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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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please stay calm. get off the platform at the fall plaza right now as we speak. >> reporter: smoke filling metro trains, filling metro tunnels, passengers having to be evacuated walking through tunnels treated for smoke inhalation. it was quite a scene at one of the busiest stops in the metro district tonight. >> reporter: hundreds of people show up to protest a power line in prince william county. >> we're almost done with rain and showers. now we're tracking colder air, how much moisture will refreeze
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and create black ice? we'll let you know for your morning commute. smoke fills the metro system killing one and sending dozens to area hospitals. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. the ntsb investigating the source of the smoke at l'enfant metro that sent the evening commute into chaos. look at this cell phone video. a smoke filled train coming your way courtesy of jonathan rogers here. he said he performed cpr for 20 minutes on the woman who died. several other passengers remain in critical condition tonight. >> we have live team coverage tonight with mola lenghi outside the l'enfant plaza tonight with a firsthand account from passengers. >> reporter: the green and yellow lines remain suspended tonight from l'enfant plaza. orange, silver and blue lines have been restored. the ntsb is investigating the smoke evacuation that left one person dead and scores of passengers injured. >> i was on the train and it
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just stopped and almost instantaneously just got full of smoke. >> reporter: as smoke filled the metro train and tunnel, passengers say the conductor urged them to remain calm. >> please stay calm. get off the platform at the fall plaza right now. >> people were getting out of hand panicking. next thing you know, you couldn't see from one end to the other on the train. >> reporter: because of the smoke. >> yeah. >> a lot of people were on the floor. >> it got really bad. people were throwing up. i know one lady passed out. >> reporter: how were you able to eventually get off the train? >> fire guys finally got there and i guess they pried the door open and one by one got us out. >> reporter: they walked the 150 feet from the dark smoke filled tunnel, from the train to the plaza platform and outside. people gasping for breath, vomiting, covered in soot, coughing, first responders piling up oxygen tanks to treat the injured anywhere they could in ambulances and on medical
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buses, metrobuses taken out of service doubling as a sort of triage for passengers with smoke inhalation. more than 60 people were hospitalized, two in critical condition and one woman was killed. >> my heart goes out to her family. the person had been on the train, was in distress, was evacuated from the train by emergency services. >> reporter: some passengers claim they were stuck on the smoky train up to an hour. >> there are protocols to be followed in terms of what we have to go through and again how that was followed and everything else would be in the investigation. >> reporter: so will the cause of the smoke. >> electrical malfunction is what they kept saying. >> reporter: but metro says they're still investigating. >> we're evaluating conditions and we will let you know as soon as we can open it up. >> reporter: again cause the still being investigated. the ntsb also investigating this. they are about to hold a new conference here in about 10 minutes. we're hoping to get some more information, but until then and until tomorrow morning obviously you probably have
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questions about your morning commute. check back with us here, online and on the wusa9 mobile app. we'll continue to update you about those green and yellow suspended lines through l'enfant plaza. live in the district i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. bruce leshan now continuing our team coverage from the george washington university lot where many of the injured passengers were taken. >> reporter: doctors are treating scores of patients here at gw as well as at howard and at medstar. most of those parents are complaining of problems with -- patients are complaining of problems with smoke inhalation, although several others say that they are feeling chest pages. >> we were swallowed by smoke, a ball of smoke. i could hear children and women screaming and i never experienced anything like that in my life. >> reporter: lillian pittsburgh steelers and her cousin sterling brown --
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lillian pitts and her cousin sterling brown walked out of gw hospital in what was the scariest moments of their lives. the two say they had just got on a metro train at l'enfant plaza when the smoke started boiling out of the tunnel. >> the smoke engulfed us point where we ng. >> reporter: brown is in a wheelchair and pitts was desperate to get him out but could not tell where she was going. >> she didn't know if she was pushing me off the track or not. >> reporter: doctors evaluated and treated scores of patients, 34 at gw and 18 at washington lot center including one in critical and another -- hospital center including one in critical and another in serious condition. >> the issues with smoke inhalation are what's in the smoke itself as well as how hat the gas is that they breathe in -- hot the gas is that they breathe in. >> heavy breathing, chest hurting, nausea and i vomited a couple times. >> reporter: doctors have told the two to rush back to the e.r. if they have any more symptoms,
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but 1 thing they will not be rushing back to is metro. you thought somebody had dropped a bomb? >> yeah. we thought somebody had dropped something. >> i don't know if i'll ever ride the subway again. >> reporter: d.c. fire rushed many of the patients here in mass casualty buses. doctors have been checking them for inflamed airways and inflamed lungs. they've also been running blood tests on them and ekgs. the vast majority of those patients have been treated and released, but we have that one person who passed away and several others in critical or serious condition. >> we get our first look at just how smoky the l'enfant metro was on social media. check it out, photos of the smoke filled the station began showing up on twitter and the website even as the story was unfolding. some of the photos show passengers sitting on the floor of the train covering their mouth trying to breathe.
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d.c. mayor muriel bowser released a statement thanking first responders who helped evacuate and treat passengers. >> meantime check out our new wusa9 app. you can download it now from the apple itunes or google play store to monitor the morning commute. turning to weather, area roads could be slippery for tomorrow morning's commute. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt has more on the possibility of the dreaded black ice. >> we're still seeing some leftover showers here, slow to move through, just a few stragglers kind of up and down 95 up through d.c. and back in through. these are the last of the showers and thankfully temperatures are still above freezing, but alexandria to d.c. up toward silver spring and laurel and bowie, showers pushing off north and east. temperature wie still 37 in hagerstown, 36 in frederick and gaithersburg, still 42 downtown which is the new high for the day. we are concerned about black
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ice. what is it? the road looks wet, but it's actually frozen. that's black ice. slow down. please be careful walking. we'll come back, snow chances increasing on wednesday. we'll tell you where in a bit. new tonight we've got a child porn case that is particularly disturbing. according to the washington post, police believe the suspect posed as a 13-year-old girl and then chatted online with youth hockey players in our area and sent them some inappropriate images. an undercover sting led to the arrest of 27-year-old timothy j. boddenheimer of fairfax county. a 6-mile power line from gainesville to haymarket is sparking outrage tonight, a full two years before it can even come up for a vote. >> more than 500 people showed up at a local high school to protest tonight even the possibility that it might be built. our hank silverberg is outside
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battlefield high with the details. lots of angry people in there tonight, i take it. >> reporter: there are lots of angry people. this has the classic pattern of opposition to power lines, people worried about power values, suspected health impacts of such a power line and also the view from their backyard. dominion power is reviewing four different routes for the 6- mile 230kili volt lines that would raise high here in prince william county. >> the relative risk to children and childhood cancers and cancers to unborn infants is significantly high are than it is amongst grown-ups. that's a fact. you can look it up. >> reporter: among the major concerns, the power line would serve only a data center and report -- that reportedly wants to build. it could be near a historic winery, a church and a retreat for wounded warriors.
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>> the whole purpose of the retreat is to help heal our wounded warriors and their families and make them whole again and looking at 100-foot towers and electrical lines is not really when we had in line. >> reporter: not everyone opposes the electrical lines, but tonight they were in the minority. >> all these scary stories are scary stories. [ boos ] >> reporter: dominion power spokesman chuck penn says it's a long way to go before any final obligations are made. >> we operate in a regulated environment. as such, be it commercial, residential, industrial, if we determine there's a need there and the infrastructure is not in place to meet that need, we have an obligation to meet that need. >> reporter: in the meantime two state lawmakers are proposing legislation that would restrict where such data centers could be built if they need additional power. of course, there are some people who say if this power line needs to be built, it should be built underground on the i-66 corridor. that would be the most
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expensive plan and it would be rate payers who would pick up the extra cost. in haymarket hank silverberg, wusa9 news. >> lot to think about. now the latest on the response to last week's terror attacks in paris, hot off the presses we are getting our first look at the cover of this week's special edition of charlie hebdo. it shows the caricature of the prophet mohammed. there are as many as six people connected to last week's attack might still be at large. starting tomorrow 10,000 extra security forces will patrol locations considered extra vulnerable including jewish schools. in response to the terror attacks in paris department of homeland security is ramping up security presence in the u.s. and it's directed the tsa to review whether more enhanced screening is needed at u.s. and
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foreign airports. hackers claiming to support isis breached the twitter and youtube accounts of the u.s. central command today and tweeted threats and propaganda and posted names and information about u.s. military personnel. military officials say those tweets do not appear to pose a security threat or even include classified data and the white house is downplaying the cyber attack. a group callitself cyber caliphate is claiming responsible. that would be the same group responsible for hackinwboc tv earlier in maryland this month. the cyber attack on twitter and youtube accounts came just as president obama was addressing data breaches on target and other retailers. the president wants consumers to be notified in 30 days if their information has been compromised. critics say a federal law could weaken laws already in place in most states. the university of virginia
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has reinstated the fraternity at the center of a now discredited rolling stone article on an alleged gang rape. investigators could not confirm a rape occurred at the phi kappa psi fraternity house. in a rolling stone article a female student claimed she was gang raped back in 2012. after the article was published, the university temporarily suspended fraternity activities. the rolling stone apologized for the article and charlottesville police will release the findings of their investigation when it's complete. coming up move over detroit, first fleet of a new type of car is set to be manufactured right here in the d.c. area. >> reporter: dozens come out in the rain to remember a man who died at the hands of
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two years ago tonight a frederick mom got the call no mother is ever prepared for. her son had been killed at the hands of police. >> tonight debra alfarone updates us on the fight for justice for ethan saylor, a 26- year-old man with downs syndrome and how his mother is trying to make a difference. >> reporter: dozens come out in the rain to remember ethan saylor, a young man who died two years ago today at the hands of police at a frederick
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movie theater. patty saylor, his mom, spoke today about the fight for justice for ethan. two years ago tonight ethan went into a movie theater in frederick. he came out, wanted to see it again and went pack inside. that's when three offcounty frederick county sheriff's deputies had an altercation. in the end ethan died. patty spoke to the crowd and shared her grief. >> justice is remembering -- this is when i cry. justice is remembering a life that matters. he mattered for 26 years and he still matters. ethan was love and he gave love. >> reporter: the saylors filed a civil lawsuit. they say they just want to know what happened that night. here back at the vigil lots of people did not let bad weather stop them from coming out and remembering ethan. >> through of the saylor family's advocacy the first ever statewide commission for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities was established and now all police
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recruits in the state will undergo specific training. now a plea from another local family. they want a fence built around a pond in oxon hill where a 7- year-old stepped onto the partially frozen pond and fell in. >> 7 years old, shouldn't no parent have to go through that because don't nobody want to do nothing about a pond and you all think it's something that looks good, but it's dangerous, not only for our family which my nephew, but for you all kids or your grandkids. >> the family does not want anybody else to go through what they're going through now as they prepare to bury the child. neighbors say the pond did have a fence once but it was removed during relandscaping. if you ever wanted to design and build your own car, coming to national harbor a company that produces cars partially made of carbon infused plastic created with a 3d printer. it's called local motors.
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you might say it's one part tesla and one part sheldon cooper of the big bang theory and they can't wait to open their doors to you. >> expect that you will come and build a vehicle here for yourself or with your kids in the next several months. >> it's an interesting looking vehicle, is it not? >> big old wheels. >> the local motors if sit at national harbor includes a re-- facility at national harbor includes a research and design lab and an assembly space, first this side of the mississippi. tuesday, september 8th is when the late show with stephen colbert will debut on cbs and here on wusa9. colbert will take over for david letterman. letterman's last show? may 20th. colbert commented on his start date saying, i have nine
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months to make a show just like a baby, so first i have to find out how you make a baby. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> he's funny, it will be interesting. >> it will to see the transition. >> i hope we see some of his old character. colder tonight. we can't get rid of these showers. some refreezing is possible and tomorrow temperatures are going to generally be steady or fall throughout the day. so whatever freezes will stay frozen. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperature up to 42 as warm always it's been so far actually. dew points are still above freezing, so no worries in the next few hours, winds out of the northwest at 7. again it's not a flash freeze situation, but it is going to get colder. check out the arctic air, current temperature 22 degrees at international falls, 15 in detroit, 16 in buffalo. this is the arctic air that will settle down the mountain as we go through tomorrow, which is why temperatures will be steady or falling as we go through the entire day, looking at temperatures north of us in
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the teens. so another batch of arctic air. in the meantime black ice is possible all day tomorrow with those falling temperatures. bus stop temps, 27 to 32. now that said dress the kids for the teens and 20s because it will be breezy all day tuesday and a little better chance now, light snow on wednesday and the best chance is south and east of town. we always say north and west. now you folks in calvert county and charles county, st. mary's county have a little better chance of seeing snow on wednesday as opposed to you folks in montgomery county or fairfax. 6:00 tomorrow everybody is below freezing except downtown, generally upper 20s to 30. by 8:30 temps go down farther, mid-20s in gaithersburg and frederick. by lunchtime upper 20s to near 30 north and west of town. walking to lunch, grab your heavy coat. 6:00 high and midlevel clouds with temperatures in the 20s. by 10:00 want to walk sparky
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tomorrow night? it's going to be cold. despite clouds 19 in gaithersburg and 20 five downtown. we'll break this down. day planner 31 at 7:00, 30 at 9:00, 32 at 1:00, not much upward movement on the temps tomorrow. wednesday light snow possible, best chance south and east 31. we'll monitor for a yellow alert day and not quite as cold thursday, temperatures with sunshine in the upper 30s. next seven days, friday nice back in the low 40s, which is average this time of year. weekend looks great, temperatures in the 40s and dry. want to wash the salt off your car, wait till after wednesday, please. >> wow, this wednesday is looking good. >> we have something to look forward to. speaking of things to look forward to, a lot of people excited about that game tonight. >> a great way to end a wonderful college football season. it's the inaugural championship playoff game.
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we've got highlights coming up next in sports. >> plus the capitals continue their dominance at home getting a big
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now wusa9 game on sports
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with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the inaugural college football playoff championship hasn't disappointed this season, oregon ducks going for their first ever national title, the ohio state buckeyes going for their eighth. it has been a fast paced game. here's some of the highlights. first ever playoff game second seeded oregon and you have ohio, had a little problem with their flags at the beginning. first possession of the game for oregon, mariota finds keenan lowe for the touchdown. later in the quarter buckeyes would answer. ezequiel elliott, this guy is unstoppable, hits the hole, breaks off on a big run, 33 yards to the house, 7-straight, but the ducks not going quietly. right after a turnover mariota to byron marshall, 70-yard touchdown pass and right now buckeyes just scored to go up. it's 28-20 in the 4th quarter.
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this saturday maryland terrapins host michigan state spartans in a big 10 basketball showdown. that game is at 4:00 here on wusa9. stay with us afterwards. we have a special postgame game on with appearances from garry williams, johnny holliday and wallet williams. the on capitals have found their goaltender in braden holtby who picked up his 21st victory tonight, but on the other side of the ice semyon varlamov in the net for colorado gave the caps a hard time this evening. alex ovechkin coming up big tonight, too. tom wilson doesn't get all the way through. jay beagle knocks in the rebound. caps up 1-0. 2nd period jarome iginla and later brouwer to
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ovechkin. the caps got one more pass from varlamov to win 2-1. >> you can tell we have confidence even if they're making a push getting some zone time, there's no panic in our game. we fool confident and trust ourselves that we can hold onto leads and we're doing that right now. some golf, i bet -- look at that. topper wants to be out there. final round of the tournament, beautiful 80 in maui, a playoff, patrick reed with the 19-footer for the win. he buries it to beat jimmie walker. tank tops and sunglasses, so nice. you can now own a memory of the redskins 2014 season for the right price, robert griffin, iii auctioning off the cast that he wore earlier this season when he dislocated his ankle. it is signed by the entire team. proceeds benefit a family of three foundation. hopefully he sprayed some febreze on that thing.
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we'll see you here at 4:25 a.m. on wusa9 news in the morning. we'll have the latest on the metro situation. >> thanks for joining
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