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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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snow, icy roads, school delays, that was today. tomorrow could be worse. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. the snow is done, but the brutal cold moves in now, wind chills below 0 in the first alert seven-day forecast. >> virginia's governor convicted now sentenced. will it bring ethics changes in the state? this is hank silverberg, that story coming up. >> and a major security story tonight, how hackers are getting their hands on your fingerprints. the snow has moved out and the below freezing temps now
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moving in. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. arlington, prince george's, fairfax, loudoun county schools and many more making the call for a two-hour delay tomorrow. i guess it's once burned twice shy thanks to this nasty helping of winter weather. >> as you head out tomorrow brace for a refreeze, slick roads and the potential for lake effect snow showers. let's get right to first alert meteorologist erica grow. >> i think it was a smart move to issue delays first thing because we have the potential for black ice and lots of slick spots. it's going to cause tough travel early in the morning. tonight partial clearing and refreezing on untreated surfaces, but also some of the areas that got the initial treatment, it's either going to be too diluted or maybe got washed away during the snow melt that we had during the day today. so there is high potential for lots of black ice out there tomorrow morning and once that sun angle gets up there and helps to warm up the road
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surfaces, then the kids will be able to safely get to school after this two-hour delay. in the afternoon the wind will be brutal gusting to 40 miles per hour. that will give us wind chills in the teens, even single digits all day long. you can see that here on the feels like forecast. as we're stepping out tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like the tens for many of us -- teens for many of us, maybe around 10 degrees and then single digits in the afternoon wednesday, thursday morning even worse, wind chill values below 0 in the far northern and western suburbs. this is what we'll wake up to, partly cloudy and just cold. watch out for that black ice and it gets windy by 9 a.m. we'll look at the wind gust tracker coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. winds could be gusting up to 40 miles per hour. >> make sure you stay with wusa9 for up to the minute snow coverage. we'll be on early again tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein and allison
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ray will have everything you need to help you get out the door. >> make sure you stay on top of the harsh winter weather. for a complete list of closings and delays and weather alerts download the wusa9 mobile app. it is free in the apple or android store. as erica mentioned, for now we're in the clear for more snow, but that winter weather is sweeping through our area. >> that's going to make for nasty conditions tomorrow morning. mola lenghi is live in d.c. you're already on some slick roads, right? >> reporter: that's right, derek. the winter weather today is still having an impact tonight, roads, sidewalks still an issue, especially on many of the side streets and backroads just like this. they'll continue to be an issue tomorrow. in some states if you're from michigan, a couple of inches doesn't bother you. you barely notice, but a few inches in our area often causes a few problems. >> this morning it was horrible
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snow. >> reporter: whether it was the snow itself or the reaction to it that was horrible, either way we had problems. >> in my four wheel drive subaru and we slid about 10 feet to the right and hit the curb gently and it whacked the mirror. >> reporter: tim flowers got out a shovel and help dig out his neighborhood. >> a lot of time the crosswalks get filled up with snow by the plows and try to clear that so people can get across without falling on their rear ends. >> it was okay from about noon onward. before that i think it was pretty bad. >> reporter: not bad enough for roberta tallmidge. when she was your age she walked 3 miles in the snow every morning. actually that happened this morning. >> i'm a chicago an, so when it snowed, i walked my 3 miles to work. it's gorgeous. >> reporter: tell that to the lawrences who after a close call in their subaru had another close call on foot. >> we almost slipped on ice earlier. so we're expecting black ice. >> now i'm waiting for
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tomorrow. it's supposed to be the big freeze. >> now that the snow is gone we'll look at wind chills becoming the main factor. >> reporter: erica says tomorrow keep an eye on untreated surfaces that have refrozen. >> the roads will have some areas of black ice, especially sidewalks that didn't get a good coating of the deicer. they're going to be a concern in the morning and there might even be some trouble if the snow kind of melted in some of the cracks in your car that it might be hard to get the door open in the morning. >> reporter: tonight some folks are already preparing for tomorrow and it sounds like roberta tallmidge will be ready. >> i'll bundle up and if it's not too cold, i'll try walking again. >> reporter: while tomorrow morning is likely to be an issue for commuters, erica points to tomorrow afternoon single digit wind chill temps. the afternoon commute, evening commute, will likely be affected by those as well. so it's not just the morning commute. we're also looking at the afternoon commute as well. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9.
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social media blasted fairfax county public schools today for opening and remaining open through the nasty weather. it did end up trending internationally on twitter. students took to the site and snow coated pavement to voice displeasure they had to go to school in such conditions. fairfax county public schools got the message loud and clear. unfortunately, kids, you still have to report to school tomorrow on a two-hour delay. today's weather did a number on air travel. more than 800 flights were canceled at airports across the midwest and east coast including about 200 flights at reagan national alone. more flights were behind schedule and pepco is reporting there are still 6100 outages in the dupont circle area. this storm pummeled a lot of the country with snow, ice and chaos. there was dangerously coal wind chill across the plains, negative 22 in fargo, minus 34 in langdon, north dakota, fierce winds and a wind chill of minus 4 in chi town.
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more than 200 pile-ups around minneapolis made the icy roads look more like demolition depots than highways today. residents in sioux falls, south dakota, began their day clearing away the wreckage and 6 inches of snow dumped by yesterday's storm and in des moines the snow and ice led to more than 50 accidents. in northeast ohio a familiar sight, snow coming fast and heavy quickly covering the highway, but today that was just a buildup to a whole week of residual refreeze, bitter cold, wind and a whole lot of work. another top story we're following tonight, the sentencing of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. tonight mcdonnell is extending an apology to the people of the commonwealth admitting he might have made some mistakes but says he never violated his oath of office. mcdonnell will spend two years in federal prison for corruption charges. >> the conviction of which governor mcdonnell said he will appeal came under federal law because virginia's ethics laws on gifts are vague and some say too weak. hank silverberg is here with
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the report on renewed efforts to change that. what did you find out? >> bob mcdonnell's conviction and sentencing have brought on repeated requests for the laws to be tightened up. the general assembly will convene its session next week. >> i am a fall human being. i've -- fallen human being. i've made mistakes in my life. >> reporter: among the things that led to mcdonnell's federal corruption conviction was taking expensive gifts from a businessman in exchange for promoting a dietary supplement, but state prosecutors chose not to file charges because virginia law is vague on the rules limiting gifts from lobbyists. since the conviction there have been several suggestions for changing that. >> i filed my own bill that would just have a $100 cap on all gifts to all lawmakers and basically completely junk the current system which is you can accept any gift at any time. >> reporter: the current governor terry mcauliffe is also going to propose changes and those who watch the legislature in action say the
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former governor's troubles may finally bring change. >> the 1 consensus is they don't want this dragging on very long. the state legislators have to go to the voters in november. the house of delegates, 100 seats are all up, the 40 senate seats are up in november and what they do not want is this session devoted to a conversation about how crooked virginia politics is. >> reporter: the current rules do not limit lobbyist gifts and gifts from others. >> the laws have been extraordinarily loose and a lot of self-regulation or self- enforcement and that's not a philosophy that will really allow for much. >> reporter: in the meantime prosecutors home the conviction sends a message to lawmakers in virginia which until recently had an image of being a corruption free state. >> corruption foes a significant threat to our security and way of life. >> reporter: peterson says after the conviction and sentencing of the former governor, some lawmakers may be actually running scared on the issue. >> i hope so. if it doesn't take this to
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change your attitudes and to say hey, the current system is not okay, i don't know what it's going to take. >> reporter: the current governor terry mcauliffe issued a statement today calling on the state's leaders to restore public trust in government. it's yet to be seen if that will include new ethics rules. hank silverberg, wusa9 news. democrat kathleen murphy is claiming victory tonight in a special election for virginia's 34th district house of delegate seat. she declared victory over her opponent with a margin of just 324 votes of the 12,500 cast. barbara comstock held the seat until being elected to virginia's 10th u.s. congressional district in november. the 34th is comprised of parts of fairfax and loudoun county and stretches from the potomac river in mclean through great falls. we are following develops out of el paso, texas -- developments out of el paso, texas, where there's been a deadly shooting at a va clinic. a man shot and killed a doctor and turned the gun on himself.
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he also died. the healthcare system was located in ft. bliss, no information on the shooter's identity or whether it had anything to do with recent reports of long wait time at that clinic. recovery teams have found victims in the air asia crash into the java sea. search leaders are concerned it will become harder to find the rest of the bodies of the passengers and crew. strong currents are forcing them to expand the search area and rough seas are making it more difficult to reach what are believed to be sections of the plane on the ocean floor. police arrested two people and are questioning another in connection with the shooting of two new york city cops. those officers were wounded late last night when they responded to an armed robbery at a grocery store in the bronx. investigators say one of the suspects ran inside a nearby restaurant and there is surveillance video showing him firing on the officers. both officers are expected to recover. a nightmare scenario in a small georgia town. investigators say a young man
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shot and killed his 12-year-old stepsister, mother and stepdad, a sheriff's deputy, and then shot himself. all bodies were found in the family home about 25 miles outside atlanta. they believe the young man used his father's service weapon saying the stepson had no prior criminal history. maybe it's because the dallas cowboys finally won a playoff game, but the ground keeps shaking in texas whatever the reason. four earth a span of five hours today all centered in or around irving near dallas, two near the site of the old texas stadium. shaking was felt across much of texas, especially the dallas/fort worth area, but so far there are no reports of major damage. a piece of history unearthed. >> a time capsule dating back to 1795 opened in boston, a glimpse inside the capsule and its content coming up. >> fingerprint scans were supposed to be the wave of the future, right? turns out they might be easier to crack than your password.
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after the break how hackers are getting their hands on your fingerprints and what they plan
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a new warning tonight for all you millions of smartphone and tablet users who have started using your fingerprint
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instead of a password. now there are growing concerns that that fingerprint could be replicated and hacked. in fact, security experts say finger prints are even less secure than standard pass towards because once they're stolen, well -- passwords because once they're stolen, it's not like you can change hands. >> it's not a scalable attack against general people. this would be very targeted. you have somebody. their photos are publicly available. they're an important person and the rewards outweigh the risks. >> there are some alternatives in the pipeline. industry insiders say viewsonic is working on a new smartphone that can scan your eyes to gain access. big banks are taking measures to head off counterfeiting and hacking by implementing new credit cards that feature advanced microchips instead of the old school magnetic tape, but experts warn even that may not be enough. the problem is certain banks are allowing a scribble of a signature to allow a purchase with the fancy new card rather
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than requiring a pin number which would be a lot more secure. sony is going old school showing off a new walkman with a digital touchscreen and hi- res audio. the design is getting good reviews. the price? not so much. close to $1,100 one of of the many gadgets debuting at the electronic show. starting told apple will begin selling an unlocked version of iphone 6 and 6 plus. -- today apple will begin selling an unlocked version of iphone 6 and 6 plus. unlocked phones appeal to foes who don't necessarily want to be tied down -- folks who don't necessarily want to be tied down to one carrier. a thousand bucks for that phone? this is a time capsule dating back to 1795. officials at the boston museum of fine arts unearthed possibly the oldest art fact ever
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uncovered in america buried by paul revere and samuel adam. museum officials carefully removed old coins and newspapers, but we'll have to wait to figure out what else is exited. the museum will x-ray the box over the weekend and talk about the contents sometime next week. and the u.s. postal service exceeded its holiday delivery projections delivering more than 524 million packages last december, up 18% over the 2013 holiday season. on december 22nd alone the postal service says we delivered more than 28 million packages and that marks the most packages ever delivered in a single day in the organization's history. sony's movie the interview is starting to rake in the money. derek, you saw >> i did. >> the film has generated more than $5 million in ticket sales
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at independent theaters across the country. none of that adds up to blockbuster money, but considering all the drama the comedy has been through, not a bad start. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> i laughed. it's pretty funny. it's not for the kids. >> i'm looking forward to seeing it. >> grab an extra blanket and crank up the heat. >> it's a good things the kids are on a two-hour delay, at least a lot of them, because we'll have lot of black ice tomorrow morning, lots of slick spots and once you get further into the morning the sun angle helps to warm up those spots. it should be an easier trip once that two hour delay is over. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 29 degrees, dew point 13. so it is a cold start to the night, winds northwest at 8 miles per hour. they will continue and pick up a little bit as we head further into the overnight hours.
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so we're going to watch out for that black ice early in the morning and then by midmorning it's going to be very windy, a cold afternoon. man, we'll see wind chills down in the single digits at times and there's the potential for a lake effect snow shower, those very strong winds out of the north pulling down moisture from the great lakes. then thursday it's even colder, but it's going to be less windy. where is the snow? it kind of went away here on satellite and radar. that really wrung out the last little bits of moisture in our area. on 9 futurecast you can see a few snow showers in the emergencies. heading into the afternoon, a few lake effect snow showers could make it into the metro, 5 p.m. making their way into northern maryland, maybe a few flurries, a quick snow shower that could put down a little dusting. we're not looking at accumulating snow tomorrow. wind gust tracker is the big
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story as we head into tomorrow. in the morning winds will gust in the 25-mile an hour range. in the afternoon getting up between 30 and 35 miles per hour for those peak wind gusts and the winds will still be gusting thursday morning in the 20 to 25-mile an hour range and temperatures will be bitterly cold as well. so what do you need to do in an arctic blast like this? you want to prevent the pipes from freezing if you live in an old house, so keep the water running on a trickle and leave your cabinet doors open to have more access to that heat in your house for the pipes and make sure you bring your pets inside. all the way down to 14 in the suburbs tonight, 24 downtown, partly cloudy skies. then wednesday morning temperatures will be in the 20s, a few flurries possible but turning windy, winds north, northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour and we could gust to 40 miles per hour in the afternoon, high temperature between 25 and 30 degrees, a
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snow shower possible. thursday more sunshine, colder, a high of 26, but at least the wind won't be as bad. friday will feel nice by comparison with a high of 34 and partly cloudy skies. in the first alert seven-day forecast this weekend is looking decent in comparison to what we're dealing with right now will feel balmy with that high of 42 degrees on sunday. i think we'll welcome that when it gets here. >> it looks like you adjusted the temperature down for the low tomorrow to 10 degrees. >> yes. 10 degrees for early thursday morning. it will be brutal. if you write or talk or think about the redskins, you've been screaming at them to hire a general manager. >> get bruce allen out of that job and get be? else, redskins looking to revamp their front office. i've got the latest on their
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> redskins nation has been begging the folks in ashburn for a change. well, it appears you might be getting your wish. it's the first step anyhow.
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the redskins are expected to hire scot mccloughlan as their former general manager, a former gm with san francisco and executive with seattle until he resigned in the spring to take care of some personal matters. mccloughlan is known around the league for his scouting abilities. the redskins couldn't confirm nor deny the report, but former seahawk michael robinson wrote on twitter mccloughan told him he's taking the job. the comparisons between joe flacco and tom brady are intensifying. two out of the last three times flacco has beaten brady in the path to the playoff, but flack could he says history is -- flacco says history is just that. it's history. >> it's not about outdoing tom or outdoing me. we're not playing against each other. we're playing against two totally different defenses. i think these guys on defense present totally different challenges than they normally do. t's going to be kind of a
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new group to go against for us and i'm excited about it. >> i'll be traveling to foxborough this weekend to bring you complete coverage of the join and then join us sunday morning for game on at 11:30 in the morning as we break down divisional weekend. it's a tight race in the big east conference. every team has at least eight wins. the georgetown hoyas had nine coming into tonight, but aside from looking for that illusive 10th win, the hoyas have a chance to jump back into the top 25. georgetown taking on marquette, first pass of the ballgame. hoyas get the ball in the hands of their junior guard devonte smith-rivera, three names, three points, a team high 15 points today. hoyas win 65-59. gw hosting the st. louis
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billikens. 1st half was the show. georgia wins to improve to 2-0 in the atlantic 10. former marquette head coach buzz williams virginia tech taking on florida state, all seminoles in this one. florida state wins 86-75. hokies are 0-2 in the know you're wondering what a billiken is. it used to be a sign of good luck in the 18 so 0's. it's
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prince george's county, fairfax, loudoun, prince william, fauquier county school already making the call tonight for a two-hour delay, no word yet on what d.c. public schools may do. >> for a complete list of closings, delays and alerts download the free wusa9 mobile app. we'll be in for a very chilly night. >> absolutely. temperatures will get down into the teens in a lot of spots, but the wind chill tomorrow will drop into the single digits. >> pull the covers uptight. that's wusa9 news. thanks
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( band playing "late show" theme ) it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer ad the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, david letterman!


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