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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 6, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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that the snow is gone we generally have very cold nights after that because the fresh snowpack allows temperatures to dip quickly. we got 4-inch of snow at the capitol building, 2.8 in montgomery village, maryland. so it was less snow to the north. we had that one persistent heavy band that happened to set up in possibly the worst area, glenarden 3 1/2 inches. we got plenty of snow up and down the 66 corridor and route 7 corridor, herndon got 3.9, ashburn 4.3 inches, baileys crossroads 3.1-inch and about the same in both leesburg and alexandria shy of 3 inches. this is what you need to know now that the snow is gone. it's going to be awfully cold tonight and the potential is very high there will be refreezing on the untreated surfaces and even the ones that had a light treatment, maybe it got washed away. be very cautious for black ice
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tomorrow morning. then wednesday during the day the winds will gust to 40 miles per hour. that's going to give us wind chills in the teens and even single digits. do we have any relief coming? it's in the first alert seven- day forecast. we'll time that out coming up. >> wusa9 has you covered even when we're not on the air. download the new wusa9 news app. it's free available in the apple and google stores and track live weather conditions with the radar, check for road closures or delays and get an alert when a closure affects you. tomorrow morning you can wake up with us earlier at 4 a.m. to track the latest frigid temps, traffic delays and school closings. this morning's storm did drop a bit more snow than predicted leaving a lot of kids and parents frustrated that they still had to make the trip. a lot of the buses drove through the snow and right into problems, especially in virginia. prince william county police say 12 school buses were involved in crashes. another 18 slid and blocked a
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roadway. over in loudoun county five school buses were involved in minor fender benders. in addition to all that, a bus went off the side of the road and had to actually be towed away. luckily nobody was hurt. another bus showed up and picked up the students on board. because there was more snow than expected a lot of school districts had to offer apologies today. >> fairfax county, one of the largest in our area, school officials admitted today they made a mistake. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone at fairfax county public school headquarters where they admit now they made the wrong call when they decided not to close schools this morning despite the snow falling. >> i was really scared and nervous. >> reporter: 16-year-old junior maddie morgan said she saw so many accidents this morning and her car was sliding so much on her way to woodson high school she had to make a choice. >> my car slid and i hit the curb. that's when i decided that i needed to stop. >> reporter: the decision to keep fairfax county public schools open despite road conditions like this was met with an avalanche of ahh.
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#closefpcs trended on twitter worldwide. this school bus got stuck in springfield, a scene played out on road after street after highway. steve smith has been teaching history at woodson high school 12 years. >> it was a bad commute this morning, one of the worst ones ever and this was not that much snow, but it was very wet and icy. >> reporter: fairfax county public schools told me they made the call to keep school open at 5 a.m. by this afternoon they did an about face. >> why not the two-hour delay? >> the decision was made with the best information we had at the time, but clearly it was not the best decision. >> reporter: in fairfax county debra alfarone, wusa9. three students in anne arundel county are recovering tonight after getting hurt while trying to get to school. a car hit a 15-year-old girl after she slipped and fell while crossing a busy road across the street from her high school. the teen was alert when taken to a nearby hospital. in pasadena two students were hurt after one of them
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drove into a tree. one of the teens was trapped a short time and has critical injuries. the two were heading to their high school. maryland governor martin o'malley said in hindsight some school districts probably wish they had canceled classes. >> these are always judgment calls and making these calls i have found it's best to error always on the side of safety. in this case if we'd had a more accurate read on exactly how much precipitation was going to fall, perhaps there would have been a different judgment call. i hope the kids are okay. meantime in loudoun county in virginia school officials are getting an earful today for not keeping their kids home. student and teachers slowly made their way to school. one teacher told us it took her an hour to drive in on the unplowed roads. school officials say they made their call at 4:30 a.m. which is sort of their cutoff point. then the roads were fine and
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the weather was predicting just a dusting of snow. >> really know the road conditions well. our supervisors know every road in the county. they really check them over. we talk to the police. we monitor cameras in central dispatch. we always error on the side of caution and today we got caught by an unfortunate circumstance and that will happen from time to time. >> loudoun county public schools said we regret any confusion or stress these decisions could have caused and delayed decision making will be reviewed and enhanced using the lessons learned today. montgomery county public school defended its decision to wait till 8:30 this morning to cancel school. students and parents appeared to enjoy the first snowfall at 2015 by sledding at a park in chevy chase but did acknowledge the late decision can be
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challenging in term of child -- terms of child care. >> it can be a scramble when parents have to figure that out last minute. >> i telecommute, so it's having more company at home. >> the school spokesman said the initial forecast made the delayed opening appropriate, but as the snow continued to fall, the county needed more time to clear the roads. the tough decisions around over yet for school districts. parents and kids, some of snow that fell today could refreeze overnight. >> our scott broom is in his mobile newsroom checking out the roads in maryland. tonight how smooth have your travels been so far? >> reporter: the big roads are clear and have been salted heavily. i'm on a backstreet in the germantown area, a little road called virginia pines. this is typical of a neighbor street. you can see a snowpack. they've had -- neighborhood street. see a snowpack. they've had about 3 inches.
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the temperature on the car thermometer now 22 degrees, so this snow isn't going anywhere overnight and this will be the kind of conditions school officials will have to assess tomorrow morning. often as we know from doing this in the past, this is often a recipe for late openings around the region, so this is definitely a reason to stay in touch with us and our early coverage tomorrow morning and also our app, wusa9, because these conditions are not great. there's a lot of slipping and sliding going on on side streets. excuse me for being tongue tied while i'm showing you these pictures on the dashboard camera. the refreezing erica has reported on is already happening back here. it is definitely an issue. reporting live from the mobile dashboard cameras in the mobile newsroom scott broom, wusa9. >> those are icy conditions just waiting to happen. thank you. we all know the highways
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were tough out there this morning, but many major commuter routes were even worse and at the height of the storm police briefly had to shut down connecticut avenue in montgomery county in at least two places, first just outside the beltway because a power pole with wires fell on the road and a bit farther up because cars just couldn't get up a hill that was too slick to drive on. a couple guys told us it took them five hours to get from baltimore to kensington. >> the snow was real slippery. i was slipping coming up this road just to pull into the gas station. i had to put it in first gear, cars spinning out in front of me. i called my boss and said i'm going to sit it out. >> as soon as the snow stopped falling, the sun and salt cleared what was left on a lot of roadways, but as you saw from scott broom's dashboard cam, there could be some trouble on the side roads after the deep freeze later tonight. our other top story tonight, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will spend two years behind bars following his corruption
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conviction. the sentence came down late this afternoon. our peggy fox was in the courtroom and she's followed this case from the start. what did mcdonnell say about his punishment? >> reporter: well, he thanked judge james spencer for his mercy with his sentence, but the former governor maintains his innocence. he said he made mistakes but never committed any crimes and he's hoping his convictions will be overturned on appeal. >> i'm a fallen human being. i've made mistakes in my life. >> reporter: after receiving a two year sentence, much lower than it could have been, bob mcdonnell thanked judge james spencer for his mercy but said he disagreed with the verdict. >> deeply sorry, but i would also say to the great people of virginia that i have never ever betrayed my sacred oath of office. >> reporter: the prosecution argued for a sentence of 6 1/2 years. >> when someone receives
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payments, when someone receives gifts in exchange for public actions, those are bribes and it will be pursued. >> reporter: judge spencer said he took into account mcdonnell's military service and the sentiments from the hundreds of supporters who said he was a good and decent man. >> i think ultimately he said that bob mcdonnell did commit a crime, that bob mcdonnell did in some way sell the office, but at the same time i think that judge spencer was never convinced perhaps that bob mcdonnell gave jonnie williams much of anything. >> reporter: mcdonnell's entire family was present including his wife, five children and three sisters. >> i think we respected the rule of law and judicial system. i just appreciated the great deviation from the guidelines. >> reporter: among today's 11 witnesses was former governor douglas wilder who drew applause from the packed courtroom when he pointed out that jonnie williams, the man who gave the bribes, walked away cltotal immunity.
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>> he's probably one of the best witnesses i have ever seen. >> reporter: the judge ordered bob mcdonnell to report to prison next month, but his attorneys have asked for him to be out on bond until his appeal. bob mcdonnell's wife will be sentenced next month. they was here. i was told the governor asked his estranged wife to be here, his entire family, five children, everybody here, most of the day spent arguing for only probation. we heard from several people who head up nonprofit organizations and they pleaded that the judge allow bob mcdonnell to work in these nonprofits. the judge, of course, rejected that and said that he had to deliver some sort of significant sentence and he ordered bob mcdonnell to report to prison february 9th. reporting live in richmond peggy fox, wusa9. >> of course, bob mcdonnell got a lot of support, 450 letters coming in to that judge.
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current virginia governor terry mcauliffe said he was saddened by effect of the trial on the commonwealth's reputation for clean government and he said today's sentencing brings an end to one of the most difficult periods in the history of virginia state government. as we put this period behind us, i look forward to working with virginia leaders on both sides of the aisle to restore public trust in our government. virginia residents we spoke with today had mixed reactions to the sentencing. >> they started out with about 10 years which seemed to be a little much, but i think three years would have been better. >> but it wasn't all him. it was his wife and other people around him, too. so i just think it was fair. >> seems kind of lenient, the two years. again i'm not trying to throw anybody in jail, but two years it seems like what he did was pretty wrong. if sounds like maybe there's -- it sounds like maybe there's a political favor somewhere along the lines. >> do you think bob mcdonnell's punishment was too light or too harsh? you can join the active
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let's take a live look outside now at the roads. this is the beltway 495, the maryland 190, aka river road and the condition looks pretty good. snow is all gone, but now we're in for the deep freeze meaning there's probably black ice on those roads tonight which you probably can't see in those pictures, but you better be careful if you go out. d.c.'s new mayor muriel bowser is not quite satisfied with the city's response to the first major snowstorm of the new year. it's also the bowser administration's first test at
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keeping the streets clear, the schools and city government offices open. commuters reported the main arteries were slippery and backed up for a lot of the morning commute. there were 200 trucks deployed, but there was more snow than predicted. >> reporter: you know the stories. some mayors have lost office because of how they've done with the snow. >> i think wool look at the whole response and i think -- we'll look at the whole response and i think there's some things that we can do better. >> mayor bowser toured the city, got out on foot to inspect sidewalks on capitol hill. d.c. law says it is your responsibility to clear walks in front of your home or business and you got to do it within eight hours after the snow has stopped falling. a big change could be coming to the redskins organization. the team is reportedly finalizing a deal with a man named scot mccloughlan. he's going to be the new general manager. >> he is the former gm of the
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49er and a long time seattle seahawks executive. if the deal is done, he will take over personnel duties from bruce allen who will remain the team president. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. we have fresh snow on the weather terrace and then plunging temps ahead in the first alert over 20 years 31 million students started college, but didn't complete a degree for lots of reasons. at devry university we believe there are also lots of reasons to finish. so we help you maximize qualifying credits
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always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather.
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>> we are going to see those temperatures plummet overnight tonight. right now on the michael and son weather cam it is 30 degrees, partly cloudy, dew point 18, winds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. right now those winds will pick up a little as we head into the overnight hours. with those temperatures dropping very solidly below freezing we'll see some refreezing of even treated surfaces on some roads tonight because the original deicing that took place might have washed away or gotten diluted to the point where it's not going to be very effective. so it might be a good idea to put down a little extra ice melt on your sidewalk, your driveway so that you aren't slipping tomorrow morning, but there will be concerns for black ice tomorrow morning as well. it's going to be very windy and cold. we're looking at the potential for a lake effect snow shower wednesday afternoon but no more accumulation. the coldest day is thursday. satellite and radar shows the clipper is well away from us
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and actually kind of vamp waited. it lost its energy -- evaporated. it lost its energy and gave us the real punch. tomorrow as you step out the door, it will feel like 10 in leesburg and frederick, 4 in hagerstown, 14 in manassas and 15 in la plata. heading into the afternoon it's going to get worse, gusts to 40 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. that's going to give us the real feel temperature of 6 at andrews and bwi, 5 in frederick, 2 in martinsburg and 7 in culpeper. even worse than that, wednesday night into thursday morning we'll see wind chill factors that will feel like it's 0 in leesburg, frederick and la plata. bwi is also looking at 0 wind chill. so wednesday night into early thursday morning is when we'll have the very coldest temperatures. it's very important to bring those pets inside even if they are typically outdoors. their coats aren't enough to protect them from this cold and
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if you have an old house, you might want to leave the cabinet doors open and leave the water running on a trickle so pipes don't freeze. overnight tonight partly to mostly cloudy, 20 to 26. it will get a little breezy, but the big winds arrive wednesday morning, temperatures in the 20s, partly cloudy, winds out of the north, northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour and then they get even stronger in the afternoon, high 25 and 30, winds out of the north, northwest at 20 to 30 miles per hour. that's going to give us a wind chill down in the single digits. here's the first alert seven- day forecast. the coldest day is thursday, but the wind subsides a little bit. friday we start to rebound. temperatures will be in the mid- 30s and it will be dry. sunday is not looking bad. it's going to be mostly cloudy but dry with a high of 42 and more rain and snow showers arrive as we head into monday and tuesday. you want to check out our wusa9 app for all the latest information on this system, for
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all your weather updates, traffic and you can get your school closings as well. download that app before you led
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we love you tonight with a look at bao bao's first time playing in the snow at the national zoo. >> i can see this all night. this is so dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future.
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how do you pull off a top secret wedding? all you've got to do is ask cameron diaz. >> nancy, is it top secret if we know abot?ut i we'll tell you how her backyard i dos came together. >> is it easier? >> and it's sweet. >> some a-list guest kept hidden and were neighbors told it was a globe pre-party. >> celebrities aren't above line. >> we'll discuss the diaz diversion and cameron's long and winding road to the altar. >> one of the great human beings i've ever met. >> plus, sunday is the golden globes, and we have nominees talking fashion. >> this globes dress, it would be hard for me to imagineop pele being enranged by it. >> even better, we have them talking about their secret star crushes. >> mark ruffalo and channing tatum.
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>> and jenny mccarthy and donny wahlberg discuss what happened during their tv wedding. >> and kaley cuoco sweeting unfiltered about her surgery. you want to get into that now? ♪♪ >> now, "entertainment tonight," we love entertaining people. >> hi everybody. cameron diaz says i do in front of her famous friend. we heard that gwyneth was there, also reese witherspoon, and i think it's really cool that drew barrymore was a bridesmaid, sort of a mini "charlie's angels" reunion. >> i just want to know what's going on with hollywood first clooney, now cameron and another most eligible star goes off the market. and why now? and how did bengie madden lock down cameron? how did he become the one? >> he's got some game. started dating in may and engaged in december and a few weeks later here's how their surprise wedding went down. ♪♪ >> gorgeous. >> cameron diaz and 35-year-old musician bengie madden tied the knot last night.


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