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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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p you up to date up to the minute. but really the question is, allyson, what is the main issue this morning that schools are accounting for? would it be the black ice rather than the snow itself? >> yes, we are going to be dealing with the slick spots out there. even walking on the sidewalk, you'll see the slush frozen over so that will be on the slick side. black ice. watch out for the secondary roads as well. bridges and overpasses, i know my way in i tried to stop on a bridge and i slid a little bit. so just be cautious of that. on top of that, we have to zeal with the cold wester. not too bad -- cold weather. not too bad. this is all relative fl. you'll need a lot of layers this morning. you'll need a couple more layers later on today and tomorrow morning. it feels 18 right now. that's only from an 8 mile per hour wind. winds are calm right now compared to what we're going to see later on this afternoon. we are going to see winds as high as 20 mile per hour sustained constant winds, sustained winds and gusting to near 35.
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so the windchill advisory goes in place tonight but be advised that it's going to be cold regardless this afternoon. so 6:00 in the morning we're looking at feels like temperatures into the single digits for hagerstown and through martinsburg. 8:00 degrees is what it feels like. 21 la plata. tomorrow morning we'll be talking about below zero temperatures. it's just going to be quite uncomfortable with the winds factored in. a couple of snow showers later on this afternoon but it's really the slick spots this morning and the cold temperatures to watch out for. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we've been watching the situation on route 50 leaving annapolis westbound. inbound lanes of route 50 remain closed and detoured right at i-97. so the ongoing fatal crash investigation on route 50 west between i-97 and 424 davidsonville. brad in sky 9 had been checking out the situation showing the continued closure. if you're west on 50, you can go no further than i-97 which will take you north. that would be well out of your way and intended deferring. westbound 50 at parole over to
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450, that may be your best bet over to route 3 and back to route 50 eastbound from the capital beltway through davidsonville and over toward the bay bridge lanes are open at the scene of that crash. i-270 corridor, southbound, volume building in toward hyattstown past 109 with lanes reported open. 66 more volume to build toward ma fan sas but no current -- manassas but no current incidents. remember the slick spots. be careful on the roadways. back to you. speaking of the roadways, we have breaking news from overnight in anne arundel county. westbound route 50 in the davidsonville area has been closed for much of the morning. >> this all started with a deadly accident. delia goncalves is live at the scene with what we know so far. delia? >> reporter: we're about three hours or so into this investigation and you can see traffic still affected because the road is still blocked off. take a look at this long line of traffic. cars leaving anne arundel county heading into washington.
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now realizing that they cannot head and travel on route 50 west. that's where we are live. route 50 west and 97 north. all these cars are heading to 97 north. 50 west shut down because of the deadly crash that happened about a mile down the road. we have a chopper flying overhead to give you a better perspective of what it all looks like. right now we can tell you the medical examiner is on the scene and tow trucks for the last half-hour or so have arrived on the seep as well. maryland -- scene as well. maryland police are telling us there was a single-car crash. it appeared from what i saw that an suv was in the fast lane and hit the jersey barrier. the driver of that single-car crash stepped out of the car to investigate and unfortunately that driver was stuck and killed by a second car that was
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traveling down route 50. that second car, the driver of that second car did stay on the scene. police trying to figure out if road conditions played a factor. we know it's bitterly cold this morning and black ice and slick roads have been an issue for a lot of commuters this morning. we are not certain at this point if traffic and if this deadly crash was affected by the road conditions. but when we do get that information, we'll pass it on you to. that's the very latest. back to you. >> thank you. as nick mentioned earlier, fairfax county schools will be opening two hours late this morning. >> the school system decided to make that call much earlier than it did yesterday. they opened on time yesterday despite all the snow and the social media backlash was near instantaneous. nikki burdine is live outside the marshall high school on leesburg pike in falls church with more.
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nikki? >> good morning. >> reporter: they're on a two- hour delay as are all other schools in fairfax county. school officials made the decision last night and it was the right decision after what happened yesterday. school officials took a lot of heat yesterday after their decision not to close schools, not to even delay schools, even in the midst of all that crazy weather we had. that commute yesterday was horrible and it was hocialt for drivers trying to -- was horrible for drivers trying to get to work or school. parents were frustrated. their kids were frustrated. their kids were at bus stops. buses were delayed. not only was traffic so bad but the roads were really dangerous and they were in such bad shape. kids were tweeting out all day yesterday they were even stuck themselves tweeting out pictures of car accidents. then once kids finally did get to school, teachers werele late so several classrooms were just without a teacher. students were grouped together with other classrooms in auditoriums, gyms, lunch rooms
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just to keep them in one place till teachers could get there. parents we talked to yesterday were also angry over that decision. they wanted an explanation from fairfax county school officials as did students. students voiced their opinions in quite a different way. they took to twitter as kids do these days and social media, hash tax closefcps was trending not just nationwide but worldwide. then today school officials responded appropriately and decided to err on the side of caution to delay schools in fairfax county for two hours. even after the two-hour delay, it's still going to be very cold outside. hopefully the roads won't give you any issues but bundle up as much as you can if you're going to the bus stop or head out to school this morning. beware of the slick spots, especially on route 7. in fairfax, i'm nikki burdine. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. imagine with these temperatures and the wind having no heat on a day like this. that is the case for about 1100 people in dupont circle.
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pepco customers around 1th and west northwest and connecticut avenue lost power early yesterday morning and crews worked throughout the day to replace cables. but at this point there's still no word on exactly what caused the problem. a warming center was set up overnight for people with no heat. d.c.'s new mayor muir well bowser is againing the -- muriel bowser is defending the decision to open on time yesterday enthough teachers couldn't get -- even though teachers couldn't get there. she walked in every ward and did sidewalk inspections. she'll look at city's response to the snow and see what can be done better. >> a lot of the merchants here have done a pretty good job and we expect the others will clear within the permitted time as well. >> the director of the city's department of public works says about 200 trucks were on the roads yesterday morning very early. and he says there was more snow and colder temperatures than predicted. you can track your weather any time of day on our mobile
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app. it's a free download available on apple and google. you can check for any closings and in fact you can personalize it so your closing comes up first. you don't have to weed through all of them so it's pretty effect griff again, -- effective. >> again, students, be careful on the sidewalks. a former baltimore cheerleader is due in court today. >> and montgomery county
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it's 10 after 6:00 on this cold morning. bitterly cold air moving in. problems with the windchills later on. it's dry. space station flying over the area at 6:37, almost overhead.
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a couple of snow showers will be possible late afternoon, early evening. perhaps a dusting here and there. highs only the mid- to upper 20s. we're talking windchills today in the single digits and teens. so bundle up for that. we'll be in the single digits and teens tonight with windchills to 10 below. windchill advisory goes into effect at 10:00 p.m. i'll let you know how long the bitter cold will be around when i see you with the seven-day at 6:17. beverly has another update with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: change for the better traveling out of annapolis toward davidsonville and bowie, some traffic is able to get by the scene of the deadly crash since the early morning hours westbound 50 traffic had been detoured on to i-97 out of annapolis. sky 9 showing us that some traffic able to squeeze by the scene of that investigation. some traffic able to continue no longer forced on the complicated detour of i-97 north. westbound still with delays. it will take extra time out of annapolis but you can get through toward davidsonville and bowie. virginia 95 you can get through. you have volume delays. still got slick spots out there
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on and off ramps. even the interstates continue to be a problem. northbound 95 still building volume into newington from lorton and into springfield. 66 east into manassas getting toward fair oaks with lanes open toward the beltway. back to you. >> thank you, beverlys. >> former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is vowing to appeal his two-year sentence on corruption charges. after the sentencing, he thanked the judge for his fairness and for listening to the witnesses who spoke on his behalf. still the former governor said he disagrees with the verdict and insists he did nothing wrong. >> i am a fallen human being. i've made mistakes in my life. i always try to put the best interests of the people first as governor. >> virginia's former first lady maureen mcdonnell is expected to be sentenced on nine public corruption convictions on february 20. charges against a woman accused of vandalizing the lincoln memorial and the national cathedral have been dropped. the june found there is no real
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chance 60-year-old jaimey tian will ever become competent enough to stand trial. she was arrested near one of the vandalism scenes in july 2013. she has been a patient at st. elizabeth's hospital since then. a former baltimore ravens cheerleader is due in court today on charges of sexual misconduct involving a 15-year- old boy. molly shattuck has pleaded not guilty in the case. a trial date could be set today or there could be a deal to avoid a trial all together. the 47-year-old socialite faces nine charges, including third- degree rain. a little extra sleep before school could be the case. montgomery county public school students might be able to sleep a little later. superintendent joshua starr is backing what he calls the most reasonable delayed start option for the school system. it involves 20 extra minutes of sleep for students. >> one of the recommendations in that report i believe is
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promising and that's to start high schools 50 minutes later, extend the elementary school day by 30 minutes and move up middle schools by 10 minutes good supporters of those later start times say research shows a lack of sleep is linked to lower academic performance and an increased risk of depression for teenagers. it 16:14. here's another -- it is 6:14. here's another look at the question of the morning n. a recent survey mothers said this is the most stressful time of day. is it a, after school activities, b, running errands or c, getting ready for school? >> good morning, valerie. she says c, get up, get dressed, get fed, get out the door on time. that's the hard part she says. we'll have more of your responses an the correct answer in
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back to business as usual for some around the dmv. federal agencies are open. employees are expected to report at the normal time. there is a long list of schools pushing the first bell back by a few hours. anne arundel county, howard county and hardy county public schools have been added to the lits. a few closures. fauquier county and frederick county public schools in virginia are now closed.
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and one more update to pass along a few minutes ago metro bus announced it's now switching back to regular bus service. they had been avoiding steep hills and narrow streets this morning. it should take an hour before the buses are able to get back on track. mike, andrea? >> thank you, nick. >> that will impact students in the district who use public transportation. just pack a little more time into your schedule this morning. 6:18. also pack in your players of clothes if you're leaving the house right now. >> you're going to need it. w.s will be dangerous late -- windchills will be dangerous later on through tomorrow. fauquier, if you haven't been out there and wondering why they're closing, they have a lot of back roads. it's very usually. it's understandable some of the roads haven't been treated even 24 hours later. that sort of makes sense. a lot of the side roads just coming n. the main roads are fine. it's the side roads that are still snow packed, sidewalks, driveways. please, take it easy this morning. a little patience, a little
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time. as andrea said, layers. layer up, people, it's cold out there and getting colder. our day planner calling for sunshine but a lot of wind and cold. arctic air has moved in. some only in the low 20s. it's not even going to feel close to that a couple of snow showers possible by mid- to late afternoon, early evening. if you have a dusting out of that, not out of the question. but the windchills are going to be the primary factor today. single digits and teens. look at this lake streamer coming across just north of buffalo to the plateau. there's another clipper on the map but this one is passing south and it's weaker. charleston to roanoke seeing a little bit of the light snow. around here saw some clear skies earlier. 6:37, 6:43 space station flying almost overhead. starts southwest and goes northeast. the cyst-minute transit -- the six-minute transit over the region. it's gusting to 32 in hagerstown. starting to pick up a gust here in the metro. over the next couple of hours the winds will pick up and
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they're going to stay up here probably for 30, 36 hours. it's going to be painfully cold. temps are in the teens and 20s. manassas one of the cold spots at 16. jan in reedville, 27 on the bay. most windchills are returning in the teens this morning. our michael & son weather camera, it looks good. feels like 18 in d.c. it's going to feel worse than thats a the day goes on. thwill get wore. single digits and teens, high of 27. tonight in the single digits and teens with the windchills down perhaps to 10 below zero. a wind advisory from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00. a stray snow shower this afternoon. 26 tomorrow. windchills in the teens. a tad milder. we take one step back saturday to 33. over 40 by sunday. 6:20. beverly farmer, how is it going this wednesday? >> reporter: well, much better than yesterday. what a difference a day makes, howard. much better, too, for anybody that would travel between annapolis, bowie and the
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capital beltway on westbound route 50. now you can. westbound route 50 no longer detoured at i-97. if you got upper and got the shower and found out that yes, it has been reopened westbound 50 sky 9 showing us open past i- 97 headed toward davidson, bowie and on toward the beltway so that's good news. connecticut avenue, inner loop, police went to look for debris or something stopped in the roadway on the inner loop right mother connecticut between connecticut and georgia. so far the pace doesn't look too bad there for that. the outer loop building volume delays in silver spring. north of spring field heading past braddock road, 236, lanes open in each direction. you're still going to find some icy spots in and out of the express lane ramps. that may be a problem for you and toward the 14th street bridge. lanes open on 395 coming out of the district southbound toward the pentagon. no early problems to tell you about. that's a look at your timesaver traffic. thanks for joining wusa9 this morning. we'll be right back after this.
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast c just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. gldz welcome back. 6:24. here's a look at some of the stories you may have missed. the state of palestinian is one step closer to becoming a member of the tribunal. it could allow them to pursue
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war crime trials against israel. that has drawn threats of retaliation from israel. a crucial piece of the airasia plane which crashed in the java sea has now been spotted. the jet's tail section is the first confirmed sighting of any wreckage ever the plane. it comes 11 days after flight 8501 disappeared. 162 people were on board at the time. the cockpit voice and flight data recorders are in the aircraft's tail. a veterans affairs medical clinic in el paso, texas is closed today after a gunman opened fire killing a doctor. the shooter is also dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. this happened at the el paso veterans affairs health care system. officials have not provided any other details on the victim or the suspect in the shooting or a motive. douglas lynn quist with the f.b.i. says there are hundreds of potential witnesses, most of whom were seeking medical care. the f.b.i. will be interviewing those witnesses. two people have been
6:26 am
arrested in connection with the shooting of two new york city police officers. the officers were responding to an armed robbery at a grocery store in the brorntion when one of the -- bronx when one of the suspects opened fire from inside a restaurant. the officers were just coming off their shift when the call came in and they went back to track down those suspects. >> they were going off-duty so chances are they weren't wearing their vests. >> at this point i publicly commend them for their response to the incident and the bravery they exhibited in terms of dealing with the individuals that they encountered. >> both officers are listed in stable condition. one was shot in his arm and back. the other was hit in his arm and chest. the suspect accused of firing a gun is being charged with the attempted murders of five police officers along with other offenses. the sekd suspect is being -- the second suspect is being charged with robbery. a third person is being held for questioning. an naacp fund is asking a missouri judge to convene a new
6:27 am
grand jury to consider charges against the ferguson police officer who fatally shot 18- year-old michael brown. the fund is also requesting an investigation into the grand jury proceedings which led to the decision not to indict darren wilson saying the original grand jury proceedings raise legal concerns, including confusing instructions to jurors. congress is hard at work on capitol hill with a long list of to dos. topping the lips the keystone -- the list, the keystone pipeline. the senate immediately got to work on a bill to expedite construction on the canada to texas oil pipeline. the white house said yesterday, though, the president plans to veto it. the new congress is set to make some big changes to the health care system as well. the house approved legislation making it easier for smaller companies to avoid providing health care coverage for their workers all by hiring veterans. that is because the veterans who get their health care covered by the veterans affairs
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department. in other news, agriculture and real estate companies can now get permits to use drones to monitor property. it's an exemption to the federal aviation administration ban on commercial drone flights. farmers in arizona and washington state have already been granted these kinds of permits. exemptions have previously been made for oil, gas and film making companies. the oil giant shell has agreed to pay a nigerian fishing community $83.5 million for oil fills in 2008. the agreement ends a three-year legal battle in britain over two spills which killed the fish. that's sustained villagers in the small nye nye -- nigerian town. they'll help the money to help provide clean water and refurbish schools. dr. dre is the subject of a lawsuit. it claims he concealed a business deal chenldzed in -- which ended up in selling the
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beat head phones to apple. the partners say they were tricked and didn't know he was going to sell the head phones to apple for $3 billion. now they want compensation. apple declined to comment. let's take a look outside. no snow this morning. just severe frigid cold temperatures. you can't tell from this picture. wind is picking up and it will get even more brisk as the day goes on. >> we'll get to weather and traffic in just a bit. we'll start with nick giovanni in the newsroom with the latest list of closings and delays. >> reporter: mike, andrea, for the mommy there's only a short list of closures to report. fauquier county and frederick county public schools shutting it down for the day in virginia. the list of delays muscle longer. more than a dozen counties nouned delays before they even left announced delays before they even left the office yesterday. montgomery county, prince george's county all delayed by two hours as are fairfax and loudoun counties virginia and along with alexandria.
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that's all accounts for the conditions outside. allyson rae, how is it looking right now? >> reporter: it's -- >> reporter: it's definitely cold. the flag is not blowing mperatures are doable. it's okay. but tomorrow morning completely different story. as i walked out here, a little slippery on some slushy areas. take note of that not only walking but the driving as well. let's take a look at our michael & son weather camera. also note in just about eight minutes, the international space station is going to move from the southwest to the northeast. we have six minutes of viewing time. partly cloudy skies out there. you might get a good chance to see it. 26 degrees. the winds only at 8. that is very calm as to what is to come. keep the layers with you even though you might not need all of them right this month. will you later on. it will feel colder as the day progresses and this evening it will be unbearable with the windchill advisory in place starting at 10:00 p.m. this is what it feels like out
6:31 am
there. 4 for hagerstown. 23 for fredricksburg. baltimore only feels 11 degrees out there. today we're not growing to make it out of the 20s. any icy spots, they're not going to go anywhere. we'll stay before friday. we could see a couple of snow showers push on through late other this afternoon into the evening. most people will not see them. there will be kind of wall small band that makes its way through. we will see sunshine this afternoon to make things look a little bit better. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> checking out the ride on interstate 95 to go south, spinout crash on that ramp right as it joins 95 south the main lanes. outer loop of the beltway out of springfield trying to make your way south on the vehicle spun out on the right side. even the interstates still having a refreeze this morning. beltway passing colesville road, the volume slowdowns trying to make your way west of new hampshire, most of the way to georgia avenue where they went to check to make sure there was nothing stopped in
6:32 am
the roadway. at connecticut avenue the broken down vehicle near the inner loop. as you leave annapolis heading for davidsonville, bowie and the beltway reopen after the early morning crash investigation. all lanes open. sky 9 has been showing us westbound on route 50 out of annapolis. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. after yesterday's frustrating morning commute and that's mild word for it, school administrators are hoping delayed start times will make the drive to school aity easier and safer this morning. >> time to make sure the roads are treated and ready to go. nikki burdine is live outside marshall high school on leesburg pike with more on that. good morning, nikki. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we're outside marshall high school and already it is looking so much better than it was this time yesterday. in fact just a few minutes ago we saw a snowplow go through and work through the parking lot of the school behind me. i want you to take a look at route 7. looking really good this morning, especially
6:33 am
compared to yesterday. all morning we've seen cars going down the road. no problems. everyone taking it slower than normal as you can see, especially as they start to make turns or if they get on those side roads. for example, the side road that we're on right now right off of route 7, the majority of the road itself is okay, but as you get near the intersection and i don't know if you can see from the video, there's big icy patches and cars are having to go very slow around those turns. if you look at video from yesterday and you compare what we had yesterday, what a nightmare. that commute yesterday was horrible for drivers trying to get to work, for drivers trying to get to school. we heard about all the problems the school systems had, that everyone had on the interstates, on the side roads, on these main roads. it was just a nightmare. the good news though is that schools are delayed two hours today and school officials are hopeful that that will help with the commute this morning. and already we're seeing positive results here. not a lot of problems on the roads here, although on those
6:34 am
side roads, that's where you can always see problems as you know. when you're driving to work this morning, keep an eye on those as well as bridges and overpasses and exit and on ramps. those are extra slick this morning. keep your eyes out for black ice and as i said, turning on and off of those side roads. those can be very tricky and deceiving. after the two hour ur delay at the -- two-hour delay at the bus stop, bundle up. i'm nikki burdine. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the cold is a major issue. about 1100 people in the dupont circle area woke up with no heat this mornin the problems for pepco customers around 18th and s northwest and connecticut avenue, they all started early yesterday morning. crews worked throwpt the day to replace some cables -- throughout the day to replace some cables. a warming site was set up for people without heat. the heat is expected to be back on by late afternoon but still the cause not a hundred percent
6:35 am
sure. you can track weather any time with our wusa9 mobile app. it's a free down load. you can check for any closings or delays in the area, too. you can customize it so your school or organization comes up first. we want to congratulate our facebook fan of the day, bettie coal from gaithersburg, maryland. she said she should be the fan ever the day because, quote, my day is not a perfect day till i see my team on wusa9. see you in the morning. >> this week's winners will get get tickets to "baskerville ," a sherlock holmes mystery at arena stain. easy to enter. go to our facebook fan page and fill out the
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6:38 on this wednesday morning. getting word that loudoun county, v.a. scra and grant -- virginia and grant county schools have decided to close today. it is a cold day we're going to have with partly sunny conditions. becoming very windy. gus over 30, 35 -- gus over 30, -- gusts over 30, 35 at times. single digits in the teens. a cowell of snow showers -- a couple of snow showers coming through. we'll talk about the bitter cold in the coming weekend in
6:39 am
about 6:46. now checking in with beverly and timesaver traffic. we're getting words of delays between anacostia, near anacostia, single tracking trains with a problem there. on the roadways, had a crash on the inner loop of the beltway between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. initially blocking one of the center lanes. inner loop of the beltway is going to be impacted coming out of bethesda toward silver spring. outer loop slowest of college park, west into silver spring. still a lot of slick spots we want to warn you about. eastbound 66 volume delays only reported though east through prince william county, getting into centreville, fair oaks and vienna. westbound side of 50 annapolis has reopened west of i-97. automakers are showing off their vision of the cars of the future. >> the concept cars' features include smartwatch integration and vehicles which find their own parking space. >> we have a look. >> bmw, pick me up. >> reporter: the cars of the future won't just drive
6:40 am
themselves, they'll find their own parking spaces and pick you up all through commands on your smartwatch. >> i can push this button to trigger a command to the car and the car will then navigate on its own. >> reporter: for true hands off experience, audi rolled in with a self-driving car that drove from silicon valley to las vegas but the new concept car does away with the need for a driver completely. i'm technically sitting in the driver's seat. i'm facing the other way. that's because this car can drive itself. besides rotating seats, the interior panels are covered in touch screens and any navigation is done through eye movements and hand gestures. bmw and volkswagen are also looking a&ding controls -- at adding controls. >> i can enhance the volume or put it down. >> reporter: car makers are also turning tech to improve
6:41 am
safety. volvo is working to prevent collisions with a system that sends proximity alerts to a rider's helmet and volvo driver to avoid a collision. >> through this combination of the smartphone, the app, the helmet, the the car, we are able to exchange two-way communication. >> reporter: while drivers may not see some of these features for several years, it looks to be a fun ride. in las vegas, for cbs news. breaking this morning, at least ten people are now -- ten people and now reports of 11 people are dead in paris according to the bbc. a witness to the attack said he saw multiple masked men armed with automatic weapons at the newspaper -- [indiscernible] the attackers escaped into vehicles and we'll have more information on this breaking news story as we get it. you can follow it on our mobile app. singer/songwriter bruce
6:42 am
springsteen and inventor. the segue are among the new winners of the lincoln award. it was created to answer president lincoln's call to care for veterans and their families. nick jonas and jerry lewis will take part in a musical special tomorrow at the kennedy center. the show will be broadcast coming up in may on pbs. old news is brand new news. some 220-year-old news in fact coming out of boston. newspapers, coins and other artifacts, some of them dating back to 1655 were found inside a time capsule which was embedded in the cornerstone of the massachusetts statehouse. leaders of the revolutionary war including paul revere and sam adams placed items in there back in 1795. a silver plaque even sported some yet unidentified fingerprints. the capsule was discovered during some renovations last year. it is 6:43. time to answer the question of
6:43 am
the morning. in a recent survey, mothers said this is the most stressful time of day. is it a, after school activities, b, running ear ands or c -- errands or c, getting ready for school. >> our facebook friend laura hanson says if it'sing in like my house, i would say c, getting ready for school. you are right that is the most stressful time for moms, getting the kids ready and out the door. we'll
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6:46. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> one of our fairchts gayle -- one of our favorites, gayle king. good morning. >> good to see you. char-- clarissa ward is gathering information on gunmen storming a satirical newspaper in paris. and we talk to the mother of a 17-year-old girl fighting for
6:47 am
the right to refuse chemotherapy. and "selma" director is in studio 57. we'll be talking with her about the movie getting rave reviews and there are some controversies you may have heard surrounding it, too. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 sharp. back to you guys. see you at 7:00. >> gayle, we definitely will be watching. it is 6:47. the overnight refreeze has led to a number of weather related advisories and delays this morning. >> a few closings and a lot of delays. nick joins us from the newsroom to run them down. >> reporter: mike, andrea, we've got two more closures to pass along. grant county in west virginia and loudoun county public schools just announced on twitter they, too, are now closed. over the last few minutes loudoun had been on the long list of schools going with for hour delays from fairfax county to montgomery and prince george's counties. other closures include fauquier and frederick county public schools. again, that's just a small fraction of the schools making adjustments based on the
6:48 am
conditions outside. we have a full up to the-minute list on the wusa9 app. mike, andrea? >> of course howard is here to tell us about those conditions that causes the closings of some of these schools. >> there was up to five inches of snow across parts of the area, front royal, middle burke, even far northwestern prince william county had some four, five-inch totals there. a lot of that snow yesterday, didn't get above freezing, it wasn't cleared. some of the rural areas haven't been treated well yet so that's idea closures. the cold air will be with us for the next 36 to 48 hours before we get above freezing and that won't happen till friday. there will be a chance after snow shower this afternoon. temperatures only get to the mid- to upper 20s. we'll drop off agent bit. the 26 -- off a little bit. the 26, that's the warmest spot. we'll be back in the teens tonight. with the winds today, you see them west, north west, north west 18, 19, sustained, gusts
6:49 am
over 30. we'll have windchills in the single digits and teens. the cold air is producing some of the lake snows coming out of lake erie and lake ontario into new york state. a clipper passing well south of us so we'll not get anything but we've gotten a few clouds from that. no ?oap. we're watching that -- no snow. we're watching this arctic air mass. cleveland is 12. that's moving down toward us. we're in the 20s in d.c. we've got some teens in some of our suburbs this morning and then the wind. currently 7 below in cleveland. 14 below in oakland. 18 in washington. it is going to be a very cold period here the next 36 hours. a couple of clouds here and there but a partly cloudy sky overall with 26 degrees. i did run outside to see the space station fly over a few minutes ago. winds 8 miles an hour. they'll pick up big time. we have gusts in western maryland, west virginia over 30 miles an hour right now. as we look the at forecast on the windchills, by 1:00 as the winds pick up, windchills will
6:50 am
drop single digits and teens. tonight they'll drop maybe 10 below so a windchill advisory going up from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 tomorrow morning. today feeling like single digits and teens, passing snow shower. single digits and teens tonight for the air temps with windchill 10 below. tomorrow windchills back in the teens. better friday. we'll be in the mid-30s. by saturday a step back, 33. finally tracking 40 by sunday -- cracking 40 by sunday. we're checking out the ride for anybody traveling the beltway from bethesda to silver spring. there was an accident between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. an unusual delay. normally later in the commute you see a sunshine delay. now you have the residual delay from what's left over of a crash. outer loop the delay from college park to silver spring. lanes open. annapolis everything open on westbound 50 leaving i-97
6:51 am
toward bowie. inside the beltway more volume in cheverly pass 202 on to new york avenue. don't be overconfident. a lot of refreezing has gone on and even the major arteries we've had spin yaos. leaving -- spinouts. leaving woodbridge -- [ no audio ]
6:52 am
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deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. 6:54. we're following breaking news out of france. we're dipping in on some live coverage from france. at least 11 people are dead after a shooting at a french satirical newspaper. according to the bbc, that number includes two police officers. a witness to the attack says he saw multiple masked men with automatic weapons at the newspaper. the attackers then escaped in two vehicles. >> what they're showing right now is the aftermath. the french president was there to visit the scene in person. >> the f.b.i. is searching for a pickup truck driver who might be linked to an explosion near the naacp chapter in colorado. the blast happened outside a
6:55 am
barbershop next door to the group's building in colorado springs. no one was hurt but at this point investigators say it is too soon to tell whether or not that blast was aimed at that civil rights organization. the new republican- controlled congress is already heading for a showdown with president obama. g.o.p. leaders say one of the first issues up for a vote will be the long delayed keystone oil pipeline. newly minted senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was promising new action. the white house is threatening a veto. a fierce winter storm system continues to grip much of the nation today. this round brings the harshest cold of the outbreak to several states. classes are canceled in minneapolis and chicago where frigid temperatures and dangerous winds are expected. as the arctic blast dips beneath, w.s are forecast at 2 below -- windchills are forecast at 2 below. more are forecast into the
6:56 am
weekend. we're looking at a windy and cold day today. sunshine. a couple of clouds, late snow shower. but the windchill is going to be painful. look at the windchills today single digits to teens with actual temperatures in the 20s. tonight down to the single digits and teens with windchill 10 below. tomorrow still windy to breezy. windchills in the teens. finally above freezing by friday. bundle up. beverly? >> reporter: a couple of spinout accidents, crash on the inner loop of the beltway at best that today between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. it's done damage each way on the beltway. sky 9 has been showing us the activity out of the roadway. the ramp to go southbound 95, one slid off of the ramp there into the wall. they still got one lane squeezing by to the left there. don't be overconfident out there this morning. still a the love patches of ice. so far so good on 270. only building volume into germantown. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. of course cbs this morning is next with the latest on that shooting in ware ris, france -- in paris, france at a satirical
6:57 am
newspaper. at least 11 people killed. >> they're looking at the supreme court battle of a 17- year-old in connecticut. she's fighting for her right to refuse chemotherapy. they'll have more on that. >> we'll update you on the slick roads and this cold moving in. >> for news, weather and traffic along with those school delays and closures, check the wusa9 app. >> bundle up, everybody. >> see you back here at noon. >> i'll be here at noon. >> take care of everybody. >> with? >>
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. goodni morng. it is wednesday, january 7th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massacre in paris. gunmen storm the offices of a satirical french newspaper killing at least 11. crushing cold paralyzes much of the country. schools are closed and travel is treacherous. plus forced by the state to undergo chemotherapy we'll talk with a mother who's daughter is being treated by cancer against her will. >> but we'll begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> in central paris at the headquarters of the


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