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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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hello and thank now joining us. i'm andrea roane. we begin with bitter cold temperatures headed our way. howard bernstein has the cold hard facts. >> tonight is going to be the coldest night of the season.
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single-digit temperatures with subzero windchill. we're watching these snow showers, these streamsers with flurries. this is fairly light stuff. some of these areas aren't even reaching the ground. you'll notice coming out of the shenandoah valley down route 17, even in toward prince william and quantico and dale city. north of town, too. we have flurries just about everywhere. you see how everything is moving showing you the strong northwesterly winds bringing in this cold, cold air. gusting in some spots over 30 miles an hour, gusting in the mid-20s martinsburg. i saw a gust in easton a moment ago at 326789 gaits erg -- at 32. gaithersburg 25. 35 at pax river naval air station. 19 in hagerstown. 29 in fredericksburg. we've lost a degree, now 26 at reagan national. we're probably thought going to see much more in the way of any warming today. these winds are just brutal. right now it feels like 3 in hagerstown. windchills get to 10 below.
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a windchill advisory goes in effect this evening for the overnight period and another brutal cold day tomorrow before relief on friday. i'm have the full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks, howard. this morning's commute was a dream compared to yesterday for many northern virginia drivers but the leftover snow still caused problems on sidewalks and streets. nikki burdine caught up with some people before hitting the road. >> reporter: for the most part main read were final. but side streets like this one in fairfax, the snow was packed down solid. >> the road is not great but the rest of the road seemed to be all right. >> reporter: david and his roommate mike had to use a lot of elbow grease to scrape their cars clean this morning before heading into work where the roads were already in better shape than yesterday. >> it kind of surprised me. kind of came out of nowhere. like one inch and then maybe two and three. it was a mess yesterday. >> reporter: mike like many people did not make it into the office tuesday. >> no, i didn't go to work.
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i saw how the roads were and they weren't plowed and i wouldn't have been able to get out of the neighborhood. >> reporter: he did find other ways to be productive. >> i built a snowman and shoveled a lot. cleaned the kitchen. >> reporter: the illinois native is still getting used to how we deal with snow in the d.c. area. he says his street wasn't plowed till hours after the snow stopped. and let's be honest. d.c. traffic just doesn't mix with severe weather. nonetheless? >> honestly, irdon't mind it here. it's kind of nice. its the' a little more laid back and also not nearly as intense as the winters we get back north. >> reporter: and more time for making snowman. in fairfax, nikki burdine, wusa9. delia goncalves continues our coverage in prince george's county where school resume dad after a two-hour dry. >> reporter: -- delay. >> reporter: traveling around here in bowie, the main roads are looking great but the side streets not so much. take a look. some of these streets still covered in a thick coating of
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ice. it's back to school with ben, a high schoolteacher in laurel. >> i'm anxious to get an extra hour of work. >> reporter: he's taking advantage of this morning's two- hour delay for prince george's county after yesterday's delay turned into a cancellation. >> at first i thought they were being cautious. then i went out to get groceries at 11:00. i said wow this was the right call. we definitely -- it wouldn't have been safe conditions for kids. my sister is actually a teacher as well in a neighboring county and she didn't get off and i was really -- i was a little worried about her. >> reporter: side streets in bowie not so bad. >> it's been worse. it's a light snow. >> reporter: even the ones covered in ice were passible as long as you take it slow, something he intends on doing for this school day. >> the first two minutes of your drive, you've got to be careful. >> reporter: in bowie, delia goncalves, wusa9. the westbound lanes of route 50 in maryland are open again following a fatal accident. 43-year-old jeffrey kaplan was struck and killed around 2:15
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this morning in davidsonville. traffic on the highway had to be diverted to i-97. maryland state police say the annapolis resident had been in a separate crash and exited his vehicle before being struck. the 30-year-old hyattsville man who hit kaplan remained on the scene. police say it's unclear how kaplan lost control of his vehicle in the first place but officials had warned of icy roadways. a ban on greek life at uva has been lifted but not without some new rules designed to make fraternities and sororities safetier. >> the move comes after a rolling stone article alleged a gang rain at a fraternity house. >> reporter: uva president teresa sullivan gave fraternities and sororities the green light to start back up but not without some conditions. each of the four greek organizations came up with their own regulations which sullivan has reviewed and approved. there are in agreements that
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each fraternity and so errorty has to sign -- sorority has to sign before holding events again after practices came into question during the fallout from the rolling stone article. >> i think it would help to have a couple new rules to kind of control it. >> i think the university getting involved isn't a bad thing. >> reporter: just a few of the new rules for the take ternlts? three silver brothers must be at each party, a sober brother -- sober brothers must be at each party, a sober brother at the foot of the stairs. some students felt the idea is a good one whether or not it's effective remains to be seen. >> it makes sense. i don't know how much of a difference it would make but it makes sense. i think it's a decent rule. >> reporter: there will be new rules on difference types of alcohol and where and how it can be served. each fraternity and sorority has to complete educational programs on hazing, sexual assault prevention and active bystander intervention so the students think that will work. >> of course if you go and learn about it, sit down for an hour and watch, it could help
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you learn, i think it would be a great idea. >> reporter: some students are just happy to think something is being done. >> it's always good for the university to be taking responsibility for that sort of thing. >> reporter: president sullivan says this is just the beginning. she plans to evaluate the new safety measures and see how they're working during the semester. >> rolling stone later apologized about the gang rain story and admitted its trust in the victim's story was misplaced. take ternltses have until -- fraternities have until january 16 to free to the new rules. in paris a massive manhunt is under way where masked gunmen killed 12 people at the offices after satirical newspaper. the weekly caricatures. the prophet mohamad had frequently drawn condemnation from muslims. alfonso van marsh has more. >> reporter: gunfire erupted in central paris after master gunmen -- masked gun mn stormed the office of the satirical
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newspaper. [foreign language] >> reporter: french president francois owe ran called the shooting a shocking terrorist attack and said those responsible would be hunted. the wounded were taken out on stretchers. witnesses say the gunmen stormed the editorial meeting of the charlie hebdo weekly calling four cartoon is, including the chief editor. one cartoonist who survived the attack said the shooter spoke french fluent arely and -- fluently and claimed to are al qaeda members. secretary of state john kerry condemned wednesday's attack. >> the freedom of expression that it represented is not able to be -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: france raised its security alert to the highest level and schools closed while authorities searched for the
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gunmen. >> president obama is among the world leaders offering condolences and condemning the attack. but supporters of the militant islamic state group celebrated the massacre saying it was well deserved revenge against france. charges against a woman accused of vandalizing the lincoln memorial and the national cathedral have been dropped. the judge found there's no real chance 60-year-old jaimey tian will ever become competent enough to stand trial. she was arrested near one of the scenes in july 2013. she's been a patient at st. elizabeth's hospital ever since. a former baltimore ravens cheerleader has a trial date next march which she will face charges of sexual misconduct involving a 15-year-old boy. mollie shattuck has pleaded not guilty in the case. the 47-year-old socialite faces nine charges, including third degree rain. each count carries a potential sentence of 2 to 25 years in prison. shattuck is the ex-wife of mayo
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shattuck, a proper incident maryland energy executive. in local political news, democrat kathleen murphy edged republican craig paristow. she won with a margin of just 321 votes. she was sworn into congress yesterday to represent virginia's tenth district. still ahead on wusa9, searchers locate a critical piece of wreckage from airasia many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though ean, in reality they're not.
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if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. fo brighter denture everyday.
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the first major piece of wreckage from flight 8501 has been located. ten days after the jet crashed, searchers spotted the tail of the plane in the java sea. powerful currents and murky waters are hampering the salvage operation but investigators were able to get
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a photograph of the debris. the discovery is important because the cockpit vice and flight data recorders or black boxes are located in the aircraft's tail section. mcdonald's is hoping to get a jump on the healthy new year's resolutions with their new corner mccafe serving fresh veggies, eggplant, tofu. it's anything but fast food. the first corner mccafe just opened in australia. mcdonald's says there are no plans yet to bring the concept to the united states. mohammad alley is resting at home this afternoon. the three-time -- ali is resting at home this afternoon. the three-time heavyweight champion spent three weeks in the hospital. he was suffering from a urinary tract infection. he has been battling parkinson's disease for many years. he turns 73 years old next week. to boston where some of the hottest news is more than 220 years old. that's where history buffs are
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studying the contents of a time capsule that was sealed in 1795. leaders of the revolutionary war including paul revere and samuel adams placed artifacts that was placed in the cornerstone of the massachusetts statehouse. it was during renovations last year. with a terrifying ordeal for a group of sky divers in new zeal lad today. -- zealand today. they had to parachute out after plane to save their lives. a flight had what the company describes as an engine problem. the plane started to dive when the crew and six passengers, most of them overseas tourists jumped and parachuted into a lake. they all landed safely
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you heard misery loves company. we're not alone when it comes to the bitter cold. it's the cold epps day of the season in many -- cold epps day of the season in many areas across the until. up to eight states face windchill warnings or advisories today. we have more from minneapolis. >> reporter: frigid air is descending on much of the u.s. turning this spout in new york city into an ice sculpture. 38 states are under windchill warnings or advisories today. in chicago and its suburbs, schools were corrode as a precaution. >> the north stars guide us, the health and safety of the children, enough time given to the parent to make the adjustments needed. >> reporter: schools are also closed in minneapolis where the windchill it peoples as cold as minus 40 in some areas. that means you can develop frostbite in ten minutes or less. this is the coldest day of the season so far. the freezing temperatures are
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excruciating for those who work outside, like these construction workers in fargo, north dakota [ inaudible ] >> reporter: yesterday there were hundreds of accidents due to icy roads. in sioux city, iowa, the cold may have helped cause a water main break that left this huge crater. >> something this significant, we'll be lucky if we're done today. >> reporter: the deep freeze is expected to stick around through the end of the week. central and southern california, they have the opposite problem. a heat wave there is setting records. >> you feel any better seeing how cold and miserable it is in other parts of the world? >> you would think they are use to it but even they can reach a point where cold is just cold. >> i don't think anybody gets used to 40 or 50 below windchills. >> hunkering down inside. >> we'll have subzero temperatures. 10 below. maybe 20 below in the
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mountains. we're not the northern plains. we're not canada. we've had flurries around. a little dusting being reported here, skyline drive. we may get a little of that. it's also kind of windy. it almost gets swept off to the side of the road, the shoulder when you get something like n. the other thing we're watching is a band of snow. you see it coming across i-80 and williamsport. we'll track that for later this afternoon. locally mainly light flurries on the northwesterly streamers and these strong winds we've been dealing with coming across the region south of frederick, rockville, montgomery county, heading over to prince george's county now. even calvert, southern anne arundel, a few flakes there going back to warrenton and strasburg and marshall and the plains, culpeper. so, flurries area wide what we're tracking right now. in d.c., i've seen a few flurries in northwest. mostly cloudy on our weather camera. temperatures falling from the mid-20s to low 20s. it will feel worse than that with the winds. 18 by 9:00. on our way into the single digits and teens tonight. this will easily be the coldest night of the season.
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you can see the source of air us for. 10 in toledo. columbus is 11. we're in the 20s. all this cold, remember the strong northwesterly winds? it's moving our way. with the winds and the cold, windchills subzero in many areas as you get west of the continental divide here, the east continental divide where our windchill is currently 15. that's in d.c. many w.s are already down in the -- many windchills are already down in the upper teens and single digits. we've had gusts over 30 the top of the hour. i showed you a map of the gusts. the really cold stuff, check this out in western canada. minus 40. 36 below zero up here in alaska. a chunk of that has moved into south central canada. that chunk is just now coming into the u.s. this is what we'll be dealing with here for tonight and tomorrow. we're just on the edge of the arctic air and it's miserable outside with the flurries and snow showers coming in with the colder air. the moisture being picked up on the great lakes and squeezed out in the mountains.
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futurecast continues. a couple of these flurries and snow showers for the afternoon. even the evening hours, still coming from erie all the way down trying to get into frederick and rockville and germantown and d.c. this stuff will fall apart tonight. a cold, cold night. temperatures will be down single digits and teens. windchills 10 below. we have windchill advisories till thursday morning. tomorrow another cold day, highs 20s. clouds move in tomorrow night. not going to be as cold. windchills will still stay in the teens before we see some relief by friday. the arctic air liewtzs its group. -- loses its group. low to mid-30s friday. finally by sunday is when we'll get back toward 40-plus. 29 today. we've already hit our high. it's 26 now. temps fairly steady if not slowly dropping off with a flurry or snow shower on and off for the afternoon. 13 tonight. 5:00 or 6:00 -- 5 or 6 in the cold spots. 26 tomorrow, windchills stay in the teens. 36 on friday.
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is your wallet suffering during this cold snap? here is elizabeth knoll from the national resources defense council. welcome. so far i guess this winter we can say in the d.c. area we've been very lucky. we've had the swings but haven't had consistent bitter cold like we're experiencing today. >> exactly. >> let's talk about ways that we can save some money and stay warm. you say first thing is check
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the filters in our furnace. >> right. one thing you should probably know is 40% of our energy goes to heating the home. so you really want your furnace working as efficiently as possible. check your filter. check it monthly. if it's dirty, replace it and you can get a new filter at a local hardware store for a couple of bucks. >> just for a couple of bucks you could save several hundreds of bucks. another thing is invest in a programmable thermostat. why is that so important? >> a programmable thermostat is going to be a thermostat you set one temperature you're at home and a different temperature when away. so you're nice and warm when you're there and it's not running as much when nobody's at home. a good one will cost you around $70 but you'll save twice that in a year because that will help you both on your heating bill and your -- [ inaudible ] >> some people get zoned programmable thermostats. that makes a difference if you know you're going to be in one area of the home more than the other. >> right. there's a lot of different
12:27 pm
models and types for the programmable thermostat. check online and see what one works best for you and your schedule. >> we were talking earlier about replacing all of your windows and getting the most energy efficiency but what if you can't afford to do that, ceiling, caulking can that make a difference? >> that can make a big difference. let be honest. you heated your home and one- third of that can escape through leaky doors and windows and you don't want that to happen. the simple measures, caulk, use putty around the gaps and hose in windows, if you want to weather strip around your doors and door frames and window frames, that will allow them to still be operable you. >> say reduce the temperature of your water heater. >> reduce the temperature of your water heater. often it's installed at 140 degrees. set it back to 1 ten. it will us the energy -- 120. it will save energy and you'll still have hot water for a shower. >> if the cold snap doesn't brake, we have these -- break, we have these simple tips that
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will make a difference to our wallet. that's to the news at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. remember, we're always on our
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>> dylan: all right, you guys are the last ones. i'll see you at the club later. remember, this is a peaceful demonstration, so thank you. thank you very much. >> avery: hi. >> dylan: hey. >> avery: how's it going? >> dylan: looks like we're gonna have a good crowd at the club later. >> avery: yeah? you okay about all this? >> dylan: you know, i have never been one to back down from a fight, and i'm not gonna start now. >> avery: listen, if you're still upset about yesterday -- >> dylan: i'm fighting for my business. that's all. >> avery: and going head-to-head with joe is just an added bonus. >> dylan: well, your ex decided to throw a fancy party for all the high rollers in town so they'd get behind his redevelopment project. i'm just rallying the foot troops for a counterattack. >> avery: figuratively speaking, i hope. >> dylan: yes. a nonviolent demonstration. >> avery: you left early this morning. you didn't even say goodbye. >> dylan: i just -- i had a lot on my mind. >> avery: yeah. well, i woke up thinking something, too. >> dylan: yeah? what's that?


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