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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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to the 20s action talking a little snow for -- 20s, talking a little snow for tomorrow. i'll have detailing to up. >> reporter: good morning. everybody is concerned with the changes in metrorail. delia has a complete report on that coming up. eastbound lanes of 66, the incident east of manassas before you get to 29 centreville, early impact heading east through manassas to get into centreville you're still slow. beyond that pace good getting into tbair oaks, vienna, heading on toward falls church. checking out the ride on virginia 95, that's been volume delays. [ no audio ] getting past the prince william parkway and more volume building out of lorton into newington with all lanes open. concern route 1 college park in hyattsville for the water main repairs. northbound only one lane gets through close to van buren street. we continue to follow breaking news from overnight in new york city. firefighters are still on the
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scene of a three-alarm blaze at penn station. when the call went out before 2:30 this morning, more than 100 firefighters responded. >> no injuries reported. fdny, though, says the fire is under control. the fire is not expected to impact amtrak service along northeast corridor. there is word that the impact will be limited to local subway lines in new york. the national transportation safety board is working to figure out why smoke filled the metro tunnel killing one person and sending dozens of others to hospitals. >> it is going to affect the commute this morning. delia goncalves is live at l'enfant metro station with more on how all this is going to unfold this morning. delia. >> reporter: talked to a few folks coming out of l'enfant plaza metro station a short time ago. they report so far so good on the train this morning. they said there is some shifting around of people on different trains and different lines but they are getting clear instruction by train operators so that is definitely some positive news for a loft of the commuters -- lot of the
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commuters this morning. but as the day progresses or morning progresses, certainly we are expecting to see more delays as the trains begin to become more packed with righters. there are lots of trains that -- riders. there are lots of trains that you have to be aware. blue line trains replacing yellow line between huntington and largo. also good news. we're hearing that the green line service which was in question now running normally every six minutes throughout the whole line of the green line service. investigators are blaming arcing on the third rail for the smoke that filled the train. of course we remember that killed unfortunately one person and sent more than 80 people to hospitals, including a handful of first responders. there was no fire on board but it is still unclear exactly why the electrical malfunction happened. we're told the on site investigation will likely wrap up today but it could take up to a year to determine an exact cause. >> of course i'm concerned where we've had a tragedy,
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people have been hurt. there's been loss of life. we know that metro areas safely a million -- almost a million people every day. so i know that they would not open the system without assurances that they could travel safely. >> if it does turn out that there is a safety issue that needs immediate attention, the ntsb will and in many cases has put out immediate recommendations before the report is actually done. >> reporter: so we have updated information that the green line service which earlier today was in question, whether or not that would run normally, it is running normally between greenbelt and branch avenue. green line service running normally between greenbelt and branch avenue, but major delays. we'll have much more on what you can expect coming up in the next half-hour. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, delia. today is the perfect day to download the wusa9 app. that way you can monitor all
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the changes as they happen throughout the day on metro. you can see if your train is running on time when they get things fixed. the ohio state buckeyes are this year's college football champions. >> they were the underdog going into last night for the college football playoff national championship game. meg alexander has the latest from arlington, texas. >> reporter: the ohio state buckeyes defeated heisman trophy winner marcus marioto and the oregon ducks 42-20 in the first championship game. how proud of you are the buckeyes? >> we're high right now. first college playoff, we won it, so proud. >> reporter: oregon scored first but ohio state answered with three touchdowns despite three turnovers. >> ohio state loses it again. >> reporter: oregon rallied in the second half with a 70-year- old touchdown run by byron marshall but the ducks couldn't hold backhoe hoe state's offense who managed to score three more times in the half.
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>> touchdown ohio state. >> reporter: elliot rushed for 246 yards and scoring four touchdowns. >> so blessed, all the great running backs that came to ohio state. >> reporter: the game represent as brand new way to crown a champion and a new way to generate big business. the ncaa wants a crowd like this one every year. 80,000 fans each paying an average of $900 a ticket. and fans say they got their money's worth. >> feeling the crowd, getting to see your team all wait from home and see them win is incredible. >> reporter: it's the eighth time the buckeyes have walked away as college football's best. megan alexander for cbs news, arlington, texas. it 16:05. police in char -- it is 6:05. police in charlottesville say there is no evidence to support a gang rain at a uva fraternity
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house. >> this as a lolla maker -- local lawmaker is planning to propose a bill to combat sexual assaults on campus. >> reporter: campus activities for take terchts have already been -- fraternities have already been reinstated and restored. eileen filler-corn says something needs to be done to protect victims of sexual assault. here's how it would all work. campus and local police would be required within 48 hours of the sexual assault first being reported to inform local commonwealth's attorney of the incidents. it would set guidelines for police on reporting the crimes, what their responsibilities are to better protect victims of sexual assault. delegate filler-corn says victims, victims' advocates and law enforcement officers have all been supportive of the bill. the only loophole is the bill would apply to property owned or controlled by colleges meaning some privately owned fraternities would be exempt from the proposed law. the general assembly in virginia begins tomorrow but we'll hear more about the
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sexual assault bill from delegate filler-corn later this morning in richmond. >> thank as lot, nikki. the hopeland security department is increasing security in the united states in response to the terror attacks in france. you can expect to see more federal police officers at government buildings here in washington and around the nation. there could also be more enhanced screening for traveler at both u.s. and foreign airports. secretary jay johnson announced the new security plans yesterday. as many as six terror cells suspects are believed to be still on the run this morning days after the terror attacks in france. among them a man seen driving a car registered to the widow of one of the gunman. she is now considered the most wanted woman in the world. a survivor of the attack at the french grocery store described what happened when the gunmen came into the store. >> i saw him in front of me with his gun and immediately i
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-- >> reporter: you dropped? >> yes, i dropped. >> reporter: under the counter. >> under the counter, yes. >> the woman ducked behind shelves and crawled to a store room to escape the gunman. the jewish community in our area is banning together with international leaders in a show of solidarity after the terror attacks in france. the american jewish committee of washington is planning an event tonight. it will feature the ambassador of france and leaders of d.c.'s jewish comiewpty as well president the -- community as women. the congregation is asking people to rsvp to the number on the screen. it takes place at 7:30 at adas israel congregation at 2850 quebec street in northwest d.c. it's official. the date is set for the premier of the late show with stephen colbert. we'll tell when you to
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. temperatures have stayed above freezing for a good part of the area. that's good news as far as any refreezing concerns. areas that are at freezing, we didn't get there till later so just watch out for any standing water possibly refreezing near the mason-dixon line. 32 hagerstown. westminster 29. most areas should be okay. 36 for manassas and la plata at 34. we'll see increasing sunshine today but not before the clouds return tonight. temperatures drop down to near freezing today and breezy. let's go to beverly with traffic. sky 9 has been -- [
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inaudible ] northbound single file able to squeeze by. southbound two lanes able to get by. that looks to be the plan for most of the day. metrorail the plan is, yes, l'enfant plaza station is open. green line service has been established with a wait of about six minutes between trains. and yellow line trains will be replaced by additional blue line trains. anticipate more time between those trains and on the orange and silver line trains. metrorail redline not really going to be impacted by n. they anticipate normal service. virginia drivers, northbound side of 95, it's been volume for you. heading up through stafford, past the express lane entrance there. more heavy traffic getting past prince william parkway in woodbridge and newington towards springfield. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. s that is a says it's found the cause of the failed rocket launch on virginia's wallops island last july. the investigation shows the failure was linked to the installation process for the second stage igniter. the rocket ended its flight about 19 seconds after it was
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launched from nasa's wallops flight facility when an issue was detected. it's not only a first for national harbor but for the world. plans to sell the first 3-d printed cars and it will open a microfactory and showroom at national harbor. the phoenix-based company local motor says the showroom will open later this year and the building will also feature a lab and assembly floor where people can participate in building products and those vehicles. 6:13 now. you have a chance to speak out this evening about a proposed merger which could affect your power bill. a public areaing takes place this evening for a merger of pepco holdings and the chicago- based company xelon corporation. it will be downtown at the council building at 100 maryland avenue. here's our question of the morning. surprisingly 40% of 20 somethings own one of these. is it a, a pager, b, a vcr or
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c, rotary phone. >> what do you think? put your guess and comments on our facebook fan page. we'll have the answer here's some news you may find surprising. we're for an open internet for all. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. comcast and time warner cable, together for more net neutrality protection.
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reinstate an abortion ban in north dakota and arkansas. north dakota law banned abortions when a fetal heart beat could be defected which could be as early as six weeks in a pregnancy. the arkansas law banned abortions after 12 weeks. in south carolina a mistrial has been declared in the case after white expolice chief charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. after deliberating 12 hours jurors said they were deadlocked. he was charged after shooting bernard bailey three times in may 2011. prosecutors say they'll try again. kwame kill pattic will argue -- kilpatrick argue before an appeals package to fight for a new trial. they said the first trial wasn't fair. he's currently serving a 28- year sentence on corruption charges. a night that ended with a national championship trophy for ohio state ended with tear gas for some buckeye fans in columbus, ohio. this as hundreds of students flooded the streets outside the campus to celebrate ohio
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state's 42-20 win over oregon in the first ever college football playoff championship. police say crowds were dispersed after a few hours. the date is now set for stephen colbert's cbs debut. the network announced he'll take over for david letterman as host of the late show on september 8. letterman's last show will be may 20. we'll see if he takes the go big or go home approach on his first show like deon his last episode of the cal bert report. that to be -- colbert report. that to be determined. >> wow, that would be a large group of people coming to say hello. >> we'll see if that includes charlie rose. maybe a little question to ask in a couple of minutes. >> that's right. >> very good. >> thanks, nick. it is 6:18. allyson rae is here. what's new in weather? >> at least we're doing a little bit better for the the morning commute. we're not looking at as much ice out there on the the roadways as was possible through the overnight hours. temperatures stayed above freezing. that's good. not everywhere above freezing.
6:19 am
since we reached it much later, a lot of you have dried out. but be cautious especially through northern maryland, gaithersburg, along i-70. anything that had standing water that could refreeze but a lot of those areas have dried out. we're looking ahead to tomorrow. because tomorrow is another day with a big uncertainty. here's something to look forward to after tomorrow, things get much better. we are looking at a great end of the week and into the weekend forecast. we're at 30 for gaithersburg so we're at freezing. watch out for any roadways. 29 for westminster and it's really going to be the areas on the sides of the roads where the slush could freeze over. 34 for la plata. very warm nocht problems for -- warm. no problems for fredricksburg or culpeper. the winds will bring in cold air for today. it will be blustery. temperatures are going to continue to drop this afternoon to the lower 30s. the uncertainty for tomorrow, we are going to see moisture move to the south and we're going to be cold enough for snow. the question is how far north and west does the moisture go. a lot of models keep it way out
6:20 am
of our way but through the district on 95, we're going to watch for any snow potential. count on snow showers tomorrow. we'll keep you upto date on the the exact location. right now southern maryland count on a couple of snow showers during the afternoon. mid-30s today. temperatures continue to drop partly to mostly cloudy. it's breezy out there. not going to feel that warm. into the 20s this afternoon. passing snow shower for tomorrow. thursday everything turns around. we're going to see high pressure over the weekend. 43 by friday. look at saturday and sunday near 50. it's going to be great. let's go to beverly with traffic. not so great if you ride the rails this morning but the good news is the l'enfant plaza station has been reopened. green line service established although you may wait a little longer, trains every six minutes on the green line and yellow line commuters, you'll be using blue line trains operating as yellow line with the additional train service between franconia springfield and largo. account for the fact that on the orange and the silver line, you'll also have to wait a little longer between train's normal service on the readline.
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take you to -- red line. take you to sky 9. a water main break is being repaired between college park and hyattsville on route 1 south of campus drive north of 410 near van buren street. one lane getting by each way sharing one side of the roadway till further notice. 66 it was an early problem in centreville but delays are volume. manassas into centreville. then fair lakes into fair oaks. thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. wusa9 here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'.
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at 6:24, indonesia divers have retrieved the cockpit voice recorder belonging to airasia flight 8501. officials say they found it in the java sea near the location where the flight data recorder was recovered yesterday. the plane crashed two weeks ago while traveling from indonesia to singapore killing all 162 people on board. officials believe the voice and data recorders are the best hope of finding out why the plane actually went down. survivors of an assault by militants in northern nigeria are speaking out and describing days of violence in their village. the killing began after fighters seized a military base there earlier this year. amnesty international says there are reports that the death toll could be as high as 2,000 but nigeria's military says the evidence indicates the
6:25 am
death toll is no more than 150. president obama has officially signed into law a renewal of terrorism insurance. the bill originally passed in the wake of the september 11 attacks, encourages insurance companies to provide coverage in case of a terror attack. a series of recent high profile data breaches has intensified the debate about how to best protect your personal and private information. millions of consumers have been targeted compromise bid hacks at target, home depot, knee man marcus, just to name a few. >> president obama is now weighing in with three proposals aimed at protecting and notifying you when thieves strike large corporations. >> reporter: a simple swipe of the credit card can lead to a complicated and costly -- [indiscernible] up to 70 million people were exposed to hackers after a cyberattack on target in 2013. similar attacks at home depot
6:26 am
and niemann marcus exposed millions more. >> this is a direct threat to the economic security of american families and we've got to stop it. >> reporter: the president wants congress to approve a new national standard to replace a patchwork of state laws on stolen information. under the president's new proposal, companies would be required to notify consumers within 30 days if their personal information has been hacked. >> sometimes folks don't even find out their credit card information has been stolen until they see charges on their bill and then it's too late. >> reporter: critics say a federal law could weaken laws already in place in most states. we found mixed reaction from consumers. >> to get it out of -- get it at at state level, i guess it doesn't really matter as long as it's being monitored and controlled. >> a lot of the companies being hacked or national companies, and so there needs to be some kind of national standard. >> reporter: the national retail federation issued a statement saying it supports a national standard for all businesses as opposed to the
6:27 am
state-by-state approach. glpt obama has also propose add new consumer privacy bill of rights. 26 cases of measles now linked to visits at disney theme parks. this has been confirmed. that's the latest from california's public health department. they say 22 of the cases are in california. two are in utah. and there are single cases in colorado and washington state. investigators say multiple patients visited disneyland oracle cal add venture in -- or adventure park in california. california health departments are warning the potential exposure at some restaurants, banks and health clubs in the area. people with positive child hoolds may have better -- childhoods may have better
6:28 am
heart health later in life. the journal of circulation says factors like growing newspaper a family that is emotionally stable and physically healthy are strong indicators of good cardiovascular health when it comes to adulthood. researchers say those people are more likely to be normal weight, not to smoke and to have healthy greek companies levels -- glucose levels. it's 6:28. we didn't get below freezing no most parts of our area so not many of us are dealing with ice this morning but it is cold out there and there are some pockets of ice causing school delays the at the bottom of the screen. >> fortunately there's no rain this morning. things are much drier which can help. allyson rae is looking ahead at what you can face as you head out the door. >> you definitely want to bundle up. temperatures are above freezing but it doesn't feel that way once you factor in the winds. the winds kempt us feeling pretty cold but kept us above freezing so that's good but it's going to be blustery this afternoon as the winds bring in more cold air. notice who is at freezing. we were slow to get there. a lot of places dried out but
6:29 am
just watch for any isolated slick spots. white oak and laurel 32. the same as damascus. temperatures will continue to drop and stay to the mid to lower 30s today. a little bit of sunshine. we'll talk about snow for tomorrow. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: we'll have a complete report on the metro situation. let's check out the roadways. the outer loop of the beltway leaving bethesda to make the exit on 355 on the common commit ramp, -- exit ramp, emergency road repairs blocking the access to go northbound on 355 into rockville. sky 9 has been looking at the water main break down on route 1 between hyattsville and college park, south of campus drive, north of 410 sharing traffic there. one lane getting by in each direction until further notice. the trip to the 14th street bridge on 395, some slowing north of the beltway, edsall, duke street, but lanes are open from the pentagon across the 14th street bridge. downtown just building volume for you as you make your way on kenilworth avenue, new york avenue and the bridges in southeast. mike, annual dray ya, back to
6:30 am
-- mike, andrea, back to you. service in and out of the l'enfant metro station will be limited today. it's all related to the incident happening yesterday which left one person dead and injured dozens more. >> passengers say an electrical malfunction they believe caused the station to fill with smoke. many people were getting sick. yesterday metro officials have not released the cause of the smoke. the incident remains under investigation. delia goncalves is live outside the l'enfant station with a look at how this is going to affect your commute today. delia? >> reporter: we talked to a number of folks who are arriving at l'enfant plaza. they say so far so good on the metro this morning. as the day progresses, we can expect more delays as the ntsb continues its investigation into yesterday's deadly electric malfunction. it could take up to a year we're told to determine why there was arcing on the third rail that sent smoke into the train. we talked with one commuter this morning. we had to wait about 12 minutes
6:31 am
for the green line but was pleased that service was restored. >> reporter: did it change anything for you, what happened yesterday? >> yes. i was agent surprised. it was daunting to see the pictures online, on "the washington post." people, you know, with the smoke. it's a little scary, yeah. >> reporter: but it wouldn't stop you from ride sphg. >> no, i have to -- from riding? >> no, i have to get to work t. is what it is. there's always an option. i'm sorry to hear about people who were hurt and the fatality. >> reporter: let's take a closer look at your commute on metro this morning. a lot of this information very new to us this morning. the blue line trains replaced by -- replacing the yellow line trains, rather, between huntington and largo. those trains running every 12 minutes. and we have learned that normal green line service has been restored between greenbelt and branch avenue. those trains running every six minutes. you can expect delays on pretty
6:32 am
much every other line. we're told that those trains will run 10 to 12 minutes even though the green line says they'll run every six minutes, we did talk to the one commuter who said she waited roughly about 12 minutes. certainly expect a lot of delays and we'll have any new information, any updates on our wusa9 mobile app. that's the very latest if l'enfant plaza metro, back you to in the studio. >> thanks a lot, delia. today is the perfect day to download the wusa9 app if you haven't already. it's very easy to keep up with your train schedule today to see if it is on type. it's free. it's on apple i tunes or the -- itunes or google play store. the alleged gang rain at the university of virginia never happened according to police in charlottesville. still it is influencing local politicians to propose bills on how to handle campus sexual assaults. nick giovanni is here now to explain that. nick? >> mike, andrea, first the bill would help protect victims of sexual assault on college campuses. it would also lay out a clear plan for reporting those
6:33 am
crimes. the bill calls for campus police to report sexual assaults to their local commonwealth's attorney within 48 hours after an investigation begins. it's sponsor bid springfield delegate eileen filler-corn who says she's had the support of vehicle tips, victims' advocates, their families as well as local proctors -- prosecutors and law enforcement. even though the rain never actually happened at the fraternity house, it still parked -- sparked debate and opened up universities to criticism about how these crimes are actually reported. one important note is the bill would only apply to sexual assaults on property owned or controlled by colleges which might not include some privately owned fraternity houses. we expect to hear more from delegate filler-corn later this morning in a press conference. >> nick, thank you. the vote is at least to years away but the possibility of a power line being built in prince william county is already sparking outrage across that community. hundreds showed up at a local high school last night to
6:34 am
protest dominion power's proposal that they are considering. the company is thinking about building a six-mile power line in the area. community members are concerned that it will disrupt historical sites like a nearby winery and a church. dominion power says despite that concern, a final decision on the power line is still far off. >> we have an obligation to serve. we operate in a regulated environment. as such, be it commercial, industrial, residential, if we determine that there's a need there and the infrastructure is not in place to meet that need, we have an obligation to meet that need. >> two state lawmakers are currently proposing legislation which would restrict where these data centers can be built. we want to congratulate our facebook fan of the day. stacy leonard from mechanicsville. she says she loves wusa9 news, watches it every morning and wouldn't miss it. >> all right, thank you. stacy wins a $90 gift card to
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6:38 am
only some areas are at freezing. as far as any icing is concerned, a lot of places have had a chance to dry out overnight. watch out for areas you know have standing water. they could refreeze. 34 alexandria. springfield 35. temperatures continue to drop today. we'll be near freezing for most of the day. blustery as well. tonight we'll drop to the 20s. we'll talk about a little snow headed your way for tomorrow coming up in a little bit. let's go to beverly with traffic. metrorail a big concern. changes in metrorail. the good news is green line is established normal service every six minutes. l'enfant plays today station is open. the -- plaza station is open. yellow line trains will be replaced by blue line and anticipate more time it the trains on the orange line and the silver line. you'll wait a little longer between trains. normal service on the red line. sky 9 has been looking at a water main break impacting traffic between college park and hyattsville on route 1.
6:39 am
you're down to one lane in each direction sharing one side of the roadway for those repairs until further notice. virginia side, 95, nothing too out of the ordinary. the volume delays heading north of stafford, express lane entrance getting into woodbridge and now leaving newington toward springfield. below speed. lanes open from the beltway to 395. the auto show assured way in detroit and a few new cars are drabbing a lot of attention. ford is introducing its new gt which will retail for as much as $200,000. >> the new line from general motors is getting a lot of attention, too. nick perot has more. >> i think the recall has not had as much impact on sales of our current product line than people would expect. >> reporter: you can certainly see that in the numbers. in 2014, general motors closed in on the second highest numbers in the industry's history. >> i think there's a degree of recall fatigue. eight not just general motors.
6:40 am
we've seen it across the industry from just about every band. >> reporter: which is one reason why they see g.m. sales strong. the past is the past. >> they really don't reflect what the current product line offering is. >> reporter: if there are any doubters out there they'll be shocked by new builds in 2014 with growth in the truck market from the chevy colorado. >> a lot of kind of scratching their head, people thinking why go back in that business. well, we're seeing about a nine- day supply on a national business. >> reporter: far ahead of the average aferl of 60 days -- of the industry average of 06 days. >> with -- 06 days. >> with trunk -- 60 days. >> with trawmpgs as big as they are -- trunks as big as they are, the sedan is not dead. >> reporter: the chevy camaro right in lansing but he could only tell us this about the new product. >> mustang is having a good run
6:41 am
right now. well, their little victory party will be short lived. the new camaro will come in and really from a performance perspective, it will handle and brake and accelerate much better than what you would expect from a traditional pony car like that. >> reporter: 134-g in every -- something in every market hoping 2015 is even bigger than 2014. from the auto show, nick perot. >> it opens next friday, january 23. the senate hold as test vote on the keystone pipeline. >> and the car service uber is facing a bill challenge in the big apple. nick giovanni has more. >> reporter: let the debate again. the senate has one on the docket today over the keystone xl pipeline. the senate advanced legislation to approve it. senate republicans climbing the pipeline will create thousands of jobs carrying oil from canada to the gulf coast. the measure is expected to ie tract the support of -- to attract the support of several democrats as well. the vote expected to take place
6:42 am
friday. the new york -- new york city is the site of the latest debate over uber's surge pricing. executives are being grilled over the practice of doubling, even tripling sometimes rates during bad weather or heavy traffic. city council members argue surge pricing takes advantage of the consumer but uber has maintained its dynamic pricing assures the car service remains a reliable ride during times of peak demand. one of the latest victims after hack attack would be crayola. the can maker has issued an -- crayon maker has issued an apology after its facebook fan was filled with off color jokes. sex jokes and racy cartoons were posted but happy to report the site has been restored to its usual more friendly family -- family friendly format and has been since sunday. >> the hacking is getting out of control. >> if they're going to go after crayola. >> really, come on. >> who is next? >> thanks, nick. it 16:42. time to -- it is 6:42. time to answer the question of
6:43 am
the morning. surprisingly 40% of 20 somethings own one of these. is it a, a pager, b, a vcr or c, a rotary phone? >> our facebook friend says b, how the heck are millennials supposed to watch their vhs tapes of the rug rats, movie, pokemon and the land before time? she's correct. the answer is
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
at 6:46 let's check in with our partners at cbs this morning. >> good morning. to norah o'donnell standing by live in new york. >> good morning to you, mike, andrea. cbs news has confirmed new details about the paris terror attack involving honey from al qaeda and that connection. we'll have more for you at the top of the hour. plus, elizabeth palmer is in paris with a preview of charlie hebdo's first issue since the massacre. and maybe you've heard of tough mutter? it's one of the most intense tests of endurance on the
6:47 am
planet. the ceo is going to join us in studio 57 to reveal the new obstacles. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys at 7:00. >> we'll be watching. thankfully the rain is gone but i guess the temperatures are going to drop a little bit today. >> temperatures are dropping. it will be a little uncomfortable. watches out for snow possible for tomorrow. >> what? >> i know. after tomorrow, everything looks better. the weekend is going to be great. just the next to days a little uncomfortable. not everyone will see snow. let's take a look how we're starting off temperature wise. here's the good news. we had a good chance to dry out into the overnight hours, especially with the winds as high as they were. the winds helped us stay above freezing for most of the overnight. now we are finally dropping down to freezing and most areas are dry from yesterday's rain. so as far as any icing is concerned rveg it's going to be
6:48 am
, it's going to be limited to standing water and slush on the side of the roads. be cautious of leftover snow. that could freeze over because we're not going to get any warmer today. temperatures continue to drop with the help of the northerly winds but we're above freezing. springfield 34. 33 for germantown. once you step outside, the winds don't make it feel above freezing. it feels into the 20s. it will be a blustery day. sunshine this afternoon but the clouds quickly return tonight ahead of tomorrow. here's the deal with tomorrow. we're expecting temperatures to be below freezing. so we have the cold air in place. we're going to have some moisture move to the south. so where does the moisture go? that's the big question. the farther north it goes, of course we'll see snow. so as soon as that precipitation makes its way to the north and west, that's when we'll see a lot of snow. right now trending a little more to the south through southern maryland. so up through fredricksburg and over to maybe as far north as annapolis, but keeping it through southern maryland right now and skirting on by south of
6:49 am
66. we'll keep you up to date on the snow potential but right now light snow passing on by through the area. sunshine returns for thursday and friday and then it's all good for the rest of the week into the weekend. mid-30s today. blustery, temperatures stay into the low to mid-30s. feeling into the 20s. tomorrow a passing snow showers. better chances south of the district and east of 95. we do see some sunshine for thursday and there's saturday and sunday, upper 40s to near 50. it's going to be good. let's go to beverly with traffic. we're looking at metrorail because of the situation yesterday. we're dealing still with residual impact. the good news is l'enfant plaza station is open for business. green line service has been established running trains every six minute. it's going to be yellow line customers impacted replace bid additional blue line trains between huntington and largo. you'll have to wait longer for the trains but they'll try to add more cars to make them longer. on the orange line and silver line, you'll also have to have to wait longer between trains.
6:50 am
metro's red line will not be impacted. check out the ride on the road, eastbound lanes 6 of you have the volume -- of 66 you have the volume delays. nothing reported stopped along the way. that is good news. sky 9 has been looking at the water main break that impacts the tip it college park and hyattsville on route 1. you're down to one lane in each direction because of the water main repairs going on there. thanks for joining us this morning and starting your tuesday with us. wusa9 continues
6:51 am
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that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. it's 6:53. the official twitter feed for the u.s. central command is back online. centcom military operations in the middle east. >> hackers claiming to have ties to isis took control of the youtube and twitter accounts. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: u.s. central command is tweeting again this morning following what the pentagon calls a case of cybervandallism. late last night, centcom tweeted, we're back. it suspended service for hours after a group hijacked the site posting this image and warning american soldiers we are coming. watch your back, isis. the f.b.i. is investigating the group's claim that they're working on behalf of islamic state
6:54 am
militants. the group also claimed it penetrated military networks and included a link to an old contact list with names, phone numbers and e. maims of senior army -- e-mails of senior army generals. defense officials said in a statement operational military networks were not compromised. >> the fact is the threatened environment is getting worse and there are actors out there looking to shoot at and get at u.s. military personnel. >> reporter: the white house says it's taking the attack seriously, but is downplaying the incident saying we shouldn't compare this cyberhijacking to the recent attack against sony. >> it is a pretty significant difference between what is a large data breach and the hacking after twitter account. >> reporter: also hacked, centcom's youtube channel. they have terminated that site. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the group anonymous says it traced the hack to someone in maryland. later today president obama is expected to discuss cybersecurity with
6:55 am
congressional leaders of the white house. then he is scheduled to give a speech on security at the department of homeland security. the administration is proposing new powers for police and prosecutors who fight cybercrime. president obama is issuing new veto threats this morning. he's making it clear he will veto any legislation that would undo the immigration executive orders he issued late last year. the president is also threatening to veto house legislation that might weaken financial regulations. republicans call them unnecessary regulations. the new movie "american sniper" starring bradley cooper opens nationwide tomorrow. cooper plays navy seal chris kyle who is credited with more kills than any marksman in american history. kyle was killed after returning from four tours in iraq. he was killed here on u.s. soil by another veteran with ptsb. today a special premier will be held in bethesda. this evening the film will be shown at burke memorial -- burke theater near the u.s.
6:56 am
navy memorial. the film has already won top honors in the american film institute and national review board. "american sniper" with us directed by clint eastwood. here's a last look at your seven-day forecast. after wednesday, it's all good. 33 degrees. temperatures continue to fall. with the wind factors in, it will feel into the 20s. agent bit of sunshine, short lived, before tomorrow. snow possible east of 95. >> what? >> i have been saying it all morning. mainly south and east of the district. it will be fast moving and by thursday 3. look at saturday and sunday. come on, near 50 degrees. it's going to be good. let's go to beverly. >> mike just had a blood pressure spike there. 395 northbound heading past edsall road, you're on the brakes. lanes are open to the 14th deceit bridge. kenilworth -- street bridge. kenilworth avenue, volume building but lanes open to an cost ya. beltway out of college park to silver spring, typical volume there. they have a water main break down on route 1 in hyattsville
6:57 am
that has you down to one lane in each direction. back to you. cbs this morning is next. glen closes reveals details about -- clean close reveals details about her family's dealing with mental illness. the amazing race is adding tear gas to its obstacles. >> beverly and i will be back in 20 minutes with traffic and weather. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, just stick with the wusa9 app. >> are you with us here at noon? >> erica will be. >> known me and erica
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7:00 am
good morning, it is tuesday, january 13, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." france hunts possible terrorist members. and this morning charlie hebdo. passengers the underground chaos leaves one dead and dozens sick. only on "cbs this morning" actress glen close and her sister reveal their past. your world in 90 seconds.


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