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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 12, 2015 6:00am-6:34am EST

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a drama. best director and best supporting actress patricia arquette i can't thank you for shining a light from this woman and the millions like her, and for allowing me to honor my own mother with this beautiful character. >> eddie red main won for portraying steven hawking in the theory of everything. michael keeton won his first golden globe for birdman and kevin spacesy won best actor in a drama. this is a look outside. it is raining and slick out on the roadways. the work week is off to a messy start. freezing rain coming down in lots of regions in our area. >> we'll have the forecast momentarily. let's start with nick in the newsroom. he has a list of delays. >> reporter: mike andrea, delays and one closure to report on account of the conditions outside. lowdon county public schools are the first we have seen to close their doors for the day.
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within the last couple of hours, montgomery, prince george's, grant county, howard county also announced two hour delays. and dc public schools the full list again at the bottom of your screen and can be found on our w s.a. 9 -- wusa9's mobile app. allison ray is tracking conditions outside where we find here with the umbrella in hand. >> reporter: it is coming down pretty good in norwest dc. it is slick out there and we are going to see freezing rain possible especially areas off to the north. roadways are well treated. the biggest issues is walking just outside of your door your sidewalks, and ramps. be cautious out there until the temperatures start to warm up. grab the umbrella with you. you are going to need it today. rain will continue. it will be heavy at times.
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37 degrees in dc. areas east of the shanendoah valley near the blue ridge and frederick, the pink colors indicating the possibility of freezing rain. give yourself an extra couple of minutes and sometimes it just looks slick and cab a nice, thin layer of ice. the rain will continue and we are going to see heavier rain through lunch time we are not going to see the rain carry on. showers taper off until dinner time we are going to see slick spots throughout the rest of the day. temperatures will warm up to 40. definitely be cautious on the roadways. tomorrow will be blustery. more details on that coming up in just a bit. now to beverly with timesaver traffic. out of marlboro headed to andrews, a crash that is just
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before the exit. only one lane of traffic was squeezing by along the right side inbound along route 4. beltway, oxen hill, alexandria, beltway into silver spring. seeing a little more volume there, but it is not bum per to bumper by any means. eastbound lanes of 66 more volume in toward manassas, into centerville, inside the beltway. seeing a lineup because it is a closure of a ramp. because of a water main break. andrea, and mike, back to you. as erica and allison have been telling us all morning long areas west of the district are seeing the most freezing rain. >> reporter: gm, if you are just waking up and about to head out the door, take a lack.
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we are on route 7 in leesburg and right now, it is just rain. thankfully the roads are not bad right now. very slick, a lot of wet roads but not really any freezing rain or ice. or a lot of slick spots to tell you about. just freezing rain. it has been pretty much the same story everywhere around leesburg and falls church. the one part i do need to tell you about is i got out of the car in a parking lot and i almost busted it. i lost my footing and almost fell. i caught myself. that is the slick spot you need to worry about. we are driving around leesburg, keeping an eye on roads, not a lot of slick spots to tell you about. if you are starting to head out for your morning commute, be aware it could get slick here. not too long and the roads are definitely headed that way. not too bad.
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we'll keep you updated on slick spots we find from northern virginia. drivers are asked to delay their commute. lowdon county schools are closed today. if you could help out the crews out there treating the roads and salting the roads by staying off them as long as possible, they ask you do that. we'll keep you updated from leesburg. for now, back to you guys in the studio. wusa9's coverage of the freezing rain continues with a look at conditions just north. delia goncalves is live in germantown. rain so far delia yes? >> reporter: this day is tricky for everyone. especially for commuters who are heading out. talking about the dangerous french russ steps and walkways in the parking lot. we are in one parking lot here off wisteria drive in germantown. pretty much the same situation here. a lot of it you have to be
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careful from the snow that is leftover from the last storm. this snow that is left over, there is a very slick coating of ice on top of that snow. so a lot of this remaining snow that is left over, that is certainly frozen up fairly quickly. the rain you can see is falling here in germantown, so it is a bit colder than it was each the last hour 15 minutes ago when we were in kensington. certainly has gotten a bit colder now. but take a look at the roads. looking really great. that, in part, to a lot of crews that have been working through the night to treat the roads and dropping their liquid gold i like to call it, their salt, to make sure everyone is safe getting to where they need the sidewalks? we are lucky here on wisteria drive. the sidewalk is looking really get. but some neighborhoods are covered in ice, others are lacking clear and clean and passible, so you really have to be careful when you are heading
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out. it could change, depending on where you are, the time of your commute. so we are just letting everyone know to drive safely and carefully. and fortunately, a lot of the municipalities, a lot of the government agencies and schools have delayed their openings. so hopefully that will give folks a little extra time to arrive safely at their destination. we'll have another look at conditions here in germantown. but for now i'm live and back to you in the studio. >> thank you delia. and all the weather delays, just a reminder, are running at the bottom of the screen. sometimes you tune in and you miss yours, very easy to get it quickly. just go to our wusa9 app, you can download it for free and you can target your school district so that one comes up first when you access the app. and at 6:34, we want to congratulate our facebook fan of the day, amanda haynes from fredericksburg, virginia. amanda says she should be one
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whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today! first alert meteorologist erica grow, it is 6:38. we have a freezing rain advisory in effect for the entire dc metro area. most of us will have that advisory expire at 9:00. but if you live in the blue ridge area or points west of that, the freezing rain advisory doesn't expire until 1:00 in the afternoon. doppler 9000 showing those areas in pink, where we are most likely to have the freezing rain at this moment. however there are patchy areas of icy conditions throughout the entire, especially the beltway counties and points north and west of that. we are zooming in here to carol and howard counties, where there is freezing rain falling along route 29 up toward columbia, and along the 70
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corridor as well. we have those patches of freezing rain. also in virginia northern virginia, along route 66, there is some freezing rain, and it is especially bad on sidewalks and of course untreated surfaces. the major roadways are in pretty good shape, but highways, overpasses, bridges, you have to be very cautious and just give yourself extra time. in our day planner temperatures will be above freezing in the beltway by 9:00. that is when the freezing rain advisory expires in the beltway. however, we will still have rain falling and there could be some pockets of heavier rain during the morning hours, until the early afternoon. then we'll start to taper off that rain to just rain showers in the afternoon. high temperature today 40 degrees. that is where we'll be at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. temperatures not really going anywhere as we head into the afternoon. cold and drier air arrives tomorrow. more on that on the first alert 7-day forecast. enough of a challenge around this area you add the
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ice factor and it really does become a challenge. dealing with a crash from marlboro past wood yard road. in delays, the exit for andrews there, only one lane will squeeze by inbound on route 4. beltway, oxen hill, moving decently. school delays, government delays helping out the volume. the outer loop heading into silver spring. no incidents to report. south of 50 all lanes open. we have more volume as you head west toward college park and virginia avenue. virginia side closure of the ramp eastbound 66 in rosalyn because of a water main break. back to you, andrea? mike in. beverly, thanks. the freezing rain will impact the morning commute, especially as you live northwest of the district. >> right now we'd like to give you conditions out that way. scott broom joins us live from
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his mobile newsroom with a look at things in frederick. scott what do you see out the windshield? >> reporter: well, good morning. i decided to stop the car and come to new market middle school in frederick county to give you a feel for what is going on. temperatures have been crazy here. anywhere from 34 degrees you get into a low spot that drops down to 32 or 31. that means the ice has been spotty on where it sticks. let's look outside the dashboard camera in the mobile newsroom. this is a sidewalk in front of new market middle school, and it is crazy slick on the sidewalk. it appears as though from the parking lot, it has been treated. but that is the reason for school delays. it is going to take the custodians and the contractors to get to work and to get the sidewalks and all the icy spots treated. can you imagine a bus showing up here, delivering 30 or 40 kids? and everything looks fine until
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they jump out on the sidewalk and people fall down and get hurt. that is that is what a lot of the delays and closings are about. here in frederick county the community college opens 11:00 a.m. county government is delayed opening until 10:00 a.m. because of conditions like this. i'm driving through the parking lot here at this middle school. parking lot seems to be okay. i have antilock breaks, i have touched them a couple of times. route 40 which goes through new market here and some of the other roads where commuters are popping out this morning and getting started on their way into work are lacking pretty good, although there was enough of this rain coming down and enough freezing conditions it created just a little bit of slush so you know there are icy spots out there. 32 degrees right now and raining. very much on the margin in this part of frederick county maryland. reporting live scott broom wusa9. thank you scott. and of course the weather delays all running at the
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is that it is 6:46 and time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on. good morning charlie. >> reporter: gam mike and andrea. elizabeth palmer is in paris with what is next in the terror investigation after yesterday's massive show of support and
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unity. and florida senator marco rubio is in studio 57, so we'll talk with him but new terror threat in the u.s., why he is against normalizing relations with cuba and get his take on the presidential election for 2016. we will see you at 6:47. dozens of schools and government agencies and businesses didn't each wait until this morning to delay openings. nick giovanni is in our newsroom to run through the changes we have, including some closings, andrea, mike the first bell is going to ring two hours late. but it is not going to ring at all in lowdon county or frederick, virginia. within the last cup of hours, montgomery county, prince george's county, frederick counties in maryland, they have announced delays. also applies to prince william
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county, arlington and fairfax county along with dc public salisbury. mike and andrea. we are seeing the closings, lowdon county, frederick county, virginia. does that say where the freezing rain line really is? >> reporter: yes, indicating some of the freezing rain possibility and it looks to be proven. those are areas and it has been spotty. as you head north and west of the district, we are seeing some of the troublesome areas. and areaseeing rain. even if you are just seeing rain like here in the district, some areas along your sidewalk or your patio can be very slick. as you walk out, get your mail, walk the dog, it is style going to be very slippery out there. we have heavier rain as well.
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school closures and some of the delays right through leesburg, just along 66 and along 70 from frederick to baltimore and even north of that. those have been some of the troublesome areas this morning and they will continue to do so. we have the freezing rain advisory until 9:00. but a lot of areas through baltimore and westminister and hagerstown, you might not see the temperatures warm up physical about lunch time that is why the freezing rain will continue. you are going to see some of the pink colors through the blue ridge. we have a lot more rain to get through. even as the temperature warms, the weather is not going to get much better. as far as the heavier rain fall coming through by mid-afternoon and through dinner time your drive home will still be impact by a lot of this rain. not until about 7:00 or even 8:00 that we start to dry out across the area. here's your futurecast
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indicating some of the rain. not doing a good job of picking it up. by lunch time through winchester, and even parts of la ray even, you can see the freezing rain continue, especially on the elevated surfaces, bridges, overpasses, railings. that is going to be slick as well. through 12:00 we notice the yellow color. we are going to see rain turn to heavy rain at times. a lot of the rain is going to push east of 95. areas west of 95 we are going to taper off the showers, it is going to be cloudy and cold tonight. we will see skies begin to clear and it will be blustery for your tuesday. at least we will be dry. near 40 degrees, the morning hours are going to be troublesome with the ice. then the freezing rain is not going to be an issue. winds will turn out of the northwest and pick up especially through this evening
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10 to 15 miles per hour. 35 degrees blustery. for wednesday hey, we could see a couple of snow showers pass on by. not a lot of moisture, but we have the cold air in place. then by thursday, finally good weather to report. chilly on thursday, by friday into the lower 40s and this weekend, 47 and near 50 by sunday. let's go beverly with traffic. >> reporter: allison, lighter volumes thanks to school closings and government delays. eastbound lanes 66, any volume delay we have seen has been brief through gainesville, centerville, fair oaks into vienna and so far. any morning accidents we have seen have been single vehicle slide off the road kind of things. heading into stafford, woodbridge and on to 395, a similar situation with the overall lighter volume. our trouble spots? inbound lanes of route 4. a
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crash still had only one lane squeezing by to the right. police have a tow truck outweigh eastbound 66 ramp that would take to you 29 rosalyn blocked off because of water main break repairs. mike and andrea, back to you.
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in the news right flew 6:55. one of the black boxes belonging to airasia flight 8501 has been recovered. teams are still working to find the cockpit voice recorder. the plane crashed two weeks ago. all 162 on board were killed. france remains on high alert following the deadly attack in paris at the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo and another attack at a kosher grocery market. yesterday dozens of world leaders denounced the three day terror spree which killed 17 and left the three gunmen dead. and at 8:30 tonight the ohio state buckeyes against the oregon ducks. they will place the first ever
6:29 am
college football playoff national championship. oregon and their heisman trophy winner quarterback marcus are the early on favorites rain tapering off to showers still going to be wet for the evening commute. southbound lanes of 270 with a new crash. right side of the roadway will be tied-up. watch the on and off ramps. inbound lanes of route 4 still hung up by the crash. that had one lane squeezing by. 395 headed forthe 14th street bridge. volume has been light, incident free. please take your time or wait it out until it warms up. cbs this morning is next. they will look back at the top ads of the 20, 21st century. 20th century.
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>> it is okay. senator marco rubio is also going to discuss a possible presidential run and details from his new book. and beverly and i are back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. and for news traffic and weather 24 hours a day including all the delays, just check the wusa9 app. and as far as temperature when is it going to go up? >> we are looking at midmorning. take it easy out there, watch for the slick spots. >> that will do it. we'll have updates throughout the morning. >> drive safely. >> stay safe.
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good morning. it is monday, january 12th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." after the paris attacks, a new terror threat. police commissioner bill bratton is here with new york city's response. a female suspect in the french attack heads to isis territory. how they're trying to win over women. and senator marco rubio is here in studio 57. his thoughts on the terror threats, cuba and the next race. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seco nds. >> the video calling for them to kill


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