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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. tonight, new information about what happened inside two french locations after armed terrorists took hostages. a storm system is on the way that could bring us some freezing rain. a vigil for a man who suffered from mental illness, was thrown in jail and died in police custody. the story tonight. hello, i'm bruce johnson.
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tonight a vigil was held for a man that held in a georgia jail after fighting with sheriffs deputies. the bureau of investigation confirms it is conducting a use of force information. ray chen was at the vigil and says the family wants some answers. >> reporter: more than 200 of matthew ajibade's friends and family packed into this church. >> ♪ it is so hard to say good-bye. >> i miss him so much. i know you all do. >> matt was my best friend and my life was so good with him in it. he was always there for me. so generous, kind and supportive. >> the 22 year old former park dale high school student was working at a bank in savana georgia, while going to college. on new year's day a fight with his girlfriend at a gas station near their apartment landed
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matthew ajibade in a savana jail. a police report says the girlfriend was beaten and she handed police medication to treat his bipolar disorder. when he was booked, he assaulted a female sargent. >> he was out of control. that is what happens in a manic state. >> the family has retained mark o'meara. matthew ajibade was put in an isolation cell, they will not say how long he was there before he was found dead on a restraining chair. >> instead of being taken to the hospital, he was taken to jail. to put him in jail, have all these triggers, of course it will make him worse. who knows what he experienced. how does somebody just die in jail? >> i never thought he would be the next face of police brutality. >> two deputies are on paid administrative leave for,
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quote, inappropriate actions. in hyattsville, maryland. results of an autopsy have not been released. well, tonight area fire and police departmenting are warning parents, talk to your children about playing near frozen ponds. sadly, a young man was playing by a pond in oxon. zae'quan austin walked on the pond in died. >> it is so sad for them to bury their child. >> my condolences to them. i don't know the feeling they feel right now. i know it would hurt me. my prayers are with them. >> two prince georges county officers say they pulled zae'quan from the pond and performed cpr. he was rushed to a hospital and
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pronounced dead. the officers were taken to the hospital for treatment due to the freezing temperatures. a car crashes in a rockville sports bar. it plowed through a fence in the 800 block of baltimore road. the vehicle struck a shed and crashed in the rear of jonathan's public. there were no injuries. tragedy on maryland's eastern shore. tonight, investigators are trying to determine exactly how it all happened. five people including a pregnant woman and two children were killed early this morning when their car collided with a tractor trailer in queenstown. both vehicles were overturned at the crash scene on route 50 at route 213. two adults, a seven year old and two month old boy were killed. a pregnant woman was taken to the hospital, where she and her unborn baby later died. the family is from greenbrush,
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virginia. the 28 year old driver of the tractor trailer is being treated at university of maryland trauma center. a police cruiser was involved in a three car crash in greenbelt, and a drunk driver is to blame. she rear ended an officer's cruiser during an early morning traffic stop. that pushed the cruiser into another vehicle on greenbelt road. the police officer was treated for minor injuries. we're learning more about what went on inside the location where armed terrorists took hostages in france. in each case, s.w.a.t. teams shot and killed the gunmen, four were killed. >> reporter: police commandons
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who stormed this restaurant knew something that the terrorists did not know. there were 15 people hiding in the refrigerator. he escaped through an elevator used for food. police handcuffed him. he drew them a picture of the store's layout, showing the location. a hostage in the store was a woman, identified as marie. she says coulibaly killed a hostage when he came in. he said he was not afraid to buy. miles away, two others were held hostage. the brothers let him go after an hour. then holed up inside for six hours before they were killed after they opened fire on
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police. >> catalano said he was not scared because the gunmen were respectful. he diverted their attention from a colleague that was hiding nearby. he was texting police to tell them what was happening inside. susan mcginniss, cbs news. an elderly man is stabbed after interrupting a burglary at his alexandria, virginia home. he was hospitalized and is in serious condition. the man and his wife returned home friday afternoon to find the suspect inside their residence. the suspect stabbed the elderly man before fleeing the scene. the suspect is described as being 40 to 50 years old, about 6'2", and unshaven, with a slight mustache. coming up, a saturday night, a successful rocket launch, but the landing doesn't
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go as planned. store workers happy to be alive as an suv crashed in their store. it is cold in northwest d. c. the temperatures dipped in the teens in the outlying forecast. it is going to be frigid as you wake up early tomorrow. 10 to 20 throughout the metro area, but it will get warm quickly. sunday is a decent day, but monday is a yellow alert day. i'll she
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. the first piece of wreckage from air asia flight 8501 has wynne recovered but the black boxes were not located. the tail section was lifted off the ocean floor. they believe the voice and flight data recorders were detached when the plane crashed in the sea last month with 162 people aboard. only 48 bodies have been recovered. at least seven people were killed, 30 others hurt when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a cafe in lebanon. it happened in tripoli. it is a region where violence is linked to the civil war in syria. curfew is imposed there until
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sunday. in nigeria, 20 people are dead after a bomb strapped to a young girl explodes. witnesses say the girl appeared to be just 10 years old and the bomb was under her vail. it exploded as she stepped in a crowded marketplace. that is the heart of the boko haram insurgency. george zimmerman was charged with assault after throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend. he was released on $5000 bond and ordered to avoid contact with the woman, george zimmerman was a quited of murder in 2012 for the murder of a teen, trayvon martin. close, but no cigar. this company launched a cargo rocket today. they launched the space x nine,
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but an attempt to launch the first section of the rocket on a barge was not successful. it crash landed off the coast of florida. it was the third attempt to bring it into the atmosphere using a controlled descent. residents awoke to snow in israel day. road crews used bulldozers to keep the streets open. in the states, new yorkers are digging out from three days of snow. the storm dumped four feet in the watertown area, north of syracuse. other nearby areas are blanketed with two feet of the white stuff. one of the most dramatic landslides caught on camera happened ten years ago this weekend. 400,000 tons of mud and debris slid down a california cliff, killing some ten people. jasmine reports the community
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still is recovering today. >> it was like a big train, just coming straight at me. it was so fast. one minute i was standing and one i was crushed and buried. >> reporter: it is hard for isabel to remember where she was buried by this landslide. she was pulled from the rubble, but her friend did not make it. it has been ten years for her and family and friends gathered unumbrellas to hear the bells toll for the seven adults and three children killed. just down the highway, a bench filled with flowers and bearing the numbers of the wallet family. linda van vanderwick came to look at the sea and think about
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her niece and her children. why stay, with so much loss and the threat that future landslides here are inevitable? >> this is the tight-knit town, with good people. some people don't understand that. or why we stay. but it is good people. >> isabel does not want to linger too long. she left a pair of her friend's flip flops. >> it was time to bring them back. the only station with weather alert days. wusa-9's first alert weather. i know it is january, but this is cold. >> it is cold. it is reminiscent of last january. now we have another area of disturbed weather heading our way, but as it moves toward us, temperatures are going to get milder, so we don't have as much of a threat of wintry weather as we did last tuesday, for instance, where we picked up a few inches of snow. let's look outside right now at the weather cam.
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currently it is 25 degrees and clear at reagan national, and the winds are calm, the dewpoint is three. that is one of the reasons the temperature fell kly. the low relative humidity and the calm winds allowing the little about it of heat we got during the day to quickly escape up into the atmosphere. as you head into sunday, an increase in cloud cover. it will not be as cold as it was on saturday. high temperatures will finally be above the freezing mark and then rain will make its way toward us. the timing of the rain is so critical with this system. our temperatures below freezing when the rain arrives. if they are, we'll have freezing rain, if temperatures are above the freezing point, even just 33, 34 degrees, we will be in much better shape for that monday morning commute. look at the difference in temperature here. it is 25 in downtown d. c. but 12 in leesburg and gaithersburg and ten in martinsburg.
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temperatures won't fall much more because off the cloud cover. the satellite shows the approaching storm system. you will see the approach on futurecast. sunday is decent. temperatures will be above freezing by noon. the cloud cover will increase as we head into the afternoon and early evening. by midnight the rain is starting to fall in the outlying suburbs. the temperatures right at that freezing mark up to the north and west of the beltway. so freezing rain is very likely north and west. but in the beltway itself, as the rain arrives, temperatures get above freezing. so in the beltway, not as much potential for that freezing rain but you see the pink showing up here on futurecast, indicating that possibility, especially as you head further to the north and east. as we head into the end of the morning commute, we'll have the rain falling, but temperatures will get above freezing throughout the area and that is good news for the afternoon commute. it should not be as messy. the rain moves out and by dinner time monday, we're in
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better shape. overnight tonight, partly cloudy, very told but no windchill. 8 to 18, but winds at about five miles per hour out of the south, picking up a little bit as you head into sunday morning, 5 to 10 miles per hour, temperature in the teens and 20s. not too breezy or cold as we head in the afternoon, 35 to 40 for the afternoon highs. it will be mostly cloudy by the time we get close to sunset. so it is a pretty nice day tomorrow. an increase in cloud cover, but it will be dry and a little bit milder than today, with a high of 38, and then monday, that's the messy day. that's the yellow alert day with the threat for freezing rain in the morning, scattered showers in the afternoon and a high of 40. temperatures remain below the seasonal average. we should be getting in the low 40s and that is not even very balmy, of course, but high temperatures will only be in the 30s all work week long. looks like a dry work week as
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well, with a few flakes wednesday. erika, thank you. two convenience store workers in ashland, massachusetts, escaped injury. an suv came crashing through the store's window. one worker had just moved away from the window and it was caught on tape. >> reporter: surveillance video shows everything in ashland convenience store changing in a second. >> i was like oh, my god. i cannot believe that i'm alive. >> the employee had just moved from the window. >> i saw the car coming this way and hitting the window. it was scary. >> the man in red is her supervisor. watch as the vehicle crashes through the glass and sends everything in its path flying. the supervisor manages to escape without injury. >> it looked like he jumped over. >> yes. >> reporter: firefighters say the suv that broke through the window was taking a left turn offunion street into the parking lot when it was rear ended by a pickup truck. a mom was driving the suv with
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her three year old daughter in the back. the mom was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. she ran out the store and got the owner. they watched the surveillance video and are still in disbelief that the only damage was to the store. >> i think god saved the people here. i'm glad no one was hurt. that's kind of situations make you change the way you are thinking, the way you are living. >> it's crazy, huh? >> did you ever hear of a day at a time. you have a lot of football. seahawks and panthers winning. that ravens game, we were talking about it earlier, too tight. new doubt, ravens versus patriots, as good as advertised and then so. we'll take you back to foxborough. we'll give you the highlights
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. >> now wusa-9 game-on sports with dave owens, brought to you by xfinity. >> if you're an nfl owner, you can only hope your franchise gets to the point where it operates at the level of the
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ravens and patriots. they just win. when they face one another, it is a classic and that's what we had tonight in foxboro. third time in four years in the playoffs. they call joe flacco, january joe. this touchdown to steve smith, it was 14-0 before you could bat an eye lash. the patriots fight back. brady to amendola. five catches, 81-yard, ties it. later in the half, pass, driving, darrell smith says i'm a roadblock and picks off brady. brady tried to get it over him but didn't get it high enough. ravens take advantage, flacco throws it behind daniels on purpose, behind him, so the defender could not get to it. flacco, 28 of 45. 21-14 at the half. second half, fourth and sixth. flacco to tory smith. it was ruled down at the one. they moved it back and finally
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justin forsett gets the easy score, 28-14. but the patriots pull out the tricks. brady to ed elman who throws to amendola. next touchdown to brandon lafell. that ends it. the patriots prevail, 35-31. kristen berset with more from foxboro. >> reporter: there were lots of teary eyes on the ravens team. they played a great game, had the victory, but a couple late mistakes gave the lead to the patriots and they were not able to get it back. after all this team has gone through, this was a tough loss for them to take. >> you know, it sucks.
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taking my, you know, i just wish they could have had more. i really do. >> we didn't let little things shake us and we were able to hold each other up and did a great job. >> you learn more in failure than you do in success. right now, we are already processing how we can get better and not feel like this next year. >> reporter: it was an emotional game, but in the end, the "w" stays in foxboro. the ravens head back to clean out their lockers and think about what could have been. at gillette stadium, kristen berset, wusa-9. the patriots move on to the afc championship. the news just keeps getting better for the caps. they are playing some of the best hockey in the league, alex ovechkin found out he is going to be an all-star. they is fifth in the league with goals scored. the caps hosting the wings, ovi looks like he is sleeping.
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two minutes into the game, brouwer steals the puck from jimmy howard, who says "want to get away?" he did. second period, that one hacked in. caps have won 7 of 10 and win 3- 1 over detroit. all right. back to college basketball. maryland bouncing back on the road today. they did it with defense, really, guys. dez wells with a great steal. watch this flip. that is sweet. a lefty reverse lay-in. pack had a dreadful night on wednesday against illinois, 1 for 7. today, a nice stop and start move there, balanced attack. four guys in double figures. maryland survives, 69-60. the terps are 15-2. virginia and notre dame, malcolm, don't need to ask. he is a smooth operator. fade away fire there. uva by two. 4:00 to go, tied, justin
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anderson, local kid, drains the three. makes a 9-0 run and virginia wins 62-56. virginia is 15-0. so some great basketball going on around here. georgetown in the mix, they lost. >> let's talk about virginia. they can take an off-ramp? >> they are elite 8. they went there last year and played great defense, they are a good ball club. they have some juniors and seniors. tony bennett is a heck of a coach. >> three unbeaten left. >> yes. kentucky, virginia, and i think duke. virginia is an experienced ball club. we'll have a at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between...
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. do you have a recap for us? of course. tomorrow will be milder, an increase in cloud cover. the rain doesn't arrive until after midnight. monday is a yellow alert day with the potential for freezing rain in the suburbs to the north and west of the beltway. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a good night, everybody. good-bye.
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