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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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s. gunfire and stun grenades, french authorities say said and cherif kouachi wanted to die martyrs. cornered at a printing plant near degaulle airport, police say they came out shooting heavily armed police fired back killing the brothers and rescued their hostage unharmed, but in another paris neighborhood an associate of the brothers had also taken hostages in what the french president says was anti-semitic attack on a kosher supermarket. amedy coulibaly threatened to kill the hostages if the police attacked the kouachis, so minutes after the brothers died the police hit the supermarket. in his confusion the girl
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friend hayat boumeddienne may have slipped away. four hostages have died. a tactical team led at least five hostages safely from the scene and a man embraced a rescued boy. >> the streets of paris, the word has seen once again what terrorists stands for. they have nothing to off but hatred and human suffering and we stand for freedom and hope. >> police suspect the brothers killed a dozen cartoonists and police officers at the charlie hebdo weekly on wednesday and they believe coulibaly shot a woman police officer to death thursday. the french prime minister says tonight these attacks were clearly a failure by french intelligence services. prince george's county police are questioning a charles flowers high school student after threats of violence against fellow classmates were posted on social media. jim osman joins us live from springdale with more on what happened and how authorities were able to track down that student who is now in custody.
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>> reporter: good evening to you at home. here's what we know from police and the school district. a student at flowers high school placed a note on twitter last night claiming there would be violence at tonight's 7:00 basketball game between flowers high school and northwestern high school. the police tracked down that student through twitter, through social media and they say that that threat was not credible repeating the police say the threat was not credible. let's listen to some students we spoke to just moments ago. >> the principal got contact. parents got involved and apparently they got the dude and everything is safe right now. >> reporter: you feel safe? >> yeah, i feel safe. >> yeah, i feel safe, you know. you got god on my safe. praise god for that and yeah, i think everything is under control. i don't think anything is going to happen. >> nothing is going to happen. >> reporter: now the school
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says the student who posted the threat will face disciplinary action and the police say the juvenile may still face charges for making the threat. we understand the threat was made out of anger because of an incident with another student. back live tip-off at 7:00 tonight. we understand there will be increased security. reporting live from prince george's county, jim osman, wusa9 news. walk outside today, may have felt like a heatwave after all the cold air. sadly there more of that cold air on its way to the metro right now. >> topper is keeping an eye on all the falling temperatures and those low wind chills. top, how cold we talking? >> single digits again late tonight in the suburbs straight temperatures without the wind. current temperatures, already 27 in gaithersburg, 30 in leesburg. temps have fallen 4 to 8 degrees in the past couple hours. tonight low 20s in the suburbs, clear skies. the winds pick up just enough to add a little wind chill to
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the mix. after midnight wind chills will be between 0 and 10 above. by 10:00 straight temperatures will be 19 already in gaithersburg, 18 in martinsburg, low 20s south of town into charles county down around la plata into fredericksburg. by midnight temperatures in the teens pretty much across the board except low 20s downtown. looking ahead we've got a cold and dry weekend. sunday will not be as cold. sunday will be the better of the two days. sunday will remind you a lot of today, which was pleasant out of the wind, but cloud increase sunday night, morning freezing rain monday, a yellow alert issued already to keep you ahead of the situation. we tweeted that out about three hours ago and the morning commute will be affected. no doubt about that. we'll come back and give you the time frame of the freezing rain and talk about a couple snowflakes on our seven-day. of course, we're still trying to recover from tuesday's snow and ice and ddot took advantage of the afternoon
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sunshine to plow subdivisions covered in sheets of ice for days. many sidewalks aren't much better. ddot sent 100 trucks to neighborhoods in northern virginia this afternoon. >> trying to definitely get everything wrapped up so people can be able to access into their housing and things of that nature, but for the most part i think everything is up and up. we're still out here pushing hard, still putting chemical down, a lot of it and obviously it's supposed to freeze again tonight. so pushing forward, that's all we're doing. >> it's only the beginning. ddot and plow drivers are preparing for the potential of a storm next week, so know before you go. download the wusa9 news app. it's free and available on itunes and in the google play store. tonight the officers whose cruisers were crushed by a man who accused them of killing his brother, they are talking. this is some surveillance footage of wednesday's attack
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in glenarden. gene brandon is charged with attempted murder. prince george's county police officer rodney lauchman explains how it all happened. >> i knew something was wrong. you just had a feel something was going to happen. that's why i looked at bragg and said he's going to come back and hit our cars or hit us and we need to get out of here. >> authorities say brandon had a history of mental illness and supposedly told investigators he'd not been taken his meds. a fairfax judge rejected the gag order in the jesse matthew case today, the suspect from the uva student hannah graham's murder and he'll first stand trial for a 2005 sexual assault case out of fairfax. peggy fox was in the courtroom today where the defendant had a surprise visitor. who was that? >> reporter: it was his father. a soon as deputies brought in jesse matthew, he looked to the back of the courtroom and
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nodded at a man. that man confirmed after the hearing that he is jesse matthew's father. i asked him was it good to see your son? he said yes and declined to say anything else. his son is charged with attempted capital murder and rapublic defender argued for a gag order complaining that commonwealth attorney ray morrogh may have already tainted the potential jury pool by talking about the alleged victim who is a mother now and lives in india. >> we imposed the gag order because i think it's important for the public to have information about how the process works. i think it promotes confidence in the courts. i'm actually proud of our court system. i think our judges and lawyers on both sides of the fence do a good job and i think the public is well served if they can have access to that. >> reporter: the defense attorney argued for funds to pay a dna expert successfully. she said the only evidence in the case is dna from one
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fingernail scraping. court document have shown the linking of matthew in a 2005 sexual assault case with dna collected from under the victim's fingernail when she fought off her attacker. matthew of the last person seen with uva student hannah graham when she disappeared in 70. after a nationwide manhunt -- in september. after a nationwide manhunt graham's body was found in a rural area 12 miles south of charlottesville. the judge ordered the commonwealth to hand over evidence to the defense by january 23rd. the trial is scheduled for march, but the defense attorney told the judge that the files she had to go through already were 3 inches thick and she indicated she might not be ready then. we may hear a continuance in the next motion. the colorado springs chapter of the naacp reopened and is back in business after an attempted bombing.
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federal investigators say somebody left two homemade bombs at the building. only one blew up, nobody hurt and minor damage. authorities are on the hunt for a person of interest seen leaving the building shortly before the device exploded on tuesday. did you thank a police officer today? a lot of people did. this is national law enforcement appreciation day and in a gesture of support and goodwill students and staff at the bullock stool in potomac streeted the staff and police officers to a nice pizza lunch. >> give them a warm meal that they can relax and show them we do appreciate they put their live on the line every day for us. >> it means a lot to the officers to see that the young folks especially are showing their appreciation for us today. >> national law enforcement appreciation day was started by the fbi's national academy to thank officers across the country who risk their lives to protect us all. talk about your unexpected,
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coming up find out how a woman delivered a p pregnant. >> okay. got to hear that. no tipping? might see. rude, but coming -- seem rude, but coming up we'll take you to a spot that is doing away
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there's a restaurant in pittsburgh that's adopted a no tipping policy. >> the servers won't be getting
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short changed, though, because of this. the owners decided to raise prices to offset the price of paying each server $35,000 a year plus health insurance and employees are on board with this plan. it's worked in restaurants in other cities, but what would you think of this? >> if everybody gets paid the same, i don't think that's good, you know. there's no motivation to work harder. >> it's good that they're going to pay more money, but i still think they should get a tip because it shows your gratitude. >> if someone does decide to tip anyway, the restaurant owners donate the money to local charities. i like that. give them a livable wage. >> but what about the incentive? i think that incentive factor matters. >> we should all have an incentive to do a good job. a cold finish to
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to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. a massachusetts woman gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on tuesday, but she never even knew she was pregnant. >> i thought that i had put on like some christmas season weight, you know, but i never thought that i was pregnant, never.
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>> so this is called a cryptic pregnancy and even katie's mother who lives in the same home had no idea. one doctor at the hospital where katie's baby elly was born says they see this type of situation a few times a year. >> and having borne a child, you're not buying it? >> listen, no, no, no. i'm not saying it couldn't happen. i'm saying i was reminded every day because i was sick every day. i can't imagine not knowing. >> doesn't the baby start kicking and doing things and moving around and sitting on your bladder and causing problem? >> yes. >> it can. some of them are less active than others. >> but let me just tell you. you know in. this case they call it a cryptic pregnancy. now i want to learn more about it. >> there's a name for it, must be true. arctic air tonight, arctic air tomorrow, a pretty nice sunday, maybe a bike about ride for you and freezing rain rolls in monday. it looks like a yellow alert
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day. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature 42 today, spot on average, all we can ask for this time of year, down to 36, temps falling, dew points falling, single digits, wind west, northwest at 9. here come the arctic air oozing in down from the mountains with us tonight and tomorrow, start to leave the metro area sunday. unfortunately not fast enough to create some problems monday morning. these are actual wind chills, okay? temperatures you feel when you go outside, feels like 18 already in gaithersburg, 29 downtown, 21 in leesburg, mid- to upper teens in hagerstown and martinsburg. if you're going out tonight, dress for the teens. there's enough wind to generate wind chills. fresh arctic air moves in tonight. wind chills by morning, 5 below to 5 above. cold and dry this weekend, pretty uneventful and freezing rain in time for the monday morning commute. yellow alert in effect. i would plan on a slow commute
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and getting up earlier monday. does not appear to be an ice storm at this point, does appear to cause major problems for the commute monday morning. 8:00 tonight on the futurecast in the low 20s, 10:00 it's 19 already in gaithersburg, 21 in manassas, 23 in la plata, clear. by morning we're looking at temperatures at 8:00 10 for a temperature and some areas like gaithersburg, leesburg and manassas will sneak into the single digits tonight, 16 downtown at 10:00 in the morning. by 1:00 we're still in the teens in the suburbs, some 20s showing up, 22 in manassas, 26 culpeper. in the shenandoah you'll make it into the upper 20s saturday. then temps fall quickly once again tomorrow night, back in the teens, clear skies again. we get into saturday night, 17, leesburg at about 7:00. let's jump ahead now to sunday night into monday on our
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futurecast. clouds in place 9:30 on sunday. we'll put this into motion. here comes the motion. yes, the arctic air is leaving, but at the surface is where the problem is going to be. the magenta is freezing rain. falls as liquid and freezes on contact. probably won't see a flake, could be icing in the morning monday, thus the yellow alert for the morning commute. tonight clear, breezy, very cold, late wind chill 0 to 10 above and low temperatures 8 to 18. those are actual temperatures. on the day planner temps don't go up much, 19 at 11:00. this is full sun and 22 with sunshine at 1:00. the next three days, we're looking at some afternoon high clouds on sunday, 38, but a pretty nice day sunday and morning freezing rain on monday, yellow alert, temperatures back to around 40. i think the warm air will win, but freezing rain during the morning commute. next seven days, dry and cold on tuesday, snow showers possible wednesday and
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thursday, models still all over the place. we'll watch it, upper 30s, dry next friday, highs again in the upper 30s. so we turn now to the great pumpkin. >> reminds me of mike rizzo. this guy likes to grind tape and mike rizzo has done a fantastic job. i like him. skin have needed a football guru in the gm position a long time and they got one, but he also comes with some
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> till about a week ago you had probably never heard of the name scot mccloughlan, but since he became the frontrunner for washington's gm's job a lot of background facts have come up. alcohol derailed both of mccloughlan's previous two jobs. he's been very open about that. what has never been in question is as acumen at spotting talent. he knows he's in a high profile position and he's admittedly again struggled with alcohol and people wonder how he'll deal with the stress of leading the burgundy and gold front offices. i sat down with him today and asked him just that. >> i've been through the bad part of my life. i know that. i don't want to go back e.ther the one thing i didn't do at san fran at all is i never delegated the work. 24/7 i was going, but i got out of it. i don't want to be that guy. if i want to be back in this
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situation, i can only be correct in being this way. >> will he be given the latitude to craft the roster the way he wants to? dan snyder is staying the heck out of the way. perception has always been that snyder meddles too much, so i asked mccloughlan whether he expects snyder to micromanage. >> i didn't see him heavily involved at all unless things are going south. he'll be more involved with bruce, the president, and let me do my job. he is the owner if he wants to come around. i asked if he wants to watch tape with me and he said no. i said you're welcome to any time. >> i'm feeling snyder might be watching some tape. one last night. the selection of the d coordinator position will be up to gruden. eric mangini has joined the list of interview leads. he was head coach of the jets and browns and d coordinator for the patriots in 2005.
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we always talk about the patriots offense. what about the d? new england plays some tough d, eighth best in the league giving up points, not a good number if you're the ravens who before the pittsburgh game struggled putting point on the board. >> they're a smart defense. they know how to get match-ups that work well for them and they try to do that on both sides of the ball. >> now they got some tough guys on secondary we have to deal with. so you kind of live for big games like this. >> should be a good one, 4:30 tomorrow. we're not halfway through the nba season, but it's starting to shape up in the east and it's becoming quite clear. if you're the wizards, you better figure out how to beat the chicago bulls. tonight the two square off for the second time. chicago won the first by eight on the wizards home floor in december. wizards are the two seed, but many feel they're the best team in the east, especially if derrick rose plays and rose is expected to play tonight.
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>> he's great. he's fun, exciting. he's a competitive person like me and wants to do his best. go out and try and help your team get the win. he's beat en me every time we've played in the match -- beaten me of time we've played in the match-up. >> wall versus rose, two of the best in the business. >> rose unstoppable except by injuries. >> he may not go tonight. he's always a game time decision. >> love watching them play. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan and your only local news at 7:00. hope to see you then. >> have a great weekend, everybody!
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>> pelley: tonight, a violent end to three days of terror. french police kill the gunmen behind the massacre at the magazine. but four more victims die in a second terrorist attack. this time a jewish grocery store. the french president warps the threat is not over. elizabeth palmer and clarissa ward are on the scene. bob orr is following the terrorists' trails and we'll have some thoughts about the failed attempt to silence the press. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. for the people of france, it was 54 hours of anguish from the moment terrorists stormed the offices of a


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