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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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it is freezing outside and these cold temperatures cause people to do some pretty strange things just to keep warm. strong winds will drive wind chills below zero. wind chill advisory in effect for the entire metro area. we'll see just how low they will go and what that means for your morning commute. a vigil in front of the museum after a shocking attack on a newspaper. coming to the defense, wait until you hear what mrs. huxtable has about the allegations. bundle up because the wind is picking up making it feel
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below zero overnight. >> i'm derrick mcginty. even though we'll get a lot of sunshine the high temperature only makes it to the low 20s and that means schools may be closed or open late. lowden county schools and fredrick county schools both making the call to shutdown school tomorrow. county schools on two hour delay are arlington, culpepper, fairfax, prince william and maryland prince georges county. >> let's get right to first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> what do those wind chills look like right now? >> actually around zero but by the daybreak hour we'll see wind chills from five below to 10 below. it's 9 in gaithersburg, that's our wind chill, 14 in fredrick, 12 in leesburg, 12 manassas, even downtown d.c. at nationalist 16. feels like 6 below in leesburg, eight below in gaithersburg so when you factor in the winds it's two above in the downtown area so dress the kids and yourself for the wind chills but not so much for the
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temperatures so dress them from five below to five above. by 11:00 the winds had been gusting to 25 miles per hour and we'll see gusts overnight over 30. good news is they will subside by late tomorrow morning so wake up weather bitterly cold, 6-16 at 5:00, 5-15 at 7:00, and even by 9:00, still bitterly cold, temperatures 9-16, winds though will make the wind chills 0-10 below by daybreak. well thank you, topper. and it is so cold out there tonight the d.c. mayor bowser issued a cold emergency weather plan that includes opening warming facilities and then deploying mobile hypothermia crews out there for anybody who may not have a place to get warm. >> because of the freezing temperatures, montgomery county is requiring its residents to bring in the pets from the cold. >> they need all of the warmth they can get overnight into the morning hours because a deep freeze. >> those freezing temperatures, mulla? >> reporter: guys i love my job most of the time but there's
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nothing pleasant about being outside and most of the folk whose we ran into who had to be outside were doing whatever it took to stay warm. >> this may be the coldest i've ever been. >> from florida, maddie lahey feels a long way from home. she is not used to the cold. >> this is the first pair of gloved i've ever owned, so i feel kind of still cold but definitely warmer than i could be. >> you're a rookie from florida let's be honest. >> i embrace it. i know what i am. >> you don't know what you're doing. >> no. >> even those from cold weather states struggle. >> i'm just so cold. i don't know what else to do. >> so having completely run out of ideas, she dressed up like an elephant in sunglasses. >> is it working? >> it is. >> so literally everything has a purpose? >> everything has a purpose. i'm not just doing it for fun. >> you can tell by her hat she what she's doing. >> fashion statement or more
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for practical purposes? >> it's both. >> some other good moves, ear muffs, scarf around the mouth trick or even bigger earmuffs. >> they are very warm. >> the collar, and the ninjaxe look. >> three layers on the bottom, four or five on top. >> so he runs to keep warm. so does this guy. in shorts? >> yeah. >> you might be surprised how often you see shorts and skirts in these temperatures. >> how long does it take to get numb? >> five minutes in this weather. >> isn't that a painful process to go through? >> it is a painful process but when you're a girl and you work and you can't-- >> the sacrifices girls make. >> while some make sacrifices others make solutions. >> tight, thick stocks, a pair of spandex over that and then a sweater and a skirt and a dress. >> so you look like a goof ball but at least you're warm. >> yeah, stay inside as much as you can. >> keep your head down literally so you don't slip.
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>> and wait to get numb. >> exactly. >> there has to be a better way. >> that's why i'm going to mexico in two days. >> there it is. head south until it's warm enough to different winter clothes. >> now the last thing you want is to be stuck in the cold for whatever reason so if you find yourself or anyone you know stuck in the cold, there are several hot lines in maryland, d.c. and virginia that you can call. you can find those phone numbers on the mobile app. live in the district for wusa 9. >> as you and i both know so well, hats, hats are the most important piece of apparel. make sure you stay on top of the weather for a complete list of school closing and delays as well as all-important weather alerts download the wusa 9 mobile app. it is free on apple or android. well tonight one of those suspects in the horrific terror attack on the french magazine had turned himself in. police say the 18-year-old hameed described as a homeless
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man is now in custody but the other two suspects are still out there on the run. the three men are suspected of bursting into the offices and raking the room with bullets killing a dozen people including two police officers. the magazine, al qaeda recently called for the murder of the publications editor after years of cartoons that sometimes were perceived to mock the profit mohammed. tonight cartoonists are reacting and as you might expect letting their pens do the talking. some aft cartoons call for intolerance and out right evil and others offer sympathy and a response from the washington post is his version of it being mightier than a sword or in this case the automatic weapon. the violence in paris has produced outrage all over the world, especially in countries of the free press like the united states. >> and support came almost immediately in washington. we are outside the museum where tonight people got together for a vigil. tell us about it, hank.
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>> reporter: well despite the cold weather a couple hundred people did come out here to the museum. this is a place where journalists tragedies are often on display and that is the case today. there are signs like this one outside and another one inside. >> those gathered here more than 100 people go to hash tag to spread quickly across the twittersphere. i am charlie, reference to the newspaper, where the gunman killed ten journalists and two police officers. >> it was a major wake up call for the french politicians and europe in general, you know? >> there's also an expression of outrage. >> i'm appalled these people can do these crimes against
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intellectuals, journalists and against people who have their freedom to speak and to make fun of things like we do with all of the religions. >> inside the museum which includes tribute toss journalists who have died on the job the chairman is concerned the attacks will have a chilling effect on the press. >> i hope not. then the terrorists win. you know the way to fight speech you don't agree with is with your own speech so that's not to shoot up an editorial office where there are defenseless people. >> what about concern that some countries may now try to restrict what is published as a result of the violence. >> i hope the opposite happens that they give more protection to a free press to stand up to these people who cause these cowardly acts and try to suppress freedom. >> now one of the thins that may happen as a result of this is that press organizations throughout the world including the united states might step up their security a little bit because of that violence. at the museum in the district,
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wusa 9 news. >> hank, thanks so much. an innocent bystander accidentally shot by police in southeast today. d.c. police were pursuing three robbery suspects when one of the suspects peopled out a gun when officers fired striking a man inside a barber shop. the suspect is in custody and a weapon was recovered and the man shot is expected to be okay. to fredrick, maryland where a pit bull attacked and killed one of its owners an 87 year old man. it happened inside a home on stone house road. eugene smith was taking down his christmas tree when the 84- pound pit bull went after him and smith was rushed to the hospital but he died of his injuries. animal control did euthanize that dog. a dump truck driver under arrest after what must have looked like a monster truck rally in a shopping mall parking lot. police say the driver intentionally rammed two prince georges county police cars around noon at the woodmore town center in glenn arden. nobody was inside the car and investigators say just before it happened the driver and two
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officers had a bit of a fight. senator gilbrand is once again pushing for a change in the way the military handles cases of sexual assault. the new york democrat says the current military justice process just isn't working and points to a recent defense department report that found 62% overthrows who reported an assault face retaliation. gilbrand reduced a reform bill last year but it did not get enough votes. even some female veterans are not quite sure the senator has the right idea and one of them is an arizona congress member. she's got 26 years under her belt as an air force combat fighter jet pilot. she says the plan would let commanders off the hook. she also has said that she was a victim of sexual harassment during her time in the service. usa today susan page talked with with her on capitol download. >> reporter: senator gilabrand last year proposed a measure that would take these cases up with the chain of command. is that an idea you think makes sense? >> i appreciate the leadership
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and the passion she has on this issue for sure and i'm not ready to go that far at this point. look the leadership has failed and i'm very frustrated with it myself having again been in the chain of command and been a female veteran and some of the changes that have happened in the last few years in the last congress are just starting to be implemented so those are all i think very positive changes but look, the chain of command is responsible for the good order and discipline, the mission and the protection of their men and women under their watch. that is their job. we need them to be engaged more, not less in order to solve this problem. >> mcsally has been assigned to seats on the armed forces and homeland security committees and she could be an influential voice on this issue given her military history. you can watch the full interview on usa and make sure you tune in and watch capitol download launch sunday, february 1, 8:30:00 a.m. hosted by usa today susan page, and me. new tonight the fbi says the explosion outside the naacp chapter building in colorado springs could be an act of
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domestic terrorism but investigators there still maintain it's not clear whether the civil rights organization was specifically targeted. it happened tuesday. police say a home made explosive was detonated against an exterior wall of a building housing the naacp. they got a little sloppy. that's what the fbi is saying about the hackers who targeted sony. the agency says north korea tried to use third party servers to cover the trail of the cyber attack, but the hacker sometimes sent messages that could be traced to ip addresses used exclusively by the north korean government. the fbi also warns north korea will try more cyber attacks against u.s. targets. new information tonight on yesterdays deadly shooting at a va medical clinic at fort bliss in texas. the fbi says it was a former clerk who shot and killed a doctor and the clerk then committed suicide. investigators don't know why the shooter did it but they do say the doctor filed a complaint against a sheet last year for allegedly threatening
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him inside a grocery store. well bill cosby's tv wife is speaking out now for the very first time. >> why she is defending the commedian after those recent allegations coming up. then president obama hits the road and celebrates economic success in the motor city, but not without hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay!
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americas rooting for detroit, but we may not all root for the lions. americas rooting for detroit. we want the motor city is strong. >> president obama previewed his state of the union address at a ford assembly plant in detroit today and talking about the nations economic recovery and laid the ground work for executive actions and the legislative policy proposals on issues including housing, manufacturing and higher education. on the same day the president visited a ford plant in motor city the auto maker issued a recall. ford is recalling its lincoln mkc vehicles. the auto maker says drivers are mistakenly shutting the vehicles off while driving so when drivers reach for the button to put the suv into sport mode they can accidentally hit the adjacent start/stop button which shuts off the engine. ford is not aware of crashes related to that problem. bill cosby's iconic tv wife is speaking out about the sex
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abuse allegations dogging the commedian. the actress when asked this week about the sex assault allegations against the 77 year old commedian, she said she thinks the controversy is a well coordinated smear campaign. several cosby projects including a sit com have been pulled as a result of all these accusations and she also defended cosby's wife calling her a tough and strong woman. who ma'am ed ali is out of the hospital and back home after spending nearly three weeks there. initially, doctors thought the heavyweight champ had into mean yeah but it turns out he actually had a severe urinary tract infection. as you probably to he's been battling parkinson's disease for three decades now. ali turns 73 years old next week. speaking of one-two punch a powerful new antibiotic is in the works capable of combating the most stubborn super bug. research turpitudes at northeastern university say the sorts of mutations that cause the bacteria to become
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antibiotic resistant don't seem to affect how this compound works. human trials could get started in two or three years and if it goes well, well it will still be five or six more years before a new antibiotic drug would become commercially available. turns out fun is not the only thing you can catch at disneyland. how about the meazels? health officials traced at least nine cases to people who visited disneyland or the disney california adventure park next door. they say it's likely someone with meazels visited the park in mid to late december and exposed everybody else. the question is it going to make it above freezing some time this week? >> like any time soon? >> maybe friday south of town. other than that we're in the deep freeze at least through saturday and cold sunday but at least we'll be above freezing. temperatures tomorrow running almost 20 degrees below average. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael & son weather cam. temperature only 30 downtown,
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28 at dulles, it's 16 and that's the low so far today. look at the dew points, eight below zero. you don't see that too terribly often here. winds west northwest at 14 so let's think for a minute and take away the winds we have clear skies, we can make it below zero between how dry the air mass is and we have snowpack, because of the winds we aren't going to get that cold. okay we have more arctic air reloading up into canada. i mean it's still a 35-degree below zero in some spots and dawson 40 below zero. those aren't wind chills but temperatures and already five below in minneapolis, four below in chicago so most of the country is covered with arctic air and we'll have just a tiny bit of a respit on friday, it reloads for saturday, so wind chills early in the morning zero to 10 below so dress the kids for that. bus stop temperatures 5-16 and that's straight temperatures and that also is taking into account some of the delays tomorrow. winds diminish but highs are only in the low 20s and i think
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that may be optimistic. we might not make it above 20 in the western suburbs and flurries possible tomorrow night and early friday as a cold front rolls through. reinforcing our cold air for saturday, so futurecast 6:00 a.m. in the morning these are straight temperatures, 12 downtown, 7 in gaithersburg, 8 in manassas, by 9:00, 10 in gaithersburg, 15 downtown and it doesn't warm up much. by 1:00 okay, maybe we hit 21 downtown, 20 in manassas but notice all of the teens still north and west of town. gaithersburg to fredrick to hagerstown by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow temperatures are going down and the good news is it won't fall too far tomorrow. 16 in gaithersburg, 18 in leesburg and 19 in manassas by tomorrow evening and then this time tomorrow night, clouds start to roll in keeping temperatures up but also generate just a few snow flurries as we go through the late hours on thursday night and also into friday morning, so overnight clear skies windy, bitterly cold, 5-15 and wind
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chills zero to 15 below. day planner lots of sunshine. 15 at 9:00, only 18 at 11 and only 21 at 1:00, few clouds are coming in late. now the next three days maybe a flurry early friday and yes maybe we make it above freezing friday and then back in the deep freeze only 28 saturday and then that too might be optimistic. next seven days we'll say upper 30s sunday so bright but very brisk weekend. monday clouds roll in and it appears to be a rain event monday into tuesday, maybe 50 tuesday and then another system develops wednesday that could be rain changing to snow as colder air move in. >> it's cold. >> good stuff. i love it. >> we've got good news all over the place. forget the weather. we've got good news. >> check. check. check. >> let's do it. let's get your oxygen mask ready because the upcoming sportscast is like it's being performed in high altitude in
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honor of mr. john wall who played most of tonights well above the ri
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so i'm watching wizards/nicks tonight and i said to myself the nicks remind me of how the wizards used to look. i call it five dudes running around without a clue. the wizards meanwhile seem to have it figured out. speed, size, depth, togetherness, they got it all. get to it, at the verizon center tonight. look at the nicks trying a little pass on the slide here at the top, john walsh says hu- huh, not on my watch but at the other end activate the pogo sticks for legs baby. up and adam, the reverse stunt and he did everything, 18 points, eight assists, five rebounds, three steals and another dunk and rumor has it he sold perhaps at half time so he did it all and this is when you know you're playing with your younger brother. the ball goes up and he comes back down wizards win 101-91. wizards 13 games above 500. can you say eastern conference champs then? all right time to find out
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about these maryland terps though. sure they beat michigan state on the road but could they go on a sleepy wednesday and beat a team that's not great but tough. i told you at 6:00, illinois is one of those type of teams let's go it to it. i'm not afraid of champaign- urbana. maybe the troops should have been. i call this they are comandeering the cotton but maryland only shot 36% and illinois, malcolm hill, illinois found their thrill on malcolm hill. [laughter] he was going . that's part of a 13-0 run and more hill, he had 28 points and maryland beaten on the road 64-57. >> another good one, good wednesday night of basketball virginia hosting nc state, good game. kyle washington from the corner the little lefty stroke here corner pocket and book here with 13 and wolf pack looking
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for the upset but virginia' defense, what do they always tell you? trail the play you never know what's going to happen. justin anderson follows it up with a flush and eventually pulling away and they take it 61-51 and they are 14 and 0 on the season. got to be scared. >> it's about to be a busy spring gang, maryland, georgetown, george washington looking like turyney teams, spring training is a month away and red rockers seem cooked a month ago but here we go. they are hitting it again on the road at toronto. they call this flash back. the whip shot right there, goes right past the goal and the caps poured it on and they will light more lamps than general electric tonight. marcus lights the lamp, the caps score six times winning it
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6-2. general electric. >> finally tonight, opinions on the skins hiring of new gm scott mcclellan. here is my opinion. they got it right, finally. he helped build current rosters of the 49ers and seahawks and say no more. now on paper he looks better suited for the gig than some of his predecessors over my shoulder and remember my cousin hiring the offensive coordinator before he hired the head coach? not good or the spin doctor, bruce allen? we're winning off the field. >> yeah, right. >> a football guy running the football operation. perfect fit, it's like topper doing weather ore derrick and jan doing news or russ telling you where all of the roaches are. >>
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