fredericksburg and southern sections of prince george's county. a trace to an inch through d.c. and baltimore and through frederick and hagerstown probably just flurries. not much north of pred rick or north of i -- frederick or north of i-70. 5:30 in the morning, yes, there is the snow breaking out and there is a little mixture of rain that will cut down on the amount as little bit, but most of the snow will be in maryland. around 7:30, this model is a little aggressive with the snow. by 10:00 still snow between d.c. and baltimore. in the noon hour there is still snow, moving further to the west but very light toward i- 81, only a trace out there. by 3:00 done as it moves on out to sea. tonight thickening cloudiness and cold. light snow possible by dawn. check out the temps, 18 to 24. again, a little storm but a
5:51 pm
moderate impact because of the timing. in the morning, mostly cloudy and cold. light snow and flurries more south and east. 18 to 28. so, don't email me from frederick and say it didn't snow much north of town. by afternoon mostly cloudy and cold. light snow and flurries will end. anywhere from a trace to two inches with high temperatures near 32. winds out of the north, northeast by 10, a pretty cold day tomorrow. what falls will stick. it will also be tricky walking home, walking your car coming in tomorrow night getting home. 27 is in the day planner with light snow at 9:00. 11:00 is 29 and 1:00 is 31 with light snow continuing. once we get through tomorrow a night finish to the week. sunshine thursday and friday with temperatures both days in the upper 30s to around 40. the next seven day, a pretty good weekend. 47 on saturday and sunday. a shower and snow showers late sunday. a cold front will be coming through. the bulk of the day is fine. colder monday and 36. seasonal on tuesday and in the
5:52 pm
low 40s. . the world of female fitness competitions has been changing rapidly since 1990. we have more on complex world of women ice fitness competitions and why traditional body builders feel they are being bumped off the stage. >> if you see a lagging body part, you want to change it and make it better. >> it is that mentality which drove baltimore easley is a auckland to build perfectly sculpted muscles. she won 4th place miss olympia, but the sport for women is dying. in the 1990s it dominate.
5:53 pm
>> women got bigger and bigger. >> reporter: but popularity declined and it never recovered. this past may a signature event, the arnold schwarzenegger classic canceled due to lack of fan interest. women like janet west have filled the boards. the former burgundy and gold cheerleader is what is now called a figure competitor, still muscular but leaner. >> we want to get in a dress and still look feminine and be perceived as a woman to the outside world but it is a little boring to see a woman standing up there during the quarter turn. >> reporter: a company out of hanover, maryland, says his company is not abandoning the competition but it is clear there are more options. >> we had one class in novice bikini division with 53 competitors in it. >> reporter: thus, body
5:54 pm
builders like auckland have a difficult dilemma, lose muscle or competitive venues, a bitter pill to swallow. >> body builders were first. we led the way for all the other divisions to occur. without us they would not be here. >> she says many traditional female body builders have to decide whether or not to lose mus toll get into the more lucrative divisions. it is a tough decision but she says she could not image ever changing the way her body looks. coming up a little later in sports we will take a look at the showdown against san antonio. >> looks good. following monday's metro tragedy, we asked you, do you feel safe riding metro? >> and coming up next, try on one thing and see yourself in a rainbow of colors. i am marley hall in new
5:55 pm
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your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v . welcome back. marlie hall is taking us to cutting edge innovations that could be coming to stores near you. >> reporter: trying on clothes just got a little easier and a lot more high-tech. >> you can try things on virtually when reality in you only tried on one thing. >> exactly. >> reporter: it is a memory
5:58 pm
mirror by intel called the memomy. >> it allows you to try on garments and styles without going back in the dressing room. >> reporter: you can also see 360 views of each color and a side by side comparison. >> the consumer can share it via social media from facebook or instagram and get "likes" and votes from your friends. >> reporter: neiman marcus is testing the new shopping innovation. it was unveiled at the national retailer expo in new york city. also on display a digital inventory tracker called the power shelf. >> if a shopper picks the last one up, we can recognize it is out, send that information back to the retailer to fix the shelf. >> reporter: the power shelf tracks items using a sensor that measures weight.
5:59 pm
a bluetooth enabled beacon sends the alert tower phone, meaning new options for shoppers. >> the power shelf is currently in 40 whole foods stores around the country. thank you for watching wusa9 news now at 5:00. wusa9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. light snow is heading our way in time for the morning commute. we ditched the weather alert. now the winter weather advisory is in affect. we will tell you how much snow will fall. >> reporter: metro riders sound out on the smoke filled trains here in l'enfant plaza. we will get to that but first, get ready for another messy morning. thank you for joining us. i am lesli foster. >> and i am derek mcginty. we are not expecting lot of snow but harsh experience taught us when it comes in the early morning, it doesn't take
6:00 pm
much. that is why tomorrow the yellow alert day, right? top? >> yes. as cold as it will be by morning, it will be slippery quickly. to that fact weather advisories have been issued for the entire metro area between 4:00 and noon tomorrow. montgomery county and the southern half of louden county east of 15 toward fairfax, arlington and southern halloween into charles county and prince georges county and extended to calvert and st. marys before all is said and done. how much will fall? well, south of 50 and east and south of 95 will be the bull's eye.


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